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Monday, August 8, 2016

Vigilante groups are emerging all over Europe

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There was a record influx of more than a million migrants into Germany last year, and Sweden took in over 160,000 migrants. All of them come from a completely different culture.

Both countries also admit that they have thousands of unregistered migrants, people who most likely planned to claim that they were Syrians, but couldn't speak a word Arabic. So they have practically 'vanished.' They live there, but the authorities have no idea who they are, where they are, and what they are up to. It also means that they do not receive any welfare benefits, so how do they survive?

Well, they are illegally in the country so to survive they turn to crime, all of them, and there is no denying this because it is not possible for them to pay taxes on money they earn since the authorities don't even know about them.

And police admit it.

Migrants in Germany committed or tried to commit some 69,000 crimes in the first quarter of 2016, according to a police report. And we see it. Every day we can read about the fear being spread across Europe, and the anger emerging from it.

And this fear has nothing to do with ISIS and the fear of being victim of a mass shooting, blown up or run over by a truck. That is another kind of fear. This fear is about everyday crime: rape, robberies, assaults and drug related crimes, committed by migrants, often in groups or gangs, terrorising in a different way than ISIS.

This is naturally leading to that afraid and angry people are finding together and sticking together, forming vigilante groups. In Germany there are now hundreds of vigilante groups, reports DR. Some of them are also preparing for actual civil war and are 'prepping' for it, including martial arts training, shooting practice, and growing their own food.

Danmarks Radio recently brought a report on the phenomenon of "citizen protection" in Germany. In a clip from the reportage, DR's foreign correspondent Michael Reiter says:

"This really surprises me. I have lived in Germany for 15 years - but I have never before experienced such a pronounced fear of the future. This is not a doomsday cult. They are well-adjusted Germans with families and jobs. Yes, with ordinary lives, and I meet more and more with the same thoughts."

The French chief of security, Patrick Calvar, has twice warned the French Parliament about the possibility of new terrorist attacks could trigger a civil war, and he also warned about an uprising of vigilante groups and points out that mass assaults against women like the one we saw in Cologne on New Year's Eve, could likely trigger civil war like conditions.

And just the female perspective may be crucial in the development of Western Europe. There are limits to how long the native population silently and without action allows mothers, wives and daughters to be victims of sexual abuse in public, in what was once the world's best continent for women.
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In Denmark, after several unpleasant incidents with asylum seekers and rapes recently, a large group of men have found together to form a secret vigilante group to ensure peace and order, as they do not trust that the police can ensure peace on their own.

And in Sweden, after two rapes in Husie, residents now form a vigilante group in the area. Police urge residents not to take the law into their own hands.

- We must show that it is not worth committing crimes in our area, says founder Carl-Fredrik Klåvus, to Sydsvenskan.

On Thursday, 500 residents received flyers in their mailbox. The flyer says that "it is time to protect our homes and families" and urges residents in the area to participate in a meeting held on Friday at the local School.

- It is mainly the two rapes that have been the catalyst for this, says Carl-Fredrik Klåvus.

A fear has spread in the area and the local jujitsu club has started self-defense courses for residents.

According to Carl-Fredrik Klåvus there was an increased fear in the area before the two rapes.

- We have many burglaries in the area and crime has increased, he said.

In the flyer, it says that "the police are too locked to their values in order to help us. There is no one to protect us but ourselves."

- We will not arm ourselves, says Carl-Fredrik Klåvus, and explains that the newly formed group is meant to patrol the streets so that no one has to walk alone at night.

- Exactly how to do it, we'll discuss at the meeting, he said.

There are reports of similar groups emerging across Western Europe, and one can safely say that rage is being installed. Our politicians have allowed an immigration of people who literally come from places where they dig a hole in the ground, put a woman in it, and actually throw stones at her till she dies, if she was so unlucky that she was gang-raped first.

So the French chief of security may be on to something. That more mass assaults against women could likely trigger civil war like conditions. There is a red line in the sand for everything.

Credit to peisa.com

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