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Friday, August 8, 2014

WW3: Obama Airstrikes Iraq Prediction Comes True!!


A reporter from India’s NDTV at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza

It was an open secret among foreign reporters that Hamas used the Gaza Strip’s main hospital as its command center, reported Yedioth Aharonot, Israel’s largest daily newspaper.

The paper, citing numerous foreign reporters, said journalists reporting from Gaza did not tell their audiences of Hamas’s use of the Al-Shifa hospital because they feared retaliation from Hamas. The newspaper further documented the climate of fear that Hamas instilled in Gaza-based reporters.

The day the conflict started last month, WND became the first and, until now, virtually the only news media outlet to report top Hamas leaders used the Al-Shifa hospital as its command center.

Now, a foreign reporter has told Yedioth “it is an open secret that Hamas uses Al-Shifa hospital as its command center” but “reporters in Gaza would not report that out of fear that it would endanger them.”

Yedioth quoted another journalist, Palestinian reporter Radjaa Abu Dagga, who said Hamas summoned him to answer for some of his reporting, accusing him of working for an Israeli newspaper.

Dagga said the interrogation by Hamas took place at the Al-Shifa hospital. He said Hamas took his passport and threatened him, forcing the removal of an article published in the French newspaper Libération.

Other reporters explained to Yedioth that Hamas’s spokesmen only agreed to be interviewed in the courtyard of Al-Shifa hospital. This was done likely for safety reasons, with the patients serving as human shields. It also created the impression that only civilians were wounded in Israeli attacks, since civilians were streaming into the hospital for treatment.

Indeed, according to the foreign reporters, Hamas imposed a total news media blackout on any reporting of wounded or dead Hamas fighters, once again trying to convey to the world that only civilians were harmed by Israeli strikes.

A Spanish reporter told Yedioth: “We saw the Hamas men. But had we dared point the cameras at them, they would have opened fire at us and killed us.”

WND breaks media blackout

On July 8, the day the Israel Defense Forces launched Operation Protective Edge, WND exclusively reported some Hamas leaders were believed to be hiding in bunkers underneath the Al-Shifa hospital, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

The officials said they believe the Hamas members are using the Al-Shifa complex in Gaza not only as a hiding place but as a sanctuary command center for some of the Islamic group’s operations targeting Israel.

The Hamas members believe they are safe underneath the hospital and have built tunnels in recent years to move in and out of the complex, the officials said.

The hospital, located in the North Rimal district of Gaza, is one of the main receiving centers for people wounded in the current Israel Air Force bombardments of Gaza City.

It was Israel in the 1980s that refurbished the hospital as part of an outreach effort to improve relations with Palestinians. Part of the Israeli reconstruction included a large underground cement basement with room for offices.

The facility was originally a British Army barracks in the 1940s before becoming a hospital. It was transformed by Egypt in the 1950s to a larger complex with more medical services.

Credit to WND

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/hamas-used-main-hospital-as-command-center/#xaB4SqCJjoRBx8Ot.99

Christians: 'We Are Dying, and World is Too Busy With Gaza to Care'

As the orgy of condemnation against Israel in the wake of the Gaza war continues, Christians in Iraq are doing their best to be heard above the din while they still have a voice.

The radical Sunni movement ISIS, now known simply as the Islamic State, has been happy to have the Gaza war as cover as it completes its conquest of northern Iraq. “We can do anything now the world is looking only to Gaza,” an Islamic State official reportedly said recently.

And Canon Andrew White, popularly known as the “Vicar of Baghdad,” lamented that “in reality that is true.”

In a single day last week, the militants of the Islamic State killed no fewer than 1,500 people in Iraq, nearly the same number of people that were killed in the entire month-long Gaza war. Christians are being systematically cleansed from the country. Most have been forced to convert, flee or have been publicly executed for their faith.

“It is as if hell has broken out here and nobody cares,” Canon White said in an impassioned plea published by the Anglican Communion News Service.

The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on minority issues, Rita Izsák, acknowledged that in Iraq “religious minorities are being targeted and their members subjected to abductions, killings or the confiscation of their property by extremist groups.”

And yet, the world body continues to focus disproportionate (they like word) attention on Israel and its conflict with Hamas, a fact that had Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor fuming as he addressed the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

“It might be too much to ask you to stand on our side in this battle between civilization and barbarism, but at least have the decency to swallow your selective outrage while Israel wages war against the extremist groups seeking to eradicate the values that we all hold very dear,” he said.

Prosor accused the UN of complicity in the slaughter taking place in Iraq and elsewhere thanks to its “allowing organizations like Hamas to continue to exist in the Middle East.”

Credit to Israeltoday.co.il

The "Recovery" In One Chart: When Americans Can't Even Afford To Buy McDonalds For 9 Months In A Row

There is endless propaganda... and then there are McDonalds sales.

It is the latter that is by far the best indicator of how the US economy is progressing when stripped of all the bullshit seasonal adjustments, rhetoric and lies from the administration which focus on what is a glowing recovery, for the 1%. As for everyone else, they can't even afford a dollar meal.

The proof? McDonalds same store sales for the last month, July, cratered by 2.5%, far worse than the 1.1% expected driven by a 7.3% collapse in Asian sales, but the number we focus on, US comp store sales, was a devastating 3.2%, on par with the worst decline in history, and the 9th consecutive month in which McDonalds has not posted an increase in US same store sales.

Here is your recovery:

Credit to Zero Hedge

Nuclear War Is Coming To America

Ukraine Prepares To Impose Russian Gas Transit Ban, Commit Economic Suicide

While Ukraine has long since ceased being a customer of Gazprom (for the simple reason being that it can't afford to pay for historical gas purchases let alone future ones, and with a long cold winter just 3 months ahead, Kiev is praying that its brand new Western "allies" will give it the loans it needs to buy Europe-sourced gas), the bulk of Russia-sourced gas into Europe still transits through Ukraine.
Not surprisingly, Ukraine correctly understands this is the last trump card it has in any negotiation with the west, or the east. It is this trump card that went into play moments ago when Ukraine's Prime Minister who recently resigned and whose resignation was not accepted, said that Ukraine is considering banning the transit of all Russian "energy resources", i.e. European gas.
Ukraine ready to impose sanctions against any transit via its territory, including air flights and gas supplies to Europe, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Friday. Ukraine's Parliament will vote on the sanctions on Tuesday. Kiev has also prepared a list of 172 Russian citizens and 65 companies predominantly Russian to put under sanctions for “sponsoring terrorism, supporting the annexation of Crimea, and violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” Yatsenyuk said at a briefing on Friday.

Proposed sanctions include asset freezes, bans on certain enterprises, bans on privatizing state property, refusing to issue licenses, and a complete or partial ban on transit- both aviation and gas.

We simply have no other choice,” the Prime Minister said, adding that Ukraine will use part of the $17 billion IMF aid to achieve energy independence, and may go to the World Bank for help.

Ukraine wants to “put a stop” to its gas dependence on Russia, its main source for energy to heat homes and buildings, but understands it will not be an “easy” process, Yatsenyuk told reporters.

The Prime Minister estimates Ukraine could stand to lose $7 billion as a result of imposing sectorial sanctions against Russia, its biggest trading partner after the European Union.

“There is no doubt that Russia will continue its course in Ukraine it began a decade ago- banning Ukrainian goods, decreasing cooperation, pressure, and blackmail,” Yatsenyuk said.

On Monday the Ukrainian government said it plans to mirror Western sanctions and target Russia’s financial, energy, and military sectors.

Ukraine imports nearly 50 percent of its natural gas from Russia, which in 2013 totaled 27.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

If approved, a halt to Russian gas transit would hit Europe as the continent gets 15 percent of the energy it needs from Russia. In June Gazprom, Russia’s national gas company announced it was stopping deliveries to Ukraine, but would continue to ship 180 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe.
So in summary, Ukraine will destroy its economy, incurring $7 billion in costs, just to spite Gazprom and force Europe as leverage and to escalate the conflict, because without Russian gas Europe is powerless.
Who wins here? Clearly not the Ukraine people, who are looking at not only soaring inflation as Kiev will have no choice but to inflate away this $7 billion loss through "printing", not to mention have a cold winter to look forward to. The answer: Burisma Holdings, where Joe Biden's son is a director and which will promptly commence shale gas exploration as an "alternative" to Russian gas, over the objections of the local people - after all can't let a crisis go to waste.
And who funds all of this? Why you dear US taxpayer, via IMF loans, which will be used to pay for young Master Biden's Christmas bonus!
The only question is whether Europe will merely stand there and wait as 15% of its energy is suddenly cut off (hint: no).
Or Russia for that matter. However, it is here that that other wildcard comes in the play: the South Stream pipeline which bypasses Ukraine entirely, and enters Austria by way of Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary.
However there is a big unknown: the Bulgarian government, which has been on the fence whether to support Russia, or Europe's bureaucrats (if not corporations) who want South Stream halted for now as that would mean their entire "investment" in Ukraine has been for nothing. Although should Ukraine truly proceed with cutting off Russian gas transit, Europe will have no choice but to give its blessing to the South Stream. In the process Ukraine will shoot itself in the foot and commit leverage suicide.
Lots of moving pieces in the months ahead, and one can be certain that with John Kerry running the show on behalf of the US, things are about to get far worse than they are right now.
Credit to Zero Hedge

The Elite’s Flawed Depopulation Agenda Is Quickly Morphing Into Genocide

“War and famine would not do. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved. AIDS is not an efficient killer because it is too slow. My favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. “We’ve got airborne diseases with 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that. “You know, the bird flu’s good, too. For everyone who survives, he will have to bury nine”.

Award winning scientist, Dr. Eric Pianka University of Texas evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert, showed solutions for reducing the world’s population to an audience on population control

Just because you don’t know you have cancer does not mean you do not have it. Simply because one is unaware of the depopulation quotes and intentions of the world’s most important leaders and institutions, does not mean that the plans are not being implemented to do such a thing. When so many influential leaders speak about the need to depopulate the world, we need to be paying attention to their actions for clues that the agenda is underway in order that we can best protect ourselves.

The depopulation agenda is being legitimized in print by various global think tank groups as a means to deindustrialize the planet in order to save the planet from the overuse of fossil fuels. Further, the depopulation agenda is being used as an excuse to protect planet’s inhabitants from a dwindling food source. This is one of the biggest lies being perpetrated upon the people. A growing population base is not causing the planet to run out of food. Here is a shortvideo which exposes this deceptive agenda.

The Club of Rome, the Bilderberg and even the New York Times are all  advocating for extreme depopulation. The only remaining question is how far are the global elite willing to go to carry out their depopulation goals?


Examples of Post Modern Era Agenda 21 Depopulation Efforts

In the 1970s, the Indian government forcibly sterilized millions of women against their will. Families in Bangladesh, Indonesia and elsewhere were forced to have fewer children. In 1974, the United Nations organized its first World Population Conference to debate population control. China rolled out its infamous one-child policy in 1980 and this policy was reflective of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger when she said The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”.
In the 1980′s, the population crisis seemed to be over. The replacement population rate needed to maintain a population is 2.1 children per woman and across the planet and that standard was basically maintained. However, there was one major exception and that was in the sub-Saharan Africa.
United Nations population experts and the world’s politicians convened what is now described as the first Agenda 21 conference, in 1994, in which an overt depopulation strategy was replaced by an agenda centered on empowering women through equal employment opportunities thus delaying childbirth and lessening the birth rate. Also, the UN and world leaders espoused increasing access to birth control and abortion, thus, killing unborn babies in fulfillment of Margaret Sanger’s expressed desire.
These early depopulation strategies are benign, even the scourge of abortion, when compared to more black project agendas that were conducted at the same time. The problem with using various birth control methods is that they are slow multi-generational process and this lack of quick progress does not give the elite what they need and want which is to depopulate the world quickly.
For dramatic changes in population, a more radical agenda is needed. More deadly methods involving war and disease are preferable to members of the ruling elite who desire quick results, which are needed to save the planet from man-made climate change. This is what I submit is exactly what we are beginning to see.

Allegations of Weaponized Viruses

During the same time frame, but buried behind the scenes, HIV and Ebola appeared in the same region of Africa for the first time nd at the same time.  HIV swept across much of Africa decimating a large swath of the population. Some African communities had as many as 90% of the adults die from the disease in some villages and towns. Was this merely a coincidence with regard to the UN Agenda 21 population reduction policies being put into place at the same time? The answer to that question is debatable. However, we are looking at a significant number of depopulation coincidences to swallow at one time. There are still other coincidences which need to be brought out into the open.
Is it a coincidence that the first two Americans healthcare workers who have contracted Ebola are now inside the United States? Is it coincidence that the most deadly outbreak of the disease in history have admittedly now killed nearly 900 West Africans already this year and the number is beginning to climb exponentially? Is it just a mere coincidence that President Obama has just signed an executive order to have the power to begin rounding up American citizens with respiratory diseases against their will? Is it just a coincidence that the FEMA camp incarceration style roundups of the homeless are beginning in Los Angeles County as this could be easily be converted to Ebola quarantine centers? By the way, the homeless people are not allowed to leave these facilities once they are removed from the streets and “checked in”.
Perhaps the biggest coincidence has to do with the probability that Ebola is coming into America through the unprotected southern border. The prime suspects are an untold number of West Africans, estimated at 100,000 in Central America, streaming into the country as drug couriers. These West Africans are from the seven nation region in West Africa in which the live, uncontained Ebola outbreak is presently taking place. This fact , combined with the DHS/ICE policy of shipping the recent illegal immigrants to every corner of the country makes for a deadly cocktail which could culminate in a health crisis by Labor Day, given the fact that Ebola can incubate up to 21 days. Is this just another coincidence? If an Ebola outbreak does take hold in the United States, some like Dr. Pianka and Henry Kissinger will applaud the development as will the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg and event the New York Times.

Overpopulation is a Myth

Here are three very short videos which clearly demonstrate how propaganized the people of the planet are becoming propagandized as to the dangers of overpopulation

The globalist notion that they must reduce population in order to save humanity, is a lie based upon unproven facts and should be considered to be nothing but a deception.
History clearly shows that if one would want to reduce population the best way to do so is through massive industrialization. Presently, the Italian birthrate is 1.4 and the in the United States, the indigenous birthrate is 1.8, which is far below the 2.1 standard needed to maintain a population. Both countries are symbolic of the fact that in industrialized societies, the birthrate declines dramatically because high numbers of children are not needed to work on farms. Any sociologist will tell you that birth control and industrialization go hand in hand. Therefore, the globalists should be trying to industrialize the third world instead of preventing progress and deindustrializing everyone else. Instead, their false paradigm of depopulation is based upon climate change caused by fossil fuels and overpopulation is a complete myth.


The globalists cannot industrialize the rest of the world because their main method for maintaining control over the planet’s resources would be in jeopardy. If most of the people on the planet were industrialized, they would not only experience a higher standard of living, but an increased desire for freedom of expression as the energy formerly spent on survival, would be focused on higher level needs. The globalists cannot allow humanity the opportunity to collectively reach a high level of enlightenment and awareness because there would be nowhere the elite could hide for their crimes against humanity.
It is my fear and reticent belief that we are living in the age in which the accelerated agenda of elite will culminate with a radical depopulation agenda consisting of Ebola attacks and World War III.  World War III? Yes, forces are mobilizing with regard to Ukraine. The world is in a very similar place as it was in Pre-World War I Europe.
Awareness and being outspoken are our best weapons needed to delay this agenda. Therefore, if would ask that you forward this article, to as many people as possible. Or, at least write your own version of this content and distribute it widely.
It strongly appears that phase one, depopulation through disease, as Dr. Pianka has advocated for, is underway. And World War III is one small trigger event from occurring. The latter will be the topic of a future article.
Credit to Common Sense


PART 6 - From The Pediment
To Oedipus Rex: The Occult
Gospel Written In Stone

The Palladian structure that uses the golden triangle is known in classical architecture as the pediment and is supported by columns or pillars. Pediments most commonly either have the two halves of a golden triangle set side by side or consist of two Fibonacci triangles. The area inside the structure is known as the tympanum. The pediment was used in ancient Greek temples and earlier by the Phrygians in Anatolia.
The word “pediment” comes from the Latin pedis, meaning “foot.” The Latin suffix ment relates to “a means of a place, state, instrument, or agent of action.” The related form, menti, from the Latin mens or mentalis, is the intellectual faculty of the mind or memory.[ii]Combined, “pedi” and “ment” would make the meaning of “pediment” literally “the action at the foot.” The words for doing something quickly (expeditious) or being restrained (impediment) use the idea of either freeing or restraining the feet.
The meaning and identity of who does the “action at the foot” is described in the Genesis account of God cursing the Nachash:
And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” (Genesis 3:15, emphasis added)
In ancient Greek temples, the area inside the triangle of the pediment, the tympanum (from the Greek: typtein, “to beat or strike” ), which can be related to the idea of the noisy Korybantes mentioned in the Theogony present at the cave of Amalthea, often contained elaborate depictions of the god or gods to whom the temple was dedicated. In modern Palladian architecture, various symbols or scenes are used. Masonic temples commonly use the compass and square, or simply the letter G, which is said to stand for “geometry under the Great Architect of the Universe,”[iii] or the third letter in the Hebrew alphabet,gimel (ג).
The symbolism behind this architecture is obvious when one examines the meaning of the form of the structure and the words used to describe it. The nature of the knowledge or institution represented by the building or the temple is related to the curse that God gave the Nachash in the garden. It is a rejection of the curse and a reversal of the idea that the serpent would strike at the foot of Man-God. He would now strike at His head. This reversal is contained in the institution or the religious system the structure represents. It is from where the “strike” referred to in Genesis 3:15 will manifest itself. It is the literal representation of rebellion to God’s will and symbolizes both the separation brought about by the interjection of evil via the “light bringer” in the garden and the illuminated concept of where to look for the reconciliation of that separation, the symbol that commonly resides above or in the middle of the triangular pediment or through its entrance. Buildings with Palladian architecture represent the institution and power of the kingdom of the Nachash.
The quintessential example of Palladian architecture, the Parthenon of Athena, is the expression of the parthenogenesis of Eve (explained in chapter 3 of the upcoming book Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth).Eve became the first to know good and evil though her own act of willful disobedience. The golden-ratio geometry of the pediment expresses the genealogical, numeric progression of parthenogenesis. The descriptive terms used in the structure depict the esoteric symbols representing the plans of the Nachash after his interruption of paradise as well as his hatred for God.
Notice that the entry in Genesis in which God curses the subtle, bright angel happens to be in chapter 3, verse 14:
And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou [art] cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life. (Genesis 3:14)
It is not a coincidence that 3:14 stands out as related to ratio of the radius and circumference of a circle, pi(π), for here is where everything changed. Earth and heaven were united; God walked with man. After the parthenogenesis of Eve, the pillars separating heaven and earth were set in place. God left the presence of humanity, and the kingdom of the Nachash was established. The columns separating the pediment from the ground represent the separation of heaven and earth. In Palladian architecture, a path is shown to the location of the knowledge that will eventually eliminate the separating columns, as one entering the structure must first pass between the pillars to the inner sanctum, where the knowledge is kept. God will join heaven and earth once more, completing the circuit or circle that began in Eden. Before this occurs however, the Nachash plans a counterfeit joining.

The Bibliotheca

The Bibliotheca, which means in ancient Greek “library” or “collection,” was a summary collection from 279 volumes of classic works said to have been written by Apollodorus of Athens, who lived around 180 BC. Many of the references in this book are taken from it. Scholars have argued that Apollodorus could not have been its author, since it cites individuals who were born many years after his death, and so the term “pseudo” was added to the name as the writer of the Library. Today, no complete versions exist.
The patriarch Photius I of Constantinople (AD 810–893)[iv] was known to have been in possession of the complete work and used it in his writings. He understood its value concerning the tales in ancient myth:
Draw your knowledge of the past from me and read the ancient tales of learned lore. Look neither at the page of Homer, nor of elegy, nor tragic muse, nor epic strain. Seek not the vaunted verse of the cycle; but look in me and you will find in me all that the world contains.[v]


The word “library” is an appropriate term for such a collection since it is related to the idea of giving one “freedom from ignorance.” The 1913 edition of Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary defines libellus as “a little book, from liber, a book, from the sense of bark, and this from stripping separating. Hence liber, a book, and liber, free, are the same word.”[vi]
Connected with the Latin suffix ary, meaning “a person a place or a thing which, or pertaining to; connected with; having the character of; apparatus,” the word “library” is “that which gives freedom.” The Latin libraliber, and librican also mean “balance, to be balanced, level, to make even or a Roman pound.”[vii] The Library mentions the story of Oedipus Rex, an important character in light of the “pediment” concept.

Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex (Latin: “king”) was left to die as an infant by his father Laius, king of Thebes. Laius (Greek: λαιός, “left”) had received a prophecy from the Oracle at Delphi that he must never father a child with his wife Jocasta (Greek “shining moon”), because a son would be born who would kill him and marry her. The child born to them despite the advice of the oracle was Oedipus, which means in Greek, “swollen foot.”
Apollodorus writes about the birth of Oedipus:
And when the babe was born he pierced the child’s ankles with brooches and gave it to a herdsman to expose. But the herdsman exposed it on Cithaeron; and the neatherds [cow herders] of Polybus, king of Corinth, found the infant and brought it to his wife Periboea [Greek: peri, περί, “round about,” and boea, βόειος, “of an ox”[viii]]. She adopted him and passed him off as her own, and after she had healed his ankles she called him Oedipus, giving him that name on account of his swollen feet.[ix]
Oedipus wished to discover who his true parents were and did as his father before him, went the Oracle at Delphi for an answer. He was given the same warning: He would kill his father and marry his mother, and he should never go to his “native land.” Believing the Oracle meant that his adopted parents were his true parents, he left Corinth. While driving his chariot on a narrow road, he killed his real father in a dispute on who should “make way.”
After the death of King Laius, the goddess Hera sent the Sphinx (Greek: “to bind”) to the kingdom of Thebes, which means “city of light.” Apollodorus continues:
For Hera sent the Sphinx, whose mother was Echidna and her father Typhon; and she had the face of a woman, the breast and feet and tail of a lion, and the wings of a bird. And having learned a riddle from the Muses, she sat on Mount Phicium, and propounded it to the Thebans. And the riddle was this:—What is that which has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed? Now the Thebans were in possession of an oracle which declared that they should be rid of the Sphinx whenever they had read her riddle; so they often met and discussed the answer, and when they could not find it the Sphinx used to snatch away one of them and gobble him up. When many had perished, and last of all Creon’s son Haemon, Creon made proclamation that to him who should read the riddle he would give both the kingdom and the wife of Laius. On hearing that, Oedipus found the solution, declaring that the riddle of the Sphinx referred to man; for as a babe he is four-footed, going on four limbs, as an adult he is two-footed, and as an old man he gets besides a third support in a staff. So the Sphinx threw herself from the citadel, and Oedipus both succeeded to the kingdom and unwittingly married his mother, and begat sons by her.[x]
The mountain where the Sphinx sat, the Phicium, is related to the word phoenicium, which is the possessive plural of the word “phoenix.”[xi]
The story of Oedipus is one of truth within corruption. The plan of God is well understood by Satan. The truth can be sifted from the obfuscation in ancient myth that is sometimes mixed with mockery that manifests the essence of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil known by its scientific name, pyrus cydonia.
David Flynn relates the truth of the story:
The real question couched ingeniously in the riddle was this, who will redeem man?
The earliest prophecy in the Bible concerning the Messiah who will defeat the serpent, or the rebel cherub is in Genesis 3:15. Oedipus the Wounded Foot is symbolic of the coming Messiah, who would be born of the lineage of Adam and Eve. The defeater of the Greek Sphinx—the defeater of death—would speak the answer and the cherub would be destroyed. That is, The Word is Wounded Foot’s weapon, and the means by which the bride, and all of the land, would be redeemed.[xii]
Like Zeus, Oedipus was saved from an early death, raised by adopted parents, and protected until he grew strong enough to avenge the wrongs done to him. Zeus started the Titanomachy, in which he and his siblings fought against his father, Chronos. Oedipus killed the father who blocked his way to his native land, his “rightful” kingdom, just as the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi had prophesied. He went on to marry his “shining moon,” an example of the amalgamation of the cherub Nachash and the woman who has been recapitulated in the many versions of the ancient goddess worship (which will be explained in depth in later chapters of the upcoming bookForbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth).
Through the lens of the subverting intent of the Nachash, the story is prophetic of his future plans. The God-Man personified in Jesus and symbolized in the story of Oedipus is replaced with an Oedipus who represents the serpent joining with Eve in victory over his unrighteous father and the establishment of his kingdom of “illumination.” This is a much different answer to the question of who will redeem man.
Oedipus killed the Sphinx, the monster whose name means “to bind,” while it sat on the Phicium, the “mountain of the phoenixes.” The Sphinx represents the completion of the circuit that started when God cursed the snake; he rises again as the victorious Oedipus to enter his city of light.
Assigning still another twisted layer to the tale by first establishing that Oedipus is an allegory for the Redeemer by assigning the identity of Christ to Oedipus, Eve to his mother, Jocasta, and God to his father, Laius, the story is corrupted in a way that would make Oedipus a very unsuccessful savior of man since it mixes in murder, incest, and divination—all of which are expressly forbidden by God. Adding insult, Oedipus leaves Thebes after blinding himself:
When the secret afterwards came to light, Jocasta hanged herself in a noose, and Oedipus was driven from Thebes, after he had put out his eyes and cursed his sons, who saw him cast out of the city without lifting a hand to help him. And having come with Antigone to Colonus in Attica, where is the precinct of the Eumenides, he sat down there as a suppliant, was kindly received by Theseus, and died not long afterwards.[xiii]
The God-man, blinded along with his daughter Antigone (Greek: “anti-man”), would leave the place of light and go to the place of Attica named for the god “Attis” (described in chapter 6) at Colonus (Latin: “tiller of the ground, husbandman, farmer”). Like Cain, the first “tiller of the ground” who was banished by God after killing his brother, Abel, he was exiled to wander in darkness. Later, Oedipus died a peaceful death and was taken by the gods.[xiv]
The number-2 card of the Rider-Waite tarot card deck co created by Pamela Colman Smith (1878–1951), a British-American artist, and A. E. Waite (1857–1942), the British-American author and Freemason, both members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, shows a “woman” between the pillars of the Temple of Solomon.

Credit to Raidersnewsupdate.com

Google's Illuminati secret summit: The Camp

Russia Cripples E.U. Economically As World Heads Towards War

Rob Kirby: Ebola and Wars as Dollar dies, Gold, Silver to rise much higher

Iraq's largest Christian town abandoned as Isis advance continues

Christian genocide and no one talks about it!!!

Thousands of Yazidi and Christian people flee to Erbil after the latest wave of Isis advances. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Iraq's largest Christian city was all but abandoned on Thursday as the jihadist advance through minority communities in the country's north-west rampaged towards the Kurdish stronghold of Erbil.

UN officials said an estimated 200,000 new refugees were seeking sanctuary in the Kurdish north from Islamic extremists who had pursued them since the weekend. The city of Qaraqosh, south-east of Mosul, home to around 50,000 Christians was the latest to fall, with most residents fleeing before dawn as convoys of extremists drew near.

Other Christian towns near Mosul, including Tel Askof, Tel Keif and Qaramless have also largely been emptied. Those who remained behind have reportedly been given the same stark choice given to other minorities, including Yazidis: flee, convert to Islam, or be killed.

Christians, Yazidis and Turkmen have been at the frontlines of Iraq's war with the Islamic State (Isis) ever since the jihadist group stormed into Mosul and Tikrit and mid-June. The Iraqi army capitulated within hours, with at least 60,000 officers and soldiers fleeing on the first day of the assault alone.

Ever since, the jihadists have continued to make advances, while Iraqi troops have concentrated on defending Baghdad and the Shia south, leaving the defence of minorities in the north to the Kurdish peshmurga.

However, even the much vaunted Kurdish forces were no match for the heavy weapons wielded by the jihadists as they advanced in recent days. Peshmurga officers ordered troops to withdraw to areas administered by the Kurdish regional government – a clear sign of priorities and of where the battle lines are being drawn.

Without any protection, Yazidis, Christians and Turkmen are being uprooted from communities they have lived in for millennia and the geo-social fabric of Iraq is being rapidly shredded.

While those who have managed to flee the Christian areas have so far had a relatively safe passage to Erbil, tens of thousands of Yazidis remain besieged on a mountain top near Sinjar, with little food or water.

The UN said on Thursday it was able to get some supplies overland to the stranded hordes – avoiding Isis fighters who have surrounded most of Mount Sinjar. Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that Turkish helicopters had dropped food and water on the mountain top. Iraqi helicopters have also made food drops, but stranded Yazidis say they do not have enough to survive.

The Chaldean archbishop of Kirkuk, Joseph Thomas, described the situation in northern Iraq as "catastrophic, a crisis beyond imagination". He demanded urgent intervention to save what remained of the area's Christian heritage.

Kurdish officials on Thursday demanded more help in catering for refugees. The Kurdish administered areas have seen staggering numbers cross their notional border since the original Isis onslaught two months ago. In the first week alone, some 500,000 people are thought to have fled towards Erbil.

The capital of the Kurdish north is already home to a new Chaldean Christian community, which fled Baghdad in the wake of an Isis-led massacre inside a cathedral in October 2010. Many fleeing Christians have headed for the Ainkawa neighbourhood, which is home to Baghdad's Christian exiles.

The past 11 years of war and insurrection since the US invasion have led to most of Iraq's Christians fleeing. Numbers have plummeted starkly from an estimated one million before 2003 to around 150,000 now. A large number of those who remain are now displaced.

Miriam Dagher, 53, from Qaraqosh, said churches in the city had already been torched and religious insignia smashed. "We stayed as long as we could," she said. "But nothing could save us. This is the end of our community."

Isis has threatened to redraw the unitary borders that were carved out of the ruins of the Ottoman empire. The group's rampant insurgency and the inability of state actors to stop it has rendered the frontier between Iraq and Syria evermore irrelevant.

In the absence of central government authority, Shia militias are taking dominant roles, amplifying sectarian enmity between Islam's two most dominant sects.

Iraq's beleaguered prime minister, Nour al-Maliki, no longer has the authority to unite the country's disparate sects. Maliki, a Shia Muslim, had disenfranchised much of the country's Sunni community over the past three years, some of whom have turned to Isis as a means of reasserting themselves.

After digging in for the past two months, Maliki now faces a desperate battle to form a government, with his key backer Iran understood to have told him that it no longer supports his bid to lead the country for a third term.

Kurdish leader, Massoud Barazani, has said he is moving towards holding a referendum that could pave the way for an independence bid, a move that could spell the end of Iraq, and unsettle surrounding countries, including Syria, Turkey and Iran.

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Putin in Trade Talks With Belarusian, Kazakh Presidents in Wake of Food Ban

MOSCOW, August 7 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev the coordination of trade and economy after Russia imposed food import embargo against a number of Western countries, the Kremlin’s press center said on Thursday.

“Various aspects were discussed on the aspects of integrated cooperation within the Eurasian Economic Union that is being created, including the coordination of activities in the trade and economic areas after decisions were taken on the limitations of imports of several types of agricultural goods and foodstuffs from the EU, the US, and a number of other countries into Russia,” the Kremlin said.

“During an exchange of opinions on the development of the crisis situation in Ukraine, the need for constructive joint work in various formats were emphasized with the goal of mutual action in halting military activities and the launch of an actual political internal Ukrainian dialogue,” the Kremlin added.

Russia is going to rely on its economic partners outside the European Union for agricultural imports. At present, it is seeking to replace essential EU deliveries by products from blocs that Russia is a member of, including the fledgling Eurasian Economic Union (EAU) and the BRICS group of emerging economies.

Both Kazakhstan and Belarus are the founding members of the EAU economic union.Belarus earlier pledged to widen the range of its exports to Russia by including noodles, vegetables, groceries, confectionary products, meat and dairy products.

On Thursday, Russia unveiled its list of banned agriculture products from the United States, European Union and other countries that imposed US-backed sanctions against Russia earlier.

The one-year ban will target imports of beef, pork, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables, nuts, as well as cheese and other dairy from the European Union, Canada, Australia and Norway. The embargo does not include alcoholic beverages, infant foods and products.

At the height of the Ukrainian crisis, the United States imposed several rounds of sanctions against Russian officials, business people and companies and pressed for the allies in the West to follow its lead. The European Union, Canada, and Australia soon caved in to the US sanctions push and drew up their own blacklists.

Moscow said it is ready to review the terms of its import restrictions if Western partners show commitment to dialogue.

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