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Friday, November 6, 2015

At Western Wall, burst pipe mistaken for messiah

The discovery of walls dripping with water is normally met with frustration and ire, as the slippery sight often signals an inconvenient plumbing problem and expensive repairs.

But for some visitors to Jerusalem’s Western Wall on Tuesday, such an outpouring triggered jubilation rather than irritation. Faced with the sight of water flowing from the ancient stones, the worshipers interpreted the drizzle as no less than a harbinger of the coming of the messiah.

According to biblical prophecy, the arrival of the messiah will be accompanied by a great awakening of nature across the Holy Land, beginning with water gushing out of “the house of the Lord” in Jerusalem to fill all the rivers of Israel.

“In that day the mountains will drip new wine, and the hills will flow with milk; all the ravines of Judah will run with water. A fountain will flow out of the Lord’s house and will water the valley of acacias,” describes the Old Testament prophet Joel, according to the New International translation.

The book of Zechariah says that we will know the messiah is coming when “living waters will flow out of Jerusalem.”

But despite the initial excitement, maintenance workers were forced to curb the enthusiasm of the hopeful believers. They said the leak, which was detected in the indoor expansion of the men’s section known as Wilson’s Arch, was just the result of a burst water pipe.

According to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, a pipe had exploded on the Temple Mount adjacent to the Western Wall and the water seeped into the stones, making its way to the prayer section.

After locating the source, maintenance teams plugged the leak, stanching the mysterious flow and curtailing the prospect of redemption, at least for the time being.

It wasn’t the first time that water leaking from the walls of the Temple Mount caused a messianic stir. A few years ago water was spotted emanating from stones next to the Border Police station adjacent to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Despite excitement similar to that expressed this week, it eventually emerged that the leak was caused by a blockage in the police station’s bathroom, the Walla news site reported.

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Apocalyptic "River Of Hail" Flows In Saudi Arabia

The Four Reasons Why Russia Is Invading Syria

israel attacks syria
With all that has been written about the events inside of Syria and Iran, which have accompanied recent Russian aggression, I have read very little about the underlying motivations for what is occurring in this volatile part of the world. This article identifies the four major reasons which underlies the Russian military presence in Syria.
  1. Russia is Protecting Its Only Middle East Allies

ISIS is a CIA creation. As former Army Special Operations Officer, Scott Bennett states, “ISIS was a CIA creation, supplied by illegally-left-behind military equipment in Iraq”. According to Bennett, ISIS is funded by CIA sponsored, covert Swiss bank accounts. ISIS’ purpose was to eventually bleed over into Syria, where they would help ferment the collapse of the Assad regime. Once Syria had been toppled, Iran would be invaded and the Federal Reserve’s Petrodollar would be saved. Conversely, Syria and Iran are Russia’s only path into the Middle East. Subsequently, Putin has very cleverly turned the tables on the CIA strategy to use ISIS to topple Syria and this has provided Russia with a pretext to have a military presence in the region.

  1. Russia is Leading the Charge Away from the Petrodollar

The BRICS have attacked the sacred Federal Reserve by undermining the Petrodollar.
The BRICS have attacked the sacred Federal Reserve by undermining the Petrodollar.
At the beginning of the of the Syria/Iran crisis, all of the world’s nations used the dollar as the world’s reserve currency except for IRAN and SYRIA. So long as the world used the dollar as a prerequisite to purchase oil, the nations of the world would always prove to be subservient to the United States and its “Petrodollar”. The Federal Reserve dollar has been the world’s reserve currency since 1944. It provides the only backing for the dollar. Without the dollar being on World Reserve currency status, the dollar would hyper-inflate and crash in a very short amount of time. The lives of average Americans would be over as they have known it.

There have been past attempts to abandon the practice of purchasing Iraqi oil without first going through the Federal Reserve to purchase the Petrodollar. In the early 1990’s, France and Germany attempted to use the Euro to “quietly purchase” oil from Iraq. Iraq was invaded by the United States. When history repeated itself, Iraq was invaded again, and Saddam Hussein was executed. When Libya did not play ball with the Central banks over much of the same issue, it was invaded and Gadhafi was executed. Going back in history, Abraham Lincoln was executed for similar reasons. When JFK printed silver certificates in an attempt to bypass the Federal Reserve, he was also executed. Putin is standing tall in opposition to this trend. At the end of the day, he too, will be executed or assassinated once he has fulfilled his purpose.

While growing weary of paying higher prices for oil in order to prop up the Petrodollar, Russia, under Putin, led a bold charge away from the world reserve status of the dollar. Iran and Syria began to sell its oil for gold. India, Brazil, South Africa and most of all, China joined the revolution against the dollar and the BRICS were formed. The US postured to invade Iran under the pretense that Iran was developing nuclear weapons. Russia and China both threatened to nuke the United States and Obama backed down. All of this adds up to the death of the dollar and ultimately, World War III.

These events have resulted in Putin taking away the moral high ground from the United States and have paralyzed US military policy in the Middle East. As a result, the dollar now has a date with destiny. Putin’s actions are leaving the Federal Reserve without backing for the dollar. With a $19 trillion dollar deficit, a $240 trillion dollar unfunded and mandated liabilities (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, etc.) and a whopping $1.5 quadrillion dollar credit swap derivatives debt, the dollar, after losing much of its former Petrodollar status, is the on the verge of collapse and it could happen any day.

  1. Russia Is Preparing to Invade the Middle East

russian-military tank
Russia’s excuse to eradicate ISIS on the pretense of saving the Assad regime of Syria, has provided Russia with a means to build a military base of operations in Syria and serves to provide a path in which they can invade US-friendly Middle East partner oil-rich nations who are promoting the continuance of the Petrodollar. Quite frankly, I am surprised that the United States, under Federal Reserve Board leadership, has not already launched a nuclear first strike. I fear that day is coming. The Federal Reserve will not go down without a fight. The Russian counter strategy is to occupy as many parts of the world as possible, thus, making it impossible for the US to effectively counter the BRICS economic war upon the Petrodollar.

  1. All the World Is a Stage and Putin is the Leading Man

No Fear.
No Fear.
Putin is ex-KGB. As a result, following the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the KGB morphed into the Russian mafia and ruthlessly controlled Russian politics, media and much of its foreign policy. The Russian mafia was a brutal entity. In short, Putin is a thug, a KGB Mafioso thug who has brutally murdered tens of thousands of his own people. The fools that engage in worshipping Putin are very misguided. The only reason that Putin enjoys rock star status among some misinformed Americans is because he publicly espouses the beliefs of Russian people, which also represents mainstream middle class American values. Putin is openly anti-gay, while the White House displays the colors of the rainbow after the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. Putin has banned GMO’s, while Congress blocks any legitimate control over Monsatan, and Putin has told the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to go to hell, while Obama is their lap dog. Putin is actually arrogant enough and enough of a demagogue to believe that he can overcome the satanically inspired banking forces on the planet. Eventually, Putin will suffer the same fate as Saddam Hussein.


Short of divine intervention, World War III is a foregone conclusion. Each and any of these four reasons will culminate in the final date with destiny. In short, Putin is being used by BIS to move the planet toward World War III. The BIS wants World War III in order to promote order out of chaos. They want a war of political and economic unification. Putin is their unwitting accomplice to this end. At the end of the day, Putin, like Obama, will lead their
respective nations to total annihilation and the final version of the New World Order will be upon us.
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Millions of salmon mysteriously just disappear

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Expert: “Literally within 2 days it disappeared, it just crashed… I have never ever seen, nor can I explain” that — “One of the worst seasons ever” — “Disturbing… Serious trouble… Very dramatic”
Late sockeye numbers ‘disturbingly low,’ monitoring group says
Pre-run estimate of 1.24 million dropped to 200,000 for entire Fraser River run
“The late South Thompson sockeye run has seen far fewer fish than expected, but the federal fisheries department says it’s still very preliminary with the final numbers not known until late December or January.
“In terms of the sockeye return, it’s much more disappointing than people were hoping to see this year,” said Greg Taylor, senior fisheries adviser for the Watershed Watch Salmon Society, a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that monitors wild salmon.
“They arrive in the spawning grounds in October, and the numbers they’re seeing are disturbingly low.”
Taylor noted that the Pacific Salmon Commission’s (PSC) pre-run estimate of 1.24 million late-run salmon was dropped to 200,000 for the entire Fraser River run, which includes the South Thompson, the Little Shuswap, Shuswap Lake and Adams River.
“It’s a very dramatic reduction.”
The update said, for example, that a total of 2,193 sockeye were counted at the Weaver Creek Channel on Oct. 28 and that no live or dead sockeye were observed Oct. 27 on the Bridge River in the mid-Fraser.
DFO spokeswoman Lara Sloan said that the department’s area director for the B.C. interior cannot be interviewed about the situation until the new federal government fisheries minister is sworn in and gives the go-ahead.

But she also said the preliminary numbers don’t tell the whole story. “Every year we release final escapement numbers, usually in December or January.”
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‘Cloud tsunami’: Ominous storm shelf cloud looms over Sydney

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Rough weather has moved to Australia’s biggest city, Sydney: watch how a striking storm shelf cloud hangs over Bondi Beach, amazing locals and tourists alike. It comes a day after storms and tornados battered the neighboring state of Victoria.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned of severe storms across Sydney, the Hunter region, and the South and Central coasts, saying that heavy rainfall and flash flooding may be in store for residents.
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Deutsche Bank: "This Is Yet Another Sign Showing How Broken The Financial Market Is Around The World"

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Two days ago we pointed out the dramatic plunge in the 10 Year swap spread in the aftermath of last week's TLAC announcement, which just yesterday tumbled to negative record lows of -0.18% in a move that few can explain, even if many explanations have been offered. Here is DB's Jim Reid with what is perhaps the best "explanation" of what has happened.
From DB:
It's worth highlighting the stunning move of swap spreads of late and especially in the last 24 hours. 10 year US swap spreads yesterday hit a record low of nearly -18bp before closing at -12bp. The exact reason for the sharp move is unclear but blame has been placed on high corporate issuance (current and future with the WSJ discussing future high US bank TLAC issuance), balance sheet re-pricing into year-end given tighter regulatory pressure (on balance sheet USTs more expensive than swaps) and also the poor liquidity which as we know has the habit of exacerbating moves in many markets these days. You can see how savage the recent move has been with the chart below going back to 1988. This is yet another sign showing how broken the financial market is around the world. Normally you have tight swap spreads when Governments are issuing like crazy (not the case in the US) or if bank credit quality was perceived to be very strong (not really where we are today). Before September we'd only ever seen negative 10y swap spreads for a period in 2010 although they did turn negative intra-day 3-years ago. It’s not quite up there with the flash rally/crash in Treasuries 13 months ago but it’s a very strange occurrence and one to watch and likely another product of regulation and liquidity.

Credit to Zero Hedge