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Friday, September 4, 2015

Preppers and the Redemption: How to Ready Yourself and Your Family for the Days Ahead

“Guard yourself and watch your soul very well.” (Deuteronomy 4:9)

A young girl plays with a gas mask as Israeli postal workers distribute gas masks to residents of Jerusalem, August 12, 2012. (Photo: Noam Moskowitz/Flash90)

With the recent stock market slump, the dangerous Iran deal, the end of the shmittah year and the final blood moon coinciding, preppers, also known as survivalists, can look to the Bible just in case things get worse before they get better.

Preppers are people who actively prepare for local, national and international emergencies. They were once thought of as conspiracy theorist crazies stocking up hundreds of cans of beans and dozens of rounds of ammunition. Today, preppers are gaining credibility in the increasingly chaotic world in which we live.

Preparation is nothing new to the Jewish people. The Israelite slaves prepared for the exodus from Egypt by taking a year-old lamb into their homes on the 10th of the Hebrew month of Nisan and slaughtering it on the 14th day (Exodus 12:3-6). The Jews prepared for three days at the foot of Mount Sinai in advance of receiving the Torah (Exodus 19:15). And today, Sabbath observant Jews prepare in advance each week for the Sabbath.

If it’s prudent to be prepared, what are some reasonable acts average people can take to ready themselves for what might be coming, as the possible End of Days approaches?

Most people think of food and water first. Water is critical and should be the first thing you store. Calculate a gallon (4 liters) of water per person per day. For most people, that’s going to take a lot of space. As an example, you would need 18 six-packs of 2-liter bottles of water for a family of four for two weeks.

Although recommendations vary from three days to six months, typical advice is to have two weeks worth of canned or other non-perishable food, such as peanut butter, dried fruit, nuts and seeds set aside for emergency use. Honey doesn’t spoil and some people suggest having salt as part of your emergency food kit.

What about cash? Depending on your cash flow, it’s good to keep cash in small bills in a safe place, because banks and ATMs may shut down. Food and fuel shortages could also cause sharp increases in prices.
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Fuel could turn out to be life-saving. Keep your car’s fuel tank full and consider storing extra gasoline if you have a way to do so safely. Consider purchasing a generator and definitely keep candles with matches and lighters in your prep kit.

Other things to consider including with your household preparation kit – essential medications, basic first aid supplies and toilet paper. If you live in Israel, it’s important to make sure your gas masks are up to date and are the right size for children.

None of these suggestions are intended to cause alarm and are prudent steps most anyone can take. If you research prepping, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the number of things that are possible to do to prepare. Don’t get caught up in apocalyptic scenarios.

Bottom line, take reasonable precautions and have faith, along with having a Bible, a prayer book and other religious articles at the ready.

Credit to breakingisraelnews.com
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/48003/preppers-redemption-ready-your-family-days-ahead-jewish-world/#d3lmHfCT3JMPFzy7.99

Dems to Vote for Iran Deal, Middle East Slides Towards War

Four Documents Proving the Existence of the Red List

There have been a serious of recent revelations which should concern Americans who desire to keep living their lives outside the perimeter of a FEMA Camp, or worse.

Red List Documents That Have Your Name On Them

Lisa Haven recently uncovered this report, which is over a year old and she summarizes the report in the following video.
the New World Order version of a Democratic Republic.
The New World Order version of a Democratic Republic.
Lisa Have is an excellent reporter who does not get enough credit for her fine work. With regard to the following, she is to be commended for this stunning revelation which makes it clear that George W. Bush’s previous admonition which stated that “You are either with us or with the terrorists” was indeed a portend of things to come.
Steve Quayle has often spoken of a “Red List” in which those considered most dangerous to the authority structure, legitimate, or not, will be dealt with in swift and severe terms. As Lisa pointed out in the video, this is why your every “google”, cell phone conversation and online reading material has become of supreme importance.  A firm and irrevocable decision on whether you will live or die, under the NWO, is being determined as I write these words.
Lisa Haven does an excellent job of linking these draconian surveillance and categorization polices are, there have been other reports that point to the same variables that will come into play. Therefore, as good, and as shocking is Lisa’s work here, there are other warning signs which goes further and talks about what will happen after the implementation of martial law.

Many Documents and Practices Leading to the Same Place

Below is a very small sample size of the tyranny which has been codified and will be used against the American people:
obama and eo 13603
1. Executive Order 13603 provides for the nationalization of every resource in the country from all food, to all water, to all manufacturing, transportation, etc. In fact EO 13603 promotes the use of slave labor under the authority of the Secretary of the Labor at the behest of the President.
internet browses you
2. A high “Threat Martix Score” can lead one to be placed on the proverbial “Red List”. From my confidential sources. I have learned that there is a 16 dimensional rating of every American. Each of the 16 domains has an individual score and a combined aggregate score. Known associates is one of the domains and it is very concerning and it works like this: If Dave Hodges takes his family to the XYZ restaurant, the GPS in your phone/car notes the destination. On the same night, and unknown to Dave Hodges, Doug and Joe Hagmann visit the same restaurant, and as a result, our collective threat matrix score in the “Known Associates” domain climbs exponentially. And on the same night, Steve Quayle takes his family to the very same restaurant and subsequently, all three principals, move to the top of the list. The system notes the pre-crime potential for the three men to be planning acts of terrorism against the banker controlled government. This conclusion is reached without the involvement of a human analyst and without one shred of concrete evidence. This system of surveillance which would make the East German Stasi turn green with envy.
Further, this system also rates your internet browsing history. Even if you only visit Steve Quayle’s website out of curiosity, you will receive the same Red List rating whether you believe a word of what you read on this site. The amount of time on a site is also scored and factors into your Red List rating. You may review a previous article I have written on some of the ancillary support facilities and organizations which service this totalitarian system of surveillance.
ndaa 1
3. The NDAA is threat to all Americans. Based solely on the say-so of the President, or his designees, you can simply disappear. There will be no trial, no “one phone call” and nobody will know where you are being held, or if you are even alive
If you are new to the subject of tyranny in America and have not heard of this, I would suggest starting here. When you are finished reading, ask yourself, why a government that has an established Constitution and a Republic form of representative form of government, would need such a law? If the government catches a terrorist, our court system is more than able to deal with the associated crimes. However, this law is not designed for terrorists, it is designed for you and because of your high threat matrix score.
fm 3-39
4. Every American should fear and be angered by FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF). The document was originally to be kept secret, but everyone in the military command structure, as we know, is not on board with the encroaching tyranny sweeping across this country.
This is Army's version of a FEMA Camp floor plan.
This is Army’s version of a FEMA Camp floor plan, published directly from the aforementioned Army Field Manual FM 3-.39.40. .
There are two terms which should concern you, namely, Internment and Resettlement (I/R). As if this needs any further elaboration, the two terms simply mean that you will be snatched from your home and sent to a detention camp for an undetermined period of time and treated in a manner which will not be defined by any law. This document describes Jade Helm 15 very accurately. It also serves to complement the work of Lisa Haven.
This document is the manifestation of the NDAA’s indefinite detention. The document describes the make up of the FEMA camps down to the fact that they will eventually be manned and managed by foreign troops, and some of you thought there were no Russians on American soil.


light at the end of the tunnelAll of America’s firewalls have been breached. The American people, in order to escape this well-planned tyrannical future, have no options left except to acquiesce or fight. Our vote is meaningless and even if voting fraud was not rampant, we are forced to select from the list of candidates offered by the elite. Under this system, nothing will and can change.
For novice Patriot, please spend some time reading and checking facts. When you do, you will start to sound like Quayle, Hagmann and Hodges et al. At that point, there will be turning back. There is is indeed light at the end of this tyrannical tunnel. It is the headlights of the globalist training heading directly for you and your family.

Credit to Common Sense

Unscheduled "Blood Moons" New Jersey And Illinois

World's Largest Sub Leaves Port for Arctic War Games

The Russian nuclear-powered strategic submarine Dmitry Donskoy, touted as the largest submersible vehicle in the world, has reportedly entered the White Sea, where it is due to take part in anti-submarine drills.

Hundred Year Old Russian Submarine Found Near Sweden A source in the Russian Northern Fleet said on Friday that the Russian Akula class nuclear ballistic missile submarine Dmitry Donskoy has left its base in the city of Severodvinsk, entering the White Sea, where it will take part in anti-submarine war games, according to the website flot.com.

Taking part in the drills are, among other vehicles, the anti-submarine ships Onega and Naryan-Mar.

Dmitry Donskoy's previous mission in the White Sea lasted three weeks and wrapped up on July 16, 2015.

The vessel, named after the Grand Duke of Moscow Dmitry Donskoy, measures 172 meters in length and has a crew of 160, making it the world's largest submarine.

State-of-the-Art Russian Warship Enters Open Sea for DrillsIn 2002, the twenty launchers for the R-39 ballistic missiles the submarine originally carried were replaced with launchers for the most advanced submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) to date, the RSM-56 Bulava. The past few years have seen a spate of successful Bulava launches from the Dmitry Donskoy.

Although she was built in 1980 as a third generation submarine, the Dmitry Donskoy is now referred to as a fourth generation submarine due to her extensive modifications.

Apart from its twenty Bulava SLBMs, the submarine is equipped with six 533mm torpedo tubes and eight Igla (Needle) anti-aircraft missile systems. The vehicle is capable of staying at sea without surfacing for about 180 days.

Credit to Sputnik

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/russia/20150904/1026590302/russia-world-submarine-drills-white-sea.html#ixzz3kmSadMMh

New York 2015 - FOUR THOUSAND sleeping on the streets, 80 homeless encampments in the city

They are sleeping in front of the Empire State building, sprawled in front of the doors of Macy's, and panhandling outside Grand Central.

New York is in the grip of a homeless epidemic so bad that it has raised fears of the city slipping back into the disorder of the 1970s and 1980s.

The city's police chief this week said that as many as 4,000 people are now sleeping rough in the city, in a crisis which even the city's ultra-liberal mayor has finally acknowledged after months of denials.

Police officers have identified 80 separate homeless encampments in the city, 20 of which are so entrenched that they have their own furniture, while its former mayor Rudolph Giuliani has spoken scathingly of how his successor is failing to keep order.

Busiest location: Homeless beggars have become part of the fabric of 34th Street, one of the busiest in the city, with them looking for change from shoppers flocking to Macy's, one of the city's biggest tourist draws

Presence: Grand Central station, another of the city's biggest tourist draws and used by tens of thousands of commuters every day, is used for begging

Elite address: Columbus Circle, beside Central Park, is the location of a Trump Hotel, the Time Warner building where apartments change hands for as much as $25 million - and an increasing number of homeless people

In the shadows: Mike Poshkin, 28, is living and begging within sight of the Empire State Building, one of the world's most famous buildings. He makes as much in a day as someone working an eight hour day in a minimum wage job

Another typical site: A homeless man sites outside the entrance to Madison Square Gardens, the city's biggest events venue

Street scene: New York's yellow cabs are the backdrop to this homeless person's trolley full of posessions

This week New York governor Andrew Cuomo said bluntly that 'it's hard not to conclude that we have a major homeless problem in the city of New York' while the city's police chief Bill Bratton described the scale of it as 'a tipping point'.

And even Bill de Blasio, who has spent months refusing to acknowledge that the growing scale of rough sleeping was anything other than a 'perception problem' finally said there was 'a reality problem'.

Now Daily Mail Online can reveal how a toxic combination of cheap drugs and softly-softly policing are fueling the epidemic - and that beggars are making as much money as someone on the city's minimum wage in cash each day.

Homeless people spoken to by Daily Mail Online said that they were making $70 dollars every day from panhandling.

The amount is the same as working an eight-hour day in a minimum wage job in New York, where the state-mandated minimum wage is $8.75.

One homeless man - a former professional who had become a drug addict and ended up one the streets - said: 'People... are very kind and and give me food and on a good day I can get about 70-80 dollars which shows you the kindness of New Yorkers.'

And Patrick Kolher, who begs outside the Trump International Hotel at Central Park West, said he regularly saw donations of $70 a day into his collection tin.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3218600/Four-thousand-sleeping-streets-New-York-homeless-crisis-caused-beggars-making-75-day-cheap-drugs-end-tough-policing-cleaned-city.html#ixzz3kmLX772d

Wall Street Panics Over Global Recession Fears

Wall Street plunged Tuesday after investors feared weak data from China, the world’s second-largest economy, would lead to a global recession.

China’s manufacturing sector suffered its quickest deterioration in over six years, leading to a three-year market low and other sectors of the Chinese economy also slowed down significantly.

In response, all three major U.S. stock indices, the Dow Jones, the S&P 500 and NASDAQ, were down two percent in early trading.

“While a measure of calm has returned to these markets recently and they have seen relief rallies, many of the underlying negative fundamentals are still in place,” said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist for IHS. “As a result, the downside risks for most commodity prices, exchange rates, and stock markets are likely to persist for some time, while growth in many parts of the world, especially in emerging markets, is likely to deteriorate further.”

Investors panicked once China’s official manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) dropped to 49.7.

“The PMI was below 50, which is a psychologically important level and puts into real focus the fact that China is contracting,” said Joe Rundle, a senior sales trader at ETX Capital. “With the weak data coming out, we’re going to see the negative sentiment from the last few weeks continuing.”

This pessimistic outlook may become self-fulfilling.

In fact, Canada has already fell into a recession after its economy retreated 0.5% in the second quarter and 0.8% in the first.

“Canada’s manufacturing sector continues to face growth headwinds from heightened global economic uncertainty and sharp falls in energy sector capex plans,” said Cheryl Paradowski, president and chief executive officer of SCMA.

Collapsing oil prices have also hurt Canada, which is the world’s fifth-largest oil producer.

The decaying conditions in Canada and China could trigger a global recession.

Credit to EUtimes.net


Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told CNN the United States would be obliged to defend Iran against an Israeli attack under the terms of the nuclear deal reached between the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, Germany and Iran.

“You know, there is something in the Iran deal that people I don’t think really understand or know about,” Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon. “And nobody is ever to explain it that if somebody attacks Iran, we have to come to their defense.”

“And I’m saying this – that includes Israel? And most people say, yes. So, if Israel attacks Iran according to that deal, I believe… that we have to fight with Iran against Israel.”

The agreement calls for Western nations signing the deal to ensure nuclear safety “as appropriate” of Iran’s civilian nuclear facilities.

The language of the agreement, however, does not explicitly state the United States or the other nations are required to defend Iran if it is attacked.

Trump is a vocal opponent of the nuclear deal. In August Trump said he was coordinating with Ted Cruz for a joint appearance at an event in Washington opposing the Iran deal.

“We are talking to Ted Cruz, who is a friend of mine and a good guy, about doing something very big over the next two weeks in Washington,” the real estate tycoon said after a rally in South Carolina. “It’s essentially a protest against the totally incompetent deal that we’re making with Iran.”

A Cruz spokeswoman, Catherine Frazier, said the event will be co-sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy and the Zionist Organization of America.

On Wednesday the Obama administration secured enough votes in the Senate to override a threatened veto of the agreement by Republicans.

Republicans said their case against the agreement was sidelined by intense media focus on Donald Trump and the Clinton email scandal.

Credit to Infowars

Jim Willie: Hidden Trillion $ QE, Stock Market Fraud