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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Super Black Moon Today

Deadline To Avoid Financial Chaos In Europe Is March 1st

Europe is on the verge of a horrifying financial meltdown, and there are only a few short weeks left to avert total disaster.  On Monday, talks that were supposed to bring about yet another temporary “resolution” to the Greek debt crisis completely fell apart.  The new Greek government has entirely rejected the idea of a six month extension of the current bailout.  
The Greeks want a new deal which would enable them to implement the promises that have been made to the voters.  But that is not going to fly with the Germans, among others.  They expect the Greeks to fulfill the obligations that were agreed to previously.  The two sides are not even in the same ballpark at this point, and things are starting to get very personal.  It is no secret that the new Greek government does not like the Germans, and the Germans are not particularly fond of the Greeks at this point.  
But unless they can find a way to work out a deal, things could get quite messy very rapidly.  The Greek government has about three weeks of cash left, and any changes to the current bailout arrangement would have to be approved by parliaments all over Europe by March 1st.  And the stakes are incredibly high.  
If there is no deal, we could see a Greek debt default, Greece could be forced to leave the eurozone and go back to the drachma, the euro could collapse to all time lows, all the banks all over Europe that are exposed to Greek government debt could be faced with absolutely massive losses, and the 26 trillion dollars in derivatives that are directly tied to the value of the euro could start to unravel.  In essence, if things go badly this could be enough to push us into a global financial crisis.
On Monday, eurozone officials tried to get the Greeks to extend the current bailout package for six months with the current austerity provisions in place.  Greek government officials responded by saying that “those who bring this back are wasting their time” and that those negotiating on behalf of the eurozone are being “unreasonable”
A Greek government official said that a draft text presented to eurozone finance ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday spoke of Greece extending its current bailout package and as such was “unreasonable” and would not be accepted.
Without specifying who put forward the text to the meeting chaired by Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the official said: “Some people’s insistence on the Greek government implementing the bailout is unreasonable and cannot be accepted.”
Most observers have speculated that the new Greek government would give in to the demands of the rest of the eurozone when push came to shove.
But these new Greek politicians are a different breed.  They are not establishment lackeys.  Rather, they are very principled radicals, and they are not about to be pushed around.  I certainly do not agree with their politics, but I admire the fact that they are willing to stand up for what they believe.  That is a very rare thing these days.
On Monday, Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis shared the following in the New York Times
I am often asked: What if the only way you can secure funding is to cross your red lines and accept measures that you consider to be part of the problem, rather than of its solution? Faithful to the principle that I have no right to bluff, my answer is: The lines that we have presented as red will not be crossed.
Does that sound like a man that is going to back down to you?
Meanwhile, the other side continues to dig in as well.
Just consider the words of the German finance minister
Wolfgang Schaeuble, the German finance minister, accused the Greek government of “behaving irresponsibly” by threatening to tear up agreements made with the eurozone in return for access to the loans which are all that stand between Greece and financial collapse.
“It seems like we have no results so far. I’m quite skeptical. The Greek government has not moved, apparently,” he said.
“As long as the Greek government doesn’t want a program, I don’t have to think about options.”
Global financial markets are still acting as if they fully expect a deal to get done eventually.
I am not so sure.
And without a doubt, time is running short.  As I mentioned above, something has got to be finalized by March 1st.  The following comes from the Wall Street Journal
Any changes to the content or expiration date of Greece’s existing €240 billion ($273 billion) bailout have to be decided by Friday, to give national parliaments in Germany, Finland and the Netherlands enough time to approve them before the end of the month. Without such a deal, Greece will be on its own on March 1, cut loose from the rescue loans from the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund that have sustained it for almost five years.
So what happens if there is no deal and Greece is forced to leave the eurozone?
Below, I have shared an excerpt from an article that details what Capital Economics believes would happen in the event of a “Grexit”…
  • The drachma would be back. The euro would be effectively abandoned, and Greece would return to the drachma, its previous currency (it might take a new name). The drachma would likely tumble in value against the euro as soon as it was issued, and how much the government could print quickly would be a big issue.
  • It would have to be fast, with capital controls. There would be people trying to pull their money out of Greece’s banks en masse. The Greek government would have to make that illegal pretty quickly. The European Central Bank drew up Grexit plans in 2012, and might be dusting them off now.
  • European life support for Greek banks would be withdrawn. Greek banks can currently access emergency liquidity assistance from the ECB, which would be removed if Greece left the euro.
  • Likely unrest and disorder. Barclays expects that this sudden economic collapse would “aggravate social unrest”, and notes that historically similar moves have caused a 45-85% devaluation of the currency. Capital Economics suggests that the drop could be more mild, closer to 20%, and Oxford Economics says 30%.
  • Greece would resume economic policymaking. Greece’s central bank would probably start doing its own QE programme, and the government would likely return to running deficits, no longer restrained by bailout rules (though investors would probably want large returns, given the risk of another default).
  • Inflation would spike immediately, but both Capital Economics and Oxford Economics say that should be temporary. It might look a bit like Russia this year — with the new currency in freefall until it finds its level against the euro, prices inside Greece would rise at dramatic speed. The inflation might be temporary, however, because with unemployment above 20%, Greece has plenty of spare labour slack to produce more.
That certainly does not sound good.
And once Greece leaves, everyone would be wondering who is next, because there are quite a few other deeply financially troubled nations in the eurozone.
David Stockman believes that Spain is a prime candidate…
In spite of the “recovery” in Spain, close to 24% are still unemployed. That statistic explains Pessimism in the Streets.
The crisis is here to stay according to significant majority of Spaniards. The general perception is that the current situation in which the country is negative and far from getting better, can only stay stagnant or even worse.
A Metroscopia poll published in El PaĆ­s makes it clear that the Spanish are unhappy with the current state of the country. Five out of six (83%) see the economic situation as “bad”, while more than half of the remaining perceive “regular”.
Right now, Europe is already teetering on the brink of an economic depression.
If this Greek debt crisis is not resolved, it could set in motion a chain of events which could start collapsing financial institutions all over Europe.
Yes, we have been here before and a deal has always emerged in the end.
But this time is different.  This time very idealistic radicals are running things in Greece, and the “old guard” in Europe has no intention of giving in to them.
So let’s watch and see how this game of “chicken” plays out.
I have a feeling that it is not going to end well.
Credit to Economic Collapse

Vandals set fire at Florida church, write 'Allahu Akbar'


A possible hate crime is under investigation after a fire was set at a Central Florida church, where vandals also spray-painted "Allahu Akbar."

The incident happened around 3 a.m. Monday at the New Shiloh Christian Church in Melbourne on Sarno Road. About 1,500 members attend the church.

Melbourne police said officers and firefighters discovered the blaze after a fire alarm sounded. Arson was the expected cause, police said.

Fire sprinklers helped contain the flames to a storage unit connected to the 125,000-square-foot building.

The words "Allahu Akbar" were spray-painted on the storage unit. "Allahu Akbar" is an Arabic phrase typically translated as "God is great" and is a common expression used in various contexts.

A swastika was also scrawled on church property. Inside the swastika was written, "We see u."

"To find something like that in 2015 is unbelievable. It's just disheartening," said New Shiloh Christian Church Bishop Jacquelyn Gordon. "They told us that this is definitely a hate crime and that they're going to patrol our area even more and just look out for us and they thought it was senseless and I feel the same way."

Police have not confirmed to Local 6 that the case is being investigated as a hate crime, but say they are investigating the fire and vandalism as arson and criminal mischief.

"I would just say that everything is being looked at. All avenues are going to be explored. If it meets that criteria, that would be something that would be looked at," said Lt. Cheryl Trainer.

Police told Local 6 they are hesitant to label the case as a hate crime because they don't want to alarm the public. They said they will determine if the graffiti was done at the same time as the vandalism and arson to determine if it is, in fact, a hate crime. At this time they are calling it arson and criminal mischief.

Damage to the church property was estimated to be about $5,000.

Gordon said her staff tried to spray paint over the message to hide it.

"It really took a lot out of me when I drove up and I saw that sign on the side of the building because I'm preaching God is love, why would someone take the time to put a sign up to show hatred," Gordon said.

No information about the arsonist or arsonists was known, and a police investigation is ongoing.

The FBI told Local 6, “We are aware of the incident and reviewing the matter.”

Gordon said is the second time in less than two weeks that vandals have targeted her building, which is in the process of being remodeled.

The church said it plans to increase security while members are there. The bishop said he will tell congregants Wednesday evening what happened.

"The one thing I really want them to do is not to be afraid," said Bishop Jacquelyn Gordon. "We're going to have people walking around surrounding the area every time we have service here to make sure people are safe and nothing happens on our watch."

Credit to Clickorlando.com

Cyborg Control "Brain Implants"

NETHERLANDS MP Geert Wilders vilifies Dutch Parliament over its “cowardly cuddling of Islam”

“A month ago, I called on this government to wake up. To recognize ISLAM as the cause of all the terror and misery in the world today.” 

Dutch MEP Geert Wilders holds press conference in London

**Some Excerpts**

I called on government to close our borders. End Islamization. Let Jihadists leave and never allow them to return to the Netherlands. Nothing changed. And the Netherlands now faces the biggest threat since World War II, the result of  incredibly dangerous political correctness. All we see are double standards, a selective indignation, a cowardly cuddling of Islam.

Meanwhile, the dhimmi government is providing extra support to Muslims in the Netherlands. As if nothing has happened. As if the problem in our country is that we have not enough Islam.  


This government is still refusing to acknowledge that Islam, this sick ideology of Allah and Muhammad, this ideology of hatred and violence, is the cause of all the misery and terror. Everyone who is critical or even dares to be critical about Islam or its so-called prophet Muhammad, depicts him in a cartoon, ridicules or insults him, signs his own death warrant. That these are not empty threats we have recently seen in Paris.

Research now reveals that there are as many as 100,000 Muslims in the Netherlands who in their faith find justification to use violence. We already knew that 80% of the Turkish youths in the Netherlands consider violence against Christians, Jews and non-believers to be OK. And that three quarters of those who leave to wage jihad are Moroccans.

Stop Islamization. Stop immigration. Stop the tsunami of asylum seekers. Do not allow the building of hate palaces, such as the Gouda mosque, anymore. Enough is enough!

Credit to Barenakedislam.com

The Straw That Broke the Back of the American Economy


As many of you know, we have an $18 trillion dollar debt, a $240 trillion dollar debt, a $200 trillion dollar consumer credit debt and we have the ultimate elephant in the room, the one quadrillion dollar derivatives debt. In a country that imports 20% of its food supply, it was reported yesterday by KTAR 92.3 FM (Phoenix) that massive amounts of food are rotting on ships waiting to be offloaded and the docks awaiting shipment.
We should be wondering how much more can the economy take? What will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

Even the Main Stream Media Gets It

Rotting food. How many farmers can go out of business until we have a real crisis?
Rotting food. How many farmers can go out of business until we have a real crisis?
   This is being reported by CNN Money:
California’s famous navel oranges and Washington’s apples are rotting in the hot L.A. sun.Meanwhile, Japanese electronics and Chinese clothing items are bobbing in the ocean within view of the shore. The Pacific Maritime Association has accused the International Longshore Workers union of creating a work slowdown that has turned harbors into parking lots and shipping containers into putrid garbage bins”.
CNBC is reporting:
“Growers and shippers are losing money on exports they can’t ship while their crops sit on the docks and rot. Flooding the domestic market would risk a price crash, and some worry they could lose business permanently if overseas buyers get fed up with spotty shipments of spoiled goods”.
Even the mainstream media gets it and there is not even an effort on behalf of the media to hide what is going on. Yet, I dread reading some of the moronic comments that I am going to see this morning which tell me to quit fear-mongering and the “economy is just fine”.
What will it be that ultimately brings down the American people? The crushing debt in this country that brings us down? Will it be the current import crisis/scandal? Will it be the truckers going broke awaiting product to transport? Will it be the farmers going broke while their products lie rotting at the ports? Pick your poison.
Where is the President on the present crisis?
Where is the President on the present crisis?

A Dream of Revelation

One of the ways that the mind processes information is through the unconscious when we are quiet in both mind and body. I also believe that is when God speaks to us if we care to listen. These revelations can come through dreams, meditation, prayer, etc.
Last night, I had a repetitive dream throughout the night in which President Obama kept announcing on the news that Americans had to stay in their homes so they would not be gobbled up by the financial earthquakes sweeping the country. In the dream, Obama stressed that the only safe place was inside of our homes. I was caught out at the gym that I work out at. A bunch of us would watch a news report about a new financial “earthquake” and then the earthquake would come right to the edge of the door of the gym and would have killed anyone in its path that was standing outside. We were trapped with no options.
In the news reports being played on the TV at the gym, George Soros was repeatedly being interviewed and he kept saying “This is the end of the global economy as we know it”. Also, in the dream, we knew the facility that we were trapped in had limited food and water and it would not be long until we looked at each other as our next meal of opportunity. I have never had such a dream, but I had the dream, numerous times throughout the night. The dream also revealed to me that there are multiple causations for our economic demise and it will not be any one thing that brings our economy to its knees.
I awakened with an awareness that there is no coming back from the economic struggles that have been thrust upon this country.

An Email Excerpt Which Represents the “Many”

I have received about 30 emails, in the past 24 hours, similar to the one listed below and in each case, they are moved by the spirit to express the fact that it is “game over”.
Dear Dave, I really love your articles, I read them each day or when they come out.
I live in _____ Az. I have noticed that the markets up here are, well, drying up.
That is to say the housing mkt is stagnated, even though most are in serious denial,
we have over 600 places on the (small) market, Realtor’s are like rabid squirrels tiring to sell something.
We have many places going out of business up here and there isn’t much here to
be happy about that. Maybe McDonald’s is busy, but that’s from the trekkers
from Phoenix every weekend. Our schools are broke and the food is so high it’s shocking to go to the store anymore!
I am looking around at the news and this country is shot and I’m in tears! All hell has already broken loose and all we can do is pray and sit and watch the ship sink. Kinda like the Titanic, only a billion times worse..OH, that’s a real number now too! A Trillion, that was a fantasy number when I was young, not anymore…
What used to buy/cost $40 at the grocers 10 yrs ago is now $150, seriously! We are in our early and mid-50’s  and we see no hope for this once beloved Country of ours. My husband works in ______ oil fields and we’re barely making it.
We are broke. We are weak. We are overrun with illegal immigrants who are destroying our healthcare and our health with old and worsening diseases! We are uneducated. We are led by morons who are just money and power hungry crazy people and a man at the helm who really hates America.Just look at what he is doing, just look…
So, to sum up this note, I am exhausted and really depressed. I feel like all the preparations, hard work and sacrifices we have made will do little to cover our assets, if ya know what I mean. No where to run, no where to hide…”
Using my email content as a barometer of the nation’s mood, this email reflects the overall sense of desperation sweeping the country. Economies are held together, in large part by confidence. When people lose faith and confidence in the system, that system is doomed.
The danger to humanity is real and I think we are witnessing a convergence between the spiritual realm and physical realm and the dangers are clearly being presented to us in which it is now possible for all to see the Four Horsemen riding into sight. Yes, there is a lot that will happen before the Tribulation, but the stars are lining up.

George Soros Is the Ultimate Economic Hit Man

soros puppet obama
Disturbingly, Soros has repeatedly demonstrated that he has had both accurate and advanced knowledge of stock market and banking crashes in the past. Subsequently, savvy investors keep a very close eye on his money movements and resulting holdings as Soros is the “Canary in the mine”. He is the world’s ultimate economic hit man and both bankers and politicians watch his every move with fear and apprehension. He is my subject in tomorrow’s article. 


straw that broke the camels back
If these cargo ships are not off-loaded soon, the earth will tremble and leave its mark right up to every home and business in the country. Parts of Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland) are already experiencing some of what I am writing about here. The only question is whether it will take 6 days, 60 days or 6 months to collapse the system.
Since truckers are facing the prospect of going out of business waiting for the product to be offloaded. Ask yourself a question: “If massive numbers of truckers go out of work waiting for product, who will be left to deliver the product if it becomes available”?
George Soros is the fulcrum and we will examine his money movements in the past year with the purpose of looking for corresponding data to collaborate the information contained in this article.
Credit to Common Sense

Footage of Ukrainian troops surrender in Debaltsevo

BBC Program Suggests Vatican Astronomers Are Correct–Jesus And Buddha Were Aliens


A program aired on the British Broadcasting Corporation recently held a discussion as to whether or not major religious figures like Jesus Christ and the Buddha were from other planets. In a religion-focused series titled “The Big Questions”, host Nicky Campbell oversaw a discussion asking the query, “Have beings from other planets guided our religions?” “Last month NASA’s Kepler space telescope identified another planet that might have the right conditions for life,” said Campbell. “It will be no surprise to the followers of those religions who’ve long believed that life – possibly not as we know it – exists elsewhere in the galaxy. 

Life which has possibly exerted its influence here on planet Earth. Have beings from other planets guided our religions?” The segment featured two groups, the Aetherius Society and the British Union Of Spiritist Societies, which advocated for the theory that various religious figures, including Jesus, were aliens.

Credit to Skywatch

Putin: West already supplies arms to Kiev

Eurogroup Official: "In The End Capital Controls Will Probably Have To Be Imposed"

With less than 24 hours until the ECB's meeting at which Mario Draghi and company are set to decide if i) they will increase the current Greek emergency liquidity allotment from €65 billion as a result of the ongoing bank deposit run or ii) reduce - or even outright cancel it - to send Tsipras a message that the time for negotiations is over, Europe is no longer playing Mr. nice guy. In fact, judging by the latest report in Reuters, which may well be nothing but another planted trial balloon (in the aftermath of today's latest Telegraph revelations one should read everything presented in the media, here certainly included, with a cape-size ship full of salt) Greece can kiss goodbye not only any a loan extension without a bailout "programme" resumption, but also any hope that tomorrow's its ELA will be increased. 
The reason: ze Germans.
The European Central Bank faces resistance from Germany to allowing any extra emergency lending for Greek banks, people familiar with the matter said, increasing pressure on Athens to sign up to an extended aid-for-reform programme.... the ECB's policymaking governing council will review on Wednesday how far the country may support its weak banks, which face rising deposit outflows.  While the ECB is unlikely to lower the ceiling on emergency lending assistance (ELA) by the Greek central bank, a refusal to increase it would nonetheless be bad news for Greek banks, which are close to using up the full 65 billion euros granted so far.

Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann, who has warned against the misuse of the emergency funding to indirectly finance the Greek state, is set to stick to this stance at the ECB meeting, the sources said. Some other governors have similar reservations.
Which means that the standoff will may well continue past midnight tomorrow. Now, in the worst case scenario, should the ECB yank all Greek ELA, then all bets are off, and on Wednesday it is unlikely that any banks will reopen in Greece, which incidentally would likely lead to an immediate compromise by the new PM and FinMin, unless of course they are prepared for this contingency and reveal a new €100 billion or so loan from the BRIC bank, compliments of Vladimir Putin.
But even in the less Draconian case, one in which the ECB decides to remain merciful for 10 more days, the outcome is not much better: "Unless Athens agrees an extended aid programme soon, keeping ELA capped would put lenders in a funding squeeze that could require the introduction of capital controls to limit savers taking out more of their money, the sources said."
As noted earlier, the bank runs may (or may not: depending on one's agenda), have accelerated in the past few days:
A senior Greek banker told Reuters up to 500 million euros ($571 million) had been withdrawn from Greek bank accounts on both Thursday and Friday last week.

There was a lull on Monday but deposit outflows picked up again on Tuesday after talks collapsed, the banker said.
One thing is clear however: Greece will almost certainly not last until the proverbial D-Day on February 28 before it either i) runs out of money, ii) is forced to sign a "bailout extension" deal with the Eurogroup thus crushing its credibility with the people, or iii) exits the Eurozone. Needless to say, two of the three above options are very unpleasant for Greek savers, assuming any are left. And it is those savers that the Eurozone is directly targeting when it does everything in its power to provoke a bank run with statement such as these:
"The situation of the banks is getting more and more difficult every day," said a European official. "In the end, in order to safeguard the banking system, capital controls will probably have to be imposed."
And to think a comparable statement about any other peripheral Eurozone country, all of which are as insolvent as Greece, would be met with howls of murderour rage and demands for a death penalty on account of provoking a bank run panic.
Not Greece though: for the small country that dared to provoke Goliath, anything and everything is fair game.
The ECB's chief economist Peter Praet has cautioned that the funding is for the short term only, although Austria's central bank chief Ewald Nowotny recently signalled that the ECB would resume direct funding if Athens struck a deal to extend its EU/IMF bailout.

Frustration with Greece is growing. Euro zone finance ministers have given Athens until the end of the week to request an extension or lose financial assistance when the bailout expires at the end of February.

Were the ECB to cancel all emergency funding for Greek banks, as it threatened to with Cyprus in 2013, it would leave Athens with no choice but to strike a new deal with its international backers or face bankruptcy.

But the ECB would be very reluctant to take such a step.
In short: Europe suggests Greek panic.
But here lies the rub, because despite the market's complete lack of willingness to react, pardon "market", since every risk asset is now exclusively controlled by the world's "developed" central banks, kicking Greece out would - without doubt - lead to the worst possible of Mutual Assured Destruction outcomes.
"Pulling the plug on Greece would have potentially catastrophic consequences," said Ashoka Mody, a former IMF official who helped design Ireland's bailout.

"The ECB's threats are completely empty. Despite all the bluster, it has no choice. The ECB has to ask itself how it can stabilize the financial system, not undermine it."
And that particular game theory outcome is precisely what the non-game theory playing finance minister is betting the farm, and the nation on. The one where it ultimately costs Europe far, far less in current certain costs, than the "unknown unknowns" of the worst case scenario that will be revealed once the Eurozone is effectively no more. This is how Goldman described a world in which Greece is kicked out:
... ‘Grexit’ would constitute a non-diversifiable event, affecting all financial assets. This is because, upon the departure of one of its members, EMU would likely be seen as a fixed exchange rate arrangement between countries which can elect to adhere or leave. Convertibility risk would resurface, exposing the possibility of a collapse of the entire project.

To be sure, the ECB would not stand idle in the face of such a course of events. But the severity and persistence of the ‘shock’ from Grexit would depend on several factors, which include:
  • What has led to the departure of Greece (metaphorically, was the country pushed or did it jump?).
  • What institutional arrangements the remaining countries put in place to signal their commitment to stay together (presumably in the form of greater sovereignty sharing).
  • How does Greece perform outside of the single currency?
So even as Europe is throwing the kitchen sink at Greece in hopes of sparking a bank run, it should be very careful what it wishes for. Because a nation with nothing left, with no hope, is far more dangerous than the servile debt-slave Europe expects Greece to be. And if as Goldman suggests, a Grexit has far greater and far more negative consequences for Brussles than Athens, then Varoufakis' gambit will be spot on, and Europe will be begging Greece to stay, or return, before all all is said and done and the European project is cast away on the every larger trash heap of failed neo-liberal ideas.
Credit to Zero Hedge

Robert Kiyosaky Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Biggest Crash Is Coming

Forget Hacking - CIA Accuses Russia Of "Manipulating The World's Weather"

Image result for world weather manipulation
America appears to have found something else to blame the Russians (or North Koreans) for... The Weather. As The Daily Mail reports, CIA chiefs fear hostile nations are trying to manipulate the world’s weather... seriously.
So-called "geoengineering techniques" range from cloud seeding, in which chemicals are sprayed by planes trigger rainfall, to shooting mirrors into space to reflect sunlight and cool the Earth.
But as The Daily Mail reports, a leading academic has told how he got a mysterious phone call asking whether foreign countries could be triggering droughts or flooding...
Professor Alan Robock, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, said:

"Consultants working for the CIA rang and said we’d like to know if someone is controlling the world’s climate would we know about it?

Of course they were also asking - if we control someone else’s climate would they then know about it."
The professor is one of many scientists from around the world are actively looking at manipulating the weather as a way of combating climate change.
Professor Robock told the callers that any attempts to meddle with the weather on a large scale would be detectable.

However, he told the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual conference in San Jose, that the weather has been weaponised in the past.

During the Vietnam War, US scientists tried to increase rainfall to hamper the enemy’s progress by spraying particles into the clouds.

And the CIA seeded clouds over Cuba "to make it rain and ruin the sugar harvest".

Asked how he felt when he got the call, the professor said: "Scared."

"I’d learned of lots of other things the CIA had done that haven’t followed the rules and that wasn’t how I wanted my tax money spent."
"I think this research has to be open and international, so there isn’t any question of using it for hostile purposes."

To add to the intrigue, the CIA is believed to have helped fund a major report into geoengineering.
Published last week by the prestigious US National Academy of Sciences, the report mentions the ‘US intelligence community’ in its list of sponsors, alongside organisations such as Nasa.
*  *  *
He added that the tension created by any large-scale meddling in the climate could escalate to such an extent that it would end in all-out war.
The professor said: ‘If one country wants to control the climate in one way, and another doesn’t want it or if they try to shoot down the planes...if there is no agreement it could result in terrible consequences.’
*  *  *
*  *  *
So is the US economy now at the mercy of some cunning geo-engineer in Moscow seeding snow clouds over the Midwest and crushing GDP in the process?
Credit to Zero Hedge