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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

China 'won't help North Korea if conflict occurs'

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China, which has a mutual defense treaty with North Korea, will not defend the North if a conflict or war occurs in relation to the North’s nuclear problems, Chinese specialists said Sunday.

Pang Zhongying, an international relations expert at Renmin University of China, said North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, which Beijing regards as a threat to China’s security, had damaged their bilateral relationship so irreparably that it had rendered their mutual assistance pact null and void, the South China Morning Post reported.

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"Arch Of Palmyra" Unveiled In London England

India tests 1st nuclear-propelled ballistic missile submarine

India’s first submarine capable of firing nuclear ballistic missiles, the INS Arihant, is undergoing sea acceptance trials and will be commissioned after their completion, the Navy has announced.

"INS Arihant is now undergoing sea acceptance trails as it had already passed several deep sea diving drills. The submarine will be commissioned after completing all the sea trials," said H.C.S. Bisht, Vice Admiral of the Indian Navy.

The 6,000-ton vessel is the first nuclear-powered submarine that can launch nuclear-capable missiles manufactured by India – the first nation to announce it has accomplished this feat after the five original nuclear powers. It was built at the Ship Building Centre in Visakhapatnam, one of 13 major ports in India, with some help from Russian specialists and launched in 2009.
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The submarine was expected to be commissioned after finishing a round of sea trials in February and participating in the International Fleet Review the same month. On February 23, it was declared ready for operations.

Additional trials were launched in March. The Arihant reportedly fired a dummy K-4 missile on March 7 and later on March 31 test-fired a live K-4 missile from a depth of 20 meters underwater.

The K-4 is an indigenously developed Indian intermediate-range nuclear-capable submarine-launched ballistic missile and the designated weapon for Arihant-classs submarines. INS Arihant, the lead ship of the class, can reportedly carry four K-4 missiles or 12 smaller short-range K-15 missiles.


India is currently building 45 new ships at various shipyards around the country, Vice-Admiral Bisht said. Among them are two more Arihant-class submarines.

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SILVER BREAKS OUT Amidst Global Economic CHAOS -- Andy Hoffman

Economic Collapse Is Only the First of Seven Steps on the Way to Total Subjugation

agenda 2030

Secret banker/government  meetings, UWEX 16 Civil War drills, the growth of foreign troops on American soil, do not represent the end game of the criminal elite. the stealing of the election from Trump is not an end game, it is a big step towards the criminal elite’s final goal which is a 90% population reduction in humanity.
The criminal elite are panicked over what the Trump movement has brought to the forefront. Millions of previous unaware Americans are learning how evil is the system of governance that they have been living under truly is and they are angry beyond belief. This has forced the hand of the criminal elite and they are accelerating their timetable of total subjugation.

A New Age of Genocide Is Being Unveiled

Move over, Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot, there is a new extermination king in town. It is called Agenda 2030.
In the Agenda 2030 conference previously held in Paris is being guided by 17 goals which contains targets that will forever alter humanity and change the planet forever. Of particular concern is goal #12, as it is the conduit from which the globalist depopulation agenda will be ushered in.
  • Agenda 2030 Goal #12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
    Following the planned economic collapse, Agenda 2030 will enforce the most brutal austerity programs ever conceived of, or ever enforced.  Just as it was in the Hunger Games movie, all food, water and medicine will be rationed. Inhabitants will be forced to take the Mark of the Best, the dreaded but largely unknown RFID chip. We are already witnessing the birth of a cashless society. Soon, cash will be banned. Automation will bring promises of unlimited food production. The public will be sold on the widespread use of robots to achieve this goal. It will be a ruse. The goal is to replace human workers with robots. The globalists will horde the food in order to help wipe out the ‘useless eaters’ through starvation. Then the population will be forced into a devastating World War III. Subsequently, Ted Turner and the other globalists will be able to achieve their goals of reducing the world’s population to a low of 500,000,000.

Predictive Programming of Man’s Demise

From the early 1960’s, the TV show, The Twilight Zone predicted the obsolescence of mankind through automation.
It is chilling that a TV show from over 5o years ago predicted the time and events that we are now living in.

Humans Are the Excess Inventory of the World

What do business owners do with their excess inventory? They at first try to get rid of the product by selling at a reduced price and when that fails, they simply destroy the inventory. The latter is the fate that awaits the American people and ultimately the human race. Soon, humanity will no longer be needed because humanity has become the newest form of excess inventory. Over 90% of us will soon be obsolete.

Soft Kill Methods

Fluoride, aluminum from chemtrails and specific vaccines, artificial sweeteners, dangerous drugs (VIOXX) have constituted some of the passive means of depopulation. Humanity’s very existence is under assault. Why? Because the majority of humans are no longer needed as a species. One of the popular sayings in our society in regard to how many things causes cancer is to dismiss the danger as “everything causes cancer”. And of course, anybody that writes about our toxic environment, dangerous GMO food supply and tainted drinking water is a conspiracy theorist unless they work for the EPA and are preparing to steal your land. As devastating as the soft kill methods that we have been forced to endure are, these methods pale in comparison as to what lies ahead.

Take the Globalists At Their Word

The words of Henry Kissinger tells humanity what lies ahead.

"We don't need you anymore".
It’s no longer the Third World. Kissinger’s attitude towards all of humanity can be summed as, “We don’t need you anymore”.
On this point, Kissinger has a lot of company as depopulation has been the order of the day for quite some time among the globalists.
A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal”.
Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine

“The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary”.
Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER

No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation.”
– David Spangler   Director of Planetary Initiative  for the United Nations
The above used to be just words, now they form the philosophy of the Fabian Socialists that are running the planet. Through Agenda 2030 and Goal #12, their words are fast becoming reality.

Why Humans Are No Longer Needed

The bulk of humanity has become expendable. We were good to the elite when they could exploit our labor and enjoy the fruits of humanity’s talents.
One-third of jobs now performed by humans will be replaced by software, robots, and smart machines by 2025, according to a prediction by information technology research and advisory firm, Gartner. Some estimate that by 2050, 75% of all jobs will be eliminated by automation. This prediction reflects the evolution of robot capability, said Ryan Calo, a professor at University of Washington School of Law with an expertise in robotics.
Robotic abilities are quickly surpassing human ability. Robots do not require food, health benefits nor do they require a minimum wage. The use of robotics in replacing humans will only continue to expand, according to Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering at Google. Kurzweil anticipates that by 2029 robots will have reached human levels of intelligence and functionality. Many experts predict that these robots will put people out of work and this is exactly what we are finding.
Automation has  lessened the need for human capital. In short, we have become excess inventory and must be disposed of.
For many who cover the misdeeds of the criminal elite, we know at the root of this struggle is the need for the elite to eliminate 90% of all humanity before humanity realizes the true nature of the coming agenda and rises up to oppose this tyranny.  In order to accomplish this, the elite need to move from passive soft kill to hard kill methods and they need to do so very quickly. In order to accomplish this agenda, complete political control must be realized.

The former beacon of freedom to the world, the United States must be obliterated along with any notion of individual liberties.

The Final Solution

There will become a bifurcation point where soft kill methods, and diluting the native population through massive immigration will not be enough to ensure total dictatorial control over the planet by the globalists because its methods of replacement are not expeditious enough. That is when soft kill will need to become the Final Solution of hard kill.

In history, the pattern is always the same: 

Step One

Perpetrate an economic collapse that will put millions of desperate people on the street

Step Two

Combine the economic collapse with the creation of a false flag series of events which necessitates the need for martial law and extreme measures of subjugation.

It would appear that a mass casualty event is in the works.

I am on call nurse for a hospital just outside of Cleveland.  I heard you on Hagmann last week. when you called for a false flag attack on the Republican Convention. I think you may be correct. I discovered, along with one of our support personnel a bunch of body bags marked “Homeland Security”. 
We have an onsite morgue, but these are not the body bags we use. There is also one other possibility for a false flag attack. Our NBA team is in the playoffs and an attack would bring a lot of attention. But my bet is on the Convention…. 
Name withheld by request

Step Three

Cordon people off for their own protection

fema check in

Step Four

Exploit whatever free labor can be extracted from this doomed group while they are being protected

uk fema camps

Step Five

Systematically exterminate the undesirable group as a move to promote national unity against a contrived common enemy (e.g. Christians)


 Step Six

World War III will evolve out of the turmoil as was the case with World War II-Serfdom will re-emerge

einstein and world war III

Step Seven

This is when global depopulation will begin in earnest. When the smoke clears and  the bulk of humanity has been buried, the New World Order will truly be born.

These seven steps are all supported by past history. What makes Americans think that we are immune to established historical precedent?
Sometimes it is good to be reminded of who we are fighting and what their Agenda (2030) consists of.

Credit to Common Sense

End is Near? Global Earthquake Epidemic

“Who removeth the mountains, and they know it not, when He overturneth them in His anger. Who shaketh the earth out of her place, and the pillars thereof tremble.” Job 9:5-6 (The Israel Bible™)

A level 6 earthquake hit Nepal. (Photo: Tevel b’Tzedek)

Four earthquakes were recorded around the globe, including three major shakers in the last 48 hours. A minor earthquake hit eastern Israel Friday morning one day after a deadly quake hit Japan.

The Geophysical Institute of Israel reported that the quake, too small to be measured in numbers on the Richter Scale, hit the Dead Sea area and the city of Arad at approximately 7 am.

An earthquake last July measured 4.4 on the Richter scale and was felt all over Israel. Israel is prone to earthquakes generated by the Syrian-African Rift, which runs along the Jordan valley and is part of the larger Great Rift Valley, extending from northern Syria to Mozambique.

In 1927, a 6.2-magnitude quake generated by that rift killed 500 people and injured 700. Experts have warned that a large earthquake could strike Israel in the near future. The government has begun funding projects for buildings to be bolstered against tremors.

Thursday evening, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Southern Japan, killing nine and injuring more than 850 others. 44,000 people were evacuated from the town of Mashiki. Aftershocks are expected.

Members of Japan’s Self-Defence Force search on Monday for missing people after a landslide in Minamiaso.

The quake in Japan was followed by a 5.9-magnitude earthquake which struck off the coast of the southern Philippines.

A 6-magnitude earthquake also hit on Thursday off the coast of the Pacific island of Vanuatu, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

A powerful 6.9 Richter quake hit Myanmar on Wednesday night but, miraculously, no deaths were reported.

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake hit northwestern Pakistan near Afghanistan five days ago on April 10.

On April 8, there was a magnitude-4.2 earthquake in Nepal.

Nepal following an earthquake. (Photo: Tevel b’Tzedek)

Yesterday’s quakes bring the total to nine across Asia in a period of just over three and a half months.

Seismologists say the Himalayan region is overdue for a geologic event stronger than the 7.9 Richter earthquake that hit Nepal last year.

People of faith may see this string of earthquakes as a sign of divine wrath. Psalm 18 describes the earth trembling and quaking because of God’s anger. Earthquakes are also part of several end times prophecies, including the war of Gog and Magog:

“This is what will happen in that day: When Gog attacks the land of Israel, my hot anger will be aroused, declares the Sovereign LORD. In my zeal and fiery wrath I declare that at that time there shall be a great earthquake in the land of Israel. The fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the beasts of the field, every creature that moves along the ground, and all the people on the face of the earth will tremble at my presence. The mountains will be overturned, the cliffs will crumble and every wall will fall to the ground.” (Ezekiel 38:18-20)

UPDATE: Yet another earthquake, this one measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, hit Ecuador on Saturday night. Widespread and serious damage was reported and at least 77 people were killed.

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Credit to breakingisraelnews.com
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/65767/end-near-four-earthquakes-around-world-two-days/#hjjEuPZpBcl8X2vh.99

China Launches Yuan Gold Fix To "Exert More Control Over Price Of Gold"

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Overnight a historic event took place when China, the world's top gold consumer, launched a yuan-denominated gold benchmark as had been previewed here previously, in what Reuters dubbed "an ambitious step to exert more control over the pricing of the metal and boost its influence in the global bullion market." Considering the now officially-confirmed rigging of the gold and silver fix courtesy of last week's Deutsche Bank settlement, this is hardly bad news and may finally lead to some rigging cartel and central bank-free price discovery. Or it may not, because China would enjoy nothing more than continuing to accumulate gold at lower prices.
The first Chinese benchmark price, derived from a 1 kg-contract traded by 18 participants on the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), was set at 256.92 yuan ($39.69) per gram on Tuesday, equivalent to $1,234.50/ounce.
China's gold benchmark is the culmination of efforts by China over the last few years to reform its domestic gold market in a bid to have a bigger say in the bullion industry, long dominated by London where the global spot benchmark price is currently set. As is well known, as the world's top producer, importer and consumer of gold, China has balked at having to depend on a dollar price in international transactions, and believes its market weight should entitle it to set the price of gold.
The new benchmark may not be an immediate threat to London, but industry players say over time China could set the price of the metal, especially if the yuan become fully convertible.

Credit to Zero Hedge