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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Disaster Looms: FEMA Scrambles To Stockpile Food Reserves

In recent years the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has beenregionalizing disaster supplies and rapidly procuring hundreds of millions of ready-to-eat meals, blankets, and body bags. Coupled with the Department of Homeland Security’s suspiciously massive purchases of ammunition, firearms, and riot gear, it is becoming increasingly clear that the U.S. government is positioning itself in advance of an as of yet unknown widespread calamity.

The stockpiling of supplies often considered prepper staples has been occurring since at least 2008, and has increased in scope and velocity throughout the last several years. In fact, the government has been buying so many supplies and in such large amounts that shortages have affected the world’s leading manufacturers to the point they’ve been forced to suspend shipments to retail customers of survival foods andammunition.

The efforts to stockpile supplies have not abated, despite the mainstream notion that we are experiencing an economic recovery and that relative peace exists throughout the world. In fact, it seems that FEMA and DHS are increasingly expanding their efforts. As evidenced in the report below, they are no longer just waiting for bids posted on the Federal Business Opportunities web site.
FEMA is now actively engaging businesses on the retail supply level, suggesting that whatever they are preparing for is imminent and may occur in short order:

Via Intellihub.com and My Patriot Supply:
The owner of MyPatriotSupply.com was contacted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) by way of email, leading on that something is ready to pop off.
“Here we are, August 2013 and FEMA once again is trying to buy up large stockpiles of food. And they don’t want anyone to know it, and they want to take immediately delivery… I’ve studied history. That is what got me into preparedness in the first place. History has shown us time after time that those who depend on the government to come to their aid during a disaster are the ones waiting the longest for help. Sometimes help never comes…or comes too late.
I do not believe these critical emergency food supplies should be in the hands of the government, stored in some secret warehouse only to be brought out and distributed to their own agencies first,  with the rest of us getting table scraps long after we need it.
These life-saving meals belong in the hands of people like you and me. This is why I declined the opportunity to sell to the Department of Homeland Security. 
But let’s not forget the most important part of this: 
Why the sudden sense of urgency? What do they know that we do not?
I’m not one to cry that the sky is always falling, but when DHS/FEMA make a move to quietly buy up emergency food supplies and ask how much we can ship within 24 hours…I think this is far enough outside the realm of what is “normal” to beg some questions.
From Shftplan.com

TEPCO says radioactive water overflowing at Fukushima plant


The operator of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant said Tuesday it is struggling with its latest efforts to stop contaminated underground water leaks from running into the sea.

Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said that some of the water was seeping over or around a “liquid glass wall” it has created by injecting chemicals into the soil that solidify into a wall.

The latest problem involves underground water which has built up over the last month since the company began creating the chemical walls to stop leaks after it detected radiation spikes in water samples in May.

TEPCO spokesman Yoshikazu Nagai said the company was slow to deal with the underground water leaks because it was focusing on cooling the damaged reactors, which posed greater risks.

Three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant suffered meltdowns after a massive March 2011 earthquake and tsunami destroyed power and cooling systems. The plant is still running on makeshift equipment and has been plagued with blackouts and leaks from underground tanks.

The amount of contaminated water at the plant increases by 400 tons a day. TEPCO plans to secure storage facilities capable of holding 800,000 tons more water by 2015.

“For the next two to three years, I think water management would be their biggest challenge,” said Dale Klein, a former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission chairman who now oversees TEPCO’s reform committee. “But there will be more surprises,” he said, citing possible power outages, leaks and other “unknowns.”

Japan Today

Will iris scans be the way our children see their future?

Six-year-old Susie is excited about her first day of school. She lets go of her mom's hand, looks back and waves at her as she climbs the steps of the big yellow school bus. When she reaches the top step, she presses her face against a machine that looks like binoculars — an iris scanner — which confirms that she has boarded the bus, and then she takes a seat next to her best friend.

Fast-forward 12 years, and little Susie is all grown up and ready to buy her first car — but there is a problem. The car salesman explains to Susie that there is an issue with her credit, and they won't be able to finance the car she worked for throughout high school. As it turns out, Susie's identity was stolen by a hacker years before she was even old enough to know what credit was. Using her biometric information collected by her school, the hacker obtained loans and credit cards all during her school years.

Is this a far-fetched scenario? Not really.

Biometric information is any physical or behavioral information that is specific to a single person, such as a fingerprint, palm print, DNA, facial recognition, retina or iris, and voice print. These characteristics can be scanned, stored and used to confirm a person's identity — and who knows what else.

While Susie can change her PIN number for her credit card to ward off unauthorized usage, the iris does not change over a person's lifetime.

What type of information is being collected? Who has access to this information? Where is the information being stored, and is it secure? Can this information be gathered into larger data pools for a national database? Can corporations buy this information for their own commercial use? What happens when a student's biometric information is stolen? Are there health concerns? Have parents given their permission?

Should we be concerned? The simple answer is YES. Some schools in Florida (thankfully not in my district of Volusia, Marion and Lake counties) have started collecting biometric information for various school applications — to speed up lunch lines, check out a library book, record attendance, track students' movements on campus and for boarding the school bus. Will testing, evaluation and health care information be added to the mix? The Polk County school district has already collected iris scans of approximately 750 schoolchildren without parental consent, so they could board the school bus. The Pinellas County school district has collected 50,000 palm scans so school children could pass through the lunch line.

Is this only a Florida problem? No. Texas, California and New York have tried “smart” ID cards, which use radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to track a student's location on campus at all times. Maryland used palm scanners to access students accounts in cafeteria lines.

Is this only a U.S. problem? No, countries throughout the world are busy collecting biometric information — Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and on and on. India currently has the largest biometric information program in the world with more than 200 million enrolled, which is expected to increase to 1.25 billion people.

In light of today's expanding and changing uses of technology and the real threat of identity theft, I am concerned we are moving forward without questioning the consequences to our privacy, civil rights and our economic freedom. The Florida Constitution, Article I, Section 23, expressly provides that “every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person's private life” and is justification for preventing intrusion by government into our lives and for preventing disclosure of personal information. However, if this information is taken without permission, stolen or compromised, how do you change or reset it?

If we are going to allow the collection of this data, we need to have specific protocols, procedures and safeguards in place. We must be aware that this information is being collected and have the right to consent (or not) to its collection, usage and distribution.

I plan to file legislation in the upcoming 2014 legislative session to protect and secure our students' and parents' rights. Our children depend on us to do everything possible to ensure that they are safe. As parents, educators, legislators and citizens, we must meet that challenge. Surely we can move a lunch line without this information.

From the Ocala.com

What is TRUTH in a World FULL of DARKNESS?

This fallen world adheres to many different Babelologies (Gen. 11, Rev. 17:2), but out of the thousands of human religions or “spiritual philosophies” which have dominated our world since the Tower of Babel, these "religions" are placed into just two godless categories; relativism and fundamentalism.

To adhere to spiritual relativism means (morally or spiritually) that there are NO absolute TRUTHS and all delusions are equal and relative.

Spiritual relativism is the most damnable of all human philosophies for it eliminates any redemption in RIGHTEOUSNESS for the transgressions of the ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS absolutes of Almighty God. To adhere to spiritual relativism means (morally or spiritually) that there are NO absolute TRUTHS and all man made delusions are equal and relative (Prov. 14:12, John 18:37-38). Examples: Coexist, liberal and some conservative theologies of Catholicism and Protestantism, Buddhism

Fallen Fundamentalism is the most radical of the fallen spiritual ideologies of fallen man. These have sold themselves out to a godless delusional REALITY with absolutely no RIGHTEOUS deliverance or atonement for their sinful estate (Prov. 14:12, Rom. 10:2-4, Jude 1:10-13). They are sold out to the promotion, adherence and conversion of peoples to their man made fundamental laws of dead works, which provide absolutely zero of the required RIGHTEOUSNESS demanded by Almighty God (Matt. 15:8-9, 23:15, Rom. 10:2-4, Eph. 2:8-9). Examples: Islam, Jehovah Witnesses, Catholicism fundamentalism, Atheistic Communism, Mormonism, 666(future).

ONLY Almighty God provides ABSOLUTE ETERNAL TRUTH, REALITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS to all who desire it!

ONLY Almighty God provides ABSOLUTE ETERNAL TRUTH, REALITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS to all who desire it (Matt. 5:6, Rom. 10:4, 2 Cor. 5:21)! It is His ETERNAL passion to do so (John 3:16-17)! To show you how committed He is for TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS and your sinful soul He held absolutely nothing back and sent His ONLY begotten Son to be our Savior and Light in this dark and doomed world (John 1:17, 3:16-17, 114:6, 14:16-17, 16:7-11, 17:3,17, Rom. 8:28-39, Eph. 2:1-12).

My friend, do you want RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE and REALITY or do you want a delusion, damnation and torment FOREVER? Almighty God leaves the choice up to you. Your freewill will decide your ETERNAL DESTINY. Today we need REALITY to see through the darkness of Satan’s spin and manifold lies (John 8:44,17:17). Almighty God provides ABSOLUTE TRUTH and the REALITY that accompanies us as we navigate our way through this fallen world and to get us safely into Almighty God’s ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS HEAVEN (Rev. 21, 22:1-5).

My friend, do you want RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE and REALITY or do you want a delusion, damnation and torment FOREVER? Almighty God leaves the choice up to you.

Maybe of late you have been pondering, what is TRUTH and what are the answers to the crisis of this fallen crazy world? My dear friend Almighty God has the remedies and solutions that we so desperately need and they are all found in the lovely Person of His dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16-17).

My dear friend, Almighty God calls out to you today in Spirit and in TRUTH. Will you hear His voice or will you walk away from REALITY and LIGHT back into DEATH, DELUSION and DARKNESS. Almighty God leaves the choice to you. What will you choose, LIFE (John 17:3)or DEATH (Rev. 20:11-15)? My dear friend, choose CHRIST; for in doing so you will choose ETERNAL LIFE and JOY FOREVER (1 Cor. 2:9). Absolutely no delusional “spiritual philosophy” of fallen man will EVER give you that!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!!


The Ignorant Fisherman Blog

Japan unveils biggest warship since World War II


Japan unveiled its biggest warship since World War II on Tuesday, a $1.2 billion helicopter carrier aimed at defending territorial claims, drawing criticism from regional rival China which accused its neighbor of “constant” military expansion.

The ceremony to showcase the 248-meter-long vessel came as Shinzo Abe’s conservative government, which took office last December, considers ditching the nation’s pacifist constitution and beefing up the military.

Japan plans to use the helicopter carrier, named Izumo and expected to go into service in 2015, to defend territorial claims following maritime skirmishes with China, which has demonstrated its own military ambitions in recent years.

“We express our concern at Japan’s constant expansion of its military equipment. This trend is worthy of high vigilance by Japan’s Asian neighbors and the international community,” China’s defense ministry told AFP.

“Japan should learn from history, adhere to its policy of self-defense and abide by its promise of taking the road of peaceful development.”

The unveiling ceremony took place on the 68th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima—a date clash which Tokyo said was coincidental.

The Japanese-built carrier can accommodate nine helicopters and is expected to play a major role in disaster and rescue missions, as well as defending sea lanes and sovereignty claims, according to the defense ministry.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force’s biggest vessels currently are a pair of smaller helicopter carriers.

Less than two weeks ago, the Chinese coast guard entered waters disputed with Japan for the first time, upping the ante in a festering row over ownership of the Senkaku islands, which Beijing also claims and calls the Diaoyus.

The rocky islands are located in rich fishing grounds in the East China Sea and are believed to harbor vast natural resources below their seabed.

The incursion came as Japan’s defense ministry recommended establishing amphibious units and acquiring surveillance drones, similar to the US Marines, to protect its claim on outlying islands.

Japan’s well-funded and well-equipped Self-Defense Forces are barred from taking aggressive action. Any move to beef up the military would require constitutional change.

The ceremony in Yokohama, attended by Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, was held as tens of thousands gathered for remembrance ceremonies in Hiroshima to mark the 68th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of the western Japanese city.

Tokyo said the timing was coincidental and that Tuesday had been chosen because of favorable ocean tides and an auspicious date.

Last year, China commissioned its first aircraft carrier as part of a military build-up that has alarmed its own regional neighbors as Washington ramps up a focus on Asia.

The country’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, went into service in September in a symbolic milestone for China’s increasingly muscular military.

However, the vessel still requires a carrier group including destroyers, frigates and submarines while fighter jets need more training to be operational, according to navy officials.
Japan Today

Welcome to Terrorland please Check Your Freedom at The Door

Billionaire Issues Chilling Warning About Interest Rate Derivatives

Will rapidly rising interest rates rip through the U.S. financial system like a giant lawnmower blade?  Yes, the U.S. economy survived much higher interest rates in the past, but at that time there were not hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of interest rate derivatives hanging over our financial system like a Sword of Damocles.  This is something that I have been talking about for quite some time, and now a Mexican billionaire has come forward with a similar warning.  Hugo Salinas Price was the founder of the Elektra retail chain down in Mexico, and he is extremely concerned that rising interest rates could burst the derivatives bubble and cause "massive bankruptcies around the globe".  Of course there are a whole lot of people out there that would be quite glad to see the "too big to fail" banks go bankrupt, but the truth is that if they go down our entire economy will go down with them.  Our situation is similar to a patient with a very advanced stage of cancer.  You can try to kill the cancer with drugs, but you will almost certainly kill the patient at the same time.  Well, that is essentially what our relationship with the big banks is like.  Our entire economic system is based on credit, and just like we saw back in 2008, if the big banks start failing credit freezes up and suddenly nobody can get any money for anything.  When the next great credit crunch comes, every important number in our economy will rapidly start getting much worse.
The big banks are going to play a starring role in the next financial crash just like they did in the last one.  Only this next crash may be quite a bit worse.  Just check out what billionaire Hugo Salinas Price told King World News recently...
I think we are going to see a series of bankruptcies. I think the rise in interest rates is the fatal sign which is going to ignite a derivatives crisis. This is going to bring down the derivatives system (and the financial system).
There are (over) one quadrillion dollars of derivatives and most of them are related to interest rates. The spiking of interest rates in the United States may set that off. What is going to happen in the world is eventually we are going to come to a moment where there is going to be massive bankruptcies around the globe.
What is going to be left after the dust settles is gold, and some people are going to have it and some people are not. Then the problem is going to be to hold on to what you’ve got because it’s not going to be a very pleasant world.
Right now, there are about 441 trillion dollars of interest rate derivatives sitting out there.  If interest rates stay about where they are right now and they don't go much higher, we will be fine.  But if they start going much higher, all bets will be off and we could see financial carnage on a scale that we have never seen before.
And at the moment the big banks have got to behave themselves because the government is investigating allegations that they have been cheating pension funds and other investors out of millions of dollars by manipulating the trading of interest rate derivatives.  The following is from an article that the Telegraph posted on Friday...
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is probing 15 banks over allegations that they instructed brokers to carry out trades that would move ISDAfix, the leading benchmark rate for interest rate swaps.
Pension funds and companies who invest in interest rate derivatives often deal with banks to insure against big movements in the ISDAfix rate or to speculate on changes to interest rate swaps
ISDAfix is published each morning after banks submit bids for swaps via Icap, the inter-dealer broker, in a number of currencies. The CFTC has been investigating suggestions that the banks deliberately moved the rate in order to profit on these deals.
Given the hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of interest rate derivatives trades that occur annually, even the slightest manipulation can have a substantial effect. The CFTC, which started to investigate ISDAfix after last summer’s Libor scandal has now been handed emails and phone call recordings that show the rate was deliberately moved, according to Bloomberg.
Essentially they got their hands caught in the cookie jar and so they have got to play it straight (at least for now).
Meanwhile, it looks like the Fed may not be able to keep long-term interest rates down for much longer.
The Federal Reserve has been using quantitative easing to try to keep long-term interest rates low, but now some officials over at the Fed are becoming extremely alarmed about how bloated the Fed balance sheet has become.  For example, the following was recently written by the head of the Dallas Fed, Richard Fisher...
This later program is referred to as quantitative easing, or QE, by the public and as large-scale asset purchases, or LSAPs, internally at the Fed. As a result of LSAPs conducted over three stages of QE, the Fed’s System Open Market Account now holds $2 trillion of Treasury securities and $1.3 trillion of agency and mortgage-backed securities (MBS). Since last fall, when we initiated the third stage of QE, we have regularly been purchasing $45 billion a month of Treasuries and $40 billion a month in MBS, meanwhile reinvesting the proceeds from the paydowns of our mortgage-based investments. The result is that our balance sheet has ballooned to more than $3.5 trillion. That’s $3.5 trillion, or $11,300 for every man, woman and child residing in the United States.
Fisher has compared the current Fed balance sheet to a "Gordian Knot", and he hopes that the Fed will be able to unwind this knot without creating "market havoc"...
The point is: We own a significant slice of these critical markets. This is, indeed, something of a Gordian Knot.
Those of you familiar with the Gordian legend know there were two versions to it: One holds that Alexander the Great simply dispatched with the problem by slicing the intractable knot in half with his sword; the other posits that Alexander pulled the knot out of its pole pin, exposed the two ends of the cord and proceeded to untie it. According to the myth, the oracles then divined that he would go on to conquer the world.
There is no Alexander to simply slice the complex knot that we have created with our rounds of QE. Instead, when the right time comes, we must carefully remove the program's pole pin and gingerly unwind it so as not to prompt market havoc. For starters though, we need to stop building upon the knot. For this reason, I have advocated that we socialize the idea of the inevitability of our dialing back and eventually ending our LSAPs. In June, I argued for the Chairman to signal this possibility at his last press conference and at last week’s meeting suggested that we should gird our loins to make our first move this fall. We shall see if that recommendation obtains with the majority of the Committee.
But of course it should be obvious to everyone that the Fed is not going to be able to reduce the size of its balance sheet without causing huge distress in the financial markets.  A few weeks ago, just the suggestion that the Fed may eventually begin to slow down the pace of quantitative easing caused the markets to throw an epic temper tantrum.
Unfortunately, the Fed may not be able to keep control of long-term interest rates even if they continue quantitative easing indefinitely.  Over the past several weeks long-term interest rates have been rising steadily, and the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries crept a bit higher on Monday.
At this point, many on Wall Street are convinced that the bull market for bonds is over and that rates will eventually go much, much higher than they are right now no matter what the Fed does.  The following is an excerpt from a recent CNBC article...
The Federal Reserve will lose control of interest rates as the "great rotation" out of bonds into equities takes off in full force, according to one market watcher, who sees U.S. 10-year Treasury yields hitting 5-6 percent in the next 18-24 months.
"It is our opinion that interest rates have begun their assent, that the Fed will eventually lose control of interest rates. The yield curve will first steepen and then will shift, moving rates significantly higher," said Mike Crofton, President and CEO, Philadelphia Trust Company told CNBC on Wednesday.
If the yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries does hit 6 percent, we are going to have a major disaster on our hands.
Hugo Salinas Price is exactly right - the derivatives bubble is the number one threat that our financial system is facing, and it could potentially bring down a whole bunch of our big banks.
But for the moment, Wall Street is still in a euphoric mood.  The Dow is near a record high and many investors are hoping that this rally will last for the rest of the year.
Unfortunately, I wouldn't count on that happening.  The truth is that the stock market has become completely divorced from economic reality.
Since March 2009, the size of the U.S. economy has grown by approximately $1.3 trillion, but stock market wealth has grown by an astounding $12 trillion.
And the stock market has just kept on rising even though GDP growth forecasts have been steadily falling.
It doesn't make any sense.
But Obama, Bernanke and the wizards on Wall Street assure us that there is no end to the party in sight.
Believe them at your own peril.
The people at the controls are completely and totally clueless and we are rapidly careening toward disaster.
Perhaps we should do what one little town in Minnesota did and put a 4-year-old kid in charge.
That kid certainly could not be much worse than our current leadership, don't you think?
Economic Collapse