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Friday, May 16, 2014

US military attempting to create moral robots

Hitachi rolls out biometric scanning technology for ATMs

Using a card to withdraw money from a cash machine could soon be a thing of the past.

Japanese technology company Hitachi and Polish banking services provider Itcard S.A. are in the process of installing their biometric ‘Finger Vein’ technology across Poland.

The technology allows people to simply place their finger in a scanner instead of entering a card and pin number to withdraw cash.

Hitachi and Itcard S.A. have announced plans to install 1,730 ATM machines in Poland with their biometric Finger Vein technology (pictured). This allows people to simply scan their finger and then access their account, rather than using a standard card and pin

The project, called Planet Cash, will be implemented in a minimum of 1,730 ATMs in Poland this year.

The technology has already been employed in a few banks in Poland, but now it is being rolled out to the general public.


In a separate development, Intel has unveiled a new 3D interface to replace regular touch screens and keypads.

It enables people to make choices and go through menus on a computer display by 'touching' icons in the air.

A 3D camera is used on the special glass to make the interactive display.

It's somewhat like the technology Tom Cruise's character uses in the film Minority Report.

Intel says it could be employed in future on ATM machines and other devices.

Such depth-sensing cameras have been used to replace other technologies like the computer mouse.

As of yet, however, Hitachi has announced no plans to bring the innovative technology to other countries like the UK.

The technology works by using a combination of a CCD camera and near-infrared light.

When a finger is placed in a scanner, the near-infrared light is passed through the finger.

This is partially absorbed by haemoglobin in the veins and captures a finger vein pattern profile that is unique to everyone.

This is then matched to a pre-registered profile to verify individual identity.

Using the system users can perform the same functions on an ATM that they would with a regular card and pin number – withdraw cash, check balance, make payments and so on.

‘Finger Vein is a key technology in our company’s strategy, JarosÅ‚aw Chrzanowski, CEO at ITCARD S.A, says in a statement.

‘We’ve already been using this technology for ATMs in the cooperative banking sector.

‘Once again, ITCARD is making a revolution in the market by launching the first biometric shared network in Europe which can be used by all banking customers.’

The technology works by sending near-infrared light through a person's finger. This is partially absorbed by hemoglobin in the finger, which then creates a specific finger vein pattern unique to the person that can be matched to a pre-registered profile

The announcement follows similar vein technology that is being employed elsewhere.

In April, Swedish shoppers signed up to make payments with a simple swipe of their hand.

The developers hope hand scanning will become an alternative payment method if it is a success during trials in the city of Lund in southern Sweden.

The vein-scanning terminals have been installed in 15 shops and restaurants after an engineering student at the local university came up with the technology two years ago while waiting in line to pay.

Handy idea! Developers hope hand scanning will become an alternative payment method for people if it is a success during trials in the city of Lund in southern Sweden (pictured)

Some 1,600 signed up for the system which its inventor insists is safer than credit cards.

'Every individual's vein pattern is completely unique, so there really is no way of committing fraud with this system,' said researcher Fredrik Leifland. 'You always need your hand scanned for a payment to go through.'

The plan is to patent the system and expand it around the globe.

To sign up, users have to visit a shop or restaurant with a terminal, where they scan their palm three times and enter their social security and telephone numbers.

A text message is then sent to their mobile phone with an activation link to a website, with payments taken directly from customer's bank accounts twice a month.

More than 1,000 shoppers have signed up to make payments with a swipe of their hand. Every person's vein pattern is unique, so there really is no way of committing fraud with this system, the maker claims

Credit to Mail online

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2630305/Forget-PINs-withdraw-cash-VEINS-Hitachi-rolls-biometric-scanning-technology-ATMs.html#ixzz31tLruHDZ

Pacifist Constitution? Japan moves to restore military might

Russian Baltic Fleet Marines Practice Landing Op Near Kaliningrad

KALININGRAD, May 16 (RIA Novosti) – More than 300 marines of the Russian Baltic Fleet conducted a training assault Friday on the coastline of a hypothetical aggressor in the Kaliningrad region, the fleet's press service said.

"We are practicing suppression missions on fortified coastal settlements of a hypothetical aggressor using naval firepower, landing operations on an unimproved shore, as well as warfare tactics with amphibious assault forces," the statement said.

In the near future, the soldiers are to finish their exercises and complete the combat training missions for marine and airborne training. Their final examination in combat training will be participation in battalion-level tactical exercises.

In addition to the marines, about 20 military vehicles are involved in the training, as well as several landing boats and the Mordovia, a Zubr-class air-cushioned landing craft, the world’s largest hovercraft design.

The Zubr-class hovercraft are designed to transport military equipment along with airborne units and to discharge troops on unimproved shores while providing suppressive fire. The ships are also equipped to lay mines.

Credit to RIA Novosti

These Men Are Training To Put You and Your Family In a FEMA Camp

fema leaked document  FM 3-39.40 1-5
I have never received more vitriolic email since I ran the John Moore declaration about Russian commandos coming into country. However, I have received several emails from service personnel confirming exactly what Mr. Moore is claiming. You need to read the following email, word by word, and compare it to military documents that are cited below.  Here is an example:
Good Evening Dave,
I am a former USMC Staff Sergeant that served at Camp Lejeune NC with 1st Bn 8th Marines. All of the training exercises you have been talking about are all true, I have personally participated in them in Virginia at Fort Pickett and on Camp Lejeune. Camp Lejeune constructed a multi million dollar training facility deep inside the artillery and heavy weapons firing K ranges. Attached are PDF files that I had from training exercises that shows the layout of the facility and the future expansion plans for the MOUT Facility. We were told this was supposed to be Iraq or Afghanistan, but it sure looks like hometown USA to me. It has a complete underground sewer system and many multi story buildings made of western style building materials not half shoddy construction to save money or time or Middle Eastern style. It’s a replica of a small western style town (Id say American since the signs were in ENGLISH). How many Arabic/Middle Eastern towns in Iraq or Afghanistan have a Baptist church and an American high school in them? They have been training FOREIGN TROOPS at this facility and Federal and Local Law enforcement as well. While I was at Camp Lejeune, I personally saw and talked to many UN, NATO troops, and DHS. I have additional material if you are interested and the training guidelines that the military is training the police/DHS with under DOD Directive 302521.

I have more than a dozen emails such as this from American military personnel who understand who they are supposed to be serving.
And what about this???

There exists solid evidence that our illegitimate government, hijacked by the banksters, possesses a detailed plan to mass arrest Americans and it has moved from the pages of government documents and it is actually being practiced by authorities on American soil.
Jesse Hathaway wrote for MediaTrackers in which he said that a recent Ohio State National Guard exercise “reveal the details of a mock disaster where Second Amendment supporters with ‘anti-government’ opinions were portrayed as domestic terrorists.”  Hathaway’s article went on to say that the “Ohio National Guard Communications Director James Sims II, MediaTrackers claims, told the website that it was “not relevant” as to why conservatives may feel targeted by being portrayed as anti-government extremists”. “Okay, I’m gonna stop ya there. I’m going to quit this conversation,” Sims told the site when reached for comment. “You have a good day.”

In the Words of the Government

fema  FM 3-39.40 1-5
Straight from the Internment/Resettlement article ( FM 3-39.40 1-5) it states the following:
“…I/R operations may place Soldiers in continuous contact with or near insurgents, terrorists, or criminals who will exploit every opportunity to escape and kill or injure U.S. personnel or multinational partners“.

Whether you believe there are Russian troops training on our soil, along with other UN “Peacekeeping” troops is an irrelevant argument at this point. The above excerpt makes it clear regarding the INTENT to use “multinational partners” to round up and detain American citizens. Whether you believe that John Moore is correct about Russian commandos coming in the country, you better be real concerned with the language and pronouncements in this article!
The following is a list of involved agencies involved in the soon-to-be roundups of American citizens who are not drinking from globalist Kool-Aid.

1-40. External involvement in I/R missions is a fact of life for military police organizations. Some government and government-sponsored entities that may be involved in I/R missions include—
International agencies.
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
International Organization of Migration.
U.S. agencies.
Local U.S. embassy.
Department of Homeland Security.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Federal Emergency Management Agency.

There can be no doubt as to the meaning of the above quote from the manual. This government plans to enlist the aid of foreign troops in conjunction with the UN, DHS and FEMA for the purpose of rounding up and detaining American civilians.

Segregation of Civilian Detainees
I have previously been told my military sources that when families are transported to the I/R camps, husbands will be segregated from wives and children from parents.
“Detainees may also be segregated by ethnic and family groups and further segregated to protect vulnerable individuals. Additionally, detainees may be categorized by behavior (cooperative, neutral, or combative) to accurately resource guards and facilities”. Juveniles within the I/R population are typically segregated from the general population. (See DODD 3115.09.)

You Are An Enemy Combatant
Most of us who are detained in these I/R camps will be classified as enemy combatants. The following reads like the MIAC Report on steroids.

“Enemy Combatants”
1-15. An enemy combatant is, in general, a person engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners during an armed conflict. (JP 3-63) Enemy combatant includes EPWs and members of armed groups.
1-16. Enemy combatants are divided as follows:
An enemy prisoner of war is a detained person who, while engaged in combat under orders of his or her government, was captured by the armed forces of the enemy.
Member of an armed group is a person who engages in or supports acts against the United States or its multinational partners in violation of the laws and customs of war during a named conflict that do not meet the criteria of a prisoner of war as defined within the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War”

The last sentence is frightening. It says that anyone who supports acts against the United States or its foreign mercenaries, is not entitled to humane treatment under the Geneva Convention. An offense against the US government could include the failure to turn in your gun or to not pay your taxes. This also opens the door to torture and summary extermination as you will not likely have any rights. For those who think this is an exaggeration, ask yourself what does “do not meet the criteria defined within the Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war”, actually mean?
We already know that the present administration holds the US Constitution in complete disdain and utter contempt. Do you remember the domestic terrorist designations which are contained in the MIAC Report?  An authority not recognized by this criminal government would include LibertariansConstitutionalists, a former Ron Paul supporter, a Bible believing Christian, a Second Amendment supporter and a veteran. If you belong to any of these groups, you are a domestic terrorist, an enemy combatant, a sovereign citizen and a stateless person.

The Legal Justification to Snatch You From Your Home

fema troops
The following definition of an “evacuee” should concern all Americans. The definition of the term indicates the right of the military to remove a citizen from their home.
“EvacueeAn evacuee is a civilian removed from a place of residence by military direction for reasons of personal security or the requirements of the military situation.” (JP 3-57)

Do you remember when the globalists began to use the term “sovereign citizen”? This term was applied by DHS to Americans who claimed that they followed the Constitution, but not the “legitimate” governmental authority. The first time that I saw the term utilized by the government was in the Stacy Lynne case in which this anti-Agenda 21 activist had her son stolen by a NWO Judge, Julie Kunce Field, without so much as an allegation of parental wrong doing. This former World Bank and IMF consultant, turned judge, referred to Stacy as a “sovereign citizen”. As a result, Stacy was not allowed to call witnesses or object to the illegal practices she was subjected to while in Fields’ courtroom on the basis of any of the “constitutional violations” of law. This is because Field labeled Stacy as a noncitizen, a stateless person. The following defines a sovereign citizen as a stateless person.
Stateless PersonA stateless person is a civilian who has been denationalized or whose country of origin cannot be determined or who cannot establish a right to the nationality claimed.
If one is a stateless person, they are, by default, an enemy combatant. I have been assisting the Larimer County resident, Stacy Lynne, for 29 months. Stacy has not been able to see her son for a year and a half. I always wondered what kind of chicken outfit could steal someone’s child without cause. When I read this I/R manual, my eyes were opened and chills went up and down my spine. What was done to Stacy was accomplished because she was an anti-Agenda 21 advocate. And through the complicity of this globalist judge, Stacy was declared to not be a citizen and, as such, was not entitled to any Constitutional protections because a “sovereign citizen” is in effect a stateless person.
When martial law comes to our land, we will be snatched from our homes because of our collective verbal and behavioral resistance to the tyranny that is sweeping our land. We will be met by the likes of  the self-appointed authority that globalist judges like Julie Kunce Field represent. These despots will use their unconstitutional powers to declare a wide swath of Americans to be stateless, or sovereign citizens. This mentality already exists in places like Ft. Collins, CO., and in Austin, TX. They are already practicing to enslave you and the drills are going on inside of our country as I write these words.  Soon, the entire nation will be declaring any perceived dissident to be a sovereign citizen.


All of us are Stacy Lynne. The NDAA is for you and for me. By virtue of the fact that you have visited this website, or a website that linked into this website, your every keystroke has been cataloged by the NSA and you and your family have been declared to be non-citizens and are targeted for forced Internment/Resettlement at some future date. This will most likely occur following a false flag event.
In the eyes of this criminal administration, we are all enemy combatants. We are all “sovereign citizens”. We are all stateless people not protected by either the Constitution, in the pre-arrest period, or, by the Geneva Convention, in the post-arrest period. In the next part of this series, I will spell out what losing your Geneva Convention rights will mean to you and your family.
fema civilian detaineesYou will never stand before a judge and jury and have your freedom stripped from you. You will likely be taken from your home at 3AM, loaded into a transport vehicle with other designated sovereign citizens with only the clothes on your back, and shipped to your final designated I/R camp. Don’t forget what you have already seen in terms of documentation, each one of your family members will be sent to a different FEMA Camp.

Credit to Common Sense


Remember when, a few weeks ago, Newt Gingrich called the forced resignation of Brendan Eich as Mozilla CEO an “open, blatant example of the new fascism”? Charles Krauthammer called it “totalitarian,” Pat Buchanan labeled it “the new blacklist” and RedState headlined it as “a fascist purge.” Even foulmouthed leftist comedian Bill Maher described the perpetrators as the “gay mafia,” while well-known “gay” media personalities condemned it, Andrew Sullivan saying it “disgusts me” and radio talker Tammy Bruce calling out the “gay gestapo.”

As everyone knows, Eich – the tech prodigy who created JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla, maker of the popular Firefox browser – had committed the unpardonable sin of donating, years earlier, $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 upholding traditional marriage. And when he was forced out as CEO of his company, it seemed everyone was shocked – shocked – at this singularly egregious injustice.

However, in reality, what happened to Brendan Eich – widely denounced as “fascist,” “totalitarian,” “mafia”-like and “gestapo”-like – is not only not unusual in today’s America, it has become a routine and disgraceful part of the normal warp and weft of our daily lives:
Just last week, HGTV pulled the plug on its highly anticipated new series slated to launch in October, “Flip it Forward,” starring David and Jason Benham. The show promised to provide a true public service in desperate economic times. Hosted by the house-flipping expert Benham brothers, the reality series, says Entertainment Weekly, “would have followed families creating their dream homes from fixer-uppers.” The only problem was, the Benham twins are also Christians with mainstream, traditional Christian beliefs, including a belief that homosexuality and same-sex marriage are neither moral nor biblical. Their show was killed in the cradle, HGTV just announced. Apparently, if you’re a Christian, you don’t deserve to work.

Before that there was “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson, an evangelical Christian, who started a firestorm of protest after he told GQ magazine he believed homosexuality is a sin. The show’s creator, A&E, announced it was indefinitely suspending Robertson from its most lucrative show, until a massive public backlash caused the network to realize its colossal stupidity and it reinstated Robertson.

Media reports that Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy opposed same-sex marriage and donated to traditional-values groups prompted “gay” activists to call for protests and a national boycott, with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel banning Chick-fil-A from the city and several universities barring Chick-fil-A from their campuses. Although the boycott effort backfired in the short term – when “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” and grassroots goodwill resulted in a dramatic increase in the chain’s income – in the longer run, the intimidation had its desired effect: Dan Cathy now says he made a “mistake” and has become “wiser.” Perhaps part of what weakened his prior resolve was the August 2012 attempted mass-murder attack on the Family Research Council, when an angry homosexual activist named Floyd Lee Corkins entered FRC’s Washington, D.C., headquarters carrying 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches and a 9-mm handgun, shooting a security guard before being overcome by the courageous staffer. After his arrest, Corkins – who told federal investigators (see video below) he was inspired to commit the terror attack on the Christian organization by the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map”– confessed he had planned to “kill as many people as I could … then smear a Chicken-fil-A sandwich on their face.”

Now that’s tolerance for you.

And of course, a major win for homosexual activists was the Boy Scouts of America, which they relentlessly pressured year after year, putting enormous financial, legal, boycott and media pressure on the private group until enough members of its governing body finally weakened – and then broke – admitting open homosexuals, in the process essentially destroying the century-old “morally straight,” Christian-inspired organization for boys.
And don’t forget Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA, who during finals of the Miss USA Pageant was ambushed by homosexual pageant judge Perez Hilton who asked for her opinion of same-sex marriage. Her kind, respectful and utterly normal response – “I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised and I believe that it should be between a man and a woman” – was considered so outrageous that the evangelical Christian contestant was widely mocked and ridiculed.

‘Cease and desist’ being a Christian
But these high-profile news events are truly just the tip of the iceberg. The exact same sorts of totalitarian “you-aren’t-allowed-to-even-think-that way” assaults are occurring all the time, throughout America. Here are just a few more everyday examples to consider (courtesy of my friend and activist-journalist Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth).

You probably heard about the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent refusal to review the case of New Mexico Christian photographers Jon and Elaine Huguenin who were sued by two lesbians under the state’s “sexual orientation” law after declining to photograph the lesbians’ “commitment ceremony.”

But did you hear about the New Jersey case of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, convicted of “discrimination” after two lesbians, Harriet Bernstein and Luisa Paster, decided to hold their “commitment ceremony” on the Methodist-run association’s popular family friendly boardwalk? After that, Ocean Grove quit the wedding-hosting business.

Or what about the Aloha Bed & Breakfast in Hawaii, a Christian business forced to “accommodate” two Southern California lesbians after a judge ruled the B&B violated state law when the owner told Taeko Bufford and Diane Cervelli she wasn’t comfortable having them stay together in her home, due to her religious beliefs? Aloha has since been ordered by the state “to provide a room to any same-sex couple that wishes to stay there.”

Or Illinois Christian B&B owners Jim and Beth Walder who, for expressing their religious convictions regarding homosexuality, are being sued by “gay” activist Todd Wathen, who demands monetary damages, attorneys’ fees and “an order directing [the Walders] to cease and desist from any violation” of the state’s Human Rights Act.

Or Vermont’s Wildflower Inn, which paid a settlement to lesbians and shut down its wedding reception business after the ACLU won a $10,000 civil penalty for two lesbians. The settlement also requires the inn’s owners to place $20,000 in a charitable trust for the lesbians.

What about Oregon’s “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” bakery, which shut down after declining to bake for a “gay wedding”? Or owners of Indiana’s “Just Cookies,” who, for refusing to fill a special order for “rainbow cookies” for an LGBT group, were charged with “discrimination” under the city’s “sexual orientation” law. Or Colorado’s “Masterpiece Cakes,” target of a formal complaint by the state’s attorney general for refusing, on religious grounds, to make a “gay” wedding cake. Or Iowa’s “Victoria’s Cake Cottage,” whose owner Victoria Childress refused to provide a wedding cake for a homosexual couple out of “convictions for their lifestyle.” Or Oregon’s “Fleur Cakes,” which joins “Sweet Cakes” in refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

And what about Washington state’s “Arlene’s Flowers,” whose owner Barronelle Stutzman declined to provide flowers for the wedding of a same-sex couple who had long frequented her shop, because of her “relationship with Jesus Christ”? She now faces two lawsuits. Or New York’s “Liberty Ridge Farm,” which refuses to allow its property to be rented out for a lesbian “wedding.” Or Texas’ “All Occasion Party Place,” a Fort Worth venue that refuses, on religious grounds, to rent out a banquet hall for homosexual “wedding” receptions.

Do I need to keep going?

What about Craig James, fired by Fox Sports Southwest after a GOP debate tape showed him expressing Christian beliefs in opposition to “homosexual marriage”? Or the Christian T-shirt maker in Kentucky being targeted by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission for refusing to print “gay pride” designs for a local homosexual group?

What about Chris Penner, owner of the Twilight Room Annex bar in Portland, who was fined $400,000 under the Oregon Equality Act for excluding transsexual men who, dressed as women, had been alienating other customers by using the women’s restroom. According to the Seattle Times, 11 people – calling themselves the “T-girls” – “will get the money, with awards ranging from $20,000 to 50,000.” Does that sound “totalitarian” or “mafia”-like to you? It does to me.

There are mountains of other examples – the Catholic Church being forced to shut down successful adoption agencies in several states because it opposes adoption by homosexual couples; Christians kicked out of college counseling programs because they oppose homosexuality; therapists prohibited by law from helping young people overcome unwanted same-sex attractions; “ex-gay” and pro-change therapists forced out of business by lawsuits; people fired from their jobs solely because they oppose same-sex marriage; school districts forced to positively affirm homosexuality; “anti-gay” 501(c)(3) organizations having their nonprofit status challenged; even a proposal to ban Christians from serving in government if they had ever demonstrated “bias” against homosexuals!

On and on it goes, increasing, not diminishing, with each passing year.

In America today, every serious Christian is a Brendan Eich or a Phil Robertson or the Benham brothers – either now or at some point in the near future.

Even me. After publication of my first book, “The Marketing of Evil,” the head research librarian at Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus selected it as one of four books he wanted to recommend as required reading for incoming freshmen.

As a direct result – because chapter one of “The Marketing of Evil” exposes (in gay leaders’ own words) the tactics and techniques they have successfully employed to mainstream homosexuality in America – the librarian, Scott Savage, was brought up on charges of sexual harassment by the university. Sexual harassment – for recommending a book! That’s how offended and threatened several openly “gay” OSU professors were that a popular conservative book might be read on campus. Although ultimately the university dropped the charges after the Alliance Defending Freedom informed school officials of a little-known document called the Constitution, just consider the “harassment” complaint against Savage – and indirectly, me – coming from one of the openly homosexual accusers, English professor J.F. Buckley:

Rather than waste your time with the paucity of intellectual rigor that Kupelian brings to the table, I encourage you to visit his website, and see for yourself his unmitigated homophobia and xenophobia. In short, he is a pontificating, phobic, cultural atavism bemoaning the loss of an (Anglo) America that only existed on such shows as “The Lone Ranger.” … As a gay man I have long ago realized that the world is full of homophobic, hate-mongers who, of course, say that they are not. So I am not shocked, only deeply saddened – and THREATENED – that such mindless folks are on this great campus. I am ending now, with the hope that I have seriously challenged you Scott, and anyone who “thinks” as you purport to do. You have made me fearful and uneasy being a gay man on this campus. I am, in fact, notifying the OSU-M campus, and Ohio State University in general, that I no longer feel safe doing my job. I am being harassed.

The vicious attack on Scott Savage – a devout and peace-loving Quaker who wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything, who even rode a horse-drawn buggy like the Amish in that part of Ohio – cost him dearly. Though the charges were dropped, he was made so uncomfortable he had to leave the university and lost his main livelihood. Scott was an early Brendan Eich.

‘Just a bunch of brownshirts’
So here’s a question for you: Why on earth can’t the left – including the ever-expanding sexual anarchy movement – simply tolerate the most basic exercise of First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of religion? Why are they so deeply offended, so mortally threatened, by people simply disagreeing with them, no matter how civil and well-meaning?

To understand the answer to that question is to understand the very core of the “civil war” currently engulfing America.

Here’s how I explain it in “The Marketing of Evil” – which, come to think of it, may explain why the “gay professors” demanded it be expelled from school:

Where and when will this “gay rights” steamroller stop? The end game is not only to bring about the complete acceptance of homosexuality, including same-sex marriage, but also to prohibit and even criminalize open criticism of it, including the quotation of biblical passages disapproving of homosexuality. In other words, total “jamming” of criticism with the force of law.

“Why?” you might ask. “I thought gays just wanted equal rights, and to be free to do what they want in their own bedrooms.” No, they’ve had that for years.

Their campaign will not end until Christians and other traditionalists opposing homosexuality are shut up, discredited and utterly silenced – and all because of a little factor we’ve forgotten about in our cleverness, namely this:

In truth, there is something wrong with homosexuality.

It is immoral, unnatural, perverted, self-destructive – all the negative descriptive terms Western Civilization has applied to it over the centuries.

Homosexual activists fancy their cause as identical to that of blacks during the ’60s Civil Rights Movement. But being black is not a sin. Being of African origin doesn’t involve running away from one’s own conscience, and the author of that conscience – God.

But it is precisely because of this difference that the “gay civil rights” movement is not about changing the laws so homosexuals can have equal opportunity for advancement or access as it was for blacks during the ’60s. Homosexuals already live in freedom, and can reside, work or play virtually anywhere they want. In fact, as a group homosexuals enjoy a higher income level than the general American population.

It’s not about rights. It’s about redefining truth and censoring all criticism so that militant homosexuals can be comfortable in their “lifestyle” without having to be disturbed by reality.

Remember, all of us, homosexuals included, have a conscience – that other-dimensional standard that God has tucked away inside each of us, and which causes us inner conflict when we’re doing the wrong thing. But if we tumble into the grip of dark forces we don’t understand, and then start to defend our obsessions and compulsions, we inevitably come to regard our conscience as an enemy. And although we may be somewhat successful in drowning out that inner warning bell, what happens when this same rejected conscience factor appears in another person and gets too close to us for comfort? We feel threatened.

Therefore, we feel compelled to silence the “voice of conscience” – not just the one inside of us, but the one in other people, which tends to revive our own conscience with which we’re at war. This means we can’t tolerate dissent. We simply can’t stand it. It makes us want to scream.

To the homosexual living in denial, then, even a loving offer of help from, say, a Christian ex-gay ministry or “reparative therapy” counselor (to help overcome homosexual addiction) feels like the most vile, abusive hatred. In fact, it’s real love – which we misinterpret as hatred and “bigotry” simply because it causes us to confront a truth that is not welcome in us.

Rush Limbaugh, reflecting on Eich’s ouster, describes in somewhat harsher tones the same troubling reality traditional-minded Americans now face:

“These people, they claim that all this is how they are inclusive and this is how they’re promoting diversity – and they’re not. They are exclusionary. There’s no diversity tolerated here. You’ve gotta be one way. There is no openness.

“There is no kindness, there is no compassion, there’s no inclusiveness, and there certainly isn’t any diversity on the left. It’s just a bunch of brownshirts. And if you are not wearing one, you either soon will be, or you’re gonna be ruined. There is no dissent. They have no interest in debating anybody. They have no interest in discussing anything. If you disagree with them, you die – figuratively. You’re dead. You don’t exist.”

Any questions?

Credit to WND

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/05/meet-the-new-fascists-and-their-victims/#4FbhxKdWiT6hw1go.99

How five American companies control what you think

Heavy distortions and suppressions of information regarding current Ukrainian events are appearing in US media.

You might wonder how so many different news sources could all completely avoid mentioning that the US government is consciously supporting two radical far-right parties, Svoboda and Right Sector, which are in control of key positions in the coup-installed new ‘government’ of the Ukraine. You might also wonder why almost all the US mass media news sources could conceal – with vague phrases like”the sequence of events is not clear’ and similar techniques – the role of these extremist organization in murdering dozens of unarmed civilians in the past few days in southeastern Ukraine.

The explanation is surprisingly simple: There aren’t numerous US mass media news sources at all; there are just five. Five giant corporations control 90 percent of US mass media. And direct links connect all five of these media conglomerates to the political establishment and the economic and political power-elites of the United States.

These five conglomerates are Time Warner, Disney, Murdochs’ News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS). Their control spans most of the newspapers, magazines, books, radio and TV stations, movie studios, and much of the web news content of the United States. These conglomerates are in large measure responsible for inculcating the social, political, economic, and moral values of both adults and children in the United States.

It was not always like this. Immediately after World War II three out of four US newspapers were independently owned. But the media-control numbers have been shrinking ever since then due to mergers, acquisitions, and other processes. By 1983, 50 corporations controlled 90 percent of US media. But today just five giant conglomerates control 90 percent of what most Americans read, watch, and listen to.

It is notable and should be emphasized that all the five major media conglomerates are corporate members of the Council on Foreign relations. This organization is a US think-tank whose members have been instrumental in formulating US government policies resulting in sanctions, destabilization efforts, and outright military attacks on nations which have never attacked the US.

The Council’s members’ activities helped to promote the Iraq war, the bombings of Serbia and Libya, and the recent overthrow of the elected government of the Ukraine. The promotion of these policies by the media conglomerates which belong to the Council has been key to preparing the American public to accept these policies.

The media conglomerates’ fellow members of the Council on Foreign relations include a large number of large corporations, powerful CEO’s, and present and former government officials. One prominent member is former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose doctrine calling for US control of the Eurasian landmass, which includes Russia and China, is one of the guiding elements in US foreign policy.

It should also be noted that the conglomerates themselves are giant corporations. They are among the largest companies in the world. They contribute to both of America’s big parties, the Republicans and Democrats, while supporting their policies. US media companies have also received from the Reagan, Clinton, and Bush administrations progressively greater media deregulation, which permitted ever greater media ownership concentration, culminating for the first time in allowing all the media in a community or city to be owned by one company.

Pages would be needed to list the thousands of information outlets now controlled by the five conglomerates. A few examples will have to suffice. News Corp owns Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, Barrons weekly, the London times, far Eastern Economic review, the New York Post, and hundreds of other large and small city and community newspapers, magazines, and internet properties.

Time-warner owns Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, CNN news group, Turner networks and movies, Warner brothers films, DC Comics, Times online systems, and much more.

And Disney is not just about Mickey Mouse Cartoons these days, as it owns ABC Television, magazine publishing business, Disney Films, Lucas Films, and a huge number of other media and entertainment enterprises.


Following the Government Wherever it goes

Now let us perform a thought experiment to see how far the conglomerates can go to support government foreign policies. Imagine that US policy-makers decide a few years from now that the current US-supported and unelected Ukrainian ‘government’ no longer serves their interests.

They might then announce that this government is ‘undemocratic’, ‘is a human rights violator’ or that it is a ‘failed state’ and that ‘there must be ‘regime change’ to ‘protect the Ukrainian people.’

Following suit, the media conglomerates would then ‘sound the alarm.’ They would ‘discover’ the reality – which has existed all along – that “fascist or extreme-right forces are part of the coup-imposed Ukrainian ‘government,” that there is a “history of anti-Semitism,” “murders of ethnic-minorities,” and conclude that the US government is right and a humanitarian intervention to remove the government is required.

Is this scenario an impossible one? Not at all. It is precisely how the repressive and brutal government of Saddam Hussein, to cite just one example, was dealt with. For many years he was praised by US officials as a “stalwart ally” and sent billions of dollars’ worth of military aid – and the media conglomerates went along for the ride.

Then, in the twinkling of an eye he was converted by the US government – and by the media – into a“tyrant,” a “ruthless killer,” a possessor of “weapons of mass destruction” aimed at the US; and a man whose country must be invaded.

Or consider Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan. For years the US government supported them with weapons and training and portrayed them as ‘freedom fighters’ against their secular ‘socialist government’ and the ‘Russian occupation’. The media for the most part went along with this narrative.

But then, after 9/11, in the twinkling of an eye, the fundamentalists became (in the eyes of the government and the conglomerates) ‘medievalists,’ ‘oppressors of women,’ and harborers of ‘terrorism’ who must be eliminated via a US invasion.

Recently, the US government, unable after ten years of military occupation to eliminate the Taliban resistance, has again changed course, and is seeking negotiations with the Taliban to include them in the Afghani government. And again the five conglomerates have also changed course to follow the government.

The best advice for anyone seeking to understand current events is to look at the history and realities behind them, and to look at media not controlled by the five conglomerates. Media – including print, television, and internet – is available in multiple languages including English from Russia, China, India,Pakistan, South Africa, the Middle East, Brazil, and other countries. You can easily find this media by internet search. No doubt all media contains bias; but at least your mind will not be shaped solely by the US narrative.

Eric Sommer

Credit to Rinf