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Monday, January 12, 2015

Hollande Furious After Netanyahu Participates In Paris March, Disobeying French President's Request

There was one world leader who was out of step with the rest of political elite during yesterday's theatrical procession of world leaders for French unity and for press freedom (even as the bulk of them engage in prosecution of freedom of speech across their own nations): Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact, as Reuters reports, he managed to "ruffle a few feathers while taking part in the "Charlie Hebdo" rally in Paris on Sunday" because this was an event his office initially said he would not be attending following a specific request form French president Hollande not to come to Paris, but ultimately ended up participating in much to the Chagrin of the French president.
As Reuters further reports, "a video posted on Facebook, the news footage mockingly set to the Looney Tunes cartoon music, showed Netanyahu maneuvering his way to the front of the rally with the help of several bodyguards, allowing him to be photographed arm-in-arm with other leaders, including French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel
Those pictures were quickly posted on Netanyahu's Twitter feed, while the banner on his Facebook page was changed to a photograph of him in the front row, shoulder-to-shoulder with Hollande, Merkel, Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and EU leaders Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk. 

Not shown in the picture was Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who was standing alongside Tusk, six feet (two meters) from Netanyahu. The two broke off peace talks last April and tensions between them have risen since, with Netanyahu accusing Abbas of inciting violence against Israelis. 

The irony is that neither Netanyahu nor Abbas initially planned to be in Paris.
What happened is that according to sources in Netanyahu's office said that in a phone call on Friday evening an adviser to Hollande had suggested it would be "complicated" and "uncomfortable" if the Israeli leader attended the Sunday march, largely because of security concerns. 
Actually it was that... and other concerns. Here is Haaretz with the full story.
Hollande asked Netanyahu not to attend Paris memorial march
French President Francois Hollande conveyed a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend asking him not to come to Paris to take part in the march against terror on Sunday, according to an Israeli source who was privy to the contacts between the Elysees Palace and the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. The fact that this message had been conveyed was first reported by Channel 2.
After the French government began to send invitations to world leaders to participate in the rally against terror, Hollande’s national security adviser, Jacques Audibert, contacted his Israeli counterpart, Yossi Cohen, and said that Hollande would prefer that Netanyahu not attend, the source said.
Audibert explained that Hollande wanted the event to focus on demonstrating solidarity with France, and to avoid anything liable to divert attention to other controversial issues, like Jewish-Muslim relations or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Audibert said that Hollande hoped that Netanyahu would understand the difficulties his arrival might pose and would announce that he would not be attending.
The source noted that one of the French concerns - not conveyed to representatives of the Israeli government - was that Netanyahu would take advantage of the event for campaign purposes and make speeches, especially about the Jews of FranceSuch statements, the Elysee Palace feared, would hurt the demonstration of solidarity the French government was trying to promote as part of dealing with the terror attacks.
According to the source, Netanyahu at first acquiesced to the French request. In any case, the Shin Bet security service unit that protects public figures considered the arrangements for the prime minister’s security to be complex. And so, on Saturday evening, Netanyahu’s people announced that he would not be flying to Paris because of security concerns. Netanyahu told the French he would come to France on Tuesday for a Jewish community event.
Netanyahu, Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, France's President Francois Hollande, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU President Donald Tusk, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas march during a rally in Paris. Jan. 11, 2015. (AP)
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Netanyahu: Israel will welcome European Jews with open arms

Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, told French and European Jews they would be welcomed with “open arms” if they chose to emigrate to Israel.

His statement was issued on Sunday before he left for Paris for a march in solidarity with victims of last week’s killings – including four French Jews murdered in a kosher supermarket.

Similar calls were also made by defence minister Moshe Ya’alon, former finance minister Yair Lapid and foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman. Lieberman also attended the Paris rally, as did the economy minister, Naftali Bennett.

Netanyahu’s remarks came as his office announced that the bodies of the four French Jews killed in the HyperCacher supermarket on Friday – Yoav Hattab, 21, Yohan Cohen, 20, Philippe Braham, 45 and Francois-Michel Saada, 64 – would be flown to Israel for funerals on Tuesday.

Netanyahu was due to visit Paris’s grand synagogue after the rally with the French president, François Hollande, and meet Jewish leaders.

The Israeli prime minister’s appeal, however, was quickly criticised by the head of the European Jewish Association, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, who said that it risked “severely weakening and damaging the Jewish communities that have the right to live securely wherever they are”.

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The Exegetical Left and the Koran

There has been a lot of commentary in the media in the last few days, as there always is when bad things happen at the hands of Islamic terrorists, that the beliefs of the Islamic terrorists are not in the Koran.

These typically follow with quotes from the Koran and the usually white, urban, liberal explaining at the terrorist is just misreading that passage.

I cannot help but notice that these are usually the exact same people who also often write that evangelicals are misreading the Bible on the divinity of Jesus, the exclusivity of the path through him to salvation, gay marriage, the sanctity of life, and how ridiculous it is to believe there was a global, world-wide flood.

It suddenly dawned on me this week that I’m falling victim to the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect.

Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.

In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.

In other words, in the same way I would not listen to what a liberal atheist on the op-ed page of the New York Times thinks about my religion, why the hell should I listen to them about Islam?

I should not. And neither should you.

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Farage: A Fifth Column is living in our countries

The Shinar Directive Part 6

 Secrets Of The Brick Layers

In researching this portion of my upcoming book The Shinar Directive, I really struggled with what aspects of the Tower of Babel story to examine. I could easily dive into the rich minutia contained within this story and miss the main points that we need to explore. So, before I examine this unfinished conspiracy, let’s look at some basic information regarding the Tower of Babel.
1. The gathering: Nimrod gathered the people together in direct defiance to God’s instruction for Noah to replenish the earth. Men working together also served as a mechanism to build a society in which men need not walk with the Creator to survive and thrive. They developed reliance upon one another (secular system) and developed gods most likely based upon the legend of the Watchers and the Nephilim.
2. The construction: This tower/altar was made of bricks (more on this shortly) and sealed with bitumen. Bitumen is asphalt in its natural state. This substance would have made the tower waterproof.[i] Again, this reinforces the concept that they were preparing themselves to withstand another judgment flood.
3. Make a name and prevent scattering: I will address the concept of making a name for the citizens of Babylon a little later in this chapter. Their refusal to scatter shows their absolute determination to defy the instruction of God.
4. The symbolic meaning of the tower: Dr. Edward F. Murphy, in his Handbook for Spiritual Warfare,states the following:
Again this supports our spiritual warfare interpretation of the sin of Babel leading to God’s judgment. Satan, “the god of this world,” building on the corrupt flesh of man (his pride) and his worldly ambitions, was the spirit behind the Tower of Babel. Wenham says, “Throughout Scripture Babylon is seen as the embodiment of human pride and godlessness that must attract the judgment of almighty God.” It is also the symbol of the rejection of the true God and the creation of god systems which are created by men to meet their own selfish wants.[ii](Emphasis added)
So the tower served as an occult symbol of the rejection of the Creator and the establishment of a god system that catered to the sinful/carnal desires of fallen man.
5. The power of being one: The people had a singular focus of building a civilization that would draw men from the Creator. God said that the people had one language, and they were completely unified in their Babylonian work. Because of their unity, God said that they could accomplish anything they envisioned.


The Tower of Babel stands in the sands of time as both a prophetic and occult lightning rod. God chose to include the story of this tower within Holy Writ, because it will add to our understanding of the final days before Jesus returns. When God confused the tower builders’ language and stopped the progress of the tower’s construction, it also served as an incomplete aspiration for all divisions within the occult world that demanded the completion of the original work.
Most biblical commentators believe that the Tower of Babel was in the shape of a ziggurat. The abrupt intervention by Almighty God would also suggest that the structure was never completed. When you look at the shape of a ziggurat and that of the unfinished pyramid on the back of the US dollar bill, you will notice that they are very similar (especially since Nimrod did not complete the tower).
This shape is also known as a trapezoid. The trapezoid is a specific geometric shape used within the occult to attract both demonic energy and demons themselves. You will find this shape in old-style homes that were similar in design to the one used in the 1960s TV show, The Munsters, as it was associated with haunted houses. Another name for the trapezoid is the frustum. I believe this second term associated with this shape illustrates the frustration of all those associated with Babylon, because their great work remains unfinished. It is also interesting to note that the Masonic altar is trapezoidal in shape. Like all things within a Masonic temple, this could be a hidden identification to the work they are all laboring to accomplish.
Part of biblical conspiratorial history is that the spirit of Babylon is still laboring behind the scenes today to complete the work started by Nimrod at the Tower of Babel.
This Elite desire to finish what Nimrod started is seen in the poster developed for the European Union (EU) announcing its formation. This poster is filled will occult significance.

1. The Tower of Babel chosen as a symbol for unifying Europe:—Isn’t it interesting that the leaders of the European Union chose the only symbol within human history that caused intervention by God Himself? Not only is the symbol used, but the leaders declare that they have overcome the judgment of God (confusion of the languages) by providing one voice for the people of many tongues!
2. Eleven Baphomets (upside-down stars): First, the star is a symbol of Nimrod. Within the occult belief system and use of symbols, the star is used for many purposes. In the Dictionary of Mysticism, we find that the star “is considered by occultists to be the most potent means of conjuring spirits. When a single point of the star points upward, it is regarded as the sign of good and a means to conjure benevolent spirits; when the single point points down and a pair of points are on top, it is a sign of evil and is used to conjure powers of evil.”[iii]
So the EU poster is announcing a working of dark magic for evil. The numbers eleven, twenty-two, and thirty-three are important in Masonic endeavors. The number eleven announces the beginning of the work, the number twenty-two then adds action to the undertaking, and the number thirty-three declares its completion. This poster was announcing the beginning of a work of dark magic to complete the unfinished Tower of Nimrod.
3. The People in the Poster: Notice the people in the poster. (If you cannot see them well, you can simply do an Internet search for “EU Tower of Babel Poster” to get a better look.) The people are brick shaped. This is the declaration that the end-time Tower of Babel will not be made from physical bricks, but from people who have been conformed to the Babylonian mindset.
In the last entry, I hinted at the fact that the objective of the Luciferian Elite (to include all aspects of the mystery religion and its systems) is really all about completing the work that Nimrod began. Only when they reach a certain advanced point within this Babylonian working will the great despotic King Nimrod return to put the final pieces into place, complete his work, and reward his faithful with the knowledge of godhood. This work flows through the currents of history. Its polluted stream runs from Babylon to the pharaohs of Egypt, to the emperors of Rome, to the kings of Europe, and even to the presidents of the United States. For the work to build progressively within society, it must control every facet of civilization: from finances to politics to religion. Nothing must be overlooked.
Frank Herbert had insights on how the Elite operate and encoded this belief in his sci-fi novel, Dune.[iv]Several times throughout the novel, when the plans for the emperor and some leaders of the noble houses are revealed, he refers to them as “plans within plans within plans.” I think the apostle Paul provides the same insight regarding Lucifer:
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.(Ephesians 6:10–11)
Paul uses the Greek word methodeia (μεθοδεία; meth-od-i’-ah), which can be defined as “cunning arts, deceit, craft, and trickery.”[v] The Theological Lexicon of the New Testament expands on this basic definition:
This noun is unknown in Greek before Eph 4:14; 6:11. It is derived from the verb methodeuō, “follow closely,” then “pursue by devious means,” hence “capture, trick, seduce.” The nounmethodos is also used in both positive and negative senses. In the papyri, methodeia does not appear before AD 421, and it is always used in the administrative and financial sense of “method” of collecting taxes. But in Eph 4:14, it refers to the shrewdness (panourgia) of the false teachers, whose “devices” lead people into error (planē), and in Eph 6:11 it has to do with the devil’s ambushes or ensnaring maneuvers. So this methodeia can be defined as the well-thought-out, methodical art of leading astray, what we would call “machinations.”[vi](Emphasis added)
We could also add to this definition the term “stratagems.”[vii]
Therefore, the wiles of the devil are defined as methodically planned and implemented machinations orstratagems to first lead astray and then entrap the world. In other words, “plans within plans within plans.”
The Luciferian Elite’s system of occult philosophy consists of many layers (similar to an onion) within the organization, within its planning, and even within the meaning and purposes behind its beliefs. Grand Commander Albert Pike shares this truth regarding the Masonic Lodges:
Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism, and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and use false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it.[viii]
I have referred to this onion analogy many times with my students over the years. Its outer layer is pure white, but as you peel off each of the layers, they gradually become darker. The center is completely black and is pure evil; only a few individuals know the complete plan.
You may ask: Why do the Elite use such secrecy and hidden levels? I think we find the answer in the demise of Nimrod. In the traditional history of Nimrod, his uncle Shem had gathered just men to kill Nimrod for his war against Almighty God. It is said that Shem cut Nimrod into pieces (similar to the death and killing of Osiris) and sent pieces of his body to the major cities of Babylon as a warning not to follow his idolatry. Alexander Hislop continues this narrative in his book, The Two Babylons:
Now when Shem had so powerfully wrought upon the minds of men as to induce them to make a terrible example of the great Apostate, and when that Apostate’s dismembered limbs were sent to the chief cities, where no doubt his system had been established, it will be readily perceived that, in these circumstances, if idolatry was to continue—if, above all, it was to take a step in advance, it was indispensable that it should operate in secret. The terror of an execution, inflicted on one so mighty as Nimrod, made it needful that, for some time to come at least, the extreme of caution should be used. In these circumstances, then, began, there can hardly be a doubt, that system of “Mystery,” which, having Babylon for its centre, has spread over the world. In these Mysteries, under the seal of secrecy and the sanction of an oath, and by means of all the fertile resources of magic, men were gradually led back to all the idolatry that had been publicly suppressed, while new features were added to that idolatry that made it still more blasphemous than before.[ix] (Emphasis added)
As horrific as circumstances were under the leadership of Nimrod in Babylon, I cannot imagine how new features were added that were even more blasphemous. But I believe that, historically, Reverend Hislop is correct.


The system the military and governments use to keep secrets is based on the esoteric layering of the mystery religions. When I served in the military, one of my posts required a secret security clearance. After the vetting process was finalized, I had to sign documentation that I would keep all information secret, would only reveal the information to those of secret clearance or higher, and only to those who had a need to know. I had to learn about the various clearances, the compartmentalization of those secrets, and the levels “above top secret.” One of the more interesting concepts wascompartmentalization. A select few men and women with “above top secret” clearance reviewed information within a briefing room. The information could be discussed freely within the room, as long as everyone had clearance and a need to know. Once the men and women left that room, the information could not be discussed for any reason—not even with each other. When they left the room, the project and information ceased to exist. This is the way the Game of Thrones is played and how secrets are kept. For many in government and the military (as well as the occult), few have the big picture. They are only provided the piece of the puzzle they are required to implement.

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Doc Marquis and the Rapture

Obama Declares War On ‘Extremism’ – Are You An ‘Extremist’ According To His Definition?

Do you know what an “extremist” is?  In the wake of the horrible terror attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in France, Barack Obama is speaking very boldly about the need to win the war against “extremists”, and he has announced plans to host a major global summit on “extremism” next month.  And on the surface that sounds great.  But precisely how are we supposed to determine whether someone is an “extremist” or not?  What criteria should we use?  As you will see below, your definition of an “extremist” may be far, far different from the definition that Barack Obama is using.  
When you do a Google search, you will find that an “extremist” is defined as “a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action.”  According to Wikipedia, “extremism” is “an ideology (particularly in politics or religion), considered to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of a society or to violate common moral standards.  Extremism can take many forms, including political, religious and economic.”  
Please notice that neither of those definitions uses the word violence.  In this day and age, you can be considered an “extremist” simply based on what you believe, and as you will see later in this article there are now tens of millions of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” and “potential terrorists” according to official U.S. government documents.
When you use the word “extremist”, you may have in your mind a picture of ISIS fighters or the terrorists from the Charlie Hebdo massacre.
But for elitists such as Barack Obama, the word “extremist” has a much broader meaning.  In recent years, it has become a code word for those that do not have an “enlightened” view of the world.  If your views on politics, religion or social issues are extremely different from the liberal, progressive views of “the mainstream” (as defined by the mainstream media and by “mainstream” politicians such as Barack Obama), then they consider you to be an extremist.
Early in the presidency of George W. Bush, we were told that Islamic terrorists were the enemy.  And so most of the country got behind the idea of the War on Terrorism.  But over the years that has morphed into a War on Extremism.  In fact, the Obama administration has gone so far as to remove almost all references to Islam from government terror training materials
Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole confirmed on Wednesday that the Obama administration was pulling back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive.
“I recently directed all components of the Department of Justice to re-evaluate their training efforts in a range of areas, from community outreach to national security,” Cole told a panel at the George Washington University law school.
Now, much of the focus in law enforcement training materials is on “domestic extremists”.  We are being told that “domestic extremism” is just as great a threat to our national security as terror groups overseas are.
But exactly who are these “domestic extremists”?
Well, the truth is that you may be one of them.
I want to share with you a list that I have shared in a couple of previous articles.  It is a list of 72 types of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” or “potential terrorists” in official U.S. government documents.  This list will really give you a good idea of what Barack Obama means when he uses the word “extremist”.  Each of these 72 items is linked, so if you would like to go see the original source document for yourself, just click on the link.  As you can see, this list potentially includes most of the country…
Do you fit into any of those categories?
Personally, I fit into a couple dozen of them.
That is why alarm bells should go off whenever Barack Obama speaks of the need to crack down on “extremism”.
If Barack Obama wants to denounce Islamic terror, he should do so.  But because of his extreme political correctness, he goes out of his way to avoid any connection between Islam and terror.  Instead, he speaks of the need to recognize “Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings” and he insists that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
Meanwhile, our liberties and freedoms are being eroded a little bit more with each passing day.  In the name of fighting “terrorism” or “extremism”, our government is constructing a Big Brother police state control grid all around us.  I like the way that Ron Paul described what is happening to us just the other day
If Americans were honest with themselves they would acknowledge that the Republic is no more. We now live in a police state. If we do not recognize and resist this development, freedom and prosperity for all Americans will continue to deteriorate. All liberties in America today are under siege.
It didn’t happen overnight. It took many years of neglect for our liberties to be given away so casually for a promise of security from the politicians. The tragic part is that the more security was promised — physical and economic — the less liberty was protected.
With cradle-to-grave welfare protecting all citizens from any mistakes and a perpetual global war on terrorism, which a majority of Americans were convinced was absolutely necessary for our survival, our security and prosperity has been sacrificed.
It was all based on lies and ignorance. Many came to believe that their best interests were served by giving up a little freedom now and then to gain a better life.
The trap was set. At the beginning of a cycle that systematically undermines liberty with delusions of easy prosperity, the change may actually seem to be beneficial to a few. But to me that’s like excusing embezzlement as a road to leisure and wealth — eventually payment and punishment always come due. One cannot escape the fact that a society’s wealth cannot be sustained or increased without work and productive effort. Yes, some criminal elements can benefit for a while, but reality always sets in.
Reality is now setting in for America and for that matter for most of the world. The piper will get his due even if “the children” have to suffer. The deception of promising “success” has lasted for quite a while. It was accomplished by ever-increasing taxes, deficits, borrowing, and printing press money. In the meantime the policing powers of the federal government were systematically and significantly expanded. No one cared much, as there seemed to be enough “gravy” for the rich, the poor, the politicians, and the bureaucrats.
The country that our forefathers founded is dying.
Now, individuals and organizations that attempt to restore the values that our founders once believed in so strongly are regarded as dangerous “extremists” that need to be watched carefully.
Sadly, most Americans don’t even realize what is happening to this nation.  As long as they are fed a constant diet of mindless entertainment, most Americans are perfectly content to let “the experts” do their thinking for them.
We are steamrolling toward oblivion, and most of the country is dead asleep.
So is there any hope for us?  Feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…
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Jews Are Leaving France: 10,000 to Arrive in Israel in 2015

France is bleeding Jews. The onslaught of radical Islamic terror combined with growing anti-Semitism has finally persuaded the country’s most loyal immigrants that it’s time to leave.

One of Britain’s most influential Jewish journalists, Jewish Chronicleeditor Stephen Pollard, said on Friday, “Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave.” Pollard’s comment came shortly after French police had ordered shops along Rue de Rosiers in the famous La Marais Jewish neighborhood to close in central Paris. The measure was taken as a precaution following the terror attack on the Hyper Cacher kosher grocery that left four people dead and others injured.

More than 100,000 French Jews have left the country since 2013, according to sources quoted by The Daily Mail. Pollard said in a tweet that the attack on Hyper Cacher was no “fluke.” He wrote in a series of posts on the Twitter social networking site, “So, it’s a fluke that the latest target is a kosher grocer, is it?

“What’s going on in France – outrages that have been getting worse for years – put our antisemitism (sic) problems in perspective,” he wrote.

The Jewish Agency for Israel, meanwhile, has told its staff to prepare for a wave of French aliyah. Chairman of the Executive of the Agency, Natan Sharansky accompanied Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to the unity rally in Paris on Sunday. “The Jewish Agency embraces the French Jewish community at this difficult time and is extending its full support by helping provide for the physical security of Jewish communities across France, increasing our assistance to any individual who wishes to immigrate to Israel, and working to ease immigrants’ integration into the Israeli workforce and Israeli society,” he said.

There were 7,000 new immigrants from France in 2014, more than double the 3,400 who arrived in 2013 and triple the 1,900 who came in 2012, Sharansky noted. The French Jewish community is the third largest in the world after Israel and the United States, with some 500,000 Jews; but more than one percent of the entire community immigrated to Israel last year.

Even before last week’s reign of terror, Jewish Agency officials had predicted that the increase in French aliyah would continue, and that the number of immigrants from France could reach up to 10,000 in 2015. In the past year, at least 50,000 French Jews inquired about immigrating to Israel, according to Sharansky. The Jewish Agency is currently holding two information seminars daily in France, he added. They are leaving, he said, and “they want to live in a Jewish state.”

The Fund for Emergency Assistance to Jewish Communities, established following the 2012 attack on the Jewish elementary school in Toulouse, has provided Jewish communal institutions in France and elsewhere with the means to install and reinforce security measures where they are needed most, in order to also enable Jewish communal life to continue uninterrupted.

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Saudi Prince Warns "We Will Not See $100 Oil Again"

Speaking to his favorite money-honey, billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal told Maria Bartiromo that the negative impact of a 50% decline in oil has been wide and deep. As USA Today reports, the prince of the Saudi royal family said that while he disagrees with the government on most aspects, he agreed with their decision on keeping production where it is, adding that "if supply stays where it is, and demand remains weak, you better believe it is gonna go down more. I'm sure we're never going to see $100 anymore... oil above $100 is artificial. It's not correct." On the theory that the US and the Saudis have agreed to keep prices low to pressure Russia, the prince exclaimed, that is "baloney and rubbish," adding that, "Saudi Arabia and Russia are in bed together here... both being hurt simultaneously."

Q: Can you explain Saudi Arabia's strategy in terms of not cutting oil production?
A: Saudi Arabia and all of the countries were caught off guard. No one anticipated it was going to happen. Anyone who says they anticipated this 50% drop (in price) is not saying the truth.

Because the minister of oil in Saudi Arabia just in July publicly said $100 is a good price for consumers and producers. And less than six months later, the price of oil collapses 50%.

Having said that, the decision to not reduce production was prudent, smart and shrewd. Because had Saudi Arabia cut its production by 1 or 2 million barrels, that 1 or 2 million would have been produced by others. Which means Saudi Arabia would have had two negatives, less oil produced, and lower prices. So, at least you got slammed and slapped on the face from one angle, which is the reduction of the price of oil, but not the reduction of production.
Q: So this is about not losing market share?
A: Yes. Although I am in full disagreement with the Saudi government, and the minister of oil, and the minister of finance on most aspects, on this particular incident I agree with the Saudi government of keeping production where it is.
Q: What is moving prices? Is this a supply or a demand story? Some say there's too much oil in the world, and that is pressuring prices. But others say the global economy is slow, so it's weak demand.
A: It is both. We have an oversupply. Iraq right now is producing very much. Even in Libya, where they have civil war, they are still producing. The U.S. is now producing shale oil and gas. So, there's oversupply in the market. But also demand is weak. We all know Japan is hovering around 0% growth. China said that they'll grow 6% or 7%. India's growth has been cut in half. Germany acknowledged just two months ago they will cut the growth potential from 2% to 1%. There's less demand, and there's oversupply. And both are recipes for a crash in oil. And that's what happened. It's a no-brainer.
Q: Will prices continue to fall?
A: If supply stays where it is, and demand remains weak, you better believe it is gonna go down more. But if some supply is taken off the market, and there's some growth in demand, prices may go up.But I'm sure we're never going to see $100 anymore. I said a year ago, the price of oil above $100 is artificial. It's not correct.
Q: Wow. And you said you are in agreement with the Saudi government to not give up market share?
A: This is the only point I'm agreeing with the Saudi Arabian government on oil. That's the only point, yes.
Q: Should the Saudis cut production if they get an agreement with other oil producing countries to take oil off the market?
A: Frankly speaking, to get all OPEC countries to approve and accept it, including Russia and Iran, and everybody else, is almost impossible You can never have an agreement whereby everybody cuts production. We can't trust all OPEC countries. And can't trust the non-OPEC countries. So it's not on the table because the others will cheat. The past has proven that. When Saudi Arabia cut production in the '80s and '90s, everybody cheated and took market share from us. Plus, remember there is an agenda here also. Although Saudi Arabia and OPEC countries did not engineer the reduction in the price of oil, there's a positive side effect, whereby at a certain price, we will see how many shale oil production companies run out of business. So although we are caught off guard by this, we are capitalizing on this matter whereby we'll live with $50 temporarily, to see how much new supply there will be, because this will render many new projects economically unfeasible.

Q: What about the theory of the pressure on the Russians? There's a theory that the U.S. and the Saudis have agreed to keep prices low to pressure Russia because of what Putin has done in Ukraine.
A: Two words: baloney and rubbish. I'm telling you, there's no way Saudis will do this. Because Saudi Arabia is hurting as much as Russia, period. Now, we don't show it because of our big reserves. But I'll tell you Saudi Arabia and Russia are in bed together here. And both are being hurt simultaneously. And there's no political conspiracy whatsoever against Russia. Because we are shooting ourselves in the foot if we do that.
Q: You said the price of oil will dampen the shale revolution in America. How?
A: Shale oil and shale gas, these are new products in the market. And we see big ranges. no one knows for sure what price is the breaking point for shale. Wells have a higher production cost. And very clearly these will run out of business, or at least not be economical. At $50, will it still be economically feasible? Unclear. This is a very much developing story.

Credit to Zero Hedge