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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You're insane if you don't own gold, investors told

Not owning gold during the current financial turmoil is "a form of insanity", according to an investment analyst at a leading City firm.

Gold bars - You're insane if you don't own gold, investors told
By Richard Evans

Robin Griffiths, a technical strategist at Cazenove Capital, told CNBC: "I think not owning gold is a form of insanity. It may even show unhealthy masochistic tendencies, which might need medical attention."
He added that the dollar was heading for "oblivion".
Mr Griffiths predicted that gold's 10-year bull run would continue and even intensify. "Although it's been a top performer for each of the last 10 years, it's still in a linear trend," he said. "Eventually it will go exponential and make more in the last little bit than the whole of the 10-year trend."
He said investors should regard any short-term falls in the gold price as a buying opportunity, adding that gold was still not an "over-owned trade".
His comments come against the background of the US Federal Reserve's huge monetary stimulus from quantitative easing, which many believe will result in inflation and a fall in the value of the dollar.
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Iran Vows to Boost Missile Arsenal

Iranian Defense Ministry claims to have successfully test-fired an upgraded version of a short-range surface-to-surface missile (file photo – 25 Aug 2010)

Iran's parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, says his country plans to further boost its missile program.

He said Tuesday that Iran does not hide its weapons intentions to defend itself against "possible aggressions" from Israel and the West. His comments confirm Western analysts' views that Iran has developed short- and mid-range missiles capable of striking Israel and possibly parts of Europe.

Larijani's comments come as Iran's Defense Ministry says it has armed its navy with new coastal cruise missile systems.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said at a ceremony Monday that the new missile systems will help safeguard the country's naval borders.

He said the systems include missile launch pads, target detection and radar to guide the missiles. The range of the new missiles was not mentioned, although Iran has been testing missiles with increasingly longer reaches.

World powers are locked in an eight-year dispute with Iran over its nuclear energy program. Some Western officials suspect Iran's development of more sophisticated missiles may be part of efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. 

Iran says its nuclear aims are peaceful.
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S.Korea, Japan Seek 1st-Ever Military Pact

Japanese Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa will visit Seoul next week for talks with his South Korean counterpart Kim Kwan-jin over agreements on mutual military support and the sharing of military secrets. 

Seoul and Tokyo reportedly plan to sign the agreements this year. They would mark South Korea's first-ever military pacts with the former colonial power following several memorandums of understanding in the past.
The Korean Navy and Japans Self-Defense Forces conduct a joint search and rescue drill in the sea between the two countries in June 2007.The Korean Navy and Japan's Self-Defense Forces conduct a joint search and rescue drill in the sea between the two countries in June 2007.
Military experts believe the aim is to deal with an emergency on the Korean Peninsula including the collapse of North Korea, but the Defense Ministry denies the plans.

Responding to a Japanese media report, a South Korean Foreign Ministry official said, "We have not considered or discussed the new declaration with Japan." The Yomiuri Shimbun reported the two countries are preparing a joint declaration to be signed when President Lee Myung-bak visits Tokyo in the first half of this year.
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When will America Collapse?

From February 2010

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400,000 year old teeth challenge evolutionary theory

ELEANOR HALL: Israeli archaeologists say they've uncovered evidence that could challenge the accepted theories on human evolution.

A team from Tel Aviv found human teeth that they estimate are 400,000 years old: twice as old as any previous finds.

But they say they can't be sure of the significance of their discovery until further tests are done as Middle East correspondent Anne Barker reports.

ANNE BARKER: The accepted theory among evolutionary scientists is that homo sapiens originated in Africa around 200,000 years ago and gradually migrated around the world.

And until now the earliest human remains were found in eastern Africa.

But now Israeli archaeologists have uncovered a set of teeth that they believe are twice as old and if so would force a complete rethink of the whole concept of human evolution.

AVI GOPHER: This conclusion may be of great importance because it may be a first hint at changing some of the paradigms we are used to think about, used to use in terms of human evolution.

ANNE BARKER: Professor Avi Gopher at Tel Aviv University heads the team which was excavating the Qesem Cave, a prehistoric site in central Israel that was discovered 10 years ago where they found eight teeth believed to be 400,000 years old.

AVI GOPHER: The dating of the cave shows that the presence of homo sapiens in this part of the world is earlier than any other evidence we have to date.

The earliest we know until now is Homo sapiens found in eastern Africa dated to around 200,000 years.

That means that we have to rethink the basic reconstructions we have for human evolution and spread.

ANNE BARKER: Professor Gopher says more research is needed to confirm the remains are the earliest evidence of the existence of modern man.

But scientists have already done a morphological analysis of the teeth which included CT scans and X-rays that indicate their size and shape are very similar to those of today's humans.

And he says other findings suggest that whoever it was who lived in the cave were hunters who used fire and shared animal meat, all of which are consistent with modern man.

Many other remains have also been found but he says the teeth are by far the most important.

AVI GOPHER: Among the finds in the last few years we had a few human remains: one piece of a skull which wasn't very indicative, it was too small and the rest were teeth that we found in different parts of the sequence of the cave.

ANNE BARKER: But it could take some work yet before the Israeli team can convince the wider archaeological community.

At least one scientist Sir Paul Mellars a prehistory expert at Cambridge University says it's premature to say the remains are from modern humans and he believes they're more likely related to man's ancient relatives the Neanderthals. hostgator coupon 2011

8000 Doves Fall Out Of The Sky In Italy

The world will not end in 2012, Because are at least 7 years (Tribulation) prior the second coming of Jesus!

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More on the Internet I.D. Planned by Obama Administration

In the name of safety the administration is planning an ID for all the movements and subscriptions of a person on the internet.

Great all in one bucket!!!! we should ask a Hacker.....

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