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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oil Price Drop Signals Global Depression and WW3

U.S. Congress readies anti-Russian bill

U.S. Confirms ISIS Has Training Camps in Libya...

The head of the U.S. Africa Command said on Wednesday that Washington is “very carefully” watching what he described as “nascent” Islamic State (ISIS) training camps in Libya.

At the same time, Fox News reported, General David Rodriguez downplayed the threat posed by these training camps.

Rodriguez said in a Pentagon press briefing that it is his belief that the camps may be made up of local militias that are trying to get on the map by working “the ISIS label.”

“We don’t have enough information to know how serious they are,” he said.

Rodriguez added that he could not provide any evidence that people had migrated to these camps from Iraq or Syria, where the group is active.

ISIS is already known to have a presence in Libya, where it has an affiliate by the name Ansar al-Sharia which several months ago declared authority over the coastal city of Darna.

An academic blog presented evidence back in 2013 which reveals that jihadi entities, such as Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar al-Sharia, are holding training camps in Libya.

Credit to Israel National News

'Aggressor nation' bill put to Russian parliament

Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin

State Duma deputies have drafted a motion defining all countries that introduce sanctions against Russia as “aggressor nations” and ordering automatic reciprocal sanctions against them.

The bill went to the lower house with a negative review from the government – its experts ruled that the draft contradicted a number of existing Russian laws, not to mention the Constitution. The definition of aggression used in the document was also different from the internationally accepted formula used in the UN General Assembly’s resolutions.

The motion on aggressor nations was prepared and drafted by two MPs from conservative parliamentary majority party United Russia and one from the nationalist-populist party LDPR.

The current draft published on the Duma’s official website gives the Russian government the powers to form and approve a list of ‘aggressor nations’ – countries where authorities introduce sanctions against Russia, its citizens or companies.

Once some country is included in this list, all its citizens, permanent residents and companies registered on its territory automatically lose the right to deliver legal services, business consultancy and financial audits on Russian territory. The government also will be able to lift some of the sanctions or introduce additional restrictions on business activities on such people and companies if such necessity arises.

The sponsors of the bill claim that it would contribute to Russia’s economic sovereignty and guarantee the stable development of the national economy. MP Evgeny Fyodorov (United Russia) is known for similar suggestions made earlier this year. In June, he claimed that the lower house was preparing a bill that would completely ban state-owned companies from using the services of US consulting firms and their subsidiaries. Prior to that, he suggested outlawing the use of US accountancy firms to financially audit state corporations.

Apart from the government the new motion met with resistance in the State Duma itself. Deputy head of the Committee for Constitutional Legislation, MP Vyacheslav Lysakov (United Russia) told TASS that the formulas used in the current draft were extremely vague and politicized.

“Today we have one aggressor nation and tomorrow another and the next day the aggressor nation becomes the best friend and so on – all these things are very relative,” the politician noted.

However, Lysakov agreed that the countries with unfriendly policies towards Russia needed some definition in Russian legal field.

This summer the European Union, the United States and several of its allies have imposed economic sanctions on senior Russian officials and some larger companies over Russia’s alleged role in the current crisis in the east and southeast of Ukraine.

In early August Russia replied with a ban on imports of meat, fish, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit from Australia, Canada, the EU, US and Norway. Top Russian officials, including President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev said in public addresses that Russia did not fear the sanctions and that attempts at exerting pressure on the country would have no effect.

Credit to RT

Grand Jury: NYPD Allowed to Murder Harmless Suspects With Impunity

Grand Jury allows NYPD officer, Daniel Pantaleo, to get away with choking a man for selling cigarettes !
Grand Jury allows NYPD officer, Daniel Pantaleo, to get away with choking a man for selling cigarettes !

In breaking news, an New York  grand jury was decided that NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo will not face criminal charges in the chokehold death of Staten Island resident Eric Garner.
Despite the fact that the coroner ruled that Garner’s death was a homicide, no charges will be filed.
The medical examiner ruled the man’s death a homicide.
Look at the video below and tell me that this is not cold blooded murder!

The New York Times has reported that Garner’s murder has now been ruled as justified.  I am outraged to the core of my being, but I want to be careful that my comments do not contribute to the development of the same situation that we are seeing in Ferguson over the Michael Brown shooting.  However, the mayor of New York needs to fire the Police Chief if the Chief does not fire this officer.  I have been deluged in the last 60 minutes with emails from black people saying “What about that Hodges”?  I agree with these people, this is a clear cut case of legalized murder and that Officer Panteleo needs to be held liable and accountable. I understand the claims of “racist police” made in this case. However, we really don’t know if this officer would have done the same if Garner were white or Hispanic. Murder is murder, regardless of the race!
Since the some of the citizens of New York think that state sanctioned murder is acceptable, we need to seek other means of redress other than the criminal process.  But please do not riot, do not harm others, let’s unite and bring justice to this situation. I propose that there be a concentrated effort to raise money for the family to sue the City of New York , the NYPD and the offending officer in civil court.
On 9/11 so many of the brave NYPD officers lost their lives trying to save others. I will never forget their bravery. The day that Panteleo and the Grand Jury decided that the police should be judge, jury and executioner in the arrest of man for selling cigarettes, is indeed a very dark day of shame for the NYPD and their actions dishonor the memories of the brave men and women who gave their lives in 9/11,
Many new police from this new generation of officers are poorly trained, over-confrontational with the public and have come to view the public as their enemy. This must change and this must change now.  The mayors of every American city must be held accountable for the actions of the thug police under their supervision.
Eric Garner did not deserve to die!
I don’t recognize the country that I now live in! I am so ashamed.



Credit to Common Sense

Draghi: We Have Nothing To Fear But Gold

ECB head Mario Draghi made it clear where the real battle is taking place in the world this morning. When asked what form QE would take, his response was to the point... "On what sorts of assets should be included in QE... we discussed all assets BUT gold" and gold dropped, right on cue.

Not really sure which assets we discussed but definitley not gold!!

And the result...
*  *  *
So to summarize, the ECB will willingly take on Greek bank CDOs, Italian 3rd lien espresso shop loans, Spanish condo HELOCs, and Portuguese Used-Car ABS... but not - never - gold.
*  *  *
It appears we now know who the enemy really is... not deflation but the dreaded barbarous relic, gold.
Perhaps this is why, as Kyle Bass so eloquently noted:
"Buying gold is just buying a put against the idiocy of the political cycle. It's That Simple"
Credit to Zero Hedge 

Switzerland No Longer a Safe Haven and a Possible Bottom in Gold

Clashes in Rome

Athens protesters smash & burn cars, clash with police