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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another 34 Missile Launch Officers Terminated By Air Force

A few short months after two of the top nuke commanders in the United States were removed for minor offenses, an additional 34 nuclear missile launch officers have now been stripped of their certification following a ‘cheating scandal’ in which the Air Force says some officers were ‘texting answers’ to each other during a monthly test on missile operation.

This round of terminations in regards to nuclear launch commanders follows the original termination of the second highest nuclear commander (Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina) back on September 3rd of last year — the same date that Alex Jones and I released exclusive high level intel revealing a covert nuclear arms transfer from Texas’ Dyess Airforce base to South Carolina. And subsequently, the same day that Senator Lindsay Graham would hours later appear in a press statement to warn against a ‘nuclear attack’ on South Carolina in the event that we did not pursue war with Syria (the agenda being pushed at the time).

In a summary of these events, I spoke with Alex on his Nightly News program in which we broke it all down in depth:

But the government, of course, had no intention of telling you that Giardina was suspended on that same day. It would later come out through leaked emails acquired by the Daily Mail that, despite the military announcement of Giardina’s suspension weeks later, he was indeed suspended on the exact same day as the transfer:

“Kunze said Strategic Command did not announce the Sept. 3 suspension because Giardina remains under investigation and action on Kehler’s recommendation that Giardina be reassigned is pending. The suspension was first reported by the Omaha World-Herald.”

It is also revealed in the mainstream media reports that the government did not want these suspensions and firings to go on record, and that it was an anonymous government insider who provided leaked emails to the Associated Press:

“An internal email obtained by the AP on Friday said the allegations against Carey stem from an inspector general probe of his behavior while on an unspecified ‘temporary duty assignment.’ The email said the allegations are not related to the operational readiness of the ICBM force or recent failed inspections of ICBM units.”

Credit To Infowars

Ukraine Proposes Sweeping Crackdown on Dissent

MOSCOW, January 16 (RIA Novosti) - Ukraine's parliament rushed through wide-ranging powers Thursday to suppress opposition protests and label non-governmental organizations as "foreign agents" if they receive money from abroad.

The measures threaten jail terms for protesters who block entrances to government buildings and 15 days in detention for those who take part in demonstrations not sanctioned by the police, even if peaceful.

Protesters also face up to 15 days in detention for covering their faces with masks or helmets. People will also be detained for 15 days if they set up tents, stages or other makeshift structures without approval from city authorities.

The move is apparently aimed at the thousands of people who have joined anti-government protests on Kiev's Independence Square, known as Maidan.

The Financial Times said demonstrators faced up to 10 years in prison for blocking access to government buildings, a tactic adopted by protesters in Kiev since anger erupted over President Viktor Yanukovych's rejection of an association agreement with the European Union in November.

Yanukovych opted instead for closer ties with the Russian-led Customs Union, a move that has prompted continuous street protests.

The measures, which were introduced only on January 14, were passed by a show of hands by the pro-presidential majority, with 235 of 450 deputies in support. The parliament's electronic voting system was said to be out of use because opposition deputies were blocking it.

The package of 11 laws, which must be signed by Yanukovych, also threatens up to a year's hard labor in prison for anyone convicted of libel, including on the internet. It also aims to require all internet media to register with the authorities.

Emulating a similar controversial law in Russia, the legislation also proposes to force civil society groups and non-governmental organizations to label themselves as a "foreign agent" on all their publications If they receive any funding from abroad.

The term "foreign agent" is seen by many people as a throwback to a Soviet-era term that branded dissidents as traitors and spies for criticizing the regime.

The legislation also seeks to outlaw motorcades of more than five cars by threatening to confiscate their vehicles and revoke drivers' licences for two years if they do not have permission fro the Interior Ministry.

The move targets members of Automaidan, a pro-European movement whose members drive in motorcades around Kiev and use their cars to block riot police busses as well as access to government buildings and pretrial detention facilities where detained activists are being held.

In one of their most notable protests, thousands of honking cars with protesters drove within 350 meters (about 1,000 feet) of the president's suburban residence outside Kiev on December 29.

The bill also allows Ukrainian authorities to block online pages, if experts conclude that their content is unlawful.

Ambassadors of the United States and the European Union in Kiev said that they were concerned that the legislation was not passed with due procedure.

The reforms came a day after a court published a ban on protests in the centre of Kiev until March 8, provoking fears among opposition groups of an imminent police crackdown on the Maidan rallies. The police have denied these clams.

RIA Novosti

Argentine Stocks Soar As Black-Market Peso Hits Record Low (Implies 40% Devaluation)

Argentina is not Venezuela... yet. Following Maduro's comments yesterday capping Venezuelan profit margins and making black-market FX transactions practically punishable by death (our exaggeration), the Argentine Peso is collapsing...

*ARGENTINE PESO FALLS 2.9% IN BLACK MARKET TO RECORD 11.55/USD (Spot is 6.77 - implying a 41% devaluation!

Of course, this is great news for stocks and the MERVAL is surging once again towards all-time record highs (+130% from the beginning of 2013). No news on toilet paper shortages (yet) in Argentina.

It seems Latin America has a lot to learn from Japan... and this wont help
Argentine Unions Seek Minimum 25%-30% Pay Increases: Ambito

and Argentina Bonds are tumbling once again...

Credit to Zero Hedge

Precious Metals Manipulation Worse Than Libor Scandal, German Regulator Says

Remember when banks were exposed manipulating virtually everything except precious metals, because obviously nobody ever manipulates the price of gold and silver? After all, the biggest "conspiracy theory" of all is that crazy gold bugs blame every move against them on some vile manipulator. It may be time to shift yet another conspiracy "theory" into the "fact" bin, thanks to Elke Koenig, the president of Germany's top financial regulator, Bafin, which apparently is not as corrupt, complicit and clueless as its US equivalent, and who said that in addition to currency rates, manipulation of precious metals "is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal." Hear that Bart Chilton and friends from the CFTC?
More on what Eike said from Bloomberg:
The allegations about the currency and precious metals markets are “particularly serious, because such reference values are based -- unlike Libor and Euribor -- typically on transactions in liquid markets and not on estimates of the banks,” Elke Koenig, the president of Bafin, said in a speech in Frankfurt today.
Actually, what makes the most serious, is that precisely because they are on liquid markets means they implicitly have the blessing of the biggest New Normal market maker of call - the central banks, and their own "regulator" - the Bank of International Settlements (hello Mikael Charoze).
“That the issue is causing such a public reaction is understandable,” Koenig said, according to a copy of the speech. “The financial sector is dependent on the common trust that it is efficient and at the same time, honest. The central benchmark rates seemed to be beyond any doubt, and now there is the allegation they may have been manipulated.”

Bafin has also interviewed employees of Deutsche Bank AG as part of a probe of potential manipulation of gold and silver prices, a person with knowledge of the matter has said.
We wonder how long until this particular investigation is stopped based on an "executive order" from above, because Bafin is now stepping into some very treacherous  waters with its ongoing inquiry of gold manipulation: what it reveals will certainly not be to the liking of the financial "powers that be."
Credit to Zero Hedge

The Pope's "Mysterious Jesuit Spies" Have Other Priests Running For Cover

Pope Francis is breaking up the rival blocs of Italians with entrenched influence in the Roman Curia, the bureaucracy that runs the church. He is increasing financial transparency in the murky Vatican Bank and upending the career ladder that many prelates have spent their lives climbing. 

Interviews with cardinals, bishops, priests, Vatican officials, Italian politicians, diplomats and analysts indicate that the mood inside the Vatican ranges from uncertainty to deep anxiety, even a touch of paranoia. 

Several people say they fear Francis is going department by department looking for heads to roll. Others whisper about six mysterious Jesuit spies who act as the pope’s eyes and ears on the Vatican grounds. Mostly, once-powerful officials feel out of the loop as Francis dismantles the power circle of Cardinal Bertone, who led a ring of conservatives centered on the city of Genoa. In September, Francis also demoted Cardinal Piacenza, a Bertone ally, from his post running the powerful Congregation for the Clergy. To some it is an indication that the new pope is acting with a measure of ruthlessness…

From New York Times...

Less than a year into his papacy, Pope Francis has raised expectations among the world’s one billion Roman Catholics that change is coming. He has already transformed the tone of the papacy, confessing himself a sinner, declaring “Who am I to judge?” when asked about gays, and kneeling to wash the feet of inmates, including Muslims.

Less apparent, if equally significant for the future of the church, is how Francis has taken on a Vatican bureaucracy so plagued by intrigue and inertia that it contributed, numerous church officials now believe, to the historic resignation of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, last February.

Francis’ reign may not ultimately affect centuries-old church doctrine, but it is already reshaping the way the church is run and who is running it. Francis is steadily replacing traditionalists with moderates as the church prepares for a debate about the role of far-flung bishops in Vatican decision-making and a broad discussion on the family that could touch on delicate issues such as homosexuality and divorce.

Launch media viewerCardinals listened to Pope Francis in December at the Vatican. Francis warned them that the church’s leadership risked drifting “towards mediocrity.”

In St. Peter’s Basilica on New Year’s Eve, Francis, dressed in golden robes, hinted at the major changes he had already set in motion. “What happened this year?” he asked. “What is happening, and what will happen?”

To some of the scarlet-clad cardinals seated in rows of gilded armchairs at the New Year’s service, the answer was becoming clear.

To some degree, Francis, 77, is simply bringing in his own team and equipping it to carry out his stated mission of creating a more inclusive and relevant church that is more sensitive to the needs of local parishes and the poor. But he is also breaking up the rival blocs of Italians with entrenched influence in the Roman Curia, the bureaucracy that runs the church. 

“It was an important year,” said Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s second-ranking official and one of only four Vatican officials Francis will make a cardinal in February. Asked in a New Year’s Eve interview about the personnel changes, he replied that it was only natural that the Argentine pope should prefer to have “certain people who are able to advance his policy.”

Interviews with cardinals, bishops, priests, Vatican officials, Italian politicians, diplomats and analysts indicate that the mood inside the Vatican ranges from adulation to uncertainty to deep anxiety, even a touch of paranoia. Several people say they fear Francis is going department by department looking for heads to roll. Others whisper about six mysterious Jesuit spies who act as the pope’s eyes and ears on the Vatican grounds. Mostly, once-powerful officials feel out of the loop.

“It’s awkward,” said one senior Vatican official, who, like many others, insisted on anonymity for fear of retribution from Francis. “Many are saying, what are we doing this for?” He said some officials had stopped showing up for meetings. “It’s like frustrated teenagers closing the door and putting their headphones on.”

Francis remains tricky to define, a doctrinal conservative whose humble style and symbolic gestures have thrilled many liberals. On Christmas, the destitute poured into an ancient church in Rome for a holiday lunch sponsored by a Catholic lay organization. The group’s founder, Andrea Riccardi, once a liaison to the church when he served as an Italian government minister, expressed hopes for change, but also wariness about Vatican officials ignoring the pope’s agenda.

“You hear people talk about it in the corridors of the church,” Mr. Riccardi said. “The real resistance is to continue business as usual.”

Four days earlier, Francis met with the Curia in the Sala Clementina, the 16th-century reception hall in the Apostolic Palace, to deliver one of the most important papal speeches of the year. Benedict used his last such Christmas address to denounce same-sex marriage. Francis used his first to castigate his own colleagues in the Curia.

He warned the men in red and purple skullcaps and black cassocks arrayed around him that the Curia risked drifting “downwards towards mediocrity” and becoming “a ponderous, bureaucratic customhouse.” He also called on the prelates to be “conscientious objectors” to gossip.

Credit to Raiders News update and NYTimes

The Imminent Invasion of the US Has Been Planned for Decades

revolution tv showLast night on the TV show, Revolution, one of the main characters discovered that the “new” United States had constructed numerous re-education camps and were planning to exterminate large groups of people. In the same episode, two of the other main characters discovered that the United States had released plagues in order to significantly reduce the population.  Perhaps, the globalists reveal their intentions through the world of entertainment, as many claim, or they do not. However, I did not have to become aware of the Revolution script to have heard this message before. In the 1990′s, officials from Maricopa County came to my campus and recruited “first responders” to a potential biological and/or chemical attack. The bonus and benefit was that first responders would be the first to receive any available antidotes, so I signed up. Some time later, FEMA and DHS took over the program. In the transition, I got to personally know some of our FEMA replacements and I was made keenly aware about how real this threat was as one of the families visited me at my office in October of 2012. In that meeting, they informed me that they were leaving the area and relocating to a remote community that they had been prepared as a secret refuge. They asked me if I watched the showRevolution and they told me that we were facing a similar false flag event as what happened in the show. The power outage would be followed by a chemical/biological attack with weapons that “no other nation knows that we have”. This family and two other families that I know of moved in December of 2012. I have previously recounted this story in more detail on December 25, 2012 and December 27, 2012 on this website.
I was subsequently told that following the blackout, some of the biological weapons would be designed to induce abhorrent behavior, zombie like behavior, in which an individual’s hypothalamus (i.e. the primary site of our stress response known as our fight or flight mechanism) would be overly excited and extreme and random violence would be induced. Along these lines, does anybody remember the two “zombie” disaster preparedness attack drills with the last one occurring in San Diego which was sponsored by DHS?
It was further revealed that these chemical and biological attacks, resulting in mass hysteria and random attacks, would force many people to public shelters (i.e. the new re-education centers). Shortly after that, I discovered the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball offered their facilities to DHS in times of national emergency. Since that time, we have seen DHS and FEMA conduct drills for a national emergence in such events as Operation Mountain Guardian. Further, Simon Properties made a similar agreement with DHS to allow the use of their malls and strip centers to be used for the same purpose. Simon Properties is the largest owner of malls and strip centers in North America. Now we see the full fledged introduction of TSA molestation activities at NFL games which began this year. Are some of these dots beginning to connect? One final note about this event, all three families informed me that when martial law was declared, the Russians and the Chinese troops would the primary enforcers and Americans would soon face “hell on earth”. This was over a year before it was announced that Chinese troops landed in Hawaii and that the Russians and the Chinese would be involved in the Grid EX II drill and the RIMPAC War Games. I think it is a fool’s errand to try and predict a timetable in which these events will come to fruition. One of the FEMA families told me, before their departure in December of 2012, that we probably did not have two years.

The Invasion of the US Has Been a Long Time in the Making

Even if there were no FEMA informants and no Zombie drills by DHS, no power grid takedown drills and no Russian and Chinese soldiers training on our soil to become the vanguard of a martial law force, key Russian defectors have been warning us about these possibilities for decades. The Russians are not our friends and neither are the Chinese.


Former Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, a well renowned media/propaganda expert defected to the United States, in 1970, and subsequently exposed the KGB’s subversive tactics against American society. Yuri Bezmenov has conducted a number of interviews in which he explains how Marxist ideology is deconstructing America’s values by controlling the media and this would ultimately serve to demoralize the country, destabilize the economy, and provoke crises in order to Sovietize the United States. Bezmenov is well known for revealing Russia’s doctrine of “ideological subversion”, a slow, long-term multi-decade process of media-based brainwashing in which the sole purpose is to confuse, confound, and destroy the moral base of America. Has this plot been effective? When Bezmenov defected in 1970, abortion was not yet legal in the United States, Americans, by and large, trusted their government, the comparative use of profanity in the media was rare and there were over 250 corporations controlling 95% of the media instead of the six corporations which own the same percentage today. This media consolidation and the presence of prominent media plants, such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper, ex -CIA operative, have gone a long way towards achieving these Russian goals. Bezmenov’s account also casts serious doubts upon the severe decline of America’s moral base as being the product of a normal societal, evolutionary process which accidentally transpired. Conversely, Bezmenov has clearly identified the Leninist propaganda techniques which have been rolled out in the United States.


Former Russian Colonel Stanislav Lunev has the distinction of being the highest ranking Russian military officer to defect from Russia to the United States after doing so in 1992, after Boris Yeltsin came to power. Lunev’s information was considered to be so volatile, but accurate, that the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA placed Lunev, where he remains to this day, in the FBI’s Witness Protection Program.
Lunev served as the top GRU agent in America in the 1980′s and 1990′s. While in the United States, Lunev”s mission involved gathering intelligence information about America’s defenses and recommending Russian war strategies against America.  Some of Lunev’s information came to light, when in the 1997, he published his bestselling book Through the Eyes of the Enemy. In the book, Lunev reports that Russia’s military, despite “losing the cold war”, continues in its war preparations which are designed to conquer the United States by stealth. Since his defection, Lunev has served as a special agent to the FBI and CIA as well as many large corporations. Lunev is best known for revealing the missing 100+ missing suitcase nuclear bombs and the threat they would pose to the United States as they would be smuggled across the Mexican border.


Viktor Suvorov, a former Russian intelligence analyst, revealed Russia’s top-secret plans to attack the United States, after he defected to England. Having worked as an intelligence analyst as well as having worked for the GRU and with elite Russian special forces, Suvorov, warned the Americans of Russia’s true intentions after the Russian high command had succeeded in getting Pentagon officials to let down their guard and engage in a high level, but mostly one-sided,technology transfer.


Anatoliy Golitsyn, a high-ranking KGB defector who fled to the United States in order to warn Americans about the secret Russian plan to attack the United States. Golitsyn is generally considered to be among the first and most revealing on the subject of the secret Russian plans to attack. Having authored the The Perestroika Deception in which Golitsyn wrote about the deceitful intent behind the Leninist strategy which the present-day Communists are actively pursuing as they fake American style democratization efforts in Russia. According to Golitsyn, the short-term strategic objective of the Russians is to achieve a technological convergence with the West solely on Russian terms and mostly through a series of one-sided disarmament agreements. Can anyone argue with a straight face that this has not been happening in exactly this form?


Vladimir Lenin once uttered an ominous warning for our time “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them”. Even Lenin had no idea that a devout follower of his communist doctrines would ever become the President of the United States. He thought the Soviet Union would topple America from the inside. However, it isn’t a Russian communist who is destroying America, but rather it is a domestic communist, a Manchurian candidate and his name is Barak Hussein Obama, who is tying the noose around the neck of all freedom-loving Americans. The details will be discussed in the next part in this series.

Credit to Common Sense Show

Push 'reset' button on world, WEF founder says

Do you see the signal?.... the economic "RESET" is coming!!!

It's time to press the "reset" button on the world, the founder of the World Economic Forum said Wednesday, addressing media ahead of the WEF's much ballyhooed annual meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, that gets underway in a week's time.

"The world is complex, it's fast-moving, it's interconnected, and we in Davos want to provide a mirror to the world as it is. It is not a meeting devoted to one set of issues. It's a meeting that address the complexity of our world," said Klaus Schwab, the WEF's founder and executive chairman.

Schwab was speaking as part of efforts to showcase the upcoming yearly jamboree for the global political and corporate elite that has as its core aim an ambition no less lofty than to foster an environment where the myriad problems and challenges facing the world in 2014 can be tackled head on.

The confab officially kicks off on Jan. 22 and runs through Jan. 25. USA TODAY will publish a more in-depth preview of the event in the days running up to the meeting.

But speaking to journalists Wednesday, Schwab said: "We need to push the reset button. The world is still much too much caught in a crisis-management mode. We should look at our future in a much more constructive and strategic way. That is what Davos is about." He added that Davos is a unique forum because, "There is no place in the world where so many stakeholders of our global future assemble, all united by the mission of improving the state of the world."

Schwab said that confidence appeared to be creeping back into the global economy following the difficult post-financial crises years, but that for many countries, "It's like running with a heavy backpack on your shoulders."

More than 2,500 fellow Davos travelers will convene in the small Swiss mountain town, including dozens of heads of state and hundreds of business leaders. The official theme for this year's meeting is "The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business."

Presidents and prime ministers from the Group of 20 countries who will address the meeting include:

Tony Abbot, prime minister of Australia
Shinzo Abe, prime minister of Japan
David Cameron, prime minister of the United Kingdom
Enrico Letta, prime minister of Italy
Enrique Peña Nieto, president of Mexico
Park Geun-Hye, president of the Republic of Korea
Dilma Rousseff, president of Brazil

The WEF has created a visualization of the participants.

Credit to USA Today

UN climate chief: Communism is best to fight global warming

You Bet Christy!!!!
Shanghai 12 o'clock

United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model.

China may be the world’s top emitter of carbon dioxide and struggling with major pollution problems of their own, but the country is “doing it right” when it comes to fighting global warming says Figueres.

“They actually want to breathe air that they don’t have to look at,” she said. “They’re not doing this because they want to save the planet. They’re doing it because it’s in their national interest.”

Figueres added that the deep partisan divide in the U.S. Congress is “very detrimental” to passing any sort of legislation to fight global warming. The Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, can push key policies and reforms all on its own. The country’s national legislature largely enforces the decisions made by the party’s Central Committee and other executive offices.

Communism was responsible for the deaths of about 94 million people in China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century. China alone was responsible for 65 million of those deaths under communist rule.

Environmentalists often hail China as a model for fighting global warming, since they are a “leader” in renewable energy. The country set a goal of getting 15 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2020. In 2012, China got 9 percent of its power from renewables — the U.S. by contrast got 11 percent in 2012.

However, the country still gets 90 percent of its power from fossil fuels, mostly from coal. In fact, Chinese coal demand is expected to explode as the country continues to develop. China has approved 100 million metric tons of new coal production capacity in 2013 as part of the government’s plan to bring 860 million metric tons of coal production online by 2015.

China has publicly made big efforts to clean up its environment. The country’s booming industrial apparatus has caused so much pollution that the skies have been darkened over major cities and the air quality has heavily deteriorated.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/01/15/un-climate-chief-communism-is-best-to-fight-global-warming/#ixzz2qZVbO13z


We Are in a Gigantic Financial Asset Bubble

Could DNA be the Future of Computing?

Did you know that DNA when it is being copied can spin at speeds of 10,000 revolutions per minute?

The DNA in the nucleus of a human cell packs over 3 gigabytes of data, all on a ‘drive’ so small a powerful microscope is needed to see it. However, if you unraveled the threads of these fascinating spiral, twisted structures and stretched them out, they’d be some six feet long. And that’s just for a single cell.

The typical person is walking around with some 10 trillion human cells making up his or her body. If we would stretch out all of that nuclear DNA end to end, from each and every cell, it would be enough to cover the distance to the moon and back tens of thousands of times.

DNA is amazing stuff. It’s also a surprisingly durable molecule. It’s been used to clear innocent people of criminal charges years after incarceration. We can still sometimes read information encoded in fragments of DNA molecules tens of thousands of years old, while, at the same time, we might sit and fret whether or not our computer drive will survive the year without crashing and losing its data.

DNA’s also tough in other ways, such that nanoresearchers and computer scientists are using it to build 3-D structures and possible biology-based computers in the future.

The future of computing might not belong to hardware and software, but to wetware – biologically derived computing machines. The ‘iPhone 20′, years from now, might be based more on biological technology than the silicon we’ve been working with for the past 50 years. The next Steve Jobs, in fact, might be tinkering in his parents’ garage right now with DNA molecules instead of circuit boards.

We’ve come a long way since Watson and Crick first described the structure of our DNA in 1953. But there’s still so much to learn about the DNA present in your cells. When we first started to read the human genome – the actual data written on those amazing molecules – it was a real head scratcher in some ways.

The vast majority of the code appeared to serve no purpose whatsoever; 98% of it, in fact, doesn’t appear to contain code for manufacturing protein – the building blocks of cells – what was long considered to be the primary function of genomic data.

This noncoding DNA was, in fact, considered ‘junk’, and the term ‘junk DNA’ entered the genetics vocabulary. But maintaining a huge database carries considerable costs. It needs to be maintained and protected from data corruption. Whenever it is replicated, it requires a longer period of time and more proteins to build a fresh copy than if DNA were smaller. This doesn’t fit too well with the tendency of biological systems toward efficiency. What’s not needed is usually discarded eventually, which is why we have animals that have lost their sense of sight from spending many generations living in caves.

So clearly, something was going on with this ‘junk DNA’ we didn’t yet fully understand. We are already learning, for example, that many of the noncoding regions exert a regulatory role on the ones that actually code for proteins.

A recent discovery by researchers at the University of Washington, however, points to DNA possibly doing more things in ways we haven’t realised.

According to Dr. John Stamatoyannopoulos at the university, there are actually two codes written in a DNA strand. The first one science is already very familiar with. It uses an alphabet of 64 letters, written in units called codons, each of which is made up of three of the four nucleotides that make up DNA.

According to Stamatoyannopoulos, however, there appears to be a dual meaning to some codons, so that they actually present a second piece of genetic data. He calls these sequences duons and believes they may help regulate the activity of genes.

‘The fact that the genetic code can simultaneously write two kinds of information means that many DNA changes that appear to alter protein sequences may actually cause disease by disrupting gene control programs or even both mechanisms simultaneously.‘

This discovery might help in future medical research, since the regulation and control of protein production within cells can be related to disease.

Ad lucrum per scientia (toward wealth through science),

Ray Blanco,
Contributing Editor, Money Morning

Credit to Countingpips.com

Okla. Judge Rules That State's Ban on Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional

A judge has ruled that Oklahoma's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

While U.S. District Judge Terence Kern ruled Tuesday against the ban, the decision is stayed pending an appeal.

"Judge Kern has come to the conclusion that so many have before him – that the fundamental equality of lesbian and gay couples is guaranteed by the United States Constitution," said Chad Griffith, president of the Human Rights Campaign, in a statement.

"Equality is not just for the coasts anymore, and today's news from Oklahoma shows that time has come for fairness and dignity to reach every American in all 50 states."

The 2004 Referendum

Kern's ruling was in regards to the constitutional amendment Oklahoma voters passed in 2004 regarding marriage definition.

In November 2004, 76 percent of Oklahomans voted in favor of Question 711, which legally defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Oklahoma Question 711: "Amend the state constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman; only married people are eligible for the benefits for married people; same-sex marriages from other states are not valid in Oklahoma; it would be a misdemeanor to issue a marriage license in Oklahoma; by adding Section 35 to Article 2."

Support for the ban was found even among younger voters, with 70 percent of the 18 to 29 year old demographic voting yes to Question 711.

Immediately after it passed, two lesbian couples filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma against the ban.

Conservative Response

In addition to the outcry from Oklahoma state officials over the decision, several social conservatives have also voiced their denunciations of Kern's decision.

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, said in a statement that the Kern decision renewed his call for "for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman."

"We need firm legislative action to protect the rights of the states and their citizens to make their own determinations regarding the definition of marriage without interference from federal appointees either in the courts or within the executive branch," said Brown.

Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention commented that "The Supreme Court will soon decide these things, for good or for ill."

"In the meantime, let's take the opportunity to engage our neighbors with a vision of marriage as defined by God and rooted in the Gospel, not in judicial fiat," said Moore.

Credit to Christian Post