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Friday, July 10, 2015

Iranian 'Death to Israel Day.'

Iranian FM tells state media that talks will miss deadline, even as millions in Tehran and around Iran mark 'Death to Israel Day.'

Quds Day march on Israeli flag with Ali Khamenei's picture (file)

Millions of Iranians took part in the annual "Death to Israel Day" in Iran on Friday, ironically coinciding with the twice-extended deadline for a deal on the Islamic regime's nuclear program that apparently will be extended yet again.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday confirmed US Secretary of State John Kerry's statements the day before, when Kerry said the talks "wont be rushed."

Speaking to the state-run PressTV, Zarif said that he "doubts it" that a deal will be made by Friday, saying that in the nuclear talks "we're making progress. It seems we are staying here for the weekend. We're working. We're not there yet."

Meanwhile tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets of Tehran chanting "down with America" and "death to Israel," reports the Associated Press citing local media.

In Tehran, several protesters burned Israeli and American flags as is custom on Quds Day or Jerusalem Day as it is officially known. Saudi Arabia was also targeted in the protests, as the Sunni states squares off against the Houthi proxy of Shi'ite Iran in Yemen.

According to PressTV, the rallies calling for the destruction of Israel are taking place in Tehran "and in over 770 towns and cities across the country." Iranian Fars News Agency reports that millions of Iranians are taking part in the protests around the country.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also took part in the day's events, but AFP reports that he did not address the crowd, possibly out of awareness of the sensitive timing with the nuclear talks.

However, on Wednesday he told Fars that the day was an opportunity for Iran to “shout its hatred” of Israel.

Quds Day is held annually on the final Friday of the Muslim fast month of Ramadan. It was instituted on August 7, 1979 by then-Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini just after the Islamic Revolution, as a day of solidarity against the "usurper Israel."

The protest is held in Iran and around the world - this year the Quds Day rallies are to be held in 19 cities throughout North America, including a rally in New York City's iconic Times Square.
Image result for 'Death to Israel' ChantsImage result for 'Death to Israel' Chants

Regarding the nuclear talks, Kerry admitted on Thursday that "tough issues remain," adding "we shouldn’t get up to leave because the clock strikes midnight."

Congress will have 60 days to review any deal that is reached, during which time the US government will be unable to lift sanctions on Iran; the Islamic regime has demanded an immediate lifting of all sanctions as soon as a deal is signed.

Aside from the sanctions issue, other major disagreements in the talks have included Iran's refusal to allow inspections on sensitive nuclear sites, its refusal to disclose the military aspects of its nuclear program, and in a newly added demand, Iran has called to end the UN arms embargo on the Islamic regime.

Credit to Israel National News



“I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.”Genesis 9:13-15 (KJV)
As the Progressive Left continues it’s chokehold on the US Constitution in general and on the American people in particular, the watercooler debate is now raging over the Confederate flag’s ability to remain flying in the South and wherever else people choose to display it. So let me just start by saying that the Confederate flag is not a “symbol of hate”, it is American history like it or not. The irony here is that the flag represents a time which saw deep divisions in this nation along many lines, the very same divisions that Obama and Company have been so successful in reactivating in 2015.
2 flags, equally hated by tiny minority groups. Either both stay, or both go.
There is another flag that is as equally hated, if not more so, than the Confederate flag and flies in a whole lot more places, the LGBT Rainbow flag. Like the Confederate flag, it represents a vast minority of our population. Statistics show that less than 5% of people in America claim to be gay, lesbian or some mixture thereof. The LGBT Rainbow flag is popping up everywhere you look, and it does not apply to nearly 95% of the country yet no one is calling for it’s removal. Why not? because we are a FREE SOCIETY in which a Constitution, a Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence allows for freedom of speech and expression. But free speech and expression is something very much despised by Obama and the Left.
When I look at the Confederate flag, I do not automatically associated it with slavery. Most people think this way. If we ban the Confederate flag because a vast minority of Americans associate it with slavery, then in the interest of fairness we must also do that with white sheets, hot tar, feathers, metal chains and all the other symbols of slavery in early America. While you’re at it, start removing the backs from all public buses because the back of a bus always makes me think of Rosa Parks and her struggle. Better yet, lets outlaw the buying, selling and production of everything related to cotton. See how silly that sounds? Well, it’s every bit as sensible and mature as banning the Confederate flag.
I do not like the LGBT Rainbow flag, to me it’s a symbol of a sinful, wicked world on it’s way to an everlasting Hell. Not only that, it’s stolen from God and the Bible (see verses at top) and that’s plagiarism which is illegal so it’s not just offensive it’s also a crime. Why is no one being prosecuted for this obvious theft of intellectual property? Do you see where I am going with all this? We used to be a free society, we used to be able to express our beliefs and opinions without fear of reprisals. Have we lost that in 2015? Yes, obviously we have.


As you read this, our fundamental rights we have long enjoyed as Americans are being ripped out of our hands, and we are being told how to think and how to act. Persecution of Christians in this country is at an all-time high and climbing every week. The LGBT demands freedom to think, do, speak and act as they please, but will ill-afford that right to anyone else. If we allow the Radical Left to force people to take down the Confederate flag while allowing the display of the LGBT Rainbow flag, then we will have crossed a line from which there is no turning back. We will have ceased to be a democratic Republic and will have become a nation of slaves run by tyrants. Banning the Confederate flag is a symptom of the fatal disease of Liberalism.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Amendment 1 to the United States Constitution. Passed by Congress September 25, 1789. Ratified December 15, 1791.
As a Yankee, I have no feelings either way for the Confederate flag, but I say let it fly. No one ever says to ban the Japanese flag because of Pearl Harbor. As a Christian, I strongly dislike the LGBT Rainbow flag and everything it stands for, but I say let that fly as well. Either they both stay up or they both come down. Either we are a free society or we are not, but let’s stop pretending that we still have Freedom of Speech if we do not.
America, the choice is yours. May saner minds prevail.

Someone Pull The Plug Or This Will End In War

Image result for End In War
I was going to write up on the uselessness of Angela Merkel, given that she said on this week that “giving in to Greece could ‘blow apart’ the euro”, and it’s the 180º other way around; it’s the consistent refusal to allow any leniency towards the Greeks that is blowing the currency union to smithereens. 
Merkel’s been such an abject failure, the fullblown lack of leadership, the addiction to her right wing backbenchers, no opinion that seems to be remotely her own. But I don’t think the topic by itself makes much sense anymore for an article. It’s high time to take a step back and oversee the entire failing euro and EU system.
Greece is stuck in Germany’s own internal squabbles, and that more than anything illustrates how broken the system is. It was never supposed to be like that. No European leader in their right mind would ever have signed up for that.
Reading up on daily events, and perhaps on the verge of an actual Greece deal, increasingly I’m thinking this has got to stop, guys, there is no basis for this. It makes no sense and it is no use. The mold is broken. The EU as a concept, as a model, has failed and is already a thing of the past.
It’s over. And anything that’s done from here on in will only serve to make things worse. We should learn to recognize such transitions, and act on them. Instead of clinging on to what we think might have been long after it no longer is.
Whatever anyone does now, it’ll all come back again. That’s guaranteed. So just don’t do it. Or rather, do the one thing that still makes any sense: Call a halt to the whole charade.
As for Greece: Just stop playing the game. It’s the only way for you not to lose it.
There’s no reason why European countries couldn’t live together, work together, but the EU structure makes it impossible for them to do just that, to do the very thing it was supposed to be designed for.
Germany runs insane surpluses with the rest of the EU, and it sees that as a sign of how great a country it is. But in the present structure, if one country runs such surpluses, others will need to run equally insane deficits.
Cue Greece. And Italy, Spain et al. William Hague for once was right about something when he said this week that the euro could only possibly have ended up as a burning building with no exits. This is going to lead to war.
Simple as that. It may take a while, and the present ‘leadership’ may be gone by then, but it will. Unless more people wake up than just the OXI voters here in Greece.
And the only reason for it to happen is if the present flock of petty little minds in Berlin, Paris, London and Brussels try to make it last as long as they can, and call for even more integration and centralization and all that stuff. The leaders are useless, the structure is painfully faulty, and the outcome is fully predictable.
Europe has no leadership, it has a varied but eerily similar bunch of people who crave the power they’ve been given, but lack the moral sturctures to deal with that power. Sociopaths. That’s what Brussels selects for.
And Brussels is by no means the only place in Europe that does that. What about people like Schäuble and Dijsselbloem, who see the misery in Greece and loudly bang the drum for more misery? What does that say about a man? And what does it say about the structure that allows them to do it? At times I feel like the Grapes of Wrath is being replayed here.
It’s nice and all to claim you’re right about something, but if your being right produces utter misery for millions of others, you’re still wrong.
Greece is not an abstract exercise in some textbook, and it’s not a computer game either. Greece is about real people getting hurt. And if you refuse to act to alleviate that hurt, that defines you as a sociopath.
Germany now, and it took ‘only’ 5 months, says Greece needs debt relief but it also says, through Schäuble: “There cannot be a haircut because it would infringe the system of the European Union.” That’s exactly my point. That’s silly. And looking around me here in Athens for the past few weeks, it’s criminally silly. You acknowledge what needs to be done, and at the same time you acknowledge the system doesn’t allow for what needs to be done. Time to change that system then. Or blow it up.
I don’t care what people like Merkel and Schäuble think or say, once people in a union go hungry and have no healthcare, you have to change the system, not hammer it down their throats even more. If you refuse to stand together, you can be sure you’ll fall apart.
Get a life. Greece should just default on the whole thing, and let Merkel and Hollande figure out the alleged Greek debt with their own domestic banking sectors. They’re the ones who received all the money that Greece is now trying to figure out a payback schedule for.
Problem with that is of course that very banking sector. They call the shots. The vested interests have far too much power on all levels. That’s the crux. But that’s also the purpose for which a shoddy construct like the EU exists in the first place. The more centralized politics are, the easier the whole thing is to manipulate and control. The more loopholes and cracks in the system, the more power there is for vested interests.
Steve Keen just sent a link to an article at Australia’s MacroBusiness, that goes through the entire list of new proposals from the Syriza government, and ends like this:
This is basically the same proposal as that was just rejected by the Greek people in the referendum. There are some headlines floating around about proposed debt restructuring as well but I can’t find them. This makes absolutely no sense. The Tsipras Government has just:
• renegotiated itself into the same position it was in two months ago;
• set massively false expectations with the Greek public;
• destroyed the Greek banking system, and
• destroyed what was left of Greek political capital in EU.

If this deal gets through the Greek Parliament, and it could given everyone other than the ruling party and Golden Dawn are in favour of austerity, then Greece has just destroyed itself to no purpose. Markets are drawing comfort from the roll over but how Tsipras can return home without being lynched by a mob is beyond me. And that raises the prospect of any deal being held immediately hostage to violence.
Yes, it’s still entirely possible that Tsipras submitted this last set of proposals knowing full well they won’t be accepted. But he’s already gone way too far in his concessions. This is an exercise in futility.
It’s time to acknowledge this is a road to nowhere. From where I’m sitting, Yanis Varoufakis has been the sole sane voice in this whole 5 month long B-movie. I think Yanis also conceded that it was no use trying to negotiate anything with the troika, and that that’s to a large extent why he left.
Yanis will be badly, badly needed for Greece going forward. They need someone to figure out where to go from here.
Just like Europe needs someone to figure out how to deconstruct Brussels without the use of heavy explosives. Because there are just two options here: either the EU will -more or less- peacefully fall apart, or it will violently blow apart.
Credit to Zero Hedge

NYSE United Hack Attack? Black Swan Scenario

Prepare to Defend Yourself, Major Cyber Attacks Are Planned

cyber attack 3
One some days, through the grace of God, I have demonstrated the ability to decipher events and connect the dots and form meaningful conclusions. Sometimes, I feel like I am dumber than a box of rocks. Issues will sometimes present themselves and I have been slow to grasp the meaning. This week, my ability to analyze and decipher, has been lacking. However, the signs coming forth, would reveal to a blind man, that the United States is only a short time away from a dramatic and and series of devastating cyber attacks which could forever change many of our lives.

The Catalyst for Collapse Will Be Economic

The vast majority of the Independent Media believes that the catalyst for martial law and the death of America as we know her, will be economic. Since the abandonment of the gold standard and now, the world running from the Petrodollar, the American economy is living on borrowed time and the chest pains are increasing with each passing day.
These real numbers tell the truth.
These real numbers tell the truth.
The readers can see from the above chart, that the American economy has been in an abject meltdown since around 2009. Yet, numbers being paraded out by the Obama administration paint a rosy picture, but they are a complete lie.
economic collapseThe Obama administration would have the people believe that the unemployment rate is 5% and inflation is about the same when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Two outstanding economists, Joseph Meyer and John Williams will tell you that the unemployment/underemployment rate is about 23-25%. These are Depression era numbers. Husbands ask your wives about the cost of food. The inflation rate is really about 14-15%, but when the government calculates the inflation rate, they don’t count the cost of gas and food, like we don’t have eat or drive to work? We live in a petroleum dominated economy and the price gas/oil does not matter? We have well over a 100 million working-age Americans do not have full time employment. These people outnumber the full time employees. Yet, when the government calculates the unemployment rate, they don’t count someone who has a professional license as being unemployed (e.g. teacher, barber, etc) whether they actually have a job or not. If a person goes off unemployment after six months, they are counted as employed by the system whether they have a job, or not!
The old Mark Twain saying, “Figures lie and liars figure” comes to mind. Our economy is on life support and the Obama administration is in complete denial of this reality. It is against this reality, as a backdrop, that I write the rest of the article.

The Unreported Cell Phone Carrier Cyber Attack

Our family’s two year contracts with Verizon are up and the planned obsolescence of our phones was beginning to show. Therefore, on Monday, July 6th, we went to a local Verizon store in the hope of upgrading our service to a newer model of the same phone. Buyers tip: Verizon has dramatically raised the price of their phones in the past two years and we experienced sticker shock. Costco will sell you the same phones for much cheap, but I digress.
cyber attacksWhile at the Verizon Store, in Peoria, Arizona, on Lake Pleasant Road, we learned that the Wifi of Verizon was under attack and they did not have the ability to sell us anything, nor did they have the ability to transfer contacts from an old phone to a new phone which involved “the cloud”. Thinking that this was just a Verizon problem, we traveled to the nearest Costco, ten miles away. Upon arriving at the store, we learned that every cell phone service that Costco sells was down in the same manner (e.g. AT&T, Sprint, etc.). This is a newsworthy event, but it was not reported in the mainstream media. A cyber attack against every cell phone carrier, was not reported. The significance of this event escaped me until Wednesday, July 8th.

A Strange Phone Call From a “Crackpot”

F-16 brought down, not shot down, at the Mexican border.
F-16 brought down, not shot down, at the Mexican border.
Five days a week, I drive my son 25 miles to his high school’s athletic practice which begins at 6AM
(Pacific). On July 8th, at 530AM (Pacific), I received a call from a number that showed up as 99999999 on my caller ID. I later learned that call came from a satellite phone. The caller told me he was calling me because of an article that I had recently written in which I said that I had information that the downed F-16 which crashed in Arizona, near the Mexican border, was brought down by a satellite based and localized Russian EMP weaposn that was also sold to the North Koreans in 2014.
This unidentified caller proceeded to tell me, at 830AM (Eastern), that the Stock Market was going to be hit with a cyber attack in a planned beta test. He said that the Obama minions inside of the “Fast and Furious” DOJ were responsible and were planning to hasten the demise of the American economy once everything was in place (i.e. Jade Helm). The next set of attacks, he said, was going to probe the infrastructure. The conversation then returned to some technical aspects of the space based war going on, designed to destroy each other’s satellites (e.g. China, Russia and the United States). I asked him if he worked the Air Force Space Command and he hung up on me.
I was convinced, although this call, although interesting, was a fraud. I was also influenced by a “fake diary”, on the same day, that was sent to me, allegedly from Greece, describing the bad economic times. For many reasons, I knew this to be a fraud and I warned, in writing, both Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann about this fake diary.
I dropped off my son and went to the gym. I spoke with two colleagues in the Independent Media later that morning and did not even mention the phone call. I picked up my son and took him to breakfast. It was not until 2pm (Eastern) did I discover that the Stock Market, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal had all three experienced a cyber attack on the same day. Further, I discovered this happened on the same day that the Chinese Stock Market was collapsing and I have come to believe that .all of these events are connected. Further, the cyber attack on cell phones carriers is also part of this probing of cyber attack beta tests with more to come before the main event that takes down large portions of the grid and forces American into martial law.
These signs are being carried by truck drivers all over this country.
These signs are being carried by truck drivers all over this country.

Joe Hagmann Discoveries

Yesterday afternoon, when I realized that I had failed to fully recognize what was transpiring and that this call was probably legitimate, I contacted a number of colleagues to inquire what part of the infrastructure would likely be hit. None of us are sure. It could be as simple as not being able to use an ATM, to traffic lights not working to a “grid down” test, or it could be very serious and impact Air Traffic Control. It could also impact water treatment, or it could involve the compromising of our 100+ nuclear power plants. Regardless of how bad it could be, Joe Hagmann provided me with information which shows that this administration knew full well in advance of what was coming in yesterday’s cyber attacks.
Joe sent me something entitled “Cyber Threats and Data Breaches Illustrate Need for Stronger Controls across Federal Agencies“.  Joe also sent me the following and very disturbing report “Jade Helm Plot thickens: NSA holds secret Cyber Guard virus drill“. After reading these two articles, there is no question that this administration was behind what happened to the cell phone carriers, the Wall Street Journal, United Airlines and the New York Stock Exchange.
To demonstrate how widespread cyber warfare has already become, take a look at how often we are attacked on a moment by moment basis.

Jim White and the Liberty Brothers

I went to Jim White with these issues and we decided to do an impromptu 20 minute interview. The contents of this interview can be heard in the following in which the weeks events are summarized.


With Jade Helm ratcheting up into full operation, the cyber attacks are very concerning because any event that could impact food and water, could become the catalyst for martial law. Could this go live next week? I do not know. But what I do know, is that if you are not prepared, you need to do so by this weekend.
These event are forcing me to reexamine infrastructure damaging events and what it could mean for all of us. Stay tuned.

Credit to Common Sense

After Gay Marriage Decision: Surprise Blood Moon Displays in Sky Only Over America

Photo Courtesy of @mrsroark55

Blood Moon Displays in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

On June 30, 2015, a surprise blood moon appeared in the sky, that was only seen in the United States.

According to the National Weather Service, large wildfires in Canada have been burning. Due to extremely high winds, smoke from these fires have traveled into the United States.

According to NBC-Chattanooga, “the smoke should remain in the higher atmosphere and not affect air quality, it gives the moon and sun a rosy glow.

Here’s what causes the effect:

As light from the moon or sun enters the atmosphere it gets scattered by particles like water, aerosols, and in this case smoke. Green, blue, and purple colors are sent in all directions but colors with longer wavelengths like red, orange and yellow continue through the atmosphere and remain visible to the human eye.”

This ironically occurred right after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize homosexual marriage nationally.

Many Christians believe that blood moons are God’s way of warning His people of persecution, hardships or major events that have occurred or are to come. This is based upon scientific evidence that every time a blood moon has been seen universally in the sky, a major event has/will occur (in the overwhelming majority of cases, it is a negative event). You can read more about it here.

The timing of this blood moon that displayed right after the Supreme Court’s decision to redefine God’s definition of marriage is almost prophetic.

Credit to Cowgernation.com


Bible Codes Hint to Arrival of Messiah after the Current Shemitta Year

“And you, Daniel, close up the words and seal the book until the time of the end; many will run to and fro, and the knowledge will increase.” (Daniel 12:4)

The Bible Code that hints at the arrival of the Messiah following the end of the current Shmittah year. (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

There are two verses in chapter 12 of the Book of Daniel that use the same unusual phrase, “until the time of the end.” In a recent video, Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson, prolific author and one of the world’s leading experts on Bible Codes, uses gematria (the system of assigning numerical values to Hebrew words) and Bible Codes to connect this phrase to the imminent coming of Messiah, son of David.

The two verses are:

And you, Daniel, close up the words and seal the book until the time of the end; many will run to and fro, and the knowledge will increase. - Daniel 12:4

And he said, “Go, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. - Daniel 12:9

The expression “until the time of the end” in Hebrew is “ad eit ketz”. As Glazerson explains, the full numerical value of these three words is 1,400.

Galazerson further illustrates that the combined numerical values of the word ketz, which means end, plus the numerical value of Moshiach ben David (Messiah son of David), plus the new Hebrew year that begins at the end of the current Shemitta year also equals 1,400.

קץ (Ketz) = 190

משיח בן דויד (Moshiach ben David) = 434

תשע”ו (New Hebrew Year) = 776

In essence, Glazerson is suggesting that “until the time of the end” is the same as the upcoming Hebrew year which begins at nightfall on Sunday, September 13, 2015, which is also associated with Messiah son of David. In other words, embedded in the mystical numerical system of gematria, the numerical meaning of “ad eit ketz” – until the time of the end – is a reference to the Hebrew year the begins after the current Shemitta year ends.

Half-way through the video, Glazerson turns his attention to a series of Bible Codes from the Book of Leviticus. In the table shown in the video, where the words “ad eit ketz” – until the time of the end – are found, he also finds the Hebrew letters that spell the name of the upcoming Hebrew year.

Finally, in the same piece of Bible text, Glazerson finds the Hebrew words that mean David, son of Jesse, a clear reference to Messiah son of David, and these words are connected to the Hebrew words for messiah and soul.

Although he found words from the Book of Daniel, Glazerson emphasized to Breaking Israel News that Bible Codes themselves only come from the first five books of the Bible. “The Torah [The Five Books of Moses] was the blueprint of the creation. So what the Codes show is what God put in the program of the world for 6000 years,” he explained to Breaking Israel News.

One way of understanding all these linked Bible Codes is that the soul of the Messiah is connected to David, son of Jesse. This is consistent with the Jewish teaching that the future Redeemer of the Jewish people will be a descendant of King David.

Glazerson ends the video by pointing out two complete verses that appear nearby which he says are conditions of Redemption. The verses are “You shall keep My commandments and perform them. I am the Lord” (Leviticus 22:31) and a general warning to do all the commandments that God instructed Moses.

Credit to Breaking Israel News

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/44778/bible-codes-hint-arrival-messiah-after-shmitta-year-jewish-world/#5ysZLYalUpwvJZsX.99

What In The World Just Happened To The New York Stock Exchange?

Image result for NY stock exchange storm

Do you believe that the New York Stock Exchange shut down because of a “technical glitch” on Wednesday?  At 11:32 AM on Wednesday morning, trading on the New York Stock Exchange was halted due to “internal technical issues”, and it did not resume until 3:10 PM.  Officials insist that there is no evidence that a cyberattack caused the technical problems even though hactivists had hinted that something may happen the night before.  Adding to the suspicion is the fact that United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal also experienced very serious “technical glitches” on Wednesday.  Others found it very curious that trading on the NYSE was halted just after Chinese stocks had absolutely plummeted the night before.  In fact, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index experienced the largest one day decline that we have witnessed since November 2008.  So is there more going on here than meets the eye?
Overall, the Dow was down 261 points on Wednesday, and the Dow and the S&P 500 both closed below their 200 day moving averages.  Iron ore had its biggest daily price drop ever, and the price of oil continued to decline.  But it was the stunning shut down of the New York Stock Exchange that made headlines all over the world
The New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal have all fallen victim to a series of massive technical glitches within hours of each other.
NYSE halted all trading for ‘technical reasons’ at 11:32am and only reopened at 3:10pm – but says the problem is an internal one and not the result of a cyberattack.
It comes as tens of thousands of United Airlines passengers were stranded at U.S. airports on Wednesday morning after all of the carrier’s flights were grounded nationwide due to a computer system glitch.
The Wall Street Journal was also left unable to publish after its systems came under attack and has been forced to switch to an alternative site design.
But was it really just a “technical glitch”?
Of course they probably would never admit it publicly if it was a cyberattack.  We live at a time when the authorities are much more concerned with keeping everyone calm than they are about telling us the truth.  So in the end all we can really do is speculate about what really happened.
But what we do know is that the stock market crash in China got even worse the night before this shutdown.  The Shanghai Composite Index and the Hang Seng Index both declined by almost six percent overnight.  Overall, the Shanghai Composite Index is now down by more than 30 percent in less than a month, and the Chinese version of the NASDAQ is down by more than 40 percent
In just three weeks, stocks listed on mainland China’s most prominent exchange have fallen by more than 30% from their seven-year highs. The even more speculative ChiNext Index has lost 42% of its value over the 21 days.
Government regulators have now banned, for six months, Chinese executives from selling stock in their own companies. This is only one of a number moves made by panicked officials.
At this point, trading for approximately 45 percent of all stocks on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges has been suspended.  So as a result the selling has bled over to the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong, and this has caused tremendous chaos
Hong Kong’s benchmark stock gauge plunged the most since the global financial crisis as an equity rout in mainland China rippled across Asia.
The Hang Seng Index fell 5.8 percent to 23,516.56 at the close today, the biggest drop since November 2008, after slumping as much as 8.6 percent.
Even though the Chinese have been trying all sorts of crazy things to stop the crash, nothing has worked.  Instead, the selling restrictions have only seemed to fuel the panic even more…
Investors are disappointed and afraid that the Chinese policy makers lost control of the market,” said Mari Oshidari, a Hong Kong-based strategist at Okasan Securities Group Inc. “With no end in sight to the plunge, sentiment has turned cold. With liquidity drying up in the mainland, the Hong Kong market is being sold instead –- the only thing it can do is just quietly take the storm.”
Meanwhile, things over in Europe have become more ominous as well.  As I wrote about yesterday, EU officials have declared this week to be “the final deadline” for making a deal with Greece.  On Wednesday, Greece applied for a new three year emergency loan, and European officials have said that they will consider it
A race to save Greece from bankruptcy and keep it in the euro gathered pace on Wednesday when Athens formally applied for a three-year loan and European authorities launched an accelerated review of the request.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called in a speech to the European Parliament for a fair deal, acknowledging Greece’s historic responsibility for its plight, after EU leaders gave him five days to come up with convincing reforms.
The government submitted a request to the European Stability Mechanism bailout fund to lend an unspecified amount “to meet Greece’s debt obligations and to ensure stability of the financial system”. It promised to begin implementing tax and pension measures sought by creditors as early as Monday.
But there is still a tremendous amount of skepticism about whether a deal can be reached.  The Greeks want debt relief, but the Germans have completely ruled out any sort of a debt haircut.  Most of the rest of the EU nations are siding with the Germans, and unless the Greek government caves in at the last moment it appears that a “Grexit” is quite likely.
For most people, the events of 2008 have long since faded from their memories.  After years of soaring stock prices, many in the financial world have become extremely comfortable.  But as we are seeing in China, what goes up must eventually come down.
And the shut down of the New York Stock Exchange today should be a huge wake up call for all of us.  We have become extraordinarily dependent on computers and technology, and this makes us exceedingly vulnerable.  Someday, we might just experience a cyberattack that causes a tremendous amount of permanent damage that cannot be undone.
What will we do then?
Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and events are beginning to accelerate as we enter the second half of 2015.
So what comes next?  
Credit to Economic Collapse