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Monday, November 10, 2014

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has outlined a nine-step plan to “eliminate” Israel.

The Supreme Leader of Iran’s official Twitter account has posted a set of answers to what are described as the “key questions”, saying that Israel is guilty of a host of “crimes”.

The first question asked is: “Why should the Zionist regime be eliminated?” To this, the response is given: “During its 66 years of life so far, the fake Zionist regime has tried to realise its goals by means of infanticide, homicide, violence and iron fist while boasts [sic] about it blatantly”.

However the statement adds that “the elimination of Israel does not mean the massacre of the Jewish people in this region”.

The statement proposes a referendum in which “all the original people of Palestine including Muslims, Christians and Jews” could vote, but from which “Jewish immigrants” would be excluded.

It says the theoretical resultant government would then decide upon whether the latter group could remain in the country.

But it goes on to say that if such a referendum cannot be achieved then “powerful confrontation and resolute and armed resistance” is the only solution, as compromise is not possible.

The comments come just days after it was reported that Barack Obama wrote to Khamenei to point out Iran and the United States’ shared interest in fighting Isis militants.

Credit to The Independent

"If You Like Your Internet"... Obama Calls For Regulation To Keep "Internet Open"

"An open Internet is essential to the American economy, and increasingly to our very way of life," begins the President as he explains why the FCC should regulate the internet for Americans' own good:
"The Internet has been one of the greatest gifts our economy — and our society — has ever known," and that's why Obama feels the need to regulate it to "protect an open, accessible, and free Internet."

Full Statement:
An open Internet is essential to the American economy, and increasingly to our very way of life. By lowering the cost of launching a new idea, igniting new political movements, and bringing communities closer together, it has been one of the most significant democratizing influences the world has ever known.
“Net neutrality” has been built into the fabric of the Internet since its creation — but it is also a principle that we cannot take for granted. We cannot allow Internet service providers (ISPs) to restrict the best access or to pick winners and losers in the online marketplace for services and ideas. That is why today, I am asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to answer the call of almost 4 million public comments, and implement the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality.
When I was a candidate for this office, I made clear my commitment to a free and open Internet, and my commitment remains as strong as ever. Four years ago, the FCC tried to implement rules that would protect net neutrality with little to no impact on the telecommunications companies that make important investments in our economy. After the rules were challenged, the court reviewing the rules agreed with the FCC that net neutrality was essential for preserving an environment that encourages new investment in the network, new online services and content, and everything else that makes up the Internet as we now know it. Unfortunately, the court ultimately struck down the rules — not because it disagreed with the need to protect net neutrality, but because it believed the FCC had taken the wrong legal approach.
The FCC is an independent agency, and ultimately this decision is theirs alone. I believe the FCC should create a new set of rules protecting net neutrality and ensuring that neither the cable company nor the phone company will be able to act as a gatekeeper, restricting what you can do or see online. The rules I am asking for are simple, common-sense steps that reflect the Internet you and I use every day, and that some ISPs already observe. These bright-line rules include:
  • No blocking. If a consumer requests access to a website or service, and the content is legal, your ISP should not be permitted to block it. That way, every player — not just those commercially affiliated with an ISP — gets a fair shot at your business.
  • No throttling. Nor should ISPs be able to intentionally slow down some content or speed up others — through a process often called “throttling” — based on the type of service or your ISP’s preferences.
  • Increased transparency. The connection between consumers and ISPs — the so-called “last mile” — is not the only place some sites might get special treatment. So, I am also asking the FCC to make full use of the transparency authorities the court recently upheld, and if necessary to apply net neutrality rules to points of interconnection between the ISP and the rest of the Internet.
  • No paid prioritization. Simply put: No service should be stuck in a “slow lane” because it does not pay a fee. That kind of gatekeeping would undermine the level playing field essential to the Internet’s growth. So, as I have before, I am asking for an explicit ban on paid prioritization and any other restriction that has a similar effect.
If carefully designed, these rules should not create any undue burden for ISPs, and can have clear, monitored exceptions for reasonable network management and for specialized services such as dedicated, mission-critical networks serving a hospital. But combined, these rules mean everything for preserving the Internet’s openness.
The rules also have to reflect the way people use the Internet today, which increasingly means on a mobile device. I believe the FCC should make these rules fully applicable to mobile broadband as well, while recognizing the special challenges that come with managing wireless networks.
To be current, these rules must also build on the lessons of the past. For almost a century, our law has recognized that companies who connect you to the world have special obligations not to exploit the monopoly they enjoy over access in and out of your home or business. That is why a phone call from a customer of one phone company can reliably reach a customer of a different one, and why you will not be penalized solely for calling someone who is using another provider. It is common sense that the same philosophy should guide any service that is based on the transmission of information — whether a phone call, or a packet of data.
So the time has come for the FCC to recognize that broadband service is of the same importance and must carry the same obligations as so many of the other vital services do. To do that, I believe the FCC should reclassify consumer broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act — while at the same time forbearing from rate regulation and other provisions less relevant to broadband services. This is a basic acknowledgment of the services ISPs provide to American homes and businesses, and the straightforward obligations necessary to ensure the network works for everyone — not just one or two companies.
Investment in wired and wireless networks has supported jobs and made America the center of a vibrant ecosystem of digital devices, apps, and platforms that fuel growth and expand opportunity. Importantly, network investment remained strong under the previous net neutrality regime, before it was struck down by the court; in fact, the court agreed that protecting net neutrality helps foster more investment and innovation. If the FCC appropriately forbears from the Title II regulations that are not needed to implement the principles above — principles that most ISPs have followed for years — it will help ensure new rules are consistent with incentives for further investment in the infrastructure of the Internet.
The Internet has been one of the greatest gifts our economy — and our society — has ever known. The FCC was chartered to promote competition, innovation, and investment in our networks. In service of that mission, there is no higher calling than protecting an open, accessible, and free Internet. I thank the Commissioners for having served this cause with distinction and integrity, and I respectfully ask them to adopt the policies I have outlined here, to preserve this technology’s promise for today, and future generations to come.
*  *  *

This is truly the American way of censorship. Figure
out how those with the deepest pockets can smother the free speech of
those with little or no voice on the one medium in which information
flow is still treated equally. The nightmare scenario here would be that
status quo companies use their funds to price out everyone else. It
would kill innovation on the web before it starts. It’s just another
example of the status quo attempting to build a moat around itself that
we have already seen in so many other areas of the economy.

The internet
really is the last bastion of freedom and dynamism in the U.S. economy
and this proposal could put that at serious risk.
 Oh, and to make
matters worse, the current FCC is filled to the brim with revolving door
industry lobbyists.

Credit to Zero Hedge 

UN Gun Prohibition For US Citizens Begins Dec 24

Prophecy of a massive earthquake and tsunami coming to the earth

Dr. Kaku Warns That “All Hell Is Ready to Break Loose”

One of America’s most prominent scientists, in the area of theoretical physics, Michio Kaku, told the audience on CBS This Morning that the Earth is changing and we need we will see more violent and dramatic swings in climate and other phenomena.
Kaku warned that by midweek, all auto, train and air transportation could be greatly impacted and the effects will be with us for the remainder of the month. In short, Kaku believes that “all hell is ready to break loose”.

When the Shift Hits the Fan

What is responsible for this dramatic weather pattern shift? There is one thing that we can definitely conclude by stating that this is not a normal weather pattern, it is being artificially produced.
Perhaps, any severe deviation in known weather patterns should begin with an analysis of the following:
How Does HAARP Work?
haarp 2
We are on our way to becoming what Kaku calls a Type One Civilization that, among other things, can control the weather. In  the case of the Polar Vortex and the California Drought, this is the ultimate weather weapon.

The Coincidence of HAARP Activity and the Coming Polar Vortex

As of November 8, 2014, please note below that active HAARP stations online which numbers 28/28.  Note the resulting location of the moving Jet Stream as a result of HAARP activity.
The movement of the present Jet Stream will impact the weather for 250 million Americans.
The movement of the present Jet Stream will impact the weather for 250 million Americans.
Compare the HAARP map (above) to the projected Polar Vortex map listed below. The conclusion should be apparent to all.

This is almost enough to turn me into a coincidence theorist. Please note from the Polar Vortex map, that California, courtesy of HAARP, will continue with its drought and the general drought stricken areas in all of the West will continue and the impact on America’s food supplies and the agricultural industry will continue unabated. Your grocery prices will continue to climb because of the California drought. California is an agricultural juggernaut. California accounts for 15% of national sales and for livestock, 7.1 %, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture. But now farmers are likely to have considerably less water. This won’t lead to agricultural collapse, but it will definitely take a toll on farmer’s profits and the pocketbooks of consumers at the grocery store.. “There will be, in agriculture, fewer plantings, fewer harvests, and revenue of seasonal crops and higher prices,” says UC-Merced’s Roger Bales.
HAARP works by moving the Jet Stream in the manner prescribed above. This gives the globalists the ability to create artificial drought, usher in severe weather (e.g. Polar Vortex) and blame mankind’s energy consumption and the resulting CO2 as result.

gore hot air

And what is the ultimate goal of these events brought about by weather manipulation? Simple, to get us to accept the pseudo-science of climate change. By perpetrating one weather catastrophe after another, the globalists can blame man’s increased use of energy resulting in an “alarming” increase in CO2 production, resulting in severe weather.  This can subsequently be used as the pretext to seize control over all energy use on the planet in the name of saving the planet. This is being done so that the public will accept the total roll out of technocracy (Google Technocracy and Patrick Wood) and cap and trade which will form the new basis of new planetary currency and world government under the globalists.

gore monkeys hear no evil
Kaku should know better than to be promoting these events as “natural” or caused by CO2. And he does, he simply knows what team he is ultimately playing for.

“Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”

For the best synopsis of the HAARP project, there is nobody more qualified than Dr. Nick Begich Jr.
Begich wrote the seminal work on the topic of HAARP, complete with patents and schematics. Begich clearly lays out the capabilities of HAARP which should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to the artificial nature of the California drought and the soon-to-be Polar Vortex. Dr. Begich’s website and the book, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, can be accessed here.
Additionally, I have provided an abbreviated appendix which includes two patents on weather modification from Dr. Bernard Eastman, an Air Force annotated bibliography on weather modification technology (partial), and a stunning earthquake weapon technology abstract used as a prelude to a patent which was compiled by the Air Force in their “Air Force Owning the Weather 2025” documents. These items are located in the appendix which appears at the end of this article. Most people have no idea how far this technology has advanced


Innovations, such as HAARP, makes one realize, very quickly, that mankind has been dragged into a psychopathic world of horrors created by the globalists for their perverted agenda. What is important to realize is that what is about to happen to the country, as a result of this artificially manipulated massive weather front and it is being done to us, this is not an act of nature.


Bernard Eastman HAARP Patents (Partial)

Bernard J. Eastlund’s U.S. Patent # 4,686,605, “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere; and/or Magnetosphere”
Eastlund authored patent US20070238252 ‘Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere’ which was published a few months before his death. The conclusion section of the patent contains the following text:
“This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments. As alluded to earlier, a variety of telecommunications systems for improvement of local cellular systems, short haul stand alone cellular systems, city wide cellular systems and long haul communications systems could result. Two new approaches to weather modification and control are suggested. The first is for manipulation of the steering winds that control the development of mesocyclones, or the modification of the directions of the jet streams that influence development of hurricanes. The second is a method for influencing the electrical charge distribution in weather patterns such as meso-cyclones. Possible defense applications include a method of accelerating electrons to MEV energies in conjunction with the HAARP antenna. Research applications include the creation of bright and controlled guide stars for astrophysical purposes. Thus it can be seen that the ramifications are numerous, far-reaching, and exceedingly varied in usefulness.”

Air Force Annotated Weather Modification Research (Partial)

AF2025 v3c15-7 | Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning… | (Bibliography)http://www.au.af.mil/au/2025/volume3/chap15/v3c15-7.htm#v3c15–7
1 of 7 1/10/2003 6:33 PM

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Air Force Earthquake Weapon Patent

This technology abstract is a submittal by the general public. The views expressed in this abstract
are strictly those of the author and do not reflect the official policy, position, or programs of the
United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States Government.
DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for public release; distribution unlimited.
Document ID: 800062
Technology Abstract Title: Earthquake Weapon
Description: Ultrasonic or acoustic weapon to destroy runways, buildings, bridges. Weapon will
generate a very strong acoustic wave that causes structures to resonate, and thereby destroy them. This
has the advantage of being a destructive force that is not designed to kill people.
Advantages: Destructive to structures and warmaking potential, but does not directly threaten people.
Challenges: How to generate a strong enough acoustic field.
Countermeasures: Acoustic wave cancellation methods (generate a wave out of phase with the
weapon) standard earthquake protection methods, such as flexible structures, truss designs, reinforced
Possible Applications: Destruction of structures Attacking hardened, hidden structures. Airfield
interdiction (destroy runways) Civilian application: demolition.
References: None.
Technology Areas:
Directed Energy and Kinetic Energy Systems Technology (PRIMARY)
Munitions Devices and Energetic Materials Technology
Survivability and Hardening Technology
http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/concepts/800062.HTM 12/11/2008
Credit to Common Sense


By Paul McGuire

There are a lot people in America right now who are under the delusion that the Republican Party will be their savior from the perfect storm of a convergence of catastrophic events like ISIS coming through our Southern border, economic crisis or collapse, a major terrorist attack inside the U.S., skyrocketing food prices,an Ebola pandemic, American troops deployed into the Ukraine region in a conflict with Russia, American troops sent to regions like Iraq and Syria, the prospect of a regional thermonuclear war and the beginnings of World War III, Russia invading Alaska and other remote U.S. regions, the BRIC nations moving to replace the dollar as the defacto world currency and replacing it with a competing world currency, race riots exploding across America, and other crisis events. Anyone of these events alone could trigger martial law and the emergency suspension of the Constitution.

Many Americans, including most of the middle class, are looking to the Republican Party to save them from all of the above because they are under the deception that one President or one political party has brought about all these events. The reality is that both political parties have contributed to this convergence of catastrophic events. For example, it was President Bush and not President Obama who first drove up our national debt by unprecedented amounts. It was President Bush, along with his “born-again” Attorney General, John Ashcroft, who suspended many of our Constitutional civil liberties in the war against terrorism and established the surveillance state. It was the Republican Party with leaders like “Third Way” Newt Gingrich who began the mass outsourcing of high-paying American jobs and manufacturing to nations like China and South American and Third World nations. This was the shot across the bow in the war against the Middle Class!

Once again it was the Republicans who promoted things like NAFTA, GATT, the North American Union, and the WTO, which all transferred the wealth and jobs of the American middle class to Third World nations. Despite all the outcry over President Obama’s executive orders, there has been a constant transfer of power to the Establishment via numerous Executive Orders over the last sixty years by both Republican and Democratic Presidents. Finally, based on their factual and historical track record, what evidence if any, can anyone find that the Republican Party did anything to stop the Democratic Party’s aggressive redistribution of wealth and radical socialist programs? The Republican Party passed some token legislation, but essentially they winked and looked the other way as the Democratic Party radically transformed America. A case in point would be Obamacare; there are a tiny minority of Republicans who continue to strongly oppose Obamacare, which is the greatest redistribution of wealth in American history. But most Republicans are not even pretending that they will repeal it…they may reform it, but they intend to keep it in place.

A game has been played against the American people right before their eyes for the last sixty years, hidden by this illusion of a two-party system. But actually there is just one party with two different names. So every eight years or so, the American people switch back and forth between the Republican and Democratic parties, but the policies and results are for the most part the same. Whatever party or President that is in power, at the bottom line the agenda is always the same. The reason for that is simple: both the Republicans and Democrats work for the same masters, the unseen throne behind the throne that totally controls both parties and the mass media, which controls the thinking of the American people.

The idea of choice or being given a choice by two truly different political parties is a total illusion. Obviously, you will never hear this discussed in the major media because they are controlled by the same people who control the political parties. All the mass media in America is controlled by just six major corporations with interlocking directorates. At the top of the pyramid of the interlocking directorates you find the same elite who control the parties. In this game of manufactured illusion you have the Manchurian candidate “conservatives” in politics and hosting national radio programs and a few television shows. But they are simply part of the game and the illusion. Their role is to dance in the masquerade ball of this illusion and give people a chance to vent their frustrations vicariously by electing the “conservative,”which, despite all the bombastic rhetoric, never exposes the true problem or leads the people in any direction which would effect real change. Behind the illusion of this masquerade ball is a system very much like the one depicted in film director Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

Normally, I don’t like to name individual names, but in this case I will name one, and that is superstar conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. In my opinion based on observation and research, Limbaugh is the premier Manchurian candidate conservative. For example, he mocks and ridicules “conspiracy theories,” because he knows that many of them are true. Rush Limbaugh has been put where he is because he is doing the bidding of his masters. So when he came out the other day and made comments to the effect that the American people voted in Republicans not to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats, but to completely stop and repeal Democratic policies,on one level this rings true and captures the intense emotion people are feeling.

But the problem with Rush Limbaugh’s statement is that the Republicans are controlled by the same people who control the Democrats and when the day is done, they will, one way or another, keep the same agenda going, but simply change its name. Limbaugh has been playing this game of being the Republican cheerleader for a long time. But he is first and foremost a mouthpiece for the elite, and he never educates his audience about the real problems, nor does he support any leaders who would effect real change. Limbaugh and a long list of other conservative media personalities are part of the clown circus and dog and pony show.

But, tragically, most Americans cannot see through the charade. In their hearts they desperately want to believe that there are still heroes left, and that is totally understandable. However, like a woman who falls in love with a man she knows deep down inside will be untrue, the voters reject their instincts and their reason.

Ultimately, it is not the sold-out politicians or the sold out conservative media who are the real problem. Nor in the final analysis, is it the hidden elite who are controlling far more than the average person knows. The elite are not all-powerful; to be blunt they are on a leash held by God. The American people and specifically those who call themselves believers in God or Christians are at the very core of the problem. Everything outlined in this article, including the convergence of catastrophic events into a perfect storm, is in a very real sense a holographic projection of the collective will or consciousness of the American people. I do not mean this in the sense of some kind of collective will power, but that what the people worship as God in their hearts is mirrored in our collective reality.

First of all nobody is deceived, unless they want to be deceived. Ultimately, the American people chose on one level to be seduced and lied to. The foundational lie is the belief that any politician or political system is God. On both the right and left of the political spectrum, people have been looking to a particular party or politician to be their messiah or savior. This is the crux of the problem in America and the real reason we are at the edge of catastrophe. Since the beginning of America there has always been a diversity of spiritual beliefs: Deist, Christian, Illuminist, etc. America has never been a strictly Christian nation. But for a long period of time, most of the American people shared the belief that there was some Higher Power greater than themselves that was in control of the Universe. For many that Higher Power was the God of the Bible and, however imperfectly, millions of Americans attempted to live their lives in a manner that would please the Biblical God.

But beginning around sixty years ago America underwent a spiritual and moral revolution. Since America was economically prosperous, especially after World War II,large numbers of American people decided they simply did not need God and that they were gods. The primary reason for this was that they did not want any restrictions placed on their actions and behavior. They wanted to serve the new gods called “Personal Peace,” “Prosperity,” and “Pleasure.” They wanted to live by a new commandment: “If it feels good, do it.” Anything that would get in the way of worshipping this new god Pleasure would have to be done away with. In order to have “free sex,” people had to get rid of any laws that would restrict it, and this meant the legalization of easy divorces and the legalization of abortion.

Up until the last fifteen years, things were going pretty well for Americans. Many Americans had rejected God decades ago and those who still claimed to believe in a Christian God began to fashion Him into their own image and re-write His laws to suit their lifestyles. Americans, like those who lived in past empires like Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Babylon, began to worship their leaders or look to their leaders as God. Perhaps in America we do not yet conduct religious ceremonies where we actively acknowledge that we worship certain leaders as God, but in practical terms the American people are very seriously looking to their political leaders and political parties to be their savior. This is the central problem in America today and the ultimate cause for all the other problems, including the catastrophic events that threaten us.

Americans, even those who call themselves “Bible-believing Christians,” have not learned the lesson yet, despite all that has happened. At this very moment they are looking to the Republican Party and its leaders to be their savior, in the same exact same way the followers of the Democratic Party looked to Obama as a god or savior. After all, Oprah Winfrey called Obama “The One,” and countless media organizations featured pictures of Obama with a photo shop halo.

The problem with all this is that looking to political leaders as saviors is worshipping gods who do not actually have the power to save, and so the result is catastrophe. Despite the lateness of the hour, all is not lost. For a moment, there is a calm before the storms. That calm may last days, months, or longer, but eventually catastrophe will strike. What is the nature of the calm? The calm is an act of Divine grace; it is the Supreme Judge of the Universe waiting until all the evidence is in before issuing a decree. What evidence is this Judge looking for? He is looking for evidence that a sufficient number of people in America have turned to the true Source.

The universe is not based on chaos or random events; it is designed and runs on Divine law. When Mankind, or, in this case, a certain percentage of the American people choose to synchronize themselves with the Source, a very real cosmic lifeforce is triggered, a lifesource that has the power to stop or at least moderate the coming catastrophic events.

Credit to News with views

The End Time Beast Is Rising