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Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Snowstorm to Focus From NYC to Boston Saturday Night

Heavy snow will focus on the Northeast Saturday night, as snow diminishes over the Midwest. However, far-reaching travel disruptions will continue.

The snowstorm has already spanned more than 1,000 miles. Snow has reached every major city and rural area from St. Louis to Boston, including Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York City. The area encompasses about 110 million people.

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Thanks to recent Arctic air making roads and sidewalks much colder compared to previous storms, enough snow to shovel and plow has occurred in Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri and is in store from parts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey to much of Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
@Leadership_One tweeted: "Snowstorm to Impact More Than 1,000 Miles From St. Louis to Boston. Looks like Old Man Winter is showing up early"

Not only will the storm make roads and sidewalks slippery, raising the risk for slip-and-fall incidents and auto accidents, but it is likely to cause many flight delays and cancellations. The visibility will be poor, runways will become snow covered and aircraft will need to be de-iced.

The storm could cause shipping delays and force Christmas shoppers to change their plans for the weekend.

The recent cold weather, this storm, and others will translate to plenty of snow on the ski slopes.

In the wake of the storm, areas made wet and slushy from melting during the day on Sunday will freeze on Sunday night, producing patches of black ice.


Long stretches of the I-69, I-75, I-80 and I-90 corridors have been hit with heavy snow, falling at the rate of up to an inch per hour in the Midwest.

Even though the snow will wind down Saturday night from west to east in this area, many secondary roads and city streets will remain snow covered.
Credit to Accuweather