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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Revolt In Athens: Syriza Central Committee Member Says "Leadership Strategy Has Failed Miserably"

Not everybody is ignoring that fact that just days after the new Prime Minister promised the Greek population on prime time TV that the loathed bailout program wouldn't be extended and that Greece would have a fresh start - i.e., the mandate it was elected on - one without austerity, Greece folded on virtually every demand, to the point where the European Commission may itself have drafted the "reform agreement" that the Greek finance minister was said to have created.
One person who may be starting a splinter revolt within Syriza itself is Stathis Kouvelakis, a member of the central committee of the leftist organization, a teacher of political theory at King's College, and the latest to demonstrate that the Syriza facade of cohesive acceptance of the past week's "negotiations", is starting to crumble.
From his post "The Alternative In Greece", translated by Wayne Hall, and appearing first in Jacobinmag.
The strategy of Syriza’s leadership has failed miserably. But it’s not too late to avert total defeat.
Let us begin with what should be indisputable: the Eurogroup agreement that the Greek government was dragged into on Friday amounts to a headlong retreat.
The memorandum regime is to be extended, the loan agreement and the totality of debt recognized, “supervision,” another word for troika rule, is to be continued under another name, and there is now little chance Syriza’s program can be implemented.
Such a thorough failure is not, and cannot be, a matter of chance, or the product of an ill-devised tactical maneuver. It represents the defeat of a specific political line that has underlain the government’s current approach.

Friday’s Agreement

In the spirit of the popular mandate for a break with the memorandum regime and liberation from debt, the Greek side entered negotiations rejecting the extension of the current “program,” agreed to by the Samaras government, along with the €7 billion tranche, with the exception of the €1.9 billion return on Greek bonds to which it was entitled.
Not consenting to any supervisory or assessment procedures, it requested a four-month transitional “bridge program,” without austerity measures, to secure liquidity and implement at least part of its program within balanced budgets. It also asked that lenders recognize the non-viability of the debt and the need for an immediate new round of across-the-board negotiations.
But the final agreement amounts to a point-by-point rejection of all these demands. Furthermore, it entails another set of measures aimed at tying the hands of the government and thwarting any measure that might signify a break with memorandum policies.
In the Eurogroup’s Friday statement, the existing program is referred to as an “arrangement,” but this changes absolutely nothing essential. The “extension” that the Greek side is now requesting (under the “Master Financial Assistance Facility Agreement”) is to be enacted “in the framework of the existing arrangement” and aims at “successful completion of the review on the basis of the conditions in the current arrangement.”
It is also clearly stated that
only approval of the conclusion of the review of the extended arrangement by the institutions … will allow for any disbursement of the outstanding tranche of the current EFSF programme and the transfer of the 2014 SMP profits [these are the 1.9 billion of profits out of Greek bonds to which Greece is entitled]. Both are again subject to approval by the Eurogroup.
So Greece will be receiving the tranche it had initially refused, but on the condition of sticking to the commitments of its predecessors.
What we have then is a reaffirmation of the typical German stance of imposing — as a precondition for any agreement and any future disbursement of funding — completion of the “assessment” procedure by the tripartite mechanism (whether this is called “troika” or “institutions”) for supervision of every past and future agreement.
Moreover, to make it abundantly clear that the use of the term “institutions” instead of the term “troika” is window-dressing, the text specifically reaffirms the tripartite composition of the supervisory mechanism, emphasizing that the “institutions” include the ECB (“against this background we recall the independence of the European Central Bank”) and the International Monetary Fund (“we also agreed that the IMF would continue to play its role”).
As regards the debt, the text mentions that “the Greek authorities reiterate their unequivocal commitment to honour their financial obligations to all their creditors fully and timely.” In other words forget any discussion of “haircuts,” “debt reduction,” let alone “writing off of the greater part of the debt,” as is Syriza’s programmatic commitment.
Any future “debt relief” is possible only on the basis of what was proposed in the November 2012 Eurogroup decision, that is to say a reduction in interest rates and a rescheduling, which as is well-known makes little difference to the burden of servicing debt, affecting only payment of interest that is already very low.
But this is not all, because for repayment of debt the Greek side is now fully accepting the same framework of Eurogroup decisions of November 2012, at the time of the three-party government of Antonis Samaras. It included the following commitments: 4.5% primary surpluses from 2016, accelerated privatizations, and the establishment of a special account for servicing the debt — to which the Greek public sector was to transfer all the income from the privatizations, the primary surpluses, and 30% of any excess surpluses.
It was for this reason too that Friday’s text mentioned not only surpluses but also “financing proceeds.” In any case, the heart of the memorandum heist, namely the accomplishment of outrageous primary surpluses and the selling-off of public property for the exclusive purpose of lining lenders’ pockets, remains intact. The sole hint of relaxation of pressure is a vague assurance that “the institutions will, for the 2015 primary surplus target, take the economic circumstances in 2015 into account.”
But it was not enough that the Europeans should reject all the Greek demands. They had, in every way, to bind the Syriza government hand and foot in order to demonstrate in practice that whatever the electoral result and the political profile of the government that might emerge, no reversal of austerity is feasible within the existing European framework. As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stated, “there can be no democratic choice against the European treaties.”
And the provision for this is to take place in two ways. Firstly, as indicated in the text: “The Greek authorities commit to refrain from any rollback of measures and unilateral changes to the policies and structural reforms that would negatively impact fiscal targets, economic recovery or financial stability, as assessed by the institutions.”
So no dismantling of the memorandum regime either (“rollback of measures”), and no “unilateral changes,” and indeed not only as regards measures with a budgetary cost (such as abolition of taxes, raising of the tax-free threshold, increases in pensions, and “humanitarian” assistance) as had been stated initially, but in a much more wide-ranging sense, including anything that could have a “negative impact” on “economic recovery or financial stability,” always in accordance with the decisive judgment of the “institutions.”
Needless to say this is relevant not only to the reintroduction of a minimum wage and the reestablishment of the labor legislation that has been dismantled these last years, but also to changes in the banking system that might strengthen public control (not a word, of course, about “public property” as outlined in Syriza’s founding declaration).
Moreover, the agreement specifies that
the funds so far available in the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) buffer should be held by European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), free of third party rights for the duration of the MFFA extension. The funds continue to be available for the duration of the MFFA extension and can only be used for bank recapitalisation and resolution costs. They will only be released on request by the ECB/SSM.
This clause shows how it has not escaped the attention of the Europeans that Syriza’s Thessaloniki program stated that “seed money for the public sector and an intermediary body and seed money for the establishment of special purpose banks, amounting to a total in the order of €3 billion, will be provided through the HFSF’s so-called ‘cushion’ of around €11 billion for the banks.”
In other words, goodbye to any thought of using HFSF funds for growth-oriented objectives. Whatever illusions still existed regarding the possibility of using European funds for purposes outside of the straitjacket of those for which they had been earmarked — and even more that they should be placed under the Greek government’s jurisdiction — have thus been dispelled.

Defeat of the “Good Euro” Strategy

Can the Greek side possibly believe that it has achieved something beyond the impressive verbal inventiveness of the text? Theoretically yes, insofar as there are no longer any explicit references to austerity measures, and the “structural changes” mentioned (administrative reforms and a clampdown on tax evasion) do not pertain to this category, a modification which of course needs cross-checking against the list of measures that can be expected to emerge in the coming days.
But given that the target of the outrageous budgetary surpluses has been retained, along with the totality of the troika machinery of supervision and assessment, any notion of relaxation of austerity appears out of touch with reality. New measures, and of course stabilization of the existing “memorandum acquis” are a one-way street as long as the present regime prevails, is renamed, and is perpetuated.
It is clear from the above that in the course of the “negotiations,” with the revolver of the ECB up against its head and resultant panic in the banks, the Greek positions underwent near-total collapse. This helps to explain the verbal innovations (“institutions” instead of “troika,” “current arrangements” instead of “current program,” “Master Financial Assistance Facility Agreement” instead of “Memorandum,” etc.). Symbolic consolation or further trickery, depending on how you look at it.
The question that emerges, of course, is how we landed in this quandary. How is it possible that, only a few weeks after the historic result of January 25, we have this countermanding of the popular mandate for the overthrow of the memorandum?
The answer is simple: what collapsed in the last two weeks is a specific strategic option that has underlaid the entire approach of SYRIZA, particularly after 2012: the strategy that excluded “unilateral moves” such as suspension of payments and, even more so, exit from the euro, and argued that:
  • On the issue of the debt, a favorable solution for the debtor can be found with the concurrence of the lender, following the model of the London agreements of 1953 for the debts of Germany — ignoring of course the fact that the reasons the Allies behaved generously towards Germany do not in any way apply to the Europeans today vis à vis the Greek debt, and more generally the public debt of the over-indebted states of today’s EU.
  • Overthrow of the memoranda, expulsion of the troika, and a different model of economic policy (in other words implementation of the Thessaloniki program) could be implemented irrespective of the outcome of debt negotiations and, above all, without triggering any real reaction from the Europeans, above and beyond the initial threats, which were dismissed as bluffing. Indeed, half of the funding for the Thessaloniki program was envisaged as coming from European resources. In other words, not only would the Europeans not have reacted, but they would have generously funded the opposite policies they had been imposing for the last five years.
  • Finally, the “good euro” scenario presupposed the existence of allies of some significance at the level of governments and/or institutions (the reference here is not to the support from social movements or other leftist forces). The governments of France and Italy, the German social democrats, and finally, in a veritable frenzy of fantasy, Mario Draghi himself were from time to time invoked as such potential allies.
All of this came crashing down within the space of a few days. On February 4 the ECB announced the suspension of the main source of liquidity to Greek banks. The outflow that had already started rapidly acquired uncontrollable dimensions, while the Greek authorities, fearing that such a reaction would mark the commencement of the Grexit, didn’t take the slightest “unilateral” measure (such as imposition of capital controls).
The words “writing-off” of debt and even “haircut” were rejected in the most categorical manner possible by lenders who became enraged even hearing them (with the result that they were almost immediately withdrawn from circulation). Instead of their overthrow, it turned out that the only “non-negotiable” element was that of keeping the memoranda and supervision by the troika. Not a single country supported the Greek positions, above and beyond some diplomatic courtesies from those who wanted the Greek government to be able, marginally, to save face.
Fearing the Grexit more than it feared its interlocutors, entirely unprepared in the face of the absolutely predictable contingency of bank destabilization (the system’s classical weapon internationally for almost a century when faced by leftist governments), the Greek side was essentially left without any bargaining tools whatsoever. It found itself with its back to the wall and with only bad options at its disposal. Friday’s defeat was inevitable and marks the end of the strategy of “a positive solution inside the euro,” or to be more accurate “a positive solution at all costs inside the euro.”

How to Avert Total Defeat

Rarely has a strategy been confuted so unequivocally and so rapidly. Syriza’s Manolis Glezos was therefore right to speak of “illusion” and, rising to the occasion, apologize to the people for having contributed to cultivating it. Precisely for the same reason, but conversely, and with the assistance of some of the local media, the government has attempted to represent this devastating outcome as a “negotiating success,” confirming that “Europe is an arena for negotiation,” that it is “leaving behind the Troika and the Memoranda” and other similar assertions.
Afraid to do what Glezos has dared to do — i.e. acknowledge the failure of its entire strategy — the leadership is attempting a cover-up, “passing off meat as fish,” to cite the popular Greek saying.
But to present a defeat as a success is perhaps worse than the defeat itself. On the one hand it turns governmental discourse into cant, into a string of clichés and platitudes that is simply summoned up to legitimate any decision retrospectively, turning black into white; and on the other because it prepares the ground, ineluctably, for the next, more definitive, defeats, because it dissolves the criteria by which success can be distinguished from retreat.
To make the point through recourse to a historical precedent well-known to leftists, if the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, under which Soviet Russia secured peace with Germany, accepting huge territorial losses, had been proclaimed a “victory,” there is no doubt that the October Revolution would have been defeated.
If, therefore, we wish to avert a second, and this time decisive, defeat — which would put an end to the Greek leftist experiment, with incalculable consequences for society and for the Left inside and outside this country — we must look reality in the face and speak the language of honesty. The debate on strategy must finally recommence, without taboos and on the basis of the congress resolutions of Syriza, which for some time now have been turned into innocuous icons.
If Syriza still has a reason for existing as a political subject, a force for the elaboration of emancipatory politics, and for contribution to the struggles of the subordinated classes, it must be a part of this effort to initiate an in-depth analysis of the present situation and the means of overcoming it.
“The truth is revolutionary,” to cite the words of a famous leader who knew what he was talking about. And only the truth is revolutionary, we may now add, with the historical experience we have since acquired.
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‘Apocalyptic’ Iran Deal: Details Increasingly Reveal Bibi is Right

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Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in a public statement, referred to the threatened deal between Iran and the west, as a "bad deal," a "very, very bad deal"

Iran looks to be the big winner in the high stakes negotiation game that the world powers, led by U.S. President Barack Obama’s team, have played like amateurs.

The biggest news is that, whereas ten years ago Iran was not permitted to have even one centrifuge, the “deal” the P5+1 will be offering, according to senior Israeli and other officials, allows Iran about 6,500 centrifuges.

Those centrifuges have nothing to do with creating nuclear “power,” in the oil-rich Islamic Republic of Iran. Those centrifuges will be spinning the material to hurtle Iran towards nuclear weapons capability.

The details that are emerging support the position the Israelis have been warning against, increasingly loudly, for many months. Although the U.S. recently admitted it had kept Israel out of the loop about details of the deal, Israel has been kept abreast through other channels.

The “deal” has not yet been finalized, and talks will resume next Monday, after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met to hammer out details for several days in Geneva.

“We had serious talks with the P5+1 representatives and especially with the Americans in the past three days…. But still there is a long way to reach a final agreement,” Zarif told Iran’s Fars news.

The P5+1 refers to the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, the U.S., the United Kingdom, Russia, China and France, plus Germany.

In addition to the huge number of centrifuges that Iran will be permitted under the deal, the end date of the agreement between the P5+1 and Iran is of great concern to Israel and others who recognized Iran’s apocalyptic capabilities. The agreement is expected to end in about ten years, after which there will be no restraints at all on Iran’s nuclear program.

AP reported the deal would initially freeze Iran’s nuclear program but gradually allow it to increase activities, as a “reward” for “compliance,” that could enable it to produce nuclear arms in the last years of the agreement.

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon voiced Israel’s deep concern about the impending deal, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“The agreement with Iran as it is coming together now is a great danger to Western world peace and a threat to Israel’s security,” he said.

“Iran today is the leading factor for instability in the Middle East, and it sends terrorist proxies around the world with the goal of harming Western and Israeli interests,” he said. “Therefore, any agreement that will be signed between the West and this apocalyptic, messianic regime will severely harm Western and Israeli interests and enable Iran to become a threshold nuclear state and continue its terrorist activities".

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be addressing a joint session of Congress next week. He will focus on the dangers of the deal with Iran. He openly admits his goal is to convince members of Congress to do all they can to insist any agreement be one that keeps Iran from achieving its goal of obtaining nuclear weapons capability.

The speech has become a major source of conflict between the U.S. administration and Israel, with false allegations that Netanyahu “blindsided” the administration by failing to inform it in advance of accepting the invitation.

With the details slowly emerging of a very bad deal between the world powers and Iran, and with polls showing the vast majority of Americans distrust the Iranians, it may be that Washington’s petulance will have at least one unintended consequence: a boost to Bibi.

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Here Comes The United States of Antichrist?

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By Terry James

Authhor’s note: My latest book, Antichrist Chronicles, was just released and details, in-depth, issues and events of these pre-Tribulation times. As I will be detailing in several articles and programs here at SkyWatchTV, none of the prophetic signals occurring almost hourly more powerfully illustrate how near the rise of Antichrist this world is at present than does the subject of the following entries, in my view.

The rise of the first beast of Revelation chapter 13 is on fast-track to fulfillment. The son of perdition’s kingdom is almost complete –the 666 economic power base I term the United States of Antichristnearly in place.

That most evil empire ever to come upon Planet Earth could begin the satanic process of enslaving this generation within a fraction of a second. The Rapture of the Church could happen at any moment!

Change that was promised as part of the American presidential campaign leading to the 2008 election of Barack Hussein Obama is rapidly taking on form and substance. Its monstrous reality no longer lurks in the shadows of diplomatic obfuscation designed to misdirect and divert. I am convinced that we are witnessing the emergence of the end-times entity Daniel and John foresaw under divine revelation.

Acceleration of developments in every area of US global interaction brings focus and magnification to the fact that America is deliberately and masterfully being diminished—brought into configuration to produce a governing authority of immensely ominous scope and power.

Prophecy students have for decades puzzled over the fact that smaller nation-states like Libya, Syria, and even Egypt are mentioned as having prophetic prominence in the Bible. Yet, the greatest superpower ever to exist on planet earth doesn’t rate even a slight mention, except obliquely, perhaps, in Ezekiel 38:13, as one of the “young lions.” What happens to the great United States of America that relegates it to a nonplayer as prophecy comes to culmination?

The church today—and there is but one people within that designation: all truly born-again believers in Jesus Christ—is for the most part deliriously happy within its almost total ignorance of biblically prophesied things to come. The majority doesn’t know about what is prophetically scheduled to happen to their world. They don’t want to know, and are protected in their ignorance by pastors and teachers who harbor the same attitude.

Those within the church who do know and care are mostly trepidatious about the prospects for America and the world. The trepidation ranges the spectrum from concern that the US will suffer total economic meltdown and degeneration into chaos and anarchy that will bring about dictatorship and incarceration in FEMA camps to fears that America will become so weakened that the nation will be nuked out of existence by the likes of Russia, China, and even maybe a soon-to-be nuclear Iran.

If I may be so audacious, I will propose the third possibility I see clearly now as the terminus for this once-great republic. To be honest, I have suspected this will be the scenario for America all along, and have written of my suspicion in a number of essays.

I believe the change promised by the current presidential administration, as part of that being orchestrated over the past several decades, is at this very moment bringing the US into the foretold union to be ruled by history’s most lawless tyrant. The disregard by this president for the US Constitution, in itself a totally lawlessmodus operandi, in conjunction with a Congress that hasn’t the fortitude to oppose this iniquitous action, is proof we are in the time of America’s demise and Antichrist’s ascent.

No, I am not saying Barack Obama is the prophesied first beast of Revelation chapter 13. This president, however, in concert with several administrations previous, and, with the help of the many globalist movers and shakers over the past decades and even centuries, is complicit in forcing this apex nation into the globalist mold.

The force behind the globalist agenda has been incessantly at work to impress upon the American populace—and the world at large—that the United States is an unjust, even a criminally oppressive, state.

Most recently, for example, we can look at the ramped-up harangue US Senator Dianne Feinstein perpetrated against the Central Intelligence Agency, charging that America inhumanely deals with prisoners—particularly prisoners, her harangue implies, of the Muslim sort. The truth is that while the “torture” with which the CIA is charged includes such things as sleep deprivation, loud, Western music, and hanging pictures of the prisoners’ families on their cell walls—and, yes, even some waterboarding—Muslim terrorist organizations, and even Islamist governments worldwide, mutilate and behead men, women, and children—even infants—in the cause of their religion.

American mainstream media rehashes years-old reports of this “torture” by America’s agencies that are charged with protecting us, while scarcely covering even the most heinous atrocities perpetrated by the Islamist terrorist states.

The lie that America is brutal and unjust has at its center that white Europeans came and, through murderous thievery, stole land from the Native Americans. These “oppressors,” the slanderous fable goes, were the same who brought to America slaves from Africa and other places to work the hapless people so the oppressors could live luxuriant lives of opulence.

Manifest Destiny is in the mind of those who detest this nation’s history—which includes a national heart of doling out unprecedented largesse to people in need—the equivalent of falsely legitimized rape, pillage, and plunder.

This is still going on, according to those who seek “social justice.” At least, they claim, this is the mindset of the majority of Caucasian people in America today. Most all of these modern-day “white oppressors,” it is declared through sometimes nearly insane-sounding rant, are of the conservative, Christian mindset. That is, they hold to constitutional principles they see as centered in biblical truth, thus are bigoted, narrow-minded, and exclusive in their desire to lord it over the people of color in the nation.

In this way, the seed is planted deep into the collective conscience of America that “change” must be made. That is the great “hope” to which those who won the 2008 presidential election aspire.

Those in league with the seekers of this specious “social justice”—the entertainment media and the liberal bastions of academia, as well as the mainstream journalists of America, and, for that matter, the world—equate Christian morality with being cruel, oppressive, bigoted, and narrow-minded. They agree and fight each and every hour of each day to bring the fundamentalist view of Christianity into the realm of punishable “hate speech.” They want no talk of Jesus Christ as the arbiter of morality and social justice, like the Founding Fathers (all white men) often implied within their writings upon the foundation of this nation.

Of course, it is obvious that this unending invective against our nation is a soul-darkened ideological bent infused within the self-appointed intellectual champions of the downtrodden in America and around the globe.

This is why there must be formed a global unity of mind and thought focused in a changed direction. This is the reason there is great movement toward the so-called New World Order, as given by the words of some well-known personages.

Dr. Henry Kissinger wrote in the Los Angeles Times, July 18, 1993, in the lead-up to Congress being challenged to sign onto the North America Free Trade Association (NAFTA): “What Congress will have before it is not a conventional trade agreement but the architecture of a new international system…a first step toward a new world order.”

Many notables on the geopolitical list of who’s who have expressed their desire to bring about what I term the “United States of Antichrist.” Some of their quotes follow:
December 7, 1988—In an address to the UN, Mikhail Gorbachev calls for mutual consensus: “World progress is only possible through a search for universal human consensus as we move forward to a new world order.”

1991—President George Bush praises the New World Order in a State of the Union message: “What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea—a new world order…to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind…based on shared principles and the rule of law….The illumination of a thousand points of light….The winds of change are with us now.”

October 30, 1991—President Gorbachev, at the Middle East peace talks in Madrid, states: “We are beginning to see practical support. And this is a very significant sign of the movement towards a new era, a new age….We see both in our country and elsewhere…ghosts of the old thinking….When we rid ourselves of their presence, we will be better able to move toward a new world order…relying on the relevant mechanisms of the United Nations.”

1992—President Bush, addressing the General Assembly of the UN, said: “It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.”

1993—Strobe Talbott (Bill Clinton’s roommate at Oxford) receives the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award for his 1992Time article, “The Birth of the Global Nation,” and in appreciation for what he has done “for the cause of global governance.” President Clinton writes a letter of congratulations that states: “Norman Cousins worked for world peace and world government….Strobe Talbott’s lifetime achievements as a voice for global harmony have earned him this recognition….He will be a worthy recipient of the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award. Best wishes…for future success.”

April, 1995—Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian president, in the New York Times: “The renewal of the nonproliferation treaty was described as important ‘for the welfare of the whole world and the new world order.’”

October 2, 2001—Prime Minister Tony Blair, United Kingdom, in a speech at the Labour Party Conference: “This is a moment to seize. The kaleidoscope has been shaken, the pieces are in flux, soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us re-order this world around us.”

April 5, 2013—Vice President Joe Biden, in a speech to the Import Export Bank, says: “The affirmative task before us is to create a New World Order.”

Again, the New World Order will find difficulty coming into being until the apex nation—the one to which all nations of the world are intricately linked through the almighty dollar—can be brought down so that it melds with the others. As long as the United States holds the key to dominance, especially economic dominance, the move back to Babel—the building of the one-world order the master planners want—cannot begin to happen in earnest.

We are witnessing, therefore, the destruction of the nation from within. America’s infrastructure has been under intensive attack by the Lucifer-inspired one-world builders since its inception. But, the attack especially became manifest in 1962 when the US Supreme Court decided that prayer be forbidden in public schools. This assault was followed by Bible reading being banished in public schools in 1963. This resulted in the ramping up of the separation of church and state sophistry that opened the way for evolution-based, secular humanism to infect children’s minds while in the classrooms—without opposition.

The deliberately planned financial attack—in my opinion—that generated severe economic chaos in 2007, bringing about unprecedented (supposed) remedies, was an assault intended to forever change the course of America—and in many ways. It was an assault by the powers of Ephesians chapter 6 carried out by human, globalist, minions.

America’s Come-Uppance

Image result for Here Comes The United States of Antichrist?

The United States is demonstrably at the top of the list of the most-hated nations on earth, second only to the tiny Jewish state of Israel. All one needs do is to read news of world events within foreign press accounts, no matter the country, to determine the disdain for America. The US mainstream news conglomerate leads the way in pointing to US ugly Americanism.

We recall recent events in which this nation is portrayed as at fault, even though all evidence was to the contrary. One example is the matter of the attack on the American diplomatic headquarters inBenghazi, Libya.

The president and his secretary of state led the way in proclaiming the attack on the embassy and the murder of four Americans to be not the fault of Islamist terrorists, but the fault of a pitiful, small-time filmmaker of YouTube videos. The strong implication for months by the White House and State Department was that it was the disrespect shown Mohammed, the founder of Islam, in the video that set off a spontaneous demonstration.

In fact, the YouTube video that is purported to have slammed Mohammed was scarcely viewed throughout the Internet. The implication was that it was America’s fault that the embassy was attacked, and that the diplomatic employees were murdered because of America’s insensitivity to others around the world in allowing such disrespect to fester within our ranks. Christianity’s “one way to salvation,” these State Department types wanted to convey, bore a big part of the guilt for the Benghazi attack because of the religious “intolerance” harbored by such a large number of American citizens.

Such surreptitious propagandizing is behind the refusal of this administration and mainstream news media to ever ascribe guilt to Islam in the ongoing, horrendous acts of terrorism that are in every case based on religious fervor.

The American press joined the White House and State Department, as well as all other US detractors, in this convoluted slant on what happened in Libya.

The truth is that a group of Muslim terrorists, because they hate the United States for its support of the even more-hated Israel, and because of worldwide Islamist desire to make everyone bow the knee to Allah, planned, then carried out, the attack. It had nothing to do with a small-time, unknown video maker or his unknown video.

I think it is again demonstrative of the fact that the entire matter was used to diminish America’s influence in this world that is rapidly headed for dramatically changed global order. Unless the United States is brought down, that change will be difficult, if not impossible, to effect.

It is obvious to me that forces outside of America and, even more troubling, forces within the ranks of our government at the highest levels, believe it is high time that the United States be brought to account for the perceived wrongs they insanely believe this great nation has perpetrated. The changes they seek will soon allow the master manipulator of all things evil to achieve—at least for a time—the new order of things he desires for humanity.

This gestating global entity is what I term “the United States of Antichrist.”

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February 22, 2015 - NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - These incredible pictures show New York's iconic Hudson river frozen over as a cold snap continues to grip the U.S. east coast.

In some places the 120-mile long river is coated in ice 1.5ft thick, forcing the authorities to deploy icebreakers.

But while these pictures may be beautiful, behind these images is a stark reality.

Hudson river frozen over. © Slash News

The Hudson transports 70 per cent of the home heating oil in the north-east of the country - a concern when large swathes of that area are dealing with sub zero temperatures.

In New York City, 2C was recorded in Central Park today, but wind gusts made it feel like -15.

Credit to http://thecelestialconvergence.blogspot.com

ISIS Abduct 90 Christians & Burn 8,000 Rare Books

The Psychological Reasons Why Americans Have Embraced Their Enslavement

do something
Knowledge is a precursor to action and self-empowerment. Subsequently, how and where we get our news is critically important. This article explores how America sits upon the abyss of total brainwashing and how the last vestige of unbiased truth is about to disappear.

The Digital Age of News

Just over 75% of Americans get news at least daily, including 60% of adults under age 30, from the Internet on a regular basis. Almost half of all American adults with access to the Internet subscribe to news alerts. Among smartphone owners, 78% use their device to get news. Seventy-three percent of tablet owners use their device to get news.
“The use of social media does vary by age group: 7 in 10 adults under age 30 say they learned news through social media in the last week, 6 in 10 of those age 30-39, 4 in 10 age 40-59 and 1 in 5 for those 60 or older. Social media, in other words, has become a significant part of the news consumption habits for many Americans across generations”.
Despite the omnipresence of the Internet as the predominant means that people under the age of 40 get their news and information, Americans are largely clueless that Obama’s FCC has produced a 322 page “net neutrality” document which is so ominous that it nearly guarantees the end of the Independent Media as we know it.
Last night, I interviewed Doug Hagmann about this threat to free speech and uncensored information. Just like Obamacare and the Trans Pacific Partnership, once again, even Congress is not allowed to see the 322 page document. However, leaks would indicate that Internet content will be controlled under hate speech legislation and is designed to promote a prevailing Obama-inspired social and political agenda and that the use of the Internet will soon become prohibitively expensive to use. This is a huge victory for the dying mainstream media and the corporate moguls who have hijacked our government and they are now ready to completely hijack the truth.
It is not surprising that the globalists would try and censor free speech on the Internet because people are increasingly preferring to listen to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report on the Internet, than they would prefer to watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on corporate controlled television. What is surprising is that Americans are seemingly taking this censorship lying down and not even putting up a semblance of a protest.

Three Psychological Reasons Why Americans Are Politically Paralyzed

For years, I have said that Americans would be motivated to take to the streets with pitchforks, if the government did two things: (1) try to confiscate guns; and, (2) take away the free and uncensored Internet. I may have been wrong on these two points, because, according to Doug Hagmann, we could be days away from losing the freedom associated with the Internet.
There is a set of psychological reasons why our people, even those that are seemingly more awake than most, would accept this latest tyranny from their government. We know about cognitive dissonance which prevents people from seeing the totality of a threat and thus inhibiting their personal ability to make the paradigm shift needed to accurately perceive the threat. We also know about bystander apathy which stands as an obstacle to getting involved because in this large country, “someone else will do it”. And there is a third psychological reason which prevents us from getting involved because we have been conditioned that our actions cannot make any difference which is reflective of a condition called, learned helplessness.

The Brainwashing of America

Americans have been brainwashed into believing that their government will care for them in their time of need. Has this time in American history been foretold? I believe that it has and that H. G. Wells was the prophetic messenger of the New World Order.
Wells actually understood a concept that modern day psychologists refer to as learned helplessness and he wrote about it in his book, The Time Machine, which was originally published in 1895 and the book was later made into a 1960 hit movie by the same name. The book prophetically told of a time in the distant future where the “normal” inhabitants of the earth would be docile, passive and suffer from the condition that modern day psychologists refer to as “learned helplessness.” What is learned helplessness?

Learned Helplessness

Why won’t America stand up for herself? Why is the country, once a country which possessed courage and conviction, now sitting idly while allowing itself to be taken to the slaughter without so much as a whimper?
The answer to the above question lies in the psychological concept known as “Learned Helplessness” as discovered by Martin Seligman in the 1960’s.
“Learned helplessness” occurs when an animal, or a person, is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape from. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness will prevent any action”.

seligman 2

Phase One
In the first phase of the learned helplessness experiment, Seligman placed a dog on an electrical grid, shocked the dog and noted that the dog would demonstrate the ability to escape the aversive stimulus.
Phase Two
In the second phase, the dog was barricaded on the grid and was unable to escape the painful shocks. Eventually the dog laid down and passively accepted the shock.
Phase Three
Seligman then removed the barricades and the dog could have easily escaped the shocks. However, the dog, conditioned by the prior set of events, simply laid down and accepted the shocks, without mounting any resistance whatsoever. This, in large part, is where America is at today.

HG Wells Was One of “Them”

HG Wells, an avowed globalist.
HG Wells, an avowed globalist.
Wells was an avowed globalist and Eugenicist, and he portrayed the experiences of a time-traveler in the year 802701 A.D.  HG Well’s work demonstrated the complete and present day suicidal compliance of the concept of learned helplessness in which the brainwashed people were portrayed in first, the novel and later in the movie starring Rod Taylor, as George, and Yvette Mimieux, as Weena.
The 1960 movie, The Time Machine.
The 1960 movie, The Time Machine.
When George arrived, in his time machine, to the distant future he found an extremely passive race, almost appearing to have been lobotomized, known as the Eloi. On the surface, this passive race lived a blissful life along an idyllic riverbank eating fruits and berries and engaged in meaningless conversation. Every need was “magically” provided for the Eloi by unseen benefactors. Upon his arrival, George thought the Eloi lived an enchanted life, but how they maintained their lifestyle remained a mystery. George took note that hard work and struggle had been replaced by a lifestyle which contained no cares, no anxieties, no responsibilities and this race of people were devoid of any ambition as it appeared to have been bred out them. Today, the Eloi would all own an Obamaphone.
obama phone 3
In an early scene in the movie, Weena, was being swept away by a swift river current and not one of the Eloi lifted a finger to rescue her. George rescued Weena. Isn’t that what America is doing today in that most are not expending any energy resisting the tidal wave of tyranny which is threatening to sweep away the members of our country?
George quickly realized that the Eloi had no real culture, no accomplishments and were devoid of any knowledge of their history and mindlessly recreated with no cares, no worries, no responsibilities, and no ambition. In short, this is what America is becoming today.The Eloi all looked alike, they all acted alike and lived happily together in their ignorant and blissful collectivist life-style. This is the third world country that America is quickly becoming in which we stand for nothing, excellence in accomplishment is not often sought after nor honored and our people completely lack any demonstrable sense of courage on a mass scale.
Searching for answers to the question on why the Eloi were happily living in a state of arrested development, George visited the abandoned library of the Eloi and discovered that humanity had bifurcated following a nuclear conflict. The Eloi remained above ground and the physically mutated Morlocks inhabited the underworld but, through stealth, controlled the Eloi. Analogous to Wells’ story, today’s leaders have bifurcated from the public and are literally and figuratively serving the dark side which seeks to destroy humanity.
One afternoon, in the classic movie, the air raid sirens sounded and the Eloi fell into a pre-programmed trance and mindlessly marched toward a pyramid looking bomb shelter, entered, and disappeared as the doors automatically closed. Before George could rescue Weena, she too, was among those who disappeared. When the sirens stopped, the Eloi stopped marching toward the bomb shelter and they returned to normal. George frantically pressed the Eloi survivors, who remained on the outside, as to what had just happened and the only programmed response that he received was that everything was “all clear.”
“All clear”, is the familiar phrase which has been uttered by every population following the cessation of bombing raids. Like the Eloy, America is marching to a silent siren being repetitively played by the media in which we constantly receive the message that we should all mindlessly and unquestionably trust in the government.
The Eloi showed no sorrow and no concern for their fellow citizens who simply disappeared behind the structure and never returned. In the same manner, America shows little remorse for our loss of liberties and financial well-being, which may never return.
Eventually, George was able to gain access to the underground bomb shelter and he discovered that the Morlocks, were cannibalizing the Eloi. As it turned out, the Eloi had been mindlessly programmed to march silently and obediently to their own destruction with absolutely no resistance. The Morlocks, forced to live underground after the nuclear conflict, provided every need for the Eloi in order to fatten them up for the kill, but most of all, they had conditioned the Eloi, in the Pavlovian conditioning tradition, to completely obey. The Eloi were the quintessential example of learned helplessness.
The Morlocks are a symbolic representation of America’s present modern-day Obama administration and symbolizes the global elite who largely hide in the shadows as they attempt to control every facet of our lives. Like the Eloi, Americans are taught by the government that they must be protected for our own good. We not only have to be protected from outside threats, and we also have to be protected from ourselves (i.e., returning veterans, Constitutionalists, Bible believing Christians , etc).
This bomb shelter scene of the movie was indeed very prophetic and very telling, as this precisely represents the globalists reality being carried out in America today in which the government is in the process of  taking care of all of the basic citizen needs as the last vestiges of liberty and the accompanying sense of responsibility is removed. Subsequently, the public’s work ethic and the determined conviction needed to preserve the ideals of freedom are all but gone. This is the baseline definition of learned helplessness.
If you are one of the 50% on the federal handout welfare list, most of you, certainly not all, are contributing to the demise of civilization as know it. The government is the new God, it is trying to become the purveyor of truth and the source of all wants and needs. What the American sheeple do not realize is that by allowing the government to provide the basic needs for so many of our people is a kind of an appetizer, while, we the people, are the main course. This is why the Internet, as we know it, will soon be gone because you cannot be allowed to know the truth!
America has been conquered by the five megabanks and most of us are totally unaware that we have been subjugated and are in the process of being domesticated by organizations such as the TSA and their invasive policies which teach Americans that your body does not belong to you, it belongs to the government. Yet, Americans cannot attend a public event in which we are not constantly reminded how free we are because of the sacrifice of our troops (which are now under the control of NATO and the United Nations as they serve the corporations). As far as the Eloi knew, they were also living under the illusion that they were free. The Eloi, the same as Americans, had been conditioned to mindlessly obey authority even when it would lead to their destruction.
In the Well’s novel, the main character, George, had not been a product of this conditioning and descended into the Morlock’s lair and defeated the Morlocks. Through his courage and determination, George showed the dumbed-down Eloi how to defend themselves against certain death and how to actually fight for freedom. Surprisingly, the Morlocks were relatively easy to defeat when they were forcefully opposed.
H. G. Wells was an avowed globalist. He was the lover of Margaret Sanger, the founder of the baby murder factory we call Planned Parenthood. In the book, Wells clearly laid out his vision for the domination of humanity by shadowy underground groups and individuals. Unfortunately for humanity, there is no George who is going to show in the near term and defeat the Morlock (i.e. globalists).

Learned Helplessness In America

Today, we lay down in the face of the abject criminality of our government. We accept GMO’s, chemtrails, CPS sponsored child sex trafficking, the theft of our mortgages, the murder of dissidents, constant surveillance, unsafe medicines and foods, and the privatization of our most vital resources which are being priced out of our reach (e.g. water) and now we are soon going to be experiencing the loss of the truth in the form of the free Internet.
We have the ability to fight back (phase one). We have done it before (e.g. Revolutionary War, Civil War). However, this was before the omnipresent MSM came on the scene.
We are conditioned by an apathetic Congress that our opinion does not matter (phase two). The media tells us we are the most free nation on the earth.  As a case in point, we honor our veterans and subsequently let the VA murder them. We are conditioned by these factors and the corporate controlled media that our actions can make no difference.


We sit primed today to accept everything our government does to us on behalf of their corporate controllers (phase three). The end result of our passivity is depopulation.
As my friend Jim Marrs says, there are more of us than there are of them and we could overcome them, if we would just turn off the great programmer of human behavior, the television. Jim is right, but too many of us love our servitude and we have embraced cognitive dissonance, bystander apathy and now learned helplessness as a set of national personality traits which have become ingrained throughout our population.
There are certain actions which can undo these psychological bounds of enslavement and when I have an afternoon to waste, I will write about them. I have not written about them here today because because I do not want to confuse a factual message with a fantasy ideal that most people do not have the courage to embrace.

HG Wells wrote our epitaph in 1895. However, instead of marching into futuristic bomb shelters, our people will passively ride the Wackenhut bus to the FEMA camps.
Credit to Common Sense