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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Furious China Slams "Irrational" US Trade War, Warns "Will Take Steps"

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The main reason stocks in the steel sector are on fire today is because overnight the Commerce Department escalated its trade war with China when it implemented the latest clampdown on a glut of steel imports, when it announced that corrosion-resistant steel from China will face final U.S. anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties of up to 450%. The final U.S. anti-dumping duties on the Chinese products replace preliminary ones of 256% issued in December 2015.
The department also issued anti-dumping duties of 3 percent to 92 percent on producers of corrosion-resistant steel in Italy, India, South Korea and Taiwan. 
The duty hit producers of the flat-rolled steel, which is coated or plated with zinc, aluminum or other metals to extend its service life, with anti-subsidy duties in China, South Korea, Italy and India. Taiwan was exempted.
This follow last week's 522% duty imposed by the US on cold-rolled steel imports from China used in automobiles and other manufacturing, which led to the latest angry rebuke from Beijing: "There's too much trade friction and it's not good for the market," Liu Zhenjiang, secretary general of the China Iron and Steel Association told Reuters when asked if China will appeal U.S. anti-dumping duties at the World Trade Organization. "High taxes are unfair .... China doesn't have a large market share in the United States," Zhang Dianbo, deputy general manager at Baosteel Group, said recently during a Singapore conference. 
Fast forward to today when China escalated the war of words. 
Cited by ReutersChina's Commerce Ministry said it was extremely dissatisfied at what it called the "irrational" move by the United States, which it said would harm cooperation between the two countries.
"China will take all necessary steps to strive for fair treatment and to protect the companies' rights," it said, without elaborating.
An employee talks on his mobile phone near stacks of rebar at
Shanxi Zhongsheng Iron and Steel in Fenyang, Shanxi Province
China has come under increasing fire from industrialized countries worldwide that have accused it of dumping steel at prices far below production costs to avoid cutting excess capacity in the sector, which faces slowing demand at home.  
Beijing has insisted that it would eliminate 100 million to 150 million tons of annual capacity and said last week it would persist with a steel tax rebate plan to support the sector's restructuring; it has so far failed to do that and instead as a result of the recent credit deluge Chinese production and exports have soared.  
The increasingly more noisy steel trade war has grown into a major irritant as senior U.S. and Chinese officials prepare for bilateral economic and foreign policy meetings in Beijing in early June.
A laborer marks steel bars at a steel factory in Huai'an, Jiangsu province
What is more notable in this escalating war of both words and trade duties is that it comes at a time when none other than China has right of first refusal to hinder the Fed's rate hiking intentions (if indeed such exist). As Deutsche Bank explained yesterday, a rate hike in June or July will be up to China: should the Yuan proceed to slide in a repeat of what happened in August and December, the Fed may be forced to postpone its rate hike once again. 
* * * 
Meanwhile, the US shows no relent in its trade war with China: the Commerce Department issued anti-dumping duties of 210% on all Chinese-produced corrosion resistant steel. Final anti-subsidy duties ranged from 39 % for many producers to 241% for some of the largest ones including Baosteel, Hebei Iron & Steel Group and Angang Group.
Life for China's exporters is only going to get more difficult: the European Union launched its own investigation of Chinese steel exports two  weeks ago following protests by steelworkers. In Britain, Tata Steel cited low-cost Chinese competition when it announced plans last month to sell money-losing operations that employ 20,000 people.
And just to assure that this is nowhere near the end of the ongoing trade wars, China pushed back against its trading partners in April, announcing anti-dumping duties on steel from the European Union, Japan and South Korea.
Will China merge its ongoing trade war with the just as violent currency war which prevented the Fed from hiking rates so far in 2016, when the tumbling Yuan resulted in two separate S&P500 swoons? The answer will be made apparent with every CNY fixing over the next month and the PBOC's subsequent intervention in the offshore CNY market. What makes this particular reaction by China especially interesting is that it comes in the aftermath of the Shanghai Accord: will the tentative agreement ironed out between the central banks to not create too much FX volatility be respected, or will China do what the US has been warning Japan against for the past month, and proceed by breaching the ongoing currency ceasefire?

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International Space Station under attack?

ISS under attack? Bizarre 'UFO or missile filmed by International Space Station'
ONLINE conspiracy theorists have released a video of what they claim shows the International Space Station (ISS) under attack by a mysterious "UFO or missile".

YouTubeThe "UFO or missile" can be seen in the centre of the screen

The extraordinary claim is made in footage released on YouTube by channel Pete WDHco.

The video, entitled "ISS Space Station Attacked or Attacks Missile or UFO Interesting Capture” claims to be recorded by the ISS's own live-stream camera this month before being sent to it by Heather Ortiz from California.

In the video, which has been broadcast as a series of still images rather than moving footage, a dark cylindrical-shaped object appears to have passed closely above the Earth to a portion of the ISS that can be seen to the left of the frame.

In the next clip, it appears to have moved away from and in front of the ISS.

A later clip shows it further away still, and seemingly descending towards the planet.

"Caught as it flew down and entered Earth. What is it? Any ideas?"

The video has led to a flurry of online speculation from conspiracy theorists.

Chuck Mcguire pondered if the ISS itself has been armed.

YouTubeWhat is it? cylindrical object passes or leaves the ISS

Credit to express.co.uk

Paris in tear gas & smoke clouds as violent clashes erupt during labor reform protest


How Do Parents Raise Their Children In the New World Order?

Leave It To Beaver

When I became a parent, I mistakenly thought that I would raise my son just like my parents raised me. My parents instilled in me a fundamental respect for authority, how to honor the great traditions of our country and how to work hard to get what I wanted out of life. Most of all, we were proud to be Christians.
I grew up loving the ideals of our country, the freedom and the opportunity.  As a result, I have lived a good and prosperous life. I give thanks to my parents and to God everyday for my good fortune. However, I have learned that I was not fully prepared to be a parent because I do not know how to teach my 15 year old son to live in the New World Order by people who serve Satan.
The America we knew is dead and gone and is running solely on momentum. Are any of you asking the same question that I am about how we tell our pre-teen and teenage children that they live under a hopelessly corrupt government and they are making plans to full enslave all of us under REX 84, FEMA Camps, NDAA, etc? Do we teach our children to never criticize the government because free speech has been criminalized as an act of domestic terrorism?
How do we provide our children the necessary hope to believe that if they work hard and go to college, that they will have a good life? And even if our kids graduate from college, most won’t find jobs when they get out of school and even if they do find work in their field, they will be debt slaves because of the cost of higher education, thanks to college student loans. How do we encourage our children to learn the lessons of civics when we fully know that our vote, on a national level, does not make a darn bit of difference and that the Pelosi’s, Reid’s, Bush’s and Obama’s are already bought and paid for? How do we teach our children that our brave men and women who serve in the military have been turned into pawns of corporate greed and subsequent imperialism? How do we prepare to raise our children in a decadent society which dishonors the Christian principles that our country was founded upon? I was making a list the other day about what my son faces as compared to what I faced as a teen.
  • Sexual depravity on a level I could not have imagined. The only prohibition left is child molestation and that will soon fall and we will make pedophiles a protected class. We have already provided them with a crime scene thanks to the transgender bathroom issue.
  • NDAA
  • EO 13603
  • College Student Loans by a system whose tuition costs are going up 8 times faster than the cost of living
  • Obamacare with its genocidal policies, exorbitant costs, and extreme corruption
  • Every perversion practiced by a person makes them a protected class
  • Christians are marginalized at every turn
  •  Tax exempt church makes sissies our every pastor that particpates
  • The Clergy Response Team has hopelessly compromised tens of thousands of pastors to the point where there message does not represent the Bible.
  • $21 trillion dollar debt
  • $240 trillion unfunded mandated liabilities (e.g. Social Security and Medicare)
  • $200 trillion personal credit card debt
  • $1.5 quadrillion estimated Credit Swap Derivatives Debt
  • The 51st longest lifespan on the planet despite paying the most for health care by a factor of ten
  • 23% under and unemployed rate
  • A nation that will soon not be able to feed itself
  • Chemtrails and heavy metals
  • Highest cancer rates in the world
  • Highest autism rates in the world
  • GMO food that cannot be avoided
  • 98% of the media is the enemy of the common man and serves the needs of the New World Order
  • FEMA Camps for dissenters (CMU’s are already active)
  • Fake climate change that will soon skyrocket our utility rates
  • On the door-steps edge of WW III
  • A borderless country
  • A military that is under the control of NATO and ultimately the United Nations (at least that is what Obama told Vietnam’s leaders two days ago).
  • The mistreatment of our military to the point where 23 veterans take their lives everyday, while the VA leadership continues with their corruption in the midst of a national wrist slap.
  • The destruction, for many children, of their education system through the proven failures of No Child Left Behind and now Common (Communist) Core. The Common Core breed of math is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon the citizens of any nation.
  • The establishment’s glorification of Islam after nations love for Christianity
  • The destruction of the 5th Amendment property rights by the BLM and the EPA
  • The destruction of the First Amendment by the notion of political correctness and the threats of Attorney General Loretta Lynch
  • The complete admission to our country by ISIS and known drug cartels
  • Violations of the 4th Amendment by the NSA
  • A rapidly expanding underclass for which the elite have no use for
I could go on for much longer, but the reader should get the message. As Donald Trump said,
Can Trump's candidacy be saved? The American Middle Class better hope so.
Can Trump’s candidacy be saved? The American Middle Class better hope so.

Feeling Inadequate As a Father

In my work as a writer and broadcaster in the alternative media, I know all too well that the potential dangers that I face in my attempts to reveal the truth about the lawlessness and abject criminality of so many of our leaders. Hastings and Breitbart remind all of us in the alternative media that we take significant risks to do what we do. I decided several years ago that I was willing to take the risk as are so many of my colleagues in the alternative media. However, I have discovered that I was unprepared to be a father to a child who is growing up in a time of unprecedented corporate and governmental criminality. Do you realize that our children our living under a government that has forsaken due process and tortures people that they disagree with? If we treated our children like the government treats us, we would all be put in jail for neglect and child abuse. How do I teach my son to develop a fundamental respect for leaders who have no moral compass?

The Questions a Parent Cannot Answer

My son is showing signs of asking questions befitting an adult perspective of our present political and economic situation.  I am not bashful about identifying the misdeeds of our government when I am writing or broadcasting. Also, I know that I have the intellectual capacity to explain to my son how bad things have become in terms he can understand. However, I have found that  I am lacking the skill and knowledge to explain to my son just how bad things are without taking away his hope for the future, save our ongoing faith in Jesus Christ. Although I constantly say that I am fighting for our children’s future, I have kept my son as separate as I can from my work in the alternative media. It is not something that I have tried to share with him because I do not want him to become cynical. Yet I know that this is the day when all parents realize that we have to tell our children that there is no Santa Claus.
I grew up in an America which was a Republic interspersed with some corruption. Today’s America is a corporate criminal enterprise where there are no rules for the elite and the Republic’s concepts underlying our laws are on life support. Subsequently, my son 15 year old son is growing up in a far different America than I did and to hear him talk about his future hopes and fears reflects these fundamental changes that we have experienced as a country.

Obama Has Made It Easy To Choose Sides

Before I relate how I answered the question about bringing back the draft, please allow me to review to tenets of Executive Order 13603 in which Obama actually calls for two drafts, a military draft and a civilian draft. Both programs would be placed under the auspices of the Secretary of Labor. The military draft is easily understood. However, the Obama’s notion of a civilian draft is frighteningly Orwellian. Do you remember the Obama’s campaign promise when he said “we cannot just rely on our military to meet our national security needs, we need a civilian security force, that is just as strong and just as well funded..”  We now know what Obama was referring to.
Under EO 13603, the government can split up families. There are no age restrictions on the civilian labor draft and where you can be sent to perform the “government’s” work. A husband can be assigned to work in one location and the wife in another.  This would represent the ultimate Agenda 21 driven breakup of the family. And of course, our boys can still be marched off to war to kill and be killed by young men that they have nothing against with all of this being done in the name of corporate profits.
I told my son that I would not let him be drafted and that we would leave the country if we had to. This was an epiphany for me. I realized that at that moment that I need to seriously consider leaving this country and relocating to a country where the local military and their civilian forces are not likely to be used as a global police force.

There Is No Santa Claus

If you are awake as to what is going on and you have children, you will one day be forced to answer the questions that your children ask about the world that they live in. And for the life of me, I do not know how to tell my child how to live in the Satan-controlled New World Order. Do you?
Credit to Common Sense

Does Newest Knesset Member Yehudah Glick Fulfill Jerusalem Prophecy of Zachariah?

“That the government may be increased, and of peace there be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to establish it, and to uphold it through justice and through righteousness from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts doth perform this.” Isaiah 9:6 (The Israel Bible™)

Rabbi Yehudah Glick. (Photo: TMHF)

An unlikely series of events has brought Temple Mount rights activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick to the position of Likud’s newest member of Knesset. Glick will bring a powerful voice to the Israeli government that may help move Israel towards a new era of serving God and bringing the Temple Mount to its proper place as a house of prayer for all nations. Indeed, his role may even have been foreseen by the Bible.

On Monday, Glick, who is an American-born ordained rabbi, took the opportunity of ascending to the Temple Mount for the last time as a private citizen before he becomes subject to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s prohibition banning Knesset members from visiting the Temple Mount. He is scheduled to be sworn in on Wednesday.

The Monday visit was a bit uncomfortable for Glick’s new boss.

“This is the last time you do something like this to me,” Netanyahu told Glick after a Likud meeting on Monday night. Glick assured him that he had coordinated the visit with Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, and has said that he does not intend to violate the orders.

When Breaking Israel News asked Glick how these bans affect him, he answered by reverently quoting his favorite verse of Psalms, indicating that he has no intention of giving up on his fight for freedom at the Temple Mount even though he cannot visit himself.

If I forget thee, O Yerushalayim, let my right hand forget her cunning. (Psalms 137:5)

“I believe in the Temple Mount as a house of prayer for all nations, a world center for peace,” he explained to Breaking Israel News, “and not as the center for incitement, hatred, and prejudice it has become.”

Glick is not likely to forget Jerusalem, as the Temple Mount is the focal point of his life’s work. Glick’s organization, the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, actively advocates for equal rights for all religions on the Temple Mount.

Despite his attachment to the Mount, he has often been prevented from visiting the site. It was only in March that he was permitted to return after a long absence after he was accused of assaulting an Arab woman. The case was dismissed when it was discovered that the accusations were based entirely on lies.

Criticized for being a settler and often portrayed as a violent, extremist right-winger, Glick is actually soft-spoken and rarely seen without a smile. His gentle nature is a central part of his message.

“I don’t have plans to change the world. My main dream is to add a little good to the world, to promote unity among the people of Israel and not let hatred spread,” he said in a recent interview with the Jerusalem Post .

Glick’s universal vision of the Temple Mount has earned him enemies. He is constantly the focus of Arab threats and will be one of the few MK’s to have constant armed protection.

In October 2014, Glick miraculously survived an assassination attempt when a gunman, claiming to be acting for “al Aqsa”, shot him four times in the chest at point-blank range. Undeterred, Glick saw his survival as a sign from God that he should continue his work to make the Temple Mount.

When Breaking Israel News asked if he was extremist, he agreed with the description.

“I am an extremist: an extremist for human rights,” he said. “We have to end this absurd situation that people are prevented from praying on the Temple Mount on the basis of their religion.”

Glick’s controversial stance on the Temple Mount was not considered a threat when he was elected to the 33rd slot in the Likud. At the time, it seemed extremely unlikely that he would actually sit in the Knesset but an unexpected series of events has led to this reality.

During the run-up to the elections in 2015, the polls were predicting that Likud would win 18 seats. In an unexpected landslide victory, Likud won 30 seats. Two more seats were vacated when MK Danny Danon was appointed Israel’s envoy to the UN and MK Silvan Shalom resigned. Last Friday, Moshe Ya’alon, a powerful figure in the Likud party, retired from politics due to a dispute with Netanyahu, leading to the appointment of Glick as the newest Knesset member for Likud.

Yehudah Glick’s devotion to Jerusalem and his unlikely Knesset appointment carry all the signs of fulfilled prophecy. It is not every day that a headline can so closely resemble a Biblical verse. In this case, the new Likud appointment comes straight from the book of Zechariah.

And the chiefs of Yehudah shall say in their heart: “The inhabitants of Yerushalayim are my strength through the LORD of hosts their God.” (Zechariah 12:5)

Glick, born in Brooklyn, will have to give up his American citizenship in order to serve in the Knesset, a process he has already begun. The finalization has been delayed due to the bureaucratic complications this has caused, putting a question mark on the timing of his official swearing-in, scheduled for Wednesday.

Credit to Breaking Israel News
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/68439/temple-mount-rights-activist-yehudah-glick-ascends-for-last-time-before-knesset-swearing-in-05-16/#LeTO1ixeScpGa8he.99