There is a breakup of the United States movement going on in America as we speak. This is a globalist/Soros creation. America is the last bastion of freedom as Ronald Reagan stated and our country must be brought down with extreme prejudice.
Yesterday, I authored an article which demonstrated how Hollywood is obsessed with the theme of the breakup of the United States which follows a cataclysmic event which ends up in the deaths of most high-ranking governmental officials.
This notion is real and is being carried. The breakup of America is a multidimensional plan. I interviewed popular talk show host, Paul Preston and we discussed a small segment of the breakup of America that is transpiring right before our eyes,if one knows where to look.  Where do you look for this? Well, you are at the right location. This is stunning and frightening information.
There is much more that Calexit to worry about and this will be covered in an upcoming article.
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