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Friday, March 6, 2015

YOU MUST SEE!! Belgian parliament member Laurent Louis Speaks The Truth About the New World Order Conspiracy

Mushrooming of Chaos, EU in crisis, US Isolated, Russia-China ahead


by JOHN HAYWARD5 Mar 2015

Gulf News tells a story of ISIS’ viral evil spreading into Yemen, which was hardly suffering from a shortage of villainy: “Inspired by the video of Daesh (Islamic State/ISIS) burning to death the Jordanian pilot Muath Al Kasaesbeh, a group of boys set about re-enacting the atrocity in their Al Dahthath village in Yemen’s northern province of Ibb.”

The group of a half-dozen youths trapped a ten-year-old boy in a wooden cage, doused him with gasoline, and set him on fire. They even re-enacted the Islamic State leaders passing judgment on the Jordanian pilot and ordering his immolation. Luckily, the boy’s screams were heard in time, and he was rescued by villagers. He went to the hospital for treatment of the burns on one of his legs.

As Gulf News observes, the village is desperately poor and has unreliable electricity, but the people were still able to get the ISIS propaganda video of Kaseasbeh’s brutal execution on their mobile phones.

This is not the first time young fans of the Islamic State in Yemen have tried re-enacting the horrors of the terror state they admire. The UK Daily Mail recalls a previous instance weeks ago in which Yemeni boys used a cell phone to film themselves re-enacting the beachfront beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya, using sticks to simulate the knives ISIS prefers for its decapitations. “Lined up on the beach, the young boys are forced to their knees and stare down at the sand whilst they await their mock execution,” writes the Daily Mail. “Each boy appears deep in character, honed from studying the terror group’s depraved videos.” Evidently, the mock victims in this particular bit of live role-playing were not injured.

Credit to Breitbart

ISIS Set Iraqi Oil Fields On Fire

Thick black smoke billowing from oil wells northeast of the city of Tikrit is obstructing Shi'ite militiamen and Iraqi soldiers attempts to drive ISIS from the Sunni Muslim city after militants set them on fire. Reuters reports a witness and a military source said Islamic State fighters ignited the fire at the Ajil oil field to shield themselves from attack by Iraqi military helicoptersAs we noted previously,the battle for Tikrit is key as it will determine whether and how fast the Iraqi forces can advance further north and attempt to win back Mosul, the biggest city under Islamic State rule.

Islamic State militants have set fire to oil wells northeast of the city of Tikrit to obstruct an assault by Shi'ite militiamen and Iraqi soldiers trying to drive them from the Sunni Muslim city and surrounding towns, a witness said.

The witness and a military source said Islamic State fighters ignited the fire at the Ajil oil field to shield themselves from attack by Iraqi military helicopters.

The offensive is the biggest Iraqi forces have yet mounted against IS, which has declared an Islamic caliphate on captured territory in Iraq and Syria and spread fear across the region by slaughtering Arab and Western hostages and killing or kidnapping members of religious minorities like Yazidis and Christians.

Black smoke could be seen rising from the oil field since Wednesday afternoon, said the witness, who accompanied Iraqi militia and soldiers as they advanced on Tikrit from the east.

Control of oil fields has played an important part in funding Islamic State, even if it lacks the technical expertise to run them at full capacity.

Before IS took over Ajil last June, the field produced 25,000 barrels per day of crude that were shipped to the Kirkuk refinery to the north-east, as well as 150 million cubic feet of gas per day piped to the government-controlled Kirkuk power station.

An engineer at the site, about 35 km (20 miles) northeast of Tikrit, told Reuters last July that Islamic State fighters were pumping lower volumes of oil from Ajil, fearing that their primitive extraction techniques could ignite the gas.

Bombing in August damaged the Ajil field's control room, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The outcome of the battle for Tikrit, best known as the home town of executed Sunni president Saddam Hussein, will determine whether and how fast the Iraqi forces can advance further north and attempt to win back Mosul, the biggest city under Islamic State rule.

The army, backed by Shi'ite militia and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, has yet to reconquer and secure any city held by Islamic State, despite seven months of air strikes by a U.S.-led coalition, as well as weapons supplies and strategic support from neighboring Iran.

*  *  *
In the background of this clip (of Iraqi special forces attacking ISIS), one can see the start of the fires...

*  *  *
As we noted previously, there is still much confusion all around since pretty much everyone in the middle east is now somehow involved in this war on Iraqi/ISIS soil, so to provide some clarity, here is a simple map showing who controls what in this latest diversionary war designed merely to get Syria's president committed so the US has a legitimate pretext to obliterate him.

Credit to Zero Hedge

America Has a Definitive Date With Depopulation

America has a date with depopulation.
America has a date with depopulation.
Does America have a date with destiny? Is that date known? This article will examine the answers to these two questions.
The Internet is filled with revelations of how the global elite want to depopulate humanity by 90%.
depop 1 vaccines

The Georgia Guidestones declares that humanity will be reduced by 90%.
The Georgia Guidestones declares that humanity will be reduced by 90%.
On August 27, 2014, I exposed the megacities concept in revealing something called the America 2050 plan.
The enslavement of America has taken center stage and it is indeed called “America 2050“. The plan for America 2050 is to herd Americans into 11 megacities consisting of six million people each totaling 66 million people. Under this plan, there are no provisions for any other population developments. After reporting in the August 27, 2014 article, I thought the target date for the implementation of the megacities plan would be the year 2050 as indicated in the title of the organization which is behind the planning of this concept (the article can be read here).

 316,000,000 million Americans will change to 66,000,000 megacity dwellers which equals 250,000,000 missing Americans!
316,000,000 million Americans will change to 66,000,000 megacity dwellers which equals
250,000,000 missing Americans!
It appears that the timetable for the implementation of the megacities concept and the 300 square foot stack and pack apartments is a lot closer that the year 2050.
Our future homes under the megacity concept.
Our future homes under the megacity concept.

The CIA Front Group, Deagel, Brings Clarity to the Megacities Concept

Being a front group for the CIA, Deagel, is predicting that we are about a decade away from this hellish nightmare.
Just who is Deagel? The power and influence of the corporation that you never heard of, is staggering.  This is the modern day Zapata Oil, which was a CIA front corporation run by George H. W. Bush which in turn facilitated much of the Air America “drugs for guns” program in Latin America in the 1980’s.
My sources tell me that Deagel is the same exact kind of organization as Zapata Oil. Deagel ran guns through the late Ambassador Chris Stevens and subsequently delivered them to al-Qaeda in Libya and in Syria at the time of Stevens’ death. Deagel was intimately involved in Benghazi in ways that will be revealed in a later article. Deagel is not just a gun running/drug running/child sex trafficking organization, they are also intimately connected with the business as “Open source intelligence links”. This means that Deagel and their partner (affiliations listed below) serve as marketing companies for the CIA and sell intelligence information to the highest bidder. Stratfor and Deagel provide the CIA with a minimum of two degrees of separation from nefarious operations which could taint the U.S. government and in particular, the CIA. These activities will be the topic of a future article. The focus of the remainder of this article is the destruction and depopulation of the United States.
Deagel is a group that gets their hands dirty and they play both sides of the fence. Please note the publicly available list of Deagel partners, listed below. They do business with the Russian Defense Procurement Agency, but they are largely an American contractor with ties into the U.S. Navy, the NSA and the CIA, through Stratfor. If anyone wanted to make the case that I have, the “Bastard Banksters from Basel” control both sides of the coming WW III for fun and profit, the data trail of Deagel exemplifies this point. From the following information, we get a strong indication of how the U.S. is going to be depopulated. To further examine this possibility, take a look at a partial list of Deagel partners. The following list clearly shows that Deagel is “locked in” when it comes to the power centers on this planet.
A Partial List of Deagel Partners 
National Security Agency – http://www.nsa.gov/
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO – OTAN) – http://www.nato.int/
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – http://www.oecd.org/
Russian Defense Procurement Agency – http://www.fsoz.gov.ru
The World Bank – http://www.worldbank.org/
United Nations (UN) – http://www.un.org/
In the beginning of 2014, Deagel published a projected demographic shift of every nation on the planet. The projections are noteworthy. As one of the most prolific arms dealers and sellers of intelligence information on the planet, Deagel would be in a unique position from which to make projections with regard to coming world events as well as being able to anticipate dramatic shifts in global power. Not surprisingly, Deagel has made such a projection and the news is not good for the United States. Below is a list of projected changes for the United States during the time frame covering 2014-2025.
United States of America Projected Changes from 2014-2025

Year:  2013

Population:  316 million
Gross Domestic Product: $17 trillion
GDP per capita: $52,838
Budget: $5.8 trillion
Military Budget: $726 billion

Forecast 2025

Population: 69 million
Gross Domestic Product: $921 billion
GDP per capita: $13,328
Military Budget:  $8.0 billion

Please note how the changes in U.S. population covering an 11 year period mirror what I wrote in the America 2050 article. The projected and dramatic downward shift in America’s population are nearly identical when one compares the America 2050 documents and the Deagel projections.
There is another striking projection which should alarm every American. In 2013, the U.S. military budget was $726 billion dollars. However, the projected 2025 projected budget is only $8 billion dollars.  This clearly points to the fact that the CIA, through Deagel, is projecting that the United States is going to be militarily conquered within the next 10 years. The mere $8 billion dollar projected 2025 military budget speaks to a domestic martial law type of occupation force. With this kind of budget, the U.S. would not even be able to engage in regional conflicts.
Common sense dictates that in a global conflict, with its advanced weaponry, that the U.S. would be able to devastate the populations of the aforementioned countries. However, the Deagel projections do not indicate this. Therefore, the only thing that makes any sense would be that the U.S. will fall victim to being sold out by treasonous leadership, thus precipitating its demise. Does this statement bring anyone to mind?

The Method of America’s Demise

With everything I have uncovered over the past two years, I have concluded that America will be thrust into martial law prior to fighting in WW III. Martial law is usually preceded by a false flag. There is no shortage of false flag possibilities and choosing the manner, the time and the place is a fool’s errand. However, there are a definitive 17 elements of martial law that we can analyze in order to gauge the progress America is making with regard to to being under total martial law.  The 17 elements of martial law are:
1-Mass roundup of political dissidents
2-Dusk to dawn curfews
3-Rationing of essential resources
4-The seizing of personal assets such as food and water
5-Control over all food and water
6-The prohibition of weapons of any kind including guns, knives or chemicals which can be turned into explosives
7-The confiscation of property, homes and businesses
8-Arrests without due process
9-Massive “papers please” checkpoints with intrusive searches
10-Forced relocations
11-Forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military
12-Outlawing of free speech
13-The installation of massive surveillance programs and the establishment of snitch programs
14-The total control or elimination of religion
15-Control of the media
16-Executions without due process of law
17-Total suspension of the Constitution
How many of these 17 elements are in place, or, are being put into place? I am in the midst of preparing a detailed and multi-part analysis of these 17 elements of martial law and their relative progress in America.

Dramatic Progress Toward Martial Law In the Past Five Days

I am also in the middle of dissecting and preparing an analysis of three Presidential actions which have take place in the past five  days. Collectively, these actions includes the following:
1. It strongly appears that the President is preparing to assume the power to unilaterally increase taxes based upon his own volition and completely bypass Congress in the process. Much of this information is hiding in plain sight. However, there is still some gaps to fill before I will publish the findings. Yet, the case for this allegation is strong.
2. The President has taken a dramatic step forward with regard to the elimination of free speech in American and assuming control of all new agencies through the Net Neutrality Act which was implemented last Friday.
3. President Obama has announced plans to nationalize law enforcement as did Hitler, Mao and Lenin.


The conclusion which can be drawn from this article, is an article unto itself. Suffice it to say, that American is being set up to be destroyed in WW III as a result with the coming war with the BRIC nations along with some very timely and treasonous help from the inside. Further, we have major think tank organizations as well as a prominent CIA front organization publishing data and projections which reinforces all the Agenda 21 claims that have been made for 20 years. Namely, the United States is going to experience a series of major depopulation events as the landscape of this country will change forever as we will be moved into the hellish Agenda 21 projected cities of the future. The data sets that I am presently working on strongly suggests that we are much closer to these realities than many of us would have anticipated. In an almost tongue-in-cheek, but somewhat serious comment, the Mayan Calendar may have been more accurate if it had abruptly ended in 2025 instead of 2012.
Credit to Common Sense


Lord Jacob Rothschild has warned investors that the world is mired in the most dangerous geopolitical situation since World War II.

The 78-year-old chairman of RIT Capital Partners, a £2.3bn trust, used the organization’s annual report to caution savers that the focus of the firm would be the preservation of shareholders’ capital and not short term gains.

Rothschild said that “a geopolitical situation perhaps as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II” has created a “difficult economic background” of which investors should be wary.

Rothschild, whose business associates include Warren Buffett and Henry Kissinger, blamed the fraught climate on, “chaos and extremism in the Middle East, Russian aggression and expansion, and a weakened Europe threatened by horrendous unemployment, in no small measure caused by a failure to tackle structural reforms in many of the countries which form part of the European Union”.

“RIT is popular among private investors thanks to its excellent track record and its conservative approach to conserving capital,” notes the Telegraph’s Richard Dyson. Rothschild and his daughter Hannah jointly own shares in the trust worth approximately £160m.

Rothschild’s warning follows reports from January’s Davos Economic Forum during which it was revealed that the wealthy are purchasing secret hideaways in remote locations in order to escape social upheaval and possible riots.

Economist Robert Johnson made headlines when he divulged that “hedge fund managers all over the world….are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.”

Johnson cited income inequality and the potential for civil unrest and riots as the reason for the panic.

“A lot of wealthy and powerful people are quite afraid right now – they see us on an unstable trajectory,” said Johnson. “As the system doesn’t have proper resources, as it doesn’t represent people, things are getting more and more dangerous as say Ferguson, Missouri brings to bear.”

Realtors in New Zealand subsequently confirmed the flight to safety by the elite, noting that “paranoia” and concerns about personal safety and global crises were driving the trend.

Credit to Infowars

"America's Dark Invasion Sealed by Obama!"

Nathan Leal Expose from the Wall

The Phoenix has Invaded the White House 

By Nathan Leal - February 26, 2015 
Several years ago, the Lord showed me a prophetic glimpse of an invasion of darkness that was coming to America. 
In the vision, I saw sinister storm clouds gather over the land in front of me. After they formed, the clouds began to drip a thick black sludge that had the viscosity of a heavy oil. 
Across the horizon as far as I could see, the drips resembled black tassels coming out of the clouds, that slowly made their way to the ground.
As each drip touched the ground, there was an explosion as they touched the earth.
The sound was deafening and caused the ground to shake under me. The explosions were many and seemed to be never ending. 
As each drip detonated, a large cloud of dust rose up and became agitated into a spinning whirlwind.
The whirlwinds became black tornadoes twisting along the ground.
Eventually, there were hundreds of these tornadoes violently churning the landscape.
I trembled at the sight and was overwhelmed. I feared that I would be consumed by the tornadoes and sought shelter. 
After I awakened, I sought God about the vision. After several prayer sessions, the Lord revealed that the tornadoes represented an invasion of darkness that was going to come over America and plow the land under. The darkness would be a spiritual tsunami of evil that would overtake America and change the country into something unrecognizable from her past.
The evil would result in a season the moral decay and defeat for America. This meant that wickedness would arrive within the borders of this country and overcome the boundaries from coast to coast.
As God showed me these things, I lamented and asked Him for the remedy.
God was clear, "The Nation had exceeded the point of reversal, meaning the remedy will not be found because as a Nation, America had rejected Him." 
I asked for more details. The Lord said that from that point on, the only hope for people is to find God's mercy on an individual basis. This means that everyone reading this must find salvation and forgiveness for themselves and seek it for their family members.
This vision occurred several years ago and since then, I have sought to understand what the darkness will consist of and what it will mean for this nation. Ladies and gentlemen, the findings are not pleasant to hear but for those who are awake, it is necessary to know how to prepare.
In summary, please continue your efforts to be spiritually vigilant because those who slack, will be overwhelmed by the ominous forces of darkness that are already beginning to take this nation hostage.
I do not mean for this article to create fear but, as a Watchman of God, I must share what I find while I am at my post.
Obama's Dark Prophecy 
As many of you know, Obama's role in the White House is to sabotage America's future and take her into the path of destruction. Some people may argue that he has good intentions for the country but reality reveals a different picture.
The information that I am about to share may challenge some people but the evidence speaks for itself; based on what I have found, the decision has been made by people in very high places to destroy America and bring darkness and they illustrated the decision as a dark prophecy! 
The Obama Administration revealed the dark prophecy to the world several years ago. It has been hidden in plain site and is located in the Oval Office of the White House.
Before I begin explaining, I need to qualify by saying that I do not know if Obama did these things on purpose or if it he did it subconsciously, under spiritual inspiration. 
Nevertheless, the results are ominous for America. 
What Is It? 
When a new President moves into the White House, they have the privilege of redecorating the Oval Office. They replace the drapes, the furniture and the custom rug. The budget for redecoration is $100,000. Since the rug is custom made, it usually takes about a year before the redecoration is complete. Obama's redecoration  took place in mid August of 2010 while he was on vacation.
The rug has famous quotes sewn into the outer perimeter. The quotes are as follows:
  • "The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself"
  • "The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Towards Justice"
  • "Government of the People, By the People, For the People"
  • "No Problem of Human Destiny is Beyond Human Beings"
  • "The Welfare of Each of Us is Dependent Fundamentally Upon the Welfare of All of Us" - President Theodore Roosevelt
The last quote is disturbing. To the present regime, "welfare" means "communism"
But aside from the quotes, when Obama designed his Oval Office rug, he revealed a Dark Prophecy for America.
Here is the rug. Take a good look at it. 
Do you see it? 
Most likely, some of you may not, so let's break it down. And let's compare it to George W. Bush's rug.
Do you notice a difference? Here they are side by side.
For another comparison, below is Bill Clinton's rug...
As you can see, all three rugs have the Presidential Seal of the United States.
According to the requirements established by Eisenhower in 1960, the seal's design should have a blue background consistant with the navy blue of the US flag:
"The Color and Flag of the President of the United States shall consist of a dark line blue rectangular background of sizes and proportions to conform to military and naval custom."
Also according to the requirements, the stars are to be WHITE!
"The whole surrounded by white stars arranged in the form of an annulet with one point of each star outward on the imaginary radiating center lines, the number of stars conforming to the number of stars in the union of the Flag of the United States..."
Obama's rug disregarded the blue background, and changed the colors of the stars to an almost black color!
Why did he do this? Because it is a Dark Prophecy of America's future. And Obama's rug communicates that DARKNESS is the future for America.
I find this very disturbing. But it gets worse. If you take a look at Obama's Eagle. It is not an ordinary eagle.
Here is side by side comparison of the Obama and Bush eagles.
Notice that Bush's bird looks like an eagle as the standard requires.
...but Obama's eagle looks skinny.
Why is this? 
It is because Obama's rug does not have an eagle, it is a different bird..
Here it is zoomed in...
Do you see it folks? Obama has a Phoenix on his Presidential Seal!
The Phoenix represents the expectation of choas and fire!
The animation below reveals the phoenix. 
Obama had his rug installed in Mid - August of 2010. 
Several weeks later something interesting happened. While Obama was speaking, his Presidential Seal fell off of the podium. This was not an accident. It was God telling all of us that he had defiled the Presidential Seal on his Oval office rug.
Ladies and Gentlemen, these things reveal that Obama's assignment is to bring the darkness of chaos and fire to America. The plan is well underway and will not be stopped.
The Phoenix represents destruction. The 2012 Olympics told us that it was coming and now here it is, banging on the door.
Many horrible life changing events are approaching America.
...a false flag, 
...ISIS is at the gate sharpening their scimitars. 
...the collapse of the Dollar!
...and more things too lengthy to mention. 
As they walk through the West Gate of America will you be ready for them? 
God help us, and may He have mercy on those who have the ears to hear. 
In His service, 
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry

Credit to Watchman's Cry (Nathan Leal)

Russian Military Unveils Revolutionary Electronic Warfare System

Russia's new Richag-AV radar and sonar jamming system can be mounted on helicopters, ships and other military equipment to jam potential adversaries' weapons systems from distances of several hundred kilometers away; it has been hailed by developers as having no analogue anywhere in the world.
At a presentation for journalists in Kazan on Wednesday, Russian radio-electronics firm Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET) announced that it is handing over the first batch of a new helicopter-mounted electronic warfare system known as the 'Richag-AV' to the armed forces.
The Richag-AV system, mounted on the Mi-8MTPR1 (a variant of the Mi-8MTB5-1 helicopter) is said to have no global equivalent. Its electronic countermeasures system is designed to jam radar, sonar and other detection systems in the aims of defending aircraft, helicopters, drones, ground and naval forces against air-to-air and surface-to-air defense systems within a radius of several hundred kilometers. It can be mounted on units from any branch of the armed forces, including helicopters and airplanes, as well as ground and ship-based forces.
The Mi8-MTPR1-based Richag-AV platform, using multi-beam antenna arrays with DRFM technology, is designed to actively jam and thus 'blind' radar systems in order to defend against radio-electronic guided weapons systems. In a combat situation, the system would operate as part of an aviation shock attack group aimed at breaking through virtually any defense system, blinding everything up to and including the US MIM-104 'Patriot' anti-aircraft missile system.
Rossiyskaya Gazeta explained that in addition to working as a signal jamming system, Richag-AV is capable of carrying out radar-based intelligence gathering, which involves the finding of foreign sources of electromagnetic radiation. With an onboard database on different types of military installations, the system is capable of quickly determining the type of target, thus allowing it to jam it effectively.
Reporters in Kazan were informed that the Russian armed forces received three Mi-8MTPR-1 helicopters equipped with the Richag-Av on Wednesday, and will receive a total of 18 such systems by October 2016, at a total cost of 11.5 billion rubles ($186 million).
The system's predecessor, the 'Smalta' jamming system, was developed back in the 1970s, and featured a 100 km radius; in its own time the system was considered among the most effective in the world. Alongside the Richag-AV, the Russian military is presently being equipped with other electronic warfare systems, including the L-175B Hibini air and 1L269 Krasuha-2 and 1L267 Moskva-1 ground-based electronic warfare systems.
KRET is Russia's largest radio-electronic industrial holding; it was created in 2009. The company is involved in the development and production of radio-electronic equipment in the civil and military aviation sphere, as well as air-based radar systems, electronic warfare systems, and a variety of precision instrumentation.

Credit to Sputnik

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/military/20150304/1019042643.html#ixzz3Tc200D2G

Turkey Warns "Speculators Will Be Burned" As Lira Collapses To Record Lows

Image result for Turkey Lira

The Turkish Lira is down over 4 handles again this morning as the currency's collapse accelerates exponentially. Having devalued by 30% year-to-date amid Erdogan's rage against central bank independence, selling its gold, threats of jail for not cutting interest rates, and rising repression of increasing social unrest, the country's Economy Minister took to the TV today to expose the "hidden currency war" and blast 'speculators' (because only a speculator would pull his capital from such a 'stable' place) - "The manipulation of those who play with the dollar will explode in their hands and their hands will be burned."

As Bloomberg reports, TGRT website publishes full remarks by Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci in televised interview yesterday.
Zeybekci: “The manipulation of those who play with the dollar will explode in their hands and their hands will be burned”

Says Turkish economy can’t be evaluated on currency alone; cites improvements in bank capital ratios, public debt levels, current-account balance and tourism

Says “nothing to worry about” on currency and “market will solve this on its own”

Says there may be a “hidden currency war” going on in the world

"The game that’s being played now is this: "Don’t cut rates, look the lira will lose value, the exchange rate will rise"

Says “there’s no central bank in the world more independent” than Turkey’s

Says Turkish central bank’s independence not being debated: “We’re saying let’s pay attention to growth in addition to price stability. Let’s pay attention to interest rates and employment and trade balances and the current-account”

"Right now the central bank doesn’t have any concern with the currency market. It also doesn’t have any need to intervene"

Credit to Zero Hedge