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Monday, May 18, 2015

Ramadi’s fall opens ISIS road to Baghdad. Jordan warns US air strikes won’t stop the terrorists’ advance

Jordan’s King Abdullah has warned the Obama administration in an urgent message that US air strikes alone won’t stop the Islamic State’s advances in Iraq and Syria and, what is more, they leave his kingdom next door exposed to the Islamist peril. ISIS would at present have no difficulty in invading southern Jordan, where the army is thin on the ground, and seizing local towns and villages whose inhabitants are already sympathetic to the extremist group. The bulk of the Jordanian army is concentrated in the north on the Syrian border. Even a limited Islamist incursion in the south would also pose a threat to northern Saudi Arabia, the king pointed out.

Abdullah offered the view that the US Delta Special Forces operation in eastern Syria Saturday was designed less to be an effective assault on ISIS’s core strength and more as a pallliative to minimize the Islamist peril facing Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf emirates.
DEBKAfile’s Washington sources report that US officials refused to heed Abdullah’s warning and tried to play it down, in the same way as Secretary John Kerry tried Monday, May 18, to de-emphasize to the ISIS conquest of Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s largest province.

At a news conference in Seoul, Kerry dismissed the Islamists’ feat as a “target of opportunity” and expressed confidence that, in the coming days, the loss “can be reversed.”

The Secretary of State’s words were unlikely to scare the Islamists, who had caused more than 500 deaths in the battle for the town and witnessed panicky Iraqi soldiers fleeing Ramadi in Humvees and tanks.

Baghdad, only 110 km southeast of Ramadi, has more reason to be frightened, in the absence of any sizeable Iraqi military strength in the area for standing in the enemy’s path to the capital.

The Baghdad government tried announcing that substantial military reinforcements had been ordered to set out and halt the Islamists’ advance. This was just whistling in the dark. In the last two days, the remnants of the Iraqi army have gone to pieces – just like in the early days of the ISIS offensive, when the troops fled Mosul and Falujah. They are running away from any possible engagement with the Islamist enemy.

The Baghdad-sourced reports that Shiite paramilitaries were preparing to deploy to Iraq's western province of Anbar after Islamic State militants overran Ramadi were likewise no more than an attempt to boost morale. Sending armed Shiites into the Ramadi area of Anbar would make no sense, because its overwhelmingly Sunni population would line up behind fellow-Sunni Islamist State conquerors rather than help the Shiite militias to fight them.

Iran’s Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan, who arrived precipitately in Baghdad Monday, shortly after Ramadi’s fall, faces this difficulty. Our military sources expect him to focus on a desperate effort to deploy Shiite militias as an obstacle in ISIS’s path to Baghdad, now that the road is clear of defenders all the way from Ramadi.

In Amman, King Abdullah Sunday made a clean sweep of senior security officials, firing the Minister of Interior, the head of internal security (Muhabarat) and a number of high police officers. They were accused officially of using excessive violence to disperse demonstrations in the southern town of Maan.

The real reason for their dismissal, DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources disclose, is the decline of these officials’ authority in the Maan district, in the face of the rising influence of extremist groups identified with Al Qaeda and ISIS, in particular.

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Children Used In FEMA Camp Round-Up Drills More Proof Of Preparation For The Worst


With All News Pipeline readers continuing to send us pictures and video of military movement they've been seeing in their daily travelsincluding the 2nd video below from ANP friend Stacy White showing a military train in Snyder, Texas that  stretched for well over a mile and had over 100 pieces of military equipment upon it, the picture above and first video below from NextNewsNetwork and the DOD shows us the shocking proof that even our children will not be immune from the effects of what they are preparing for as even kids are now being included in FEMA camp round-up drills.

Below the videos are a few though provoking pictures including the first one, two military vehicles parked outside of a Wal-Mart in South Carolina that our reader found quite suspicious as he tells us himself in his email to us republished below videos. In the 3rd video below, Steve Quayle joins Coast to Coast to talk about Jade Helm 15 and the sinister government agenda we're clearly watching unfold in America, with military convoys being seen from coast to coast as seen in the endless series of youtube videos, the preparation taking place for a huge event is now undeniable.

The footage in the 1st video below is courtesy of the Department of Defense that is obviously now pushing on the public their martial law plans right out in the open and documenting it so that the public will see it and accept what's coming.

These are the U.S. Marines from 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division practicing “assault support tactics” in Yuma Arizona as part of a 7 week exercise prior to the JADE HELM 15 EXERCISES. 
Shot by the department of DEFENSE, bySgt. Daniel D. Kujanpaa.
Pretty hard to miss the children behind the same fencing as the mock demonstrators @ 0:13  

The pictures coming in from across the country include the picture below of what we believe are called Unimog excavators which were sitting at a Wal-Mart in South Carolina according to one reader who submitted a tip to All News Pipeline.:

Sent: Sun, 17 May 2015 15:45:50 -0400
To: tips@allnewspipeline.com
Subject: Military vehicles parked at Walmart in Greenville, SC

This just seems suspicious to me.  Never seen these here before.  1452 Woodruff Rd. Greenville, SC.  located near Five Forks area of Simpsonville, SC, and also near Mauldin, SC on the east side of Greenville.  No military bases near here.  Maybe you could look into this? Thank you for allyou do to get the truth out to those that are "awake."


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A Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the Drill

Jade Helm's Bible, scripture and verse.
Jade Helm’s Bible, scripture and verse.

Warning: The following may contain images and messages which are troublesome to those who suffer from cognitive dissonance and corporate media group think. 

A relatively new and obscure document, U.S. Army Special Operations Command “ARSOF Operating Concept” is the blueprint for Jade Helm. This document does not boldly use phrases such as “extracting political dissidents”, but it does use “legal language” to basically communicate the same messages that many in the Independent Media have been telling the public about for 6 weeks, namely, that ARSOF is going to be used to extract political dissidents and then enforce martial law.
Key phrases and terms of the ARSOF document are presented here so as to have no misunderstanding as to meaning and intent. Other relevant military documents are mentioned in order to reinforce the interpretation of the ARSOF, Jade Helm inspired document.

ARSOF  1-4. Sustaining and Enabling ARSOF: The Operating Concept

  1. Russian and American troops in Fort Carson, Colorado.
    Russian and American troops in Fort Carson, Colorado.
    A global network including joint, interagency, and International partnerswill enable these capabilities, but that network itself is not enough. The U.S. military must place supreme value in its operators, who will be constantly challenged through the most demanding education, training, and developmental assignments. Our operators’ capabilities also rely on strong and healthy families, supported by the broader ARSOF and Army community.
oathkeepers 3Why do the deep, dark forces behind the planning of Jade Helm need to have foreign mercenaries involved with Jade Helm? The answer is simple, they cannot fully trust that American soldiers will participate in the long-term subjugation of American citizens. And who would these shadowy forces behind Jade Helm be? We cannot be 100% sure, but my bet is on the CIA. From former ARSOF officer, Scott Bennett, we know that that CIA is funding ISIS through Swiss bank accounts and they have been involved in nearly every nefarious activity connected to this government from Iran-Contra to the JFK assassination. The CIA is a very safe bet.
There is not a topic that I have taken more criticism for than when I have written about the presence of foreign troops on American soil, particularly, the Russians. At Ft. Carson, we are witnessing the insertion of Russian troops on our soil. The extra-constitutional “agreements”(that means illegal agreements) were inked in Washington, D.C., at the fourth annual meeting of the illegally created U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations.” This extra-governmental organization, formed under the Obama administration, is one of almost two dozen similar “working groups” bringing together top U.S. and Russian officials. These agreements allowed for the first 15,000 Russian troops to enter the country. Case Closed!
Before taking another sip of the CNN Kool-Aid, you might want to consider the contents of the following Army document.

Appendix N of FM 3-39.4
Foreign Confinement Officer Training Program

Training U.S. Trainers
N-43. Soldiers and Marines who are assigned training missions receive a course in the preparation to deal with the specific requirements of developing the target HN confinement officers (i.e. foreign detention officers). The course should emphasize the cultural background of the HN, introduce its language (to include specific confinement-related terms and phrases) and provide insights into cultural tips for developing a good rapport with HN personnel.
un martial law forces Some of these international partners will be wearing the UN blue and driving in UN white vehicles. These Jade Helm partners are not your friend. They are not here to conduct traffic control exercises. They are here subjugate you, strip you of your assets and herd you into detention camps and when deemed necessary, they will not hestitate to fire upon you if they feel compelled to do so.

ARSOF 2-2. A Multipolar World

  1. Competition in the global commons will revolve around maintaining the security of key populations in militarily significant urban terrain. The sheer mass and scale of urbanized humanity will be amplified by the intersection of informationally aware, smartphone‐enabled urban populations and their satisfaction—or lack of satisfaction—with local, regional, and even global conditions.
  2. In the coming decades, failed states and ungoverned areas will become sanctuaries for extremist, criminal, and terrorist organizations to flourish. Vacuums emerging from the weakened nation‐state model of 19th and 20th centuries will not elicit new forms of government, but only a proliferation of preexisting forms. The significant difference will be the greater ability of nonstate actors to defend themselves, and to influence or attack other populations, due to the diffusion of weapons and communications technologies down to subnation groups…
Urban terrain? I thought they were training for war in the Middle East? What is a subnation group? Texas, Utah and part of Southern California are subnation groups that have deemed to be hostile states by Jade Helm documents. Jade Helm is preparing to occupy these “nonstate actors”.
On the surface, the Posse Comitatus Act (18 USC 1385) act should prevent the Army from deploying the troops in the midst of a protest that is not on the scale of something like the 1992 LA Riots. However, the Army claims exemption from Posse Comitatus in the following area.
  • 10 USC 331. When a state is unable to control domestic violence and they have requested federal assistance, the use of the militia or Armed Forces is authorized.
Perhaps this is why the original Jade Helm maps depicted states like Texas, to be hostile states.
Jade Helm 15 Color Coded Legend Red Denotes a "hostile state" Brown is uncertain, leaning towards hostile. Dark Blue is "Permissive" meaning supportive of the government. Light Blue is "Uncertain, leaning friendly". .
Jade Helm 15 Color Coded Legend
Red Denotes a “hostile state”
Brown is uncertain, leaning towards hostile.
Dark Blue is “Permissive” meaning supportive of the government.
Light Blue is “Uncertain, leaning friendly”.

Master the Human Domain

 The phrase "Master the Human Domain" is omnipresent in Special Forces manuals.
The phrase “Master the Human Domain” is omnipresent in Special Forces manuals.
The following explains the mystery behind the Jade Helm moniker phrase “Mastering the Human Domain“. 

ARSOF 3-3. The Central Idea

  1. Special Warfare. Special warfare is an umbrella term indicating operating force conduct of combinations of unconventional warfare (UW), foreign internal defense (FID), military information support operations (MISO), CT, and counterinsurgency (COIN) through and with indigenous personnel. With discreet, precise, politically astute, and scalable capabilities, ARSOF frequently undertake politically sensitive missions over extended periods of time in hostile, austere, and denied environments. Here, ARSOF’s deep language and cultural expertise enhance unit survivability through the recognition and understanding of emerging threats. Such capabilities also grant Army special operators influence over the human domain in pursuit of U.S. objectives, to avoid conflict, or to bring about a quick and enduring victory…
Mastering the human domain can only mean one thing, enslavement!

ARSOF 4-5. Counterinsurgency Operations 

…COIN will involve comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to defeat an insurgency and to address any core grievances…
First Amendment right reedom to assemble? is this going to be standard operational protocols in future demonstrations?
First Amendment rightto assemble? Is this going to be the standard operational protocols in dealing with future demonstrations?
Address any core grievances? My mind immediately harkens back to Kent State, in 1970, when four college students frustrated by the illegal Vietnam War were gunned down for expressing “core grievances”.
This is not hyperbole! In an Army manual, known as ATP 3-39.33, is the field manual that provides discussion and techniques about civil disturbances and crowd control operations that occur in the continental United States (CONUS) and outside the continental United States (OCONUS). This document, ATP 3-39.33  published the same week as the ARSOF document, on August 15, 2014, promises to change the way the “military authorities” deal with protesters, even peaceful ones through the use of well-placed snipers who will have orders to take out the leaders of any protest movement. The consequences of ATP 3-39.33 could prove deadly for protesters. Further, the provisions of this Army manual is the end of the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. The Army is telling you how they are going to deal with protests. Protesting, in America, is now a crime punishable by death. Therefore, when Jade Helm is in your neighborhood, unless you willing to fight, it would be best to stay inside!

ARSOF 5-3. Sustaining Surgical Strike

…operations against critical mission command nodes and infrastructure to weaken the enemy’s grip on the population
How does Special Forces weaken the grip that dissidents have on the local population? Death squads is the way that many governments deal with “weakening the grip on the population”.  This is clearly fancy language used to justify the extraction, either through kidnapping or targeted assassination, of political dissidents from inside the Jade Helm identified “hostile state” areas.
Two Japanese Generals had an all day beheading contest. Can the use of guillotines really be that far-fetched?
Two Japanese Generals had an all day beheading contest. Can the use of guillotines really be that far-fetched?
When your children see this in the coming months, what will you tell them?
When your children see this in the coming months, what will you tell them?

This leads one to ask, is America going to see the repeat of historical events such as the “Rape of Nanking”?

  1. ARSOF 1. Future surgical strike units must be trained continually on the ever‐improving technologies and techniques that support the F3EAD targeting methodology. ARSOF training is needed to improve the speed of lethal or nonlethal effects, including advancing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance and analysis capabilities to find and fix the target, sustaining a superb force for finishing the target, improving site exploitation techniques and procedures, and improving the timeliness of analysis and dissemination of exploited information.
This begs the question, what is meant by the term “exploited information”? This is a term normally reserved for the practice of extracting information through torture (i.e. extreme exploitation).
Camp Grayling is a known FEMA camp where Army Reservists are training to be sent to Guantanamo.
Camp Grayling is a known FEMA camp where Army Reservists are training to be sent to Guantanamo.
The Director of National Intelligence released a report last month indicating that the United States has “confirmed” that 116 detainees, imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay have “transferred” out of the prison. According to DNI records most of these terrorists have subsequently reengaged in terrorist or insurgent activities. In light of the new DNI report, House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul criticized President Obama’s policy of releasing Guantanamo detainees.  So why is President Obama engaged in such an insane act by clearing space at Guantanamo? The answer to that question is to ask another question. Why are Michigan Army Reservists and members of the Michigan National Guard training at Camp Grayling to assume Guanatanmo security detail at a time when Obama is moving out all the terrorists? Simple, it appears that Obama is preparing to move in new residents, American political dissidents extracted by Jade Helm personnel. And what goes on at Guantanamo? Torture!

Jade Helm Officials: “We Are Only Training to Fight In the Middle East”

The Army has been diligently training to lock the country down into martial law. Specifically, I am referring to the Army’s building of a ‘fake” $96 million dollar Northern Virginia townwhich is being used to train the military to enforce martial Law. Of course, the government says that this is a foreign town being used to train our troops to occupy.We also hear this same worn out argument about Jade Helm training in that “we are training for the Middle East”. Does the following video look like the Middle East to you, or does it look more like Mainstreet America? If Jade Helm truly training for the Middle East, then someone needs to explain why the town has a Christian church, handicap parking spots, Washington DC subway logos, loading zone signs and road signs in English. I don’t remember seeing pictures of the streets of Damascus in which they display handicap parking signs and have a plethora of Christian churches. A picture is worth a thousand words as you will see in the following video.

The People Are Not Buying the Lies

A woman who did not want her name published holds a sign at a public hearing about the Jade Helm 15 military training exercise at the Bastrop County Commissioners Court in Bastrop on Monday April 27, 2015.  An overflow crowd came to the meeting to hear a presentation and ask questions of  Lt. Col. Mark Lasatoria, of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, about the controversial military exercise that will take place in several states this summer.   JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN
A woman who did not want her name published holds a sign at a public hearing about the Jade Helm 15 military training exercise at the Bastrop County Commissioners Court in Bastrop on Monday April 27, 2015. An overflow crowd came to the meeting to hear a presentation and ask questions of Lt. Col. Mark Lasatoria, of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, about the controversial military exercise that will take place in several states this summer. JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN
People were not buying the propgandafrom this Jade Helm official at the County Commissioner meeting in Bastrop County, TX.
“Nobody believes me”.
One has to go no further than Bastrop County in Texas when people turned out to the tell the Jade Helm propagandist that they were not drinking from his Jade Helm Kool-Aid.
This is what martial law looks like.
This is what martial law looks like.
Jade Helm has been kicked out of Colorado and three counties in Texas. Push harder, America!
Credit to Common Sense

"We Are Entering The Terminal Phase Of The Global Financial System"

Today David Stockman, the man President Ronald Reagan called upon along with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to help save the United States from disaster in 1981, warned King World News that we are now entering the “terminal phase” of the global financial system that will end in total collapse.
Eric King:  “David, I wanted to get your thoughts on gold in the midst of this big deflation you think is in front of us.  When you look at the collapse of 2008 – 2009, gold was one of the best performing asset classes.  Gold went down but it went down much less relative to virtually everything else.  Contrast that to 1973 – 1974, where we had a 47 percent stock market collapse.  But during that time we had skyrocketing gold and silver.  What’s in front of us because it looks like gold and silver may be ending a 4 year bear market and ready for a 1973 – 1974-style up-move?”
David Stockman:
Yes.  I think the two periods are quite different.  Although at the bottom it’s central bank errors that underlie each.  But remember that in the 1970s we had just finally exited a semi-stable Bretton Woods Gold Exchange Standard system.  There still was, at the end of the day, an anchor on the central banks that was thrown overboard by Nixon in 1971….

"So the first go-round was a rip-roaring price inflation because there had not yet been enough time under the fiat money and balance sheet expansion by the central banks to create excess capacity in the world industrial system.  So as the boom in demand took off, commodity prices soared.  That fed into domestic costs and labor wages in particular.

There weren’t a million cheap workers coming out of the rice paddies in China yet because it was still in the Dark Ages of Mao and not part of the world economy.  And so you had a classic inflation blowoff and flight to gold in the 1970s as a result of that initial money printing cycle.

King Woirld News Pento 3:14:2015

Now, I think 40 years later central banks are erring to much greater extent but the cycle is different.  We have now created massive excess industrial shipping, mining and manufacturing capacity in the world.  Therefore we don’t have a short-run consumer price blowoff.  We still have massive cheap labor in the world and so therefore we don’t have a wage price spiral.
We Will See Total Collapse
The result is that all of the massive stimulus from the central banks has gone into the financial inflation, not goods and services.  The financial inflation is obviously the great bubble that afflicts the entire financial system of the world.  It’s becoming increasingly unstable and it will eventually collapse.  And when it does I think it will mark the complete failure of a monetary system that has basically been metastasizing since 1971.
World Will Panic Into Gold And The Price Will Go Parabolic
Well, when a monetary system finally fails, there will be a flight to the only money that’s left in the system and that will be gold.  That will be the hour in which the next great surge in the gold price occurs.  You can’t predict the exact moment, but you can certainly have a pretty confident view of the direction (parabolic).

KWN Greyerz II 4:10:2015

The central banks are clearly destroying the monetary system that emerged after Nixon went to Camp David in August, 1971.  So here we are 45 years later and we are nearing the end of an unstable fiat central bank driven system and the alternative is fairly obvious — at some point going back to real money.  I don’t think governments will do that voluntarily, but certainly people trying to protect their wealth will.  When that happens it will trigger a huge political crisis and hopefully an opportunity to change the regime and get back to some kind of viable and sound financial and monetary system.”
Eric King:  “David, it was fascinating listening to you talk about the difference between the 1970s vs today.  During the horrific 1973 – 1974 bear market (in stocks) we saw gold skyrocketing.  And we have seen gold trade very strongly through a number of crises from 2000 – 2011, at one point rising a stunning 700 percent.”
King World News - Bill Fleckenstein - This Will End With A Massive Stock Market Crash And The Next Economic Collapse Will Be Even Worse
We Are Entering The “Terminal Phase” Of The Global Financial System
David Stockman:  “Yes.  Well, I think those cycles that you mentioned are relevant benchmarks, but they were warmups.  What happened in each of those episodes was a short-run break in the system, collapse of confidence and flight to gold.  What I think we are facing now is a terminal phase of a monetary system that isn’t viable, stable or sustainable.  Therefore gold has but one characteristic — massive upside in the years ahead.”
Credit to Zero Hedge

Obama Vows to ‘Keep Fighting’ for lesbian and gay Rights

Image result for obama gay

In honor of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, President Obama this weekend vowed to “keep fighting, for however long it takes, until we are all able to live free and equal in dignity and rights.”

The president, who just last month called for an end to “conversion” therapy for gay youth, proclaimed in a statement that “LGBT rights are human rights.”

Since taking office, Obama has consistently advocated equal rights for LGBT people worldwide. In 2010, he signed the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the U.S. military’s policy forbidding openly gay men and women from serving. In 2011, he signed an official memorandum directing agencies to combat criminalization of gays abroad.

In a watershed moment, Obama formally endorsed gay marriage in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts in 2012, just a few days after Vice President Joe Biden preempted him. Then, in 2014, he signed an executive order to protect transgendered federal employees from workplace discrimination, and earlier this year, he became the first president to call for protections for “transgender” individuals in the State of the Union address.

Credit to ABC News