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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Russian ruble falls further as oil price tumbles

MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian ruble accelerated its fall on Tuesday amid a renewed decline in the price of the country's valuable oil exports.
The currency was down more than 4 percent in afternoon trading in Moscow, at around 66 rubles per dollar. 

The ruble hit a record low of 80 per dollar in mid-December before recovering a bit, but it has been steadily falling since the start of the year.

The sale of oil is Russia's main revenue earner, so the months-long slump in energy markets has weighed on the country's economic outlook and markets. The price of Brent crude, an international variety of oil, has plunged from $115 a barrel in June to around $47 a barrel on Tuesday.

Western sanctions over Russia's involvement in the conflict in Ukraine have also hurt the country's markets, with the currency's fall among the more striking developments. Last year, the ruble was the world's worst performing currency along with the Ukrainian hryvnia.
Russia's central bank has tried to shore up the ruble by sharply raising its key interest rate. Higher rates tend to support a currency by enticing foreign investors with higher returns. It has intervened outright in currency reserves, by selling foreign currencies and buying the ruble. Its foreign currency reserves have dropped below $400 billion for the first time since August 2009.

The central bank has meanwhile also offered dollar and euro loans to banks so they can help companies that need foreign currencies to finance operations. The move is intended to help cushion the impact of Western sanctions that locked many Russian companies out of global capital markets.

In another attempt to support the ailing currency, the government encouraged major exporters to more regularly sell their Byearnings of foreign currencies to help meet market demand.

Despite all these measures, investors remain concerned about the impact of slumping oil prices. Russia's economy is expected to contract by more than 4 percent this year if oil prices remain at their current level.

President Vladimir Putin said last month that Russia would overcome the current crisis in no more than two years, but he so far hasn't offered any specific plan for an economic restructuring that would ease the nation's heavy reliance on oil and gas revenues.

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"Iran's Final Solution To Hasten The Anti-Christ"

The Scary Reality Of The JOB Paradigm

Iranian dissident claims his country already has nukes

In the Pesach and Elana talk radio show in the United States, an Iranian caller claimed: “Iran has three atomic bombs. They are using all of this hackling back and forwards and keep saying that they don’t have it but they have it and it got to the point that North Korea did the first atomic test, so there will come a time within this year that they will have enough just to test in the Iranian desert one of their 15 kilo ton atom bombs that they have.”

According to Pesach Kirschner, the Iranian who made these allegations on his show is a former Iranian nuclear scientist that is presently hiding in the west and thus knows a lot about Iran’s nuclear program. So far, there has been no official confirmation for the report that Iran has three nuclear warheads. However, an article published in the Washington Times several years ago makes similar accusations, emphasizing that western intelligence sources have known about it for years.

“When Iran began its nuclear program in the mid-1980s, I was working as a spy for the CIA within the Revolutionary Guards,” Reza Kahlili wrote in the Washington Times. “The Guards’ Intelligence at that time had learned of Saddam Hussein’s attempt to buy a nuclear bomb for Iraq. Guard commanders concluded that they needed a nuclear bomb because if Saddam were to get his own, he would use it against Iran. At that time, the two countries were at war.”

“In the early 1990s, the CIA asked me to find an Iranian scientist who would testify that Iran had the bomb,” he stressed. “The CIA had learned that Iranian intelligence agents were visiting nuclear installations throughout the former Soviet Union, with particular interest in Kazakhstan.”
Iran already has three nukes
Iran already has three nukes Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2
Credit to Jerusalem On Line

The Five Steps to Armageddon


The world sits upon the precipice of World War III. The three major antagonists, Russia, China and the United States are talking far less and are increasingly on a war footing.
The events which led to World War I are reoccurring in almost the exact same form as what transpired nearly a century ago. Only this time, it will not be millions of lives at stake, it will be billions.

World War I

The First World War followed a period of sustained optimism in which there was an extended period of peace in Europe. The times were marked by optimistic discussions during which people talked with confidence of continued prosperity, continued and very rapid progress, and hope for a peaceful future. But things changed in 1914, Europe stumbled into a catastrophic conflict of human horror that killed millions, destroyed national economies, toppled long-standing empires and compromised Europe’s dominance over the rest of the world.
trench warfare

Most historians believe that this was a war that could have been avoided right up until the final moments. So, then, why did World War I take place?

The Reasons for World War I

There are five major reasons that I can point to which led to World War I. The reasons are imperialism, militarism, nationalism, mutual defense alliances and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
I. Imperialism In the Pursuit of Natural Resources In Africa
Before World War 1, domination of Africa and parts of Asia became points of contention among European countries. This was especially true because of the raw materials that these areas could provide would become an important and growing part of  Europe’s industrial economies. The increasing competition and desire for greater empires led to an increase in confrontation that helped push the world into an arms race and ultimately into World War I.
II. Militarism and the Arms Race
By the beginning of the 20th century, Germany, Russia, Britain and France had greatly devoted an ever-increasing amount of their GDP to militarization including the buildup of their navies. When the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand took place, the European nations were already prepared for war.

III.  Nationalism
Much of the origin of the war stemmed from the political desire of the Slavic people, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, to no longer be a part of Austria Hungary but instead they desired to be part of Serbia. The assassination of Ferdinand would bring all of these forces together and result in World War I.  But in a more general way, the nationalism of the various countries, throughout Europe, contributed not only to the beginning, but also the extension of the war in Europe. Each country tried to prove their dominance and power so as to not appear to be weak to its people.
IV. Mutual Defense Treaties
At the time that World War I broke out, the following major defense treaties were in existence.
  1. Russia and Serbia
  2. France and Russia
  3. Britain and France and Belgium
  4. Japan and Britain
Following the death of Ferdinand, these alliances form the sides for World War I.
V. The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand-The Trigger Event for WW I
The alliances between Russia and Serbia and the one between Germany and Austria-Hungary were particularly telling because of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, of Austria-Hungary, by the assassin, Gavrilo Princip, of Serbia.
The assassination led directly to World War I when Austria-Hungary subsequently issued an ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia, which was partially rejected. Austria-Hungary then declared war on Serbia and Russia began to mobilize to protect Serbia. Austria-Hungary mobilized as did Germany.
Germany feared being caught in a two front war with Russia on the East and France and Britain on the West, decided to attack France, through neutral Belgium, in an attempt to end the war quickly. And World War I, subsequently, began in earnest.

Why 1914 Rhymes with 2015

The conditions which led to World War I are repeating in a variety of specific ways and it is eerily similar to what is transpiring in today’s world.

  1. Imperialism In the Pursuit of Natural Resources
The great Silk Road will cement a burgeoning trading empire which connects China with Europe and incorporates much of Eurasia. This would also contribute to Putin’s desire to resurrect the former Soviet empire. The West is totally cut out of this trade arrangement.
China has also extended its imperialistic desires into the Panama Canal area as well as another canal option in the region. This is a direct economic threat being perpetrated in America’s own backyard.
No discussion about imperialism on a global scale would be complete without mention of the BRICS which are working in unison to destroy the Petrodollar. Not only have the BRICS been successful in putting a dent into the dollar, the collective actions of these nations are gathering a following and the world appears poised to ditch the dollar and that will mark the end of the American economy. I cannot think of a more provocative economic act of imperialism.
II. Militarism and the Arms Race
China and Russia have placed special emphasis on building its military. Although the U.S. is provocative in its military maneuvers with regard to Syria and Ukraine, Obama is doing his best to return the size of the American military to pre-World War II levels. It almost seems that Obama wants to give Russia and China a fighting chance against the United States in the upcoming war.
III.  Nationalism
The word “nationalism” is synonymous with Putin’s domestic and foreign policy. His efforts to keep Ukraine in the Russian sphere of influence as well as his expansion into Eurasia, in a bold attempt to build a significant trading block in Eurasia, is leading to the resurrection of the old Soviet Empire. And don’t forget about Putin’s seizure of Crimea, because, according to Putin, “it had Russian speaking people” in need of protection, and it reminds one of Hitler’s seizure of parts of Czechoslovakia just prior to the beginning of World War II.
The high water mark for Chinese nationalism was magnificently on display during the Beijing Olympics where they spared no expense to demonstrate to the world how far they have advanced as a nation.
China is now able to project its military power in ways not previously seen as its military might is becoming the projection and manifestation of its new found sense of nationalism.
IV. Mutual Defense Treaties
It is simple, the sides for World War III will essentially be the BRICS and their growing list of minions and NATO and the diminishing list of minions.
The NATO alliance is fragile. The plunging oil prices are not only impacting Russia and the BRICS, they are killing the German economy. The western banking establishment must be cognizant of how far Germany can be pushed, because if they were to defect from NATO and join the BRICS, Germany’s defection would dramatically change the military balance of power. Adding fuel to this fire is that Germany has taken possession of gold that it has been owed for over seven years. Gold is the most common medium of exchange among the BRICS.
V. The “Archduke Moment”
The assassin who started World War I.
The assassin who started World War I.
The first four elements of World War I are unmistakably present in the modern era. What is missing is a catalyst, a trigger event which will bring the first four elements into play.
As the world holds its breath, the world sits poised for Armageddon.


nuclear bombI cannot foresee a reversal of the present collision course with World War III that the planet is presently embarked upon.
What will the trigger event for World War III consist of? If we only consider the today’s state of affairs, there are two scenarios which could easily culminate in World War III and both scenarios involve the dramatic decline in oil prices.
Russia’s gold and cash reserves are being tapped into in order to keep the Russian economy afloat in the face of the declining oil prices. What is Putin’s tolerance on this point? Will he strike out militarily like a cornered and wounded animal?
On the other side of the coin, will the BRICS strategy coalesce and drive the U.S. economy into the ground? What must also be considered is that Russian and her allies might initiate an act of terrorism which would bring the U.S. economy to its knees. A cyber attack upon our banking system and stock market could accomplish this goal.
If the bankers allow oil prices to return to $100 per barrel, these crises may be averted. However, it will only be a temporary respite from the inevitable.
There are, of course, a future set of “trigger” events which could bring the world to war that are yet unknown. Regardless of what will be the “Archduke moment”, the world sets poised for war and that is not likely to change as we march down “the five steps to Armageddon”. Subsequently, my mantra remains the same. Close most of your investments, take most of your money out of your banks and convert these assets into making your existence as independent as possible. This will not guarantee survival, it will only increase your odds of surviving.
Credit to Common Sense

Russia's Strategic Missile Forces to Conduct Over 100 Drills in 2015

A drill every 3 days....

MOSCOW, January 11 (Sputnik) — The Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) of Russia are planning to conduct over 100 drills at various levels in 2015, SMF spokesperson Col. Igor Yegorov said Sunday.

"In 2015, SMF will conduct over 100 command and staff, tactical and specialized drills. The drills will be conducted in complex and tense conditions," Yegorov told the press.

The spokesperson added that the purpose of the planned exercises is to improve the performance of troops' field training by increasing the duration of the drills. In addition, requirements for skills of all categories of servicemen will be increased.


Russia's Strategic Missile Forces are the arm of the country's Armed Forces and the main component of it's strategic nuclear forces. Their main goals include nuclear deterrence of a possible aggression and the defeat of possible enemy's strategic objects of military and economic potential by means of nuclear missile attacks.

In late December, Russia's Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov cited the strengthening of the country's nuclear triad as the Armed Forces' main task for 2015.

Credit to Sputnik

Mikhail Gorbachev Warns of Nuclear War as Result of Ukraine Crisis

Lord Monckton: Freedoms Are Extinct

Muslim Brotherhood Founded 50% of the Mosques in the West

A prominent Muslim leader in the United Kingdom with links to theMuslim Brotherhood estimates that half of the mosques in the West were founded by Brotherhood members. The Brotherhood presents itself as moderate, but it supports violent jihad and is the parent organization of Hamas.

The estimate was made by Mohamed Ashmawey, CEO of London-based Islamic Relief Worldwide, the world’s largest Muslim charity.

He was responding to his organization’s admitted Muslim Brotherhood origins and its designation as a terrorist entity by the United Arab Emirates and Israel. The Israeli government saysIslamic Relief Worldwide sends “millions” of dollars to Hamas every year.

“If this is a crime to have someone as a founder as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, they will have to close 50 percent of the mosques in the West because they also had founders from this group,” he said.

The Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for establishing the most powerful Islamic institutions in the West, though that does not mean that most Muslims or most mosque attendees subscribe to its Islamist ideology. Surveys consistently show that Muslim-Americans largely reject extremism, though a formidable minority remains committed to it.

A 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo discusses how the group established a network of front organizations in America for “unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts” under an “an effective and a stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The Brotherhood hoped that its control of the main infrastructure would enable it to lead the growing community.

The struggle that followed is encapsulated in this 2004 Chicago Tribune story about Islamists taking control of the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview, Illinois. A 2003 St. Petersburg Timesarticle also reports on the Islamist challenges for the leaderships of mosques in Florida, California, Illinois, Texas and Arizona.

The Brotherhood’s purpose, as stated in the 1991 memo, is to wage “a kind of grand jihad, in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

One of the organizations listed in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo as a front for this purpose is the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), an organization that owns mosques across America. Its offices were raided in 2002 as part of a terrorism-financing investigation.

Its website says:

“Since NAIT's founding, Muslim communities have entrusted the titles of over 325 properties in 42 States to NAIT. More are added every year. Market value of these Waqf [NAIT] properties is several hundred million dollars.”

Another U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has said that NAIT owns about 27% of mosques in America. National security expert Dr. J. Michael Waller had a higher estimate of 50% to 79% of mosques being owned by NAIT.

NAIT’s status as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity was confirmed by federal prosecutors during the prosecution of another U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity named the Holy Land Foundation. The Justice Department designated NAIT as an unindicted co-conspirator in that case.

NAIT’s designation as an unindicted co-conspirator was upheld in a2009 ruling because of “ample evidence” linking it to the Hamas-financing network of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. A NAIT bank account gave the checks for the “Palestinian mujahideen” to the Holy Land Foundation, which then distributed the funds to Hamas.

In the documentary The Grand Deception, former FBI special agent Robert Stauffer talks about taking part in an investigation into the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, including NAIT. He said that many millions of dollars were donated to NAIT from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

A declassified FBI document from 1987 summarizes intelligence provided by an informant inside the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood who adamantly stated that NAIT is a Brotherhood front with a “secret agenda” that includes supporting terrorism and a long-term Islamic revolution in America.

“[NAIT wants] all the mosques to be ideologically pure in their own Wahhabist line. They want to prevent others from having influence,”said Islamic scholar Khalid Duran.

There are also mosques and Islamic centers that are not technically owned by NAIT but are officially affiliated with other U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities.

Another significant problem within U.S. mosques is the widespread presence of radical literature. A 2011 survey of 100 U.S. mosques found that only 19% of mosques were completely absent of texts promoting violence, and only a mere 15.5% had imams who did notrecommend violent texts for studying. In addition, just 42% of mosques did not have guest speakers known for promoting violentjihad.

About 51% of U.S. mosques were found to have texts that “severely advocate” violent jihad, preaching that supporting it is an obligation of Muslims. Literature in this category includes texts like Milestonesby Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Qutb and those by Jamaat-e-Islami founder Abdul Ala Maududi/Mawdudi.

About 30% of U.S. mosques were found to have texts that “moderately advocate” violence, such as Fiqh us-Sunnah by Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Sabiq and Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

This shocking number is substantiated by Sufi Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, the chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of America. Kabbani has founded 28 Sufi Islamic centers in North America and is listed as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world.

In 1999, Kabbani said during an event at the State Department that 80% of U.S. mosques follow an extremist Saudi-sponsored form of Islam. He said that 90 of the 114 U.S. mosques he visited had a radical ideology.

A 2006 study by Freedom House likewise found that Saudi-sponsored extremist texts are widely present in U.S. mosques. The study was based on a survey of over 200 books from 15 major mosques in seven states.

Readers can learn about the Islamist mosques in their state through the Clarion Project’s Islamist Organizations in America page.

In addition, the following is an incomplete list of over 60 mosques and organizations known to be affiliated with NAIT and other U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); Muslim Students Association (MSA), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim American Society (MAS) and the now-defunct Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA).

Islamic Society of Mobile
Newspaper reports link it to NAIT.

Islamic Center of Tucson
The center’s constitution shows that NAIT holds its real estate and that it is affiliated with ISNA.
Islamic Community Center of Phoenix
The center’s website says it is entrusted to NAIT.

Bentonville Islamic Center
The center’s constitution says its assets will be held by NAIT in the event of dissolution.

Islamic Center of Little Rock
The center’s website shows it was financed by NAIT and ISNA and previous property was owned by NAIT.

Islamic Center of Davis
The center’s bylaws states that the real state is entrusted to NAIT.
Islamic Center of Fort Collins
Proposed bylaws state its assets will be held by NAIT in the event of dissolution.
Muslim Community Association of San Francisco Bay Area
The center’s constitution says it is entrusted to NAIT.

Islamic Society of Colorado Springs
The society’s constitution states it is entrusted to NAIT and affiliated with ISNA.

American Muslim Community Centers
The centers’s bylaws state that NAIT will hold its assets in the event of dissolution.
Islamic Center of South Florida
The center’s website has shown that it is owned by NAIT.

Al-Huda Islamic Center of Athens
The center’s bylaws state that NAIT holds the title.

Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center
The mosque’s constitution says that assets will be held by NAIT or ISNA in the event of its dissolution and it is affiliated with ISNA.
Daarul ‘Uloom
The mosque’s bylaws state that NAIT will hold its assets in the event of dissolution.
Islamic Center of Bloomington-Normal
The center’s constitution says its property is entrusted with NAIT.

Islamic Center of Carbondale
The center’s constitution states that its real estate will be entrusted with NAIT and it is affiliated with ISNA.
Islamic Center of Peoria
The centere’s website says it is a member of NAIT, affiliated with the North American Imams Federation and endorsed by the Hamas-linked Mosque Foundation.
Mosque Foundation
Media reports say it is owned by NAIT.
Muslim American Society (bylaws state its principal office is in Illinois)
The society’s bylaws state that NAIT will hold its assets in the event of dissolution.

Council of Islamic Schools in North America
The council’s bylaws state it is affiliated with ISNA and NAIT will hold its assets in the event of dissolution.
Islamic Center of Bloomington
The center’s website says it is linked to NAIT and was originally owned by MSA. The original financing came from the leader of the Muslim World League, a Saudi-backed Islamist group.
Islamic Society of Greater Lafayette
The society’s constitution says its real estate is registered to NAIT.

Darul Arqum Islamic Center
The center’s bylaws state it is entrusted with NAIT.
Islamic Center of Ames / Darul Arqum Islamic Center
The center’s bylaws state it is entrusted with NAIT.
Islamic Center of Des Moines
The center’s constitution and bylaws states that property is entrusted with NAIT.

Prince George’s Muslim Association
The association’s constitution and bylaws state that NAIT owns its property.
Islamic Center of Greater Worcester
The center’s website says it is owned by NAIT and was established as a sub-chapter of ISNA.

Islamic Center of Greater Lansing
The center’s website says it is affiliated with ISNA.
Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor and Vicinity
The center’s constitution says it is registered with NAIT and it will hold its assets in the event of dissolution.
Tawheed Center
The center’s constitution says it is a trust under NAIT and all assets will go to NAIT in the event of dissolution.

Islamic Center of Central Missouri
The center’s constitution and bylaws shows its property is entrusted with NAIT and that it is affiliated with ISNA.

New Jersey
Muslim Society of Jersey Shore / Masjid Bilal
Its website used to declare it as an affiliate of NAIT.

New Mexico
Islamic Center of New Mexico
The center’s website says its property is under the NAIT umbrella and it is affiliated with ISNA.

New York
Islamic Center of the Capital District
The center’s constitution says NAIT owns its real estate and that it is affiliated with ISNA.

North Carolina
Islamic Association of Raleigh
The association’s website says it was founded by MSA. Its bylawsstate it is affiliated with ISNA and the Muslim Community Association of the U.S. and Canada. NAIT owns the property and the authority to enforce its compliance with the Basic Law.

Islamic Center of Charlotte
The center’s constitution and bylaws state that it is owned by NAIT and affiliated with ISNA, ICNA, MAS, Muslim Community Association of U.S. and Canada, and the Carolina Islamic Council.

Columbus Islamic Center/Masjid Al-Jannah
The center’s website says it is registered with NAIT.
Islamic Society of Akron and Kent
The association’s constitution states that assets will go to either NAIT or ISNA in the event of dissolution.

Islamic Society of Edmond
Media reports state it is owned by NAIT and affiliated with ISNA.
Islamic Society of Tulsa
The society’s constitution says it is affiliated with ISNA and all its real estate is held by NAIT.
Mercy School Institute
The institute’s charter says it is owned by NAIT.
Peace Academy
The institute’s charter states NAIT will hold its assets in the event of dissolution.

Islamic Association of North Eastern Pennsylvania
The association’s constitution and bylaws states that all property is owned by NAIT.
Islamic Center of Pittsburgh
The center’s bylaws state that its property is owned by NAIT and that it is affiliated with ISNA.

South Carolina
Central Mosque of Charleston
The mosque’s constitution and bylaws states that NAIT will own all assets in the event of dissolution.
Grand Strand Islamic Society
The society’s bylaws state that all assets will be held by NAIT in the event of dissolution.

Dar El-Iman Islamic Center
The center’s constitution and bylaws state it is owned by NAIT and affiliated with ISNA.
Institute of Islamic Knowledge
The institute’s website says the leader is a member of NAIT’s board of trustees and that he led various groups to entrust with NAIT. He is also a “pioneer” of the ICNA.
Islamic Association of Carrollton
The association’s constitution says that assets will be held by NAIT in the event of dissolution.
Islamic Community of Bryan/College Station
The organization’s website states it was founded by MSA and bylawsstate that NAIT will hold its assets if dissolved.
Islamic Society of Arlington
Its website used to state that it is owned by NAIT.
Islamic Society of Greater Houston
The society’s constitution and bylaws shows an affiliation with ISNA. A previous version said NAIT holds its real state.
Muslim American Society (website lists Texas contact address)
The society’s bylaws state that NAIT will hold its assets in the event of dissolution.
Muslim Children Education and Civic Center
The center’s website states that NAIT will hold its assets if dissolved.
Nigerian Muslim Association of Greater Houston / Masjid Ul Mu’Mineen
The association’s bylaws state that at least one trustee must be from NAIT and all deeds will be held by NAIT.
North Austin Muslim Community Center
Its website used to say that its property is registered with NAIT.
Valley Ranch Islamic Center
The center’s draft constitution says it is affiliated with NAIT and ISNA.

All Dulles Area Muslim Society [ADAMS] Center
The society’s website states it is affiliated with ISNA.
Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center
The center’s constitution says it is affiliated with NAIT, ISNA and MAS.
Islamic Center of Blacksburg
The center’s constitution says it is owned by NAIT.
Islamic Society of Central Virginia
The society’s bylaws states it is affiliated with NAIT and ISNA.

Washington State
Islamic Center of Tacoma
The center’s constitution states that assets can be given to NAIT, MSA or any other Sunni organization.

Credit to The Clarion project

ISIS "CyberCaliphate" Celebrates USCENTCOM Twitter, YouTube Hack

 According to SITE (the Jihadist Threat Monitopring Service), the recent cyber-attack on The United States Central Command's (CENTCOM) Twitter and YouTube accounts, attributed to pro-Islamic State (IS) hacking group "CyberCaliphate," has been celebrated as a massive achievement among IS fighters and supporters on Twitter.

Update 2: Centcom's YouTube account has also been hacked...

Update: 40 minutes after the first hacked tweet appeared at 12:29pm Eastern, the Centcom account has been suspended.
Another day, another escalation in the conflict between supporters of the Islamic State and western powers, in this case the Twitter account of the US Central Command (@Centcom), which appears to have been hacked, and where compromising tweets revealing details about military members and potential conflict scenarios involving China and North Korea, are being sent out in real time.
This is the threat that was released via the hacked account moments ago:
Pentagon networks hacked


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the CyberCaliphate under the auspices of ISIS continues its CyberJihad. While the US and its satellites kill our brothers in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan we broke into your networks and personal devices and know everything about you.

You'll see no mercy infidels. ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base. With Allah's permission we are in CENTCOM now.

We won't stop! We know everything about you, your wives and children.
U.S. soldiers! We're watching you!

Here's a part of confidential data from your mobile devices:

There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet! There is no law but Sharia!
A sampling of the hacked tweets:
Perhaps of increased concern: the disclosure of Centcom's "China scenarios"
* * *

Countdown to Internet kill switch 10.... 9.... 8.... 7....

Credit to Zero Hedge

Governments Are Now Removing The People's Rights With Terror