depopulating the gulf
“Political language is designed to make lies
sound truthful and murder respectable.”
George Orwell
Lsuisiana has been under extreme attack for sometime:
  1. Hurricane Katrina (Weather modification event)
  2. Gulf “Oil Spill” (contrived event designed to make money and to put a big dent in the Gulf’s shrimping industry).
  3. Massive sink holes caused by the highly toxic corexit.
  4. The recent round of flooding (Weather modification event)
This is all designed to cause the people of the Gulf to leave and the remainder to be evacuated. Why?  The globalists dirty little secret is contained in this short video. You will not believe your ears, but you will be shocked a the globalists intentions

As Gulf Coast investigator, Dr. Wilma Subra stated, that the oil/Corexit is in “…the air, the water table, the sea floor sediment,  the shallow surface of the beach, it is in the estuaries,… it is in the water column at 3,000-4,000 foot depth, the prevailing winds bring in the oil/Corexit to the shores and the substances are deposited inland. ..The environmental impact will last for generations.” The people of Bayou Corne, as well as at least 28 other Louisiana communities near the coast, are finding out how accurate Dr. Subra’s observations, offered in February of 2011, truly were. Lifespans are being diminished and industries are being decimated and the weather assault upon the region will not stop until the people are gone.

Credit to Common Sense