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Friday, June 3, 2016

'It's Time to Leave NATO Now!' Europeans Launch New Anti-War Campaign

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While NATO officials are preparing for a July summit in Warsaw, European social activists and prominent politicians have launched a new anti-NATO campaign, protesting against the bloc's nuclear buildup and anti-Russia provocations, French journalist Karel Vereycken told Sputnik.

At the Warsaw NATO Summit 2016, due to take place on July 8-9 in Poland, "NATO will enter the next phase in its evolution," according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

According to the Secretary General, NATO's enhanced forward presence in Eastern Europe, combined with the ability to deploy NATO forces quickly aims to send a clear message to Russia.

"NATO and the EU are complementary, and we already work more closely together than ever before," Stoltenberg told Poland.pl, adding that the two blocs conduct a coordinated policy to counter the Russian "threat."

"The EU delivered economic sanctions, and NATO delivered the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War," he emphasized.

However, it would be an exaggeration to say that the Europeans are unanimously welcoming the summit and its controversial and provocative agenda.

Following the event announcement, European social activists and prominent politicians have drawn up a petition entitled "The Warsaw Summit Prepares for War, It's Time to Leave NATO Now!"
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"The upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw on July 8-9 is expected to be yet another provocation against Russia. By this call, we, the undersigned, want to say 'stop' to this nuclear escalation before the irreparable occurs!" the petition translated in German, Italian and French languages reads.

"We the undersigned see that NATO is carrying out a provocative policy of 'encirclement'," the authors of the petition continue, referring to the Alliance's continuous expansion towards the Russian borders; the deployment of the Aegis anti-missile defense system in Romania, Poland, Turkey and Spain; NATO's military buildup in the Baltic States, Poland and Romania; and the creation of a "Nordic Front" against Russia, comprised of Denmark, Iceland and Norway as well as of NATO partner states Sweden and Finland.

The petition has called attention to the fact that the modernization of nuclear weapons by the US and stationing new B61-12 guided nuclear bombs in Europe, poses a grave threat to the EU's security, evoking disturbing memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

It urges European leaders to adopt a policy of the "empty chair" at the Warsaw NATO Summit of 2016 and to leave the Alliance, which no longer has any 'raison d'ĂȘtre' in order to put an end to this threat.

Credit to Sputnik
Read more: http://sputniknews.com/politics/20160602/1040675105/leave-nato-europeans-petition.html#ixzz4AY04sIlm

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Alleged militant supply column coming from Turkey to Syria spotted by Russian drone

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Do You Want to Be On the Red List? Keep Using Facebook

University of South Florida communications professor, Dr. Kelli Burns claims to have tested a hunch that the social media giant’s mobile application is listening to everything you say and providing ads based on that content, and discovered it was true.
Burns actually performed the same anecdotal test that I performed last year when I because suspicious that Facebook was listening and providing ad content based on what I was within earshot of computer.
Further,this even gets creepier as I have an unnamed source that says that if you have Facebook on your mobile, Facebook is recording every word you say and is providing ads on websites you visit based upon your communications. This source says that even when your mobile is off, Facebook is still recording every word you say, as well as what is being said to you and around you. Do you find unnamed sources unbelievable? Well, Professor Burns found the same when she conducted her own test involving telly confederates.

Annoyance or Conspiracy?

What does this all mean? Is this just American marketing becoming intrusive in the pursuit of the almighty dollar? Or, is there something more nefarious going on? It depends on what you believe. If you think that Facebook is this benign big friend in the sky providing you with fun and entertainment, continue on with your Facebook usage. However, if you are a discerning person that knows that Facebook is intimately tied with the NSA for data collection on American citizens, then you have a very large problem if you use Facebook

Previously Documented

I have previously documented that Facebook was selling user data to the Chinese military. Below is an astute Info Wars report on the creation of a world-wide martial law force. There is no question that Infowars and The Common Sense Show are speaking about the same programs with the same objectives.

The DoD/VA Records of 21 Million Veterans Have Been Hacked by the Chinese Military

I previously ran a story of four reports of various lengths and detail regarding the Chinese hacking all records related to 21 million veterans in the Veterans Administration.
An insider source states that the DoD knows that the cyber attacks on veteran records are definitely of Chinese military origin. The stunning detail which captured my attention has to do with the fact that the INDIVIDUAL RECORDS OF OVER 21 MILLION VETERANS HAVE BEEN ACCESSED.
Why would the Chinese be concerned about American Veterans? Because in a civil war against a UN takeover of the United States, China would one of two main players in this event and they would want to know where American citizens who could post the greatest threat (i.e. veterans) would be located so they could be found and exterminated. Do you think this is far-fetched take a look at the following:
We already know that the United Nations is preparing to seize your guns. Will the Chinese military be the vanguard force in the effort to seize American guns? A very simple dot connecting exercise would suggest that will be the case.
Interestingly, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook event, theCommunist Chinese called for more strict controls over American guns. What? Why would the most repressive regime on the planet, the Communist Chinese, care about gun control in America?Because an emerging set of developments would indicate that the Chinese are going to be spearheading, along with the Russians, gun confiscation on American soil as part of an global martial law force. And since the Chinese military has such a heinous reputation, one can assume that they will be carrying out gun confiscation with extreme prejudice.


When one follows the chain of custody of Facebook records maintained most of America, the conclusions are easy to arrive at.
Courtesy of Facebook’s intrusive data gathering, the NSA is able to establish a threat matrix on you.
Secondly, the Chinese military has extensive data on veterans and other American citizens. Why would the Chinese spend the money to obtain these records? In one scenario, they are planning to invade and this information would be minimally useful with regard to their policing efforts in conquered American territory. However, what is more likely is that this is information that the United Nations would need to have with regard to a military martial occupation. Would not happen you say. Grab your mouse and type into google “UN Small Arms Treaty and John Kerry”. Facebook is providing to China, our soon-to-be-overlords where the greatest resistance will come from so it can be “dealt” with.
If you want to be on the Red List, and wish to meet Chinese soldiers up close and personal, keep using Facebook.

Credit to Common Sense

School sends deputy to warn 7-year-old about Bible verses

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Officials at a California public grade school who dispatched a sheriff’s deputy to stop a 7-year-old from sharing Bible verses with his classmates because someone could be “offended” now are being warned of “civil rights violations.”

The student regularly shared notes from his mother containing Bible verses that were tucked into his lunch at Desert Rose Elementary School in the Palmdale, California, School District, which declined to respond to a WND request for comment.

A media spokesman for the sheriff’s office told WND he knew nothing about the deputy visiting the 7-year-old’s home at the request of school officials and declined to comment.

But Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit litigation, education and policy group emphasizing religious liberties, has sent a letter to the school regarding its “unconstitutional suppression and censorship of student religious speech.”

The organization said it demanded that Desert Rose “correct an outrageous violation of a first grader’s constitutional rights.”

“The situation started with an encouraging note and Bible verse from mom Christina Zavala, tucked into a packed lunch for her little boy (‘C’),” Liberty Counsel explained. “The seven-year-old boy read the note and verse, and showed them to his friends during lunch time at school.”

Soon multiple students at C’s school were asking for copies of the notes, which included short stories from the Bible, Liberty Counsel reported.

“However, when one little girl said ‘teacher – this is the most beautiful story I’ve ever seen,’ ‘separation of church and state’ was the response, and the notes were banned from lunchtime distribution. C was told that the school gate was the only location at which he could give the Bible verses to his friends, and only after the bell rang,” the organization explained.

Then, however, C was reprimanded by his teacher in front of the whole class, twice, and told to stop talking about religion or sharing his mother’s notes, and he went home in tears, Liberty Counsel said.

Even as the crowd of students asking for the after-school Bible notes grew, on May 9, Principal Melanie Pagliaro approached Zavala and demanded that the notes only be handed out somewhere beyond school property.

With the school not satisfied with only the banishment, Liberty Counsel said, “a Los Angeles deputy sheriff knocked at the door of C’s home, demanding that C’s note-sharing cease altogether because ‘someone might be offended.'”

“This is a clear, gross violation of the rights of a child. That the school district enlisted a police officer to intimidate C and his family makes this case even more outrageous,” Liberty Counsel contended.

“I would expect something like this to happen in Communist Romania, where I went to elementary school, but cops don’t bully 7-year-olds who want to talk about Jesus in the Land of the Free,” said Horatio “Harry” Mihet, vice president of legal affairs and chief litigation counsel of Liberty Counsel.

The letter to the district said Liberty Counsel, “having reviewed the above facts, district policies, and applicable law, it is clear that the actions of the district staff in this instance, in prohibiting voluntary student religious expression during non-instructional time; then completely banning such student expression from school property entirely, and finally calling the police to report the same are simply unconstitutional.”

“These actions must be disavowed and reversed, to avoid liability for civil rights violations,” the letter said.

It gave the district a deadline for responding of June 1, which was ignored.

“The district simply cannot prohibit student speech during non-instructional time, where that speech is neither lewd, obscene, or indecent. … The district cannot prohibit spontaneous student verbal speech, or handwritten notes passed between students, during non-instructional time, or require (legally, or practically), prior review of all student expression, before it is permitted.”

Students regularly exchange items such as Christmas cards and birthday party invitations.

“Therefore, it was improper to ban student religious discussion during lunch time. The district cannot suppress and censor this discussion, or the one-page notes consisting of Bible stories and verses placed by C’s mother in C’s lunch for his own personal enjoyment and edification; which he voluntarily chose to share with his little friends during non-instructional time; which interested classmates were free to accept or refuse, at their own discretion,” the letter said.

“If being censured for religious expression by one’s first grade teacher in front of one’s classmates is not intimidating and humiliating enough, the message of hostility to a child’s religious expression is underscored by the district calling law enforcement for a ‘follow-up visit’ to his house,” it said.

The letter was sent to Supt. Raul Maldonado, Pagliaro and board members Juan Carillo, Nancy Smith, Joyce Ricks, Dennis Trujillo and Sharon Vega.

Credit to WND
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/06/school-sends-deputy-to-warn-7-year-old-about-bible-verses/#Psiily1d7xyIsdMx.99


Ex-Witch: How Tattoos Relate to Occultic Blood Rituals

As old-school theologians and hipster believers debate the biblical commands not to tattoo the body, a deeper truth lurks.

Ex-witch Beth, who herself has a handful of tattoos, says one cannot ignore the similarities to occult blood rituals.

"A blood ritual is a satanic ritual that is done as a covenant or pact. There are at least two people involved in this type of ritual. The person who is shedding their own blood, and the person who is invoking a demon and its power," Beth writes on her blog, The Other Side of Darkness.

"The person who is shedding their blood is the recipient in this transaction. They are giving their blood (life) in order to receive some sort of benefit, such as life, prosperity, fame, fortune or power. The cuts are now an open doorway for the entrance of evil spirits (demons) (that) you have granted permission. By agreeing to and participating in the shedding of your blood, you have (given) the devil a right to you. Often people who participate in a blood ritual also give over rights to future generations," she continues.

Beth recognizes a tattooed body is not necessarily one and the same as blood rituals. Even Christians who passionately serve Jesus have tattoos to mark their faith.

But one cannot ignore the parallels between tattoos and blood rituals.

"However, you are piercing your skin with a needle between 50 to 3,00 times a minute. You are also shedding your blood, and you are making a choice to pierce your skin and shed your blood," Beth writes.

"You also have to consider the person who is doing the tattoo. Where are they at religiously or spiritually? If they are another religion or hold spiritual beliefs of the New Age or occult, what does the tattoo mean to them? The one who holds the tattoo gun is the one who is shedding your blood. That is a very powerful position over you. If they are praying over you to their god or goddess, how does that affect you while you are openly submitting to them shedding your blood? Does it really matter if your tattoo is of a cross or a Bible verse in this case?"

Watch the video to see more of her explanations. 

Credit to Charisma News

Barack Obama Warns Americans ‘To Be Prepared For A Disaster’

Barack Obama At FEMA - Public DomainWhen Barack Obama speaks to the public, it is very rare that he does so without a specific purpose in mind.  So why is he urging Americans “to be prepared for a disaster” all of a sudden?  On May 31, Obama took time out of his extremely busy schedule to deliver an address at the FEMA National Response Coordination Center in Washington.  During his speech, he stressed that every American is responsible for preparing for disasters, and that includes “having an evacuation plan” and “having a fully stocked disaster supply kit”.  These are basic steps that I have been encouraging people to do for years, but if they won’t listen to me, perhaps they will listen to the man currently residing in the White House.  The following excerpt from Obama’s speech comes directly from the official White House website
One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster.  And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit.  If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait.

This speech was timed to coincide with the beginning of the hurricane season, although hurricanes have not posed much of a threat lately.
In fact, a major hurricane has not made landfall in the United States for 127 straight months.
But without a doubt, we all need to be preparing for disaster.  Hurricanes can create a short-term emergency that can last for a few days, but there are other threats that could create a major emergency that could potentially last for an extended period of time.  That list of potential threats includes a major volcanic eruption, a natural or engineered pandemic, a west coast earthquake, a New Madrid earthquake, a tsunami on either the east or west coasts, a meteor impact, Islamic terror, war, an EMP burst that takes down the power grid, cyberwarfare, economic collapse, and civil unrest resulting in the imposition of martial law.
Of course the items that I just mentioned are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, in different scenarios we could actually see multiple events happen in rapid succession.
It is interesting to note that during his speech Barack Obama also noted that the American people seem to have become very complacent about getting prepared…
And what we’ve been seeing is some public complacency slipping in; a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not having evacuation plans.

This is exactly what I have been noticing as well.  There appears to be a tremendous amount of apathy out there, and relatively few people really seem to feel much urgency to get prepared these days.
My contacts in the emergency preparedness industry have been telling me that sales are way down right now.  There was a big peak last fall, but since then it is like interest in prepping has just fallen off the map.
Ultimately, those companies are going to be okay because interest will pick back up shortly as global events begin to spiral completely out of control.  However, of much greater concern is the fact that people have not been using this period of relative calm constructively.
Just like we have seen in Venezuela, time to prepare eventually runs out.  And someday there will be millions of parents that are absolutely horrified when their children come to them crying out for food and they don’t have anything to give to them because they didn’t heed the warnings and they didn’t get prepared.
When that day arrives, many of those families may be forced to turn to whatever help the government is offering at the time.
One more thing that I found particularly noteworthy about Obama’s speech was that he said that there is now “a FEMA app” that can direct you to the nearest “FEMA shelter” in the event of a major emergency.
If you need information about how to put together an evacuation plan, how to put together a disaster preparedness kit, as Craig said, we’ve got an app for everything now.  We have a FEMA app in English and in Spanish to help you prepare your family for a disaster.  You can update the National Weather Service alerts.  You can get safety tips for more than 20 kinds of hazards.  It provides you directions to nearby shelters.

Could you envision yourself and your family having to take refuge in a “FEMA shelter” someday?
If not, you should do what you can to get prepared now.  Over the next couple of days, my wife and I will be releasing a couple of new videos about preparation on our YouTube channel.  I hope that many of you will check them out.
Unlike Venezuela, it looks like we may still have a little bit more time to prepare for what is ahead.  Some people will relax and use this time to party, but those that are wise will work diligently and will do what they can to get ready for the exceedingly challenging times that are rapidly approaching.
Hopefully you are listening to the warnings and are heeding what the watchmen are saying.
If not, the consequences for what will happen to you and your family will ultimately be on your own hands.
Credit to Economic Collapse

Sweden's Migrant Rape Epidemic

Scientists test cancer vaccine on humans, trigger 'powerful immune response' by injecting chemo drug combo into tumors

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(NaturalNews) A drug company is now set to begin human trials on a new cancer therapy that allegedly uses chemotherapy drugs in a fashion more similar to vaccines, stimulating the immune system to wipe out the cancer on its own and prevent it from returning.

"Even though we are using chemo, this works on the immune system," said Dr. Ian Walters of Intensity Therapeutics. "The tumours die from the inside out. When that happens, the immune cells can 'see' that it's cancer, and form an extremely powerful immune response. It's almost a personalised vaccine."

If the therapy receives approval, it will remain to be seen what its long-term effects are on the immune system or on cancer recurrence.

Too good to be true?Traditional chemotherapy floods the body with toxic chemicals, poisoning not only cancer cells but also healthy cells. This produces a host of side effects, some of them highly dangerous.

In the therapy being tested, two chemotherapy drugs are injected directly into tumors, along with a third chemical that increases the permeability of the tumor's cell walls. This allows the chemotherapy drugs to directly target the cancer at much lower doses, theoretically producing a much lower toxic effect on other cells and therefore fewer side effects. 

Once the cells begin to die, the immune system attacks them and finishes them off. In the future, it is then able to recognize that cancer as a foreign invader, and remove it accordingly.

Credit to Natural News
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/054234_cancer_vaccine_immune_response.html#ixzz4AUVNRjaM