A funny thing happened on my way to writing on a very controversial topic. It just so happens that I inadvertently made my own news. To those who expected to read how the criminal elite are going stop Donald Trump short of singular assassination plot, that story will be printed on this site, tomorrow.
Yesterday, I went to Bank of America to withdraw $1500 cash. You would of thought I had a sign around my neck saying that I was a heroin dealer.
The teller went and got a bank officer who began to question me:
Bank Officer: Sir, what are you using the money for?
Me: I am using it for a legal personal matter. Beyond that, it is none of your business.
Bank Officer; Sir, we can put a hold on your account. 
Me: Mr. Bank Officer, I will remove my entire account and deposit it to another bank if I do not have my money in five minutes and I want my money in $100 bills. 
Bank Officer: Sir, your threats will not work here and if you are not cooperative and fill out this form, I will call the police and notifiy the IRS. (He wanted me to fill out a Cash Transaction Report which is not required unless your withdrawing $10,000  or more)
Me: Mr. Bank Officer, I refuse to fill out your report because it is not required unless I withdraw $10,000 and your may call who you want…. You obviously do not know the law and who I am. Between my writing and broadcasting, I reach over 2 million people per month. I would say that statistically about 400,000 people have B of A accounts who listen to me or read my articles. Before the end of this month, you will see sizable withdrawals based upon my recantation of this conversations in the public domain. By the way, I am recording this. 
The bank officer walked away and disappeared and then came back in a few moments. He instructed the teller to process my request. 
Bank Officer: I have reviewed your account history and you have been an excellent customer. You are obviously using the money for honorable purposes. I apologize for any misunderstanding.
Me: Thank you. The purposes for the use of my money, is none of your business, it is a matter for law enforcement. You should think about this when you try to bully the next guy. 
I am certain that the threat of my reach and potential action against Bank of America did not influence bank officer’s decision to honor my request. I am sure he called his boss and that they have now filed a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), and my business affairs will come under the scrutiny of the IRS and possibly the FBI. I have no doubt that they would love to turn me into the next Bundy family member of the banking world. I will have more to say on this topic later in the article.

An Interesting Aside

I requested that my money withdrawal be disbursed in one hundred dollar bills. They had one, count it, one, one hundred dollar bill in the entire bank.
I asked the teller if the bank was making good on the rumor that they were phasing out one hundred dollar bills in their incremental move towards a cashless society. The $10 per hour teller said she they did not know what I was talking about. At that point, and being a little worked up, I asked the teller which arm she was going receive the chip so she could continue buying and selling and working for B of A? She had no idea what I was talking about.
“Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” I had images of my Lord and Savior chasing the banksters from the Temple.
If I only had the courage of my Lord.
If I only had the courage of my Lord.
I  have arranged for a transfer of the funds from  the impacted account.
Before you move any money, you need to read the following… or you risk going to jail:

Be Careful Who You Speak With

If the Feds do show up to speak with me, I will not be speaking with them about anything of substance. When Martha Stewart was accused of insider trading, Stewart tried to explain away the concerns. That was her big mistake. She was sent to jail for making false statements to federal officials. Note, they can lie to you and try to trick you and the criminal elite have made that legal. But if THEY say you have misled them, or left out one detail, you go to prison and it is your word vs. their word.
When and if the FEDS show up at my door. I will be taping and recording myself saying “I invoke my 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination and reserve my right to be represented by an attorney for all questioning. If I am not under arrest, you need to leave my property and I will arrange a meeting with my attorney.” If you say any more, you are probably going to jail.
Oh, they will threaten you that you making things hard on yourself and that “things will go easier if you cooperate”. Your answer , and the only thing you should say is “I will fully cooperate with you when my attorney is present and since we all have to abide the Constitution, get the hell out of my house”.

Structuring, SAR’s and CTR’s

Previously, I mentioned the bank probably filed a SAR on me. and they going to be investigating me for Structuring. Structuring carries a very long prison sentence to go with a hefty fine. The Federal government will automatically investigate any cash withdrawal of $10,000 or more from your account.To remain in compliance with the law, financial institutions must obtain personal identification, information about the transaction and the social security number of the person conducting the transaction.
Technically, there is no federal law prohibiting the use of large amounts of cash. However, a CTR must be filed in ALL cases of cash transaction regardless of the reason underlying the transaction. This means your cash transaction will be on the radar. The Feds will automatically investigate you drug dealing, enterprise corruption and/or money laundering. And they can put a lien on everything you own during the investigative process. Remember, keep your mouth shut!
There will undoubtedly be some geniuses whose math ability will tell them that all they have to do is to withdraw $9,999.99 and the bank and the guardian of the bank, the federal government will be none the wiser. It is not quite that simple. If over a period of 12 months, you show a pattern of cash withdrawals which fall under the $10,000 threshold of a Cash Transaction Report requirement, you will be convicted of Structuring and go to jail, every time. Therefore, I do not dare go back to any bank with my name on it and make a similar withdrawal. So long as I do not go to a bank in the next 12 months and make a similar withdrawal, the government cannot make a case against me Structuring because it requires multiple withdrawals over a discreet period of time.
Structuring transactions to prevent a CTR from being reported can result in imprisonment for not more than five years and/or a fine of up to $250,000. If structuring involves more than $100,000 in a twelve month period or is performed while violating another law of the federal government (e.g. money laundering, drug dealing, etc.), the penalty is doubled.

What Should You Do With Your Cash In the Bank?

Before, I suggest what one should do with their cash in the bank, I want to make the readers fully aware of how the banking system, along with the muscle provided by the Federal government, have made definitive plans to steal your cash in the bank.
  1. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, on November 10, 2014, ran a joint exercise simulating how they would prop up a large bank (e.g. Bank of America) with operations in both countries that has landed itself in trouble. Also taking part in the “bank failure drill”, which included a cyber attack upon several banks, was Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, and the heads of a large number of other regulators, in a meeting hosted by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
2. As of November 16, 2014, your bank account has been collateralized against the derivatives debt. Hence, you had, in 2008, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and the Secretary of Treasury, Hank Paulson, telling a closed session of Congress that if they did not authorize the bailouts, there would be tanks in the streets in an ultimately, REVOLUTION! This was necessitated by the credit swap derivatives Ponzi scheme and the debacle that would follow the collapse of the dollar.
3. Further, the bankruptcy reform laws stemming from the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005, have given the credit swap derivatives counter-parties preference over all other creditors and customers of the bankrupt financial institution, including FDIC insured depositors. This is why the G20 effectively stole your money on the morning of November 16, 2014! On this action taken by the G20 nations, your bank account is no longer considered to be money. The bankers holding the bag on the credit swap derivatives will move to the head of the FDIC compensation line. In other words, if the banks are collapsed, your money will be used to pay down the derivatives debt. Therefore, the regulations requiring that your money be insured by the FDIC are no longer in effect! This devaluation of “money to something other than money gives what the experts call “super priority” in terms of the line of succession from which to collect bankruptcy monies.
The Bank-Bail-ins, or outright cash confiscations are coming. If you do nothing and leave your money in the bank, you and your money will soon be parted. If you recklessly try and withdraw your cash, you and your money will soon be parted and you will be in prison. So what can you do?
As the owner of DH Communication LLC, among other things, we own the exclusive rights to The Common Sense Show. We made a collective decision to primarily advertise for business interests that fits our chartered purpose, namely, to help people prepare to survive what is coming. Therefore, we place a premium on accepting advertising from business entities that increase the odds of survival. You would be wise to avoid banking prison that we all live under and make direct purchases of items that you will need to survive the coming economic calamity.
If you make purchases directly from your bank account for items you will need, you do not have to worry about Federal banking laws. I know that your NSA threat matrix score will go up, but it is the cost of doing business in a chaotic and corrupt country. Before the crash comes, you will need to take care of these six areas.
  1. You will need precious metals- because your cash will soon be worthless or confiscated. When the cash is gone, you will need a medium of exchange and that will be gold and silver.
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Of course, everyone is free to use whatever vendor they choose. However, you need to cover these six critical areas in order to enhance your survival.
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