“They” will hear us even more clearly thanks to the fact that former Google CEO, now the head of Google’s parent company, Alphabet,  Eric Schmidt has been appointed to run Pentagon on surveillance
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Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced his intention to establish what he’s calling a Defense Innovation Advisory Board, meant to provide advice to the Department of Defense from a Silicon Valley point of view. Carter’s lead choice to head up this new board is no stranger to violating electronic privacy. Carter’s choice is former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt.
An unnamed Google source told me I was making “much ado about nothing”. Really? Nothing? Schmidt is presently the executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, as well as a tech adviser to the president of Google.
There is no doubt that these moves were made to avoid the public appearance of impropriety. As Google technology moves to supersede existing technology, Schmidt, still bolstered by his present Google retirement stock will be there to guide America’s obliteration of the Fourth Amendment, to the financial benefit of Google and to the detriment of our cherished Bill of Rights.
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Google makes a record of where you visit on the Internet. Therefore, when you log on next time, you see an ad on your screen related to a recent visit. Will there ever be any limits to spying on the American people, from our out of control tyrannical government with Google running the Pentagon’s cyber security? With innovations, such as Google Glass, the American public cannot even begin to imagine how much more our civil rights will be compromised with the technological innovations that will surely be coming our way. And with Eric Schmidt, with his financial interests in Alphabet (aka Google), will there be less or more incentive to violate the Fourth Amendment Rights of Americans?
Isn’t it interesting that not one word about all the Fourth Amendment violations has been uttered in the Presidential debates?
Credit to Common Sense