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Friday, December 25, 2015

Putin orders military to protect Kurds "at all costs"

An ominous report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that President Putin has issued orders authorizing Federation military and intelligence forces to protect the Kurdish peoples of Turkey-Iraq-Syria against “all threats” and “at all costs” as these besieged peoples living in the Levant War Zone are now under “existential threat” of extermination by Turkey—and which is an action many in the West are warning may trigger the “war of the century”.
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According to this report, President Putin legally issued this order citing as his authority to do so Article 87 of the Constitution that gives him the title and power of being Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and by his further noting that this order “fully complies” with the “use of force” resolution unanimously passed by the Duma (Russian Parliament) this past September authorizing military-intelligence war actions against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh).
With Turkey now being named as a “belligerent hostile threat” to the Federation in this conflict, this report further explains, President Putin in issuing his order also cited the Turkish governments material and financial support of Islamic State terrorists as evidenced by the MoD discovering this week 12,000 oil tankers and trucks on the Turkey-Iraq border carrying stolen petroleum wealth legally owned by Iraq and Syria.
And with Russian energy giant Gazprom Neft planning to drill its first exploratory oil well in Iraq Kurdistan next year, this report says, President Putin’s order notes that Turkey’s stealing of Iraqi and Syrian oil with the assistance of Islamic State terrorists is, in fact, the same thing as stealing from the Federation.
Gravely concerning President Putin too, this report notes, is that in Turkey’s attempt to cover up their crimes in supporting these Islamic State terrorists, they have imitated a brutal genocidal attack upon their own Kurdish peoples that has caused over 200,000 of these defenseless minority citizens to flee their homes while Turkish military forces rampage throughout this region—and which has led one Western official in Turkey to warn “Things are reaching a critical point, and it’s not clear where things are heading.
Siding with Turkey in committing this mass genocide against the Kurdish peoples though, this report continues, is the Obama regime whose State Department spokesman, John Kirby, this past week stated “while we understand Turkey’s needs to take security measures, it should also take all feasible precautions to protect civilians and to act consistently with its legal obligations”, but failed to order their NATO ally to stop their wanton killing and destruction.
Unlike the Obama regime though, who has sided with their Islamic State terrorist supporting NATO ally Turkey against the Kurdish peoples, this report says, President Putin was more persuaded by Turkey’s pro-Kurdish party leader Selahattin Demirtas, who in his meeting this past week with Foreign Minister Lavrov, revealed all of Turkey’s “dark/evil” secrets—and which immediate afterwards, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutolgu accused Demirtas of having committed treason.
And of the most shocking information about the murderous “terror-loving” Turkish regime revealed to the Kremlin by Demirtas, this report notes, was his proving the complicity of the Obama regime with Turkey in the shooting down on 24 November of a defenseless Aerospace Forces bomber over Syria—and which MoD spokesman Igor Konashenkov explained by stating:
“This confirms the fact that all information, which we transfer to the American side within the framework of the memorandum, has surely been handed over by the U.S. Air Force command to Turkey’s General Staff. Thus, on 24 November, when a Turkish fighter jet treacherously attacked our Su-24 bomber with a missile, Turkey’s General Staff was well aware of the time and the area where a pair of Russian bombers would carry out a combat task.”
Also critical to note about President Putin’s war order, this report says, is that prior to his issuing it he presented to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates a “grave warning” that should any of them continue in their current war actions supporting either Turkey or the Islamic State they would face immediate Federation retribution.
President Putin’s warning was immediately replied to by the GCC just hours ago with their spokesman, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Khaled bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, stating: “We are currently talking about exchanging information on movement of people and money. The topic of establishing armed forces in the framework of the Saudi-led coalition has not been discussed as of now. We are trying to concentrate our efforts on fighting against extremist ideology and our Islamic coalition is not working in the sphere of military actions of the US-led coalition.”
As Federation Aerospace Forces continue to obliterate Islamic State sources of oil revenue in Syria, this report concludes, the Obama regime continues to ignore the MoD’s call to share with the US-led coalition information about these terrorists—and which has, strangely, led Russia to begin sharing intelligence about the Islamic State with the Taliban before these ruthless terrorists take over Afghanistan too.
And though not mentioned in this MoD report, if Moscow does support these Kurdish forces in retaliation against these Turkish “backstabbers”, Turkey’s domestic political problems will come to a new level and submerge that country into full chaos, especially if President Putin begins supplying Kurd forces with the heavy weapons they’ve requested—which the US intelligence firm Stratfor warned Turkey about with their stating that Russia knows exactly how to push an opponent’s geopolitical buttons.
Or put in its most simplistic terms quoting an old Russian proverb:
“If you invite a bear to dance, it’s not you who decides when the dance is over. It’s the bear.”
Credit to EUtimes

Incredible New IDF Air Defense System Like “Science Fiction”

“So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.” (I Samuel 17:50)

David’s Sling Weapons System Stunner Missile intercepts target during inaugural flight test. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/United States Missile Defense Agency)

David’s Sling, a new air defense system developed under the auspices of the IDF, has passed its final round of tests and is slated for deployment in 2016, said the Defense Ministry on Monday.

The new system is designed to catch longer-range rockets that are not targeted by the Iron Dome, which shoots down short-range missiles, or by the Arrow, which intercepts ballistic missiles. David’s Sling will have the ability to target rockets with ranges of 100 to 200 km (63 to 125 miles), aircraft, guided projectiles, low-flying cruise missiles, and drones.

The final test took place Monday morning in a test field in southern Israel, and David’s Sling passed all markers. The system will be delivered to the Israel Air Force (IAF) within the next four months. A core unit of the IAF, which is being trained on how to operate the system, took part in the Monday test.

“In trials, the system’s capabilities were tested in a number of scenarios that simulate the threats it was designed to deal with,” said officials at the Defense Ministry, and David’s Sling destroyed the targets as intended.

Between the three systems, the IAF supports a network of interceptors guided by radar which can shoot down anything from shorter-range, low-flying rockets sent from Hezbollah and Hamas to longer-range ballistic Shehab and Scud missiles fired from Iran and Syria.

Initially, the IDF will deploy four David’s Sling batteries, sending two to the IAF in the first stage. The system is versatile in how it operates: David’s Sling can be installed in a permanent location, like the Arrow defense system, or moved around to wherever it is needed, like the Iron Dome system. It can work together with the other two systems, or independently of them.

According to the Defense Ministry, the system will be capable of identifying and intercepting missiles carrying warheads of up to hundreds of kilograms of explosives.

Shlomo S., who headed the project under the Israeli defense firm Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, said that the capacities of the system approach the realm of science fiction. “We’re excited this morning after the completion of the series of tests, during which we developed technologies that are first of their kind in the world and have so far been considered science fiction,” he said, according to Ynet.

Rafael, a state-owned technology firm, developed and manufactured David’s Sling with the collaboration of US arms maker Raytheon Co. Rafael also produces the Iron Dome, the Israeli mobile air defense system renowned worldwide for its accuracy and effectiveness. Foreign governments have clamored to buy the Iron Dome technology, and clients are already expressing interest in David’s Sling as well.

Israel’s air defense abilities are among the most advanced in the world, as proven by a test last week in which Israel successfully intercepted a target in space using its upgraded Arrow 3 missile defense system.

Credit to breakingisraelnews.com
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/56812/incredible-new-idf-air-defense-system-like-science-fiction-idf/#OszzEm7OWEpKDf9y.99


The Obama’s Administration Is Arresting Independent Journalists for Anti-Government Speech

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The arrest of Pete Santilli

On December 16, 2015, I published the following picture and commentary based upon credible intelligence that Attorney General Loretta Lynch had instructed the Department of Justice and DHS to target journalists from the Independent Media for daring to speak out against admitting immigrants to the United States without conducting the requisite background checks.
This is the face of a domestic terrorist. She will jail all talk show hosts who speak out against Muslim extremism. One day following the San Bernardino massacre, she did not utter a word about the 14 Americans that were executed by a Muslim terrorist. But Lynch(mob) threatens to arrest anyone speaking out against Muslim extremism. I do not have words to describe how out of touch this administration is with the American people. Please not the background as Lynch delivered her threat to Americans who will not submit to extremism and Sharia Law.
This is the face of a domestic terrorist. She will jail all talk show hosts who speak out against Muslim extremism. One day following the San Bernardino massacre, she did not utter a word about the 14 Americans that were executed by a Muslim terrorist. But Lynch(mob) threatens to arrest anyone speaking out against Muslim extremism. I do not have words to describe how out of touch this administration is with the American people. Please note the background as Lynch delivered her threat to Americans who will not submit to extremism and Sharia Law. 
As an American, and as Thomas Jefferson would point out, it is my duty to my country to speak out and identify all potential threats the United States. The Obama administration’s practice of admitting hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants, none of them Christian, without the adequate background checks, is insane and invites more terrorism incidents .
In every instance, when I travel, I am subjected to warrantless searches and seizures at the airport. My background is subject to review by the authorities in the TSA. Then why are not Muslim immigrants subject to the same rules? What makes them so special that they are above the law? And for daring to point this out, I am not subject to being arrested at gunpoint, for no reason? And if I were to make one move that a law enforcement officer did not like, I would be subject to being killed during a routine traffic stop, all because Loretta Lynch(mob) does not like what I, or what other journalists have written. The reckless immigration policies of President Obama and Attorney General Lynch are putting all American in harms way.
As I reported in the original article, the FBI has publicly admitted that they estimate that 10% of all Muslims are radicalized in their hatred towards Americans and should be considered to be dangerous. I go further than the FBI, any immigrant needs to be screened before being granted admittance to the United States, not just Muslims. For the record, this site has never advocated any form of vigilantism against group of people regardless of their race, religion and country of origin. I want all immigrants to be subject to the same procedures that I am forced to comply with. I want all immigrants to be screened by the FBI in the name of national security.
In the December 16th article, I stated that many journalists have been put on the DHS Terror Watch List and are subject to arrest, or worse. Immediately after publishing the article, I was accused of overreacting to the DHS/Lorreta Lynch threat.

It only took one day, for my warning to come true!

One Day Later… Pete Santilli Is Taken Into Custody for “Slow Driving”

Talk show host, Pete Santilli, arrested without cause at gun point for impeding traffic.
Talk show host, Pete Santilli, arrested without cause at gun point for impeding traffic.
At a time when the Obama administration is stopping all investigations into the domestic threat posed by ISIS, they have begun to arrest journalists for speaking out against reckless immigration policies.
While driving in Newtown (how ironic), Ohio, Pete Santilli was pulled for slow driving and was arrested at gunpoint. He was held for 24 hours. Santilli has no criminal record and has never been arrested. During the course of the arrest, Santilli learned that he was on the DHS watch list.
Pete Santilli contacted me late last night and verified the events as listed here.

Doug Hagmann

Doug and Joe Hagmann
Doug and Joe Hagmann
Doug Hagmann notified me in advance of his intention to meet with an informant inside of DoJ where Lynch presides with regard to the persecution of journalists who dare criticize this administration. The following is a brief account of what Doug Hagmann was told by this source in which he also show Doug documents to validate his concerns. Here are excerpts sent to me by Doug with regard to this topic and what he learned.
“… this source works at DoJ and listens to our shows and The Common Sense Show. ( …during our initial conversation to confirm his (identity and status… which checked out).
Long story short, (the) source said that the DoJ created a special section birthed from a meeting 2 weeks ago that is dedicated to the monitoring of certain “alternative media programs and web sites,” although the name and mission statement of that section (sub-department) does not reflect its actual job. This is staffed by about 20 people and supervised by a US Attorney.”  (Author’s note: Obviously this “task force” designed to harass members of the Independent Media was put together well in advance of the events at San Bernardino which was supposedly Lynch’s motivation to issue the threat against journalists).
…In sum and substance, the section is compiling all current and historical information about anti-Islamic (and laughably, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish) hate speech. The plan is to use federal regulations to warn us off any such talk, but it goes even deeper. He said that in the meeting, the stated criteria was much broader, including anti-government talk.”
I asked Doug if my previous article led to the D0J official contacting and he said that it did.


Do I need to say it? Do I dare say it? Under this administration, our liberties are quickly eroding to a level experienced by people living under the Stasi, the Nazis and the KGB. Journalists, or anyone else with an opinion which differs from this administration are being put in grave danger.

These totalitarian actions need to be exposed for all to see. Please make this article go viral with your comments.
Today at 4pm EST, The Common Sense Show is interviewing Mike Adams on the implications of the Santilli event. The show is being broadcast by the following outlets:
AM 1600, 50, 000 watt superstation WMQM
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