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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why They Want To Ban Cash

From Jerusalem "Dead Birds, Fish, And People

Scientists have successfully coaxed old brain processes to become young again

Image result for Scientists have successfully coaxed old brain processes to become young again

Scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, have successfully coaxed old brain processes to become young again, paving the way for new treatments for brain disorders such as autism and schizophrenia.

University of California-Irvine neurobiologist Sunil Gandhi and colleagues re-created a critical juvenile period in the brains of adult mice, reactivating brain plasticity — the rapid and robust changes in neural pathways and synapses as a result of learning and experience. They achieved this by transplanting a certain type of embryonic neuron into the brains of adult mice.

Transplanted neurons express GABA, a chief inhibitory neurotransmitter that aids in motor control, vision and many other cortical functions.

Much like older muscles lose their youthful flexibility, older brains lose plasticity. But in the study, the transplanted GABA neurons created a new period of heightened plasticity that allowed for vigorous rewiring of the adult brain. In a sense, old brain processes became young again.

In early life, normal visual experience is crucial to properly wire connections in the visual system. Impaired vision during this time leads to a long-lasting visual deficit called amblyopia.

In an attempt to restore normal sight, the researchers transplanted GABA neurons into the visual cortex of adult amblyopic mice.

"Several weeks after transplantation, when the donor animal's visual system would be going through its critical period, the amblyopic mice started to see with normal visual acuity," said Melissa Davis, a postdoctoral fellow and lead author of the study.

These results raise hopes that GABA neuron transplantation might have future clinical applications. This line of research is also likely to shed light on the basic brain mechanisms that create critical periods.

"These experiments make clear that developmental mechanisms located within these GABA cells control the timing of the critical period," said Gandhi, an assistant professor of neurobiology & behaviour.

The study was published in the journal Neuron

Credit to The Tribune

What IS this strange sound from the sky?

A mysterious noise from the sky is continuing to baffle people all over the world - as well as giving those who hear it sleepless nights.
Sounding like a trumpet or a collective from a brass section of an orchestra, a selection of videos shot from the Canada to Ukraine, via the U.S., Germany and Belarus show strange goings on above us.
And the eerie sounds have been continuously heard at all different times and locations for almost a decade. 
This recording of the trumpet-like sound shot in Germany shows a child in the street frozen with terror
This recording of the trumpet-like sound shot in Germany shows a child in the street frozen with terror
This is the sound wave captured from the noise in Germany, that appeared to leave a child frozen in shock
This is the sound wave captured from the noise in Germany, that appeared to leave a child frozen in shock

The first video posted on YouTube recording the unusual, unearthly sounds, was in 2008 when a user recorded the strange sounds in the sky from Homel, in Belarus
That same year another anonymous user shared the 'ear-deafening' sounds that they insisted 'were not a hoax,' from a quiet neighbourhood believed to be in the U.S.
Kimberly Wookey from Terrace, British Columbia in Canada first captured the alien sound in June 2013, and since then she has managed to capture several recordings of the noise with her most recent being on May 7 this year. 

Writing on YouTube, where she posted the videos, Ms Wookey writes: 'On the morning of August 29, 2013 at approximately 7:30am I was awoken by these sounds. 

'I shot out of bed realizing it was the same sounds I had heard before and I ran looking for a camera to try to capture them with. I came out into the living room to find my seven-year-old son awake and scared wondering what was going on. He had said the noises woke him up as well and shook his window. 

As the wind shook the huge trees in British Columbia, the eerie sounds were recorded by one quick-thinking resident
As the wind shook the huge trees in British Columbia, the eerie sounds were recorded by one quick-thinking resident

This wave form shows how the sound was recorded when captured in Canada
This wave form shows how the sound was recorded when captured in Canada
'I managed to record three clips showing almost five minutes of these strange sounds. After it was over and I sat down at the computer to upload the video. After checking my Facebook I noticed a lot of locals had heard the same sounds again but this time it was far more widespread. 
'I have no idea what these sounds are but it is pretty strange and I am glad that I was able to catch them this time and share what I heard. The sounds were heard again on Sept 8th at 6:30am so far we have confirmed reports of it being heard from town to the lake, 25km away.'

Credit to Dailymail.co.uk

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3084260/What-strange-sound-sky-Noise-heard-globe-nearly-DECADE-explanation.html#ixzz3abCJz9GX 

Netanyahu: Protecting Israel against enemies is new government's top priority

The 34th Government of Israel convened at the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem for the presidential reception and to take the official ceremonial photograph.

Standing at the podium alongside President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he will make every effort to bring about an agreement with the Palestinians that will maintain Israeli security.

He said that the first task of the new government will be to protect the country against threats from Israel's enemies in the region. Netanyahu also said that lowering the cost of living is a top priority.

Credit to Jerusalem Post

The UN Has Invaded 190 American Cities with Covert and Unscreened Jihadists

The United States is the equivalent of a four letter word in the Middle East. Many people in that region of the world detest and loathe our very existence. Why? Because our government, on behalf of the bankers and the oil companies, have plundered their resources, manipulated their governments, killed millions of Muslims without justification as the U.S. has invaded the region three times in recent history. The CIA may be responsible for funding most terrorism in the Middle East, but there is no shortage of willing participants to join such organizations as al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and now the latest threat, ISIS.

In short, the people in the Middle East hate America’s guts, yet the Obama administration is placing hundreds of communities at risk by transplanting the victims of United States tyranny right into American backyards without a thought or care to the welfare for the citizens of this country. This article addresses the insanity and/or the treasonous nature of this issue.

Obama’s Policy of Suicide by Immigration

Presently, there is a tsunami of unscreened Muslims into 190+ American communities from war-torn areas filled with the victims of American imperialism who believe that the only good American, is a dead American. The most striking aspect of this silent invasion is that the Federal government has admitted under oath that they have no idea who these people are and what their intentions consist of.
When we juxtapose Obama’s position to the multiple scenarios of Christian persecution and genocide in some areas of the Middle East, Obama has not lifted a finger to help Christians who are being slaughtered at the hands of Muslim extremist groups such as ISIS. Obama plays golf…
golf obama
Meanwhile, our self-created enemies are engaged in getting even with innocent Christians.
isis ethopia

Paul Sperry’s “Infiltration” How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington

Researcher, Paul Sperry, the author of Infiltration has detailed the type of immigrants that we are importing from the Middle East. Here, Paul Sperry, details the threat to our communities while appearing on C-SPAN2.
Sperry cites how we know from the testimony offered from the FBI officials who are in charge of that type of vetting  immigrants are not being allowed to perform their duties of protecting American communities from would-be unscreened terrorists as expressed in a recent radio interview in which FBI agents have admitted, under oath, that they have no idea who and what they are letting into the country. 

The United Nations and the State Department Are Behind This Invasion of America

The following is one of the most stunning videos I have seen in sometime with regard to the radical unscreened, extremist Muslim invasion of America. The program has its roots with the United Nations and the State Department is its willing accomplice.
The man’s name is Antonio Guterres and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. His job is the deculturalization of European nations and the United States. Leo Hohmann, from World Net Daily, has another in what is turning into a series on Obama’s plan to change America by changing the people. This invasion has impacted 190 American communities and it is growing by the day. There are over  10,000 anti-American Somali refugees in ten years who have settled in Minnesota, alone. In the first 4 months of this year, we have admitted 4,425 Somalis to America.
ABC News reported the following: 
A mysterious ISIS recruiter known online as “Miski” was in close and repeated social media contact with Elton Simpson for months before the Sunday attack in Garland, Texas, an ABC News investigation has found”. “Miski is well known to FBI officials who say his real name is Muhammed Hassan, a fugitive since 2009 when he fled Minneapolis as a teenager to join terror groups in Africa”. This begs the question: Who are we keeping out?

Antonio Guterres is the head of the UNHCR.
Antonio Guterres is the head of the UNHCR and he is responsible for sending 9,000 Muslims from anti-America Syria to Boise and Twin Falls, Idaho. This man and his organization is your enemy!

Secretary of State, John Kerry and Anne C. Richards are the UN's accomplices in these devastating immigration policies.
Secretary of State, John Kerry and Anne C. Richards are the UN’s accomplices in these devastating immigration policies.
Is this why we are seeing with ever-greater frequency these kinds of scenes inside of the United States?

How long will it be until this picture is commonplace inside of the United States?
How long will it be until this picture is commonplace inside of the United States?
  ....and this?
….and this?

Fifth Column Watch

We have already had an ISIS attack on American soil in Garland, Texas. The FBI Director has admitted to the fact that the FBI has open ISIS in all 50 states. Last summer, I documented the flow of MS-13 gang members into the United States. For 30 months, I have detailed a Russian troop presence in our country, complete with pictures, eye witnesses, government documents and videos. The UN’s Refugee/Resettlement is merely the latest in the implantation of 5th column forces inside of the United States. However, this invasion has reached 190 American cities and towns.  In a future article, these groups will be tied together with regard to their common purpose as well as detailing how Jade Helm will factor into this scenario.
Credit to Common Sense

The Debt To GDP Ratio For The Entire World: 286 Percent

Global Debt - Public DomainDid you know that there is more than $28,000 of debt for every man, woman and child on the entire planet?  And since close to 3 billion of those people survive on less than 2 dollars a day, your share of that debt is going to be much larger than that.  If we took everything that the global economy produced this year and everything that the global economy produced next year and used it to pay all of this debt, it still would not be enough.  According to a recent report put out by the McKinsey Global Institute entitled “Debt and (not much) deleveraging“, the total amount of debt on our planet has grown from 142 trillion dollars at the end of 2007 to 199 trillion dollars today.  This is the largest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and those numbers mean that we are in substantially worse condition than we were just prior to the last financial crisis.
When it comes to debt, a lot of fingers get pointed at the United States, and rightly so.  Just prior to the last recession, the U.S. national debt was sitting at about 9 trillion dollars.  Today, it has crossed the 18 trillion dollar mark.  But of course the U.S. is not the only one that is guilty.  In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute says that debt levels have grown in all major economies since 2007.  The following is an excerpt from the report
Seven years after the bursting of a global credit bubble resulted in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, debt continues to grow. In fact, rather than reducing indebtedness, or deleveraging, all major economies today have higher levels of borrowing relative to GDP than they did in 2007. Global debt in these years has grown by $57 trillion, raising the ratio of debt to GDP by 17 percentage points (Exhibit 1). That poses new risks to financial stability and may undermine global economic growth.
What is surprising is that debt has actually grown the most in China.  If you can believe it, total Chinese debt has grown from 7 trillion dollars in 2007 to 28 trillion dollars today.  Needless to say, that is absolutely insane…
China’s debt has quadrupled since 2007. Fueled by real estate and shadow banking, China’s total debt has nearly quadrupled, rising to $28 trillion by mid-2014, from $7 trillion in 2007. At 282 percent of GDP, China’s debt as a share of GDP, while manageable, is larger than that of the United States or Germany. Three developments are potentially worrisome: half of all loans are linked, directly or indirectly, to China’s overheated real-estate market; unregulated shadow banking accounts for nearly half of new lending; and the debt of many local governments is probably unsustainable. However, MGI calculates that China’s government has the capacity to bail out the financial sector should a property-related debt crisis develop. The challenge will be to contain future debt increases and reduce the risks of such a crisis, without putting the brakes on economic growth.
What all of this means is that our long-term global economic problems have gotten much, much worse.  This short-lived period of relative stability that we have been enjoying has been fueled by unprecedented amounts of debt and voracious money printing.  Anyone with half a brain should be able to see that this is a giant financial bubble, and in the end it is going to unwind very, very painfully.  The following comes from a Canadian news source
At the beginning of 2008, government accounted for a smaller portion of the debt pie than corporate, household or financial debt. It now exceeds each of those other categories.
The current situation is much worse than in 2000 or 2007, and with interest rates near or at zero, the central banks have already used up their ammunition. Plus, the total indebtedness, especially the indebtedness of governments, is much higher than ever before,” said Claus Vogt, a Berlin-based analyst and co-author of a 2011 book titled The Global Debt Trap.
“Every speculative bubble rests on some kind of a fairy tale, a story the bubble participants believe in and use as rationalization to buy extremely overvalued stocks or bonds or real estate,” Mr. Vogt argued. “And now it is the faith in the central-planning capabilities of global central bankers. When the loss of confidence in the Fed, the ECB etc. begins, the stampede out of stocks and bonds will start. I think we are very close to this pivotal moment in financial history.”
But for the moment, the ridiculous stock market bubble continues.
Internet companies that didn’t even exist a decade ago are now supposedly worth billions upon billions of dollars even though some of them don’t make any money at all.  There is even a name for this phenomenon.  Internet companies that have gigantic valuations without gigantic revenue streams are being called “unicorns”
A dizzying mix of bold ideas and lavish investments has catapulted dozens of privately held start-ups to unicorn status, defined as having market valuations of at least $1 billion often without soaring revenues to match. Social-sharing site Pinterest has soared to $11 billion. Ride-hailing company Uber is now worth a staggering $50 billion.
How long can the party last?
And these days, Wall Street even rewards companies that lose huge amounts of money quarter after quarter.  For example, just check out what happened when JC Penney announced that it only lost 167 million dollars during the first quarter of 2015…
Yippee!!! JC Penney ONLY lost $167 million in the first quarter. The Wall Street shysters are ecstatic because they BEAT expectations. Buy Buy Buy.
This loss now brings JC Penney’s cumulative loss since 2011 to, drum roll please, $3.5 BILLION. They haven’t had a profitable quarter in over four years. But, they are always on the verge of that turnaround just over the horizon.
Wall Street has told you to buy this stock from $42 in 2012 to it’s current pitiful level of $9. They tout the wonderful 3.4% increase in comparable sales. They fail to mention that first quarter 2016 sales are only 30% below first quarter sales in 2011.
They fail to mention that JC Penney burned through another $274 million of cash in the first quarter. Their equity has dropped by $1 billion in the last year, while their long term debt has gone up by $500 million.
This is how irrational Wall Street has become.  JC Penney is ultimately going to zero, and yet there are still people out there that are pouring huge amounts of money into that financial black hole.
Sadly, the truth is that Wall Street is headed for a very painful awakening.
What we are experiencing right now is the greatest financial bubble of all time.
What comes after that is going to be the greatest financial crash of all time.
199,000,000,000,000 dollars of debt is about to come crashing down, and the pain of this disaster will be felt by every man, woman and child on the entire planet.
Credit Economic Collapse

Jade Helm 2015

Joseph Herrin

Military Men Wearing the Green Beret

I am receiving quite a bit of e-mail referencing the upcoming Jade Helm 2015 exercises to be conducted by the U.S. military in seven southwestern American states.

The dates for these 8 weeks of exercises are July 15th to September 15th. The following military groups will be involved in Jade Helm 2015.

• US Army Special Forces Command (Green Berets)
• US Air Force Special Operations Command
• USMC Marine Special Operations Command
• USMC Marine Expeditionary Units
• 82nd Airborne Division

It should be noted that the primary group involved with this military exercise is the US Army Special Forces Command. The Special Forces not only wear the Green Beret, but the words Green Beret have become synonymous with American Special Forces. The words Jade Helm are an alternate expression of the words Green Beret. One of the dictionary definitions of the English word Jade is:

Jade: Also called jade green. Green, varying from bluish green to yellowish green.

A somewhat archaic usage of the English word Helm refers to a helmet, particularly a military head covering. Such helms are often found on the badges used in British heraldry. When we combine these two words into Jade Helm, we find that they might be expressed as “a military head covering that is green in color.” This is a fitting description of the head wear chosen by the U.S. Special Forces known as the Green Beret.

Although there is much speculation about what the words Jade Helm refer to, further credence is given to the conclusion that it is a reference to the Green Beret by the fact that the military exercise has adopted a logo that is clearly a variation of the U.S. Special Forces insignia.

Special Forces (Green Beret) Badge

Note that in the stylized logo directly above, the Green Beret serves as a centerpiece for the artwork. In the artwork for the Jade Helm 2015 military exercises, the Green Beret has been replaced with a faint image of a wooden shoe. Much speculation has revolved around the wooden shoe recently, with some popular Christian and alternative news broadcasters suggesting a link to concentration camps. Although some prisoners held in concentration camps in World War II were given wooden shoes to wear, this type of footwear was not ubiquitous, and it seems an unlikely symbol to be chosen to represent concentration camps, or FEMA camps. Guard towers, barbed wire, or roving searchlights would seem to be better choices if one wanted to make a reference to detention camps.

Jade Helm 2015 Logo

The illustration above is taken from an official government document that can be found at the link below:


The short dagger and arrows are clearly borrowed from the Special Forces badge. The curiosity and alarm of many has been excited by the inclusion of the wooden shoe and the words “Master the Human Domain” underneath. The wooden shoe is of a type that is known as a “sabot.”


When this image of a sabot is placed next to the image on the Jade Helm artwork, it is clearly seen that they are the same image.

The image above has not been enhanced in any way. It is simply a cut and paste from the government document.

The significance of the wooden shoe can be reasonably deduced as one considers the objectives of this military training exercise and the role played by U.S. Special Forces. According to the government document, the exercise will include the following.

• JH is a challenging eight-week joint military and interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.
• JH is a US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) sponsored exercise to improve the Special Operations Forces' UW capability as part of the National Security Strategy

So, what is Unconventional Warfare?

In United States doctrine, unconventional warfare (abbreviated UW) is the term for guerrilla warfare that is conducted or supported by units in the United States Special Operations Command. Guerrilla warfare is one aspect of the broader term insurgency. The American definition of UW is:

Unconventional Warfare consists of activities conducted to enable a resistance movement or insurgency to coerce, disrupt or overthrow an occupying power or government by operating through or with an underground, auxiliary and guerrilla force in a denied area."
[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconventional_warfare_%28United_States_Department_of_Defense_doctrine%29]

To make the goals of Unconventional Warfare clearer, it is helpful to define what is meant by the phrase “Guerrilla Warfare.”

Guerrilla warfare is a form of irregular warfare in which a small group of combatants such as armed civilians or irregulars use military tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, hit-and-run tactics, and mobility to fight a larger and less-mobile traditional military.
[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guerrilla_warfare]

Note that I highlighted the word “sabotage.” Sabotage is one of the traditional tactics employed by those involved in Unconventional Warfare. Most readers have probably seen movies based upon the World War II era where bands of guerrilla fighters wreak havoc on the enemy by blowing up railroad lines, bridges, or key infrastructure such as power plants. The word “sabotage” is derived from the word “sabot,” which is the name of the wooden shoe found in the center of the Jade Helm 2015 logo.

There are a number of suggested origins for the word “sabotage.” One possible explanation states that the word originated in the 16th century when Dutch workers protested the adoption of machinery in the factories and textile mills. As an act of protest, the Dutch workers would throw their wooden shoes into the machinery to damage or destroy it. Thus the destruction of property became known as “sabotage.” Another explanation suggests a French origin where the common workers who typically wore wooden shoes (also called sabots) would go on strike by intentionally slowing down the pace of their labor. This interruption of the normal flow of commerce also became known as “sabotage.”

In the Wikipedia entry for Unconventional Warfare, you will find that Sabotage is given special attention.

The U.S. defines sabotage as "an act or acts with intent to injure, interfere with, or obstruct the national defense of a country by willfully injuring or destroying, or attempting to injure or destroy, any national defense or war materiel, premises, or utilities, to include human and natural resources.
In a more modern context, sabotage may be one of many ways to attack a given enemy target system. If, for example, the POL target system is targeted, tank farms and refineries could be raided, or pipelines and tanker trucks ambushed or attacked with mines. These will be very evident to the enemy, and the resistance could be damaged if some of their combat teams are captured and interrogated.
If a saboteur were able to gain access to that tank farm, or fuel tanks of vehicles and aircraft, and add a chemical that slowly damaged engines, that agent could be far away by the time the enemy determines what had happened. Carefully planned sabotage can be one of the safest tactics for an UW force.
Sabotage is usually carried out clandestinely by the underground or auxiliary, but it can be carried out by the guerrilla force, under the cover of a combat operation. For example, while a raid on an airfield was in progress, and all available guards were fighting the main raid, guerrillas might infiltrate to the fuel tank farm and introduce contaminants into some of the tanks.
[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconventional_warfare_%28United_States_Department_of_Defense_doctrine%29#Sabotage_and_Subversion]

In the Jade Helm 2015 government document, it is mentioned that some military personnel involved with the exercise will be wearing civilian clothes, and driving civilian vehicles. They will try to operate without being discovered by people in the communities in which the exercises will take place. Citizens are encouraged to report any strange behavior to local law enforcement. In this way, the military and government personnel taking part in the exercise will be able to gauge the success of their covert and clandestine operations. Such operations are what one might anticipate if the military were practicing Unconventional Warfare and acts of sabotage in rural, and urban areas where they are trying to perform their actions undetected.

With this information in mind, I believe those who are suggesting that the wooden shoe is a reference to concentration camps, and who are suggesting that the exercise might “go live” and begin rounding up Americans and putting them in FEMA camps this summer, are on an unsure footing (pun intended). The more reasonable explanation is that the sabot, like the Green Beret in the other Special Forces artwork, is a reference to the military soldiers themselves, and not to the public at large. These soldiers will be practicing conducting acts of sabotage in predetermined locations in the American Southwest.

The Walmart Connection

As often happens on the Internet once someone starts sounding alarm bells about some real or imagined threat, the story begins to grow as new claims of suspicious activity gain traction. If you are a new reader to this blog, understand that I am not a wholesale conspiracy denier. Conspiracies do exist. However, I do believe that every conspiracy claim should be thoroughly vetted, for there are a great many conspiratorial theories floating about that have no basis in reality. There are real wolves in the woods, but it is unwise to cry “wolf” every time someone hears a rustling in the leaves.

The story emerged that Walmart had suddenly, with only a few hours notice, closed five stores and laid off 2,200 full-time and part-time employees. The store closings were supposedly done to correct “plumbing problems,” though Walmart had not applied for permits to perform plumbing or construction work in any of the stores. This much was true. That four of these stores were in states that would be participating in the Jade Helm 2015 exercise gave rise to much wild speculation about the stores being used as detention or processing centers to send people off to FEMA camps. Some took the story further by suggesting that there is an underground network of tunnels connecting all of the Walmarts to military bases and other government installations where people could be shipped off without ever seeing the light of day.

There were a number of problems with these theories. One of the stores closed is in Florida, about as far removed from the Jade Helm 2015 exercises as one could get while remaining in the continental United States. Of the other four stores, there was no tangible link to Jade Helm exercises, as the towns participating in Jade Helm, and the cities the stores resided in, did not have any correspondence. Also, no evidence was ever forthcoming of tunnels under the Walmarts. Tunnels such as those which have been suggested would be pretty difficult to hide since all Walmarts are placed in population centers and their construction is undertaken in plain view.

Although there were some things that did not seem right about the official Walmart explanation for the store closings, their being linked to Jade Helm 2015 seems quite improbable. An alternate, and more plausible, explanation presented itself when the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union brought suit against Walmart for shuttering at least one of the stores, and possibly more, because the employees there had been very active in seeking to unionize the labor and to force Walmart to pay them higher wages.


Should You Be Concerned About Jade Helm 2015?

Back around the start of the year there was much discussion in the alternative media about the cover of the Rockefeller publication The Economist. The cover contained the words “The World in 2015,” and it included many suggestive, and at times cryptic, images of what may be upcoming in the year. I wrote a post at the time titled Chasing Rabbits . The article suggested that the powers-that-be might be content for people to chase rabbits down rabbit holes (as indicated by the presence of Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, at the front of the image), in order to keep them distracted from what is actually occurring. Is there any indication in this magazine cover that an operation called Jade Helm might be used to distract the people this year?

There is an individual on this magazine cover wearing a green hat. The character is the Pied Piper who played his pipe in order to get the people to dance his tune. The imagery is one of a person exerting an irresistible power that commands the attention and obedience of the people. Whatever one thinks about the real people and images of actual objects on the magazine’s cover, it is pretty plain what is symbolized by the inclusion of the Pied Piper. The global elite are declaring their power to mesmerize the masses and to lead their thoughts and attention in any direction they choose.

Is Jade Helm 2015 one of the distractions of the global elite? It very well may prove to be. Yet, there is good reason to pay attention to what is going on with this military exercise that is involving numerous “Interagency Partners.” It is concerning to consider in what ways the government might employ the military, FEMA, DHS, local law enforcement agencies, and other organizations, against the American populace in coming days. I have no doubt that those who perceive themselves to be rulers of the New World Order view the general population either as serfs to be controlled, or enemies to be exterminated.

Some very calamitous and evil days lie shortly ahead for the nations as the old order must be destroyed in a fiery cataclysm in order to prepare the stage for a New World Order to arise. No doubt, training exercises such as Jade Helm 2015 are preparing various segments of the government and military for that soon approaching hour. What better training could be had than to train America’s military in American towns and in the rural countryside, to carry out simulated attacks against key infrastructure points among the very people, and in the very states, where they will one day be called to do the same. Only then it will not be an exercise, and the party in America will be over. It will be the day the music died, Pied Piper, or not.

Bonus Reading:

The world economy is starting to look a lot like the Titanic


Credit to Joseph Herrin

Something Big Is About To Happen

2 million more Minnesota chickens to be killed due to bird flu and 25 million hens may be lost

Image result for 2 million more Minnesota chickens to be killed due to bird flu and 25 million hens may be lost

MINNEAPOLIS -- One of the nation's largest egg producers says it will destroy 2 million egg-laying hens in Minnesota due to a highly contagious avian flu virus H5N2.

The development at the south-central Minnesota chicken farm brings the total of affected birds to 35 million in 15 states, with Minnesota and Iowa poultry flocks hit the hardest by the bird flu.

The chickens will be destroyed in the next four weeks at Rembrandt Enterprises farm in Renville, the Star Tribune reported Saturday.

Bird flu hits hard in egg-producing Iowa
The men charged with ridding the farm of a deadly contagion tugged at their dark green protective suits and adjusted the double-intake respirators covering their faces.

"Biosecure. Stop!" read a sign at the farm entrance.

Another sign, in red letters, advised, "All employees & drivers must disinfect tires."

Just past the checkpoint sat Rose Acre Farms, a family-owned egg-laying facility that is one of dozens of poultry farms hit hard by the worst avian influenza outbreak in U.S. history.

The jumpsuits, quarantine zones and bleach for disinfecting are among the tools officials in Iowa, the nation's top egg-producing state, are using to halt the spread of the disease.

Rose Acre Farms, which has 17 facilities across six states, said it would euthanize about 1.5 million chickens here in Winterset, a town of about 5,100 best-known as the birthplace of John Wayne. Dozens of gas canisters were lined

up on the farm's muddy driveway Thursday morning as part of the eradication plan.

"Don't get too close," a sentry in a white jumpsuit cautioned.

Entire flocks are killed with carbon monoxide gas, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, regardless of how many birds on a farm are actually infected. Some are killed with foam.

Credit to CBS and LA Times

Israeli Supreme Court "Illuminati" Pyramid

There are 33 steps from inside the Supreme Court Building that lead to the base of the "Illuminati" Pyramid. The Rothchilds family designed and paid for the construction of the building

Complete Failure Of Monetary System