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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FCC Begins Total Take Over Of The Internet

Is IMF Preparing for Dollar Collapse?

If I was the IMF and handing out loans to distressed countries, right now, I would do everything that I could to make sure that I got my money back. That means making loans in a currency that will be worth something in the future.
Is that why the IMF loan to Ukraine was denominated in SDRs?
Greg Hunter talked about this with Doug Casey this week, and it was picked up by bitcoinassay.com. The Bitcoin Assay article was picked up by Blacklisted News, and now I have it.
Isn’t the Internet wonderful?
The Special Drawing Right (aka XDR)
The great thing about SDRs (aka, XDR) is that you can change the underlying assets that give it value. It’s a moving goalpost. The Special Drawing Right is whatever the IMF wants it to be, and you can bet that the borrower is never going to come out ahead in any deal with the IMF.
What is the SDR?
An SDR is essentially a unit of value backed by a basket of currencies:
  • US Dollars – 41.9%
  • Euros – 37.4%
  • Japanese Yen – 9.4%
  • British Pounds – 11.3%
If any one of those currencies crashes, the IMF can switch that currency out for another one. So yes, you can claim that there is a strong US dollar component to the loan made to Ukraine, but that ‘component’ can change at any time. And, please remember that, before this, the International Monetary Fund was making loans almost exclusively in US Dollars.
Is this the first step by the IMF in an attempt to limit the possible damage from a US dollar collapse?
IMF Preparing For Dollar Collapse
Greg Hunter raised that question in his interview with Doug Casey:
YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/MUeSjdt6_Bo
We can debate over the question about whether or not this is a plan by the IMF to prepare for a crash of the US dollar. What is not debatable, is the fact that this is yet another crack in the Petrodollar system. Should the IMF start announcing more SDR loans, sit up and take notice.
It All Changes in 2014
Some very smart people have been talking about 2014 as the year when everything changes. The problem is that the vast majority of those changes will happen in smoke-filled back rooms, away from the public eye. You won’t see them until it’s too late to do anything about it.
If you haven’t started buying as much silver as you can carry and as much gold as you can afford, now is the time. Those of you without the extra cash for that, should start stocking up on extra essentials with a long shelf-life. Better yet, get out of the US, entirely.
I talk about all of this here:
All of my articles end with a link to that preparation plan. Do more than just think about it.
Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)
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Russia Blinks As NATO Marches Toward WWIII

Gangster State America

Gangster State America
Where Is America’s Democracy?
Paul Craig Roberts
Anyone who looks carefully behind the veil of words cannot find democracy in America. For years I have been writing that the US government is no longer accountable to law or to the people (see, for example, my book, How America Was Lost). The Constitution has been set aside, and the executive branch is degenerating into Caesarism.
Government is used to impose agendas that result from the symbiotic relationship between the neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony and the economic interests of powerful private interest groups, such as Wall Street, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, agribusiness, and extractive industries (energy, mining, and timber). Dollar imperialism, threats, bribes, and wars are means by which US hegemony is extended. These agendas are pursued without the knowledge or approval of the American people and in spite of their opposition.
Professor Martin Gilens at Princeton University and Professor Benjamin Page of Northwestern University have examined American governance and have concluded that the US is an oligarchy ruled by powerful rich private interest groups and that the US government has only a superficial resemblance to a democracy. Their analysis is forthcoming in publication in the journal, Perspectives on Politics.
Their conclusions are striking:
“The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”
“When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites and/or with organized interests, they generally lose.”
“In the United States, our findings indicate that the majority does not rule–at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes.”
“The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”
A number of factors have contributed to the demise of democracy and accountable government in the US. One factor is the concentration of the US media in a few hands. During the last years of the Clinton regime, a formerly diverse media with significant independence was concentrated in five mega-corporations. The value of these corporations consists largely of their federal broadcast licenses. To insure the renewal of these licenses, the media avoids challenging the government on significant issues.
Another factor is the offshoring of US industrial and manufacturing jobs. This development destroyed the manufacturing and industrial unions, which were the backbone of the Democratic Party’s financial support. Now the Democrats have to appeal to the same interest groups as the Republicans–Wall Street, the military/security complex, and the polluting industries that despoil the environment. As both political parties are now financed by the same private interests, both political parties serve the same masters. There is no longer any countervailing power. The Obama regime is simply a continuation of the George W. Bush regime.
Two recent rulings by the Republican majority on the US Supreme Court are another decisive factor. The court ruled that it is merely an exercise of free speech for oligarchs to purchase the US government (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission). A corrupt Supreme Court has invented a “constitutional right” for corporations and oligarchs to use their vast financial resources to form a government of their choosing.
Private interest groups in the US are so powerful that they can purchase immunity from law. On March 27 a retiring Securities and Exchange Commission prosecutor, James Kidney, said that his prosecutions of financial criminals at Goldman Sachs and other giant US banks were blocked by SEC political appointees who “were focused on getting high-paying jobs after their government service.”
In a recent test to ascertain the responsiveness of members of Congress to monied interests in comparison to voters, two letters were sent to congressional offices. One letter asked for the representative to meet with community groups in his district. The other letter asked for the representative to meet with a group of active donors. The latter letter received by far the most responses from members of Congress.
In the US and Europe there is constant propaganda about “gangster state Russia.” According to this propaganda, President Putin is a tool of oligarchs who use Putin to rule Russia and loot the people. In my opinion, this propaganda originates in the Washington-funded NGOs that constitute a US fifth column inside Russia. The purpose of the propaganda is to destroy Putin’s legitimacy and that of his government in hopes of bringing to power a Washington-compliant government in Moscow.
My impression is that the Russian government has curtailed activities of some of the oligarchs who used the privatization era to seize control of resources, but that the government’s actions are consistent with the rule of law. In contrast, in the US oligarchs control the law and use it to acquire immunity from law.
The real gangster state is the US. Every institution is corrupt. Regulators sell protection from law for well-paying jobs in the industries that they are supposed to regulate. The Supreme Court not only permits money to purchase the government but also sells out the Constitution to the police state. The Supreme Court has just refused to hear the case against indefinite detention of US citizens in the absence of due process. This is an unambiguous unconstitutional law, yet the Supreme Court refuses to even hear the case, thus granting unchecked police power to the gangster state.http://rt.com/usa/156172-scotus-ndaa-hedges-obama/
Another defining characteristic of a gangster state is the criminalization of dissent and truth tellers. Washington has done everything in its power to criminalize Julian Assange and Edward Snowden for revealing the US government’s illegal, unconstitutional, and criminal actions. Washington reeks of hypocrisy. On April 26 the State Department announced its third annual Free The Press campaign, a propaganda exercise directed at foreign countries that are not Washington’s puppets. The very same day the Justice Department told the Supreme Court to reject the protection US journalists have under the Constitution against being forced to reveal their confidential sources so that James Risen can be imprisoned for reporting a government misdeed.https://pressfreedomfoundation.org/blog/2014/04/state-dept-launches-free-press-campaign-while-doj-supreme-court-force-reporter
In the 21st century Washington has squandered trillions of dollars on wars that have destroyed countries and killed, maimed, and displaced millions of people in seven or eight countries. Declaring its war crimes to be a “war on terror,” Washington has used the state of war that it created to destroy US civil liberty.
In the 21st century it is difficult to find a significant statement made by Washington that is not a lie. Obamacare is a lie. Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction is a lie. Assad’s use of chemical weapons is a lie. Iranian nukes are a lie. Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea is a lie. No fly zones are a lie. Russian aggression against Georgia is a lie. 9/11, the basis for Washington’s destruction of civil liberty and illegal military attacks, is itself a lie. The fantastic story that a few Saudi Arabians without government or intelligence agency backing outwitted the entire national security apparatus of the Western world is unbelievable. It is simply not credible that every institution of the national security state simultaneously failed. That Washington would tell such a fantastic lie shows that Washington has no respect for the intelligence of the American people and no respect for the integrity of the American media. It shows also that Washington has no respect for the intelligence and integrity of its European and Asian allies.
Washington won’t even tell the truth about little things in comparison–jobs, unemployment, inflation, GDP growth, economic recovery. Washington rigs the markets in order to cover up its sacrifice of the economy for the benefit of a few special interests. In the name of “privatization,” Washington hands over public assets and government responsibilities to rapacious private interests.
The conclusion is inescapable that the US is a gangster state. Indeed, the US is worse than a mere gangster state. The US is a shameless exploitative tyranny.
Credit to Paul Craig Roberts

World War III Has Already Been Lost and the Chinese Are In the Process of Occupying Amerika

You have been sold out behind closed doors
You have been sold out behind closed doors

The title is bold, but it is all out in the open. By tomorrow at this time, you will know the entire story and what America will look like in the coming months. Fasten your seatbelt and make sure you store food, water and ammunition because the train has left the station and AmeriKa is headed for a head-on train wreck of epic proportions.
Last night, May 4, 2014,  I interviewed Dr. Jim Garrow, the 43 year ex-CIA veteran who is exposing many NWO plots, at least to the level that his national security oath will let him. In promoting the show, I was purposely vague because I knew where I was going to take the show, because I knew the areas that Dr. Garrow has been speaking about in other interviews. However, I was preparing to take this interview to a level not yet heard on talk radio. I was vague in my show description because I wanted the show to not be taken down by the powers that be. However, the first 10 minutes of my show we were still tampered with as Dr. Garrow, News Director Annie DeRiso and myself all experienced independent and simultaneous communications issues. Dr. Garrow and I subsequently changed our communications venues and the show proceeded.
In a two part series, I am writing a brief synopsis of the last two hours of the interview which will contain some revelations, on my part, that I did not fully cover last night. The reason that some critical issues did not get covered last night is because Dr. Garrow cannot talk about some of the issues because of his national security oath and I did not want to place him in a position of looking like he had been talking about what he is not supposed be revealing. As it was, Dr. Garrow refused to answer 5 questions I put to him last night in deference to his national security oath.
After this two part series has a chance to circulate, I will release the second and third hours of the interview late tomorrow night or on Wednesday morning.

Information Not Yet Revealed

Since early last August, I have been holding on to some information that I was told I better keep quiet unless I was able to collaborate some of the information with another well known source and this was necessary for my own personal safety. To be the sole purveyor of this information would have placed me in a greatly compromised position similar to Breitbart, Hastings and Clancy. After nine plus months, it is a relief to finally get this out into the public arena.
Much of what I am going to reveal is going to read like a jig saw puzzle. I am going to reveal a story of Chinese takeover of this country and Dr. Garrow provides complementary and novel information to the level of which he is permitted to speak.

The Bundy Affair

Cliven Bundy sits on land that is mineral rich in addition to being selected to be a Solar Energy Zone controlled by the Chinese energy company ENN. Dr. Garrow revealed that there are already Chinese soldiers on the Bundy Ranch and this information was provided to him by the Bundy’s themselves in a private dinner Dr. Garrow had with members of Bundy family.
Dr. Garrow also revealed that Bundy’s land is rich in mineral resources and the Chinese have been promised control over all of our underground and surface mineral resources. The Bundy Affair is critically important because it exposed critical elements of the turnover of this country’s wealth to the Chinese in payment for our debt to China.
Soon, China will own every important aspect of American wealth and those of us that remain alive following the coming purge will be living in a third world country. Notice what I just said here, (1) those of left alive. and (2) living in a third world country. In Part Two of this series, I will be revealing exactly how this will happen. Let me just suffice it to say that gold, all forms of energy, water and food production will become a part of the Chinese takeover as will the breakup of the Federal Reserve in a divestiture of such a magnitude, that it has never before seen in the modern world.

Chinese Solar Energy Zones

The readers may recall that I recently wrote an article in which I noted that these Chinese Solar Energy Zones were near a CANAMEX Corridor transportation system, backed up next to a major military installation and were mineral resource rich. The American military will be forced to join the Chinese takeover. The highway system is important from a military perspective in order to quickly move troops and material to needed areas of insurrection. Now does it make sense as to why there is a purge of the military leadership taking place in which over 260 senior level military officers have been fired by Obama? Does the John Warner Defense Act make sense to you now because it allows the use of US troops on American soil for policing duties which will be needed to put down any resulting rebellion? Do you think that the DHS acquiring over 2 billion rounds of ammunition to go with their 2700 armored personnel carriers makes any sense in light of this information? And I have been told that Tom Clancy had all of this information and more and this is why he was killed because he was writing a book about all of this. If you are still connecting dots, let me put this in very simply terms, there is going to be a civil war and it is going to happen soon.
Further, Dr. Garrow acknowledged the connections between these Chinese Solar Energy Zones and land rich in mineral resources. I have also previously written an article in which I identified how the United States has hundreds of trillions of dollars of estimated buried resource wealth beneath the surface and our government refuses to touch it. Our government refuses to access these underground treasures because they have been promised to the Chinese in repayment of the debt owed to their country.

The Crisis in Ukraine

Putin has Eastern Europe knuckling under to his will. Both Dr. Garrow and I agree that this will cause the breakup of NATO and Putin’s military will run unopposed through Europe. I asked Dr. Garrow about the window we are in with regard to NATO consolidating forces necessary to oppose a Russian invasion, through a series of war games, in Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland this coming June/July. If Putin is going to control Ukraine, which accounts for 66% of Russian gas flowing into Europe, he cannot allow NATO to consolidate its forces and oppose his takeover plans of Ukraine. Dr. Garrow did comment on this point, however, I have multiple insider sources stating that this is an accurate assessment. I have been told that there is a window of about 4-5 weeks until Russia attacks Ukraine. If Putin misses this window, he will have to be content to continue to erode the Petrodollar because NATO will be significantly entrenched enough to easily roll over Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Putin is bold and impulsive and the slow approach of eroding the Petrodollar does not fit his personality. Putin will attack Ukraine.

Obama Could Have Saved Europe From Russia

Dr. Garrow revealed that Obama has both the ability and authority to order the capture the 30% bleed off and to liquefy the natural gas and ship it Eastern Europe and undercut the Russian price on natural gas. This would have halted Putin in his tracks. This would have been similar to what Truman did to keep Berlin open in 1947 when the Russians shut down outside access to Berlin and Truman initiated the Berlin Airlift. However, being the traitor that Obama is, he refused to act to save Eastern Europe. As a result, both Dr. Garrow and my insider sources believe that it is just a matter of time until all of Europe is subservient to Putin’s re-emergence of the Soviet Empire. This speaks to the fact that we do indeed have a traitor in the Oval Office. Europe will soon fall to Russia and America will fall to China. This is the real New World Order!

The Federal Reserve

America is being carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey and one has to wonder where is the Federal Reserve in all of this? Since they have owned this country since 1913, shouldn’t we be hearing about their role in all of this? Isn’t it interesting that Harry Reid, according to Dr. Garrow, is facilitating all of these Chinese Solar Energy Zones and not the Federal Reserve. What is going here would be like you having a garage sale, but the Chinese are in your house and your backyard and they are the ones determining what you will be selling in your driveway. Yes, that’s right, the Federal Reserve is dead as we know it and Part Two will reveal the relevant details.


To sum up, Part One details how the Chinese are on the verge of controlling all American energy and meaningful resources including our military. Russia will soon be controlling Europe and both Chinese and Russian forces will be imposing their will on the American people in the coming months.
You now know about 25% of what has been revealed to me. Patience is a virtue, because what I am about to reveal tomorrow will change the face of America, forever!
Part Two will discuss the coming EMP attack, currency collapse and actions of both Chinese and Russian military forces. Once Part Two is published, it will be clear to those who regularly read my column how I have written about various aspects of this coming takedown of America since last August. And in case anyone is wondering, this information has been disseminated to trusted sources for all the appropriate reasons.

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Russia’s Lavrov Vows to Cast Light on Odessa Carnage Calling it 'Clear Fascism'

Russia’s Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov has pledged to shed light on all the uncomfortable truths about the Odessa massacre last Friday, which killed scores of peaceful pro-federalization protesters in the southern Ukrainian port city.

“What happened in Odessa on May 2 is clear fascism. We will not allow the facts to be swept under the rug like the ruling coalition is presently trying to do by closing the investigation from the general public,” Lavrov said at a flower laying ceremony for Victory Day in Moscow.

The regime in Ukraine has been accused by the Odessa Council officials of hushing up the real death toll of the arson fire at the local trade union hall that was caused by a raving pro-coup mob laced with the Right Sector militia hurling Molotov cocktails into the building.

A paramedic that was among the first responders later said that the attackers had stopped ambulance teams from reaching the survivors who managed to flee the deadly blaze.

“We will push for the truth, we will push so that all of the evidence that was given by witnesses and tell the story of the magnitude of the tragedy that is being consciously hushed by the authorities, so that not one piece of truth remains uninvestigated and that it is all made public,” Lavrov said.

The clashes in Odessa broke out last Friday between pro-federalization activists on one side and fans of the Odessa and Kharkiv football teams on the other, joined by Euromaidan activists.

Pro-Kiev radicals blockaded the anti-government protesters in the House of Trade Unions and set it on fire. At least 46 people died, three went missing and 214 were injured in the Odessa clashes, according to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry. On Monday, a member of the Odessa regional council told RIA Novosti that Ukraine’s interim authorities were hiding from the public the true death toll in Friday’s tragedy in in Odessa, which actually claimed 116 lives.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the events a result of the «criminal irresponsibility of the Kiev leadership indulging insolent nationalist radicals, including Right Sector, who are staging a campaign of physical terror against supporters of federalization and real constitutional changes in Ukrainian society."

Credit to RIA Novosti

Homs falls to Assad: UN and Iranian officers secure Syrian rebels exit

A joint team of UN observers and Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers in civilian dress began evacuating some 2,000 Syrian rebels and their families from the Old City of Homs on Wednesday, May 7, so ending a cruel two-year siege. The rebels’ exodus from their last remaining stronghold represented another major victory for Syrian President Bashar Assad. As a rebel on his way out put it to Western reporters, “The rest of the world failed us.”

For two years, the armed Syrian opposition to Assad held onto Homs as the capital of their revolution, against the Syrian army’s ultimatum “to starve of surrender" and the most brutal assaults. Assad’s army bombarded the Old City of Homs with chemical weapons and barrel bombs for two years. Syrian tanks and heavy artillery methodically destroyed homes, street-by-street, house-by-house, driving the rebels and their families into underground cellars and tunnels, without food, water or medicine.

In despair, the rebels finally gave up. Their exit from from Homs Old City under UN and Iranian protection was the final admission of their inability to vanquish Assad and his main backers, the Iranians.

To secure Assad’s consent to their exit from this hell, the rebels agreed to the release of Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers held hostage by comrades in Aleppo, and to a withdrawal from a number of Shiite towns and villages in central and northern Syria.

DEBKAfile’s sources note the grim symbolism in the timing of the final surrender of Homs Wednesday, just one day after the Obama administration declared it was granting the main Syrian opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition-SNC, permission to open a foreign mission in Washington under the Foreign Missions Act.

Obama administration officials, senior senators and congressmen vied against each other over a few minutes with opposition leader Ahmad Jarba, who was in Washington. The administration also announced that it was allocating an additional $27 million in “non-lethal assistance” for the rebels to combat Assad.

The dissonance is clear and deadly: the Obama administration is continuing its war on Assad in the halls of Capitol building, with no regard for what is happening on the ground in Syria.

After the resounding collapse of the Geneva II peace talks in early February, and US Secretary of State John Kerry’s failure to convene a Geneva III, it became clear that Moscow and Tehran had intensified their cooperative effort to keep the US from intervening in Syria.

The Obama administration tried to dispel this impression with deliberate leaks in April, suggesting that Washington was finally supplying the rebels with US BGM-71 TOW missiles and SA-16-9K310 Igla-1 anti-aircraft missiles. But DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the quantities supplied were so small that they had little impact on the battlefield and Assad’s forces retained the upper hand.

The timing of the Wednesday surrender and the involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards also corresponds nicely with US National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s arrival in Israel for talks on the nuclear issue.

That the UN stood in need of Iranian assistance to accomplish this rescue operation attested to the importance the world body attaches to Iran’s indispensible role in Damascus and its recognition that the Revolutionary Guards – even more than the Russians – are the only military force in the area able to control the Syrian and Hizballah military forces on the ground.

With all this underway, can Rice offer anything new to the Israeli political and security leadership, which is up against the reality of a US policy which only bolsters the Islamic Republic and its Middle East allies and the Iran-Syria-Hizballah axis?
Moscow, furthermore, continues to lavish high-quality arms on Assad’s armed forces.

The state-owned arms Rosoboronexport will deliver the first batch of nine Russian Yakovlev Yak-130 jet trainers to the Syrian government by the end of this year. The contract for 36 aircraft is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016, a source close to the deal told the local business daily Kommersant. The first 12 aircraft will be delivered in 2015, and a further 15 jet trainers in 2016.

“Thus, we will fulfill the obligations under a previously signed contract,” the source was quoted as saying.

Credit to DEBKA file

Dr. Jim Willie: Quantum Leap in the Gold Price and Ukraine-Russia Crisis

Chinese Vessel Rams Vietnamese Ships Under Air Support; Water Cannon Used

With all eyes firmly focused on WWIII in Ukraine (oh, and don't forget Al Qaeda's pivot to attacking Saudi Arabia), China - as we noted here - decided now was the appropriate time to send an oil rig into Vietnamese (admittedly uncertain) territorial waters. The Vietnamese are not happy and is blasting China this morning after a Chinese vessel intentionally rammed two of its ships. As Reuters reports, the foreign ministry in Hanoi said the collisions took place on Sunday and caused considerable damage to the Vietnamese ships with six people sustaining minor injuries. Vietnam's foreign minister noted, "Chinese ships, with air support, sought to intimidate Vietnamese vessels. Water cannon was used," adding that "Vietnam won't fire unless China fires first." China has not yet responded to the Vietnamese allegations of ramming, but did have this to say, "The United States has no right to complain about China's activities within the scope of its own sovereignty."

As we noted here, China sent an oil rig into disputed Vietnamese waters...
An oil industry official in China said the deployment of the rig owned by China's CNOOC oil company to waters near Vietnam appeared to be a political decision rather than a commercial one.

"This reflected the will of the central government and is also related to the U.S. strategy on Asia," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

"It is not commercially driven. It is also not like CNOOC has set a big exploration blueprint for the region."
But as Reuters reports, tensions are rising...
Vietnam said on Wednesday a Chinese vessel intentionally rammed two of its ships in a part of the disputed South China Sea where Beijing has deployed a giant oil rig, sending tensions spiraling in the region.


"On May 4, Chinese ships intentionally rammed two Vietnamese Sea Guard vessels," said Tran Duy Hai, a foreign ministry official and deputy head of Vietnam's national border committee.

"Chinese ships, with air support, sought to intimidate Vietnamese vessels. Water cannon was used," he told a news conference in Hanoi. Six other ships were also hit, other officials said, but not as badly.

Dozens of navy and coastguard vessels from both countries are in the area where China has deployed the giant rig, Vietnamese officials have said.

"No shots have been fired yet," said a Vietnamese navy official, who could not be identified because he was not authorized to speak to media. "Vietnam won't fire unless China fires first."
The US will have to decide if this is a red line being crossed after Obama's recent visit... but China is already putting him straight...
China has not yet responded to the Vietnamese allegations of ramming, but Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said earlier on Wednesday that the deployment of the rig had nothing to do with the United States, or Vietnam.

"The United States has no right to complain about China's activities within the scope of its own sovereignty," she said.
Vietnam concludes for now... we assume knowing the US has its back?
"We are a peace-loving nation that has experienced many wars," he said. "If this situation goes too far, we will use all measures in line with international law to protect our territory. We have limitations, but we will stand up to any Chinese aggression."
So Russia vs US in Ukraine, check! Al Qaeda vs Saudi Arabia, check! China vs Vietnam, check! Must be time for all time highs in stocks!!
Credit to Zero Hedge