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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Sep 22 2006 09:07AM
About two weeks ago, early on Sunday morning as I was preparing to go to church, I had a vision. I was caught up into heaven and I saw angels all around me. They were working and making preparations for what looked like a banquet. Everything was white ­ white canopies, white pavilions, white gazebos, what looked like white silk instead of canvas covering massive outdoor tents with elegant plumes and sashes hanging from white poles. It was clear as I looked around that there remained much more work to do.
The Lord then spoke to me and He said, "Do you know what this is?" I replied, "No Sir, but it looks like some kind of big garden party you are getting ready for." He said, "My son, this is preparations for My Wedding Supper. All of heaven has been waiting for this day. It is almost time for Me to come for My Bride. There is great joy and celebration here in anticipation for the moment when I shall call her out of the earth."
I was too amazed to say anything. It was so beautiful! The grass was so perfect. The flowers were blooming and the flower arrangements were being gathered from the nearby rose gardens by the angels. I had never seen such bright colors as those that were in those flowers! Everything was perfect wherever I looked. There were white doves that were flying with streamers that they were wrapping around the tent poles. They were in perfect symmetry as they would circle and wrap them. It reminded me of a May Day celebration that I saw once as a child, where there was a pole that was being wrapped in geometric designs by children as they circled it with their streamers. It ended up looking like a candy cane. But these were all in pastel colors of every hue of the rainbow. They were breathtaking to watch!
Then I saw the tables being brought in and placed next to each other. They stretched out under these outdoor tent pavilions as far as the eye could see. As I looked closer, I could see at each place setting there was a golden rectangular nameplate. As I looked, some were intricately engraved with the names of those that were to be seated there. Some of these name plates were encrusted with jewels that sparkled and glowed like there was a bright light shining behind them. Others were just with a plain name. The tables were not fully set, but I saw that it was the most elegant party preparation that I had ever seen. It could not be compared to anything on this earth. There was great joy and excitement in the air. The angels were singing in the most awesome songs as they worked. As I listened a little closer, I thought that I could hear the words as they sang about the righteous deeds of those that were to be seated where they were working.
Then the Lord said to me, "Tell My Bride that I am coming soon! Everything is being prepared. In a little while, all sorrow, pain, sickness, poverty, and every teardrop will be wiped away. There is only a little longer that you must labor. You must work now while it is still time, for the darkness is soon coming upon the earth when all will be in tribulation. Stay ready and remain alert in watching and praying. I will surely come for you, just as I promised in My Word."
Then I was back in my room again, and I got in the shower to get ready
for church.
This is the account of the vision I received earlier this month.
Maurice Sklar

Top Russian general: NATO expansion raises danger of nuclear conflict

Russia is facing a heightened risk of being drawn into conflicts at its borders that have the potential of turning nuclear, the nation's top military officer said Thursday.

Gen. Nikolai Makarov, chief of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces, cautioned over NATO's expansion eastward and warned that the risks of Russia being pulled into local conflicts have "risen sharply."

Makarov added, according to Russian news agencies, that "under certain conditions local and regional conflicts may develop into a full-scale war involving nuclear weapons."

A steady decline in Russia's conventional forces has prompted the Kremlin to rely increasingly on its nuclear deterrent. The nation's military doctrine says it may use nuclear weapons to counter a nuclear attack on Russia or an ally, or a large-scale conventional attack that threatens Russia's existence.

Russia sees NATO's expansion to include former Soviet republics and ex-members of the Soviet bloc in eastern and central Europe as a key threat to Russia's security.

Makarov specifically referred to NATO's plans to offer membership to Georgia and Ukraine as potentially threatening Russia's security. Russia routed Georgian forces in a brief August 2008 war over a separatist province of South Ossetia. Moscow later recognized South Ossettia and another breakaway Georgian province of Abkhazia as independent states and increased its military presence there.

Makarov warned that the planned pullout of NATO forces from Afghanistan could trigger conflicts in neighboring ex-Soviet Central Asian nations that could "grow into a large-scale war."

In its military doctrine, Russia has also described U.S. missile defense plans as another major security challenge, saying it could threaten its nuclear forces and undermine their deterrence potential.

Moscow has agreed to consider NATO's proposal last fall to cooperate on the missile shield, but the talks have been deadlocked over how the system should operate. Russia has insisted that the system should be run jointly, which NATO has rejected.

Makarov also said Russia is struggling to get enough recruits for the 1-million military, as the number of draftees has shrunk dramatically because of demographic changes.

He said that the military is aiming to gradually increase the number of contract soldiers and eventually form an all-volunteer army. He didn't mention a specific time frame.

The statement marked a sharp change of course for the top military brass who previously insisted that Russia needs to maintain the highly unpopular draft because an all-volunteer military would be too costly.


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