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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ukraine Claims Russian Forces At Border, Attack Conflict Zone

After reportedly rejecting Vladimir Putin's peace proposal and continuing heavy shelling in the pro-Russian-held regions of Donetsk, Ukraine's military spokesman Lysenko is reporting the Russian army is directly attacking Ukraine forces in the north conflict zone. The fight over what is now a destroyed Donetsk airport continues with Lysenko claiming to have stalled Russian forces adding that three Russian battallions are approaching the Ukraine border. CNN reports that the Russian Defense Ministry says, "Ukraine's allegations that Russian troops are in Ukraine are complete rubbish."
Reuters and Bloomberg report...
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Reportedly Russian tanks at the Ukraine border..

As Reuters reports,
Ukrainian army units came under attack from Russian regular forces in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday and heavy fighting was taking place, a Ukrainian military spokesman said.

"In spite of preliminary agreements, Ukrainian military units were attacked in the north of the anti-terrorist operational zone by regular military formations of the armed forces of Russia," the spokesman, Andriy Lysenko, said.

"Heavy fighting is continuing near the (Ukrainian army) checkpoints 29 and 31," he said, pinpointing an area near the town of Slovyanoserbsk, northwest of Luhansk.

"Ukrainian forces have stopped the advance of Russian troops ... The situation in the conflict zone is serious but under our control," Lysenko said at a news briefing.

Three more battalion tactical groups of Russian motorised infantry had been tracked inside Russia heading towards the Ukrainian border, as well as an artillery division, he said.

Lysenko's announcement at a specially called news briefing was one of the boldest assertions yet by Ukraine of direct Russian military involvement in the nine-month conflict between pro-Russian separatists and government forces.

Despite what the West and Kiev says is incontrovertible proof, Moscow has continued to deny that any of its regular forces are deployed in Ukraine.
As Bloomberg reports,

Ukrainian govt claims of Russian troops, equipment entering Ukraine Jan. 19 “absolute nonsense,”Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov says in e-mailed statement.

Allegations from Kiev are “hallucinations”: Konashenkov

Ukraine studying plan put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw heavy weaponry from conflict zone, RIA Novosti reports, citing Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov

Zurabov says Ukrainian comments on plan mostly technical: RIA

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By Doc Marquis

As the reign of Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603) of England was coming to a close, there was a draft for an act of Parliament for a new version of the Bible: “An act for the reducing of diversities of bibles now extant in the English tongue to one settled vulgar translated from the original.” The Bishop’s Bible of 1568, although it may have eclipsed the great Bible, was still rivaled by the Geneva Bible. Nothing ever became of this draft during the reign of Elizabeth, who died in 1603, and was succeeded by James I, as the throne of England passed from the Tudors to the Stuarts. James was at that time James VI of Scotland, and had been for 37 years. He was born during the period between the Geneva and the Bishop Bible.

In January of 1604, King James called for the “Hampton Court Conference” “…for the hearing, and for the determining, things pretended to be amiss in the church.” One of the “things amiss in the Church” for King James was the Geneva Bible. He thought it was the worst of all the translations of his day and determined to do something about it. “I wish some special pains were taken for an uniform translation, which should be done by the best learned men in both Universities, then reviewed by the Bishops, presented to the Privy Council, lastly ratified by the Royal authority, to be read in the while Church, and none other.” King James wanted a Bible translated into English for the common man.

Forty-seven scholars were known to have taken part in the work of the translation. Fifteen general rules were advanced for the guidance of the translators. Seven years of arduous, painstaking, meticulous attention to the smallest of details had occurred and the greatest selling Bible of history had been completely translated by 1611.

It took a Miracle! To have just 1 actual scholar in any country during the time of James I was considered to be an act of God. To have gathered 47 such scholars under one roof was considered a Miracle.

As Christians we should expect miracles and yet, for some reason, when they happen few ever notice them or don’t recognize them for what they truly were until it’s too late.

Four-hundred and three years later, March of 2014, after the completion of the KJV 1611 translation of the Holy Bible, another miracle had occurred in Orlando, FL. A “Prophecy Summit” held in Orlando, FL under the auspices of “Prophecy in the News” had occurred. Like those scholars who had gathered under the roof, if you would, of King James of England, 25 – 30 such scholars, each considered experts in their various fields, were under one roof for the 3 day Prophecy Summit in Orlando, FL. More than 2,000 folks were in attendance, dozens upon dozens of presentations had been given, and for 3 days people were given first-hand knowledge and teachings from all of those speakers who were flown in from Hawaii to as far away as Australia and dozens of points in-between. “It took a Miracle!” To this very day I am still hearing reports from so many folks across this great nation of ours about how very well received the Prophecy Summit had been and how much everyone had learned from such scholars and experts.

March 5 – 7, 2015 in Orlando, FL at the “Hyatt Regency Orlando Hotel, another, “It took a Miracle” shall occur. Once again “Prophecy in the News” had listened to the people and have risen to the challenge of putting another “Prophecy Summit” together. This time around, 26 experts in their fields will be giving dozens of presentations. Some of the expert speakers are:

Doug and Joe Hagmann: Father and son team, the dynamic duo of the airwaves, Doug and Joe hosts the ever popular and informative nightly radio show known as “The Hagmann and Hagmann Report.” Their unique and expert perspective on current events, world news, the New World Order, etc. is on a level others strive to attain.

Joseph Farah: American author, journalist and editor-in-chief of the website, WorldNetDaily (WND).

Paul McGuire: World News and End Times Events expert, syndicated radio talk show host and author of 23 books including “The Prophecy of the Future of America, The Day the Dollar Died, and Are You Ready?”

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn: Author of such incredible books: “The Harbinger,” “The Shemitah” and lecturer on “the Blood Moons.”

Bill Salus: Director of “Prophecy Depot Ministries” Bill is also an author, radio host and always a well-received speaker who has just released a new book entitled: “Nuclear Showdown in Iran.”

These are but a small sampling of those speakers that will be speaking at the Hyatt Regency, Orlando from March 5 – 7, 2015 but, space is limited. Tickets are constantly being sold but, like last year, there is a limit. Call and reserve your tickets while they are still available @: “Prophecy in the News”, 800-475-1111. Lines may be busy but someone will get to you shortly. And, just as important, rooms at the Hyatt Regency, Orlando is very limited. The discounted price for each room, per night, is $129.00 however, this special discounted price is available only until February 16, 2015. After that date the special discounted price will no longer apply. So, I strongly encourage everyone to reserve your rooms before the deadline and purchase your tickets for this incredible events before they are sold out.

As a side note, to reserve your rooms please call: 888-421-1442 and when you’re asked for which hotel you’re calling for, please make sure to say “You’re calling for the Prophecy Summit at the Hyatt-Regency Orlando.” There is another hotel with a very similar name, so please be specific and say you’re asking for the “Hyatt-Regency Orlando,” located on 9801 International Dr., Orlando, FL.

“It Took a Miracle” to bring together, under one roof, these 26 speakers of incredible reputation, skill and expertise but, such events are a gift from God which, if you can help it, don’t pass up. They are so very few and far in-between and so desperately needed nowadays more so than in anytime in history. We live during a prophetical period of time that is quickly beginning to spiral out of control and these 26 speakers will help you understand what the world will shortly be crying out to understand.

As always, God bless and keep all of you!

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50 U.S. law enforcement agencies deployed radars that let them see inside homes

At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies quietly deployed radars that let them effectively see inside homes, with little notice to the courts or the public.

(Photo: L3 Communications)

WASHINGTON — At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly equipped their officers with radar devices that allow them to effectively peer through the walls of houses to see whether anyone is inside, a practice raising new concerns about the extent of government surveillance.

Those agencies, including the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, began deploying the radar systems more than two years ago with little notice to the courts and no public disclosure of when or how they would be used. The technology raises legal and privacy issues because the U.S. Supreme Court has said officers generally cannot use high-tech sensors to tell them about the inside of a person's house without first obtaining a search warrant.

The radars work like finely tuned motion detectors, using radio waves to zero in on movements as slight as human breathing from a distance of more than 50 feet. They can detect whether anyone is inside of a house, where they are and whether they are moving.

Current and former federal officials say the information is critical for keeping officers safe if they need to storm buildings or rescue hostages. But privacy advocates and judges have nonetheless expressed concern about the circumstances in which law enforcement agencies may be using the radars — and the fact that they have so far done so without public scrutiny.

"The idea that the government can send signals through the wall of your house to figure out what's inside is problematic," said Christopher Soghoian, the American Civil Liberties Union's principal technologist. "Technologies that allow the police to look inside of a home are among the intrusive tools that police have."

Agents' use of the radars was largely unknown until December, when a federal appeals court in Denver said officers had used one before they entered a house to arrest a man wanted for violating his parole. The judges expressed alarm that agents had used the new technology without a search warrant, warning that "the government's warrantless use of such a powerful tool to search inside homes poses grave Fourth Amendment questions."

By then, however, the technology was hardly new. Federal contract records show the Marshals Service began buying the radars in 2012, and has so far spent at least $180,000 on them.

Justice Department spokesman Patrick Rodenbush said officials are reviewing the court's decision. He said the Marshals Service "routinely pursues and arrests violent offenders based on pre-established probable cause in arrest warrants" for serious crimes.

The device the Marshals Service and others are using, known as the Range-R, looks like a sophisticated stud-finder. Its display shows whether it has detected movement on the other side of a wall and, if so, how far away it is — but it does not show a picture of what's happening inside. The Range-R's maker, L-3 Communications, estimates it has sold about 200 devices to 50 law enforcement agencies at a cost of about $6,000 each.

Credit to USAToday.com

Europe 'faces political earthquakes'

Greece's main opposition Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras addresses his party's Congress in Athens on Saturday, Jan. 3, 2015

Political earthquakes could be in store for Europe in 2015, according to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the BBC's Democracy Day.

It says the rising appeal of populist parties could see some winning elections and mainstream parties forced into previously unthinkable alliances.

Europe's "crisis of democracy" is a gap between elites and voters, EIU says.

There is "a gaping hole at the heart of European politics where big ideas should be", it adds.

Low turnouts at the polls and sharp falls in the membership of traditional parties are key factors in the phenomenon.

'Highly destabilising'

The United Kingdom - going to the polls in May - is "on the cusp of a potentially prolonged period of political instability", according to the Economist researchers.

They say there is a much higher than usual chance that the election will produce an unstable government - predicting that the populist UK Independence Party (UKIP) will take votes from both the Conservatives and Labour.

The fragmentation of voters' preferences combined with Britain's first-past-the-post electoral system will, the EIU says, make it increasingly difficult to form the kind of single-party governments with a parliamentary majority that have been the norm.

But the most immediate political challenge - and test of how far the growing populism translates into success at the polls - is in Greece. A snap general election takes place there on 25 January, triggered by parliament's failure to choose a new president in December.

Opinion polls suggest that the far left, populist Syriza could emerge as the strongest party. If it did and was able to form a government, the EIU says this would send shock waves through the European Union and act as a catalyst for political upheaval elsewhere.

"The election of a Syriza government would be highly destabilising, both domestically and regionally. It would almost certainly trigger a crisis in the relationship between Greece and its international creditors, as debt write-offs form one of the core planks of its policy platform," the EIU says.

"With similar anti-establishment parties gaining ground rapidly in a number of other countries scheduled to hold elections in 2015, the spill-over effects from a further period of Greek turmoil could be significant."
Credit to BBC

Russian Armed Forces to Adopt Hypersonic Missiles on Mass Scale

The development of hypersonic missiles in Russia and the United States currently stands at the same level, the CEO of Russia's Tactical Missiles Corporation believes.

MOSCOW, January 19 (Sputnik) — The Russian Armed Forces will receive hypersonic missiles on mass scale in about 15 to 25 years, with the first prototypes to be created by 2020, CEO of Russia's Tactical Missiles Corporation Boris Obnosov said in an interview with the "Defense of Russia" magazine.

"I think that the program will unfold as early as in the next decade, and the transition to the hypersonic [missiles] is a matter of the 2030s-2040s," Obnosov said.

He explained that the main difficulty in developing missiles able to fly significantly faster than the speed of sound was needed for new construction materials, capable of enduring the temperatures caused by flying at extremely high speed.

"Flying at Mach 6 [4,567 mph] is one task, but [doing it] at Mach 8-10 is an entirely another one. We could even speak of Mach 10-12. The tasks grows more difficult exponentially," Obnosov said.

The Tactical Missiles Corporation's CEO added the task of producing hypersonic missiles was also a challenge in terms of the construction of missile engines and on-board equipment.

The development of hypersonic missiles in Russia and the United States currently stands at the same level, the CEO of Russia's Tactical Missiles Corporation believes.

Joint Stock Company Tactical Missiles Corporation was established in 2002 and includes 26 companies, producing missiles and guided bombs, as well as air-, sea- and land-based missile systems.

Credit to Sputniknews.com

Who Is Ultimately Behind the Mass Death and Destruction Coming to America?

I never would have believed that I would see the events of today’s world racing towards Armageddon in the truest and Biblical sense of the term/place. However, where humanity is at is undeniable. Putin has been placed, by the bankers, in a position to win World War III and at the same time, America has been placed in a position of certain defeat by its own leadership. Eliminating America’s freedoms and its spirit of entrepreneurial independence must be extinguished before ushering in the final push for the full establishment of the New World Order can be completed.
In the first part in this series, I detailed how Putin is preparing to defeat the United States in World War III. The Federal Reserve and the other Western central bankers may be the antagonist in world affairs in places like Ukraine, but this is a meaningless debate about who is right. This article will dispel the myth that there is such a thing as the moral high ground as the world moves towards World War III. What is coming is about power, not morality. And the only thing that you have control over is the final destination of your soul and that is where any moral debate should be centered. I strongly suggest that each individual make peace with God because this is where most of us are likely headed.

The Starting Point

In the independent media, many make the mistake of speaking about the “banksters” as if they were one entity all working towards the same goal which is the establishment of a singular economic system which controls the planet through rabid debt management. Generally, this is true. However, the process of international banking is compartmentalized and when goals are not met, we see divisions emerging and this is exactly what we are witnessing at the present moment.
Before we can effectively analyze how Putin is in the process of putting himself in charge of the world’s chessboard, we need to first take a very brief look at how international banking is organized.

Level One: The Bank of International Settlement

The Bank of International Settlments
The Bank of International Settlements
International banking has three major levels. The executive directors of this grand economic scheme, the Bank of International Settlement, from Basel, sit at the head of the table. The BIS sets global economic policy by manipulating currency exchange rates (e.g. IMF), establish lending rates, picking national winners and losers, etc. The singular mission of the BIS is to march the world’s central banks into the New World Order that they control. And just who are these people. Some call them the Rothschild’s but this goes much deeper.
It can be said that the forces, both known and unknown, are the economic rulers of the planet. These people control the Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the International Monetary Fund which sets the rates of currency exchange, the World Bank, the Club of Rome, the United Nations, etc.
What do all of these entities have in common as a philosophy? Their think tank groups are the originators of Agenda 21, sustainable development and the depopulation agenda which seeks to reduce the size of the population by 90%. Why? Because they seek to install a planetary government and a one world economic system and they feel they need the population to be greatly reduced in order to effectively manage their idea of Utopia. The system they seek to install is inspired and devoted to Satan. Yes, at its heart, the battle for the control of this planet is spiritual at its root. The people connected to the BIS  are indeed evil to the core. Please consider the following quotes from the United Nations Agenda 21 brain trust which support their depopulation agenda:
“The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.”
Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER

“One America burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes. This is a terrible thing to say in order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.”
Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier

“A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. At the more frugal European standard of living, 2 to 3 billion would be possible.”
United Nations, Global Biodiversity Assessment

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline would be ideal.”
Ted Turner, founder of CNN and major United Nations contributor
Most of the recent human history, post-1900 to the present,  is dedicated to the planetary unification of every resource, institution, power base, religion under the Satanist philosophy of the BIS creation. Their final push for planetary unification under their control commenced with extreme debt enslavement which has impoverished the central banks and ultimately the nation states that these central banks control.
The credit swap derivatives debt was the creation of the BIS. It enticed the central banks to make some very easy money by participating in the latest of their ponzi schemes. A few of the brokers and bankers which participated in the credit swap derivatives, made a lot of money. However, central bankers were lured into this practice like a bunch of crack cocaine addicts and their staggering money losses led to the need for the infamous bail-outs, the encroaching bail-ins, the MERS mortgage fraud and on and on… Today, the derivatives debt totals $1.5 quadrillion dollars and the interest associated with this debt is growing faster than nations can steal money from their people to pay the debt. And what do central banks and the nations that they control do when they cannot pay their bills after stealing as much as they can from the citizens? They go to war!  An economic collapse will trigger martial law. All opposition to a World War will be eliminated and World War III will commence.
The unfolding New World Order will lead this planet into a war in which most will die. There will be no civil liberties. You will buy and sell using the mark. There will be no open practicing of Christianity. There will be FEMA Camps with all of their intended purpose and it is all Satanically inspired.
“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”
David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations
If the globalists are able to carry out their sociopathic agenda, they will create a world that none  of us have any desire to live  in. The specter of transhumanism will come out of the closet and rear its ugly head. Since the globalists have not learned to harness the soul, transhumanism is their default position. In the final stages, the human race would seek to exist as we know it, if it were not for the divine intervention of Jesus in the Second Coming.

Level Two of the Power Structure: The Central Banks

federal reserve
The second level of power on this planet consists of the global central banks including the Federal Reserve which is an unelected cabal of private bankers who have wrestled the financial power of this country away from Congress and control the nation’s money. It is the same in every country. And of course, if an entity controls the money of a nation, they also control those who use their money through the establishment of a predatory debt enslavement system. You learned this principle of finance as a teenager when your parents told you, “For as long as you live under this house, you will do what I say.” The power of the purse determines who controls behavior. The world’s central banks take their marching orders from the Bank of International Settlements because the monetization of the fiat currency that each central bank controls is determined by the BIS.
The BIS has placed the central banks on Sun Tsu’s infamous concept of  “death’s ground”.  The debt owed to the BIS has made the central banks desperate. This is why they are engaged in stealing all that they can from the citizens of their respective countries. Their final step is to prey upon each other as a means to acquire assets in order to stay one step ahead of the proverbial burning bridge.
It can be accurately stated that the central banks are rulers of nations and represent mid-level management in the hierarchy of the process. They will be the ones who will ultimately steal all of your assets, sacrifice your children in the upcoming World War III and they will bring the world to the brink of annihilation. The central bankers are desperate because they owe a derivatives debt equivalent to 16 times the entire value of the planet. If it is your fate to die in World War III, I thought you had the right to understand the forces at work.
It is interesting that when the proverbial poop hits the fan, the people will blame their neighborhood banks. They will string up a few bankers as if these are the people to blame.

Level Three: The National Banking Industry

BANKSTERS AThe third level of power in this unholy system are the financial institutions of a nation. In our case, this would be institutions such as Goldman Sachs, other lesser Wall Street investment houses as well as the megabanks (e.g. Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.). Policies that are developed in Basel are implemented by these institutions.
The investment houses conduct the day to day management of the polices which flow downhill from the BIS.
Finally, there is everybody else and that would be the sheep of this country who know nothing of how any of this works. Don’t hold your breath on a sudden level of developing awareness, most of us are all too brainwashed by the system to achieve this level of awareness.

Putin vs. the Western Bankers

Yesterday, I wrote an article which detailed 30 ways that Putin is preparing to militarily defeat the United States. The article was solely written about Russian military preparedness and a number of people wanted to turn the topic into a moral debate. The amount of Putin cult followers in the United States is mind-boggling as they are gulping the KoolAid from this despot.
The moral argument looks like this. The western banking establishment (BIS) controls Obama and all the key points of government. They control the price of oil, the price of gold and the enactment of financial policies designed to plunge the world into a war of  final unification. Putin and the BRICS are using gold as their medium of exchange. Putin has rebuilt the Russian economy based upon energy and gold. And who controls the price of energy and gold on this planet? It is none other than the proxy institutions of the BIS. Putin is just as much under control of these unholy bankers as is Obama and the rest of the West.
Most know how we got to where we are today as Putin attacked the Petrodollar by getting Iran to sell oil for gold. The West retaliates by starting a CIA led revolution in Ukraine.  The BIS forces the price of oil to plunge in further retaliation. This forces Putin to use his gold reserves. He retaliates by shutting off the gas to Europe, thus placing millions of innocents at risk. Putin readies for war that he knows is coming. In this scenario, Putin is pitted against the central banks of the West.
The failure of the central banks to corral and control Putin has made World War III the only game in town. As Putin continues on the path of destroying the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, what will the Federal Reserve do? There will be a war to preserve the status quo. As China, Russia and the United States are drawn into a confrontation, the world’s economy will be obliterated along with billions of lives. In the aftermath of the coming global holocaust, the supreme financial rulers of the planet will be waiting to create order, the New World Order, out of chaos. All of these parties are pawns of the BIS.
Putin is a willing pawn of the New World Order. Putin is no more of a hero than is Obama. He is doing exactly what is expected. Make no mistake about, the BIS controls the central banks, world finance and Putin. And we are headed down the path towards World War III, the final war of planetary unification.

A Specific Word to All American Citizens

One fact I neglected to mention, in yesterday’s article on Putin’s military preparations to win World War III, has to do with where he is getting his money to carry out his military buildup. The Rubble is in shambles and Putin is racing through his gold supplies to compensate for falling oil prices which has rendered his stash of oil to be worthless. How could Putin be spending what is approaching a trillion dollars on military hardware? With his economy in distress, there is only one place that he could turn to in order to  borrow the money needed to do what he is doing militarily. He is undoubtedly borrowing this money from the bankers at the BIS.
As Putin is preparing to win World War III, America has been set up to lose and this will be the topic of next part in this series. Therefore, as an American citizen, you may wish to reconsider your cult-like allegiance to Putin. In order to keep his country afloat, this former KGB/Russian Mafia thug will think nothing of standing over the mass graves of American citizens as Putin fights for his survival.
Credit to Common Sense

The Shinar Directive -- Part 8

The origin of Freemasonry, according to Masonic scholars, focuses on two theories:
1. Nimrod was the first Mason and established the order.
2. The Knights Templar and their secrets evolved into modern-day Freemasonry.
I have been asked over the years which theory is correct. The answer is both. The seeds of Freemasonry were planted in Babylon, watered by Egypt, and nurtured over the millennia by the mystery religions. And I do not believe I need to convince those who would read my book that Freemasonry is esoteric and part of the mystery religions. The cursory readings of Albert Pike or Manly P. Hall (or even just the names of their works) would convince any open-minded believer. However, I will say this for any member of the Blue Lodge that might stumble upon this work: The oath and ceremony you went through to enter the Lodge is word for word and step for step the same ritual used to become a witch within any coven.[ii] (So which came first, the coven or the Lodge?) Again, the words of the apostle Paul are more relevant today than when he wrote them long ago:
Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?
And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,
And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. (2 Corinthians 6:14–18, emphasis added)

The Scope of Freemasonry

We need to understand that Freemasonry literally covers the globe. As the influence of Europe and later America began to swell internationally, Freemasonry spread throughout the world. It is interesting to note that Skull and Bones (an elite Masonic organization) member George W. Bush went to war against 33rd-degree Freemason and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-trained operative Osama bin Laden.[iii] This has led many to believe that America was behind the attack on 9/11/01. I believe their scope of vision is too small. Every bit of information I write about in The Shinar Directive including the reoccurrence of the number eleven (which is very significant in both Masonic and esoteric workings) points to the fact that it was the work of the Luciferian Elite. The tragedy of 9/11 was simply one piece of a much larger puzzle to facilitate a New World Order (and not, as many have postulated, to move America toward neoconservatism).
Masonic Lodges worldwide are the recruiting grounds for the Elite in search of new ground troops. Freemasons who have the temperament and belief system for the luciferian work are shuffled off to the side and then brought into separate circles of influence within the Masonic system. The average members of the Lodge labor within their communities and become the outer layer of protection for the occult core. Those members become part of local churches, civic organizations, businesses, and political parties. Whether or not they realize it, they are indeed connected to those within the darker circles of Freemasonry, with a stronger cord than the tow that was originally placed around their necks. I have mentored aspirants of the gospel ministry now for more than thirty years, and I have counseled students regarding the stifling of revival in their ministries by certain members of the board or congregation. Many times those individuals were Freemasons. I remember a particular case in the early 1990s: God began moving in the ministry of one of our students. During a vacation Bible school, he saw nearly seventy children accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior within a two-week period. Any Christian would have been overjoyed by such an event. Within less than a week after this event, he was fired from his position as pastor. He later discovered that most of board members were Masons and active members of the local Lodge. Needless to say, he was dismayed and devastated by the actions against him.

Skull and Bones

The definitive work on the Skull and Bones is the book America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones by Anthony C. Sutton. I would also like to mention that my colleagues at Defender Publishing, Terry Cook and Dr. Thomas Horn, provided a noteworthy summary of the Order in their book, Beast Tech. It is not my desire to replicate their fine work. I would prefer to examine the Order through the lens of a Christian educator and focus on the unfinished work of Nimrod.
The Order was founded in 1833 at Yale University by General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft.[iv] The Order is known by several names: Brotherhood of Death, Skull and Bones, Bones, the Order, and Chapter 322. The Order is a chapter of a German secret society that is linked directly to the Illuminati. This secret society is dominated by several old-line American Elite families as well as new wealth that has existed from 1833 to the present day.
Whitney Family
Stimson Family
Perkins Family
Taft Family
Wadsworth Family
Gilman Family
Payne Family
Davison Family
Pillsbury Family
Sloane Family
Weyerhaeuser Family
Harriman Family
Rockefeller Family
Lord Family
Bundy Family
Phelps Family [v]
Each year, fifteen new members are accepted into the Order from the group of junior-year students at Yale University. I believe the number of candidates is important, and it shows a philosophical link to the Illuminati: There are three groups of five candidates. Weishaupt’s Law of Fives seems to govern the activities of the Order. Members of Elite families seem to be guaranteed membership. Other exceptional students at Yale can be offered membership if their particular skill set and education would prove beneficial to the plans of the Order.
The power and reach of the Order is tremendous. Sutton writes:
Above all, the Order is powerful, unbelievably powerful. If the reader will persist and examine the evidence to be presented—which is overwhelming—there is no doubt his view of the world will suddenly come sharply into focus, with almost frightening clarity.[vi]
After researching the Order, I have concluded that it is a more powerful and extremely exclusive Masonic Lodge reserved for the American Elite. If the local Masonic Lodges are for the gathering and indoctrination of the ground troops, then the Order is the Illuminati’s war college here in the United States. (Its sister institution is Oxford University, which we will look at shortly.) It is in the Order that the high-ranking officers of the Elite’s army are prepared for various assignments worldwide. At the beginning of his book, Sutton places a quote from a Yale student in 1873:
We offer no objections to their existing clan. No one disputes with them this right, we question but the plan on which they act, —that only he who wears upon his breast their emblem, he for every post shall be considered best.[vii]
Even in 1873, a degree from Yale was not enough for the most powerful posts in the United States. Skull and Bones members were given strategic positions in every field: government, financing, foreign affairs, religion, and the corporate world. Their members became chiefs who established policies in literally every aspect of American life. Sutton declares that “the Order has penetrated or been the dominant influence in sufficient policy, research, and opinion making organizations that it determines the basic direction of American society” (emphasis added).[viii]
One of the ways the Order gains control over various groups or movements is to ensure that the FIRST president, chairman, or main leader is a member.[ix] It is the first leader of any organization who sets the foundational agenda and philosophy maintained throughout its lifecycle. Having the highest level of leadership in these organizations also allows freedom to embed other members into key positions. Since this networking and embedding of members have been going on since the 1830s, it is easy to see how the Order controls nearly every aspect of our society.
This penetration of the Order includes all Protestant denominations. Sutton writes:
About 2 percent of the Order is in the Church (all Protestant denominations), although this percentage has declined in recent years. A key penetration is the Union Theological Seminary, affiliated with Columbia University in New York. This Seminary, a past subject of investigation for Communist infiltration, has close links to the Order.[x]
Is it any wonder why Protestant denominations have been slowly moving away from true biblical standards in both beliefs and moral standards over the past hundred years? The Order has actively been working in the background to produce this backslidden state!

The Order’s Involvement in Education

Sutton goes into great detail about how the Order perverted education in America. Although not an Order member, American psychologist G. Stanley Hall was the agent of choice for the Order to use to infect the education of our children.
Hall was a student at Union Theological Seminary and was highly influenced by Henry B. Smith. This is where his indoctrination and training appears to have begun. After graduation, Smith was financially broke, but was encouraged by Smith to go to Europe to study experimental psychology under Wilhelm Wundt. Another member of the Order contributed one thousand dollars to help finance his trip. (In those days, this was a very large sum of money.)
While in Europe, Hall studied under Wilhelm Wundt at the University of Leipzig. At the time, he was also highly influenced by the philosophies of Hegel (think Hegelian Dialectic). His training in Europe lasted about twelve years.
Upon returning home, Smith was again flat broke. This financial setback did not last long, as the Order had plans for him. One day, the president of Harvard showed up, out of the blue, at his home and invited him to lecture at Harvard on education. Then, in 1881, to his surprise, Johns Hopkins University offered him the Chair of Professor of Psychology and Pedagogy (Education). We also find that Smith was not the only one being groomed by the Order. Sutton provides the following chart of where students of Wundt were placed and the number of doctoral graduates their efforts generated.
Just imagine the impact that 1,331 experts at the doctoral level with training specifically tailored to the agenda of the Elite can have upon the American educational system.
All were trained with concepts that originated at the University of Leipzig. Why is this so important? Wilhelm Wundt was a pioneer in psychological conditioning. We are all familiar with Ivan Pavlov and his experimental conditioning of a dog to salivate when a bell rang. Pavlov was a student of Wundt. These men and their doctoral graduates brought conditional training into the elementary and secondary educational systems in the United States. Our children are no longer taught; they are trained and conditioned to respond to the stimuli provided by the Order. In the eyes of the Order, there is little difference in the average American citizen and the dogs Pavlov trained to respond to his cues. Thanks to the Order, education in America today pales in comparison to that of the 1890s! Now we are conditioned to vote their candidates into office, work in their corporations, and purchase their goods. Don’t think, don’t connect the dots; just respond to the stimuli they provide in the media. It would appear that all of the testing advertising does in marketing research groups is merely to find the right “trigger” to gain the planned, conditioned response they want.
Perhaps one of the reasons that home schooling is frowned upon today is not because home-schooled children are academically inferior (in fact, the opposite is true), but because they lack the psychological conditioning provided within the structured educational system the Elite built in the early twentieth century. (We must also remember that one of the goals of Weishaupt was the communal education of children.) Is it possible that the home-schooled children present a threat to the system of psychological conditioning in education and, thus, to the overall plans for our nation? If one would take time to listen to the Progressive rants against home schoolers, one would think they were an actual plague upon society! Yet colleges and universities are beginning to realize that home-schooled children are far better prepared for the rigors of postsecondary learning. The Elite’s response was Common Core, which: (1) changes the educational structure so that home-schooled children will not meet the academic requirements of postsecondary education unless Common Core programming is added to their curriculum; and (2) further enhances the psychological conditioning of the next generation to become even more compliant to the stimuli provided by the Elite.

The Order’s Work Does Not Stop There

In additional chapters of Sutton’s book, we find documentation that the Soviet Union was the creation of the Order. That’s right: Communism with a capital “C.” The Order is also linked to the financing of the Nazis—the National Socialist Party in Germany. If you do your homework, Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is nothing more than a reworded version of Weishaupt’s work and the Illuminati documents.[xi]The Order is not involved in building up America or even in hedging up American interests. The Order is about moving the world into the New World Order that Weishaupt envisioned for the Illuminati.  
With World War I, the Order removed the czars of Russia and replaced them with communism. With World War II, they weakened Europe (and the Church in Europe), and moved it toward socialism. (Now you know why our leaders in the US continually compare what we should be doing to Europe, from health/medicine to law. They are using Europe as a justification for converting America into a socialistic state.) World War III has been planned to be between Israel and Islam; the synthesis will cause the world to abandon all other religions and embrace luciferianism.[xii]
So, is America moving toward communism? Nikita Khrushchev, the former general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, bragged that we would.
We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.
—Nikita Khrushchev[xiii] (Emphasis added)
I am amazed at what is going on in the political left today. Just this week, an article in the Washington Examiner detailed the conflict between the chairman of the Federal Exchange Commission and Democrats who desire to violate the First Amendment and either censor or ban certain conservative books:
The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission today blasted Democratic colleagues opposed to his effort to protect conservative media after they imposed rules on the publisher of Rep. Paul Ryan's new book, opening the door to future book regulations—or even a ban.
“By failing to affirm this publisher’s constitutional right, statutory right, to disseminate a political book free from FEC conditions and regulations, we have effectively asserted regulatory jurisdiction over a book publisher,” warned Chairman Lee E. Goodman, one of three Republicans on the six-person FEC.
“That failure reveals a festering legal uncertainty and chill for the free press rights of books and book publishers to publish and disseminate political books free from government regulation,” he added.[xiv]
Is it just me, or do political speeches and news headlines seem to be more appropriate in Russia than America lately? Unless Americans (and especially Christians) wake up and take action, the Elite will have America spelled as “Amerika!”
With all of that said, did you hear Tom Horn's recent Hagmann & Hagmann interview in which he outlined what Pope Francis and the US President are planning regarding socialism and the United Nations (you can listen to that interview here. The first hour especially will send chills up your spine)? Communism/socialism creates dependence upon the state, enables the state to own everything (to include its citizens), and removes God from the collective consciousness of that society. Why is that important? Because these three things are set to work hand-in-hand with the Shinar Directive's Luciferian New World Order.

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