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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jade Helm Helicopters Loaded With live Ammo


Japanese cellphone manufacturer NTT Docomo is set to launch a new smartphone later this month complete with iris-scanning authentication.
Produced in conjunction with fellow technology manufacturer Fujitsu, the Arrows NX F-04G smartphone will utilize a user’s iris pattern to carry out a multitude of tasks.

Captured using both the phone’s infrared camera and LED, the iris scan will allow a user to unlock their device, confirm payments, and access several built-in Docomo services.

A promotional video from Docomo featuring disgruntled password attemptees boasts the phone’s convenience and security.

“Have you had trouble with a password?” the video asks.

According to the International Business Times, the feature gives users greater peace of mind than fingerprint scanners used on other leading smartphones.

“Unlike fingerprint scanners such as those found on the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, the iris scanner lets users unlock their phones without the need to take off their gloves or worry about unsavory characters making copies of their fingerprints,” the Times reports.

Although security researcher Jan Krissler was able to successfully recreate the thumbprint of Germany’s federal minister of defense last year using publicly-available photos, a more recent hack by Krissler also produced a similar method for bypassing iris scans as well.
Using high-definition photos from a simple Google search, Krissler was able to fool a commercial iris-authentication system with a mere print out of an eye.
“I did tests with different people and can say that an iris image with a diameter down to 75 pixel worked on our tests,” Krissler told Forbes.
While passwords contain innumerable issues as well, technology experts are hesitant to rely solely on biometrics.
“People are wary of the fingerprint. They’re wary of the eyeball scan,” David Kane, CEO of global security company Ethical Intruder, told Government Technology. “It already has been proven with biometrics that if somebody can lift your fingerprint they can enter your print-protected accounts.”
Despite the issues, several major US-based businesses including Google still plan to embed biometric-based features into future products.
Credit to Infowars.com

New Federal Vaccine Mandate Proposed: All Shots Required, No Parental Exemptions

Image result for vaccine scary

Florida Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (D-24) has introduced a bill, House Resolution H.R. 2232, that will require all states to mandate all students enrolled in public schools receive all the vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Policy, a federal body compromised of vaccine-industry representatives, which includes vaccines for HPV, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Paul Offit’s rota virus vaccine, annual flu shots, and dozens of others. States that do not comply will not be eligible for grants for “preventive health services” under the Public Health Services Act.

Please Take Action to send a message to your member of the House expressing you opposition to this bill.

And please call Rep. Wilson’s office in Washington, DC, and let them know politely why this bill is a bad idea: Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, 202-225-4506

Wilson’s bill, if passed, would for the first time establish a federal vaccination requirement to attend school. Current vaccines policies are set by the states, but with the increasing federal control over schools with No Child Left Behind and the Common Core, Wilson’s bill maybe an indicator of what is coming. This bill would also deliver to the vaccine industry two of their primary goals: completely removing any parental involvement in vaccine decisions for our children, and requiring the entire ACIP schedule, which no state currently does.

Exemptions would not be allowed for either religious or secular reasons. Medical exemptions are quite tenuously allowed provided a physician submits a letter “demonstrating (to the satisfaction of the individual in charge of the health program at the student’s school) that the physician’s opinion conforms to the accepted standard of medical care.” So the final authority rests with the person in charge of the health program at the school who probably would not be a physician, and this language obviously allows the physician’s judgment to be overridden by anyone who disagrees with the exemption, regardless of that person’s qualifications. They aren’t even required to examine the child, or even the child’s medical records before overriding a physician.

As a Democrat in the House there is little likelihood Wilson’s bill will pass. As of today it has no co-sponsors, but similar legislation with stronger support may emerge and we must act to protect our rights and our children.

This would be an unprecedented expansion of the federal government into an area of law and policy long recognized as the preserve of the states.

The bill would allow anyone, without any medical training, to override the medical decision of a physician.

It ignores the principle of informed choice as the bedrock of any ethical medical procedure, and eliminates any parental say over what is injected into their child’s body.

It violates the ethical code of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which requires that vaccines should be administered only to minors with the informed consent of a child’s parents.

This bill is wildly out of line with existing state policy, 48 of which allow religious exemptions, and 19 states, where more than half of the American population lives, allow exemptions for secular reasons, essentially providing the parent final say on what is injected into their children’s bodies.

H. R. 2232 defies the de facto vaccine standard of the developed democracies, which allow parents to make the final choice. There are no such things as required vaccines in Canada, Japan, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Israel, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, etc.

Credit to Health Impact News

- See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/new-federal-vaccine-mandate-proposed-all-shots-required-no-parental-exemptions/#sthash.5BMpwlsB.dpuf

NATO to Boost Defense in East, South Europe to Cold War Levels Over Russia

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According to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, NATO plans to boost its reinforcements in eastern and southern Europe to levels of the Cold War.
(Sputnik) – NATO plans to boost its reinforcements in eastern and southern Europe to levels of the Cold War because of an "assertive Russia" and the spread of extremism, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday.

"Today we will discuss all the security challenges in our eastern and southern neighborhoods. To the East the more assertive Russia used force to change borders and intimidate neighbors. To the South extremism has reached a level unprecedented in modern times," Stoltenberg said during a NATO foreign ministers session in Turkey.

Stoltenberg said the alliance will adapt to the new threatening environment by reinforcing its defense to levels only seen during the Cold War.

"In this more dangerous security environment NATO will continue to protect and defend each ally against any threats. That is why we are adapting to a new environment and implementing the greatest reinforcement of the collective defense system since the days of the Cold War," he added.

On Wednesday, Russia's Permanent Mission to NATO said in a statement that the alliance promoted a distorted picture of its relations with Moscow and attempted to persuade the public that its efforts contributed to European security. The mission pointed that in its remarks, the bloc silenced criticism about its military actions in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Libya.

Credit to Sputnik

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/world/20150514/1022125535.html#ixzz3a7cjdclf

DHS is using state police to set up a national domestic drone spying program

Image result for police droneImage result for police drone

The Illinois State Police announced that the FAA has authorized what it calls its 'Unmanned Aircraft System Program'. 

It's a F***ING surveillance drone program, for god's sake! DHS/Police are trying to mask what it really is by calling it an 'Unmanned Aircraft System Program'

The State Police are avoiding the word 'drone' because 'it carries the perception of pre-programmed or automatic flight patterns, and random, indiscriminate collection of images and information.'

The announcement says the program 'is not being implemented for surveillance purposes.' 

Does anyone really believe it?
Image result for police drone

There's even a UAS news website where you can follow all the latest surveillance drone news.

Need more proof DHS is running America's police?  The Illinois State Police are using DHS/Customs Border Patrol lingo from 2009:

Image result for police drone

A recent DHS audit found DHS/CBP's UAS system to be ineffective and too costly!

Custom and Border Protection’s (CBP) drone program is ineffective and surveys less than 200 miles of the southwest border, according to an audit by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Inspector General.

The program operates 10 Predator B drones at a cost of more than $12,000 for every hour a drone spends in the air, funding which could be put to better use elsewhere, according to the OIG.

The program costs $10,000 more per flight hour than what DHS claims, according to the OIG.

“We estimate that, in fiscal year 2013, it cost at least $62.5 million to operate the program, or about $12,255 per [flight] hour,” the audit said. “The Office of Air and Marine’s calculation of $2,468 per flight hour does not include operating costs, such as the costs of pilots, equipment, and overhead.”

“Although CBP’s Unmanned Aircraft System program contributes to border security, after 8 years, CBP cannot prove that the program is effective because it has not developed performance measures,” the audit, released on Christmas Eve, said. “The program has also not achieved the expected results.”

The government has already spent $360 million on the program since 2005, and DHS hopes to add 14 more drones at a cost of $443 million. However, the OIG said the agency has not proved the program deserves to be expanded.

“Given the cost of the Unmanned Aircraft System program and its unproven effectiveness, CBP should reconsider its plan to expand the program,” the audit said. “The $443 million that CBP plans to spend on program expansion could be put to better use by investing in alternatives, such as manned aircraft and ground surveillance assets.”

DHS is told the program is ineffective and should be halted, so what do they do? They've taken the first step in Illinois by setting up a NATIONAL UAS domestic spying program.

Police continue to lie about using Stingray surveillance equipment that's spying on everyone's cell phones, so why would ANYONE believe this B.S.?

The ruling allows law enforcement agencies to use a UAS only in certain circumstances, such as natural disasters, searches for missing persons, documenting traffic crashes and crime scenes, or if DHS identifies a specific risk of terrorism.

Except in emergency situations, a search warrant must be obtained before the UAS can be used on private property.

There's the lie EXPOSED for anyone willing to look past the B.S. In most cases police don't even have to go before a judge to get a warrant.

Credit t to Massprivatel.com

Jade Helm and Operation Red Flag Point to the Coming Civil War

operation red flag 1

Both Michael Savage and Alex Jones are on the record when they both state that there is going to be a civil war involving the United States.
Michael Savage
Michael Savage

Rumors are surfacing and becoming substantiated about a second set of massive military preparedness drills and it is not Jade Helm. These drills are known as Operation Red Flag. Many point to this video, submitted here from DAHBOO 7 in which he identifies Operation Red Flag as a civilian suppression drill which could accompany civil unrest or even civil war. Please refer to the following video.
There is no doubt that Operation Red Flag is, in part, about subjugating an unruly public through the use of microwave weapons. However,  Operation Red Flag is much, much more than is depicted here. Before we get to exactly what Operation Red Flag entails, it is important to listen to what Alex Jones says about the coming civil war.
The enormity of Jade Helm is mindboggling. Listen to the following partial recording of the Info Wars Nightly News description. Alex Jones provides a most lucid and succinct account in the first 10 minutes of the following video in which he lays out how America is purposely being led to Civil War.
The following video content includes the build-up to martial law, the government documents which supports the fact that we are already under martial law and the intent of this administration to kill all who resist. The following 10 minutes is a must watch.

Are there any elements of the U.S. government who will come to the aid of the American people in such a scenario? Probably not. However, there is a branch of the military that Obama has not been able to totally bring under his control since he has become President and that is the U.S. Navy and in particular, the submarine fleet. Obama has spent significant energy in trying to negate the fact that the Navy is not loyal to this administration as evidenced by the following executive actions where commanders have fired or demoted.
  • Captain Eric Merrill-U.S. Navy Commander submarine Emory S. Land (Jul 2011).
  • Vice Admiral Tim Giardina(3 Star, demoted to 2 Star)-U.S. Navy Deputy Commander of the US Strategic Command, Commander of the Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and Submarine Group 10 (Oct 2013).
  • Commander Mike Varney-U.S. Navy Commander attack submarine Connecticut (Jun 2011).
  • Lieutenant Commander Lauren Allen-Executive Officer submarine Jacksonville (Feb 2013).
  • Commander Luis Molina-U.S. Navy Commander submarine Pasadena (Jan 2013).
  • Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette-U.S. Navy Commander John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group Three (Oct 2012). Let’s not forget that it was Gaouette who conspired with former Africom commander, General Hamm, to attempt to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens in an attempt to perpetrate a soft coup against the Obama administration by having a grateful Stevens “tell-all” about the terrorist funding activities of the administration.
  • Vice Admiral Tim Giardina (3 Star, demoted to 2 Star)-U.S. Navy Deputy Commander of the US Strategic Command, Commander of the Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and Submarine Group 10 (Oct 2013). Giardina did not succumb to Obama’s attempts to control the submarine fleet. Obama does not control the submarine fleet. Because the skills of submarine personnel are highly specific, the submarine fleet trains their own and Obama has not been able to figure out how to break through the fleet’s resistance to Obama’s dismantling of the military and the giveaway of American sovereignty. When it comes to the submarine fleet, Obama can keep cutting the head off, but it will keep growing back.

The Potency of the Submarine Fleet That Scares Obama

Getting information on the nuclear potential of our submarine fleet is difficult. However, because of the SALT treaties, I have been able to learn that there are 14 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines maintained by the U.S. Navy. Typically, at any one time two of these submarines are in long-term overhaul, meaning that 12 are normally operationally available. Four other submarines of the Ohio-class have been converted to carry conventionally-armed cruise missiles in place of SLBMs.
The number of launch tubes on an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine. Under the New START Treaty, four tubes on each submarine will be converted so that they are incapable of launching an SLBM and thus will not be counted against the treaty’s limit of 800 deployed and non-deployed ICBM and SLBM launchers plus deployed and non-deployed nuclear-capable bombers. The U.S. Navy plans that the Ohio-class submarine’s replacement will have 16 launch tubes. Treaties aside, there are hundreds of nuclear missiles that Obama does not control.
This means that in a civil war action which would be opposed by elements of the Navy, this administration would have to rely on Russian and Chinese subs to counter the rogue threat posed by Naval forces which are not loyal to this administration and this is exactly what we find.
U.S. national security officials are concerned about the pace and intensity of Russian submarine development, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jon Greenert said back in October,2014.
“There are competitors that are pursuing us. We know about China. That is very well spelled out, but not as many people know what the Russians are up to. I can’t go into detail, obviously, but they spend a lot of money. The Russians have been working on a sea-based strategic deterrence – and an SSN (attack submarine),” Greenert said at the Naval Submarine League’s annual symposium in Falls Church, Va.
To counter the threat the Navy is engaged in their own version of Operation Red Flag in which the Navy is mostly kept out of its ports to avoid being taken over and in a constant state of readiness that includes developing counter-measures against the Chinese and Russian growing submarine threat. This constant state of readiness has been going on for almost 6 years, which is the approximate length of time that Obama has been in office. Before we discuss counter-measuresin detail, let’s take a look at the Navy preparations in this area.

A Riddle

The United States military has the bulk of its fighting force in Afghanistan. Unknown to most Americans is the fact that there has been a mammoth and ongoing set of war games taking place off of nearly every inch of the three coastlines surrounding the United States. This has required a significant redeployment of Naval, Marine and Air Force assets to be in a constant state of military readiness. The conscious act of keeping most of ourNaval assets deployed outside of the continental United States is significant. It relates to the present crisis as a big domino that is ready to fall and it speaks to how soon all us will get to visit our new homes, AKA Fema camps.
Take a look at the following map. It was originally published by the Navy in an AFAST document. These Navy (i.e. Operation Red Flag) war games are so huge it has drawn the ire of the Congressional delegations of California, Oregon and Washington. I will be presenting this information in a future article and it ties in with what’s happening today as well as what lies ahead.  Please allow me to present this as a riddle. Any guesses as to why this is taking place? While you are contemplating your answer, please note that the Navy has nearly every inch of coastline covered.
The rectangles represent active war game zones. In U.S. military history, this massive of a war game is unprecedented both in length and scope.

Navy Counter-Measures Against the Russian and Chinese Submarine Threat

Why would the Navy be in a permanent state of readiness by conducting unprecedented and an unparalleled set of war games continuously going on off of our three coastlines and several of our overseas territories? Guesses have ranged from positioning the Navy, Marines and a fair amount of the Air Force off the coast to keep Americans from running  if they are put in harms way when martial law is declared. Some believe that this has to do with preparing to begin World War III. These are all interesting guesses, however, they are not correct and the answer will surprise everyone as I know it surprised me.
These ongoing war games have angered much of the Congressional delegations of California, Oregon and Washington. When these representatives got wind of what was coming back in 2009, prior to the Environmental Impact Statement, they organized.  Ask yourself, one question, with several members of Congress opposing these massive ongoing war games that have now lasted for  6 years, why wasn’t this  been reported on in the mainstream media? By the end of this article, you will be able to answer that question. In response to Congressional requests, NOAA was unwilling to intervene and stop the war games from going forward and these Congressman, now joined by Senators Boxer and Feinstein, approached the Secretary of the Navy, B. J. Penn, and he rejected their request tostop these war games out of hand as well.
The United States has the bulk of its land-based fighting units in Afghanistan which totals about 165,000 troops. In a civil war scenario, these troops have been negated. Now we see a significant part of our Navy engaged in this massive off shore exercise. Why? And another important question to be asking is whether or not, the ships and their subsequent military maneuvers are facing toward our coastlines or primarily away from them?
The US Navy says they are conducting sonar exercises. Sonar exercises? The U.S. Navy is not conducting sonar exercises beneath the ocean in preparing to fight “sensitive marine” inhabitants,  unless the Navy is preparing to fight sensitive marine inhabitants that contain submarines armed with nuclear weapons and I am speaking specifically about the Chinese and Russians. In any civil war scenario, the Navy must be neutralized, so that they cannot come to the aid of the people, and this is what we are looking at here. The Navy has been preparing to be attacked if and when civil war comes to America. And isn’t it ironic and coincidental that the original Jade Helm document would identify Southern California to be a “hostile” area. And where, exactly, are most of these forces in question headquartered, in Southern California. The Jade Helm map is a civil war map.
Please note the "hostile" designation in precisely the location where much of our important Navy assets are housed.  How many coincidences make a conspiracy?
Please note the “hostile” designation in precisely the location where much of our important Navy assets are housed. How many coincidences make a conspiracy?

Operation Red Flag -Nellis AFB

What kind of weapons system would be needed to help negate the naval threat posed by this adminnistration? Air power would be at the top of the list. Operation Red Flag commenced in January of 2015 and it involved foreign assets from countries such as the UK. This version of Red Flag is based at Nellis AFB.


It is clear that there are two versions of Red Flag and they are working in opposition to each other. Michael Savage, Alex Jones and myself are in agreement, that the country is headed for civil war. The mystery surrounding Jade Helm is beginning to fade.


March 12, 2009
Protect Whales During Navy Training Exercises
Deadline April 3, 2009
Dear Colleague:
Please join us in sending the attached letter to Jane Lubchenco, Undersecretary for
Oceans and Atmosphere for the Department of Commerce, expressing support for the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s review of measures that could
reduce harm to whales and other marine mammals from the Navy’s use of mid-range
The Navy estimates that its sonar training activities will “take” marine mammals more
than 11.7 million times over the course of a five-year permit. The scale of these exercises
and the vulnerability of protected species to sonar make it imperative that NOAA
prescribe mitigation measures that will best protect marine mammals while still allowing
the Navy to train effectively.
For more information, or to co-sign the letter, please contact Jeb Berman (Rep.
Thompson, 53311) or Rob Cobbs (Rep. Waxman, 54407).
Member of Congress
Member of Congress
March 12, 2009

Dr. Jane Lubchenco
Undersecretary for Oceans and Atmosphere
Department of Commerce
14th and Constitution Avenue, N.W., Room 5128
Washington, DC 20230
Dear Undersecretary Lubchenco:
On January 23, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
announced that it would conduct a comprehensive, 120-day review of measures to reduce
environmental harm from the Navy’s use of mid-frequency sonar in training exercises
and then report the results to the Council on Environmental Quality. We are writing to
encourage and express our strong support for this review process.
The sonar exercises at issue would take place off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Hawaii,
Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico – affecting literally every coastal state. In many
regions, the Navy plans to increase the number of training exercises or expand the areas
in which they may occur. Of particular concern are biologically sensitive marine habitats
off our coasts, such as National Marine Sanctuaries and breeding habitat for the
endangered North Atlantic right whale. In all, the Navy anticipates that its sonar
exercises will “take” marine mammals more than 2.3 million times per year, or 11.7
million times over the course of a 5-year permit.
Under these circumstances, it is essential that NOAA prescribe mitigation measures that
substantially reduce impacts on marine wildlife and habitat while allowing the Navy to
train effectively.
We are confident that NOAA’s review will identify the mitigation measures necessary to
minimize environmental impacts and improve monitoring of affected populations,
including the establishment of seasonal or geographic sonar exclusion areas that scientists
have identified as the most effective available means of protecting vulnerable species and
We appreciate your consideration of this important matter, and your efforts to improve
the health of our oceans.
Member of Congress
Member of Congress
Credit to Common Sense

ON THE PATH OF THE IMMORTALS–PART 11: Tom Horn On The Secrets Of The CERN Stargate

The Large Hadron Collider could open a doorway to an extra dimension and out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.
—Sergio Bertolucci, director for research and scientific computing at CERN
The idea of multiple universes is more than a fantastic invention and deserves to be taken seriously.
—AurelienBarrau, French particle physicist at CERN
CERN’s governing council wanted to build a kind of time machine that could open a window to how the Universe appeared in the first microseconds of its existence.… We might even find evidence of the existence of other dimensions. But to conjure up these conditions, the CERN council knew it needed to perform an engineering miracle.
—James Morgan, BBC science reporter

Path Bundle Tall Version 1The laboratory we know as CERN was born in 1952, not long after World War II and the emergence of the nuclear bomb. Since that time, some of the research at CERN has entered the public lexicon and nearly become a household word. This European facility began as a post-war physics project and blossomed into an international cabal searching for nothing less than God.
CERN is a French acronym based on the name of the working committee that imagined the possibilities for a physics laboratory governed by another emerging body, the Common Market, which would eventually rise as the revived Roman Empire, the European Union. The name for the committee was the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Council for Nuclear Research). Just two years later, in 1954, the working committee disbanded, the formal organization commenced work, and the official name was changed to Organisation Européenn pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Organization for Nuclear Research).[i] Oddly enough, when the official name changed, the acronym should have changed as well—after all, the earlier “committee” had been a temporary entity that had helped birth a major research laboratory; the CERN acronym and the French designation Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire hadn’t yet propagated enough that renaming it would have proven problematic. So why didn’t the founders change the acronym along with the name?
Enter Werner Karl Heisenberg, a renowned German Nobel laureate physicist who is often called “the founder of quantum mechanics.” He served as head of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute during World War II, heading up the Nazi push to create an atomic weapon. Many in the West say that the Allies owed much to Heisenberg, for it is believed that he actually stalled and intentionally misled the Nazis, hoping the Allies would win the race to “find the bomb.” Lew Kowarski, one of Heisenberg’s colleagues, claims that Heisenberg had inexplicably insisted that the original acronym CERN remain in effect.
Werner Heisenberg understood quite well what quantum physics implied for humanity. Inherent within this theoretical realm, populated by obtuse equations and pipe-smoking scientists, lies what I call the “Babylon Potential.” This is the “secret knowledge”—the scientific imperative, informed and driven by spiritual advisers—that the Bible cites as the key to opening a gateway for the “gods.” It is Entemenanki, Baba-alu, the opening of the Abzu, the doorway to Hell.
How is the Babylon Potential related to a simple acronym—CERN? Here’s the answer: Although Heisenberg may not have known it, CERN is an abbreviated title for the ancient god worshipped by the Celts: Cernnunos. The name means “horned one,” and his stern image appears in various forms, usually wearing “stag’s horns” upon his head, and he is oftentimes accompanied by a ram-headed serpent. His worshippers celebrated Cernunnos’ birth in December during the winter solstice. As the Celtic god of the underworld, he parallels Hades and Pluto. Cernunnos controls the shadows, and he is a dying/rising god after the order of Osiris and Horus. Cernunnos alternates control of the world with the moon goddess Danu (another form of Diana/Isis/Semiramis). This intertwined and sometimes antagonistic relationship is similar to that of Shiva and Kali—an important point to make because it is Shiva’s statue that welcomes visitors to CERN’s headquarters in Geneva.
Cernunnos, Celtic god of the underworld
Cernunnos, Celtic god of the underworld

The Shiva statue depicts the Hindu god in his “nataraja” position, a cosmic dance that destroys the old universe in favor of a new creation.[ii] This ritual is performed on the back of a dwarf, a demon named Apasmara who is said to represent ignorance. Much like the mystery religions and secret societies (of which Freemasonry is a prime example), the initiates receive hidden knowledge that is passed down from mentor to apprentice, and each level achieved brings with it additional clarification as to the true purpose of the organization (or cult). Members are considered “enlightened,” while all those who do not belong are mundane and walk in darkness. We are ignorant. Therefore, the Shiva dance illustrates the superposition of the enlightened over the backs and souls of the blind. Of course, to the Illuminati, the truly ignorant are the foolish Christians. As I’ve said many times in my previous books, the lowest-level members of these mystery religions and secret societies rarely know the truths reserved for the few who actually run the show.
Shiva has been compared to Dionysus,[iii] another fertility god associated with vegetation, forest, streams, and dancing—powers also attributed to Cernunnos. All three have dominion over the underworld: Dionysus, the son of Zeus and the mortal Semele, is a type of beast-god (one who inspires his followers to behave as “beasts”—witness the Maenads, the mad women who followed and tended to the needs of Dionysus, who is called Bacchus in the Roman pantheon. The Maenads danced and drank themselves into an ecstatic frenzy, usually dressing in fawn skins (something the followers of Cernunnos also do), carrying a long stick or staff adorned with a pine cone (symbol of the pineal gland, itself considered a doorway into another realm). As with Osiris and Nimrod, Dionysus journeyed to the underworld—in this case, to rescue his mother. Semele is yet another moon goddess, and she fits the Semiramis/Isis/Danu/Diana model.
It also seems fair to examine indigenous spiral petroglyphs (described elsewhere in this book) that very often feature horned humanoid figures in close proximity to a vortex. While scholars admit to speculating as much as anyone else, they typically interpret these spirals as symbolizing the portal to a long journey. [iv] Could these ancient petroglyphs also be omens of the horned beast god emerging from a vortex spiral?
Ancient Native American petroglyphs

What is my point? With its name and by placing a bronze Shiva sculpture prominently in front of its headquarters, CERN is indicating to those with “eyes to see” that the collider’s true purpose is to open a portal to the underworld—to create a stargate or “god-gate,” which would serve as a doorway between worlds. Ordo ab chao, “order out of chaos,” has been the plan for millennia, and the invasion commences when the Abyss is finally opened, and its monstrous inhabitants are set free.
Sound far-fetched? Did you know that the Large Hadron Collider is the second attempt by Western scientists to create such a portal? That first massive Hadron Collider, built in Waxahachie, Texas, was shut down after Congress poured nearly $3 billion into its infrastructure. Known colloquially as Desertron, the planned circumference for the main ring was more than fifty-four miles, approximately 3.3 times larger than the CERN facility. Desertron’s construction would have allowed energy levels of up to forty TeV per proton! CERN’s largest energy output to date is just over eight TeV with plans to increase that this year to an intriguing thirteen TeV.[v] If the Waxahachie collider had the potential to outperform CERN back in the 1980s, then why was it defunded and construction stopped? Well, picture the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. After hearing Indiana Jones state that Bolloq (the rival archaeologist who working for the Nazis) has been using a staff of the wrong length, Sallah and Indiana both proclaim, “They are digging in the wrong place!”

Location, Location, Location

Saint-Genis-Pouilly is a township within the county of Ain in eastern France. It lies on the border with Switzerland, nestled into the foothills of the Jura Mountains and Lake Geneva (Lac du Leman to the French)—and, because of its unique location, it is governed by the cross-border area of Geneva.The ALICE, ATLAS, and MERYN experiments lie within this region. The township consists of four towns: Saint-Genis (sometimes spelled Saint-Genix), Pouilly, Pregnin, and Flies. “Jura,” in Old Norse, means “beast.” Dionysus, Cernunnos, and, to a degree, Osiris are all “beast” gods. Osiris, with his “green” skin, reflects the forest nature of Cernunnos and Dionysus. But, more to the point, if this CERNunnos Illuminati experiment succeeds, it will open the gateway to a beast. However, the term “Jura” also refers to the Latin word for “law.” This is another reflection of the ancient goddess Columbia, Athena, Maat, Themis, Dike, and all those who are “Lady Justice,” a deity that weighs our souls in the balance. The Jura Mountains loom over the CERN campus like ancient judges who oversee the construction and implementation of the new Babylon Portal. The book Zenith 2016 explains the occult significance of these deities with Lady Justice:
According to Virgil and the Cumaean Sibyl, whose prophecy formed the novus ordo seclorum of the Great Seal of the United States, the New World Order begins during a time of chaos when the earth and oceans are tottering—a time like today. This is when the “son” of promise arrives on earth—Apollo incarnate—a pagan savior born of “a new breed of men sent down from heaven” when “heroes” and “gods” are blended together. This sounds eerily similar to what the Watchers did during the creation of the nephilim and to what scientists are doing this century through genetic engineering of human-animal chimeras. But to understand why such a fanciful prophecy about Apollo, son of Jupiter, returning to Earth should be important to you: In ancient literature, Jupiter was the Roman replacement of Yahweh as the greatest of the gods—a “counter-Yahweh.” His son Apollo is a replacement of Jesus, a “counter-Jesus.” This Apollo comes to rule the final New World Order, when “Justice returns, returns old Saturn’s [Satan’s] reign.” The ancient goddess Justice, who returns Satan’s reign (Saturnia regna, the pagan golden age), was known to the Egyptians as Ma’at and to the Greeks as Themis, while to the Romans she was Lustitia. Statues and reliefs of her adorn thousands of government buildings and courts around the world, especially in Washington D.C., as familiar Lady Justice, blindfolded and holding scales and a sword. She represents the enforcement of secular law and is, according to the Sibyl’s conjure, the authority that will require global compliance to the zenith of Satan’s dominion concurrent with the coming of Apollo. What’s more, the Bible’s accuracy concerning this subject is alarming, including the idea that “pagan justice” will require surrender to a satanic system in a final world order under the rule of Jupiter’s son.[vi]
This excerpt from Zenith 2016 and the CERN relationship with the Jura Mountains becomes even clearer when we examine the second of the towns mentioned earlier—Pouilly, established by the Romans as Apolliacum, which reportedly served as the location for a temple to Apollo. Apollo, or Apollyon, is listed in the book of Revelation as belonging to the king of the hybrid-fallen angel creatures that rise up from the pit—Abyss—when it is unsealed. It should also be mentioned that at the time of the Roman occupation of the area, the predominant inhabitants were the Celts, which takes us back to Cernunnos. In a roundabout way, pun intended, the rings of CERN encompass a variety of ancient deities who are all connected to the underworld:
And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit.
He opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft.
Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth.
They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green plant or any tree, but only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.
They were allowed to torment them for five months, but not to kill them, and their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it stings someone.
And in those days people will seek death and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them.
In appearance the locusts were like horses prepared for battle: on their heads were what looked like crowns of gold; their faces were like human faces,
their hair like women’s hair, and their teeth like lions’ teeth;
they had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the noise of their wings was like the noise of many chariots with horses rushing into battle.
They have tails and stings like scorpions, and their power to hurt people for five months is in their tails.
They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon. (Revelation 9:1–11)
Both Apollyon (Greek) and Abaddon (in the Hebrew) mean “the destroyer,” just as Shiva is the destroyer. These “gods,” these fallen angels from the pit, intend to set up a new world order on the ash heap of the old—on the backs of “ignorant dwarves” like you and me. Peter Goodgame sheds further light on the identity of this “king” locust:
And just who is this Greek god Apollyon who makes his strange appearance in the book of Revelation? Charles Penglase is an Australian professor who specializes in ancient Greek and Near Eastern religion and mythology. In his book, Greek Myths and Mesopotamia: Parallels and Influence in the Homeric Hymns and Hesiod, Penglase carefully and methodically demonstrates that the Greek myths and legends of Apollo were simply Greek retellings of the Babylonian myths involving the rise to power of the god Marduk, which were themselves based on earlier legends of the Sumerian hunter/hero known as Ninurta. Furthermore, according to David Rohl, the original name for Ninurta was in fact Nimurda, whose historical identity can be traced back to King Enmerkar of Uruk, the very same figure who is known in the Bible as Nimrod.[vii]
Is it not astonishing that, following upon the heels of two world wars in which millions upon millions of human lives were sacrificed—and upon the discovery of a mighty weapon that changed history forever, that being the atomic bomb—the victors in both wars would come together to form a scientific endeavor that would unlock the secrets of the universe? And is it not even more astonishing that this collective of the world’s finest minds mirrors one of the darkest events in biblical history, that of the Tower of Babel?
It is said that one possible location for the tower was directly over the presumed location of the Abzu, the Abyss! Was Nimrod actually trying to unleash the locusts in defiance of God’s ultimate timing? Nimrod, deified as Apollo by the Greeks and Osiris by the Egyptians, is considered by many theologians to be the same “spirit” that will return to earth in the last days as the Antichrist. In fact, in the New Testament, the identity of the god Apollo (repeat-coded on the Great Seal of the United States as the Masonic “messiah” who returns to rule the earth in a new Golden Age), is the same spirit—verified by the same name—that will inhabit the political leader of the end-times New World Order. Again, from Zenith 2016 we read:
According to key Bible prophecies, the Antichrist will be the progeny or incarnation of the ancient spirit, Apollo. Second Thessalonians 2:3 warns: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition [Apoleia; Apollyon, Apollo]” (emphasis added). Numerous scholarly and classical works identify “Apollyon” as the god “Apollo”—the Greek deity “of death and pestilence,” and Webster’s Dictionary points out that “Apollyon” was a common variant of “Apollo” throughout history. An example of this is found in the classical play by the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus, The Agamemnon of Aeschylus, in which Cassandra repeats more than once, “Apollo, thou destroyer, O Apollo, Lord of fair streets, Apollyon to me.” Accordingly, the name Apollo turns up in ancient literature with the verb apollymi or apollyo (destroy), and scholars including W. R. F. Browning believe apostle Paul may have identified the god Apollo as the “spirit of Antichrist” operating behind the persecuting Roman emperor, Domitian, who wanted to be recognized as “Apollo incarnate” in his day. Such identifying of Apollo with despots and “the spirit of Antichrist” is consistent even in modern history. For instance, note how Napoleon’s name literally translates to “the true Apollo.”
Revelation 17:8 likewise ties the coming of Antichrist with Apollo, revealing that the Beast shall ascend from the bottomless pit and enter him:
The Beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the Bottomless Pit, and go into perdition [Apolia, Apollo]: and they that dwell on the Earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the Beast that was, and is not, and yet is.[viii]
Many prophecy scholars equate Nimrod with Gilgamesh, the hero of the ancient Sumerian creation story composed circa 2000 BC. Gilgamesh claimed to be two-thirds “god,” which seemed impossible until today, when babies are born every day with three parents (a process where one “parent” is a woman who donates her enucleated ovum as carrier for the DNA of the other two parents). But Genesis refers to Nimrod as a man who “began to be a mighty one in the earth” (Genesis 10:8 emphasis added). The Hebrew word translated as “began to be” is khalal, which implies sexual profanity or genetic pollution—and a process. Nimrod was becoming a Gibbowr(mighty one), which is most often used when referring to giants. Nimrod most likely was a product of a profane mating of fallen angel (god) and human. He is Apollo, Cernunnos, Abaddon, Osiris, and Horus, and he is returning as king of the locusts (hybrid fallen angels) from the pit! And CERN may be the stargate that will open this unholy portal!

The race to discern the atom’s secrets has been part of the millennia-old plan of the ages: to unseat God through secret knowledge and rituals. The very logo chosen for CERN, representing the rings of the colliders, forms a “666.” This is semiotic subterfuge. The overt symbol, we are told, merely represents the rings, but Bible scholars who know prophecy—those with “eyes to see” can discern the truth. Yet this semiotic veil may hide much more. The opening to this chapter includes a quote from Sergio Bertolucci, director of CERN, implying that the real purpose of the colliders is to open a gateway to other dimensions. CERN is using its massive rings to study and create anti-matter, anti-gravity, and perhaps even torsion fields,[ix] which have been theorized as a means to travel through time and space (and perhaps dimensions). Torsion fields—if they exist—are like wormholes into another dimension.
A curious passage occurs in the Old Testament:
And it came to pass, when the Lord would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, that Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal.(2 Kings 2:1)
Gilgal is the location of an ancient stone circle, after the pattern of Stonehenge. According to author Barry Chamish, the full name of this installation is the “Circle of the Giants” (Gilgal-Rephaim):
The Israeli UFO experience is unique and very complicated. I have touched on just one aspect of it; but it is vital to understanding the Israeli puzzle. Of the seven best documented close encounters with alien beings provably connected to UFOs, six involved giants. These giants were determined to leave evidence of their arrival in the form of cadmium-imbued landing circles, miles of impossible boot tracks and deliberate communication with witnesses. Indeed, the abundant evidence more than indicates that there are giants roaming Israel today.
As there were 5,000 years ago and they also left proof of their existence. The giants were descended from the Nephilim, literally the fallen ones. In ancient time, entities fell on Israel from the heavens and later became the mortal enemies of the Hebrew nations. 
The Circle of the Giants—Gilgal Rephaim. 5200-year-old monument believed by some to have been built by the biblical giants, also called Nephilim.
One giant king was Og of Bashan. The bible records that his bed was thirteen feet long. Bashan’s territory included the Golan Heights. Sitting on the Golan Heights is the Israeli version of Stonehenge. Called Gilgal Rephaim, the Circle of the Rephaim or giants in English, this site consists of five concentric rings whose beauty can only be appreciated from above. Unfortunately, there was supposedly no way for the simple nomads of 5000 years ago to see the circles from above.
The site is enormous. The outside circle has a diameter of 159 meters and over 37,000 tons of rock went into the construction of the complex. Two openings in the circles may have been used to measure the solar solstice and the rising of Sirius in 3000 BCE.
The fact remains that Israeli archaeologists are totally mystified by the Gilgal Rephaim. No other complex built in the Middle East resembles it and it predates the pyramids by over 500 years. The indigenous nomads of the time did not engage in this kind of megalith building, so outsiders were probably the builders. According to the Bible, the only outsiders living on the Golan Heights back then were giants.
Maybe it’s a longshot, but no one has come up with a better explanation for Israel’s current UFO wave. I believe the ancient giants may be coming home. I conclude on a somber note. The biblical giants were God’s enemy and Israel’s armies were the means to their utter destruction. There is a legitimate reason to contemplate the recent rearrival of giants in Israel with a good measure of dread.[x]
It’s intriguing that Elijah was at this very location when he received the message from the Lord that he would soon be taken to heaven by a whirlwind. Had Elijah remained there waiting for God to send for him, the local pagans may have attributed the supernatural event to the Prince of the Power of the Air—Baal, the god of storms, or perhaps Dagon, the god of the wind. Jesus calls Satan “the Prince and Power of the Air.” The whirlwind has a shape similar to that of a torsion field, or wormhole. God Almighty works with His universe using His rules and methods, so what appears to us humans, who are confined to a limited perception of space/time as a whirlwind, may actually be a wormhole. Elijah heard the promise of the Lord, and he left Gilgal.
In fact, Elijah kept traveling for days—much to Elisha’s surprise and befuddlement—finally arriving in Bethel, then Jericho, then crossing over the Jordan river (by striking it with his garment and parting the waters, mind you!). It was only then that a “chariot of fire” drawn by horses of fire appeared, and Elijah was taken by a whirlwind. Was he translated to another dimension—to heaven—via a wormhole? These “chariots of fire”—were they heavenly messengers or another manifestation of God’s methods as they appear to human senses? We’ll continue this discussion in the next entry…
Credit to Skywatchtv.com
Tom Horn