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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

US Backs Suppression of Religious Freedom on Temple Mount

In the wake of the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a prominent advocate of allowing Jews to worship atop the Temple Mount, the Obama Administration confirmed that it supports the suppression of full religious freedom at the Jerusalem holy site.

During a press conference last Friday, State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked to articulate the White House’s reaction to the shooting of Glick, a US citizen, by a Palestinian Muslim terrorist.

In her bumbling and somewhat evasive response, Psaki said that while the Obama Administration condemn’s the shooting, it continues to oppose Glick’s efforts to open the Temple Mount to Jewish and Christian worshippers.

“We support the long-standing practices regarding non-Muslim visitors to the site, to Haram al-Sharif / Temple Mount,” said Psaki. “And consistent with our respect for the status quo, we would like to see it returned to that.”

Those “long-standing practices” have been to deny Jewish and Christians visitors the right to worship, pray or carry Bibles atop the Muslim-controlled Temple Mount, despite the fact that it is for all Jews and many Christians the most holy site on earth.

Many Jews and Christians have been detained even for mouthing silent prayers while visiting the Temple Mount.

To clarify that it is, indeed, this denial of freedom of worship that the Obama Administration supports, a reporter pressed Psaki: “You condemn the shooting of an American citizen who had advocated for non-Muslim worshippers to be able to go. But you don’t support [his cause?]”

She responded in the affirmative: “Our position hasn’t changed on this issue. That’s true. …It doesn’t mean we don’t condemn, of course, the shooting.”

Seizing the opportunity provided by Washington, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Monday released a statement rejecting the very presence of Jews atop the Temple Mount.

“Break-ins by the settlers and Jewish extremists” to the Temple Mount are an affront to “Muslim sensitivities,” read the statement.

A day earlier, Israel Police Chief Yohanan Danino told a Knesset hearing that security forces would do everything in their power ensure Jews and Christians were able to continue ascending the Temple Mount, but insisted the aforementioned “status quo” would be maintained at the holy site.

Credit to Israel Today

Warren Pollock-Pompeii Type of Event Coming

Netanyahu Meets Jordan's King Abdullah Temple Mount

What Does Societal Collapse and Martial Law Look Like?

According to a survey conducted by the Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation55 percent of Americans believe that the government will come to their rescue when the proverbial poop hits the fan because your big brother really cares. Literally, every alternative media outlet could show conclusive proof that an EMP was going to wipe out the power grid. We could conclusively prove that nuclear bombs were going off in 39 American cities in the most horrific false flag attack in world history and it would not make any difference to 55% of all Americanbecause of their cognitive dissonance.

The United States is staring at an economic collapse in the face with its $17 trillion dollar deficit, $238 trillion dollars of unfunded mandates (e.g. social security, Medicare, etc.) and a one quadrillion dollar derivatives debt in which the governments of the world are being forced to assume in the form of the “bailouts”. Even if Obama and his bankster puppet masters never had any intention of executing a false flag event in order to put this country into martial law in order to fully complete the coup d’état that is already underway, a crash is coming. The banks are going to collapse, the people will riot, there will be food shortages, whether they be planned or unplanned. I do, however, believe that food will undoubtedly be used to control the unruly masses, despite the DHS and their new found friends in the Chinese and Russian personnel which are on our soil.
Are you prepared? At the bottom of this article, I will visually demonstrate to the reader with real time examples of human behavior in groups, how each of us are going to be in very grave danger when the collapse comes. But first, let’s analyze America’s present level of individual and collective preparedness.

How Prepared Is America?

The Adelphi University research center tells us that 53% of all Americans do not have a three day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes. FEMA and DHS are not about serving the needs of the American people; These agencies are about preserving the status quo of the powers that be. But don’t try and tell that to 55% of the citizens of this country.

Most Likely Causes of a Societal Breakdown

As the TV show by the same name, there are literally a 1,000 ways to die. The following six events represent some of the most likely events which would mortally wound our society.
1. False flag attack as a result of a chemical and biological attack
2. False flag attack as a result of a series of nuclear explosions
3. World War III
4. EMP attack
5. Economic collapse
6. Military coup resulting in civil war

America’s Level of Preparedness

A brief summation of the Adelphi study reveals the following:
  • 44 percent don’t have first-aid kits
  • 48 percent lack emergency supplies
  • 53 percent do not have a minimum three-day supply of nonperishable food and water at home
  • 55 percent believe local authorities will come to their rescue if disaster strikes
This means that 56% of those with first-aid kits, 52% of those with emergency supplies, and 47% of those who have more than three days worth of water, will be victimized by those who have not properly planned. Please allow me to put this into a real number for you. Over 130 million teenagers and adults will be in the streets seeking to obtain life-sustaining resources in a very short time following the disaster event. This is a train wreck starting to happen.

Time Frame for Societal Breakdown

Those that would be fortunate enough to survive the initial event, or series of events, would face the following timetable of events.
In the first one to two days, all shelves would be emptied of food, water, guns and medical supplies. There will be no resupply as nothing will be shipped.
On the beginning of the third day, individuals will be in the streets scavenging for anything they can find that will keep themselves and their families alive. If there is a loss of power, many will die as a result of exposure to the elements.
By the fifth day, desperate people will organize into collectives (i.e. gangs) and will go house to house looking for stored supplies from the half that has somewhat prepared. Neighborhoods will begin to organize themselves into local vigilante groups for protection from local gangs who have become desperate. This is the day that many of the police walked off the job in New Orleans in order to protect their families. Groups of police could become the most dangerous groups in society.
In the days that follow, nobody can be trusted. There will be people who will dress up in official looking uniforms (e.g. military, national guard, police) in order to gain entry into a fortified home.
The game changing event will be a civil war. Not only will you have to deal with marauding hordes of resource deficient people, you could also be caught in the crossfire between two, or more warring armies.

Casualty Rates

1. World War III. The casualty estimates dating back to the 1960’s and 1970’s related to an all-out nuclear war was placed at 150 million Americans or at 80-85%.
2. False flag attack as a result of a series of nuclear explosions. The casualty rate is indeterminable and would depend of the number of cities involved and their relative populations and the size and placement of the nuclear device. Generally speaking, one nuclear device in a city the size of Phoenix would kill 20,000 to 100,000 people. Many more would die in the upcoming weeks due to the effects of radiation.
3. False flag attack as a result of a chemical and biological attack. The casualty rates are indeterminable but past pandemics have wiped out one-third to 40% of a society.
4. EMP attack. The Naval War College tells us that within two years of a power grid take down, that 90% of us would be dead.
5. Military coup resulting in civil war. The casualty rates of war as well as civilians victimizing each other would be impossible to calculate. Conservative estimates would place the rate at 5% to 25%.
6. Economic collapse. It is impossible to exactly determine. I think a safe bet would place this event in the category of a false flag “cyber attack” upon Wall Street and the Banking system. Or, the world totally moves away from the Petrodollar causing our currency to hyper-inflate. The resulting casualty rates would be difficult to calculate. The government would be able to establish order following a brutal crackdown. However, in our weakened state, we would be inviting an invasion. A civil war could break out as well.

What Will the Riots Look Like?

NORTHCOM, DHS, FEMA and the Russians have all practiced on quelling domestic disturbances and conducting gun confiscation. Even the elite have gathered their own private armies in preparation for the same civil unrest.
Unfortunately, DHS is not releasing any videos which demonstrate the severity of the civilian uprising that they are practicing for. However, we do have some Black Friday “drills” which exemplify how crazy it will get in the first few hours of a societal breakdown.
The following video is from the 2012 version of Black Friday. It raises the question, that if people will act like animals with depraved indifference towards the welfare of their fellow human beings in the first few minutes of a Black Friday sale, what will they do when it comes to food, water and guns?

If you think that this phenomena is just confined to 2012, think again. The following two videos from last year’s version of Black Friday.


At minimum, there is an economic collapse in our near future with the massive debt which is unsustainable. The presence of the NDAA and EO 13603 speaks to the government’s plans to deal forcefully with any disturbances. The preparation by DHS is unmistakable with its acquisition of over two billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers. And when we see foreign troops (e.g. the Russians and the Chinese), we should all be gravely concerned. Additionally, FEMA,  and DHS, both last and this year have engaged in a seemingly endless set of disaster planning drills which parallels the content of this article.
To the 55% who are clueless, take out an insurance policy and begin to store food, water guns and ammunition. To everyone else, who has at least some idea of what is going on, begin to reach out to your neighbors because you will need the additional safety that numbers can bring.
And what will the resulting martial law look like? A clear picture of this eventuality is beginning to emerge and that will be the topic of the next part in this series.
Credit to Common Sense

Russian military flights sending message they are ‘great power’: NATO leader

RUSSIA’S recent military flights into European airspace are meant to demonstrate to the West that the country is a “great power,” NATO’s supreme allied commander said on Monday.

Although there has been an increase in Russian air activity over Europe during the past year, last week marked the first time Moscow had sent in larger formations of warplanes, General Philip Breedlove told reporters.

“My opinion is they’re messaging us. They’re messaging us that they are a great power,” Breedlove said.

Moscow wanted to show it can exert influence on the alliance’s calculations, he said.

NATO last week reported a series of flights by Russian fighter jets, long-range bombers and tanker aircraft over the Baltics, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean, days before a controversial election held by pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine on Sunday.

NATO fighter jets quickly intercepted the Russian planes and escorted them out of European airspace without incident.

U.S. air force Gen. Philip Breedlove has said Russian aggression is cause for ‘concern’ recently. Pic: AP Photo/Grigoris Siamidis. Source: AP

In the past, Russian flights were carried out by small groups of one or two aircraft, he said.

“And what you saw this past week was a larger, more complex formation of aircraft, carrying out a little deeper — I would say a little bit more provocative flight path,” the US general said.

The flights were cause for “concern” and “do not add to or contribute to a secure and stable situation.” Russian naval forces also have taken similar provocative steps over the past year in the Black Sea, the North Sea and even in the Pacific Ocean, Breedlove said.

The head of NATO forces and top US general in Europe spoke a day after controversial elections held by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, which have been denounced as illegitimate by the United States and European governments.

Breedlove said it was too early to say how the polls would affect the security situation in Ukraine, but he said the elections were opposed all along by the United States and that it was “not helpful” to efforts to end the conflict.

Military officials take part in a NATO conference in Greece this week. Pic: AP/Grigoris Siamidis. Source: AP

Citing a “revanchist Russia,” Breedlove said he favoured increasing the number of US troops in Eastern Europe on temporary deployments, in addition to measures already taken to reassure anxious partners on NATO’s eastern border.

“Because of the increased pressure that we feel in Eastern Europe right now and because of the assurance measures that we’re taking in the Baltics, in Poland, in Romania, we require additional rotational presence,” he said.

There already have been modest reinforcements for aviation units in Europe flying C-130 cargo planes and F-16 fighter jets, he said.

Credit to News.com.au

Presidents Of U.S. And Muslim Turkey Both Bullies Who Want To Be Seen As Victims

Bullies hate to be seen for what they are. When that begins to happen, they will actually play the victim card. In a statement that reveals a stunning level of projection, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdgoan is accusing ‘international media’ of waging a ‘psychological war’, also known as PSYOPs against Turkey. In so doing, he sounds a bit like his U.S. counterpart bemoaning Fox News and Rush Limbaugh while targeting journalists like James Rosen and allegedly covertly co-opting the computer of Sharyl Attkisson.
Erdogan, a student of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, appears to be revealing some of his hero’s traits, such as paranoia. That’s what happens when you practice PSYOPs yourself; you begin to get ensnared by your own deceptive tactics.
According to Hurriyet:
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused the international media of waging a “psychological war” against Turkey, also slamming local media outlets for collaborating in this campaign.
“There is a psychological war against Turkey in the western media, based on complete lies,”Erdoğan said during a speech at Bezmialem University yesterday. “Each day, some international newspapers come up and conduct a perception operation. Turkey is not a country that will bow either to domestic treason networks or to perception operations abroad,” he added.
The president cited examples for what he called “lies” about a range of issues, including Ankara’s press freedom record, its stance on the war in Syria, as well as its religious education policies.
Erdoğan said an international journalism association recently came to visit him with “almost automatized orders in their hands,” in apparent reference to his Oct. 2 meeting with a joint delegation of the Vienna-based International Press Institute (IPI) and the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The situation of imprisoned journalists in Turkey was one of the central issues investigated by the press freedom mission.
“I asked them which journalists they met and gathered their information from,” he said, adding that the visiting delegation refused to provide the names of their sources. “I know who told you these things, but only seven journalists are in prison, not 100 like you said,” he quoted himself as replying.
Erdogan is indeed familiar with PSYOPs himself; he’s reportedly used the ‘false flag’ tactic consistently. That too is a technique of his Nazi hero.
As Shoebat.com reported earlier this year, Erdogan’s inner circle – to include then Foreign Affairs Minister and current Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as well as Intelligence chief Hakan Fidan – were caught in an audio recording… plotting… PSYOPs.
The discussion involved Turkey’s stealth collaboration with ISIS to attack a sacred Turkish shrine in Syria. The attack would be used to justify a Turkish invasion of Syria:
Erdoğan’s government was planning a false flag attack to be executed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) against the tomb of Suleiman Shah in Syria to justify the intervention of the Turkish army in Syria, therefore making an excuse to spark a war.
Here is the audio:
Erdogan has attempted to claim the recordings are fake… Really, dude?
Then of course, there’s the matter of the now infamous chemical attack in Syria in August of 2013. According to a comprehensive and detailed report, that too was carried out by jihadi proxies at the behest of the Turks in order to justify a declaration by the Obama administration that Assad had crossed Obama’s ‘Red line’.
Very early on, after that chemical attack, Shoebat.com was very suspicious of the claims Assad was responsible. There was far more evidence that was the case than there existed otherwise.
Several weeks ago, Shoebat.comIS also reported on Turkey’s permitting ISIS to establish a consulate in Ankara with 700 Bureaus located near mosques throughout the country.
How about the demonstrable fact that Turkey is bombing the Kurds but refuses to bomb ISIS?
It’s almost enough to make a man who’s been caught using PSYOPs want to accuse others of doing so to avoid some unwanted spotlight.
That sounds like someone else we know.
Credit to Shoebat.com

US Trade Deficit Excluding Oil Has Never Been Worse

Remember that in a beggar thy neighbor world, where currency warfare has once again broken out between the US, Europe and Japan, for every winner there is a loser. In this case, the loser is the one country that has decided that a strong currency is a great thing for its economy (if only for the time being): that would be the US. There is a problem with that, however: because in Q3 the trade deficit rose by 7.6%, virtually identicaly to how much stronger the US Dollar basket, the DXY, increased by in the same period which surged by 7.7% the most since Q3 2008 when Lehman blew up! 
So why is this relevant? Because as the chart below shows, US trade excluding Petroleum, just tumbled to $48.3 billion, essentially matching the worst print in the history of the series, suggesting that portrayals of the US as a resurgent export powerhouse are completely erroneous, and that instead the US is as big a net importer of goods and services, aside from the Shale revolution of course, as ever.
And the other side of the coin: if and when the Saudi crude crunch finally starts taking out shale capacity slowly at first, then very fast, watch how the headline trade balance line and the line ex-Oil slowly but surely converge, as the US reverts to its status as the world's biggest net importer once more.
The bigger question, however, is how much longer will the Fed stand on the side and pretend not to notice that once again the surging USD (because, snicker, the Fed will never do QE again) is about to crush the US economy yet again. And woe to the spinners if this winter there is no heavy snowfall on which to blame the resultant GDP collapse. 
One thing is certain: if the trade deficit surge continues, and Q4 GDP tumbles to 1% or less, the Fed will be right back at the frontlines, CTRL-Ping the US economy right back into "beggar thy global neighbor" competitiveness.
Credit to Zero Hedge

Blueprint For Total Enslavement