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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Media Ignored" 1,500 Pedophiles Arrested Since Trump Took Office"

Two Muslims Walk Up To Random Italian Man Minding His Own Business And Savagely Rape Him

There is a lot of talk in the media about Muslims raping women, but the fact is that both men and women are victims of this violence. It does not matter what age or gender you are, because Islam grants license to Muslims to rape and murder non-Muslims simply because they are not Muslim.
In a story coming out of Italy, two Muslims were arrested after they approached a random Italian young man. They attacked him, beat him up, and then took turns raping him:
Brindisi police on Tuesday arrested two Pakistani citizens for allegedly raping a young Italian man at the Puglia city’s train station.
The two suspects were identified as Rab Nawaz, 29, who has a regular residence permit, and Ali Imram, 28, whose permit was being renewed.
The two suspects are accused of sexually harassing the young man, who was waiting for a train after spending an evening with friends, and then dragging him to a side street nearby and raping him. (source)
This story also says what we at Shoebat.com have been saying for a long time- contrary to the popular and incorrect idea that “Islam hates gays,” the fact is that Islamic theology is very Sodom-friendly. Islam and homosexuality go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Where one is, you will find the other, and the only stipulation that Islam makes for homosexual acts is that it must follow in accordance with Islamic teachings. So long as this is followed, Muslim men may sodomize each other as much as they want. As Walid wrote:
In other words, the bottom line is that Islam prohibits and permitshomosexuality. Islam’s author of confusion is notorious for using play on words. In Islam a homosexual (Liwati) is banned but if he is effeminate (Mukhannath) he is not. Adultery is forbidden in Islam, of course, but not with concubines, alcohol is forbidden, but not in heaven, prostitution Bagha’ is forbidden but not when its Misyar (marriages where one can contract with a rental overnight wife). Patricide and matricide are forbidden until the parents oppose the son to go on Jihad … you name the sin and Islam becomes the religion of loopholes.
So Islam prohibits masculine gender cross-dressers unless they are effeminate. The rally in Istanbul had both homosexual dominant and submissive. In Islam it is prohibited for masculine men to cross-dress:
the curse is specifically directed only at “males” and “women,” and does not cover non-males who might be female-impersonators (or non-women who might be male-impersonators, if indeed there was a recognition of “non-women”). It’s okay to be a drag queen as long as you are not a straight man posing to gain access to unsuspecting women, or to the wives of unsuspecting husbands.
Islam is a confusing religion. Many are even duped to believe that Islam respects the Virgin Mary while they ignore weird Muslim beliefs. The Ahmadiyyah, the most peaceful sect of Islam, for example believes that Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ was a hermaphrodite while the other sunni violent sects disagree with them.
But again, we are dealing with a religion where even the word ‘peace’ is also confused to mean “Muslim justice”.
How one knows good from evil is simple. Evil always simplifies the complex and complicates the simple. Jesus even simplified how you know good from evil; “you shall know them by their fruit”.
Normal sex under marriage produces great fruit; children who are made in the image of God. Islam complicates and perverts the truth and reverses everything to even deny we are made in the image of God. (source)
Credit to Shoebat