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Monday, July 8, 2013

Egyptian Army set to defend oil pipeline, Suez shipping

Egyptian soldiers opened fire early Monday, July 8, on Muslim Brotherhood supporters at the Republican Guards Club in Cairo where deposed president Mohamed Morsi is held. Fifty-one demonstrators were killed and 300 were wounded. The army, who lost an officer and seven wounded soldiers, said “armed terrorists” tried to storm the compound. Egyptian media reported that the army and police forces opened fire after a group of demonstrators tried to climb the walls of the club. According to eyewitnesses, the army raided a quiet sit-in outside the Presidential Guards Club.

While events in Cairo following the Egyptian military takeover of power were the focus of media coverage, DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the army was quietly getting set to secure the country’s primary assets – Suez Canal traffic, the oil facilities in the town of Suez, and the Sumed oil pipeline – all extremely sensitive targets.

According to intelligence reaching the military, a radical Islamist force - made up of a clandestine Muslim Brotherhood raider unit called El Giza Al Sidi, Sinai Bedouin Salafists linked to al Qaeda and the Palestinian Hamas - are conspiring to activate commando and missile units for sabotaging Suez shipping and the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean.

Hitting one ship transiting the canal or a single explosion at the pipeline would suffice to send world oil prices and insurance costs sky high.
This armed Islamist coalition also plans a major campaign of terror against Israel.
These concerns were underscored Sunday, July 7, when armed Salafists using at least 10 explosive devices blew up the Egyptian gas pipeline to Jordan rat a point south of El Arish in northern Sinai. The flow was brought to a halt.

That night, the Israeli Counter-Terror Bureau strongly urged Israelis to avoid traveling to Sinai and travelers already there to leave at once amid a rising danger of attack and abduction.

The Egyptian military has been warned that the El Giza Al Sidi raiders have been directed by their Muslim Brotherhood masters to attack the Sumed oil pipeline, which starts at Ain Sukhna on the Gulf of Suez, runs 320 kilometers through the Western desert and ends at Sidi Kerir on the Mediterranean coast south of Alexandria. 

This attack would not just target the Egyptian EGPC, but also lash out at its Saudi and UAE co-owners, whom the Brotherhood accuses of abetting the military coup ousting them from power: the Saudi Aramco, and the International Petroleum Investment Co. of Abu Dhabi.

The fighting between Egyptian military and armed Islamists in Sinai went into its third day Monday with the eruption of a fierce battle close to the Israeli border not far from the Israeli Red Sea resort and port-town of Eilat. The sounds of gunfire and explosions reached the Ovda Israeli Air Force base 40 kilometers north of the town. As a precaution, the Israeli army closed to civilian traffic the section of Route 12 from northern Israel to Eilat which runs close to the Sinai border.
Armed Salafists tearing around in minivans continued to attack Egyptian army and police positions and checkpoints at El Arish and Sheikh Zweid, firing the heavy machine guns and missile launchers mounted on their vehicles. Some used Grads. An Egyptian soldier and a policeman were killed Sunday.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the Egyptian army has taken down some of its Sinai checkpoints and is relocating a smaller number on main intersections and manning them with larger contingents.


Italy Is Descending Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression

When you get into too much debt, really bad things start to happen.  Sadly, that is exactly what is happening to Italy right now.  Harsh austerity measures are causing the Italian economy to slow down even more than it was previously.  And yet even with all of the austerity measures, the Italian government just continues to rack up even more debt.  This is the exact same path that we watched Greece go down.  Austerity causes government revenues to drop which causes deficit reduction targets to be missed which causes even more austerity measures to become necessary.  But if Italy collapses economically, it is going to be a far bigger deal than what happened in Greece.  Italy is the ninth largest economy on the entire planet.  Actually, Italy used to be number eight, but now Russia has passed it.  If Italy continues to stumble, India and Canada will soon pass it as well.  It really is a tragedy to watch what is happening in Italy, because it really is a wonderful place.  When I was a child, my father was in the navy, and I got the opportunity to live there for a while.  It is a land of great weather, great food and great soccer.  The people are friendly and the culture is absolutely fascinating.  But now the nation is falling apart.  The following are 11 signs that Italy is descending into a full-blown economic depression...
#1 The unemployment rate in Italy has risen to 12.2 percent.  That is the highest that it has been in more than 35 years.
#2 The youth unemployment rate in Italy is sitting at 38.5 percent, and in southern Italy it recently hit the 50 percent mark.
#3 An average of 134 retail outlets are shutting down in Italy every single day.  Overall, approximately 224,000 retail establishments have closed since 2008.
#4 Italy's economy has now been contracting for seven quarters in a row.
#5 It is being projected that Italy's GDP will shrink by 1.8 percent this year.
#6 Industrial production in Italy has declined for 15 months in a row.  It has now fallen to its lowest level in about 25 years.
#7 Overall, factory output in Italy has fallen by about one-fourth since 2008.
#8 In May, automobile sales in Italy were down 8 percent compared to one year earlier.
#9 The number of people that are considered to be "seriously deprived" in Italy has doubled over the past two years.
#10 Italy now has a debt to GDP ratio of 130 percent.
#11 It is being projected that Italy will need a major EU bailout within six months.
At this point, Italy is flat broke.
And unlike the U.S. or Japan, Italy cannot run over to a central bank and have them print up oodles of new money with which to buy up government bonds.  Italy is married to the euro, and so that greatly limits their options.  Unfortunately, the money is rapidly running out.  The following is from a recent article by Wolf Richter...
In most countries, it would be an act of mind-bending chutzpah, or perhaps a display of political insanity, but in Italy it barely made ripples: for a government official, a minister no less, to declare that the country cannot pay its long overdue bills, and not for a month or two, but for the rest of this year! Due to "technical" problems.
The Italian government is out of money. Not that the US government is in any better shape in that respect, or the Japanese government for that matter, but they have central banks that print the missing moolah with lavish abandon. Italy doesn't. It has the ECB which is run by an Italian who promised last year to print with lavish abandon to keep countries like Italy afloat. But that promise is not the same thing as having your own central bank.
On July 4, Italy's budget fiasco came to light once again. Wracked by the pretense of austerity, expenditures rose 1.3% in the first quarter, while revenues remained flat. So the deficit rose to 7.3% of GDP, up from 6.6% last year, bringing the national debt to 130% of GDP. Ballooning debt and deficits in a shriveling economy – Italy has been in recession since the fourth quarter of 2011 – is a toxic combination in the Eurozone.
While those numbers may sound really bad, the reality is that the people that are suffering the most are the average folks on the street.  Many Italians have been completely blindsided by this economic depression, and suicides are skyrocketing...
In Italy, the tragic stories of suicides apparently linked to the deep recession are becoming all too frequent. Last month, a former factory worker hanged himself near Turin because he could not find work, his relatives said. In May, a young man committed suicide outside of Rome shortly after he lost his job. The next day, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano begged the government to deliver “the utmost attention for situations of greatest malaise and need” to help stop the wave of suicides.
That is absolutely tragic.
But you know what?
The United States is headed down the same path that Italy has gone.
In the coming years unemployment and suicide will both skyrocket here too.
Those that are sticking their heads in the sand right now will be absolutely blindsided by what is coming.  But those that understand what is on the horizon and are preparing for it will have the best chance of making it through.
Italy is kind of like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Everyone knows that it is going to fall eventually, and when it does fall it is going to be a major disaster.
When the financial system of Italy totally implodes, that will be a sign that things are really starting to accelerate.  Expect dominoes to start tumbling much more rapidly in the aftermath.
Economic Collapse

Prophecy of severe distress coming to Mexico

Vision of What’s Coming to America

Aug 13, 2012
Randy Hecker

Hi Holly

I want to share with the two of you, and whomever else you wish, the sequence of upcoming events as I have received them from the Lord. I also have some of this posted on my YouTube which I invite you to watch at www.youtube.com/user/spiritfire100. I haven’t recorded anything there recently (I need to) because the afternoon light around here (which is the only time I have enough light to record) has been really dark because of all the rain storms going through. We definitely need more rain.

Anyway here goes. The sequence I am watching (as a Watchman of the Lord) begins with Mt. Popocatepetl in Mexico. There will be a sudden very powerful eruption that will blow its lid off. Within hours an 8+ magnitude earthquake will strike Mexico City and virtually level it. Thousands will be killed. Hundreeds of thousands will be injured. And millions will be displaced from their homes. The economy of Mexico, bad as its, will collapse except for precious metal values. There will be anarchy throughout the land.

This event will radically increase pressure on the San Andreas Fault to the north. The fault is locked up in an area from Palm Springs in the south to Palm Dale to the north. HAARP will be used to create a super earthquake in this area. The magnified and duration n of the quake will both be magnified. The earthquake will strike (I believe) in the afternoon either this coming October or the following May. It will occur just after a complete economic meltdown of the American dollar. The magnitude of this quake will reach somewhere between 9.5 and 10.5 and it will last for nearly three minutes. Two to three million people will be killed outright. Millions more will be injured.

The worst part of this is not the earthquake itself but the events that will be associated with it. The ground shock from this quake will cause every other stressed fault within 1,500 to 2,000 miles to release all pent-up stresses. As the ground shockwave moves to the north the Sierra Nevada volcanoes will be triggered, the Cascadia volcanoes, and also the Yellowstone super volcano will also be triggered. This is both a blessing and a curse.

The nation will be so disorganized after this event that martial law will be declared , but it will be completely unenforceable.

Two to four days after this earthquake America will be further devastated a nuclear sneak attack on American cities, that will coordinated and started by our own Shadow Government. There will also be some Russia n and Chinese nukes as well. The world will very quickly descend into global thermonuclear war (Gog Magog war).

All of this must happen before The Destroyer passes through the inner Solar System.

To step back a little bit, I have said that this begins in Mexico. For North, Central, and South America this begins in Mexico. But there is one extremely critical event that most happen first. This involves a 7 to 8 magnitude earthquake north of Mosul, Iraq. The mountains there are riddled with vast cavern systems. In one of those caverns there are three immense locked gates. The link s in the chains that keep these gate’s secured are three to four feet wide. The locks are bigger than a man. These are the gates to the three hells.

The earthquake there will cause the overlying rock structures to collapse. One of our current world leaders will go there on a “humanitarian mission.” He will secretly go to the gates and there he will meet the angel with the key to The Bottomless Pit. The spirit Abaddon will be released and it will possess the man. At that moment he will become the Anti-Christ. To facilitate world power, he will unleash global thermonuclear war upon the planet.

Again I am expecting this no later than May 2013.

The war will suddenly end as The Great Deception unfolds upon the planet. He will appear in Jerusalem, fill the world will lying signs and wonders, and declare that he is the messiah. E will declare that he has stopped the war in the interest of world peace.

Because of the war few will notice the approach of The Destroyer. When the Lord showed me the effects of The Destroyer, I did not believe that the world of man could survive. It is important to understand d that The Destroyer is the sign of the return of the Lord in great glory.

I do not know how close The Destroyer will come to the Earth. It will pass to the south of the Earth. Then on its return to deep space uit will pass over the Northern Hemisphere.  Already it has started crustal deformation in the Southern Hemisphere. There will be a steady increase in volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and severe weather. Continent will eventually be torn apart. Winds will rage at 300 to 400 miles per hour. Mega tsunamis will go back and forth across the ocean basins and will reach thousands of feet high. The poles of the Earth will flip over many times before settling down to a new orientation where south becomes north.

And then the same events will be experienced in the Northern hemisphere.

As I stood next to the Lord watching all of this play out on a miniature version of the Earth. As I stood there I was taken by the incredible devastation I was watching. It will be beyond d imagination. I said to the Lord, “How can I survive; how can my family survive; how can anyone survive?” I expected Him to say, “Least these days no flesh shall survive, but for my elect I will shorten them.” But He didn’t say that. What He told me absolutely floored me. Even now it fills me with such a sense of awe for the power of our God.

What He said was this, “For a time my Father will take death from the world.” During the very worst effects of the passage of The Destroyer no one will die.  And during that time God will show every person their record in His book of Judgment. Those who have set our Messiah as the center of their life will have the great joy of hearing Him say, “This one is min e, Father”, when their record in the Book of Judgment and they get to see their names removed from it and they will see it placed in the Lamb’s Book Of Life.  The seal of the Lord will appear upon their foreheads. And they shall be forever sealed up in the Lord.

This is getting a little long and there are things I need to do. I hope the two of you will check out my YouTube channel. I also hope that you will be receiving some of the rai n we are getting here. Have a wonderful afternoon and evening.

Your brother in Jesus Christ,

Randy Hecker

HOLLY NOTE: After receiving the above email from Randy, I asked a few questions and the following is his response. They clarifiy the above vision.

In answer to your questions,  I know a lady in Orem, UT, who also has the spirit of prophecy. After her mother died she started receiving visitations from mom. Her mother told her that there would a coming October, year not given, in which America would suffer a complete collapse of its economy. This would be followed by what she called “the earthquake of our imprisonment.” This would be followed by three other earthquake, each one a magnitude greater than the one before. She said that we would curse the first three quakes because of the terrible devastation they would cause. But she called the fourth one “The earthquake of our liberation.” It would range in the magnitude of 14 to 16 (planetary effects produced by the passage of he Destroyer. She said that it bring about the collapse of the New World Order.

The HAARP weaponry that will increase the magnitude and duration of the West Coast mega quake will be caused by a coordinate attacked by U.S. HAARP, Russian HAARP, and Chinese HAARP. This has already been set up diplomatically.

When I was first shown the coming effects of this mega quake, I was shown that it would be preceded by two other earthquakes, the first one measuring 5 to 6 on the Richter Scale, and the second one 6 to 7 on the Richter Scale. Both of these have already occurred. The main effects of the destructive power of the West Coast Mega Quake will be caused by a very large amount of the ground shock wave being absorbed by the Garlock Fault. The Garlock Fault feeds its energy into the Intermountain Seismic Thrust Belt. This belt starts southwest of Las Vegas, NV. It forms an immense letter “J” that travels south of Las Vegas, NV, south of Boulder Damn, and then turns northward, dumping its energy into the Wasatch Fault. The end of that line is the Yellowstone caldera.

Boulder Damn will crumble, but the released water will drain into a series of caverns that underlie the area (the same cavern system that the Hopis will seek for shelter). Las Vegas will be virtually flattened. This will also be the fate of St. George, UT, Cedar City, UT, Prove, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, UT. I use to live about ½
 of a mile below the Wasatch Fault. One day I was walking out of the Smith’s Market located on 13th East and 94th South when what I was seeing ahead of me suddenly changed. The whole area around me suddenly became  a scene of terrible devastation. Everything around me was on fire. Everything had been twisted and contorted out of shape. The air was filled with smoke and I could hear screams and crying coming from every direction. Then I heard the Lord say “During the coming earth changes great cities will be abandoned forever. But there will always be a Salt Lake City.” I almost dropped the eggs I was carrying.

The eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano will be a critically important event. First it will shower most of America with mineral rich ash. Second and the most important point is that it will shield us from incoming Russian tactical nuclear missile. There simply isn’t anyway they can travel through mountains being thrown in to the stratosphere.

In November of 2009, a small plane crisscrossed the City of Houston, Texas. It was ejecting a black oil substance that settled on everything. When it came down on buildings, cars, and other inanimate objects, it left a black oily film that disappeared within a few hours. When it landed on people it was rapidly absorbed into the skin and left no visible residue.

I believe this was the first part of a binary chemical weapons delivery system, a weapon of mass false flag destruction. When and if the second part of the system is delivered people will dropped dead in minutes. If a radioactive substances was added to the secondary compound it would like a radiologically dirty bomb was released on Houston. This would be the perfect set up for martial law and (blaming it on Iran) global thermonuclear war.


Popocatépetl volcano (Mexico): alert level raised

The intensity of the current eruptive phase remains high. A phase of particularly strong tremor accompanying continuous explosions and ash emissions occurred this morning. 

As a consequence of the elevated activity,CENAPRED raised the alert level to Yellow, Phase 3. An exclusion zone of 12 km radius around the volcano is in place. 

During the (intermittent) eruptions, an steam and ash plume is rising about 3 km above the crater.
A giant SO2 plume can be seen drifting north from Popocatepétl, which is notorious of its large SO2 output during eruptions.

Volcano Discovery

June Jobs Report Once again, the Devil is in the Details!

Automated Antiaircraft Gun and Amphibious Rifle Unveiled in St. Petersburg

7.2 earthquake recorded off Papua New Guinea

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Papua New Guinea in the early hours of Monday, according to the US Geological Survey, after a 7.2 quake struck off the country's northeast coast just hours before.

The 6.8 quake occurred near the town of Kandrian, on the island of New Britain, at 6.30am (0630 AEST).

It hit 30 kilometres northeast of the town, at a depth of 62 kilometres.

Two hours before, a 7.2 magnitude quake struck off the coast of the island of New Ireland.

No tsunami warning was issued.

Sky News

U.S. Trying to Push Back a Dollar Blowup