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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Turkey is bombing the very same Syrian Kurds who just two weeks ago received 50 tons (literally) of US weapons and ammo

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A little over a week ago in “Full Metal Retard: US Launches ‘Performance-Based’ Ammo Paradrop Program For Make-Believe ‘Syrian Arabs’” we outlined what is perhaps the most hilarious Pentagon scheme designed to arm rebels in Syria to date (and that’s saying something). 
Following the comical demise of the latest “train and equip” program, the US is out of options for supporting the opposition in Syria and so Washington decided to go back to Old Faithful: the Kurds. 
But that presents a problem. 
The US is now flying sorties from Incirlik and Turkish autocrat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hates the Kurds and has gone out of his way to make it clear that Ankara doesn’t distinguish between the PKK and the YPG. For the uninitiated, here’s the problem broken down in bullet points:
  • The US is flying from a Turkish airbase
  • Access to that airbase came with NATO’s tacit approval of Erdogan’s move to crack down on the Kurdish PKK operating in Turkey (that crackdown is designed to bolster support for the government ahead of elections next month)
  • Both the US and Turkey designate PKK as a “terrorist” group 
  • BUT while Ankara equates the PKK with the Kurdish rebels battling ISIS in Syria, Washington actually supports those same rebels, setting up a conflict of interest
Now clearly, this is beyond absurd. That is, Turkey only got NATOs support for the politically motivated crackdown on the PKK because Ankara agreed to bundle said crackdown with a military campaign against  ISIS. But the Syrian Kurds are the most effective ground force of them all when it comes to combating Islamic State.  Because those Syrian Kurds are aligned with the PKK, Turkey is effectively trying to say its army is fighting ISIS, the PKK, and YPG all at once even as both the PKK and the YPG are also fighting ISIS. 
And so, in an unbelievably silly attempt to keep from angering Erdogan, the US effectively created a fictional group of "Syrain Arabs" and then claimed that YPG had formed an alliance with the made-up army. Next, Washington dropped 50 tons of ammo into the desert (literally) and claimed that the "Syrian Arab Coalition" had retrieved it. Of course it was the Kurds who actually picked it up, the Pentagon just needed a cover story to feed to Ankara in case Erdogan lost his mind. Which he did. 
As noted above, all of this comes in the context of what is supposed to be a cooperative effort between the US and Turkey to fight ISIS. 
When the deal was struck a few months back (following a suspect suicide bombing in Suruc that served as the pretense for Erdogan's "war on terror"), the two countries agreed to establish an "ISIS-free zone" near Aleppo. Here's the map:

Note that when the US-Turkey alliance was formally established, the Kurds were set to squeeze ISIS from the east and west, meaning that if Washington and Ankara had just left the YPG to their business, the "ISIS-free zone" would have probably been rid of Islamic State in a matter of months. But alas, Turkey convinced the US to tell the YPG to halt their advance and the ensuing awkwardness put Washington in a tough spot, as the US had previously backed the Kurds with airstrikes. 
Well now, just days ahead of elections in Turkey which Erdogan is banking on to restore AKP's absolute majority at the expense of popular support for the pro-Kurdish HDP, the Turkish army has now attacked the very same Kurdish fighters that the US just supplied with 50 tons of ammo two weeks ago. Here's The New York Times:
Turkey has confirmed that it struck positions in Syria held by Kurdish militias that over the last year have become the most important allies within Syria of the American-led coalition fighting the Islamic State.

The confirmation of the strikes, which the Kurds said took place over the weekend, adds a new level of complexity to the United States’ struggle to put together a coherent strategy to fight the Islamic State in Syria. It also increases tensions between the United States and Turkey, which are nominally allies in the battle against the militant group, but whose interests diverge substantially.

In an interview on a Turkish news channel Monday night, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu of Turkey did not specify when the strikes had taken place, but he said they came after Ankara warned Kurdish fighters not to move west of the Euphrates River.

“We struck them twice,” Mr. Davutoglu said.

The Turkish strikes were in Tal Abyad, a largely Arab border town that the Kurds captured from the Islamic State over the summer. The strikes appear to have been limited — they were said to involve machine-gun fire from across the border and did not seem to cause much damage — but they could suggest a new determination by Turkey to expand military operations against the American-allied group.
More, from NPR:
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told Turkish television that Ankara had warned the Syrian Kurds known as the PYD that they should not cross west of the Euphrates River — and after the group did so, Turkish jets struck twice at PYD targets.

"U.S. officials have supported the Kurdish efforts to battle ISIS in northern Syria, though it has tried to be sensitive to Turkish concerns about the group, which has ties to Kurdish militants in Turkey who are considered terrorists by both Ankara and Washington.

"Turkey is worried that Syrian Kurds will expand and consolidate their area of control near Turkey's border while fighting ISIS."
So just to drive the point home, US ally Turkey is now firing on a group that the US just handed 50 tons of ammo and weapons to earlier this month and that same group has traditionally proven to be exceptionally effective at fighting ISIS. 
Needless to say, this is incoherent to the point of absolute absurdity. Washington is spending millions if not billions in taxpayer dollars to both i) fly sorties from a Turkish airbase ostensibly with the aim of hitting Islamic State, and ii) supply Syrian Kurds with hundreds of tons of weapons and ammo even as "ally" Turkey shoots at those same Kurds. 
This has become so convoluted and self-defeating that one wonders how long it will be before someone in Congress decides it's time to take a look at exactly what's going on here and why it seems like this entire debacle is simply too bad to be true.

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Confessions of Naval Intelligence Officer-JFK Assassination, UFO’s, ET’s, the Giza Pyramids and Cydonia Mars Connections

In Part One, I promised an answer to two questions as a result of my father’s work in Operation Paper Clip. By the way, they did not refer to their activities with captured Nazi scientists as Operation Paper Clip.
The two questions were:
  1. Who killed JFK and why?
  2. What was the truth behind UFO sightings?
My dad did not know who specifically killed JFK. However, he knew it was a conspiracy because he quickly pointed out to me that whomever killed JFK, also killed MLK and RFK. Why? Because all three major assassinations had the same cover story. Each man was killed by a man with a diary who stated his intentions.  He also knew tha JFK was trying to penetrate the secrets of Majestic 12, a UFO working group. JFK was completely shut out of this group. He was threatening to expose the group at the time of his death.
My father believed that the sighted UFO’s were our reverse engineered craft. He did not believe, as did his Nazi counterparts, that aliens were visiting the earth.

Hyperdimensional Physics

Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku
In the first three parts of this series, I related the chronology of a series of events which led to my father’s involvement in the reverse engineering of advanced Nazi knowledge of Hyperdimensional Physics as opposed to the Newtonian model that we largely teach today. However, mainstream science is catching up with the elite as evidenced by Michio Kaku’s Superstring, multi-dimensional theory in which it is demonstrated that there are least 26 dimensions. The bifurcation of science that happened with the death of Tesla is about to be reunited. However, the Secret Space Program is, no pun intended, light years ahead of the discoveries of today’s mainstream physics.

 Teleportation Experiments and Today’s UFO’s

ufoAt the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany, there have been successful teleportation experiments involving various objects. In each case, the object arrives at its destination prior to leaving it point of origin. The object is reportedly “out of phase” at the time of the experiment. Well, this is exactly the technology my father worked on. When a UFO is traveling at 10,000 mph and makes a sudden right angle turn, the inhabitants of the craft would be crushed by the G forces. My father’s working group tried to solve this problem by employing Tesla technology. At the moment of the right angle turn, the craft would momentarily blink out, a commonly reported phenomenon from UFO observers, as the craft would temporarily go to another dimension to avoid the G Forces in a form of teleportation. This is the working principle “discovered” by Newtonian science researchers earlier in this century. Abe Lincoln was correct in that you can’t lie to all the people all of the time.
The Max Planck experiments were briefly reported in the mainstream media, but ever so briefly. You see, you are not supposed to know about the existence of this type of science. If you want more information on this science read up on the Tesla created Philadelphia Experiment.
One of the more fascinating revelations made by my father had to do with the pyramids at Giza and the alleged pyramids at the Cydonia region of Mars. Do you remember the 1980’s movies, starring Harrison Ford in the old Indiana Jones movies? Well, it turns out that the Nazis did have a fascination for the pyramids and the promise of technology which was hidden inside these structures.
According to what the captured German scientists told my father, the Nazis were never interested in the Holy Grail. To them, the Holy Grail contain information on how to teleport, from the pyramids, to the vast regions of the universe. My father believed that the Nazis were somewhat successful because of the construction and use of the Nazi Bell which allegedly was both a time machine and a teleportation device. Author Jim Marrs has written extensively on this topic and I defer to his explanations except to say that the Nazis executed everyone connected to the Nazi Bell project in an attempt to cover up the escape of key Nazis including Hitler. Stalin bemoaned the fact that he never caught Hitler. Subsequently, I believe that it was likely that the key Nazis who escaped judgment at Nuremburg did so through the Nazi Bell. To the best of my fathers knowledge, Operation Paper Clip was not able to duplicate the Nazi Bell because everyone was killed. Only knowledge on the edge of the project remained.
Richard Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission, former NASA consultant, championed the similarities between the Mars Cydonia pyramids and the Giza Egyptian pyramids. After the Viking Explorer photos of the Cydonia region of Mars were released in the late 1970’s, my father was convinced that who built the pyramids on Earth, also built the pyramids on Mars. Why? Because the astronomical alignment to key constellations in Earth folklore (e.g. the Egyptian Book of the Dead).
Cydonia Pyramids
Egypt Pyramids
Orion stars
A striking characteristic of the pyramids and Sphinx of Giza is the way in which they are integrated into a grand architectural plan, based on mathematical and astronomical data.
The two narrow shafts emanating from inside the Great Pyramid were directed to two specific stars: Zeta Orionis, one of the three stars in Orion’s belt, and Sirius, in the constellation of Canis Major. Both Cydonia and Giza pyramids share this commonality. I defer to Richard Hoagland for more a detailed explanation and comparison.
Hoagland, with the help of experts has made the connection between  a number of intriguing mathematical and geographical connections between Cydonia and Giza. Mathmetician Torun, while working for Hoagland, was first to realize that one of the large pyramids on Mars, the D&M Pyramid, contains a variety of functions and constants used in a sophisticated mathematical system known as tetrahedral, sacred geometry which represents the Tesla science known as Hyperdimensional Physics.
Evidence of such advanced and non three-dimensional mathematics on both planets at the same relative location on each planet, demonstrates a conscious design. Hoagland and his associates discovered that the most important recurring feature found in the mathematics of Cydonia is the value 0.865 – derived from the ratio of ‘e’ (an important mathematical constant equal to 2.7) and pi (the mathematical constant of 3.142 used to calculate the properties of spheres and circles). This Hoagland calls the ‘message of Cydonia’ A trigonometrical function, that arc tangent of ‘e’/pi, gives the value of 40.8 that is the Mars latitude on which both the D&M Pyramid and the NK Pyramid are sited. Amazingly, another trigonometrical function, the cosine of ‘e’/pi, gives the value 30, which is the exact geographical latitude of the pyramids of Giza on Earth. Hoagland has demonstrated that the Great Pyramid of Giza contains tetrahedral or sacred geometry functions identical to those of the D&M Pyramid on Mars, and Torun has shown that the positioning of the Great Sphinx, relative to the pyramids, expresses the ‘Cydonian ratio ‘e’/pi. ‘The odds of such correlation happening by coincidence on two neighboring planets are somewhere in the region of one in 7,000, says Hoagland. One of the key angles of Cydonia, repeated again and again, is 19.5 degrees. this is precisely the latitude (19.5) degrees north. Which is also the exact latitude of the pathfinder-landing site. These are no coincidences despite what the Globalists would have you believe.
The presence of pi in the geometry of both sets of pyramids, demonstrates that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids at Giza. They did not have the expertise, in part, because they knew nothing of pi, in their mathmatics. In addition, the  pyramid stones are multi-ton stones laid on top of other larger multi-ton stones with a margin of error of 1/50 of an inch and in some places, the error was 1/200th of an inch. We, the engineers of today, cannot micro engineer structures with this kind of precision. Further, there is water erosion on the Sphinx and the pyramids. Climatologists tell us that there has not been enough water in the Nile River Valley to produce water erosion at that height, since before the last ice ago of over 13,400 years ago. Yet, Egyptologists tell us that the pyramids are no more that about 4,000 years old. Further, the Giza pyramid lined up perfectly with the constellation of Orion 17,500 years ago at the Equinox and Solstice. This also happened at the same time at the other pyramid structures on the Earth. My oh my, it is raining coincidences. The Egyptians did not build the pyramids. Who did?

Who Built the Pyramids?

My father and I agree on one point, that aliens did not construct the pyramids. However, we both think it is likely that mankind has risen up in prior times and ventured out to the stars only to meet their demise here on earth with the survivors left to start over. Ancient Hopi legends,which match ancient Indian teachings state that we are in the fifth and final world. Events such as Noah’s Flood have served to reduce mankind to the stone age.
Richard Hoagland once told me that he thought ET’s were originally from Earth and they had escaped a calamity and now they are coming back home to exert influence. I have no idea. However, I will tell you that our history has been hidden from us and the resulting technology could wipe out all hunger and resource issues on the planet. Yet, there is a plot to keep this technology out of the hands of the people. It is all about control and the lid is ready to come of this conspiracy of silence and will reveal all to those who are astute enough to listen.
Credit to Common Sense

Chuck Missler - Our Digital Reality

Jim Willie update on Financial Collapse and Geopolitical Chess moves

Persecution Purifies the Church

Obama Sends Destroyer To Chinese Islands, China Vows Military Response

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For anyone who might still be somehow unaware, the US is currently in a superpower staring match with both Russia and China. The conflict in Syria has put Moscow back on the geopolitical map (so to speak), creating an enormous amount of tension with Washington whose regional allies have been left to look on in horror as Russian airstrikes and an Iranian ground incursion dash hopes of ousting President Bashar al-Assad. 
Meanwhile, in The South China Sea, Beijing has built 3,000 acres of new sovereign territory atop reefs in the Spratlys and although the reclamation effort itself isn’t unique, the scope of it most certainly is and Washington’s friends in the South Pacific are crying foul.
Beijing has continually insisted that it doesn’t intend to use the islands as military outposts, but the construction of runways and ports seems to tell a different story and so, Washington felt compelled to check things out over the summer by sending a Poseidon spy plane complete with a CNN crew to the area. Once the PLA spotted the plane the situation escalated quickly with the Chinese Navy telling US pilots to “Go Now!” 
After that, an intense war of words developed with Defense Secretary Ash Carter insisting that the US would sail and fly anywhere it pleased and Beijing assuring the US that sailing within 12 nautical miles of the islands would prompt a harsh response from the PLA. 
For weeks, the US was rumored to have been planning a freedom of navigation exercise in the Spratlys which, as we’ve pointed out several times this month, amounts to sailing by the islands just to see if China will shoot. 
The US navy is poised to start freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea in a high-stakes effort to push back against Chinese territorial claims over artificial islands in the disputed waters.

In a move that will enrage Beijing, the USS Lassen, a guided-missile destroyer, will sail inside the 12-nautical mile zones of two man-made islands — Subi and Mischief reefs — that China has built in the contested Spratly Island chain. A senior US defence official said it would sail through the area in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

China has repeatedly warned that it would not tolerate any effort to violate what it considers its territory. Earlier this month, a senior Chinese naval officer said the People’s Liberation Army would hand a “head-on blow” to any foreign forces that violated Chinese sovereignty. His comments came after the Financial Times reported that the US was poised to launch its operations.

The manoeuvre will mark the first time since 2012 that the US navy has sailed through the 12-nautical mile zone surrounding any islands claimed by China. It is aimed at demonstrating that Washington does not recognise any territorial claims over artificial islands in the South China Sea.
It's also worth noting that should the US manage to get away with this without sparking a shooting war with the Chinese, it now looks as though Washington is leaning toward making this a regular patrol. Here's a bit of color from Reuters out over the weekend: 
A range of security experts said Washington's so-called freedom of navigation patrols would have to be regular to be effective, given Chinese ambitions to project power deep into maritime Southeast Asia and beyond.

"This cannot be a one-off," said Ian Storey, a South China Sea expert at Singapore's Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

"The U.S. navy will have to conduct these kinds of patrols on a regular basis to reinforce their message."

But China would likely resist attempts to make such U.S. actions routine, some said, raising the political and military stakes. China's navy could for example try to block or attempt to surround U.S. vessels, they said, risking an escalation.
(USS Lassen)
Here are the latest visuals from Subi and Mischief (the two islands mentioned above):
Not to put too fine a point on it, but this borders on the insane. Here we have both Washington and Beijing risking an outright military confrontation over what amount to a couple of sandcastles and while there's probably some truth to the contention that China has plans for the islands that go beyond growing plants, building lighthouses, and raising pigs, it's not as though the PLA is going to invade The Philippines so at the end of the day, this looks like another example of what Vladimir Putin recently suggested is evidence that the world is losing its collective mind.
Credit to Zero Hedge