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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ukrainian Army Buk Missile Likely Downed Malaysian Plane

MOSCOW, July 17 (RIA Novosti) - A Ukrainian army battalion of Buk air defense systems was deployed near the city of Donetsk a day before the crash of a Malaysian passenger plane on Thursday, making the downing of the aircraft by one of the missiles highly probable, an expert source said.

"According to reconnaissance data, a Ukrainian army battalion of Buk air defense systems was deployed near Donetsk on Wednesday morning,” the source said.

The source added that armed militia fighting Kiev-led forces in eastern Ukraine does not have Buk systems, which are capable of shooting down aircraft flying at altitudes up to 25 kilometers (82,000 feet).

Earlier the same day, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister wrote on his Facebook page that a Buk surface-to-air missile system was indeed used to down the plane, but insisted that the self-defense forces had done that.

According to various reports, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed near the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine Thursday. There were 280 passengers and 15 crew members on board.

Malaysia Airlines confirmed that it had lost contact with its plane when it was above the Ukrainian airspace.

“Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam. The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace. More details to follow,” the company said on Twitter.

Wintesses from the town of Torez in the Donetsk Region told RIA Novosti that plane wreckage and dead bodies have been located in the area.

RIA Novosti

Gaza is an Engineered Flashpoint for WW3

Microsoft Announces Record 18,000 Layoffs, Three Time More Than Expected

While the news was reported earlier this week, it is perhaps notable that what was once considered the leading US tech company has also succumbed to the great "jobless" US recovery (in which the US economy is somehow adding 200K+ jobs every month even as it is firing millions). Furthermore, what was supposed to be 6,000 layoffshas just tripled to 18,000, which also happens to be the largest round of layoffs in MSFT history, surpassing the previous record of 5,800 set back in 2009.

From the PR:

Microsoft Corp. today announced a restructuring plan to simplify its operations and align the recently acquired Nokia Devices and Services business with the company's overall strategy.

These steps will result in the elimination of up to 18,000 positions over the next year. Of the total, about 12,500 professional and factory positions will be eliminated through synergies and strategic alignment of the Nokia Devices and Services business acquired by Microsoft on April 25.

The actions associated with the plan are expected to be substantially complete by Dec. 31, 2014, and fully completed by June 30, 2015.

The company expects to incur pre-tax charges of $1.1 billion to $1.6 billion over the next four quarters, including $750 million to $800 million for severance and related benefit costs, and $350 million to $800 million of asset-related charges.

If only Tim Geithner had qualified his "Welcome to the Recovery" August 2010, NYT oped a little bit better, none of this would have been a surprise. Actually, it isn't a surprise at all. And now, back to MSFT stock which surges on the news and lifts the market to recorder highs even as thousands more end up on the street, which has largely been the whole story of the "recovery" to date.

Credit to Zero Hedge

Sanctions will drive Russia-US relations to dead-end

e UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns


UN Document Or Not, the Plot to Disarm America Is Commencing

The evidence is mounting that Obama and his colleagues at the United Nations are preparing for complete gun confiscation of civilian owned American guns. There is a new document, previously held secret, which has surfaced and clearly signals the intention of the United Nations to engage in gun confiscation in the relatively near future. The document is damning, however, the existence of the document is not even needed to prove the point that there is a major confrontation , brewing between the American people and an international peace-keeping UN force, right around the corner.

Another Nail In America’s Coffin

The following is a smoking gun document presents seven sequential steps designed to culminate in the total disarmament of the American nation. For those of you that know your history, you will note that there were 17 genocides in the 20th Century and in each case, these genocides were preceded by gun confiscation by the host government. According to theDemocide Project located at the University of Hawaii, governments killed far more people,  an estimated 26o million victims, than even war. History shows that if we ever allow government, the UN, or the U.S., to ever be able to seize our guns, we are signing our death warrant!
The following document is a declaration of war against the United States people. For those who find the document to be on the blurry side, scroll down to the Appendix to view a clearer copy.

The UN and its cohorts have accomplished steps 1-5 (see below). They are now working on steps 6 and 7 which would constitute complete disarmament of the American people.
The UN and its cohorts have accomplished steps 1-5 (see below). They are now working on steps 6 and 7 which would constitute complete disarmament of the American people.
If one examines the first five steps of the plot, it is easy to ascertain the pattern of gun confiscation that Obama has attempted to follow. I do not believe that Obama has to completely implement steps 1-5 before moving to enforce steps 6 and 7. Therefore, even though Obama has not completely implemented the first five steps across the country, he has done enough to usher in Steps 6 and 7 in this United Nations disarmament plan. Steps 6 and 7 are listed below:
“6. Finally, codification of laws to completely makes any and all firearms illegal to own, possess or use outside of military and law enforcement usage.

7. Creation of a United Nations Police Taskforce with the specific mission of assisting member nations with the collection of weaponry from civilian hands”.
The proof for the validity of the intentions signaled by this document does not lie in the authenticity of any single document. The smoking gun evidence that Obama is progressively moving towards seizing all 300,000,000 civilian guns in this country, lies in the ubiquitous manner in which Obama has pursued sequential and progressive steps toward the disarming of the American people. As it has been said, “Judge a man by what he does, not by what he says”. The cases in point would what Obama has tried to accomplish after the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Batman Aurora, CO. shootings and the Sandy Hook event. With some very sloppy bootstrapping steps following these events, Obama has progressively attempted to make guns more difficult to obtain and he has greatly expanded what is defined as “military grade weapons” and to limit what is considered to be “appropriate” for hunting as has tried to block Americans from obtaining tas many of these weapons as possible.
“1. Classification of military grade weapons to be made illegal for possession”.
“4. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of hunting grade firearms.”
I am certain that most people familiar with present Second Amendment debates will recognize the various and omnipresent “gun buy-back” programs funded with your tax money designed to remove guns from civilian hands.
“2. Creation of programs to provide reasonable compensation for voluntary surrender of said arms”.
How many times have we witnessed Obama standing before the cameras and national press corps and threaten to take unilateral action against our gun rights following each one of the false flag events mentioned above? In each instance, Obama has used thinly veiled excuses that he only wants to take away guns that “military grade weapons”.
“1. Classification of military grade weapons to be made illegal for possession.
5. Codification of laws to restrict the sale of, and possession of ammunition and components to manufacture ammunition”.

Connecting the Dots for Gun Confiscation

Even if the the UN document designed to disarm America, listed above, was not genuine (and it is), the following, very public document has been proven to be very authentic.
Under the heading, “Hiding in plain sight”, the United Nations is advertising for the following position:
Posting Title: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer, P4
Department/Office: Department of Peacekeeping Operations
Duty Station: New York
Job Description: A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible experience in disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration or related area. Experience working within peacekeeping, peace-building or development programmes operations is desirable. Experience with small arms control, conflict/post-conflict crisis management, economic recovery is desirable. Experience coordinating multiple partner agencies, funds or programmes is desirable.
Secretary of State, John Kerry, signing away America's freedom, security and longevity.
Secretary of State, John Kerry, signing away America’s freedom, security and longevity as he signs the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.
There  is even more fuel to throw on this raging fire as we consider the fact that, at the behest of President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry illegally, and in direct violation to the Constitution of the United States, signed the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The UN Arms Trade Treaty contains all 7 provisions listed  above in the Disarmament Commission of the United Nations
un gun control

There are some who will undoubtedly state that all of these actions potentially lie in the future and there is nothing to worry about and they will advise the country to go back to sleep. However, America, we are being occupied in this latest invasion of our country by illegal aliens from Central America (drug resistant TB and Bacteriological Pneumonia), South America  (Denege Fever) and West Africa (Ebola). According to Dr. Jane Orient and many other health professionals, we are facing a series of possible pandemics. However, this is the only invasion that the country is focusing on.  These health crises will be the pretext to roll out the United Nations and their peace-keepers.
What we should be focusing on, as well, is the military invasion that is about to unfold in this country. This will be the military invasion that will be UN sponsored and it will be the one that seizes our guns. Take a look at the following images of UN military vehicles spotted and photographed in our country in the past several weeks.
An occupation force is being mobilized.
An occupation force is being mobilized.

Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet

Even more disturbing is the fact that Warren Buffet, in 2011, headed an effort to help the United Nations acquire all materials needed for the building of nuclear weapons. This is a clear signal that three years ago, the United Nations began making plans to eventually engage in nuclear blackmail, or nuclear war, with nations that might opposed their grand takeover of the plant.
Under the guise and distraction of a massive and disruptive illegal immigration invasion of the United States, the real threat lies in what going to follow the massive resettlement into this country by what will be millions of immigrants. Dr. Jane Orient stated on my most recent radio interview  with her that it is not a matter of “if” but “when” we will see pandemic outbreaks of virulent diseases and viruses for which Americans have no immunity. And of course, the humanitarian efforts will be brought into play as they pose as medical rescuers driving around in white MRAP vehicles.
Obama and Obama, a very dangerous alliance for America.
Obama and Obama, a very dangerous alliance for America.
In the next part in this series, I will be presenting clear and irrefutable proof that the Obama administration is assembling a multinational “peace-keeping UN arms seizure military organization. And as a teaser, would anyone care to guess who is one of the primary financiers will be for this United Nations effort? It would none other than the President’s half brother, Malick Obama. Can you say “The Muslim Brotherhood?”


United Nations

Distr.: Restricted
5 August 2013
Original: English

United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs

Disarmament Commission – Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group
New York, 29-31 July 2013

The issue of military grade weaponry in the hands of civilians looms ever larger in the face of the global implementation of 22/Agenda 21 by member nations. In particular, the United States of America has an estimated 500 million weapons in the hands of its civilian population. This is not just a static problem, it is a massive dynamic problem for the process of confiscation as there will be those who refuse to surrender their firearms.

The conclusion of discussions by the CWCSG led to the adoption of a proposed agenda to begin the process for introducing to member nations a framework by which they can begin codification of national laws to disarm civilians within their borders through a graduated process.

Within the discussion framework, we have identified several problem areas that must be addressed, they are:

1. Classification of military grade weapons to be made illegal for possession.
2. Creation of programs to provide reasonable compensation for voluntary surrender of said arms.
3. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of concealable firearms.
4. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of hunting grade firearms.
5. Codification of laws to restrict the sale of, and possession of ammunition and components to manufacture ammunition.
6. Finally, codification of laws to completely makes any and all firearms illegal to own, possess or use outside of military and law enforcement usage.
7. Creation of a United Nations Police Taskforce with the specific mission of assisting member nations with the collection of weaponry from civilian hands.

The CWCSG will submit its findings and final recommendations once we have created the codification framework for member nations for a full review by the Office of the Secretary General.

Here we have the here the heretofore secret United Nations to disarm America. In the next article, in this series we witness the building of the multi-national force designed to disarm America under UN authority.

Credit to Common Sense

Kiev Reports Ukraine Warplane Was Shot Down By A Russian Fighter Jet

While most news coming out of Ukraine regarding the ongoing civil war are merely propaganda designed to make Russia look bad, and hence irrelevant (and vice versa from Russia of course - the only news that matters re: Ukraine is i) what happens with gas deliveries to Europe via Ukraine and ii) the fate of the South Stream pipeline; the rest is mostly noise), it is perhaps a testament to how the global media will observe Russia's response to the latest US sanctions, and hardly improve risk appetite, that as Reuters reports Russian jet shot down a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter plane that was on military operations over the east of Ukraine.
While we have yet to receive the official Kremlin denial of this major escalation in hostilities between the two countries, and one which would otherwise be grounds for war by Ukraine and thus essentially denies the report (since Ukraine did not declare war on Russia for rather obvious reasons), here are the alleged details:
It was the strongest Ukrainian allegation to date of direct Russian military involvement in the conflict. Russia's defence ministry declined to comment on the report.

The plane was brought down on Wednesday night by a rocket strike and the pilot safely ejected, Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraine's national Defence and Security Council, told journalists.

It was the third reported incident this week in which a Ukrainian plane has been hit by a missile.

Kiev has said that an An-26 military transporter was brought down last Monday probably by a missile fired from Russia, either from the air or from the ground. Two out of the eight people on board that plane were killed, the Ukrainian military said.

On Wednesday, another SU-25 was hit by a rebel missile but the pilot brought the plane down successfully with relatively slight damage. Kiev did not allege Russian involvement in that case.
Cue stern Russian denial in 5... 4... 3... even as Kiev continues to quietly syphon off transiting gas destined for Europe. And speaking of Russian gas heading toward Germany, keep a close eye on it - it may start to fluctuate in the near future.
Credit to Zero Hedge

Is Pope Francis ushering in the New World Religion?

Revelations 13:11, “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.” In this verse, God reveals that there is coming a man that will portray himself as a lamb, but he will speak like a dragon. When referring to the Word of God, a lamb represents one of innocence (Jesus Christ); whereas a dragon is usually used as another name for Satan. 

When looking at these two key points, one will begin to see that this man will try to present himself as being one of innocence; having the spirit of God, but inwardly housing the spirit of Satan. The bible tells us that a house divided cannot stand. A person cannot house the spirit of God and the spirit of Satan. We must be holy because our bodies are the temple of God. We must represent the light, and be the light of the world as instructed in Matthew 5:14.

According to Saint Malachy, there would be a total of 112 Popes that would reign on the earth before the end of the final Age would come; the Apocalypse. According to Saint Malachy, the final Pope would be known as Peter the Roman. He would likely be Satan; taking the form of a man named Peter who will gain allegiance throughout the whole world. Malachy believed that this final Pope would be the final antichrist. If you would like to see how Pope Francis connects to Peter the Roman, click here

The 112th prophesy given by Malachy states, “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will reign Petrus Romanus who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which, the seven-hilled city (Rome, the seat of the Vatican) will be destroyed, and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.”

Malachy’s prophesies regarding the previous Popes have been said to be accurate. This is why Pope Francis should be looked at very carefully. Pope Francis has been saying and doing some very interesting things that makes Revelations 13:11 come to life. Six months after Pope Francis took his papal seat, he assured atheists that they don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven. He has stated that the Catholic Church should not dismiss gay marriage. He has also stated that everyone, including atheists, are redeemed through Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis has completely been abusing the scriptures, and has not been teaching from the true, authentic word of God. He tries to carry himself as a humble servant; washing and kissing the feet of inmates, praying for the sick, and refusing to live and drive lavishly. In reality, he is speaking against the true God. He is corrupting the minds of the masses by teaching falsely and leading many astray.

In Daniel 9:27 it states, “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” Pope Francis has made huge strides in trying to salvage the failed attempts, by John Kerry, regarding the Peace Agreement. For nine months, John Kerry tried to bridge the gap between Palestine and Israel; creating a two-state solution. This peace agreement was supposedly meant to create peace amongst the nations.

Pope Francis welcomed the Israeli and Palestinian presidents to the Vatican for peace prayers on June 8th shortly after the peace negotiations collapsed. All three of these individuals prayed in the Vatican garden; praying to their own gods. Ironically on this same day, a huge asteroid, known as the Beast, passed the Earth.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 states, “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” Interestingly, when the peace talks failed in May of 2014, there was an uproar in the Middle East, and it has been intensifying ever sense.

The Pope has been working towards uniting all religions into one; saying that all people can go to heaven regardless of who they worship. He further tells people that as long as you have a good conscience that’s all that matters. If you want to pray to Buddha that’s fine. If you want to pray to Muhammad, that’s fine. If you want to pray to the god of Ra, that’s fine. As long as you have a good conscience, that’s all you need.

Pope Francis is misleading many people with this type of thinking. He is carrying out his mission; which is to form the “One World Religion”. It is not by accident that this asteroid, the Beast, flew pass Earth the exact day the Pope held a prayer in the Vatican garden where everyone prayed to their own gods. This was a clear sign that the “Beast” is rising! Revelations 13:1 says, “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.”

A beast is an inhumanly cruel, violent, or depraved person. Inhumanly is defined as a person that lacks sympathy and/or compassion. The beast that is rising up is not a person per se, but it is a system that will be extremely cruel and will lack compassion for all of humanity. This beastly system is a New World Order. This New World Order will be man's version of how the World will operate; this will be Satan's time to completely rule the world before Jesus comes back to finish him off for good.

Many people that spoke about this New World Order, over the years, were labeled conspiracy theorist; crazy. Now, you find President Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and other government officials speaking about this same New World Order openly. Speaking about the New World Order before would get you laughed at, now it is a clear reality. It is important that people pay close attention to what is going on. The news is being bombarded with events on a daily basis that’s leading to the manifestation of Jesus’ return.

Conspiracy theorist were intentionally given a bad rep by the media. This was done to keep people in the dark; mocking those that were trying to warn the masses of what was really going on. This whole world has been programmed to believe a lie. Deception is all around us, and God is trying to reveal the truth.

If you have fallen in love with the world, now is the time to remove yourself from it. Those that are in love with the world cannot see the danger that is coming, and that is already here! Please WAKE UP! Time is dwindling quickly!

Credit to Examiner.com

Scientists develop 'super black' material that the human eye can't see

Imagine an object so black that you could stare right at it and see nothing at all. That object can now exist, thanks to a British nanotechnology company.

Surrey Nanosystems has created a new "super black" coating that absorbs 99.96% of light, which is to say, all light the human eye can detect, the companyannounced last week.

The Engineer explains that it can be "applied to flat and three-dimensional structures in precise patterns with sub-micron resolution," and the Independentgives an example: Scientists applied the material, which the company calls "Vantablack," to sheets of aluminum foil.

While the foil is visibly crinkled around it, within the area covered by the coating, those crinkles and contours disappear. If you made a dress out of it "you would lose all features of the dress," Chief Technology Officer Ben Jensen says.

"It would just be something black passing through." It would also be a "very expensive" dress, Jensen adds, without disclosing the material's cost. Vantablack is made out of carbon nanotubes 10,000 times thinner than a human hair.

It's 10 times stronger than steel, and more than seven times more conductive than copper. Unlike past efforts at such a material, it can be manufactured at low temperatures, allowing it to be directly applied to sensitive electronics without melting them.

All of which makes it not just a curiosity, but a material rife with practical uses for things like imaging systems. "For example, it reduces stray-light, improving the ability of sensitive telescopes to see the faintest stars," Jensen explains.

Credit to Fox News

Tunnel and Weapons Used During Hamas Infiltration into Israel

IDF fires at 13 terrorists attempting to enter Israel through Gaza Strip tunnel early Thursday morning; hits identified; IDF orders citizens in area to remain in homes as searches continue.

IDF forces identified some 13 Gaza terrorists who attempted to penetrate into Israel through a tunnel from Gaza Strip Thursday morning.

Hamas men attempt to enter Israel (Photo: IDF)Hamas men attempt to enter Israel (Photo: IDF)

The IDF forces attacked the group and some direct hits were identified. The attempted attack took place near Kerem Shalom.

NATO has Intercepted Russian Aircraft up to 50 Times in Recent Weeks!

Despite the lack of coverage of events inside of the Ukraine and around Eastern Europe by the United States PSM (Propaganda State Media), a lot of activity has been ongoing around the Baltic members of NATO and around the Eastern periphery member states of the defense organization. While the United States continues to send modified 30 plus year old fighters to the future Polands of the world should World War III erupt in a conventional manner, Russia is busy upgrading its offensive capabilities and worse, testing Western resolve.

This story from The Baltic Times yesterday should provide a hint as to the resolve of the 

Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin:
NATO intercepts more Russian aircraft near Baltic borders

Jul 14, 2014
From wire reports, RIGA

NATO says it has intercepted Russian planes flying near Baltic borders up to 50 times in recent weeks.

A Russian reconnaissance aircraft flying near Latvian waters was intercepted this week by NATO fighters.

Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Vejonis said that the increasing frequency of Russian military aircraft flying near Baltic borders shows that NATO must have a permanent presence in the region.

”The events in the recent weeks prove the alliance’s solidarity amongst allies, and demonstrates that our allies will protect our security,” he said.

Baltic leaders have repeatedly called for permanent NATO presence in the Baltic states amid the Ukraine crisis.

Flights above neutral waters are not a violation, however, Russian planes did not observe several international standards, NATO said.

NATO fighter jets had to take off to establish a visual contact and confirm they were not, for example, terrorist-kidnapped planes.

Currently, there are 12 NATO fighter jets patrolling Baltic skies including four from Poland, four from Great Britain and four from Denmark.

One more time:

12 NATO fighters

Think about that if you live in Warsaw and think you can trust the Obama administration to support its treaty obligations. If anyone has any doubt about how much the “new” American resolve works, please, go interview the Free Syrian Army who was hung out to dry against Islamist terrorists and Assad by this administration.

Credit to Shenandoah