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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Was Obama on hold or really lecturing Putin?

Even in Technicolor dreams, can you imagine Russian President Vladimir Putin staying on the horn with President Barack Obama for—90 minutes?

Maybe the former KGB agent was taping the conversation and using the blab time as an opportunity to get information from the loquacious Obama, who likes hearing himself as much as looking at himself.

The citizen-spying NSA’s got nothing on the KGB.

For sure ‘Mr. Loquacious’ didn’t instruct Putin “Bend your knees so you don’t faint” as he instructed his audience Wednesday when speaking in New Britain, Connecticut.

This is the White House whitewash of the call, long legs of which are still going all over the Internet: “The call, made at Obama’s initiation and carried out from the telephone at his desk in the Oval Office, was described by one US government official as “candid and direct.” (the guardian, March 2, 2014)

Obama is telephone transformed into “candid and direct” when he’s not speaking to American children.

“New details have begun to emerge of the extraordinary 90-minute phone call between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin on Saturday night, during which the US president warned his Russian counterpart that Moscow “would face serious repercussions” unless it halted military operations in Ukraine.

Sure he did. We can hear Putin’s laughter from over here.

It wouldn’t have taken a KGB agent to know the lay of the land in America with Obama in the driver’s seat.

Obama’s Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had announced on the previous Monday that the Obama administration plans to reduce the American military back to pre-World War II levels.

Besides Putin was already sent the message that mattered the most during the Obama-Medvedev open mike conversation when Obama promised he’d have “more flexibility after my election”.

“That is a long long call,” said William Galston, a former White House adviser to Bill Clinton about Saturday’s telephone call. “However, you can effectively cut it in half because of the need to translate back and forth.”

Warning to Obama: Never make threats to anyone who doesn’t thoroughly understand English.

Can you imagine someone who is shredding the American Constitution telling Putin thathis actions were a “clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is a breach of international law?”

Obama and Putin are the president and vice president of the Liars’ Club, not necessarily in that order. In fact, getting where they both did, they were both trained in the fine art of lying, Putin through the KGB; Obama through Saul Alinsky Rules For Radicals.

Both went into training and never came out.

The lies in the air are as legion as snowflakes this winter. Through the snow-globe of dizzying lies, it’s hard to tell truth from fiction.

The latest information claimed by the Russian press is that ousted Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych is seriously ill in hospital after suffering a heart attack that left him in grave condition. (Daily Mail, March 7, 2014)

Who knows?

When former Ukraine President Victor Yushchenko started showing signs of grave illness in 2004, it was eventually confirmed that he had ingested hazardous amounts of TCDD, the most potent dioxin and a contaminant in Agent Orange—and at the time just happened to be in a run-off election with Victor Yanukovych.

Meanwhile, Obama and Putin as combatants are commanding saturation attention on the world stage leaving British Prime Minister David Cameron’s ‘on the phone with Obama ‘Selfie’ out of the picture.

Obama and Putin may be starkly contrasted in pictures, one portrayed shirtless on a horse, the other, helmet-protected on a girly bike, but both nonetheless have a lot in common when it comes to stealing other people’s countries.

Credit to Canada Free Press