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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Nephilim Theory

Israel must never be betrayed

Unfortunately, recent actions of the Obama administration represent a sharp reversal of the historical precedent of unshakable support to the Jewish state.

US, Israel flags. Photo: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

Since its rebirth on May 15, 1948, Israel has stood as an immensely strong democratic ally, and unqualifiedly a best friend to the United States of America.

Unfortunately, recent actions of the Obama administration represent a sharp reversal of the historical precedent of unshakable support to the Jewish state, and have left Israel vulnerable and more isolated in the region than ever before in its history.

Look no further than the recently negotiated “diplomatic resolution” with Iran to see where the Obama administration’s priorities lie. The proposed framework does little if anything to stop Iran from continuing to enrich uranium, does little if anything to comprehensively halt construction of the Iran heavy water plutonium reactor, does little if anything to permanently change Iran’s belligerent posturing, and does not require the dismantling of Iran’s centrifuges.

In short, this agreement does next to nothing to benefit Israel or the United States. In the words of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, “This is a very, very bad deal.”

And for Iran, it is the deal of the century. Quite a gift for the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

What has been missing from the discussion is why the US is even negotiating with Iran in the first place. There should be no negotiation as long as Iran asserts they have the right to enrich uranium.

The fact is, despite the less than consummate enforcement of sanctions by the Obama administration, the sanctions being enforced against the Iranian regime were working.

So why would the US give any sanctions relief to a regime that is arguably the greatest sponsor of terrorism the world has ever known? Why, when the Iranian regime was being brought to its knees, would the US offer a reprieve unless the Iranians agree to completely curtail their nuclear program? And what does our negotiation acquiescence do for the interests of the US and Israel other than weaken us both, while at the same time strengthening and legitimizing the Iranian regime and its nuclear ambitions? The Obama administration’s foreign policy positions have left Israel and the state of the Middle East more dangerous and more nihilistic than ever before. There is no better example than the Obama administration’s Egyptian policy strategy of encouraging the rise and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, a violent terrorist organization.

When the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power by the Egyptian people, the Obama administration responded by cutting off funding to the Egyptian military. The very same military that was aggressively fighting terrorists in the Sinai, shutting off the infiltration of arms into Gaza, and working to restore order after the oppressive rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.

And does anyone think that US policy toward Syria has benefited either the US or Israel? Bashar Assad continues to rule with impunity in Syria while radical Islamists gain weapons, power and influence across the country. Or in Libya, which since our military action to remove Gaddafi, has dissolved into absolute chaos as highlighted by the horrific attacks on our diplomatic mission in Benghazi in 2012.

It’s bad enough that Israel is faced with Hezbollah missiles and violence in the north, a radicalized Syria in the east, tumult in Egypt in the west, a Hamas-controlled government in Gaza, and now the ever-growing prospect of a nuclear Iran.

And now add to this US Secretary of State John Kerry’s insistence that Israel negotiate with the Palestinians, castigate Israel’s sovereign right to build on its own land, and insist that Israel all but geographically cut itself in two, which would compromise Israel’s ability to defend itself.

While Secretary Kerry pressures Israel to give up its rightful land, our good friend Israel has a goal too: the maintenance of the Jewish State of Israel. And the right to live peacefully in their entire biblical Jewish homeland, and the right to have Jerusalem as their undivided capital.

Secretary Kerry’s dangerous phase 1 plan would initiate disorder, destabilization, violence and eventually a civil war by inciting conditions for, in his words, a third Palestinian intifada. This intifada could differ however, as it would likely involve committed Arabs, the UN, the US and committed Jews unwilling to uproot their families and their lives from their biblical homeland.

The reality is the Jewish citizens of Samaria and Judea are there to stay. They are not leaving and they won’t be pushed from their homes – nor should they ever be. And shame on anyone who attempts to draw a moral or territorial equilibrium between Judea and Samaria for the Jewish people, and Gaza for the Palestinian people. Let me clearly reiterate, Judea and Samaria is the biblical, historical and cultural heartland of the Jewish people, as it contains many of Judiasm’s holiest and most important sites.

Israel has always been a beacon of hope and the best chance for peace in the Middle East. Secretary Kerry misses the positive humanity of Jews and Arabs living side by side, working together, and making a life together. This is a present reality, that can and should be encouraged to improve.

While Israelis have reason to question the commitment of the Obama administration, they should never doubt the strong bipartisan contingent of support for Israel in the United States Congress, and the constituents we represent.

And they should feel assured, without any equivocation, we will always be proudly standing together with them, in their corner, side by side.

The writer has served for many years as a member of the US House of Representatives, and was a former United States presidential candidate.
Credit to Jerusalem Post

Why We Fight the New World Order

full armor of god

When I played and later coached college basketball, I had a reputation for being a no-nonsense, intense competitor who was not afraid to put everything on the line in my search of victory.
Today, I have the same drive and competitive spirit towards the work that I am now doing, that I did when I played and coached. I am fully aware that I have developed an in-your-face style when it comes to dealing with the criminals who now run our government. I make no apologies for my aggressive approach. After all, didn’t Jesus forcibly remove the banksters from the Temple? However, in this article, I am going to present a different side of myself and reveal why I am so determined in the fight I am waging against the New World Order. This article is not about self-glorification, my friends and I need allies because we need much help to wage the fight that is coming and I want all of you to see that anyone can do this work and we need everyone of you to assist.
In the second part of this series, I am going to be revealing the specific threats, for which I have undeniable confirmation that we are going to be facing in the upcoming months.

Does History Make the Man, Or Is It the Other Way Around?

A decade ago, my community was thrust into a fight for our economic survival by corrupt forces, which were covertly bringing America into the North American Union. These forces were led by Senator John McCain and they wanted to steal our private properties in my rural community to make way for the CANAMEX Highway.
McCain’s bankster friends wanted our homes for nothing. Against all odds, we prevailed. I evolved into a leadership role for our group. As a result of engaging in this fight, I learned how to conduct myself in the eye of the media and how to write persuasive essays which educated the public as to our plight against the treasonous forces led by McCain.
In retrospect, I can see that God has his hand on my community and specifically on me. I was an educator, a mental health counselor and a college basketball coach by trade. I was not a media person. Nor, was I a community leader and activist. However, in our eight year fight against the McCain led forces of the New World Order, I was being prepared for what I am doing now, fighting the good fight for God and country.
Anyone, and I mean anyone can do what I am attempting to do, you just need to take the first step. One glance at the Bible, one can see that a person does not need to possess any special skills to do God’s work. One only needs to be open to the call to serve.

Thy Will Be Done

When I sit down to write an article which reveals serious corruption at the highest levels of this government, or I broadcast a show on the same topics, I ask God to help me do what needs to be done.  People constantly ask me, aren’t you afraid? And yes, sometimes, I am afraid, until I pause and silently reaffirm my trust in God to give me the strength to do what needs to be done.
In the past several months, I have written about the coming civil war, the presence of dangerous foreign troops on our soil, the growing presence of public venues which will be used for detention and death camps, missing nukes, Obama’s purposeful dismantling and weakening of our military through his treasonous subversion, the coming of WWIII and the intent of certain politicians who have been placed in key positions to economically and socially destroy this country along with its Christian heritage.
I believe as many people do, that our nation is under God’s judgment, but He does not desire to see America turn away from Him. He seeks restoration, but He will not continue to let us abandon Him without consequence. He desires to see the restoration of our core values and to become better and stronger than we have been in the past.
In order to accomplish these goals, we must fight evil where it is at, in the alleyways, on Wall Street, in the White House, in our schools and yes, evil has even invaded our churches through government sponsored programs. Today, churches have become government sponsored churches through federally sponsored tax exemption provisions in the tax codes. Many of our clergy belong to the DHS “Clergy Response Team” in which they are told by the government that in times of crisis, they should be quoting Romans 13 to keep their “sheep” compliant to the wishes of the government.
If your church does not address the topics of illegal wars of occupation which kills millions of innocent people, gay marriage and abortion, then your religious leader is a fraud and your church is an instrument of the federal government. If you are caught in this pseudo-Christian paradigm, then you need to leave your church immediately and begin to conduct Bible studies in your home away from watchful intrusion of the DHS (aka the Department of Hell’s Servants).

What Are We Fighting For?

We are fighting for the economic, political, religious and social survival of America’s time honored traditions; Namely, we are fighting for our right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to due process in a court of law, the right to worship as we please and the right to assemble. However, we are mostly fighting for the survival of the human species and our collective souls. For if we ever allow the globalists to ever completely takeover, we will not be just living in a decadent feudal society in which most of us will be eliminated and the rest of us will live as slaves, we will be facing the end of humanity as we know it.
Twenty years ago, I was befriended by a former NSA operative, Vance Davis. Although I did not realize it at the time, Vance was mentoring me and what I learned from Vance was that even the NSA teaches some of its agents that the evil forces on this planet seek to control the human soul but have failed in their attempts. To compensate for their shortcomings in this endeavor, the globalists have a very specific compensatory plot which seeks to destroy, enslave the survivors and to morph humanity into something that is almost to hideous to speak of, namely, transform the human race into something that is totally nonhuman. The process I am speaking of is called transhumanism.
I have interviewed Barb Peterson and Patrick Wood on this subject and soon I will be interviewing Daniel Estulin on the topic of transhumanism. This is Satan’s ultimate insult to our God. In short, if we ever allow the globalists to establish their kingdom, humanity many not survive in its present form and there will be nothing left to save.

The Endgame

Subversion and treason will bring down this country if it is allowed to continue. If America falls, humanity will fall.
I have been studying the globalist playbook in the same manner that I used to scout my college basketball opponents. I have sought to understand the strategies employed by our enemies as they seek to destroy humanity. Here is a snapshot of what I have learned. The Constitution had to be eviscerated because it did not place national and individual sovereignty in the hands of an evil central government. Instead, the people are sovereign, not the government under the Constitution. To the globalists, God and Jesus must be removed from all places where it is possible to do so. The globalists hate Jesus because if His power were to spread to His followers, we could defeat anything the globalists could use to subjugate humanity. The globalists also seek to destroy the family, the building block of society.  CPS is doing a great job in this arena. Death camps must be built to take care of people which cannot be re-educated. Wars, disease and artificial famines must be created to reduce the population to 500 million in order to make humanity more “manageable”. Finally, our soul must be destroyed so that we will all bow down to Satan in an effort to prevent the return of Jesus.
I plan on employing a Winston Churchill strategy. We will fight them in the streets, in the alleys, in the trenches and we will never give up so long as God gives us the strength to fight.
Yes, I know and believe about the Tribulation and the End of Days. However, God honors those who help themselves. We have to build something for Jesus to return to. God did not give mankind a fighting spirit to merely kneel before the forces of the New World Order. I am hoping that many will heed the clarion call and take this movement much further than someone like myself can.
I believe in respecting all men, even our enemies, but I will not bow before any man. Yes, people like me may die, but how many thousands of times will a sheep die before the globalists finally cut their heads off and cut out the hearts out of their former minions in the same manner that Hitler and Stalin did when they completed their respective takeovers?


No elaborate summary is needed here. It is simple, we fight, or humanity perishes. We are, as Sun Tzu says, on death’s ground. We will either march to salvation or be carried to our final resting place.
I timed this two part series to culminate on the eve of the birth of the Lord Jesus for all the obvious reasons. Tomorrow’s article will focus on the irrefutable proof that all the trials and tribulations that are coming our way are indeed real and that if anything, I have spent the last few months actually understating the threats.
On Christmas, I will celebrate the only hope that humanity has and I will take time to love and cherish my friends and family. Then on December 26th, it is time to roll up my sleeves and go back to the front and do what I have been called to do. My colleagues and I could use your help. No experience or specific skills are needed. You only need to want to survive what is coming and to serve the only side that gives humanity a chance to flourish. This Christmas, ask for guidance, trust that an answer will be coming and join the fight with everything that you have.
Merry Christmas my friends!
Credit to The Common Sense

NDAA 2014 Ultimate Police State

The Possible Date of Christ's Birth

How Good Intentions Lead to Unemployment


Pakistan’s most dangerous terrorist organization, the Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP), has promised it will attack New York and Washington, D.C., in an act of revenge with suicide fighters, according to a newly released video obtained by TheBlaze.

The group also claims responsibility for the most deadly attack in CIA history and the failed bombing of New York’s Times Square.

The video pays tributes to slain commander Qari Hussain Ahmed, also known as Qari Hussain Mehsud — known for his suicide squads. He was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2010.

It also has a map of the United States with animated bombs dropping and exploding and warns that fighters who have already been trained have infiltrated NATO countries to continue TTP’s global jihad mission.

“Very soon, our jihad…is reaching New York and Washington; our fidayees will very soon enter NATO countries,” it quotes Hussain Ahmed as saying.

Credit to The Blaze

India Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile

NEW DELHI, December 23 (RIA Novosti) – India on Monday carried out a test of a domestically developed ballistic missile with a range of more than 3,000 kilometers (1,800 miles), local media reported.

The Agni-III missile was launched from a rail-based mobile launcher deployed on Wheeler Island, in the Bay of Bengal, off the coast of Odisha.

The test was the second in a series of user trials by the Indian army and sixth overall, according to newspaper The Hindu.

“The missile reached an altitude of 380 kilometers and withstood searing temperatures as it re-entered the atmosphere and impacted the target point after flying for about 800 seconds,” the newspaper said.

Agni-III is a two-stage solid-fuel ballistic missile developed by India’s Defense Research and Development Organization.

According to the Indian military, the Agni-III is equipped with an advanced navigation system to ensure a high degree of accuracy, and it has already been commissioned by the army.

The Agni-III is part of India’s indigenous family of medium-range and intercontinental ballistic missiles. As of 2008, the Agni missile family comprises three operational variants; two more, the Agni-IV and Agni-V, are still in testing phase.

The DRDO is reportedly working on the development of the sixth missile in the Agni family, the Agni-VI, with an estimated range of up to 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles).

Credit to RIA Novosti

Iran Plans to Launch an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Nuclear War Against the US

Ayatollah warns U.S. needs punch on the mouth. Iran’s spiritual leader says nuke plan to continue.

The spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is warning the U.S. to stay out of his country’s business and, in particular, its nuclear program, which is set to resume this week. Speaking on a tour of southeast Iran, Khamenei said the US “deserved a punch in the mouth.”

From where does this brashness come? It comes from Iran’s plans to launch an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Nuclear war against the USA and Europe, crippling the West in the War on terror.

We shall give our blood for you Oh Khamenei – Iranians celebrate Ashura – A bloodied Shia Muslim rite In an article titled, “Electronics to Determine Fate of Future Wars,” an Iranian Military journal explains how an EMP attack on America’s electronic infrastructure, caused by the detonation of a nuclear weapon high above the U.S., would bring the country to its knees. 

“Once you confuse the enemy communication network you can also disrupt the work of the enemy command- and decision-making center,” the article states. “Even worse today when you disable a country’s military high command through disruption of communications, you will, in effect, disrupt all the affairs of that country. If the world’s industrial countries fail to devise effective ways to defend themselves against dangerous electronic assaults then they will disintegrate within a few years. American soldiers would not be able to find food to eat nor would they be able to fire a single shot.”

He also said Iran’s presidential elections in June would not make any difference to its nuclear policy.

Khamenei said it was not up to the U.S. to decide which countries needed nuclear technology.

Iran announced yesterday it is likely to resume uranium enrichment-related activities next week, following a breakdown in negotiations between the Shiite regime and the European Union.

Tehran’s announcement after talks in London with European negotiators yielded no results. France, Britain and Germany, acting on behalf of the 25-nation European Union, were seeking guarantees from Iran that it will not use its nuclear program to make weapons.

Top Iranian nuclear negotiator Hasan Rowhani was quoted as saying Tehran expects to restart enrichment activities injecting uranium gas into centrifuges at its uranium-conversion facility in Isfahan.

“It’s unlikely that uranium enrichment … which takes place in Natanz, will be resumed, but it’s likely that some activities at Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility will restart next week,” Rowhani said today.

The central cities of Natanz and Isfahan house the heart of Iran’s nuclear program. The Isfahan conversion facility reprocesses uranium ore concentrate into gas, which is then taken to Natanz and fed into the centrifuges for enrichment.

Washington agreed to support the EU effort but signaled that Iran, which Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice last month labeled an “outpost of tyranny,” should quickly accept it or face harsh Security Council sanctions.

The breakdown in talks between Iran and Europe puts Tehran’s nuclear program back in the international spotlight and is likely to force Washington to react.

There is increasing concern within the administration and Congress over Iran’s missile program, which has been determined by a commission of U.S. scientists to pose a serious threat to U.S. security.

A report first published in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, a weekly, online, premium, intelligence newsletter affiliated with WND, revealed last week that Iran has been seriously considering an unconventional pre-emptive nuclear strike against the U.S.

An Iranian military journal publicly floated the idea of launching an electromagnetic pulse attack as the key to defeating the U.S.

Congress was warned of Iran’s plans last month by Peter Pry, a senior staffer with the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack in a hearing of Sen. John Kyl’s subcommittee on terrorism, technology and homeland security.

In an article titled, “Electronics to Determine Fate of Future Wars,” the Iranian Military journal explains how an EMP attack on America’s electronic infrastructure, caused by the detonation of a nuclear weapon high above the U.S., would bring the country to its knees.

“Once you confuse the enemy communication network you can also disrupt the work of the enemy command- and decision-making center,” the article states. “Even worse today when you disable a country’s military high command through disruption of communications, you will, in effect, disrupt all the affairs of that country. If the world’s industrial countries fail to devise effective ways to defend themselves against dangerous electronic assaults then they will disintegrate within a few years. American soldiers would not be able to find food to eat nor would they be able to fire a single shot.”

WND reported the Iranian threat last Monday, explaining Tehran is not only covertly developing nuclear weapons, it is already testing ballistic missiles specifically designed to destroy America’s technical infrastructure.

Pry pointed out the Iranians have been testing mid-air detonations of their Shahab-3 medium-range missile over the Caspian Sea. The missiles were fired from ships.

“A nuclear missile concealed in the hold of a freighter would give Iran or terrorists the capability to perform an EMP attack against the United States homeland without developing an ICBM and with some prospect of remaining anonymous,” explained Pry. “Iran’s Shahab-3 medium range missile mentioned earlier is a mobile missile and small enough to be transported in the hold of a freighter. We cannot rule out that Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism might provide terrorists with the means to executive an EMP attack against the United States.”

Lowell Wood, acting chairman of the commission, said yesterday that such an attack by Iran or some other actor could cripple the U.S. by knocking out electrical power, computers, circuit boards controlling most automobiles and trucks, banking systems, communications and food and water supplies.

“No one can say just how long systems would be down,” he said. “It could be weeks, months or even years.”

EMP attacks are generated when a nuclear weapon is detonated at altitudes above a few dozen kilometers above the Earth’s surface. The explosion, of even a small nuclear warhead, would produce a set of electromagnetic pulses that interact with the Earth’s atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field.

“These electromagnetic pulses propagate from the burst point of the nuclear weapon to the line of sight on the Earth’s horizon, potentially covering a vast geographic region in doing so simultaneously, moreover, at the speed of light,” said Wood. “For example, a nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 400 kilometers over the central United States would cover, with its primary electromagnetic pulse, the entire continent of the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico.”

The commission, in its work over a period of several years, found that EMP is one of a small number of threats that has the potential to hold American society seriously at risk and that might also result in the defeat of U.S. military forces.

“The electromagnetic field pulses produced by weapons designed and deployed with the intent to produce EMP have a high likelihood of damaging electrical power systems, electronics and information systems upon which any reasonably advanced society, most specifically including our own, depend vitally,” Wood said. “Their effects on systems and infrastructures dependent on electricity and electronics could be sufficiently ruinous as to qualify as catastrophic to the American nation.”

Credit to govslaves