Welcome to the twisted and dishonest world of the mainstream media. Specifically, I am referring to the New York Times and the Washington Post. As far as the MSM goes, investigative journalism with regard to seeking the truth, is dead. The MSM is all about propaganda, at best, and setting people up for a fall based upon creating a false light impression, at worst.

The New York Times

People like Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer of CNN would sell their birth mothers into slavery if it meant furthering a story to benefit their NWO masters (i.e. six corporations in total, who own 95% of the MSM).
Subsequently, when I was approached by a NY Times reporter about the specter of a Clinton presidency, my alarm bells went off
Request for Interview from the NY Times
Hi Dave, Jonathan Mahler of the New York Times here. We’re working on a story that looks at how Trump supporters would view a Hillary victory, and what sorts of protest movements might emerge in the event that she is elected.
I do not trust the MSM any further than I can throw them. However, I was willing to give Mr. Mahler the benefit of the doubt and I granted him an interview. I may have been born at night, but not last night, I covered my backside with a follow up email. Further, I published the following on my website and several others to establish what I indeed said and what my positions are.
Please talking to you.  For your convenience, here are my talking points in reference to your questions    Dave Hodges
The Issues Surrounding Hillary
  1. Clinton is an illegitimate candidate from the classified emails to Benghazi. She belongs in jail, not running for President.
  2. There is already rampant election fraud taking place in America (e.g. 7 million democrats registered to vote in two different states, undocumented aliens being rushed to citizenship so they can vote, etc.). The people and Donald Trump have a right to challenge the election results. However, Trump expressed his potential need to challenge the vote counting etc., very poorly.  One the fraud has been investigated, the candidates have an obligation to respect the results, so long as the results were fairly determined.
  3. How can the military follow Clinton into battle against the Russians, when she sold uranium to the Russians? I view this as treason. This event was carried in a story carried by the New York Times in 2015.
  4. The Clinton Foundation was given $2 billion dollars to help the people of Haiti. According to Gary Heavin, who has already spent $12 million dollars of his own money to help the Haitian people, the Clinton Foundation is nowhere to be found.
  5. I consistently assert that Hillary will dramatically raise taxes by $1.3 trillion and this be the death blow to an already fragile middle class.
  6. Hillary said she opposed free trade agreements during the debate. She is lying. As we know, she has her public and her private position. She has told Wall Street that and moderator of the 3rd debate, Chris Wallace, called her out on this point as well. Hillary is a ticking time bomb for those in the middle class whether they be Black, White, Latino, male or female, et al.
  7. Hillary will erase our national borders with an amnesty program and that will be the end of the sovereignty of the United States.
To the question of whether, or not, I have any knowledge of any planned protests or counter-reactions to a Clinton reaction, here is my response:
  1. I  categorically state that if it was implied that there would be violence, I do not know of any planned events. I also would oppose such a violent response. I would support a boycott against the major banks and the big corporations who support the free trade agreements. Shop locally is what I advise. the people to do. As I have often stated, I am calling for a boycott from any institution that benefits from a free trade agreement. Do not shop or bank with the corporations. Invest your money into the local economy. Turn off CNN/Fox/ABC, it is paid for propaganda representing the financial interests behind Hillary Clinton.
  2. I believe that if the people are going to engage in civil disobedience, or even start a revolution, I am totally unaware of any such plans by any individual or group. I mentioned that I am fundamentally opposed to violence, due to the fact that I am a Christian. However, I say for the record that Clinton better not come after the guns because that could set off an unfortunate and unpredictable set of events.
  3. I am still awaiting justice for Hillary Clinton. 

Lightening Strikes Twice: The Washington Post and Mike Adams

 One day after my interview with the NY Times, Mike Adams contacted me and let me know that he was asked the same exact questions by a reporter from the Washington Post.
From Mike Adams:
“Dave, a WashPost reporter called me about the same topics the NYT asked you. I was extremely careful in my responses and recorded the entire conversation. Also told the WashPost guy his entire paper has zero credibility and that no one trusts the media anymore.”
I stopped believing in coincidences years ago when I discovered in the same year that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were not real.
Please allow me to state the obvious. It is apparent that the Main Stream Media is engaged in an orchestrated effort to discredit the Donald Trump populist movement and the media who support it. The obvious implication is that people like myself and Mike Adams will be advocating for an extreme backlash should Hillary steal the election. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, I would support legal action against the ongoing voter fraud that is taking place as I write these words.
The NY Times and the Washington Post have been reduced to a singular purpose: Their newspapers make excellent material from which one can use to housebreak their dog. Not only should we boycott the MSM, we should inform their sponsors as well.
In the final analysis, it is now clear that the MSM is attempting to blame any post-election violence on and The Common Sense Show. Undoubtedly, more truth-telling websites will be implicated in the days and weeks ahead.
Below is a brief podcast summary, which also contains additional material, that the readers may wish to forward to their contact list.
 Credit to Common Sense Show