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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Shock Plan for Getting Ready

As I think about all that I have written in this series, I wonder if I have lost my mind. But, when I look out over the world and the insanity of everything that is happening, I am forced to agree with everything that I have written. Worse, there is much more to tell and write on this topic of preparation, but the author of that will need to be yourself. (Although, I will continue to write on this topic in the future.)
You MUST prepare for what is coming, but no one can really tell you everything that you need to do. That’s your job, and I hope that what I’ve written has given you a starting point to begin your own journey on the road to preparation. So, let’s take a moment to look over what I’ve talked about.
I started talking about this a week ago, Thursday. And, I began with the three things that you must have before you even start:
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Long term thinking
  • Jesus, Our Lord and Savior – the most important of all.
Without those three… you literally have no hope. Then, I launched into your first step:

Step 1 – Hold God Close

This verse encapsulates the point:
Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world. - James 4:8
If you think that you can survive what’s coming without a close relationship with God, think again. Here is what Jesus said when His frightened disciples asked about how to survive the disasters that we see coming:
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. – Luke 21:36
That’s why Luke 21:36 will always be the touchstone for this website. It is the single most important message you need for your survival.
For those of you who claim to know Jesus. I remind you that the demons know Jesus. There is a question that you MUST ask instead.
Does Jesus know YOU?

Step 2 – Location, Location, Location

Outside of your relationship with God, there is NOTHING more important than security. Without security, food and water will be meaningless. And, THAT means finding good neighbors and a secure community. You cannot do this alone. You cannot.
Read over the Step 2 article that is linked above. There are quite a few resources there and much to think about.
Are you in a safe place?

Step 3 – Food and Water

Our food and water distribution networks are appallingly fragile, and we have nothing to back those networks up. When the system fails, there is a high probability that you will be abruptly thrown back in time to the 19th century, where you ate what you grew and drank what you could find.
We don’t know how to do that, anymore. And, you MUST prepare for disruptions to the basic necessities of life.
And frankly, you really don’t have anything to lose, by making these preparations.
Do you have a secure access to water and food?

Step  4 – Money and Other Things of Value

After you have secured a safe place, purchased extra food and ensured a source of water… hopefully, you will have extra money. That’s a wonderful place to be, but now you have to keep from losing it.
After all, we ARE to be good stewards of what God has given us.
Furthermore, it’s hard to know what the future holds, and it’s important to have something of value that we can use to procure what we might need.
Whatever you do, do NOT keep your money in a bank or any other financial institution.
And, make sure that you have been giving a portion of your financial blessings to God. You cannot expect help from God, if you have withheld your money from Him.
Are your finances secure?


There are so many ways that our world could fall apart. But, that doesn’t mean that we ignore the most likely possibilities. In this section, I took you through:
  • Financial Collapse
  • EMP or Z-Class Solar Flare
  • Natural Disaster
And then, I went into the need to think this through and develop a plan. Mental preparation and a well-thought-out plan could mean the difference between life and death.
Do you have a plan?

It’s Personal

This is probably the hardest part of all. Your responsibilities and commitments may make it impossible to do everything that I have talked about. Or, maybe your health keeps you fixed in one place. You also might be suffering under crushing debt. But, there is still much that we can do, and there is hope.
We have a God, and He IS involved.
Are you still in the game?

In the End…

There will be times, as you go through the process of preparation when you think that you’ve gone insane. Everyone else will certainly think that you have. But, only a truly insane person sees trouble in the future and does nothing about it.
You are not insane. In fact, you are one of the most rational people on the planet. Do not let our insane world dissuade you from preparing.
And, while you do all that:
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. - Luke 21:36
As I say in almost all of my articles…
Are you ready for this?
Credit to Omega Shock

The Coming Attack Upon Our Water Supplies

water wars

I have been speaking with some of my friends in the media, all who have separate off-the-books-sources who are all saying remarkably similar things in regard to what they say is about to happen.
For the past several days and I have received two pieces of intelligence information which includes major contractors, American military forces and the Army Corps of Engineers and the fact that they appear to be readying for something big.

Three National Security Organizations Are Coalescing In Preparation for Action

All three security areas have people who are putting out intelligence which is extremely consistent with each other. First, the military appears poised to go after ISIS before their covert terrorist cells go active. There are contractors, who are used in support operations combat who have been told they are deploying to Iraq and Syria. However, there are also civilian contractors who have been told to stand by for action inside CONUS.
Secondly, and as I have been reporting, some key military personnel have had their leaves canceled for the month of January. The primary area impacted by the revocation of these leaves are personnel in nuclear weapons defense and the Army Corps of Engineers. How would the Army Corps of Engineers become involved with what is coming? Stay tuned!
Some of these people have been “alert” for several weeks and it involves an ISIS military operation and a series of unannounced domestic operations.
Those of you who subscribe the apparent false flag nature of the situation in Paris may now know the objective of such a false flag operation. The goals seems to be to drum up support for anti-Muslim military operations in the Middle East directed against extremists who are allegedly beginning terror operations against the West.

What Is the Target of the Coming Attack?

If one were to ask me this question before Christmas, I would have said we are going to have a cyber terror attack against our banking system resulting in a catastrophic collapse of our economy with people not having access to their money. However, there is now some evidence that our utilities will be the target which could come under attack, specifically, an attack against our water treatment facilities.
I do not like releasing information from confidential sources which is totally unsupported by other data. The intelligence information is coming from three media personnel representing five confidential sources by my count and all of the sources are unnamed. For the past three weeks, I have been following leads which could support the notion.

The Evidence Trail Pointing to a Concerned Government With Regard to Water Treatment Facilities

According to most utility district managers, this potential threat is already on their minds as well as cyber security professionals. I have uncovered reports that surfaced on the Internet in October of 2011, that a cyber attack had taken down a water pump at a Springfield, Illinois water treatment facility. I now believe what we are looking at in this attack upon Springfield, Illinois , in 2011, was a beta test for what could be coming in the present day. Interestingly, following the Illinois attack, DHS and the FBI became quickly involved. Following the incident, the damage control police reared their ugly heads and uniformly stated that the Illinois incident was never a threat. However, at the AWWA Water Security Congress, for which a “roadmap” for water security, they tell a different story. The report was prepared and participants were told significant progress had been made in water security research to protect drinking water against a terror attack. Therefore, somebody in a position of power thought that that the Illinois incident was credible despite the denials of DHS and the FBI.
In July of 2014, the Ponemon Institute and Unisys issued a report entitled “Critical Infrastructure: Security Preparedness and Maturity.” The report surveyed nearly 600 IT security executives in 13 countries from the utility, oil and gas, alternative energy, and manufacturing sectors. According to the study, 67% of companies say they “have had at least one security compromise that led to the loss of confidential information or disruption to operations” in the past year. I call this the probing of our defenses.
My research has convinced me that this is a highly credible threat and that in this same study 54% of companies are not confident or unsure if they could upgrade their antiquated security systems to the next improved security state in cost-effective ways without sacrificing “mission-critical security.”  In other words, utility managers are well aware of the threat to critical infrastructure (i.e. water treatment) and these leaders are saying we do not have the ability to upgrade to a more sophisticated security system. This is a national problem and the American people are at extreme risk.

The Potential Cost of An Attack Upon Water Treatment Facilities

The recorded history of attacks on water systems goes back 4,500 years ago, when Urlama, King of Lagash from 2450 to 2400 BC, diverted water from this region to boundary canals, drying up boundary ditches to deprive the neighboring city state of Umma of water. His son Il later cut off the water supply to Girsu, a city in Umma. The casualties were astronomical. As Mark Twain said, “history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme”.

Terrorists equipped with a relatively small conventional explosive might not be able to cause serious structural damage to a massive dam, which is, after all, usually a giant block of rock, earth or concrete. But the adverse consequences of a major dam failure make the risk worth both assessing and reducing. A major dam failure can kill thousands of people and even more modest damage might interrupt power generation or affect some other important water system operation”. 

Heilprin (2005) found that “A more modern infrastructure concern is the use of remote computers to attack valves, pumps and chemical processing equipment though computer-based controls. If a group or individual could gain control over the automated operations of water facilities, water supplies or quality could be seriously compromised”.

The Threat Upon Our Water Supplies

In 1992, the Army Corps of Engineers moved into the emergency water treatment world. In case of a terror attack, the agency would coordinate a response and mitigation strategies under the auspices of DHS. In light of the perceived threat upon our water treatment facilities, the involvement of the Corps makes perfect sense and the apparent imminent threat to our water supplies would clearly dictate that said personnel would have their leaves cancelled.

The cancellation among some key military personnel would not ordinarily be suspicious, however, in light of everything else, the need to use the military for the ensuing civil chaos which would follow an attack upon our water supplies is apparent.

The Threat of An Attack Upon Water Treatment

If one major community, say Chicago, were to have its water treatment destroyed through a cyber attack, the country could mobilize and prevent widespread loss of life. However, if an attack of up to a dozen major communities, happened in this manner, would result in catastrophic loss of life.

If water treatment was unable to filter waste particles from our drinking water, that community would quickly experience an outbreak of the deadly cholera which is one of the major causes of death in the third world in which water treatment is very crude.

According to a couple of prepper experts that I spoke with, it would take 3-5 days for the worst to begin to happen following the compromising of water treatment. Clearly, civil unrest would go viral as people would begin to search for drinking supplies after their personal drinking supplies became exhausted.

Variables such as the time of year would come into play and have a significant role in the severity of the crisis. Could you imagine if this were to happen in Phoenix, where I live, in the summer?

Personnel Preparation

The one thing that everyone can do would be to store enough water for six months. Having a water treatment device would be critical. There are 50 gallon water drums that can be inexpensively purchased. Water treatment drops would be essential for such a storage device. Also, it is important to store water out of the way of sunlight and heat. And of course, if you live in an urban area, you will need to find ways to protect your supplies.

The Source of the Attack

As you continue to watch football, realize that they are here.
As you continue to watch football, realize that they are here.
The CIA controlled ISIS is everywhere. This picture was taken during the first set of Ferguson riots in August.
The CIA controlled ISIS is everywhere. This picture was taken during the first set of Ferguson riots in August.
Clearly, whether it is true or not, the source of the attack upon water supplies would be blamed on ISIS and perhaps that is correct. ISIS has already had a recognizable presence in the United States as evidenced by their presence in Ferguson.


I have watched as the number of the people who have this information has grown and the information transcends several domains. If one takes reasonable precautions with regard to this threat, what is the worst thing that could happen? You would simply drink your mistake. However, I do not believe that this is a mistake. Attacking the water supplies makes a great deal of sense because the effects would be widespread and potentially catastrophic. If you are not prepared in this area, I would suggest doing so quickly because there appears to an air of emergency in terms of our response personnel.
Credit to Common Sense

Chasing Rabbits

Joseph Herrin 

In the previous blog post I made reference to the January 2015 cover of The Economist magazine. This magazine, which is an organ of the Rothschild’s and their associates, is used to propagandize the masses. The January cover is pregnant with symbolism and dismal forebodings regarding what could occur in 2015. A number of websites which analyze the esoteric messages the global elite flood the world with, have given attention to deciphering what is being communicated through the images and words contained on the cover of this edition of this New World Order periodical. Among them are the Vigilant Citizen, Before Its News, Zero Hedge, and Above Top Secret websites. No doubt a great many people will spend time exploring the myriad of potential harbingers and omens contained in this magazine cover’s artwork.

The Economist, January 2015 Cover

In past blogs on this website, I too have given attention to unveiling the cryptic messages of the global elite. I have commented on various movies, on the Olympic ceremonies and associated symbols, and on a myriad of manufactured news events. Over the years I have observed a growing number of individuals and websites that devote great amounts of time and resources to conspiracies, with more and more attention given to trying to predict the next thing the global elite, the servants of Satan, will do as they move ever closer to establishing a one world government under the rule of their spiritual master.

Not only are the number of sites which focus on this subject increasing, but those who read these sites are greatly increasing in number. With this in mind, I believe it is expedient to post a word of caution about the practice of trying to divine the future by studying the material put out by those who are under the guidance of the great deceiver. A thought I have been increasingly impressed with in my own studies is that Satan is a master of deception and disinformation. Consequently, those who look to movies, magazines, books, music videos, or other forms of mass media to know what Satan and his servants will do next are on perilous ground if they are not cognizant of the subtlety and cunning of the dragon, who is the serpent of old. It is inadvisable to put too much attention on what Satan and his human minions are doing and saying, for they are invariably practicing deception even when they are seemingly forecasting their own plans.

As I look at the cover of The Economist magazine, one image I am struck with is that of Alice. Notice that she is the ONLY character whose back is to the reader. In this stance she represents the readership of the magazine. In other words, you and I are being equated to Alice from the book Alice in Wonderland. There is great symbolism here, for in this fictional tale Alice fell down a rabbit hole and found herself in an alternate reality that was disassociated from the real world. So too, mankind is being fed a steady stream of propaganda from a wide array of media sources with the result that they are being conditioned to view the world as Satan wants them to perceive it, rather than how it really is. Most people are living in a fantasy land. They believe lies, and reject truth, for they have been conditioned to do so from the time they entered this world.

I John 5:19
The whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

Revelation 12:9
The great dragon..., the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world...

Like Alice in Wonderland, Satan would like to entice us to chase rabbits down a hole which leads to an alternate reality. If he cannot deceive us, he might be just as satisfied to distract us by keeping us so preoccupied with the multitude of cryptic messages, which may or may not be forecasting future events, that we lose sight of what is truly important.

Without a doubt, the Christian’s main focus should be upon what God is saying, rather than what Satan is saying. The maxim has often been cited which states that law enforcement agents are taught to spot counterfeit money by studying the real thing, not by studying that which is false. So too, we must know the truth if we are to recognize lies. A disciple of Christ should spend much time in prayer, in the Scriptures, and meditating upon what Yahweh is speaking. Too much attention to what Satan and his servants are saying, and too little attention to God’s voice, will result in confusion.

In 2013 a movie came out that was titled Now You See Me. In what little commentary I have read on the movie, I have not found anyone to recognize what I believe to be one of the most obvious messages contained in it.

The tag line on the movie poster is “The closer you look, the less you’ll see.” When I heard this, I immediately took it as a taunt by Satan and his disciples. They want humanity to try to figure them out, to guess what they are up to, and to try to predict what they will do next. This is why a Rothschild owned magazine would place on its cover so many hints regarding what may occur in the upcoming year. This invitation to peer hard into the works of deception before us, and the taunt that it will only lead to confusion, is repeated throughout the movie Now You See Me.

Now You See Me - Come in Closer

The central plot of this movie revolves around a man whose father died tragically when the son was only 12 years old. The boy spent decades patiently planning and setting up his revenge upon those whom he deemed responsible for his father’s death and for cheating the family out of an insurance settlement. The boy’s father was a master magician, and the son has followed in his footsteps. He is practiced at deception. He is highly intelligent, and perhaps most remarkable, he is extremely patient in planning the moment of his revenge. I do not think it is coincidental that these are characteristics shared by Satan. Indeed, the magician who died bears a name that is an allusion to Satan. His name is Lionel Shrike.

The name Lionel is comprised of two parts. El is the Hebrew word for “God.” Who is the God depicted as a lion? The Bible actually provides two answers to this question. The first to come to most people’s mind is Jesus Christ/Yahshua the Messiah. He is the Son of God, while also being “the lion of the tribe of Judah.” However, Satan is also called “the god of this world,” and he is described by Peter as “a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

Shrike is a name of a bird, but it is not just any bird. The Shrike is referred to as the “butcher bird.”

Their beaks are hooked, like that of a bird of prey, reflecting their predatory nature, and their calls are strident.

Shrikes are known for their habit of catching insects and small vertebrates and impaling their bodies on thorns, the spikes on barbed-wire fences or any available sharp point. This helps them to tear the flesh into smaller, more conveniently-sized fragments, and serves as a cache so that the shrike can return to the uneaten portions at a later time.
[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrike]

The Son of God referred to Satan as a bird (Matthew 13:3-4, 18-19). The description of the Shrike provides an allusion to Satan who had Christ impaled on a tree. Satan has been planning his revenge for being cast out of heaven a very long time. Now, at the end of this age, he is about to bring all his years of patient waiting and planning to culmination, just like the man in the movie. Like the magicians recruited to carry out this act of vengeance in the movie, Satan is not afraid to do his work openly, for he believes he is smarter than everyone else.

Now You See Me - The First Rule of Magic

The Bible describes Satan as “full of wisdom” (Ezekiel 28:12), and as “cunning” (Genesis 3:1). Without argument, Satan possesses greater intelligence than mankind. He has also had far greater time to plan his acts of wrath and vengeance than any man. However, those who have been born again of the Holy Spirit have “the mind of Christ.” Christ is far wiser and intelligent than Satan. If we will abide in Christ, we need not be deceived by the adversary. The apostle Paul spoke of being aware of Satan’s methods and trickery.

II Corinthians 2:11
To keep Satan from getting the advantage over us; for we are not ignorant of his wiles and intentions.
[Amplified Bible]

One of Satan’s devices is misdirection. This is practiced to a great degree by those who are servants of Satan today. They draw people’s attention in one direction to mask what they are doing elsewhere. This ability to direct people’s attention is easily accomplished since Satan’s servants control the global media. Misdirection is a foundational tool used in magic. It has proven to be highly effectual in deceiving humanity regarding what is really taking place.

Now You See Me - Misdirection

The basis for magic is deception. Knowing this to be true, I have often had difficulty with the idea of Christians using magic as a tool to share the gospel, entertain children and adults, or as an introduction to some doctrinal message. Unless their message is about deception, it seems incongruous to use the tactics of the devil to advance the kingdom of God. Christ is the Truth. He did not come to deceive mankind, but to open their eyes to truth. Magicians and servants of Satan, on the other hand, rely upon acts of deception to advance their agenda. You and I are the targeted audience of their deceptions. Consequently, we are commanded to “be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves.”

Now You See Me - Targeted Deception

The move Now You See Me centers around three public performances of magic, which are actually acts of deception that have been planned out for decades. The final act takes place in New York City at a location called Five Pointz. This is undoubtedly a reference to Satanic black magic which often is performed around the image of a pentagram, an image having five points. During this last public performance the magicians proclaim the various prerequisites for magic/deception to be successful. The three prerequisites named are “belief,” “faith,” and “trust.” They go on to ask, “What happens if these qualities are not used for their higher purpose?” There is much dissembling here, for the one’s speaking, like Satan himself, only imagine what they are doing to be for some high and lofty purpose. In actuality, their motives are the most base, being rooted in selfishness.

Now You See Me - What is Magic

When I saw this movie in 2013 I spent time meditating upon the practice of looking to movies, Olympic ceremonies, books, magazines, music and their videos, or other forms of Satanically controlled media, to ascertain what the future holds. The evidence that Satan has used these forums to forecast some part of his diabolical plan is undeniable. In hindsight, the evidence is plain to see. Many people have revealed the myriad of ways in which the events of 9-11-2001 were announced ahead of time through various forms of media.



Although these links are not difficult to make in hindsight, it is quite difficult to examine the media and try to predict specific future events. Nevertheless, this is what many people are attempting to do. They end up spending inordinate amounts of time, thought, and energy attempting to predict the next move of Satan and his human servants. I believe The Economist magazine cover is inviting people to do this very thing. It is an act of misdirection. We are being invited to focus on what Satan is holding up before us, all the while he is working elsewhere.

If magic and deception requires “belief,” “faith,” and “trust” in order to be successful, we would do well to exhibit none of these things when it comes to the propaganda put out by the proponents of the New World Order. We should ALWAYS anticipate that some form of cunning, lying, and deception is being practiced.

Please understand that I am not suggesting that no attention should be given to these things. Rather, I would counsel the people of God to exercise wisdom as they weigh how much of their time, thought, and energy should be devoted to these deceitful forms of communication. The saints of God should also approach all such media sources with a high degree of skepticism, being alert to the cunning of the adversary.

Many of the events I write about in the Parables Blog are not media creations. I do place a higher regard upon actual events, such as the story of Christian Faith dying of fear at a horror theme park, the SS United States facing the scrap bin, or some celestial sign such as a comet, planetary conjunction, or solar and lunar eclipses. Movies and magazine covers may contain some clues as to what is coming upon the world, but they are much more subject to manipulation and deceit. So beware. Don’t indiscriminately chase every rabbit that presents itself before you. Satan is a master performer. He has pulled many a rabbit out of a hat when it suited his purposes.

Credit to Joseph Herrin

FBI's role in warrantless surveillance increased

A declassified Justice Department report sheds light on the FBI's growing involvement in PRISM, a mass surveillance program often linked with the National Security Agency (NSA).

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit launched by The New York Times stirred DOJ to turn over the 284-page report, albeit substantially redacted, to the news outlet. On Sunday, the Times published the DOJ Inspector General Report (PDF), which was completed in 2012, but remained under wraps as a classified document until now.

The report marks how the FBI has progressively increased its role in warrantless surveillance, first, by assuming authority to review foreigners' email accounts collected under the PRISM system. In October 2009, the bureau then began “retaining copies of unprocessed communications gathered without a warrant to analyze for its own purposes,” the Times revealed.

In April 2012, the FBI started suggesting noncitizens' phone numbers and email accounts for mass collection by the NSA.

In an emailed letter to the Times, the Department of Justice said Friday that it was turning over the documents as a court ordered it to in August 2014. DOJ also noted, however, that “information in these documents has been redacted pursuant to certain FOIA exemptions.”

“There was only one uncensored reference to the Prism system,” the Times article noted. “It was not clear why the Justice Department had redacted all the other references to Prism in the report; the name of that program and many details about it have been declassified and were discussed in a July 2014 report by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.”

Credit to SCmagazine.com

Efforts to Identify Source of ISIS Recent Weapons Shipments

An unidentified aircraft dropped weapons and equipment for ISIS southeast of Tikrit over the weekend. Western intelligence sources say that there is a concentrated effort to identify the source. According to a new report in the Iraqi media, Iraqi sources said that this is not the first time; an unknown aircraft dropped weapons and munitions to ISIS in Yathrib area south of Tikrit, several areas in Salahuddin, and in Mosul.

A new report prepared for the United Nations Security Council warns that the militant group known as the Islamic State (ISIS) possesses sufficient reserves of small arms, ammunition and vehicles to wage its war for Syria and Iraq for up to two years.

Experts say that the size of the ISIS arsenal provides the group with durable mobility, range and a limited defense against low-flying aircraft.

Even if the US-led bombing campaign continues to destroy the group’s vehicles and heavier weapons, the UN report states, it “cannot mitigate the effect of the significant volume of light weapons” Isis possesses.

Those weapons “are sufficient to allow ISIS to continue fighting at current levels for six months to two years”, the UN report finds, making ISIS not only the world’s best-funded terrorist group but among its best armed.

ISIS, along with its former rival turned occasional tactical ally the Nusra Front, are sufficiently armed to threaten the region “even without territory”, the report concludes.

The report, months in the making, recommends the UN implement new steps to cut off ISIS’s access to money and guns.

The ISIS arsenal, according to the UN assessment, includes T-55 and T-72 tanks; US-manufactured Humvees; machine guns; short-range anti-aircraft artillery, including shoulder-mounted rockets captured from Iraqi and Syrian military stocks; and “extensive supplies of ammunition”.

Credit to Rightsidenews.com

OIL COLLAPSE: Economic Turmoil in 2015


Last week’s brazen attack by a “home-grown” terrorist cell in France that targeted the staff of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has drawn renewed interest in potential cells operating inside the United States.
And there are many.
The FBI is aware of at least 22 paramilitary Islamic communes in the U.S., operated by the shadowy Pakistan-based group Jamaat al-Fuqra and its main U.S. front group, Muslims of America Inc.
With U.S. headquarters in Islamberg, New York, the group headed by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani operates communes in mostly remote areas of California, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, Michigan, Tennessee and other states.
The FBI describes the MOA compound in Texas, called Mahmoudberg, as an enclave and “communal living site.” Located in Brazoria County along County Road 3 near Sweeny, Texas, it was discovered a couple of years ago by the FBI through a tip from an informant in New York.
The Texas commune, in a heavily wooded area, is estimated by a local resident to encompass about 25 acres. It dates back to the late 1980s, the resident said, which is confirmed by the FBI documents previously reported on by WND.
Pamela Geller, author of the Atlas Shrugs blog and the book “Stop the Islamization of America,” has been following the militant training compounds since 2007.
Gilani’s group operates a slick website in which a female narrator in one promo video waxes beautifully about how the group has rescued many young Americans from a life a crime, drugs and poverty. The group claims to focus on a ministry to “indigenous American Muslims.” One would never guess from the video that the group trains young men and women in the use of small arms and military tactics.
Most of the recruits living at these communes are African-Americans who converted to Islam while doing hard time in state or federal prisons, Geller says. They have operated “under the not-so-watchful eye” of the FBI since the early 1980s, she says, but few Americans are aware of their existence all these years later.
“Probably they haven’t been raided because Jamaat al-Fuqra is not listed as a terrorist group by the U.S. government and because there is a great reluctance among government and law enforcement agencies across the board, no matter who is president, to appear to be anti-Muslim,” Geller told WND. “These compounds say they’re peaceful Muslim communities, and the government wants to give the impression that such things can exist in the U.S. without any trouble.”
Credit to WND
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/01/22-terror-camps-verified-inside-u-s/#6UWVjEXhrOu3MZ78.99

Turkish President: The French Are Behind The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

It was less than 48 hours ago when Turkey’s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, joined millions marching in Paris to pay tribute to the 17 people killed by ISIS-supporting extremists. Then, almost the moment he got back, things changed, and as the FT politely paraphrases what transpired, the "country’s president struck a much more confrontational tone." That's one way of putting it. 
Another is that the former PM and current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of NATO-member Turkey did the unthinkable: accused the west, and French citizens in particular, of staging the Charlie Hebdo murder in order to blame Muslims, even as the mayor of Ankara said "Mossad is definitely behind such incidents . . . it is boosting enmity towards Islam."
"The duplicity of the west is obvious,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a press conference on Monday evening. “As Muslims we have never sided with terror or massacres: racism, hate speech, Islamophobia are behind these massacres.”
His punchline: "The culprits are clear: French citizens undertook this massacre and Muslims were blamed for it,” he added.
The FT is confused: "Although political leaders in Turkey have repeatedly condemned the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine, a Jewish supermarket and a policewoman, a parallel narrative has emerged in the country, with conspiracy theorists blaming the murders on foreign intelligence agencies rather than radical Islamists."
It's not just the French who were said to be behind the attack: so is Mossad:
Melih Gokcek, mayor of Ankara for the ruling AK party, said on Monday that “Mossad [the Israeli intelligence service] is definitely behind such incidents . . . it is boosting enmity towards Islam.” Mr Gokcek linked the attacks to French moves towards recognising Palestine.

Ali Sahin, a member of Turkey’s parliament and foreign affairs spokesman for the AK party, last week set out eight reasons why he suspected the killings were staged so that “the attack will be blamed on Muslims and Islam”.
But back to Erdogan:
In his own remarks on Monday, Mr Erdogan added: “Games are being played throughout the Islamic world”. He expressed bewilderment that French intelligence services had not followed the culprits more effectively.
The FT is further confused that Turkey is not the only place which has dared to offer conspiratorial theories: Russia is too.
In Russia, some pro-Kremlin commentators sought to link the killings to geopolitical machinations by the US. 

Komsomolskaya Pravda, one of Russia’s leading tabloids, ran the headline: “Did the Americans stage the terror attack in Paris?” and posted a series of interviews on its website that presented various reasons why Washington might have organised the attack. 

In one interview, Alexander Zhilin, head of the pro-Kremlin Moscow Centre for the Study of Applied Problems, claimed the terror attack was US retribution against President François Hollande for a January 6 radio interview in which Mr Hollande urged the EU to lift sanctions against Russia.  Washington used the attacks as “a quick fix for consolidating” US and EU geopolitical interests in Ukraine, Mr Zhilin claimed.
The FT is most stunned that in Russia the events in Charlie Hebdo are being equated to the 9/11 tragedy:
For the last 10 years, so-called Islamist terrorism has been under the control of one of the world’s leading intelligence agencies,” Alexei Martynov, director of the International Institute for New States, a think-tank, told pro-Kremlin internet outlet LifeNews. “I am sure that some American supervisors are responsible for the terror attacks in Paris, or in any case the Islamists who carried them out.”
Whatever could have given the Russian this idea...

Credit to Zero Hedge