The next 18 days could determine the fate of, not just this nation, but of the entire planet. Will the satanically inspired globalist be allowed to unleash their evil upon humanity to prevent a rebirth of populism and ultimately Christianity?

The CSS on November 6, 2016

One of the most moving moments on The Common Sense Show, occurred when Steve Quayle was one of my guests on November 6, 2016, more on his appearance later in the article.  I was fearful the Hillary Clinton’s henchmen had done enough to steal the election. Between George Soros voting machines and the illegal aliens being bussed from location to location to vote multiple times, I thought Clinton had done more than enough to steal the election while subverting the will of the people.
If the election had totally been decided on the basis of pure power within the physical realm, Clinton would have indeed stolen the election. However, this election was decided in the spiritual realm and I had a front row seat.

Steve Quayle’s Prayer

It was one of the best shows, if not the best show in the history of The common Sense Show as I played host to Doug and Joe Hagmann as well as Steve Quayle. All of us were on the same spiritual wavelength that night as we summoned up all the power that we could manifest through Jesus Christ and applied this spiritual power to the election.
In the show, Steve broke out into a long, unrehearsed, highly emotional prayer in which he asked the Lord to assert his authority over the election. I confess that the entire time that Steve was praying, I could feel the presence of God in my heart and throughout my being like I have never felt it before. During the prayer, Steve prayed that God’s will be done and Clinton be bound up and America should be protected from her sinful and wicked ways. I was never so moved by prayer than I was that night. Prior to the show, I felt that Clinton, through hook and crook, was going to win. After the prayer, I had an inner knowing that God would perform a miracle and bind up the forces of Satan as manifested in Clinton.

The Election Night Miracle

trump miracle
On the night of the election, I watched the election as if it were some major sporting spectator event. Could Trump pull off the biggest political upset in American history? I sat there in my recliner, was mesmerized as one political miracle unfolded, one right after another.
One of my neighbors called me and asked me how did Trump do it? And my answer was “this battle was won in the spiritual realm” and I reminded him of Steve’s prayer. Many that night listened in agreement to Steve’s prayer and on election night there was, no doubt, millions of similar prayers being said and the Lord listened and had mercy upon this wicked nation that murders its young and neglects its elderly. Our living God has given us a second chance.
A few weeks earlier, Sheila Zilinski said a prayer and requested that the Lord “bind up Hillary”.  For a short time, in October and November, I watched as this nation, in large part, turned its face to God as our people knew that we would not survive a Clinton presidency.
Also, during the course of the November 6th show, Doug and Joe Hagmann shared their thoughts of what would happen to this nation if we allowed a 4th degree Coven Witch to ever become the President. I went to bed that night understanding with an insight like never before the true meaning of the scriptural references to “whenever two or more are gathered in my name…” and “faith can move mountains”. I knew that the Christians were going to win on November 8th.
On November 8th, this country came as close to serving God as I have ever seen. It was the night that the Lord saved America. But America does not need saving only on election night. We need saving, every day and every night. We have 18 very dangerous days left before the will of the people is manifested in the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump.  Trump, given his background, is an unlikely servant of the people. I am an unworthy servant of Jesus. The Lord uses who he wants when he wants. We would be wise not to question God’s choice of raw materials that he uses, but focus that his will be done here in America as it is done in Heaven.

Our Challenges Have Just Begun

Do you want the spiritual protection of the Lord? Then we all have to do is to align ourselves to his will and “all will be added” unto us.
What just happened in American politics was spiritual miracle. However, we must remember that Satan is the Prince of this world and we are unable to face him without dawning the armor of the Lord. I read recently that Trump would like to see prayer go back into the schools. Trump is getting it from a spiritual perspective. His handling of the Putin/alleged hacking has been handled with reason and grace by Trump. In contrast, Obama is doing his best to carry out Satan’s will by provoking a war with Russia that could ultimately kill billions. You see, the elite no longer need the masses. With automation, we as a race have become a disposable commodity who has outlived its usefulness, from the Satanic, globalist perspective. Without the protection of the Lord, we face these depopulation-inspired Satanists on our own and our prospects of victory are slim and none.

Are We in the Last Days as Foretold in the Bible?

To answer this question, I must freely confess that the signs are there. Perhaps, if we continue to turn to the Lord, he will allow us to move the Tribulation and the end days back to another less Christ-like generation. Of this possibility, I am uncertain.  However, if we are in the last days, it is not for us to question our service to the Lord. It is our duty to serve as we never have done before. When we made our way into the world, we learned that being a grown-up is hard. Being a Christian is the hardest thing you will ever do. Think, high risk-high reward. Think of being bound forever in hell when this is all over. This is not a philosophical debate. We are deciding our future, not just in the next four years, but for all of eternity. Over the next 18 days, the forces of good and evil are aligning for battle. Which side are you on? There is no such thing as neutrality. You must make a choice. To not make a choice means that the fence sitter serves Satan.
Aligning with God to prevent a Satanist from being elected, was only the first baby step. We must serve our Lord’s will with the proper thought, word and deed and be careful to not place preconditions on our service.
In a later article, I will be writing about the kinds of things that I think we should be doing to lessen the grip that Satan has on this world and on this country, in particular. Stay in prayer. Pray that Donald Trump is protected and he will be free to do what must be done to bring this country to a state of peace, prosperity, but mostly a nation that serves God. This I pray in earnest and all the people said “Amen”.
Here is the November 6th show. The show is offered in a format that one can download and play throughout the day, the day before the most important election in American History.

 Credit to Common Sense