bilderberg 2016
The Bilderberg has an enormous problem, namely, how to deal with Donald Trump. Trump will no doubt dominate the Bilderberg conference discussions.

The Bilderberg Agenda

As the world knows, the agenda talking points for the Bilderberg conference have been released and they consist of the following:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Chemical Weapons Threats
  • Current Economic Issue
  • European Strategy
  • Globalisation
  • Greece
  • Iran
  • Middle East
  • NATO
  • Russia
  • Terrorism
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • US Elections

Why the Bilderberg Would Support Clinton

The word on the street is that the early indications seem to strongly indicate that the Bilderberg will overwhelmingly support Clinton’s candidacy. Why? Because, unlike Trump, she has kept free trade agreements out of the campaign discussion. Clinton supports the globalist agenda of totally open borders no matter what the cost. She supports climate change initiatives to the same degree as Obama and this factor alone, with cap and trade policies looming, will fatten the coffers of the globalists more than the free trade agreements. Further, Clinton has indicated that she will use extreme measures to enforce these global initiatives including turning the Second Amendment on its ear, obliterating free speech and using FEMA camps to silence her critics (remember the everyone needs to experience re-education at “Fun Camps” comment?).
Clinton’s resume, which is punctuated by death and destruction is exactly the kind of personality needed by the globalists to complete the dramatic transformation of humanity. At any other given time, a Clinton candidacy would be laughable with her past transgressions such as Whitewater, Vince Foster, Benghazi and now the email scandal. She is simply not electable. However, if a “queen of the French Revolution” is need, then Hillary Clinton is your person.

Standing In the Globalist Path to World Domination Is Donald Trump and Awakening America

Just the fact that the globalists would support Clinton speaks to their desperation. Everything from her character, to the heinous and perverse manner she conducts her private life to her appearance, to her very annoying persona, makes Hillary Clinton not electable. In laymen’s terms, who would want such a loser? And their sense of desperation is undeniably being exacerbated by the fact that Donald Trump is on the verge of awakening an entire nation.
In a general election, Clinton stands no chance against Trump. For example, her claims of Trump’s impropriety when it comes to Trump University pale in comparison to Vince Foster and the trail of bodies that followed the Clinton’s into the White House a generation ago. If there was a lesson to be learned from the Republican Primary it was that the American people are no longer buying the globalist propaganda as they once did. America is angry and they saw through the media’s dirty tricks when it came to opposing Trump. The harder the media pushed against Trump, the more his support grew. Therefore, I am predicting that we will not likely see a traditional campaign because Hillary Clinton has too many skeletons and Trump has proven himself to be media proof.

Options for the Bilderberg

Below, I have listed another of alternatives available to the Bilderberg machine when it comes to preventing a Trump Presidency.
  1. Assassinate Trump. and Black Lives Matter would provide the thug(s)- (i.e. the worn out lone gunman scenario) or thugs to carry out the act. In this scenario of plausible deniability, the public would not suspect, in large numbers, the fact that the Bilderberg was behind it. In my opinion, these groups would make perfect a perfect patsy for an assassination. With Trump gone, the populist movement against the criminal elite would be eliminated. I am not sure the movement would die, but finding a suitable replacement for Trump would be a certain impossibility. Therefore, I hope any move against Donald Trump should be considered to be a direct threat against every person in the United States.
  2. Another distinct possibility would be a massive terrorist attack, in Cleveland, while the convention is in session. Even if Trump survived, the supporting cast would be so devastated, that a coherent campaign against Clinton could not be launched. And who would carry out such a deed? Well, Obama has admitted so many terrorists into the United States, there would be no shortage of candidates. My number one scenario in this instance would include flying a plane with a dirty bomb on board into the site of the Convention Center during a high profile time. It might be ISIS that performs the deed, but the Bilderberg membership will be behind it.
  3. A third possibility would consist of launching a major set of false flag events across America which would give Obama the ability to stay in office under Executive Order 13603. In this instance, there would be no election and martial law, along with all the intended censorship and mass arrests, would take place.
  4.  The membership of the Bilderberg could start a war which would have, in effect, the same results as #3 on this list. If one reviews the Bilderberg agenda, nearly every item has to do with economic collapse or war to some degree.
  5. The RNC stilll might have some tricks up their sleeve and find a way to not nominate Donald Trump. However, I see this as a remote possibility.


It is clear that America, is ready to become battleground America. What do you think the Bilderberg are going to do about a Trump candidacy. 

Credit to Common Sense