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Thursday, November 20, 2014

ISIS Video Showing French Jihadists Burning Passports and Calling For Terror In France

The video triggers new concerns of terror at home for France, which is struggling to deal with more than 1,000 citizens, who have joined ISIS. Reuters

A new video released by the Islamic State group shows four foreign fighters, purportedly from France, burning French passports and urging fellow citizens to inflict terror at home. Earlier in the week, France identified two of its citizens featured in a video showing the execution of U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig and several Syrian soldiers.

The latest video, released by one of ISIS’ main media outlets, Al Hayat, shows four ISIS militants burning French passports at a campfire, and three of them delivering messages in French to the camera. One of the jihadists exhorts French Muslims to fight unbelievers in France if they are unable to travel to Iraq or Syria, while another states that the messages in the video are aimed at “the enemies of Islam and specifically France.”

“What are you waiting for? Why do you not perform Hijra?” an unmasked militant, who is described as Abu Osama al-Faranci, says in the video. “How do you accept to work in the land of Kufr (disbelievers) when Allah has opened a door for you to perform the best of deeds?”

The burning of a passport is considered to be a rite of passage and a show of loyalty to the group among new foreign fighters who have left their countries and travelled to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS, the Daily Mail reported.

The video, which has both Arabic and English subtitles, begins with a masked fighter speaking in fluent French, stating: “You have oppressed us, fought our religion and insulted our Prophet (peace be upon him.) And today, we disbelieve in you and your passports, and if you come here we will fight you.”

Holding a serrated short sword, another fighter identified as Abu Maryam al-Faranci, says that ISIS fighters will not hesitate to chop off the heads of the enemies of Islam if the French government continues bombing Iraq and Syria. French nationals “will even fear travelling to the market,” he says.

France is part of a U.S.-led coalition conducting airstrikes against the group in Iraq.

A third French fighter, identified as Abu Salman al-Faranci, says that he has pledged to be loyal to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and urges other French Muslims to “operate within France,” if they cannot join ISIS in Syria or Iraq.

“Terrorise them and do not allow them to sleep due to fear and horror. There are weapons and cars available and targets ready to be hit. Even poison is available, so poison the water and food of at least one of the enemies of Allah,” he says, in the video.

The video follows France’s disclosure of the identity of two of its nationals in a mass beheading video of Syrian government soldiers and Kassig. On Monday, French government officials identified 22-year-old Maxime Hauchard from Normandy among the ISIS militants announcing the death of Kassig, along with 12 Syrian military personnel.

Prosecutors also identified a second French national named Michaƫl Dos Santos, also 22, in the beheading video. Santos, who belongs to a Paris suburb, converted to Islam and took the name of Abu Othman, Sputnik reported, adding that he left France for Syria to join ISIS in 2013.

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According to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Russian Federation is continuing to amass forces at the border, including radar stations and Mig-31 Foxhound combat planes, interceptors capable of a maximum speed of Mach 2.83.

An unspecified amount of Mig-31s based at Perm have been deployed to Millerovo airfield, in the Rostov region, close to the border with Ukraine, a sign that Moscow may be preparing to actively control the airspace over Luhansk Oblast.

The MiG-31 is a two-seater derivative of the MiG-25 in service since 1983. Designed to face U.S. supersonic strategic bombers flying at low altitude (B-1B bomber), the MiG-31 has quite good low-level capabilities and features a radar with look-down-shoot-down capability. Equipped with a HUD (Head-Up Display), the Foxhound is older and less maneuverable than Mig-29 and Su-27, but it is still an amazing interceptor, with a top speed of Mach 2.83 and an operational range of 1,450 km.

Although the production of the Mig-31 ended in the early 1990s, the Foxhound interceptor is being upgraded to extend its operative life up to the 2028 – 2030, until a replacement will be available.

In the meanwhile, the Russian Air Force has plans to base the aircraft at Tiksi airfield, located on Russia’s Arctic Ocean coast.

According to Ukrainian Government, along with Migs and radars, Russian tanks have been reported crossing the border, whereas hundred pieces of military equipment have been deployed by the Russian Federation inside Ukraine.

Credit to Theaviationist.com

Bill to have all Russians fingerprinted and DNA profiled

MPs from the populist nationalist party LDPR have prepared and drafted a motion requiring universal fingerprinting and DNA profiling of all Russian citizens for reasons of security.

The main sponsor of the bill is Roman Khudyakov, known for previously wanting the urban population of the country, including visitors and foreigners, to be fingerprinted. This time the lawmaker opted for the “biometrical registration” of all Russians, which essentially means fingerprinting and DNA-profiling of everyone. The information would be held in a central government database and each citizen would be provided with the details on a so called “bio-card.” The bill suggests the setting up of a special federal agency in charge of the biometrical scanning, reporting either to the Interior Ministry or to the Federal Security Service, the FSB.

In comments to the popular daily Izvestia, Khudyakov urged his plan be put into practice as soon as possible saying that it would help law enforcers and society. The politician said that in the near future the program would allow the scrapping of other forms of ID and significantly cut red tape. In addition he assured reporters that ordinary Russians should not fear over the security of their personal data.

“All information will be protected. It is like a bank card. We will also toughen the criminal responsibility for officials who have access to the data. When people face three years in prison for leaking the data no one would be tempted to do this,” he said.

Khudyakov also suggests keeping the data for 150 years from the date of collection, and then it would be destroyed. The biometric cards of the dead could be kept by state agencies for the same period of time and then disposed of.

The bill allows for voluntary biometrical registration by citizens, and by parents for their children, in which case the applicants will have to pay for it. However, the procedure will be obligatory and free for all civil servants, law enforcers, military and security personnel, convicts, firemen, rescuers and people applying for a driving license or gun permit. Biometrical scanning will be done for those who want to travel abroad and for foreigners who arrive in Russia and also for many other categories. Experts have noted that if introduced the procedure would cover all Russian residents over age of 14.

At present Russian law enforcers use the Automated Fingerprint Identification System or ADIS to hold data on convicted criminals and military personnel.

The universal and obligatory fingerprinting was suggested by Russia’s top prosecutor Aleksandr Bastrykin in 2010, but lawmakers put off a decision citing the high costs of the system and the need to ensure its legality.

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Part One of this series dealt with the fact that the G20 has declared that your “money” in the bank, is not “money” anymore and is subject to not being covered by the FDIC as it was in the past.
Part two discussed how the theft of your bank account will occur incrementally in order to avoid a violent backlash from the public.
The third part of the series will discuss how the globalists will not stop with the theft of your bank accounts and will quickly include your retirement accounts, your homes and ultimately the globalists will seek to control your one remaining asset, your personal labor.

Enter the Secretary of Treasury, Jack Lew, An Economic Hitman

Attention Federal Employees: This is man is stealing from you as you read these words.
Attention Federal Employees: This is man is stealing from you as you read these words.
Congress is back in session and what are they talking about? One of the topics is raising the debt ceiling. The Treasury Department once again is taking federal retirement programs to buy the government more time to increase the nation’s debt ceiling. And why does the government need to raise the debt ceiling? The debt ceiling must be raised for two reasons, (1) in order to fund the banker-inspired wars of occupation and, (2) to continue to fund the largest wealth transfer in history, the bailouts. And just who is behind this nonsense? The Banksters from Basel are pulling the strings and Goldman Sachs is executing the plan. Also, the very close friends of Goldman Sachs over at Citigroup now have their henchman in charge of the continuing rape of America’s resources by Wall Street and he is Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.
Normally, the position of the Secretary of the Treasury is held by an alumni of Goldman  Sachs (e.g. Hank Paulson). However, the latest Treasury Secretary is from Citibank. Why? Let me be clear, and Lew you can sue me if this not true, it is a fact that Obama appointed one of the criminals who had a major hand in bringing down the economy to run the country’s finances. While at Citigroup, Lew oversaw 113 tax evading accounts in Cayman Island banks. Based upon Lew’s resume, hedge funds for Citigroup where he lost almost 600 million dollars, one can only assume that is why Obama has appointed Lew to finish the job which will leave you and I with nothing.
I know that some of you would say that “There would be a revolution if the government ever dared to take our retirements. At least the citizens of Greece rioted because they understand what happened to them. Our sheeple still hide behind the security blanket belief that “they would never do that.” Lew was made the Secretary of the Treasury because he would do “that”, he has done “that” and he is going to do “that” to you.

Jack’s Criminal Background

When one wants to commit a murder, one hires a hitman. When one wants to kill the economy of a nation and rape the citizens of that nation of all of its assets, one hires an economic hitman. This is what the globalists have done by going outside the tradition stranglehold of a Goldman Sachs alumni holding the position of the Secretary of the Treasury and they have brought in economic hitman, Jack Lew, from Citigroup. As I have stated, Lew was an overseer of hedge funds. You know, the hedge funds originating from the actual criminals that collapsed the economy in 2008. This is who Obama selected to run the economy. So, why does this bear repeating?
Last year, Lew announced that the government was taking the unprecedented action of avoiding governmental default through the last summer by including tapping into and suspending investments into the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and halting the daily reinvestment of the government securities (G) fund, the most stable offering in the Thrift Savings Plan‘s portfolio. That is right my federal Civil Service employee friends, your retirement is in jeopardy!

Grand Theft America

grand theft america
Beginning in 2012, the Federal Reserve began to purchase $40 billion dollars in Mortgage Backed Securities as part of QE3. Isn’t interesting that QE 3 has been tapered and this just happens to coincide with the notice that the G20 has declared that your bank account does not contain any money, which allows them to not compensate you when the banks begin to fail. This G20 action constitutes a form of QE4 by stealth.  This undeclared QE4 will lead to a complete asset forfeiture by the general public. This will be the largest wealth transfer in history.
We have long heard that bankers that have hijacked the government would commence stealing our private wealth through seizing bank account funds and this will be quickly followed by the theft of the pension funds and this is exactly what the chief bankster, Jack Lew, is implementing.
The globalists plan to step up the MERS mortgage fraud as every month. And the seizure of bank accounts will occur incrementally as it has been the case in other countries. Certainly, George Soros  money movements away from the American megabanks, over the past year, signals a major reason for concern by American account holders. Soros knows what is coming and now you do too.

Attention Federal Employees

The federal employees G Fund is invested in interest-bearing Treasury securities (i.e. bonds) that make up the public debt. The Civil Service Retirement Fund finances benefit payments under the Civil Service Retirement System and the basic retirement annuity of the Federal Employees’ Retirement System, and those investments are made up of securities also considered part of the public debt. In other words, for you people who have cushy federal government jobs, Lew is telling you that the government controls your retirement.
They own it and they own you.  And you people who thought serving the New World Order was a such a good idea, are you reconsidering your loyalties now?
Military and law enforcement personnel should take note on how you will be treated for your subjugation of the American people.

Grand Theft Kremlin

I laugh at those who think that Putin is somehow independent of the Banksters. Putin is as controlled by the banksters as is President Obama and his intended theft of Russian retirement accounts is living proof of this statement.
Late last year, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told his finance ministers that the Russian government was  “temporarily” seizing $7.6 billion in savings from non-state pension funds while it carries out inspections to insure that the money Russians channel to privatepension funds, is safe. To do this, it seized 244 billion rubles (i.e. $7.6 billion) from private, non-governmental pension funds and forcibly, but only “temporarily” place them into the Russian government state pension fund.
Russian authorities claim that they will only hold the retirement money for awhile (i.e. a year) while they check to see that banking institutions are sound. We have passed the previously set year deadline and the Putin still has the Russian retirement money. To you journalists who work such outlets as “Voice of Russia”, Putin just stole your retirements. Aren’t you going to report it? It is hard not believe that this retirement money will not be applied to invading and occupying Ukraine as well as continuing to buy gold in order to purchase Iranian oil.
The Russian government explanation of why they need to seize retirement funds does not even constitute a good cover story. Many analysts state that the “temporary” borrowing of Russian pension funds by the government looks more like a case of government“ confiscation” of these private funds.
Former Russian finance minister, Alexei Kudrin, has stated that if the government is not intent on spending these retirement funds, then why are they banking the retirement money?
Government controlled companies have expressed a negative reaction to the “borrowing” of Russian retirement funds. Most experts agree that the Russian government is making Russia a very unattractive place to invest given this new development. This apparent reckless action by the Russian government makes no sense unless the Russians, like the American bankers are attempting to acquire as many hard assets as possible before the coming collapse of the banks.

Loving Your Enslavement

When the globalists are done stealing all of your hard assets, then they are coming after last remaining asset, namely, your personal labor. According to Obama’s EO 13603, the President, or the head of any federal agency that he shall designate, can conscript “persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation,” in both “peacetime and times of national emergency.”  I can hear the Obama supporters now as they will write to me and say, “Obama would never do that, you are drinking from the Kool-Aid”.  Well, here it is, you can read it for yourself.
Sec. 502.  Consultants.  The head of each agency otherwise delegated functions under this order is delegated the authority of the President under sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c), to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations.  The authority delegated by this section may not be redelegated.

This means that Obama, and his fellow communists, can seize any resource, property, or person at any time for any reason, including being able to force that person to perform assigned labor without being paid.
There is only ONE word for forced, “uncompensated employment”. That word would be “slavery”. Congratulations President Obama, you have effectively repealed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.
Section 601 of the act specifies, in part, how far the government can go in terms of making you their slave.
Sec. 601. Secretary of Labor. (a) The Secretary of Labor, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of other agencies, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall:
(1) collect and maintain data necessary to make a continuing appraisal
of the Nation’s workforce needs for purposes of national defense;
(2) upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination
with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service
in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of
persons for duty in the armed services;
(3) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this
order, consult with that agency with respect to: (i) the effect of contemplated
actions on labor demand and utilization; (ii) the relation of
labor demand to materials and facilities requirements; and (iii) such other
matters as will assist in making the exercise of priority and allocations
functions consistent with effective utilization and distribution of labor;
(4) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this
order: (i) formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor
requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes; and
ii) estimate training needs to help address national defense requirements
and promote necessary and appropriate training programs
“to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations”.
This, my fellow Americans, is a civilian conscription and this is why the Secretary of Labor is in charge instead of the head of the Selective Service! Under these provisions, the government believes that they can send you anywhere, to work on anything of their choosing.

If the above section was merely going to be a military draft, then the Secretary of Labor would not have to be involved. However, as you will note the “Secretary of Labor, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and heads of other agencies, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall:
“…assist in the development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services;… formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes; and (ii) estimate training needs to help address national defense requirements and promote necessary and appropriate training programs…”.  Refer back to section 502 of sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c);  these are the people that the Secretary of the Labor will conscript in order “to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations”.
This, my fellow Americans, is a civilian conscription (i.e. slavery) and this is why the Secretary of Labor is in charge instead of the head of the Selective Service! Under these provisions, the government believes that they can send you anywhere, to work on anything of their choosing.
fema camp workers


For you people who thought serving the New World Order was such a good idea, are you reconsidering your loyalties now? You NSA guys who are spying on us right at precisely this minute, do you think your pensions are safe? To you potbellied perverts from the TSA, do you think your retirement will be there when you are done groping our wives and children on behalf of the globalists who seek to dehumanize the traveling public? How’s that Kool-Aid tasting about now?
The fourth and final part of this series will look at the limited solutions that the general public has at their disposal.
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By Coach Dave Daubenmire

Our children are bleeding out the eyes and ears. It is not blood that they are emitting, but heritage. Very few of our children really understand the Gospel of the Kingdom and what it's impact is supposed to be on the world. We have turned Christianity into a personal life-style choice.

There is no other way to explain what is going on. The American Church is hemorrhaging. The foundation upon which all morality springs is cracking like an egg. If Christians can no longer recognize or defend the truth we can expect the blood-letting to continue. Only a super-sized moral tourniquet can stop the oozing from the body of America.

Somewhere along the line we stopped thinking generationally. We failed to pass along to our children's children the Rock of Ages upon which our nation was anchored. As a result, our nation is wobbling, struggling to find it's footing on the sinking-sand of humanism. Our nation is suffering from Spiritual Ebola.

Ebola attacks the immune system. It stops the body from functioning properly. It is not the Ebola that eventually kills but the failure of the immune system to properly fight it off. For generations Christianity was the American immune system. Only recently, since it has been removed from the education of our children, has evil been able to run so unopposed.

Psalm 127 refers to our children as “arrows.” It is our job to train our little “arrows” to be shot by the Archer into every area of the world. Some arrows are shot into business, some into government, some into education, others into media and entertainment, but all are shot into an area where they have the opportunity to wield influence (salt and light).

But Believers have not caught that vision. We have sent our arrows to a world of secular education where they have been taught that they are only to use their Christian ideals in their private lives and would do well to keep their “personal” beliefs to themselves. Christian parents rarely pray that their children would be “world changers,” but, rather, that their young arrows might be “successful.”

It is hard to measure Christian “success” unless you measure success by worldly standards. I wonder how many parents pray that their arrows would be martyred for the advancement of the Gospel...rather than attaining the wealth and happiness that the secular world deems as successful?

The impact of an arrow in the hands of a skillful archer can change the course of history. The job of the parent is to sharpen and form the arrow. God is the Archer. He shoots them where He needs them. How well-fashioned are the arrows that we are putting into His Hands?

Most parents don't have a clue what I am talking about. They think the idea of an “education” is to help their children “be prepared for life.” It is my experience that there really isn't a whole lot of difference between what a Christian parent wants for his/her child and what a non-believing couple wants for theirs. The goal is for their child to be successful and happy. This should not be so.

That is why Christians are so willing to send their arrows to Caesar to be trained. If the goal of child rearing is “success” then who better to train them than those who have been baptized in the world's system. I have spent the better part of fifty years involved one way or another with education and I can without hesitation tell you that one will be hard pressed to recognize a Christian child from a non-Christian child in our public school system.

The light is barely flickering and the salt has lost it's saltiness. Caesar has shaped all the arrows the same. At least that has been his goal. How can we expect Christian children to be trained and formed in a system that is designed for worldly success to train and equip the “arrows of the Lord” to be the salt and light of the world?

This is so simple folks. The student becomes like his teacher. We don't need the Bible to tell us that...although it does...why do we take so lightly the law of association? You know the terms...birds of a feather flock together...it takes one to know one...monkey see monkey do...and my my Mom's favorite admonition to her children, when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. We treat with such a cavalier attitude the training of God's precious soldiers and are surprised when we have to spend so much time exterminating the fleas that have begun to live inside the minds of our children.

I know...I know...you are sick of hearing about how bad Caesar's schools are. I know your child's school is different. I know your child's teacher is different. I know your child is different. I know your child's church youth group is strong. I know that you both have to work to provide for your family. I know that your child needs strong scores to get into the college of his/her choice. I know...

Can I be blunt? There is nothing “Christian” about your “public” school. Nothing. The Name of Jesus dare not be mentioned. Heaven and hell, sin and righteousness are treated as curse words. Allah, Buddha, and the environment are all placed on the same platform with Jehovah. Sharing the classroom with your child are kids that you have never seen, from parents you have never met, from backgrounds and beliefs that you could never imagine, sharing influences you would never want your child to be exposed to. You would never permit your children to stay overnight with many of the children they rub shoulders with every day. What do you do with this scripture, evil company ruins good habits?

But you keep your head in the sand as they now double-down with the Satanic curriculum of Common Core. What words don't you understand? Common...core. Common core will lead to an pandemic of Spiritual Ebola. Ebola does to the immune system what public schools do to the moral system.

I don't know how much time we have left. I don't know if we can make a difference. But I do know what the Lord told us about our children. I pray that the apathy of Believers will not let the soul of another generation be stolen from us. Children are our heritage. They are our future. They are the immune system the Lord has provided for each generation. They are the Lord's weapons placed in our hands. For God's sake, stop exposing them to Spiritual Ebola!!

The Devil is eating our kids for lunch. Sadly, we have fed them right into the mouth of the beast.

“Whoever causes one of these little one's who believes in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he was drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Statistics show that 80% of children raised in a Christian home do not hold those values after their first year of college. Our nation is hemorrhaging it's Christian heritage.

Our pastors are the only ones who can apply the serum. Truth is the only inoculation against Spiritual Ebola. Why won't they stand up and warn their flocks?

The children don't belong to Caesar. They belong to God.

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Why Obama is Authorizing up to 5 Million Illegals

San Diego forced to recycle SEWAGE into drinking water

Acknowledging California's parched new reality, the city of San Diego has embraced a once-toxic idea: turning sewer water into drinking water.

The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to advance a $2.5billion plan to recycle wastewater, the latest example of how California cities are looking for new supplies amid a severe drought.

Each of the nine council members effusively praised the effort before the vote as a way to make San Diego less dependent on imported water and insulated from drought.

'We're at the end of the pipeline,' said Councilman Scott Sherman. 'We have a real problem getting water down here.'


Recycling: The San Diego City Council voted unanimously to support a $2.5billion plan to recycle waste water to drinking water. The Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant, pictured, will decontaminate the water

Such recycling, called toilet-to-tap by critics, has suffered an image problem that industry insiders call 'the yuck factor.'

San Diego, a city of 1.4million people that imports 85 per cent of its water from the Colorado River and Northern California, has slowly warmed to the idea. A 2012 survey by the San Diego County Water Authority showed that nearly three of four residents favored turning wastewater into drinking water, a major shift from one of four in a 2005 survey.

'The drought puts a finer point on why this is so necessary,' Mayor Kevin Faulconer said. 'Droughts are unfortunately a way of life in California, so we have to be prepared. This helps us to control our own destiny.'

The plan calls to initially recycle 15million gallons by 2023 and 83million gallons a day by 2035, about one-third of the city's water supply. It enjoys broad support from business groups and environmental advocates.


Parched: California is currently experiencing a period of severe drought. Evidence of the drought is seen above in the pictures of Lake Mead over a seven year span.


Declining: Lake Mead is fed by the Colorado River, where the city of San Diego gets 50 per cent of its water

The Orange County Water District, which serves 2.4million people in California, plans to boost production of recycled water next year from 70million gallons to 100million gallons a day. It has reused wastewater for drinking since 2008 through treatment that includes sending water through ground basins.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District, which serves 1.8million people in the San Francisco Bay area, decided in September to pursue construction of facilities that it says could lead to turning wastewater into drinking water for Sunnyvale and western Santa Clara County.

Still, it remains rare to turn sewage to drinking water. The WateReuse Association, a group of agencies behind the efforts, counts only 10 projects nationwide, including El Paso, Texas, and Fairfax County, Virginia. Two Texas cities, Wichita Falls and Big Spring, started projects within the past two years.

Credit to Dailymail.co.uk
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2840472/Dry-San-Diego-look-sewers-water-source.html#ixzz3JcAvJxiu