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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Army ousts Egypt's President Morsi

what man honors God humiliates....

The head of Egypt's army has given a TV address, announcing that President Mohammed Morsi is no longer in office.

Gen Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said the constitution had been suspended and the chief justice of the constitutional court would take on Mr Morsi's powers.

Flanked by religious and opposition leaders, Gen Sisi said Mr Morsi had "failed to meet the demands of the Egyptian people".

Anti-Morsi protesters in Cairo gave a huge cheer in response to the speech.

But since the announcement, clashes have erupted in the northern city of Marsa Matrouh and four people have been killed.

The army's move to depose the president follows four days of mass street demonstrations against Mr Morsi, and an ultimatum issued by the military which expired on Wednesday afternoon.

TV stations belonging to Mr Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood went off air at the end of the speech and state news agency Mena said managers at the movement's Misr25 channel had been arrested.

Minutes later, a notice went up on Mr Morsi's Facebook page denouncing the army move as a "military coup".

The statement asked Egyptian citizens - both civilians and military - to "abide by the constitution and the law and not to respond to this coup".


Enemy You

Endless war to mass surveillance

President Obama defended the spying scandal on his tour of Africa, and was joined by predecessor George W Bush, which highlighted how similar they have become by forgetting campaign promises while occupying the White House.

President Obama’s Africa trip is overshadowed by new allegations that the United States is committing widespread surveillance on its allies. The President defended these NSA programs saying that all countries are doing similar snooping.

"They're going to be trying to understand the world better and what's going on in world capitals around the world, from sources that aren't available through the New York Times or NBC News," he said in Tanzania this week.

He added, "I guarantee you that in European capitals, there are people who are interested in, if not what I had for breakfast, at least what my talking points might be, should I end up meeting with their leaders.”

Appropriately, just as President Obama was defending his administration against these spying scandals, he was joined in Africa by his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Presidents 43 and 44 met in Tanzania on Tuesday laying a wreath at the site of the 1998 American embassy bombings. They were together far, far away from the White House, an office currently dealing with the fallout from all its intelligence secrets being laid bare for the world to see. Secrets created by both Presidents Bush and Obama. 

These two men couldn’t be more different. Barely of the same generation, they are from different socio-economic backgrounds, from different parts of the country, and from different intellectual backgrounds and professions. They had different upbringings, different hobbies, and different religious beliefs.

But they did hold the same office. And that’s why on Tuesday, in Tanzania, Bush and Obama looked more similar than ever before. It’s as though the White House took hold of these two very different men, chewed them up and spit them out into two monochromatic globs who forgot who they were before moving in to the highest office in the land. And most importantly forgot their ideals.

Remember, it was as a presidential candidate in 2008 that Barack Obama opposed mass domestic surveillance, saying: “I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our Constitution and our freedom. That means no more illegal wire-tapping of American citizens. No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. No more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war. No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient. That is not who we are.”

Concerns Mount Over Declining Water Levels in Great Lakes

Forming the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth and making up 21 percent of the world's total freshwater supply, the Great Lakes are recording all-time low water levels, posing economic threats to numerous industries that rely on the lakes water supply, including, tourism, hydroelectric generation and recreational boating.

Lakes Michigan and Huron set new record-low water levels in December of 2012, breaking the previous record set in 1964. Water levels dipped to an all-time low at 576.15 feet, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District. Not only did the water levels break record lows but the levels made this the longest stretch of below average levels in the lake's recorded history dating back to 1918, and thus continuing a 14 year streak of below average levels. Many factors have contributed to the significant decrease in one of the world's most important waterways but among them, one of the most notable causes is in fact, the area's weather patterns.

2012 proved to be a year of bizzare weather for the Great Lakes region. The year was warm and dry with the lakes receiving very little snow in the 2011/2012 winter and as a result, very little runoff water. However, due to the sheer size, large surface area and volume of the Great Lakes, just one year would not result in the dramatically low water levels that have been recorded.

"Water levels don't respond to just one year," said Ann Clites, a Physical Scientist at the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab. "These low levels are not because of the precipitation for one year, the lakes are just too big and there are too many factors to say that. However, the last 15 years of low levels got the lakes ready to hit all time record lows," said Clites.

This drop in lake levels, is far more concerning due to its potential to shake economic framework. Multiple entities have invested use of the lakes and the lake water, including, commercial navigation, hydroelectric generation, coastal zoning, recreational boating and marinas, the tourism industry and the lake's ecosystems, according to the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources & Environment. During the CILER-GLERL Great Lakes Seminar Series, hosted by the University of Michigan, Professor of Environmental Economics, Michael Moore, lectures about the potential economic impacts to come for the region.

"Does it harm experience to beach-goers?," questions Moore. Solely dependent on the lakes, the tourism industry, including restaurants and hotels could suffer, if lake levels continue to drop. Real estate value on the shores of the lakes could also take a hit. As for marinas along the lakes, they have already been affected by low levels as boats sit closer to the bottom. "Getting into a boat is now an Olympic sport," said Moore.

Shipping companies could also be at an economic loss. "The ships can not be loaded as much because if the boats sit lower in the water they can run aground," said Abrams. Rivers linked to the Great Lakes are dependent on the lakes' water sources, so they too could shallow and limit navigation for ships and boats.

It is not yet known how the lakes' wildlife will be impacted by this water level change, but it is certain that the levels have the potential to change the ecosystem cycle.

View of Lake Superior's Keweenaw Bay from Baraga, Mich., is shown in this June 28, 2007 photo. Something seems amiss with mighty Lake Superior, the deepest and coldest of the Great Lakes which together hold nearly 20 percent of the world's fresh surface water. Over the past year, its level has ebbed to the lowest point in eight decades and will set a record this fall if, as expected, it dips three more inches. (AP Photo/John Flesher)

The Great Lakes are notably different than most others due to their surface size, encompassing close to 100,000 square miles. It takes years, multiple seasons, long stretches of time to influence the water levels as radically as has been recorded today.

According to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Superior has seen well above average precipitation for May but it's water levels have been below average for the past 12 months. Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are not doing much better. These two lakes, despite seeing near average precipitation this year, are expected to remain 17 to 20 inches below their long term averages over the next six months. Even though rainfall amounts this year have been close to normal, the Great Lakes water levels do not appear to be improving as fast as needed.

"It's no doubt that the changes are a result of precipitation, rain and snow, said Clites. But the long term cycle seems to have entered a different regime in the early 2000's, as Lake Michigan and Lake Superior from 1998 to 2001 had an unprecedented three foot drop in water levels."

Since then, Clites explains that the upper lakes have been consistently low since 2001. If long-term lack of precipitation is only a factor into the reasoning behind the severe low water levels, then what is the culprit? One theory is evaporation.

Due to the unusually high temperatures, the temperatures of the Great Lake's surface level waters have risen. This results in higher evaporation, as AccuWeather's Elliot Abrams explains, "The warmer the water, the higher the evaporation."

Lake Superior recorded a two degree jump in water temperatures, in the end of the 90s, possibly influencing the rate of evaporation in the Great Lakes.

"A chronic increase in normal evaporation and above normal temperatures, causes a substantial drop in the levels of the lakes," said AccuWeather's Senior Meteorologist, Jim Andrews.

The low lake levels and the possible economic impacts has scientists, residents, business owners and vacationers anxious, as they wait to see what's next. However, the light of hope may be dim, as Clites explains, the difference in the balance between evaporation and precipitation is that evaporation has been consistently higher and seems to be climbing. In order for water levels to increase, the lakes need both a persistently higher amount of rainfall and evaporation rates need to slow down. How long this process could take, no one knows.

"There is little that can be done by people, nothing we can do will raise the levels. It takes years to get in the hole and it takes years to get out," said Andrews.


Egyptian Protesters Blame Obama For Morsi Dictatorship

Images seldom broadcast on mainstream media networks reveal a wave of anti-Obama fervor has gripped Egypt as demonstrators blame the White House for helping to install Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who could be toppled later today.

Anti-Morsi demonstrator.

The protests in Egypt have largely been characterized by the media as representing an even split between pro-government Muslim Brotherhood advocates and the anti-Morsi opposition movement, despite the fact that the anti-Morsi demonstrations have been far larger.

However, one aspect of the demonstrations that has been almost completely ignored is the fact that Egyptians firmly lay the blame for Morsi’s calamitous year in office at the feet of the White House.

As the photos below illustrate, Egyptians are fully cognizant of the fact that the Obama administration played a key role in contriving the revolution that toppled former President Mubarak. Signs held by protesters include, “Wake up America, Obama backs a fascist regime in Egypt,” “Obama Supports Terrorism,” and “Obama Your Bitch is Our Dictator.” The signs also condemn the role of Anne Patterson, the US Ambassador to Egypt.

As we previously highlighted, the 2011 revolution in Egypt was far from a grass roots uprising given that its organization was aided by establishment NGOs like Freedom House (linked to the CIA) and National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Despite supporting Mubarak for decades, the US abandoned him and threw its support behind the Muslim Brotherhood when Mubarak rejected US attempts to establish military bases inside the country and seize control of Egypt’s communications networks.

Mohamed Morsi has overseen the implementation of a dictatorship in Egypt that rivals that crafted by his autocratic predecessor. After enshrining Shariah law in the newly drafted constitution, Morsi granted himself sweeping powers to introduce any law and made himself immune from judicial oversight.

“So, is he Egypt’s dictator? At the moment, yes, on paper the most powerful Egyptian leader since the pharaoh,” Eric Trager, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told CBC News.

Unlike in Syria, where a militant-led insurrection was hyped as a democratic uprising, the largest mass protest in human history over the last few days in Egypt has been met with deafening silence from the White House.

As Bridget Johnson highlights, all we have heard is “crickets from the Obama administration,” with the only reference to Egypt coming from Secretary of State John Kerry, whose statement failed to address what was actually happening and instead centered on the weather conditions in Tahrir Square.

Egypt’s state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported today that Morsi will “either step down or be removed from office” by the army within hours as a deadline for a political settlement expires.


America's Sabotage Saviors

I would liken our nation today to a loved one, who has been hit by a car and is in the critical care unit of the hospital. He shows possible signs of recovery and there is great relief among his loved ones at the future prospect that he will survive and get some of his functions back. He will not be fully restored to the way he once was, but at least he will be with them and they can love him. Then... the doctors - who professes to be the best in their field - purposely prescribes the wrong medications while delivering a false optimism and an encouragement of hope and recovery of the family's loved one. As a result of these doctors diabolical deed, our love one is now placed in a comma and is in a greater state of emergency than the first. He has now received brain damage do to the medication's complications of his poisoning and to continue to live he must be on life support. These evil doctors then state, "they will continue to do all that is in their power to save the patient," all the while deceptively and subtly seeking his final demise.

The jig is finally up and we fully know that indeed very troubling days of tyranny, lawlessness and oppression are at our very door as a nation... and the world.


Our moment of temporary joy and hopeful optimism at our love one's partial recovery is now turn to great anger, despair and hopelessness. The reality that our loved one will never recover from his doctor's injustice and injury has made us angry and fully grieved, for the reality has now set in that we will never be able to interact or enjoy our loved one again, for he is indeed truly gone and we are helpless to save him. 

We have tried to do all that is within our power but must now come to the very sobering realization as he lies on life support that he is lost and has not much time left in this world. My friend, that is how I and others now feel about our nation's present estate. The jig is finally up and we fully know that indeed very troubling days of tyranny, lawlessness and oppression are at our very door as a nation... and the world (Rev. 6-19).

These days are very disturbing and frightening. When we exercise faith in Almighty God and His Word He will calm our hearts and set us free from this world’s oppressive fear and dominating mental tyrannies(Matt. 11:28-30, John 8:32,36, 14:1). My beloved, May we see things from Heaven's ETERNAL perspective, where there is GREAT FREEDOM and POWER; and rejoice! and again I say rejoice! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!!

The Ignorant Fishermen Blog

Indian Carrier Sails From Russia for Final Sea Trials

The Vikramaditya is due to he handed over to India in fall 2013

ST.PETERSBURG, July 3 (RIA Novosti) - A Russian-built aircraft carrier refitted for the Indian navy has set sail for final sea trials prior to handover, a senior Russian defense industry official said Wednesday - five years after it was originally due to be delivered, and more than twice over budget.

The Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov), which has been refitted at the Sevmash shipyard in northern Russia, is due to he handed over in fall 2013. A mixed Russian-Indian crew is on board the warship, while the Indian sailors learn how to operate the vessel.

“The warship departed for sea trials early on Wednesday in line with the schedule,” said Igor Sevastyanov, deputy head of Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport.

“Everything is alright. The ship will be delivered [to India] this fall, we cannot afford any more delays,” Sevastyanov said on the sidelines of the International Maritime Defense Show (IDMS-2013) in St. Petersburg.

The refit of the ship has lurched from one crisis to another since India and Russia signed a $947 million dollar deal in 2005 for its purchase and refit. Delivery has already been delayed three times, pushing up the cost of refurbishing the vessel to $2.3 billion, amid acrimony between Moscow and New Delhi over the contract.

The Vikramaditya was supposed to have been handed over on December 4, 2012, after earlier delays, but sea trials last September revealed the ship's boilers were not fully functional.

The source of the problem, which reduced the ship's maximum speed, was due to use of low-grade Chinese-made firebricks in the boiler insulation instead of asbestos, according to Russian shipbuilders.

The Vikramaditya was originally built as the Soviet Project 1143.4 class aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov. The ship was laid down in 1978 at the Nikolayev South shipyard in Ukraine, launched in 1982, and commissioned with the Soviet Navy in 1987.

Renamed after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Admiral Gorshkov sat in dock for a year for repairs after a boiler room explosion in 1994. In 1995, it briefly returned to service but was was finally withdrawn and put up for sale in 1996.

The ship has a displacement of 45,000 tons, a maximum speed of 32 knots and an endurance of 13,500 nautical miles (25,000 km) at a cruising speed of 18 knots.

India has already started taking delivery of MiG-29K naval fighter aircraft for the Vikramaditya, which were ready before the refit was completed. The MiG-29Ks will operate in STOBAR (short take-off but assisted recovery via arresting wires) mode.

Ria Novosti

Jim Rogers on the Keiser Report Dumb Luck, Wash Trading & Gold Suppression

With Morsi Ultimatum Ticking Down, Egyptian Army Take Control Of State TV Building

With just a few short hours to go until the military-coup-deadline, the situation is rapidly moving from bad to worse in Egypt.

Following Reuters reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood's refusal to meet with army officials - "We do not go to invitations (meetings) with anyone. We have a president and that is it," Sky News Arabiya reports that the Egyptian army now completely controls the State TV building.

The miltary will make a statement at 5pm local (10amET).

Abortionists Declare Their Team: Chant “Hail Satan”

As Texas gears up to push legislation that would prohibit late term abortions — those conducted after 20 weeks — Christian activists in the Texas State Capitol sang “Amazing Grace.” Abortion rights activists, there to support killing kids, tried to shout down the Christians by chanting “Hail Satan.”


China to join Russia for largest naval drills with foreign partner

China will join Russia later this week for its largest-ever naval drills with a foreign partner, underlining deepening ties between the former cold war rivals along with Beijing's desire for closer links with regional militaries.

China has long been a key customer for Russian military hardware, but only in the last decade have their militaries begun taking part in joint exercises.

China's defence ministry said on Tuesday that its navy would send four destroyers, two guided missile frigates and a support ship for the exercises, which start on Friday in the Sea of Japan and run until 12 July.

The ships departed on Monday from the port of Qingdao, where China's Northern Fleet is based, and headed for the rallying point in Peter the Great Bay near Vladivostok.

"This marks our navy's single biggest deployment of military force in a China-foreign joint exercise," the ministry said.

General Fang Fenghui, the People's Liberation Army chief of the general staff, announced the exercises during a visit to Moscow, where he met his Russian counterpart, Valery Gerasimov. The two also announced that another round of anti-terrorism joint drills would be held in Russia's Ural mountains from 27 July to 15 August.

In comments reported by the official Liberation Army Daily, Fang emphasised that outsiders should not consider the exercises threatening.

"The joint drill conducted by the two militaries of China and Russia do not target any third parties. Their aim is to deepen co-operation between the two militaries in the training field, boost capacity in co-ordinating military activities, and serve the purpose of safeguarding regional security and stability," Fang said.

China began deploying ships to the anti-piracy flotilla off the coast of Somalia in 2008 and in recent years its navy has joined in a series of joint drills in the Pacific and Indian oceans. Chinese land units have taken part in border security and anti-terrorism exercises organised by the six-nation Shanghai Co-operation Organisation.

Co-operation with the US navy, the predominant maritime force in the region, has been more limited, although China will take part next year in the US-organised multinational Rim of the Pacific exercises, the world's largest maritime exercise.

The Guardian