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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Barack Obama warns of default danger

US President Barack Obama has warned that Wall Street should be concerned that a conservative faction of Republicans is willing to allow the country to default on its debt.

The US government has partially closed after Congress failed to agree a budget and will run out of cash on 17 October unless its debt ceiling is raised.

In a TV interview on Wednesday, Mr Obama said he was "exasperated".

He later held talks with Congressional leaders that ended without agreement.

The US government closed non-essential operations on Tuesday after Congress failed to strike a deal on a new budget.

Republicans and Democrats are blaming each other for the impasse.

All the signs are that neither side is preparing to blink, quite yet. But while the president is staring hard and straight ahead, the Republicans' eyes are beginning to water, and they are glancing at the ground. ”

The shutdown has left more than 700,000 employees on unpaid leave and closed national parks, tourist sites, government websites, office buildings, and more.

However, as one budget crisis raged in Washington DC, another one - potentially more dangerous - loomed in the coming weeks.

On 17 October, the US government will run out of cash to pay its bills unless the debt ceiling is raised.

On both issues, the Republicans who control the House of Representatives have demanded concessions from Mr Obama and his fellow Democrats in return for funding the government's continued operation and for raising the debt ceiling.

Chiefly, the Republicans demand the repeal, delay or defunding of a healthcare reform law - dubbed Obamacare - passed by the Democrats in 2010.

Major portions of that law, which was subsequently validated by the US Supreme Court and was a major issue in the 2012 presidential election, took effect on Tuesday.'Profound impact'

On Wednesday, Mr Obama met the heads of some of Wall Street's biggest banks - including JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America - to discuss the debt ceiling and other economic issues.

James Clapper: "This seriously damages our ability to protect the safety and security of this nation"

The bankers are members of the Financial Services Forum, a lobby group which has, along with 250 other businesses, sent a letter to Congress urging it to raise the debt limit.

Following the meeting, Mr Obama told CNBC "it's important for them to recognise that this is going to have a profound impact on our economy and their bottom lines".

Mr Obama also said he was unwilling to negotiate "with the extremist wing of one party" as the 17 October deadline neared.

"The message I have for the [Congressional] leaders is, as soon as we get a clean piece of legislation that reopens the government... until we get that done, until we make sure that Congress allows [the Department of the Treasury] to pay for things that Congress itself already authorised, we are not going to engage in a series of negotiations," he said.

On Wednesday evening Mr Obama met Republican House Speaker John Boehner, as well as Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at the White House.

Mr Boehner later left the talks complaining that the Democrats would not negotiate.

"All we're asking for here is a discussion and fairness for the American people under Obamacare,'' he told reporters.

Nancy Pelosi, however, accused the Republicans of "moving the goalposts" on the budget deal.

Harry Reid said Democrats were "locked in tight on Obamacare'' and neither the president nor Democrats in Congress would accept changes to the law as the price for a deal on reopening the government.

The view on the shutdown from deserted landmarks and government buildings in Washington and New York

Analysts say Mr Boehner could end the current government showdown by allowing the House to vote on a "clean" budget bill that does not alter the health law, because that could pass with a coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans.

But doing so would risk his standing with the most conservative elements of his caucus.

Earlier on Wednesday, senior US intelligence officials warned the shutdown of the government seriously damaged the ability of spy agencies to protect the US.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told a Senate panel that an estimated 70% of intelligence workers had been placed on unpaid leave.

He warned that the damage to US intelligence capabilities caused by a shutdown would be "insidious".

Also on Wednesday, the White House announced Mr Obama would cut short a planned four-nation tour of Asia next week.

He will attend regional summits in Indonesia and Brunei, but skip Malaysia and the Philippines due to the government shutdown.

The US government ceased operations deemed non-essential at midnight on Tuesday, when the previous budget expired.

National parks and Washington's Smithsonian museums are closed, pension and veterans' benefit cheques will be delayed, and visa and passport applications will go unprocessed.

However, members of the military will be paid.

Credit to BBC

Brzezinski’s Words Point to the Coming Apocalypse

Meet the man who wants to own your future.
Zbigniew Brzezinski is an insider’s insider. He and David Rockefeller co-founded the Trilateral Commission. He served as Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser. He may as well been called Mr. President during the Carter years because he ran the US economy into the ground while undermining American sovereignty during the Carter administration
Many suspect that he also controls Obama. He was, after all, Obama’s Russian Studies professor at Columbia back in the 1980′s. We know that he handpicked Jimmy Carter to become the President and many suspect he had a large hand in grooming Obama for the same job. Brzesinski’s close affiliation with Rockefeller makes him a person of interest when it comes to the subjugation, of not only this country, but of the entire planet. 
Brzezinski is obviously the globalist’s man on the ground and serves the role as puppet master. Therefore, we would be wise to listen and to take seriously what this New World demagogue has to say because he and his globalist colleagues are beyond hiding their intentions, they are making their move because they know if they don’t move soon, that too many people on the planet will awaken and stop their tyranny in its tracks.

Brzezinski Admits That the NWO Is Losing the Propaganda War

During a speech in Poland, Brzezinski publicly lamented that it has become “increasingly difficult to suppress” and control the “persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples.” Brzezinski is clearly referring to us, the people in the alternative media.
Whether you have a large following by hosting your own talk show, or you have a large website where you expose the truth, or you simply write on message boards and also alert your family to the tyranny that has overrun our country, all of us are part of the alternative media. None of us are more important than any other freedom fighter. Look in the mirror, you are the last line of resistance to the planned eugenics take over on this planet and we are damned effective! This is why McCain once introduced legislation to fine bloggers $300,000 for “offensive” comments. 
This is why McCain sponsored another piece legislation to give away control of the internet to Verizon and Bell South five years ago. This is why we have seen SOPA and Feinstein’s recent attempt to silence citizen journalists. Now we are hearing that the Trans Pacific Partnership is going to give control of the internet, for its member nations, to a small tribunal and this cannot be challenged in Congress. Although it does not often feel like it, we are winning or the globalists would not be interested in shutting us down.

Brzezinski Sounds Like a Scared Despot

Brzezinski’s call of warning to the “global political awakening” has only intensified in recent years. In 2012, Brzezinski also blamed the accessibility of “radio, television and the Internet” for the “universal awakening of mass political consciousness.”  This statement is tantamount to admitting that the globalists are losing.
Brzezinski expressed even more of a sense of globalist dread and panic during a 2010Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal in which he stated that  “the major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people,” said. There can be no other reasonable interpretation, that this is a direct threat against all who oppose being enslaved and eventually exterminated.
We are paying for our own demise.
We are paying for our own demise.
Please allow me to send shivers up your spine. Does it now make sense to your why DHS ordered 2.6 billion rounds of ammunition to go with 2700 armored personnel carriers? Are you finally getting your mind around the fact as to why our government is training 386,000 foreign troops in FEMA Region 3?
Even the IRS and the National Weather Service has acquired millions of rounds of ammunition. FEMA and DHS are planning one disaster drill after another over the next six weeks. The frequency of these drills is unprecedented! Is it all starting to make sense now?Also, ask yourself America as to why is NORTHCOM still practicing urban subjugation drills in American towns and cities? They are a combat unit and they are rehearsing going to war with the American public. It seems like all federal agencies are preparing for war. Look under the bed, do you see anyone else besides you that they would be preparing to go to war with?
DHS target practice sheet.
DHS target practice sheet.
The meaning of Brzezinski’s words are quite clear. If the globalists are unable to control us, they will attempt to kill us. This is not a surprising statement from a man who has proven himself to be a dedicated sociopath and will stop at nothing to realize his dream of globalist domination of the planet within his lifetime. 
Prominent Journalists Are Taking Notice
In a December 9, 2012 interview on The Common Sense Show, Jim Marrs discussed how approximately 400-500 top level bankers have left their positions and have gone into seclusion. Marrs reminded my listening audience of how the elite have developed seed vaults which only they have access to. Jim Marrs was clearly alluding to the fact that some very bad events are coming and the global elite are aware of it and are moving to meet the threat.
Ex-intel running for the hills.
Ex-intel running for the safety.
Prior to the Marrs warning, my insider sources informed me that the same thing is happening in various federal organizations who have recently retired from the CIA, DHS, NSA and FEMA. This fact is indisputable. I have firsthand knowledge of three ex-fed officials and their families who have relocated to safety enclaves when doing so was very disruptive to their respective families. Increasingly, it is looking like some major event(s) is/are coming and persons with insider information are attempting to remove themselves from harm’s way. My primary source, from FEMA, told me that they he was relocating to a preplanned destination with like-minded people into enclaves which contain a high degree of preparation which are also designed to survive what is coming.

New Revelations From Old Reliable Sources

It is no secret and it has been revealed to me that we have biological and chemical weapons that the world has never heard of or even imagined. For the powers that be, as one of my insider sources have told me, this kind of attack would constitute the fall back position. One should look at this option of releasing bio or chemical agents as a type of doomsday weapon. I have been told that a release of several agents would be the “parting gift to a people that cannot be controlled.” The professional specialty of one of my sources was in counter-terrorism in relation to a bio weapons attack.
All of my sources agree one point: America has awakened sufficiently to not allow a peaceful transition into an entire technocratic dictatorship. All of the sources believe that something dramatic will be required to force the compliance of the masses. The coming event(s) must be so horrific, so devastating, that most will be frightened into compliance into the New World Order of things (i.e. martial law). All place the nuclear option as the most likely scenario. 
It was widely reported in multiple locations that a base in West Texas conducted an unauthorized Nuke transfer. There was no signature required for the transfer and it was totally off the books, thus, making this a black ops activity. On that same day, Senator Lindsay Graham (SC), stated that if we did not immediately go to war with Syria, that Charleston Harbor would be nuked. On the surface, Graham’s words sound like they come from a raving lunatic. However, many of us think what does Graham know about what is really coming?

The Globalists Need a TET Offensive to Regain Control

Everyone agrees that the main threats to America are tied to nuclear detonations, chemical/biological attacks on several shopping centers and the introduction of psychotronic weapons on a mass scale preceded by a devastating blackout. So many of you are wondering what kind of attack will be used to facilitate the roll out of total martial law and will serve to scare the sheep so badly that they will acquiesce to anyone who promises to take care of them? The answer lies in understanding our military history as it relates to dealing with a desperate adversary. The adversary in this case are the globalists who feel that they have lost control of the public that Brzezinski has addressed.
giapIn 1968, the North Vietnamese forces were devastated and were on the verge of defeat. North Vietnamese General, Giap, decided to invoke a Sun Tzu strategy consisting of attacking America where it is was the weakest, on the home-front. Giap designed a series of attacks on dozens of strategic locations including the American embassy in Saigon. Giap knew that his planned attacks would eventually meet with failure. However, if he could demonstrate to the American people that President Johnson was lying about being close to victory. This TET Offensive, as it was called, could be and eventually was the turning point in the war. 
From the list of disaster drills FEMA and DHS are planning for, it is likely that we will be attacked using multiple weapons systems. Along this line of reasoning, America is not going to buy a singular false flag event. In fact, if 9/11 were to happen today, over half the country would be looking for the real story. From the intelligence information that I have been receiving for nearly a year, I believe that globalists are going to launch a massive type of TET Offensive upon America which will scare the masses into compliance. This modern day version of the TET Offensive will likely be preceded by a massive blackout and quickly followed with a number of terrorist incidences, each more horrific than the previous one. 
One of the departing ex-intel families told me to watch the then new TV series, Revolution, as there will be a massive blackout designed to immobilize people and to make the people dependent upon the government for survival. In such a scenario, hungry and scared people will be rioting by the third day and Kissinger once stated that someday we would be begging for the troops of the UN to come in and restore order.
As bad as things will get from a blackout, it will only prove to be the catalyst event. When the blackout occurs and an unprepared public begins to starve and lives in fear of their lives from the marauding gangs going house to house in search of resources, the people will be forced to go to government relocation centers to seek food and shelter and safety from the rioting masses beginning on the third day following the blackout. Interestingly, as I wrote about over a year ago, Simon Properties, the biggest owners of malls in North America signed an agreement with DHS to allow their malls to be used for emergency relocation centers. 
On the heels of this agreement, the NFL, the NBA and the NHL and Major League Baseball offered up their arenas and stadiums to DHS for the same purpose as did Simon Properties. This will lead to a massive population shift to public venues and this will save the powers that be the arduous task of rounding up the masses, although this will go on and will be carried out by foreign troops who will not hesitate to fire on American citizens.
I have also been told that the rioting will intensify because of the use of pychotronic warfare. Many of the people are going to be electronically agitated and this will intensify the rioting. Many people will angrily strike out due to direct electronic attacks upon the emotional centers of the brain, the limbic system. The delivery agents would be HAARP, the GWEN towers and the smart meters.
The technology to hyper-stimulate a human being’s emotional state has existed since the 1960′s beginning with the work of Jose Delgado, a Spanish physiologist, who eventually went to work at the Stanford Research Institute and helped to develop the now infamous MKULTRA program. 
On my show last Sunday night, I covered the fact that a number of universities are presently involved in mind control research at places such as San Diego State University, Western Kentucky University, Arizona State University, the University of Arizona, the University of California at Davis and the list goes on and on. The purpose of such an electronic attack would be to agitate the general public through a state of electromagnetic irritation thus promoting even more civil unrest leading people to seek public shelter under the protection of armed troops. How well did that work at the Superdome in Louisiana following Katrina?

The Match Game

Why do I believe the three ex-intel sources who have gone into hiding? I believe them because we see evidence of the prophetic nature of their words in the present set of defense drills scheduled from September 25 through November 13th.
Do you remember the old television show, The Match Game, in which contestants would match elements to an object or an event? Let’s play the same game with the upcoming terrorist drills.
If a prolonged blackout is in effect these supplies would be needed.
This speaks to a poisoning of the water supply which could follow a pandemic release or a nuclear detonation making ground water unfit to drink.
The above speaks to the widespread nature of the attacks and is highly suggestive of multiple attacks.
This clearly speaks to a pandemic release.
Choose a fault line in the United States, any fault line. Mix in a little HAARP and you add another piece to the multiple planned attacks.
This is more of post-apocalyptic in nature in which the banking system will be taken down within a planned blackout. This ushers in a new global currency following the domestic collapse of the dollar.
Same analysis as #7.
  These foreign troops will restore order, under the color of martial law, in a manner that US troops will not with regard to the brutal subjugation of any American dissent.This planned blackout will prove to be the catalyst event which will set off the modern-day, globalist version of the TET Offensive.
Mix in Senator Graham’s nuclear detonation comments and we have the McDonalds version of the “full meal deal.”
It is clear that the warnings that I and others have received speaks to the validity of what my ex-intel sources have told me. We have a series of matches and the American people are staring in the face some very dark days.

Other Media Figures are Receiving Very Similar Information

Late last year, Doug Hagmann published some very dire warnings which comes from an inside source of his at DHS. At the exact same time, I decided to go public and reveal what I know as well with regard to intelligence community warnings about what lies ahead.  Doug’s source says very similar things, only with more gruesome detail about what lies ahead. I would advise all readers to click on the above link and listen to the Hagmann warning, it is eerily similar to what I am expressing here.


Brzezinski and the globalists are panicked because they know what I know; Social psychology teaches us that a society only must have 10% of it population be dedicated to an ideal before it catches hold and spreads to 75% of the masses that we call the sheep. We are on the precipice of reaching this threshold. The globalists desperately need a game changing event. They are out of time, humanity is finally rolling out of bed and the globalists are poised to strike. Perhaps calling attention to these planned possibilities will delay them. Regardless, it is time for all of us to physically and spiritually prepare.
Credit to the Common Sense

Swiss Army War-Games Economic Collapse and Refugee Invasion

Switzerland has revealed that they, like the US government, have been simulating collapse fall-out scenarios that could stem from widespread economic collapse, violent uprisings and mass refugee migrations.

Image: Swiss troops.

Nigel Farage, the UK representative in the European Union, speaking at a conference that included Ron Paul as a guest, said earlier this year that the economic climate in Europe and the rest of the world could potentially lead to wholesale violent revolutionresulting from a financial cataclysm.

The Swiss were paying attention, as evidenced by an exercise last month that included the invasion of their country by neighboring France.

The war game, referred to as an “outlandish army exercise” by the Longdon Telegraph, may well be exactly what happens should the European Union dissolve and the French nation goes bankrupt:

Hordes of bankrupt French invade Switzerland to get their hands on their “stolen” money — such is the imaginary scenario cooked up by the Swiss military in simulations revealed over the weekend.

Carried out in August, the apparently outlandish army exercise was based on the premise of an attack by a financially stricken France split into warring regions, according to Matin Dimanche, the Lausanne-based daily.

One of these, “Saônia,” corresponding to the existing Jura region, was preparing attacks on Switzerland to retrieve money it had apparently swiped from France.

Operation “Duplex-Barbara” went as far as imagining a three-pronged invasion from points near Neufchâtel, Lausanne and Geneva, according to a map published in the Swiss newspaper.

“For its credibility, the Swiss army must work (to ward against) threats of the 21st century,” Antoine Vielliard, Hauate-Savoie councillor, told Matin Dimanche.

This is by no means the first imaginary scenario dreamed up by the Swiss army. Last year, it carried out an exercise based on the premise that a huge wave of refugees crossed into the country after the implosion of the European Single Currency and ensuing chaos across the continent.

“Stabilo Due” centered around a risk map created in 2010 and envisaged internal unrest between warring factions as well as the possibility of refugees from Greece, Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal.

Warning of an escalation of violence in Europe, defense minister Ueli Maurer said at the time: “I can’t exclude that in the coming years we may need the army.”

Switzerland, which has a standing conscripted army of 155,000 soldiers and allows their citizens to own military class firearms as a national defense measure, knows exactly what is happening.

While the scenarios are outliers, they are by no means imaginary, as the Telegraph would have us believe.

Switzerland is one of the world’s foremost banking capitals, and they understand that the economic system as it exists today is simply unsustainable. Moreover, they are keen on the fact that banks around the world have been gearing up for a major collapseof the financial system.

When it all comes crashing down, as Nigel Farage and others have warned, Europe will explode into another violent revolution, just as it has done numerous times over the last several centuries.

The Swiss aren’t taking any chances and they are preparing to literally lock their country down from the possibility of a mass invasion by a foreign military or rebel forces, as well as mass refugee migrations should the countries around them go bankrupt.

The United States government has simulated similar scenarios, including the threat of financial collapse and the civil unrest that would follow.

As we’ve noted before, the government knows what is coming, and they are putting the control grid into place to handle the blow-back.

The world is on the brink, and anyone who has been paying attention is likely doing the same thing as governments in the know – stockpiling food, firearms, supplies and implementing personal defense strategies should the hordes come their way looking for resources.

Credit to Infowars

A strong earthquake of M 6.7 off shore Kamchatka

A very strong and deep earthquake M 6.7 hit off shore Kamchatka (Sea of Okhotsk) on October 1, 2013 at 03:38 UTC. Both USGS and EMSC report same magnitude at depth of about 570 km.

Epicenter was located at sea, 316 km (196 miles) NW of Ozernovskiy and 394 km (245 miles) W of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia.

There are no people living within 100 km radius.

The Kuril-Kamchatka arc extends approximately 2,100 km from Hokkaido, Japan, along the Kuril Islands and the Pacific coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula to its intersection with the Aleutian arc near the Commander Islands, Russia. It marks the region where the Pacific plate subducts into the mantle beneath the Okhotsk microplate, part of the larger North America plate. This subduction is responsible for the generation of the Kuril Islands chain, active volcanoes located along the entire arc, and the deep offshore Kuril-Kamchatka trench. Relative to a fixed North America plate, the Pacific plate is moving towards the northwest at a rate that increases from 75 mm/year near the northern end of the arc to 83 mm/year in the south.

Plate motion is predominantly convergent along the Kuril-Kamchatka arc with obliquity increasing towards the southern section of the arc. The subducting Pacific plate is relatively old, particularly adjacent to Kamchatka where its age is greater than 100 Ma. Consequently, the Wadati-Benioff zone is well defined to depths of approximately 650 km. The central section of the arc is comprised of an oceanic island arc system, which differs from the continental arc systems of the northern and southern sections. Oblique convergence in the southern Kuril arc results in the partitioning of stresses into both trench-normal thrust earthquakes and trench-parallel strike-slip earthquakes, and the westward translation of the Kuril forearc. This westward migration of the Kuril forearc currently results in collision between the Kuril arc in the north and the Japan arc in the south, resulting in the deformation and uplift of the Hidaka Mountains in central Hokkaido.

The Kuril-Kamchatka arc is considered one of the most seismically active regions in the world. Deformation of the overriding North America plate generates shallow crustal earthquakes, whereas slip at the subduction zone interface between the Pacific and North America plates generates interplate earthquakes that extend from near the base of the trench to depths of 40 to 60 km. At greater depths, Kuril-Kamchatka arc earthquakes occur within the subducting Pacific plate and can reach depths of approximately 650 km.

This region has frequently experienced large (M>7) earthquakes over the past century. Since 1900, seven great earthquakes (M8.3 or larger) have also occurred along the arc, with mechanisms that include interplate thrust faulting, and intraplate faulting. Damaging tsunamis followed several of the large interplate megathrust earthquakes. These events include the February 3, 1923 M8.4 Kamchatka, the November 6,1958 M8.4 Etorofu, and the September 25, 2003 M8.3 Hokkaido earthquakes. A large M8.5 megathrust earthquake occurred on October 13, 1963 off the coast of Urup, an island along the southern Kuril arc, which generated a large tsunami in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk, and caused run-up wave heights of up to 4-5 m along the Kuril arc. The largest megathrust earthquake to occur along the entire Kurile-Kamchatka arc in the 20th century was the November 4, 1952 M9.0 event. This earthquake was followed by a devastating tsunami with run-up wave heights as high as 12 m along the coast of Paramushir, a small island immediately south of Kamchatka, causing significant damage to the city of Severo-Kurilsk.

On October 4,1994, a large (M8.3) intraplate event occurred within the subducted oceanic lithosphere off the coast of Shikotan Island causing intense ground shaking, landslides, and a tsunami with run-up heights of up to 10 m on the island.

The most recent megathrust earthquake in the region was the November 15, 2006 M8.3 Kuril Island event, located in the central section of the arc. Prior to this rupture, this part of the subduction zone had been recognized as a seismic gap spanning from the northeastern end of the 1963 rupture zone to the southwestern end of the 1952 rupture. Two months after the 2006 event, a great (M8.1) normal faulting earthquake occurred on January 13, 2007 in the adjacent outer rise region of the Pacific plate. It has been suggested that the 2007 event may have been caused by the stresses generated from the 2006 earthquake. (USGS) More information on regional seismicity and tectonics

Credit to The Watchers

Department of Homeland Security Advisor Mohamed Elibiary Flashes The R4BIA Muslim Brotherhood Salute

The R4BIA four finger salute has deep meaning in the Muslim Brotherhood. And it is making its way into the Department of Homeland Security. Mohamed Elibiary, one of the most controversial members of the Homeland Security Advisory Panel, just plastered the symbol on his public Twitter profile. This is serious, and deeply disturbing. The symbol has deep meaning in the Muslim Brotherhood, and greater Islam. It is the symbol of Islamic world domination. And the crushing of western democracy. The Islamic infiltration of all levels of American government is coming to fruition.

They're here, and they aren't going anywhere. Mohamed Elibiary, one of the 28 members of the Homeland Security Advisory Panel, is using the blatantly militant Islamic R4BIA symbol on his Twitter profile. Is this a public declaration? To display this symbol on a highly visible social media profile is daring and risky. 

It is boldly proclaming to Mohamed-Elibiary-Twitter-1the world where you stand, where your allegiance lies. Elibiary is making the outrageous and audacious statement that he is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, jihad, and yet also is employed by the DHS. Contradictory much?

This is 2013 America, where the Muslim infiltration is almost complete. We've been overtaken from the inside out. And this is proof. Elibiary doesn't have to hide his affiliation. And the R4BIA symbol is more than just a "solidarity" statement with the Muslim Brotherhood. It is the symbol for the complete Islamic takeover of the world.

One website reportedly set up by Turkish Muslim activists describes the essence of the R4BIA icon as symbolizing more than the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s described as a “symbol of freedom” but also promotes the “return of Muslims to world stage.” It supports “justice for everyone against rotten Western values,” “a pure martyrdom,” “unification of Islamic World,” “the end of capitalists,” and “the end of Zionists.”

Elibiary steadfastly denies that the R4BIA symbol stands for anything but "Freedom4All." But the symbol is popular with Turkish Islamistst who reportedly said that they 
wanted to die as “martyrs.” This blatantly radical Islamic symbol is an affront to America, a reminder of who are enemy is. The enemy is Islam. And the enemy sits in the highest offices in the land, as a part of our highest security personnel. We are being led to the slaughter by the very ones vowed to protect us.

Mohamed Elibiary  - Got Quran_thumb[1]

And as a government shutdown looms, the handwriting is already on the wall. We have already been shut down internally by the enemy. Elibiary is a fraud. And less than two years ago, he was accused of leaking confidential documents from the Texas Department of Public Safety to show the "Islamophobia" that existed in the Texas state government under Governor Rick Perry.

He is the enemy. We were fighting his kind in Afghanistan and Iraq before we joined up with them in Egypt and in Syria under the Obama Administration. So corrupt is this government we can't see who the enemy is anymore. The truth about Islam has been deliberately silenced. And worse, brought in, and given the highest positions in the United States government.
And what about Israel? Our closest ally in the Middle East is being ensnared by American jihadists masquerading as government officials. The goal is the annihilation of Israel plain and simple. Elibiary is but one who is boldly proclaiming this intent. He has this to say to those who question this anti-Israeli rhetoric via the R4BIA symbol.

Liar. This is exactly what the symbol stands for. If anyone doubts the true intention of Elibiary and others like him, it's clearly outlined.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/barack-obamas-dhs-advisor-mohamed-elibiary-flashes-the-r4bia-muslim-brotherhood-salute/#ixzz2gZdrSBsg


Investigation into secret project aimed at 2017



Special Message from Tom Horn

In the days leading up to the reelection of President George W. Bush in 2004, in one of several conversations I had with a fellow evangelical who couldn’t understand my waning enthusiasm for the administration, I listened as the highly educated and very successful publisher said the dumbest thing I’d heard in a while—a statement that is unfortunately being repeated by many sheeple these days. “But Tom,” he said in response to my concern about the erosion of civil liberties, “If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to worry about!”
Maybe it was because he was recently returned from a private dinner with then Attorney General John Ashcroft—which included a night of bulletproof limousine rides and exquisite dining locations under the ever-present protection of secret service agents—that my friend seemed asleep at the cerebral wheel.
Or perhaps it was due to the three of us—me, my friend, and Ashcroft—having history and credentials in the same organization, or the fact that one of my co-authors was an old college pal of John’s, or Ashcroft’s winning personality and the afterglow of the piano-playing and gospel-songs-crooning they had shared at the Attorney General’s private residence that night that had disarmed my buddy’s brain.
After all, I’m sure all of this would make it difficult for any hardcore evangelical to understand my point of view: that the nation’s top cop was at that time a scary man working with a group of even scarier men on some pretty scary policies.
Tom (in casual clothing no less)
stops by to see John Ashcroft
Whatever the case, in the days following the election, I was pleased to learn that Ashcroft was stepping down. Almost immediately my bubble burst when insiders told me the celebration had come a bit early, and that John Ashcroft’s pro-abortion replacement was bringing some equally menacing qualities of his own to the thoroughly neoconned White House. Multilateralism was being deemed outmoded, they said, and the new assertion would be that freedom from terrorism would only occur through preemptive action against “enemies of democracy” not only abroad, but also inside the United States.
I knew what they meant, and that it was bound to come sooner or later. I even predicted it; not that I’m a prophet you understand, and not that anybody was listening way back then.
It was 1990 when, as keynote speaker to a packed house of religious delegates (including TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] officials), I howled, “If America doesn’t wake up and teach it’s kids to think, we will have a dictator in this country within ten years!”
I still remember the looks on their faces, as if they were musing, Here he goes with that “loss of liberty” speech again. Does Tom really believe that in just ten years Americans will be microchipped, body searched at airports, and detained without warrants?! Doesn’t he know his “evidence gained through torture will soon pierce the heart of the Geneva Convention” line is getting old?!
Of course they were right. I miscalculated. A dictator didn’t take control of the US within ten years like I’d predicted. It now appears he will need a bit more time. But with leading members of the increasingly political and spiritually anemic evangelical community now spouting phrases like, “If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to worry about,” it shouldn’t take too long. The eradication of fundamental rights including the presumption of innocence, which my friend either didn’t understand or didn’t cherish, will be easy fodder for the emerging Beast as he plows the inevitable intrusion by federal bureaucrats into every corner of our lives.
Students of the Revolutionary War and the French Revolution will see the irony here. In 1789, while Americans were at long last rejoicing in newfound religious liberties and hard-won freedoms, more than twenty thousand citizens prepared to be executed in Paris’ guillotines beneath the horrific persecution and torture of Maximilien Robespierre. France would witness an unprecedented reign of terror leading up to totalitarianism and Napoleon (whose name, ironically, means “the new Apollo” or “spirit of Antichrist” in the New Testament), in which the masses would in effect be told, “If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to worry about!”
In case you’re interested in how today’s preemptive action against “enemies of democracy inside the United States” might likewise materialize, here are the signs I warned of—right from my sermon notes—twenty-three years ago:
Signpost #1—The erosion of privacy:
As you learn to march in cadence to the New American Dream, changes to federal privacy laws will see you watched, monitored, investigated, patted down, detained, harassed, and suspected of criminal activity until you can prove otherwise. To ensure everybody’s uncontested compliance along the new chain-cobbled highway, national ID and exhaustive databases will be networked to track continuous individual whereabouts and activities. Your car, television, computer, sidewalk, and building cameras will assure that Big Brother’s benevolent eyes are watching everything you do.
Signpost #2—The erosion of property rights:
During the coming years, personal property rights will be vastly undermined. Why? Because of sustainable society ideas and also because when government accumulates power in responding to a crisis, it brings with it the authority to commandeer resources. The roof over your head is yours only as long as the government doesn’t want it; every Real Estate agent knows this. It’s called eminent domain, and I watched my grandfather lose his campground as a result of this law. How long will it be before similar principles apply to those hard-earned bucks you have in the bank? Already there is a global push for biometric body-parts-scanning in order to verify your rights to access your own money so that you can buy and sell. Does this sound prophetic to anybody but me?
Signpost #3—The erosion of fundamental fairness and US due process:
Election “mandates” that are given or assumed could waste little time changing valuable court resources. To “make this country safer and to protect our mutual interests,” citizens could expect a gradual decline in constitutional rights including the misuse of laws and regulations by government officials as well as the implementation of new rules for domestic engagement—such as detention without formal charges.
Signpost #4—The erosion of free speech:
Any criticism of the US president and members of the government are currently being viewed as hostile. To speak your mind or disagree in the current political climate can malign you as a terrorist or at a minimum an unpatriotic radical. Like those worried pilgrims who fled in their little boats so long ago to escape totalitarianism in search of America, in the near future dissenters will be viewed as enemies of the state if they challenge the status quo.
Well, I was such a radical back then.
On the other hand, it does seem everything I worried about has come to pass, and much worse in recent days.
Just consider the headlines currently filling daily news stories in which patriotic American citizens are increasingly defined as enemies of the state if they dare challenge the status quo.
For instance, a recent article at the Digital Journal titled, “CTC Says Opposition to a New World Order is Terrorist Activity” states:
West Point is the U.S. Military Academy that trains, educates, and prepares Cadets for their service in the U.S. Army. The CTC (Combating Terrorism Center) at West Point…provides a unique terrorism-based education and since its creation, the program has received international recognition for its studies, reports, and teachings on terrorism and terrorist threats. A new report from the CTC, however, suggests that far right wing political activists, not radical Islamic groups, are the new terrorist threat in America and even goes so far as to say that those who oppose a “New World Order” are potentially violent terrorists [emphasis added] (Alex Allen, Digital Journal, February 2, 2013; viewablehere).
Even more to the point was a recent article from the British newspaper, The Guardian, titled, “Chilling Legal Memo from Obama DOJ Justifies Assassination of US citizens,” in which Glenn Greenwald noted how, “The most extremist power any political leader can assert is the power to target his own citizens for execution without any charges or due process, far from any battlefield. The Obama administration has not only asserted exactly that power in theory, but has exercised it in practice.”
Greenwald goes on to cite several examples of US citizens killed under Obama’s orders, including a sixteen-year-old American citizen, and then adds:
Not only is the entire process carried out solely within the Executive branch—with no checks or oversight of any kind—but there is zero transparency and zero accountability. The president’s underlings compile their proposed lists of who should be executed, and the president—at a charming weekly event dubbed by White House aides as “Terror Tuesday”—then chooses from “baseball cards” and decrees in total secrecy who should die. The power of accuser, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner are all consolidated in this one man, and those powers are exercised in the dark. (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian, February 5, 2013; viewable here)
Last but not least, as the book Beast Tech heads to editing, US Defense Department documents were obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, that warns of “extremists.” The government paper actually describes these as people who “talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place.” The astonishing manuscript goes on in a section labeled “Extremist Ideologies” to say, “In U.S. history, there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples”[emphasis added] (See: “Defense Department Guide Calls Founding Fathers ‘Extremist,’” The Daly Caller, August 23, 2013).
Say what? The colonists that came to America to escape extremism and to demand personal freedoms, sovereign states (the United States of America), and constitutional protections from big government are now to be perceived as examples of radical terrorists? This seems to have been taken right from the warnings of my twenty-three-year-old sermon, which evangelical leaders at the time thought could never happen in this country. Yet, now it’s at our doorstep.
Still, until I took time to investigate Beast Tech with my friend Terry Cook, even I had no idea how far down the rabbit hole we had fallen and how close we really are to a single event that could give rise overnight to the era of Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast.
It is my earnest prayer the research in this upcoming special series and book awakens every reader to the need to draw near to Jesus Christ and to trust Him for their tomorrow.
Time is less than most understand.

Credit to Raiders News Update