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Friday, May 12, 2017

Compelling Evidence of the Incursions of Giants, Their Extraordinary Technology, and IMMINENT RETURN Part #6

By Thomas R. Horn 
’Tis Your Cue, Dr. Hrdlička
All the discoveries and old newspaper accounts in the last entry and many other discoveries have been reported across the United States and around the world, and frequently the Smithsonian was involved in some way. If the Smithsonian was going to hide all of this and dismiss what couldn’t be hidden as biological quirks, they had to do it fast.
In 1910, Aleš Hrdlička came on board with the Smithsonian as the first curator of the Division of Physical Anthropology, but he had been working for the institution as a chief of that department since 1903. Hrdlička was a Czech anthropologist heavily involved in the pre-Nazism Eugenics Movement, whose unethical work and harsh treatment of Native American cadavers under his tenure at the Smithsonian has historically drawn much attention. (Tragically, many Smithsonian cover-up “conspiracy theorists” only do themselves a disservice by attacking Hrdlička’s personal morality. The discussion in many of these books and articles continually dives into diatribes that could be summarized under the hypothetic title, “Hrdlička the Nazi: Why Should ‘We the People’ Believe Anything from the Mouth of a Known Eugenics Enthusiast?” But whether he was an immoral character or not has nothing to do with his expertise as an anthropologist, and that is why I have consciously ignored the controversy of Hrdlička’s involvement in that sphere and remained focused only upon his influence as the Smithsonian’s beloved authority. Some have found Hrdlička’s eugenics involvement and his will to hide evidence of giant bones a related issue—and their logic is persuasive at times—but the relevance of that trail has birthed more opposition than it has answers, so we will leave that one alone.) However, despite his nefarious ties to endeavors that openly bespeak his lack of respect for the value of human life, it is no secret that Hrdlička’s central driving motivation was as a devout pioneer in the studies of Homo neanderthalensis.
These Neanderthals were, as evolutionary science has shown, shorter than today’s human species. Consider the classroom and textbook charts showing the evolving man from the crouched monkey to the upright human. Some charts show the Neanderthal man in the middle, others toward the end, depending on the physical phases of man featured in each chart. Scientists say this hominin species was one of the final phases of man before transforming into today’s Homo sapiens, and that they lived amongst the Homo sapiens as recently as thirty to forty thousand years ago (though some scientists say they are not quite that recent). One interesting tidbit shared by science with the rest of the world regarding this species is that the average male height was around five and a half feet tall when standing upright, supporting the idea that humans began small and have only grown as they have evolved. (According to Rudolph Zallinger’s “March of Progress” chart of 1965, the first sequence of man had dawned from the now-extinct Pliopithecus ape, which stood at an average height of three feet when upright. Though this chart, too, has been updated, the fact still remains that evolution shows man has increased in size over time from the mysterious arrival of the very first Homo species—supposedly our earliest human form.)
So entrenched was Hrdlička in his anthropological vocation that any findings on our planet that challenged his work could have possibly been his professional undoing. Massive egg-on-face response to livelihood is a serious threat to any man’s pride and earthly stability. Unthinkable numbers of dollars from every direction (government grants, benefactors, Smithsonian employees’ personal funds, estates, etc.) had been invested into this research that any man willing to step up and unravel this “progress” would be seen as an enemy of the scientific community. Not only
would such a person destroy his or her own career, but he or she would be destroying the lives and reputations of those whose life work it was to establish the Smithsonian’s position on evolutionary law from the beginning. All the exhibits, literature, investments, and man hours would be lost if even one tiny rock were to be thrown at the foundation of evolution that the Smithsonian had built during these earlier, shakier years. So powerful was Hrdlička’s word at the Smithsonian that his sway in the exhibition and/or testing of any specimen was, in fact, the final word. Add to this the staunch adherence of the Smithsonian Institution and all its members to the Powell Doctrine, and we arrive at a wall. A natural stronghold. A sacred and garrisoned sanctuary of evolutionary canon.
A thirty-foot, giant man with a crown, chiseled jawline, four legs, six wings, and an axe in his hand could be found, and if Hrdlička said it was a donkey, then doctrine would be built around it by the powers-that-be to prove that it was a donkey. Far be it for any ignorant or uneducated scoundrel to oppose the rules of the establishment. It really didn’t matter what proof would ever be unearthed once the weight of Hrdlička’s voice was added to the fortress of the Powell Doctrine. Had any one man or woman the intention to disprove the Powell Doctrine up to this point, the window of opportunity was now closed.
Because if man has only grown larger in size over time, then we couldn’t possibly allow evidence of ancient humans who tower over us…Hrdlička wouldn’t allow it. Powell wouldn’t allow it.
The Smithsonian wouldn’t allow it.
That is one possible explanation behind why our Neanderthal-faced “California Indian…biggest man that ever lived” standing at “about nine feet high” (prior to mummification) was examined by “Prof. Thomas Wilson, Curator of the Department of Prehistoric Anthropology in the Smithsonian Institution, and by other scientists,”[i] was accepted as a genuine giant specimen, bought for a substantial amount of money by the Smithsonian, placed on display…and then suddenly dismissed as a hoax in 1908 when Hrdlička’s authority grew to its zenith[ii]—from whence it also suddenly disappeared as an exhibit. The story goes that a piece of the giant’s skin was removed and tested in the Smithsonian laboratory, where it was discovered to be none other than “gelatin.”
No explanation was ever given as to why a giant supposedly made of glorified Jell-O was buried in a cave in San Diego in the first place, or how the Smithsonian’s most trusted men were so duped by the gelatin giant that they were willing to pay top dollar to bring it back to the museum, or—and most importantly—why the lab work that disproved the authenticity of the giant was only carried out under the supervision of Smithsonian scientists and never validated by external sources whose opinion might be less biased.
Perhaps it was crafted and planted by the “prospectors” who were credited as discovering it in order to make a quick buck. If that were true, these prospectors would have to have been very well educated. How someone could construct such an evolutionarily accurate piece of Homo sapiens mummy-art out of gelatin (unless it was constructed by a biologist or scientist with much knowledge of human evolutionary anatomy) is its own question that leads to many others. This debunking very well may have been legitimate, and the giant may have actually been a hoax, but the timing of its withdrawal from the museum is interesting. It was at the pinnacle of the Smithsonian’s hammering away any alternative origin-of-man theories that this exhibit abruptly departed the museum.
And this is merely one example of the evidence-covering that became the norm for the Smithsonian around this time. One cradle-boarded (elongated), massive skull of an Indian giant, “Flathead Chief,” was stolen by explorer Captain Newton H. Chittenden from an Indian grave in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in 1910,[iii] the same year Hrdlička was fitted with the illustrious title as the Smithsonian’s first curator of the Division of Physical Anthropology. The skull was given directly to Hrdlička, and the receipt of it is documented in the Smithsonian’s Annual Report of 1911, page 82. Yet not surprisingly, Hrdlička no doubt tucked the specimen away, as it, too, challenged his work on Homo neanderthalensis. In 1914, it was reported that Professor J. H. Pratt of Southland Seminary uncovered human thigh bones in the “Burial Mound of [a] Giant Race” in St. Petersburg, Florida, that would have likely belonged to a man of nine feet. These, along with enormous skulls also found at the site, were “sent to the Smithsonian.”[iv] Evidently Hrdlička wanted that hidden as well. Another full skeleton with an oversized skull standing over seven feet tall was discovered nearby in Boca Grande, Florida, and then sent to the Smithsonian.[v] Select bones from a dig that produced forty-nine full “prehistoric” skeletons from a mound “Near Finleyville and Canonsburg, Pennsylvania,” the largest of which was “of a giant nearly eight foot tall,” were sent to the Smithsonian.[vi]
What is with all this evidence being sent to the Smithsonian, and where did it all go? The trail continues…
In 1933, while Hrdlička was still on the anthropological throne, an eight-foot giant was discovered by a young boy searching the floors of Steelville, Missouri, for arrowheads. The report stated that “Dr. Aleš Hrdlička, anthropologist of the National [Smithsonian] Museum in Washington and celebrated authority on primitive races is expected to help.”[vii] (You can see by the verbiage used by the print media at this time that Hrdlička was indeed, in the minds of the surrounding world, the ultimate and “celebrated” authority.) The skeleton was subsequently shipped to the Smithsonian. (Of interesting note, this report also speaks of the findings by Smithsonian’s own BAE field explorer Gorard Fowke years prior. According to this Steelville Ledger article, Fowke had investigated the cave-dweller remains at the same site where there lay “human bones, which had been cracked for the extraction of the marrow they contained” nearby a giant’s tomb, indicating that the site was at one point home to cannibals. If this is an accurate hypothesis, then some very large humans [or something else] on the earth were eating smaller humans in those days.)
We will pause from the plethora of discoveries in the interest of following Hrdlička’s authority in the chronological order in which it occurred. In 1934, Hrdlička decided to make one of the most absurd proclamations of his career during an interview with The United Press. A portion of the report reads as follows:
Giants Are No More, Declares Hrdlicka
By United Press
WASHINGTON, March 12 [1934]—The Smithsonian Institution is “fed up” on human skeletons of “human prehistoric giants,” and Dr. Ales Hrdlicka, curator of anthropology, makes no bones about it.
Dr. Hrdlicka blames the “will to believe” of amateur anthropologists for many reports of “discoveries” which find their way to his office with monotonous frequency. The fact that the bones aren’t even interesting adds to his consternation.…
According to the Institution, the purported “finds” describe “an ancient race of giants between 7 and 8 feet tall, with bones and jaws considerably larger than those of men living today. The finder makes a hurried comparison of the length of the fossil thigh bone with his own, and from this calculates the size of the hypothetical ‘ancient giant.’”
However, it was explained, “the person unfamiliar with human anatomy does not know that the upper joint of the femul [sic] is several inches higher than would appear from superficial examination of the living body.”
Hence, the “discovery” and consequent disillusion.
Next to “giants,” Dr. Hrdlicka reports, fancy finds its sway with human “dwarfs.”[viii]
See, the misleading drive behind this article is that it might be based on a partial truth. At best, however, it remains a half-truth, as it willfully deters from giving the whole truth. Let us follow his claims for a moment in the following example: An average American career man who works as the foreman of a shoe factory is wandering about the forest with his dog on his day off and stumbles upon what is clearly a human femur. Because his expertise is in making shoes, and not in human anatomy, he holds the bone at the top of his thigh, not at the appropriate connecting joint a femur would always connect to—and he holds it straight, not at the diagonal angle a femur always curves. The bone then naturally extends several inches past his knee cap, and the conclusion is obviously, as Hrdlička stated, an amateurish one. The foreman of the shoe factory thinks he’s found the bone of an ancient giant that couldn’t possibly have stood less than seven or eight feet tall. He then immediately follows up by calling Hrdlička’s office at the Smithsonian and announcing his discovery. Hrdlička receives the remains of a regular-sized human, and subsequently dismisses the entire thing as a painstakingly redundant misunderstanding.
With all the talk of a giant race sweeping the nation around this time, there is no doubt that Hrdlička was probably swamped with these false findings. To that extent, this United Press interview might have been spot-on.
But the article diverts two powerfully important issues…
  1. Hrdlička is not grumbling about the findings of shoe factory foremen (or the equivalent). He specifically stated that the error was from “anthropologists.” In so doing, he makes it sound like any anthropologist might be so lacking in the anatomical familiarity their field of research demands that they would find a bone and get overly excited. Sure, anthropologists aren’t necessarily final experts in anatomy, but their affiliation with archaeological discovery places them in a position to stop and maturely assess the situation before flooding Hrdlička’s office with tall tales, lest they heap embarrassment upon themselves. Could one or two of Hrdlička’s anthropological associates lose their heads over a discovery and jump the gun on reporting it to him before the bone was deemed authentically oversized, despite the damage this would inflict upon their reputation as a professional anthropologist? Yes. Could five of Hrdlička’s associates be guilty of this? Absolutely. It wouldn’t speak very highly of the “professionals” the Smithsonian prizes if this happened as often as Hrdlička said, but yes, it is certainly possible. Could many of his fellow anthropologists repeatedly make this same mistake over and over again at dig sites in front of many Smithsonian-celebrated professional witnesses over the period of several decades? That’s absurd! It’s the Smithsonian, is it not? Surely someone in that department checks the facts before shipping materials to the almighty Hrdlička. (In fact, many of the discoveries had been announced by personalities belonging to the Smithsonian whose credibility within their field was never questioned and whose findings were considered authentic enough to be included in the annual reports.) Yet, by conducting his end of the biased interview the way he did, Hrdlička grouped all of these “finders” in a single category of bumbling, country-dolt amateurs. He insinuated that all previous discoveries were faulty because they were assessed by faulty men. As such, the article is plainly biased, does not dare to list any names of these finders whose professionalism Hrdlička is attacking, and steers well clear of listing the whole truth, which involves many verified discoveries that have been archived in Smithsonian literature as well as countless reports outside.
  2. By giving his femur analogy, Hrdlička is choosing to use the one analogy that the public will read and respond to with newfound confidence—that elusive “aha” moment—in the grand debunking of giant theories everywhere, and to accomplish this, he uses a simple science that anyone can follow: the misplacement of the “giant’s” femur against the finder’s. Why did he choose this analogy? Because it can’t be contested, and it feeds his “giants never existed” doctrine, while avoiding any more baffling comparisons that science cannot These articles listed prior (and oh-so-many others) use size comparisons that openly defy all we know of modern man, such as brawny archaeologists with full beards easily slipping an unearthed giant jawbone around their entire face and girth of their whiskers. Hrdlička never mentioned that when he was guided to the floor of the United Press platform. What about all those skulls that, even without flesh or hair, measure so large that they could be used as a helmet by modern man? What about all those skeletons that were found apart from Smithsonian supervision, taken from their dig, and examined by medical/anatomical doctors who then sent the bones to Hrdlička…after they had placed the towering, thirty-inch femur at the proper joint and concluded the man would have been over eight feet tall? Why wouldn’t Hrdlička mention this? There is zero scientific objectivity in this interview.
It all points back to this: There were thousands of discoveries of skeletons, bones, skulls, tools, weapons, jewelry, etc., that pointed to the proof that giants “walked the earth in those days” (cf. Genesis 6), and Hrdlička was well aware of it. His career and livelihood would naturally be threatened by the acknowledgment of it, so he jumped upon the opportunity the Powell Doctrine provided to perpetuate the dismissal of anything his own personal science could not explain. And, when given the platform, he used narrow-minded and half-truth science to “prove” to the anxious public that all these discoveries were merely a chain of amateurish oversights.
Hrdlička can “declare” anything he wants about discovery, but it doesn’t make it true, despite the existent sovereignty his Smithsonian position lends.
Sadly, however, Hrdlička can “declare” something, and because of the existent sovereignty his Smithsonian position lends, he becomes that benevolent “they” that the world respects, believing that it is only for their protection as herd-mentality lemmings that would otherwise explode into mass hysteria over the most preposterously false theories declared within that largely useless and archaic “Holy Bible” upon which the great and worthy “science” no longer needs to rely. It’s condescension and hubris to the highest degree that this man would “dispel” ancient giant races on a public media platform without allowing his listeners to learn of the real proof hidden in the small print—including Smithsonian archives. One simply cannot erase all the results of hundreds of years of archaeological investigation because Hrdlička wants to talk about amateurs who hold a bone the wrong way.
Nevertheless, the discoveries continued, and the cover-up goes deeper.
In the summer of 1936, a dig began under the supervision of the Smithsonian exploration team and sponsors, referred to as the “Sea Island Mound Dig at Sea Island, Georgia.” As the reader has likely suspected, giant skeletons were found. The lead archaeologist was Dr. Preston Holder of the Smithsonian National Museum, who, after taking several photographs of the evidence, took the bones to Hrdlička. An initial report was published in the Portsmouth Times on July 28, 1936, in an article titled: “Georgia’s Sand-Dunes Yield Startling Proof of a Prehistoric Race of Giants.” After this, however, the trail cuts off because “the foremost archeologist of the coast, Preston Holder, was not permitted to publish the major result of his excavations. His superiors at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. [read: Hrdlička and his pals]…did not allow him to publish his highly detailed progress reports.”[ix] According to the Society for American Archeology in their SAA Archeological Record:
For reasons that remain obscure, his WPA [Works Progress Association] supervisors in Washington (Smithsonian Institution) [again, Hrdlička] and Georgia did not permit Holder to publish his work-in-progress, discouraged the use of his results for his Columbia doctorate, and effectively hid his formal unpublished reports and relevant papers from scrutiny. In some cases, the supervisors expunged the reports and papers. Under his name, only one meager, two-page note, which was never intended for print publication, briefly describes five of the sites that he excavated in 1936 and 1937 [which likely refers to the initial article in The Portsmouth Times].[x]
At this point, I would like to remind the reader that we have not only uncovered scores of evidence that the Smithsonian is aware of bones, has (or had) bones in their possession, and will not allow the public to know about it—we also have evidence now that the Smithsonian is methodically preventing/destroying/expunging paper trails that detail the archaeological proof of them.
The following October, Hrdlička was on site with his team at the “mummy caves” of Kagamil Island, Alaska (one of the Aleutian Islands), when he personally unearthed a giant skull. Since Hrdlička was responsible for the find, and since it occurred in front of witnesses, he wasn’t able to cancel out the discovery by making dismissive claims that “amateur anthropologists” bungled a femur comparison, so he was left with little choice but to follow through with protocol and have the skull documented. However, this did not stop him from attributing the find to simply a mysteriously large-brained Indian, as opposed to a giant. Rochester Journal ran the following small blip:
Smithsonian Gets Huge Indian Skull
By Associated Press
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 [1936]—After a Summer spent nosing around the Aleutian Islands, Dr. Alex [sic] Hrdlicka is home with a big head. In fact, the skull, which the Smithsonian Institution anthropologist picked up, once contained the largest human brain of record in the Western Hemisphere, Institution scientists say.
The skull, believed to have belonged to an Aleut who lived hundreds of years ago, had a brain capacity of 2,005 cubic centimeters. The average man has about 1,450 cubic centimeters and the average woman 1,300.[xi]
Not surprisingly, there is not a word about giants, and one reading this article in 1936 was led to believe the skull was a unique fluke. The official Smithsonian U.S. National Museum catalogue card (Cat. No. 377,860; Acc. No. 138,127) lists on the “How acquired” line: “Coll. for Museum.” Yet, despite the “collected for museum” indicator, the oversized skull thereafter fell into obscurity.
More and more giant discoveries were found in the following years, including, but certainly not limited to, the seven-foot mummies of Sonora, Mexico, in 1937 and the largest skull ever recorded found in Potomac Creek, Virginia, in 1937 (cranial capacity of 2100cc). If we were to cover all of the findings herein, this chapter would be, well, GIANT, in overwhelming size. Suffice it to say that despite the mounting list of unexplainable discoveries, the Smithsonian continued to proselytize the Powell Doctrine and Hrdlička’s policies of exclusion.
Of course, one has to wonder what happened to the remains of these giants and where the Smithsonian Institution may actually still possess their hidden remains today. The late Vine Deloria, a Native American author and professor of law, sounded suspicious of their concealed location when he wrote:
Modern day archaeology and anthropology have nearly sealed the door on our imaginations, broadly interpreting the North American past as devoid of anything unusual in the way of great cultures characterized by a people of unusual demeanor [giants].
The great interloper of ancient burial grounds, the nineteenth century Smithsonian Institution, created a one-way portal, through which uncounted bones have been spirited.
This door and the contents of its vault are virtually sealed off to anyone, but government officials. Among these bones may lay answers not even sought by these officials concerning the deep past.[xii]
So does the Smithsonian Institution have an Indiana Jones-like, large warehouse somewhere with aisles of American giants’ remains locked away? We now know this is more than possible. And in case the reader might be wondering why independent archaeologists or researchers aren’t simply reacting to the scandal with their own digs today in order to get the real story, in 1990, U.S. federal law enacted the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). Under this law, any federal agencies or institutions that receive federal funding are to release all bones and artifacts related to their culture back to the Native Americans. Failure to comply with the rules of the NAGPRA law results in imprisonment and/or a hefty fine. Thus, not only are we no longer allowed to traipse across any property that promises answers for a lost race of giants and start digging, many of the bones known to be hidden away by the Smithsonian were likely commandeered and returned to the people who inhabit the land from which it was unearthed. However, that the Smithsonian holds interest in shepherding its flock away from truth I have no doubt, and as long as the very likely cover-up continues, so, too, will the worldview that anything outside our educated and scientific knowledge base is purely “mythological.”
So long as the world has its Powells, its Walcotts, and its Hrdličkas to continue mortaring the wall, all the while condescendingly presenting alternative theorists as uneducated fools, we the people will—as Powell prophesied—continue to be “subjective philosophers.” If only the “theys” of this equation let the evidence speak for itself…
But some evidence can no longer be hidden, as we will see in the next entry.
Credit to Tom Horn

2,000 Years Ago, Prophet Nehemiah Performed This Temple Rite to Revive Sacrifices. Now, Sanhedrin Is Reviving It

“But if ye return unto Me, and keep My commandments and do them, though your dispersed were in the uttermost part of the heaven, yet will I gather them from thence, and will bring them unto the place that I have chosen to cause My name to dwell there.” Nehemiah 1:9 (The Israel Bible™)
On the day after the Feast of Shavuot (Weeks), the Sanhedrin will reenact a ceremony officially establishing the borders of Jerusalem for purposes of reinstating the Temple service. Last performed by Nehemiah in the sixth century BCE, this was the final step before beginning the sacrifices, but today, it is also meant as a powerful and timely political statement. 
Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the nascent Sanhedrin, said that establishing these borders is perhaps the final step in reinstating the Temple service, noting that directly after Nehemiah reestablished the boundaries of Jerusalem the sacrifices began anew.
“The only thing lacking today to begin bringing sacrifices is the altar,” Rabbi Weiss explained to Breaking Israel News. “When that is ready, we will need to have these borders firmly established.”
Sacrifices that are required to be eaten in Jerusalem, such as Peace Offerings, the first fruits and the Paschal lamb, must be eaten inside the boundaries of the city. Establishing these boundaries designates the area of holiness.
Rabbi Weiss explained that according to Torah law, an acquisition of land must be accompanied by a physical act. A person who purchases or inherits the land must walk the borders or have a meal on the land. In three weeks, on the day after the Feast of Shavuot, the Sanhedrin will mark points along the border and attempt to walk as much of it as possible. They are still in the process of receiving permission from the Jerusalem Police but in the past, many  Temple-oriented activities have been delayed or diverted due to police restrictions.
Rabbi Weiss admitted that the move had a strong political motive.
“Jerusalem’s Jubilee is the time to re-establish the holiness of Jerusalem,” Rabbi Weiss explained, referring to the upcoming 50th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem during the Six-Day War. “President Trump is coming on his first official visit. We have to make clear to him, as a leader of a nation friendly to Israel, that the eternal Jewish capital is once again ready to fulfill its Biblical role. This is also in direct response to the absurd UNESCO proclamations, which come to prevent the Jews from performing their Biblically mandated purpose.”
Last Tuesday, on Israel’s 69th Independence Day, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Executive Board passed a resolution in Paris declaring Jewish sovereignty in all of Jerusalem to be illegal. The resolution declared the Jerusalem Law, designating the city as Israel’s capital and passed by the Knesset in 1980, to be “null and void”. The resolution expanded on previous UNESCO resolutions which ceded a religious monopoly over the Temple Mount to Islam. 
image: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/map-1024x731.png
The Sanhedrin debates Jerusalem’s borders at the time of Nehemiah. (Screenshot)
As the first step in the process of establishing borders for Jerusalem in for the Third Temple, the Sanhedrin heard the testimony of Dr. Daniel Michelson, a professor from the Weizmann Institute who has made an exhaustive study concerning the borders of Jerusalem and the Second Temple as established by Nehemiah. 
In order to begin offering sacrifices, Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem based on the borders for the First Temple established by King Solomon and King David. The remains of these walls were discovered by archaeologists Bliss and Dickie in the 1890’s. Rabbi Michelson based his measurements and maps on their findings and on detailed descriptions in chapter three in the Book of Nehemiah.
So we built the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto half the height thereof; for the people had a mind to work. Nehemiah 3:38
After designating the borders, the Sanhedrin will reenact Nehemiah’s Thanksgiving Offering of twenty loaves of bread.
The Sanhedrin also began deliberations on establishing the borders of Jerusalem for the Third Temple. Though the Sanhedrin has yet to come to a consensus about the precise boundaries, the borders of Jerusalem in the Third Temple will be substantially larger than those in the time of the Second Temple. According to Professor Michelson’s study based on descriptions in the Book of Ezekiel, the boundaries of Jerusalem for the purposes of the Temple will be over seven miles on each side.The Sanhedrin will perform a conditional acquisition, so that when the sacrifices are renewed in the Third Temple, the acquisition will take effect. 
Credit to breakingisraelnews.com
Read more at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/87807/sanhedrin-revives-2000-year-old-temple-rite-reestablishing-jerusalems-borders/#XrEUpr6rB2jRwUq5.99

The Horror Of The Deep State's Plan Exposed - Part 3

In Part One and Part Two of this article I detailed the decades of propaganda, false flags, and misinformation campaigns used by the Deep State to gain power and control over the U.S. government. When war or a financial crisis is necessary to keep the profits flowing, events will be steered to such an outcome. With the latest financial plundering operation running out of steam, the Deep State is pushing the world toward global conflict.
If at first you don’t succeed with a false flag gas attack, try try again. Knowing a vast swath of the American populace is incapable of critical thinking or able to discern between fake news and factual events, the Deep State and their media lackeys unquestioningly promoted the story of children being killed by a sarin gas attack by Assad. The photos of rescue workers helping victims without gloves immediately invalidated the narrative, as the rescue workers would be dead if they handled sarin gas victims without protective gear.
The faux journalists, pretending to be neutral observers, did not question this blatant lie. They did not ponder why Assad would commit such an idiotic atrocity when he was clearly in control of the battlefield and on the verge of defeating his American funded rebel enemies.

The Deep State masters of manipulation had been flogging the Russiagate story to such a degree, a large portion of the population actually believed Putin hacked the election and got Trump elected. Despite not one iota of proof or evidence, they had successfully used their propaganda mainstream media machine to keep Trump on the ropes. Putin’s unwavering support for Assad and success in defeating the ISIS/Al Qaeda/American rebel forces made the Deep State even more desperate.
With Trump’s domestic agenda stalled, this false flag gas attack offered him the opportunity to look tough and distance himself from Russia. He took the bait and launched the 59 missiles into Syria, doing virtually no damage to anything vital to Syria’s war effort. They were launching planes to attack rebels from that base the next day.
The invisible government players achieved victory once again, as it only took three months to turn the non-interventionist candidate into the next war loving president. The overwhelming cheers from liberal and conservative media outlets were deafening. McCain, Graham, Schumer, Pelosi and all the usual neo-con suspects were ecstatic. Trump’s poll ratings jumped. The majority of the non-thinking public applauded the tough guy act.
It went so well, Trump was convinced by his trigger happy military leadership to use the Mother of All Bombs on some underground tunnels in the middle of bumfuk Afghanistan. It was all captured on film so it could be played over and over on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and the rest of Deep State network TV. The corporate media dutifully provided casualty counts even though they had no way of verifying anything they reported. This was essentially a propaganda film to pump up the spirits of the heavily indebted, iGadget addicted, clueless masses.
Trump is seeing how easy it is to wage war around the globe, make threatening gestures, order his fleets into attack position, place a $1 billion missile defense system in another country at our cost, and generally act as if he is playing a giant game of Risk, like he did as a rich kid. Everything looks like a nail when all you have is a hammer. It’s much easier being a foreign interventionist and pleasing the Deep State, than draining the swamp and going to war against the status quo like he promised during the campaign.
Filling your cabinet with status quo insiders is not a recipe for success. His first two military parlays played so well, he decided it was time to teach the crazed midget lunatic in North Korea who’s boss. Trump ordered carrier groups to sail towards North Korea. He’s been test firing ICBM rockets as a warning. He’s been threatening China unless they do something to get the height challenged dictator under control. The propaganda machine has been trying to strike fear into the hearts of Americans with bullshit storylines about him nuking the U.S.
Kim Jong Un is a certifiable nutjob. He’s been running the third world country as dictator for the last five years. He’s a blustering fool who constantly threatens, with no actions to back up the threats. Half his missile launches blow up shortly after launch. If he even has a nuke, he has no means of delivering it effectively. The drivel about him hitting the U.S. with a nuke is laughable, but the deceitful neo-cons act as if he could do it.
The mainstream media unquestioningly reports the threat to the western U.S. The Deep State would love to provoke a war with North Korea. They have no concern for the millions of South Koreans who would become the latest collateral damage of the imperialist American Empire. War means profits. Maybe a clash with the Chinese over the South China Sea islands could be arranged. Placing missiles on the border of Russia and conducting NATO war games certainly isn’t provocative.
“They were conquerors, and for that you want only brute force–nothing to boast of, when you have it, since your strength is just an accident arising from the weakness of others.” – Joseph ConradHeart of Darkness
The United States is not in danger of being attacked by North Korea, Syria, Iran or a bunch of cave dwellers in Afghanistan. Russia and China are not threatening our vital interests. We spend more on the military than the next seven countries combined, but the narrative sold to the gullible public is how our military has been gutted and needs hundreds of billions more funding. When the cost of past wars and the surveillance state expenditures are included, the U.S. spends in excess of $1 trillion per year.
We have been an imperial power since World War II and have been intervening in other countries’ affairs since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Policing the world is expensive for the citizens, but enriching to those doing the policing and supplying the police. Without a central bank printing press and man-made inflation, American presidents and their Deep State backers couldn’t oppress countries throughout the world with the threat of instantaneous annihilation or invade without a declaration of war – as mandated by the Constitution.
“It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.” – Ron Paul, End the Fed
America’s imperial empire may be more technologically advanced and larger than previous empires, but there is nothing special or new about imperialism. The policy of wielding influence and power through the use of military and economic force by empires over smaller weaker countries has been played out through the centuries. Whether it was the Roman, Dutch, Ottoman, or British empires, they all declined and fell due to military overreach, civic decay, and economic decline.
When I step back and try to analyze our current situation I come to the conclusion our current policies and budget priorities are pure madness. But I feel like the crazy uncle at the family reunion who is shunned and ignored when I bring up the blatantly obvious facts regarding our fiscal situation.
Congress just passed a spending bill extension which cuts nothing and increases military spending. The House just passed an Obamacare replacement bill that won’t cut your premiums or copays, and will keep insurance conglomerates, hospital corporations and corporate drug company cartels in charge of your healthcare.
It is business as usual in the imperialistic capital of Washington DC, and the madness will continue until the teetering empire collapses under the massive weight of debt and overreach. Trump is no Tea Party Republican. He’s a big spending, big tax cut, big military, pretend fiscal conservative without the guts to touch entitlement spending or war expenditures – the two budget areas driving the country towards bankruptcy.
“As many frustrated Americans who have joined the Tea Party realize, we cannot stand against big government at home while supporting it abroad. We cannot talk about fiscal responsibility while spending trillions on occupying and bullying the rest of the world. We cannot talk about the budget deficit and spiraling domestic spending without looking at the costs of maintaining an American empire of more than 700 military bases in more than 120 foreign countries. We cannot pat ourselves on the back for cutting a few thousand dollars from a nature preserve or an inner-city swimming pool at home while turning a blind eye to a Pentagon budget that nearly equals those of the rest of the world combined.” –  Ron Paul
Trump’s recent conversion into a warmongering neo-con, policing the world with his cruise missiles, MOABs, carrier fleets, and boots on the ground remind me of Apocalypse Now, one of my favorite movies about imperialism and madness. Francis Ford Coppola’s brilliant movie was a modern day updating of Joseph Conrad’s classic novel Heart of Darkness.
Both the movie and the novel address the evil nature of imperialism, the brutality inflicted on innocent people in the name of spreading democracy, and ultimately driving good men to madness as they attempt to rationalize their allegiance to an imperialist empire bent on profit through the committing atrocities in the name of progress. Rational moral men cannot carry out the orders of sociopathic politicians and generals without ultimately losing their minds.
King Leopold of Belgium formed “The Company” to strip the Congo of its natural resources while enslaving and killing millions from 1880 until 1900. The leaders of imperialist nations practice hypocrisy on a grand scale. While they justify their imperialism with rhetoric about democracy, fighting evil, and doing God’s work, reality is the opposite of the propaganda peddled by the imperialist emperors of evil.
The Kurtz character in the novel and the movie is a brilliant man, selected by his imperial masters for great things and a future at the top of the “Company” food chain. While the men running the show at the top describe their invasion and subjugation of foreign peoples as a benevolent project of civilization, people like Kurtz, who are tasked with the dirty work of suppression and extermination through the use of violence and intimidation, are driven mad in the process.
The young men who do the fighting and killing on the front lines of this so called War on Terror must eventually come to realize they are waging war on behalf of evil men who have lied to them and the American public. Assenting to obvious mistruths and propaganda is essentially co-operating with and enabling evil. When citizens fail to hold their leaders accountable for blatant lies, false narratives, and despicable propaganda storylines, they become evil themselves.
They lie to themselves in order to go along with the crowd and appear normal. By remaining silent as the State operates without constraints, a humiliated populace loses its will to resist evil deeds done in their name. A society of impotent, passive, normalcy bias racked people is easy to control and manipulate. Appearing normal in a world gone mad is not a sign of true normalcy, but a sign of madness and abnormalcy.
“The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. 
They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” –  Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
If Huxley considered American society to be inhabited by millions of abnormally normal people in the 1950’s, I can only imagine what he would think of our deviant, irrational, utterly mad civilization today. In this profoundly abnormal society my views are considered absurd and the ravings of a chicken little. How could I question $1 trillion annual budget deficits? How could I point out the unsustainability of a system with $20 trillion of debt and $200 trillion of unfunded entitlement liabilities?
How could I be outraged by a private bank controlling our currency, debasing its purchasing power by 96% over 104 years, and working on behalf of Wall Street rather than Main Street? How could I question spending $1 trillion per year on military adventurism and policing the world when we are already $20 trillion in debt? Is it too much to ask if we send men to die for a cause, that the cause not be false?
“To die for an idea; it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true!” – H.L. Mencken
How could I not trust my government to run our healthcare system after seeing how well they run the Veterans Administration, Medicare and Social Security? Why would I not believe politicians of both parties who have lied to me for decades and are completely in the pockets of wealthy special interests? Why shouldn’t I support mega-corporations who have shipped millions of American jobs to foreign slave labor camps, while utilizing lobbyists to game our purposely complex tax system?
It’s crazy talk for me to point out how Wall Street bankers committed the largest control fraud in world history and were rewarded with a $700 billion taxpayer bailout, free money from the Fed, larger market shares, record bonuses, no prosecutions, and now control of the White House from the inside. How could I possibly support “traitors” like Snowden and Assange for revealing the contempt for the Constitution displayed by our government keepers as they illegally conduct surveillance operations against every citizen in the nation? Am I mad for asking these questions?
Kurtz symbolizes the imperialism of empires enforced through the ruthless application of power, craven terror, economic retribution, armed intimidation and military attack. As the empire grows in power, degenerates morally, becomes more corrupt, and develops an overwhelming level of arrogance and hubris, decline and fall are inevitable. Madness and imperialism go hand in hand.
Absolute power with no fear of reprisal from citizens or a free press, combined with man’s fundamental fallibility, lead to uncontrolled dangerous decision making. We are witnessing the perilous effects of imperial hubris as Trump and his arrogant advisors provoke conflict in multiple hotspots across the globe with nuclear armed nations. Imperialists are always sure their malevolent machinations will end in victory. They never consider the potential unintended consequences of their actions, like global war, nuclear annihilation, millions of casualties, or the fall of their empire.
The same arrogance displayed by central bankers, government apparatchiks, crooked politicians, and Wall Street shysters as the 2008 financial catastrophe approached is being displayed today by Trump, his surveillance state cronies, and the neo-cons now running the show in the White House. They believe their “brilliant” strategy, tactics, and propaganda campaign will surely result in success, as their opponents/victims are weaker and not as skilled in diplomatic manipulation and military aptitude.
The Deep State players, who now seem to have gained control over Trump, have no sense of morality, no shame in their blatant hypocrisy, no hesitation in sending men to their deaths based on a fabricated cause, no compunction in lying to the American public, and no guilt while shredding the U.S. Constitution. The object of power is power to these traitorous men.
Many Americans viewed the presidential election as a choice between the lesser of two evils, or the least bad choice. As Trump has broken promises, filled his cabinet with Goldman Sachs cronies, failed to drain the swamp, proven ineffective in legislating, and has now been captured by the neo-con warmongers, the best argument for his presidency has been “at least he’s not Clinton”. That is true. The Supreme Court won’t go further left, taxes won’t go up, the EPA won’t regulate industries out of existence, illegal immigration will be reduced and ridiculous social justice bullshit won’t be pushed down our throats by the Feds.
But let’s face the facts. This is nothing but tinkering around the edges of a bloated government bureaucracy, controlled by powerful men in smoke filled rooms, who have absolutely no interest in changing anything that would impact their financial interests in a negative way. They are doing everything in their power to keep the status quo in place.
The American Empire has been waging war virtually non-stop since the creation of the Creature from Jekyll Island (aka Federal Reserve) in 1913. After World War II, as the size of the empire grew to heights never seen in world history, the level of hypocrisy, propaganda, maliciousness, immorality, and hubris has grown exponentially. The madness of the men running this colonial empire is concealed through the moral ambiguity and faux patriotism utilized to confuse and mislead a willfully ignorant populace who long ago relinquished their citizenship responsibilities to men they have never seen and never voted for.
How can we judge the actions of these men to be evil when all societal moral standards and social values have been abandoned?  Is there such thing as insanity in a world that has already gone insane? The American Empire is slithering along the edge of a straight razor. Only real judgement enforced by alarmed critical thinking armed citizens can defeat the Deep State at this point.
“I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That’s my dream; that’s my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor… and surviving.” – Kurtz – Apocalypse Now
“If I had ten divisions of those men, our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral… and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling… without passion… without judgment… without judgment! Because it’s judgment that defeats us.”- Kurtz – Apocalypse Now
 Credit to Zero Hedge