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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dragon Flood..Dragon´s head

Joseph Herrin (09-13-2012)

George Washington - U.S. Capitol Building Ceremony
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Look closely at the image above. George Washington appears in full Masonic regalia as the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol building was laid in an elaborate ceremony. The above painting is a historically accurate depiction of the Freemason’s cornerstone laying ceremony that took place on September 18,1793 in Washington, D.C. as the construction of the U.S. Capitol building was begun. Note to the right are three men bearing corn, oil, and wine. These are poured atop the cornerstone as part of an offering to the god of Freemasonry. The identity of this god is clearly revealed in the following passage of Scripture where the prophet Hosea has recorded the words of Yahweh.

Hosea 2:8
For she did not know that I gave her corn, and wine, and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold, which they prepared for Baal.

Every major building in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, was dedicated with the laying of the cornerstone in a Masonic ritual. In every occurrence, the Freemasons, many of whom were Congressmen, Presidents, and other national leaders, offered up corn, oil, and wine as part of the ceremony.

Specific words are recited at each cornerstone laying ceremony. Following is that portion of the ritual relating to the corn, wine and oil. As you read it, keep in mind that the one referred to as Supreme Grand Architect, Supreme Ruler of the World, and Almighty God is known to the author of these rites to be Satan.

The Deputy Grand Master receives from the Grand Marshal the vessel containing Corn, and spreads the corn upon the stone, saying:

DEPUTY GRAND MASTER: May the health of the workman employed in this undertaking be preserved to them, and the Supreme Grand Architect bless and prosper their labors.

ALL BRETHREN: So mote it be.

The Grand Senior Warden then receives from the Grand Marshal the vessel containing wine, and pours the wine upon the stone, saying:

GRAND SENIOR WARDEN: May plenty be showered down upon the people of this State, and may the blessing of the bounteous Giver of all things attend their philanthropic undertakings.

ALL BRETHREN: So mote it be.

The Grand Junior Warden then receives the vessel containing Oil and pours the oil upon the stone, saying:

GRAND JUNIOR WARDEN: May the Supreme Ruler of the World (Note that this is an exact restating of Christ’s description of Satan) preserve the people in peace, and vouchsafe to them the enjoyment of every blessing.

GRAND MASTER: May the Corn of nourishment, the Wine of Refreshment, the Oil of Joy, and all the necessaries of life abound among men throughout the world, and may the blessing of Almighty God be upon this undertaking, and may this structure here to be erected be preserved to the latest ages in order that it may promote the useful purpose for which it is designed

ALL BRETHREN: So mote it be.

The words “So mote it be” may be familiar to some as a phrase used by Satanists, witches, and modern pagans. Following is an excerpt from a website explaining its usage.

Occultist Aleister Crowley used "So mote it be" in some of his writings, and claimed it to be an ancient and magical phrase, but it's possible he borrowed it from the Masons. In Freemasonry, "So mote it be" is the equivalent of "Amen" or "As God wills it to be." Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern Wicca, was also known to have Masonic connections, although there's some question about whether or not he was a Master Mason as he claimed to be. Regardless, it's no surprise that the phrase turns up in contemporary Pagan practice, considering the influence that the Masons had on both Gardner and Crowley.

In modern Wiccan traditions, the phrase often appears as a way of wrapping up a ritual or magical working. It's basically a way of saying, "And so it shall be."
[Source: http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/glossary/g/SoMoteItBe.htm]

In the book of the prophet Isaiah we find a passage where Yahweh pronounces judgment upon Babylon. Mentioned in the passage is the sorceries and dark arts of Babylon, including the various incantations and astrology. In ancient times kings consulted astrologers to determine appointed times for their various actions, for going to war, or to prophesy the outcome of some event. The stars were studied closely that their influences might bring success to the endeavors in which men and nations committed themselves. Yahweh speaks the following to those who put confidence in such things.

Isaiah 47:12-13
Stand fast now in your spells and in your many sorceries with which you have labored from your youth; Perhaps you will be able to profit, perhaps you may cause trembling. You are wearied with your many counsels; Let now the astrologers, those who prophesy by the stars, those who predict by the new moons, stand up and save you from what will come upon you.

It would surprise many people, particularly Americans, and Christians in the United States, to learn that the practices of Babylon are not extinct. In fact, they have been practiced by the founders of this nation and continue to this very hour. Those who guide the counsels of America have consulted with the stars, and no significant work has been undertaken without first doing so. The practices of Babylon have been preserved by Satan and carried forward by secret societies, foremost of which in America has been Freemasonry.

David Ovason in his insightful and exceptionally well documented book The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital has demonstrated quite convincingly that Washington, D.C. was designed as a Masonic city. Ovason is writing from the viewpoint of a man much learned in the esoteric rites and symbols of ancient mysteries. Ovason is an teacher of astrology by trade, understanding the ancient practice of casting horoscopes to determine auspicious days in which nation’s would begin new works. His understanding of arcane lore is revealed in his book.

Not surprising is the fact that Ovason is not a Christian. What did strike me as surprising was to learn that Ovason was not a Freemason when he wrote this book. However, he received such warm encouragement from some top Freemasons in America when his book was published, that he afterwards became one.

In his book on the secret architecture of Washington, D.C., Ovason explains the significance of casting a horoscope to determine the optimal time for beginning various works such as laying the cornerstone for important national buildings. Ovason writes the following:

The formal laying of a cornerstone was no new thing, even in America. It was already a ritual sanctified by Masonic tradition, a throwback to an age when it was believed that all human activities were overseen by the gods. In essence, the cornerstone ceremonial was designed not only to gain the approval of the spiritual beings, but also to ensure that these were content that the building was being brought into the world at the right time. That is one reason why it was commonplace for those designing cornerstone rituals to examine the time of the ceremonial in the light of astrology.
[Source: David Ovason, The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital]

Although Ovason has discovered none of the horoscopes that were cast to determine the dates on which events took place in the Nation’s Capital, he has examined the dates and times and drawn up the horoscopes himself. His conclusion is that “We must assume that whoever was directing the planning of Washington, D.C... had a considerable knowledge of astrology...”

Ovason goes on to explain, “The building of the federal city began formally April 15, 1791, when a number of Masons gathered together in Alexandria. Their purpose was the enacting of a Masonic ceremonial laying of the first marker stone for the new city, which would soon be called Washington.”

The architect chosen to design the White House was James Hoban. David Ovason writes, “The date when Hoban became a Mason is not on record, but in the year following the laying of the cornerstone for the President’s House he would become Worshipful Master of Georgetown Lodge No. 9.”

On October 13, 1792, the Freemasons held a cornerstone laying ceremony for the President’s House, later to be called the White House. The following quotation from the Charleston City Gazette, November 15, 1792 provides an eyewitness account of the ceremony.

“On Saturday the 13th inst. The first stone was laid in the south-west corner of the president’s house, in the city of Washington, by the Free Masons of Georgetown and its vicinity, who assembled on the occasion. The procession was formed at the Fountain Inn, Georgetown... The ceremony was performed by brother Casaneva, master of the lodge, who delivered an oration well adapted to the occasion.”

Ovason describes the horoscope drawn up for the day the Masonic cornerstone ceremony for the President’s House was laid.

“In the arch of the skies on the day the foundation stone for the White House was laid, there was a most interesting conjunction. Shortly before noon, the moon had entered the same degree as the Dragon’s Head (a node of the moon). Both planet and node were in 23 degrees of Virgo.”

Let me take a moment to define what is meant by “a node of the moon.” The lunar nodes describe two areas in the heavens where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersects with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. At least as far back as Medieval times, these points of intersection, the lunar nodes, have been called the Dragon’s Head, and the Dragon’s Tail. Following is a graphic that demonstrates this concept.

Note the direction of travel of the moon. Traveling counter clockwise from the point marked “Ascending Node” is the Dragon’s Head. From the “Descending Node” is the Dragon’s Tail. Although Virgo has great relevance for the Federal city, I want to focus on the Dragon’s Head, which is referred to by the Latin name Caput draconis. Ovason points out that the Latin Caput, meaning “head,” is the root of the English words capital, and capitol.

It is noteworthy when the President’s House is attended by a Masonic cornerstone laying ceremony at a moment when the influence of the Dragon’s Head is observed in the heavens. The Dragon’s Head’s influence is seen again the following year. On September 6, 1793, the first Federal Masonic Lodge in the nation is formed. This is Federal Lodge No. 15, and James Hoban, the architect of the White House, is appointed as Worshipful Master. Ovason writes, “One presumes that the Lodge had been formed precisely to ensure that a Federal group would attend the cornerstone ceremony (for the Capitol building), which had been widely advertised in Maryland and Columbia.”

(Note that the year 1793 is also the 18th year of American independence, 18 being 6+6+6.)

Symbol for Dragon’s Head and Tail - Nodes of the Moon

Ovason drew up a horoscope for the date on which this Federal Lodge was granted its charter. He states:

“I imagine that the petition must have been presented shortly after teatime, when the Moon was still in Virgo. That meant that the chart had three planets (Sun, Moon, and Mercury) in Virgo, along with the Dragon’s Head, the Caput draconis.”

Even as we observed that “the headquarters of the American revolution” was a building called the Green Dragon Tavern, we find that the influence of the dragon continues to have great significance in the founding of the nation’s capital city, its chief buildings, and the first Federal Lodge of Freemasonry.

The laying of the Capitol building cornerstone was a major event, widely publicized, and attended by a great crowd of people. According to Ovason and other sources, the event included the roasting of a 500 pound ox. This is reminiscent of ancient sacrifices to Baal.

I Kings 18:25
So Elijah said to the prophets of Baal, “Choose one ox for yourselves and prepare it first for you are many, and call on the name of your god...”

Once more Ovason provides insight into the horoscope cast for the date of the Capitol building dedication.

“Shortly before midday, Jupiter was rising in Scorpio (Jupiter also was rising on the day that the first marker stone was ceremonially placed in the capital city.)... In the Capitol chart, however, there is emphasis on Virgo which, with good reason, we have begun to expect in horoscopes relating to the federal city. The Sun and Mercury are in Virgo, as is the Dragon’s Head.”

Skipping forward some 55 years we arrive at the date in which the cornerstone for the Washington Monument was laid, July 4, 1848. Ovason provides the following insight.

“As I have indicated, probably one reason why the Masons chose to lay the stone in the afternoon was because they wished to allow the all-important Virgo to become operative in the chart. Shortly before lunchtime on that day, the Moon went into Virgo.

In fact, there was another Virgoan influence in this chart which might be missed by someone not familiar with the workings of astrology. The all-important Dragon’s Head in the 1848 chart is in 25 degrees of Virgo.

Remarkably, during the morning of September 18, 1793, when the Capitol building was founded, the Sun was also passing through this same degree of Virgo. This could scarcely be accidental - it must have been arranged for astrological reasons by the Masons. Both placings - and hence, both charts - point to something of profound importance.

According to medieval Arab astrologers (who excelled in star lore), this degree had a particular importance: it marked that point in the zodiac where the Moon was thought to promote the greatest happiness and well being. We must presume, then, that the intention behind the choice of moment was that this beneficial influence would be transmitted into Washington, D.C.”

Summarizing this astrological information, the Dragon’s Head is a node of the Moon. The Moon represented in the figure of the Dragon’s Head was exerting its greatest influence at precisely the moment of the cornerstone ceremonies for the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Thus the influence of the Dragon’s Head was transmitted into Washington, D.C..

Approximately fifteen years ago I first became aware of the Satanic/Masonic design of Washington, D.C. through excerpts from the book Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saussy. I came across images and commentary from his book on the Internet. Tupper Saussy demonstrated that the street plan, and locations of key buildings in the capital city were laid down with great deliberation to form occult symbols. Among these symbols are the Masonic Compass and Square.

Masonic Compass and Square

Washington, D.C. Streets

You can see the Square and Compass, the head of the compass resting on the Capitol building. What I want to particularly focus on is the Pentagram that rests upon the White House. Following is another view of this image.

Note that the bottom point of this pentagram rests directly upon the White House. The inverted five pointed star is a symbol of Satan, often referred to as Baphomet, or the Goathead of Mendes.

Goathead of Mendes - The Devil

According to occultic/Satanic doctrine, the upper four points of the Goathead(left) represent the four elements of the world, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. The bottom fifth point represents the spirit of Lucifer. In the above photocopy of the Goathead Pentagram, the fifth point extends down into the mind of the goat, who represents Lucifer.
[Source: www.freemasonrywatch.com]

The point representing the spirit of Lucifer rests directly upon the White House. Note also in this image the fly in the center of the star. One of the names for Satan is Beelzebub, which is translated “Lord of the Flies.”

Matthew 12:26-27
And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges.

Looking again at the image of the Goathead of Mendes, note that there is a candle atop the inverted star. The candle represents illumination, enlightenment, the wisdom that Lucifer the light bearer pretends to bring to mankind. What is very revelatory is that the flame of the candle when overlaid upon the map of Washington, D.C. falls directly upon the House of the Temple, the headquarters for Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the United States.

House of the Temple - Washington, D.C.

Note the flame, or sunburst on the front of this building behind the pillars. This corresponds to the flame at the top of the candle on the image of the goathead. Everywhere one turns they find the marks of Freemasonry upon the capital city of the United States. It is truly a city whose design and construction was carried forth by Freemasons under the inspiration of Satan. The Dragon’s head has found a resting spot in this city, and the government that resides there.

Ovason recounts time and again how key events in the nation’s history were coordinated with the influences of the heavens. One of the most common recurring themes in the astrological charts for significant dates in American history is the influence of Caput draconis.

“The chart for the first Continental Congress, which met at 10:00 A.M. on September 5, 1774, in Philadelphia, is outstanding for several astrological reasons. First of all, there is scarcely any equivocation about its timing or date. Secondly, the event it marks had a very distinctive consequence for the history of the United States...

The emphasis of the chart is in Virgo: no fewer than four planets and one nodal point are in the sign, with the Sun exactly upon the Dragon’s Head, in trine to Jupiter. At ten in the morning Venus was exactly upon the mid-heaven. All in all, this is a very beneficial chart.”

Satan has deceived myriads to believe that he is a bringer of good things to mankind. From his first offering of the forbidden fruit to Eve, he has masqueraded as a beneficent being, and millions continue to be deceived to this day. David Ovason speaks of the heavenly symbol of the Dragon’s Head commenting on its benefit to mankind. The Freemasons embrace the image of the dragon as their own. It has previously been observed that the HEADquarters of the American Revolution was the Masonic owned Green Dragon Tavern. Now it is revealed that the Masons perform rites under the astrological influence of the Dragon’s Head.

Satan’s masquerade as a bringer of good gifts to mankind is further observed in his guise as Prometheus, the bringer of secrets to mankind. A statue of Prometheus is on display at Rockefeller Center.

Under Prometheus is seen the Zodiac, linking once more the influence of the heavens to the success of the American nation.

In the plans to revolt against the King of England laid down by Freemasons in the Green Dragon Tavern whose upper floor served as a Lodge of Masonry; in the execution of the War of Independence by generals who were Freemasons; in the selection of a Freemason as the first President, and his oath of office being administered by the head of Freemasonry in New York State; in the Masonic street design of the capital city and its numerous official buildings; in the myriad of Masonic cornerstone laying ceremonies conducted with care under the influence of the stars and heavenly bodies, America was founded to serve a chief role in Satan’s plan to bring all the world under his dominion.

Before judging the vast number of men who have been involved at all levels of Freemasonry, decrying their blindness in joining such a wicked enterprise that is at its heart Luciferian, consider how Christianity has been deceived in embracing the idea that America is a Christian nation. There has been a great lack of discernment all around. Yet in this late hour Yahweh would have His elect to wake up and cast off all delusion.

America is in a large sense a modern incarnation of Babylon. Her leaders have continued to make offerings of corn, oil and wine to Baal. She has her court astrologers, her sorcerers, her magicians (wise ones), who plan their way according to the influence of the heavens. The end of America can be no different than that of Babylon. Read again the words of Yahweh spoken through the prophet Isaiah.

Stand fast now in your spells and in your many sorceries with which you have labored from your youth; Perhaps you will be able to profit, perhaps you may cause trembling. You are wearied with your many counsels; Let now the astrologers, those who prophesy by the stars, those who predict by the new moons, stand up and save you from what will come upon you.

Prophecy in the News: Trumpets

US and Japan agree on new missile defence system

The US and Japan have agreed to set up a second missile defence system on Japanese soil in an effort to counter the ballistic missile threat from North Korea, officials say.

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta made the announcement in Tokyo with Japan's defence minister.

But the exact location of the system has not yet been determined.

While both sides insist the system is not aimed at China, analysts say the decision is bound to anger Beijing.

Mr Panetta's trip comes amid fresh tensions between Japan and China over disputed islands known as Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan, after Japan sealed a deal to buy three of the islands.

Japan and the US have worked on a joint missile defence system over the years. This new system would enable Japanese ships to cover other parts of the region, officials say.

"[It] will enhance the alliance's ability to defend Japan, our forward deployed forces and the US homeland from a ballistic missile threat posed by North Korea," Mr Panetta said.

In April, North Korea conducted a failed long-range rocket launch that it said was an attempt to put a satellite into orbit. Critics said the launch was a disguised test of missile technology, banned under UN resolutions.

Mr Panetta also discussed with Japanese Defence Minister Satoshi Morimoto the deployment of US Osprey aircraft to Okinawa, which has angered local residents concerned about safety.

Mr Panetta is on a week-long tour of Asia that includes China and New Zealand.


Volcanic activity world wide

Fuego activity from the satellite

A slight increase of activity can be noted at Popocat├ępetl volcano in Mexico. The frequency of explosions has increased to more than 1 per hour, i.e. doubled when compared to last week.

The more energetic explosions produced small ash plumes rising up to 1 km. Episodes of volcanic tremor occurred as well, CENAPRED writes.

The new seismic swarm at El Hierro continues with hundreds of small quakes per day concentrated at about 20 km depth in the south-central part of the island near El Pinar. Pulses of tremor and a slight inflation are visible as well, but for now, it seems that magma is not moving much.

San Cristobal volcano had a small explosion yesterday at 8:17 am local time. Recent measurements showed an increase of SO2 emissions to 2,490 tons per day, i.e. almost double than before. Also, seismic tremor increased in the evening of 15 Sep.

Fuego volcano, Guatemala: Activity remains at normal levels with sporadic weak to moderate explosions with ash rising 400-800 meters and some rumbling sounds. The lava flow to the Taniluya canyon has apparently decreased a lot, as INSIVUMEH reported it to be only 50 m long yesterday.

Santiaguito volcano continues to have occasional explosions ejecting ash columns to 500 meters height, which spread west and northwest over the region of the villages of El Rosario and San Marcos, Palajunoj. There is constant activity in the 4 active lava flows, generating avalanches of blocks deposited within the river banks Nima Nima I and II.

Most other volcanoes in Central and Southern America have not shown any significantly unusual behavior.

Satellite observations:
Batu Tara had its daily explosion to send ash to about 7,000 ft altitude, VAAC Darwin reports.

A strong SO2 plume was visible from Manam volcano (PNG) today, suggesting that there is heightened activity or an eruption.

Sakurajima volcano seems to be having a break from its relatively strong phase over the past days. There was only one probably weak explosion reported during the past 24 hours.

Volcano Discovery

IDF begins moving major bases to Israel's Negev

The Israeli military has begun construction of its largest training base ever, moving operations from some of the country's priciest real estate to the barren sands of southern Israel in a new attempt to realize the longtime dream of making the desert bloom.

The $650 million construction project is the military's biggest in three decades: Beginning in late 2014, 10,000 soldiers will be moved into the new base 30 kilometers (20 miles) south of the city of Be'er Sheva from their current quarters in the country's Tel Aviv-area heartland.

The program is designed to streamline combat support training, now carried out at multiple facilities, by funneling it into a single site.

But critics question whether it will jumpstart the economy of the Negev region as officials promise. They also note the project doesn't even discuss benefits for Arab Bedouin who account for a third of the 500,000 Israelis living in the area.

Not since Israel pulled up its bases from Egypt's Sinai desert in the early 1980s under the two countries' landmark peace treaty has the military carried out a project of this scope, in terms of cost, number of soldiers involved and sheer physical size, said project director Lt. Col. Shalom Alfassy.

Today, only a few spare buildings stand on the 625 acres (250 hectares) earmarked for the site. But within two years, 2.7 million square feet (250,800 square meters) of construction is supposed to go up, including barracks, hundreds of computerized classrooms, simulation sites and firing ranges.

The base will not train combat soldiers, but drivers, paramedics and other troops who would support them at the front. It will not draw operations from the main military headquarters and Defense Ministry in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The project is part of a broader move to relocate military facilities to the Negev. Alfassy says about half of the bases in Israel's center will move to the region by the end of the decade.

The Negev accounts for over half of Israel's land mass but is home to just 8 percent of its 8 million people. Making it flourish was the vision of Israel's founding father, David Ben-Gurion. But poor services have kept the area languishing, despite a series of government programs and improved road and rail links designed to boost it.

Alfassy believes things will be different this time. He estimates the project will create 20,000 to 30,000 temporary construction jobs for Negev residents. Some 500 civilian workers will work at the base and 2,000 to 2,500 jobs will be created for outside vendors, he predicted.

The military expects 200 to 300 career soldiers will move their families to the south to be near the base, boosting the economy as well as educational and medical services, he said.

Erez Tzfadia, head of the department of public policy and administration at Sapir College in the Negev, scoffed at that notion.

"There are half a million people" in the area where the base is being built, he said. "Will 200 families of career soldiers really pull up the Negev?"

The project's champions also talk about bringing more buying power to the Negev through the 10,000 soldiers to be based there.

But "soldiers don't have any money," Tzfadia said. "At most they will buy felafel at the central bus station in Beersheba. You don't build an economy on that."

None of the tribal Arab Bedouin who have been living in the area for decades will have to move to make way for the base, reducing any opposition to the project. Past attempts to develop the south have been marred by forced evictions of unauthorized Bedouin villages.

At the same time, the relocation program does not specifically consider ways to involve the impoverished Bedouin community.

"They aren't even taken into consideration as a party that should be a beneficiary, even at the level of discourse," Tzfadia said.

Alfassy said Bedouin would be considered for projects but had no information on plans designed to benefit them.

A top benefit of the relocation is having the military vacate sought-after real estate in central Israel. The Ministry of Construction and Housing estimates 35,000 apartments, including about 9,000 classified as affordable housing, will be built on the emptied sites.

That could bring some relief to the masses of young families who cannot afford their own home in an area where even a modest apartment can cost $500,000.


How do I prevent my family from going to the camps?

By James Smith
15 Sept 2012

I wrote a news story recently called “How technology will send you to hell in the FEMA camps” It was wildly popular and raised the question in my mind, “How do 

I prevent my family from going to the camps?”

The first thing is to know what to expect before hand. While people think about the dollar dropping to nothing, or an Obama re-election, you need to consider 

the most pressing signs of a pending martial law.
How pending?

About 15 minutes or less away from being put into a bus.
Now there are people who would look forward to 3 hots and a cot. And there are some who would actively encourage you to go to the camps. There was an article that said that social services folks are encourage self-sufficient people to use food stamps, and that the self-sufficient mentallity was preventing more 
people from being on food stamps.

But we aren’t those people. We are the kinds that enjoy freedom.
So what do we look for?

Using the backbone of a military operation, you must make the enemy (that 
would be you) deaf, dumb, and blind.

What does that mean? It means you must be blind: Not knowing what to expect, how many men are in the operation, and what your final destination will be. This means that the operation will most likely take place in the middle of the night. When they roll up, mega watt lights will be shone onto the neighborhood. This disorientates you as well as illuminate your home for movement. This also means the power to your block will be secured. Depending on the size of the town, perhaps several blocks at once. That would be a good thing. Read on…
Deaf means that you won’t know what is going on. Loud noises, such as bullhorns shouting orders, diesel engines running, and people yelling at you to go here or there. It also means you won’t be able to receive texts or cell phone service.

Dumb, or mute, means you won’t be able to call anyone, tweet, post a Facebook update, send an email of warning. Imagine if the events took place in Chicago. How quick would such a warning get spread all over Facebook or Twitter. It would “trends” quickly and the element of surprise would be gone.
Making you deaf and dumb is as simple as securing the internet with the Internet Kill Switch. That ends Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

And all you have to do to secure the cell phone or land-line service is to have the US military show up at the local phone office and have them secure all lines in the place. Turning the power off would be as effective as cutting lines, but once power is restored you could have normal service. Infrastructure would be maintained.

Your neighborhood is now deaf, dumb, and blind.
You need to buy yourself some time. Not much time, but just enough time.
And you have about 5 minutes to do it in. Maybe less.

What do you need?

You need to make an alert when you lose power. This is from my site:
“I took a small wall wart that is rated at 12 volts and about 100 mA. I attached it to the power and ground part of a small 12v relay I bought from radio shack. I then took a 9v battery connector and a piezeo alarm and put it on the connectors of the relay that if there is no power to the relay – will allow current to flow. The way you find that is to put the red wire of the connector to the relay, and one of the leads from the alarm to the opposite side of the relay. Connect the black wire and the other alarm wire together.
Provided you have a 9v battery on the connector you should hear a sound. If not, change to a different spot on the relay. So when you apply power by plugging in the wall wart, the sound goes off. Remove the wart or turn off the power, you get an alarm sound. “

When I was in the Navy, any time we lost power we went into an immediate Security Alert. And you should too. When that alarm sounds (Put it in your bedroom as close to the bed as possible), after you pull the alarm out of the socket, get up and hide the children,

And that means you have to have pre-arranged hiding spots.
A window seat is a great way to start. Make a bench, bolt it to the wall under the bedroom window, and make small doors for the child to hide in. You can do the same for your room. Tell the children just to go if they are ever told, and to stay very quiet until you tell them to come out. And only you. Pretend to be someone else and see if they come to them. Soldiers may be very sneaky and say, “Your parents told me to get you. Come on, let’s go to them!”
Practice this frequently so they are aware of what needs to be done, and to be done in the dark, and to be done without question.

If you can’t make a window bench, then fill your closet up with “boxes”. These boxes are “stacked” to make it look like a storage area, but it’s just a shell. If you are in a manufactured home or a single story home, go to the closet and cut open a hatch to the crawl space. Have a black blanket so you can hide under the blanket to stay concealed. USE YOUR IMAGINATION!
The idea is that soldiers don’t have mchu time to search each home. They have to keep moving onto the next house. Once they leave and the power goes back on – DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING. If the bathroom light was on, leave it on. The smart meters will detect and record ANY changes and it will alert someone that there are people within the home!

Drones will be used to monitor communities and neighborhoods. Going out after dark is the same as going out during the day.
If you go out at night, take a night vision capable video camera. Put black platic around the IR lamp that is usually beneath the camera’s lens. This will prevent the drone from seeing the IR light, but you’ll be able to see the IR lights on the drone in the dark.

If you feel froggy, shoot down the drone AS IT LEAVES! The flight will be level and of constant speed, enough for you to get a bead on it. It’s difficult to tell where the shot came from, and you’ll get some satisfaction of taking one down. These thing are expensive and if they have to redirect one away from another area, that means someone else is getting a break.
If you have to move from one place to another, do so during a rain or thunderstorm. These conditions make drone flying very difficult and seeing anything of value VERY difficult. Yes, it is horrible conditions for you, but at least you will be free.

If, during the day, you see people wandering through your town, ignore them and hide. They may be “spies” looking for the last holdouts. As a rule of thumb, 8 to 80, blind, crippled, or crazy, means anyone may be a threat. Don’t kill them, just let them pass through. Watch them to see if they use a radio. IF they do use one, listen for codes such as, “Secure”, “Subjects”, “Natives”, or “SitRep (Situation Report)”

Such phrases would mean that they are looking for you as wolves in sheep’s clothing. DO NOTHING towards them. Get their photos if you can but remain hidden.

Satellites may detect heat from fireplaces, so use the covert cooking methods like solar cooking, Hay Box cooking or Creveche. If you can, light a match in the sewers to eliminate any flammable gasses, and cook down there. The streets should hide the heat signature well enough, especially in the day. Solar cooking using the back of a pickup may be a good decision as it may imitate the accumulated heat of a canopy.
You will be on your own. You will be the deciding factor if you live free or die free.

But it’s your decision. No one else makes it for you.
And that’s why it’s called FREEDOM.

Growing tension between China and Japan fuels concerns over potential war

China’s incoming leader re-emerged this weekend after an unexplained two-week absence, just in time to see the country he’s about to inherit consumed with rabid anti-Japanese nationalism that his Communist Party unleashed, and which the United States warned on Sunday could lead to a regional war.

Beijing’s rapidly deteriorating relationship with Tokyo will top the agenda as Xi Jinping takes over as general secretary of the Communist Party from President Hu Jintao, a promotion expected as early as next month. While Mr. Xi will continue to share power with Mr. Hu for months afterward, the stakes could scarcely be higher for his first test.

Six days of sanctioned anti-Japanese protests – which escalated Sunday into a nationwide day of rage that saw Japanese businesses and diplomatic missions attacked – have whipped up hatred and created a situation that leaves the Chinese leadership little room to compromise in a showdown over disputed islands in the East China Sea. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, who is on the verge of calling an election that will see him challenged from the nationalist right, similarly has little room to negotiate.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he was worried the growing tensions between China and Japan could result in a war that would “have the potential of expanding.”

The U.S. is bound by treaty to defend Japan in the event it is attacked. China and Japan are the world’s second and third-largest economies.

“A misjudgment on one side or the other could result in violence, and could result in conflict,” Mr. Panetta said in Tokyo at the start of a tour that will take him to Beijing this week for talks with senior leaders.

The confrontation over the uninhabited islets, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, escalated from obscure to alarming last week after Tokyo moved to purchase them from the Japanese family that privately owned them for the past four decades. Beijing responded by unilaterally declaring new sea borders around the islands and then dispatching patrol boats to the area on Friday. Japanese boats were also sent to the area, leading to a nine-hour pursuit before the Chinese ships finally left the disputed waters.

That showdown at sea was followed by a weekend of dangerous street theatre around China. Tens of thousands took part in marches in dozens of cities Saturday and Sunday that were officially condoned and disturbingly xenophobic. “Declare war on Japan!” thousands shouted as they marched past the Japanese Embassy in Beijing. Some waved portraits of Mao Zedong, and pelted the embassy gate with eggs and bottles as rows of military police looked on.

Japanese restaurants a few blocks away were forced to close, draping their exteriors in red Chinese flags so as to leave no question as to where their loyalties lay. An adjacent Chinese restaurant on the same street drew crowds by putting up signs declaring “pet dogs welcome, but not Japanese dogs.”

“We insist that the government take some hard actions” to seize the disputed islands, said Lu Zhentao, the restaurant’s manager. “The Japanese attitude is that they will not bow their heads to us.”

In the southern city of Guangzhou, a crowd smashed the windows of a building housing the Japanese consulate. In the neighbouring city of Shenzhen, police used tear gas, water cannons and pepper spray to disperse an estimated crowd of 10,000 that attacked a Japanese department store. In all, demonstrations were reported in 85 Chinese cities.

Anger is expected to rise ahead of Tuesday’s anniversary of the Mukden Incident of 1931, a staged attack on a Japanese railway line that was used as pretext for the Imperial Army’s invasion of Manchuria, and later the rest of China, at the outset of the Second World War. Considered a day of national humiliation in China, the anniversary is marked by protests even when ties between Beijing and Tokyo are businesslike.

“Regrettably, [there] is a problem concerning the safety of Japanese nationals and Japan-affiliated companies,” Mr. Noda said in televised remarks Sunday. “I would like to urge the Chinese government to protect their safety.”

However, Mr. Noda gave no indication he was considering Chinese demands that Japan abandon its purchase of the disputed islands. Tokyo does not recognize any dispute over the ownership of the islands, which have been in Japanese hands since 1895, except for a 26-year American occupation following the Second World War.

China’s own claim is based on the fact the islands appeared on Chinese maps for centuries before the Japanese annexed them.

Beijing is also unlikely to back down ahead of its own sensitive transition of power, which is expected to begin in late October and which requires the support of the hawkish leadership of the People’s Liberation Army. Seven of the nine current members of the all-powerful Standing Committee of the Politburo are due to retire at an upcoming Communist Party meeting, making way for a new generation of leaders headed by Mr. Xi, the current vice-president.

Mr. Xi returned to the public eye on Saturday – the Xinhua news agency published five photographs of him touring the China Agricultural University on Saturday – after an unexplained 13-day absence, putting to rest rumours that he was deathly ill or had been targeted in an assassination attempt.

He looked hale during his visit to the university, but did not address the showdown with Japan in brief remarks reported by Xinhua.

Many protesters outside the Japanese Embassy in Beijing spoke of boycotting Japanese products until Tokyo withdrew its purchase of the disputed islets.

“If Chinese people boycott Japanese products, I don’t believe the Japanese could be so aggressive,” said 36-year-old Zhang Binglan, an insurance saleswoman who said Sunday’s protest was the first time in her life she had ever joined a political demonstration.

The Communist Party initially encouraged the protests with inflammatory media coverage of the islands dispute and laissez-faire policing that cleared a route for the demonstrators and allowed them to bring in boxes of eggs and other projectiles. But, as passions rose, police began trying to calm the crowd, using loudspeakers to urge the demonstrators to respect the law.

“I agree with their patriotism, but I disagree with their way of expressing it,” Zhang Liguo, a 17-year-old performing arts student, said of the attacks on Japanese interests. He wore a handmade sign reading: “Drive away the disrespectful Japanese!”

Some saw the protests as a convenient distraction for the Communist Party.

Even before Mr. Xi’s disappearing act, the party was dealing with the fallout of the scandalous Bo Xilai affair, which saw the one-time rising political star purged amid allegations he had helped cover up the murder of a British businessman by his wife Gu Kailai.

The treason trial of Wang Lijun, Mr. Bo’s former police chief in the southeastern city of Chongqing – who instigated his downfall by trying to seek refuge in a U.S. consulate – begins Tuesday, the same day the anti-Japanese demonstrations are expected to crest.

“It’s all staged. Only the Japanese could help us to have such a demonstration,” dissident artist Ai Weiwei told The Globe and Mail while wandering past Sunday’s protest in Beijing. “We haven’t had such street protests for decades. The Japanese are helping us get back our rights.”

The Globe and Mail

Iran plans military exercises in preparation for Israeli strike on nuclear facilities

The exercise is being showcased as the biggest air defence war game in the Islamic Republic's history and will be Iran's most visible response yet to mounting speculation that Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, may order a military strike this autumn.

Using surface-to-air missiles, unmanned drones and state-of-the-art radar, Iran's Revolutionary Guards and air force will combine to test the defences of 3,600 sensitive locations throughout the country, including oil refineries and uranium enrichment facilities.

"This manoeuvre is intended to assess the preparedness both of our manpower forces and air defence installations," Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili, commander of the Khatam al-Anbiya air defence base, told a conference marking Iran's annual air defence day earlier this month. "We will also identify vulnerabilities, try out new tactics and practise old ones."

The high-profile manoeuvres will represent a riposte to planned naval exercises this week by the US in the Persian Gulf. The American exercises, which focus on tackling threats from sea mines, are seen - though not officially acknowledged - as a response to Iranian threats to close or sabotage the waterways of the Strait of Hormuz, the strategically vital transit route for around one-fifth of the world's oil.

Last week, General Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards, promised to "drag the war inside the enemies' borders" if Iran were attacked. His comments may have referred to Iran's capacity to call on the services of Hezbollah, the militant Lebanese Shiite group widely seen as Tehran's proxy, to fire rockets into Israel in the event of hostilities.

The Telegraph

UK housing collapse to leave 1.7 million families homeless

A new standard for human stupidity.. fanatics with nuclear weapons

WASHINGTON – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized certain American columnists saying that they "set a new standard for human stupidity" for writing that a nuclear Iran may "stabilize the Middle East".

In interviews with CNN's State of the Nation and NBC's Meet the Press, both scheduled to be aired on Sunday, Netanyahu tried to rein in the flood of criticism expressed in American newspapers.
In a segment from the interview which was published Saturday night ahead of the NBC interview, the prime minister was asked whether he believed a "containment strategy" would work on Iran, as was done with the Soviet Union in its time.

Netanyahu responded: "I think Iran is very different, they put their zealotry above survival, they have suicide bombers all over the place, I wouldn't rely on their rationality."

According to Netanyahu: "Since the advent of nuclear weapons you've had countries that have had access to nuclear weapons who always made a careful calculation of cost and benefit but Iran is guided by a leadership with an unbelievable fanaticism.

"It's the same fanaticism that you see storming your embassies today. You want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?"

Netanyahu then responded to the slew of recent criticism expressed in US newspapers towards his plans for a military strikeon Iran: "I heard some people suggest…I actually read this in the American press, they said 'well you know if you take action that’s a lot worse than having Iran with nuclear weapons.'

"Some have even said that Iran with nuclear weapons would stabilize the Middle East. Stabilize the Middle East! I think that the people who say this set a new standard for human stupidity."

On Friday Defense Secretary Leon Panetta dismissed this week's public debate between US and Israeli leaders over whether the allies should set "red lines" that could trigger military action against Iran's nuclear program.

"The fact is, look, presidents of the United States, prime ministers of Israel or any other country – leaders of these countries don't have, you know, a bunch of little red lines that determine their decisions," Paneta told Foreign Policy Magazine.

Iran: Fanatics with nuclear weapons? (Photo: AP)

"What they have are facts that are presented to them about what a country is up to, and then they weigh what kind of action is needed to be taken in order to deal with that situation. I mean, that's the real world.

"Red lines are kind of political arguments that are used to try to put people in a corner," he added.

The New York Times reported on Friday that President Barack Obama has rejected an appeal by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to define a specific “red line” that Iran could not cross in its nuclear program.

Netanyahu reportedly asked Obama in a phone call earlier this week to set the size of Iran’s stockpile of close-to-bomb-grade uranium as the threshold that, if passed, would trigger a US military strike on the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities.

The report cited an unnamed senior US official as saying that the Obama administration's "red line" is a nuclear weapon.