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Monday, November 30, 2015

IMF Says New Reserve Currency" Announcement Soon

Chris Martenson-Everybody Knows This Economy Is Unsustainable

Tensions flare at Macedonian border as soldiers start to build three-metre high fence to keep migrants out

Tensions have flared at the Macedonian border after migrants became enraged by the sight of soldiers starting to construct a fence along the border with Greece.

The estimated 800 migrants stranded at the border have become increasingly angry over the last two weeks, ever since Macedonia stopped letting anyone but refugees from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan cross into the country from Greece.

But after Macedonian soldiers began driving three metre metal poles into the ground on Saturday morning, the anger erupted - stoked by an accident which left a Moroccan with severe burns.

A group of about 250 enraged migrants charged the police line, throwing stones - only to be met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The country follows Hungary and Slovenia in erecting a fence.

The fence is being built to ensure people can only cross from Greece to Macedonia at the approved check points

Yesterday tensions erupted and an hour-long battle raged between 250 migrants and the Macedonian police (pictured)

Credit to Dailymail.co.uk
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3338272/Tensions-flare-Macedonian-border-soldiers-start-build-three-metre-high-fence-migrants-out.html#ixzz3svMlQVCS

18th Century Jewish Mystics Predicted Future Conflict Between Russia, Turkey Ripe with Messianic Implications

“If the prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, and the thing does not occur and does not come about, that is the thing the Lord did not speak. The prophet has spoken it wantonly; you shall not be afraid of him.” (Deuteronomy 18:22)

Russian President Vladimir Putin with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan After news conference following a meeting of High-Level Russian-Turkish Cooperation Council, Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo: Russian Presidential Press and Information Office www.kremlin.ru)

With tensions escalating between Russia and Turkey, many are wondering if the world is being witness to a divine act of messianic intervention.

Just before his death in 1797, an exceedingly well-respected Jewish sage known as the Vilna Gaon (the genius of Vilna) left his followers with a prophetic statement about two specific events that would happen just before the appearance of the Messiah.

After being held as “a closely guarded secret” for over 200 years, Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch, a great-grandson of the Vilna Gaon, shared the full prophecy publically for the first time in 2014. The text of the Vilna Gaon’s prophecy was reported by Rabbi Lazer Brody, an American-born Hasidic rabbi and teacher from Ashdod, Israel in March, 2014.

“When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have started, that his steps are being heard. And when you hear that the Russians have reached the city of Constantinople, you should put on your Shabbat (Sabbath) clothes and don’t take them off, because it means that the Messiah is about to come any minute.”

In this prophecy, the Vilna Gaon mentioned two signs of the imminent arrival of the Messiah – Russia capturing Crimea and Russia invading the Turkish city of Constantinople (now Istanbul). The first prophecy was fulfilled in 2014 when Russia annexed the Ukrainian territory of Crimea.

Current tensions between Russia and Turkey, including Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter jet on November 24, are setting the stage for the second sign, the Russian invasion of Istanbul, to occur soon.

The Kloisenberger Rebbe, a 20th century Hasidic rabbi, echoed the Vilna Gaon’s second sign when he wrote “in the name of the Ba’al Shem Tov, when you see the Russian horse in Constantinople, a city in Turkey, you should know Moshiach (Messiah) is about to arrive.”

According to the Kloisenberger Rebbe, in addition to the Russian military presence in the Turkish city of Istanbul, the Ba’al Shem Tov foretold another sign of the impending arrival of the Messiah – “the Russians will come, they will come and be together with the sons of Ishmael.” That is, when the Russians join forces with the spiritual descendents of Ishmael, who today are identified as those of Islamic descent, it’s another sign of the coming of the Messiah.

Militarily, Russia is already connected with its Shiite Muslim allies in Syria and Iran. As reported in Breaking Israel News, a 75-year-old prophecy connects Russia’s unfolding role in Syria to Gog and Magog. Since late September of this year, Russia has become a central player in Syria, leading many to hypothesize that Putin is Gog and Russia is Magog.

The messianic alliance between Russia and the Shiite Muslims of Syria and Iran was deepened by a recent gesture of friendship off the battlefield. On November 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a rare and valuable gift to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Putin gave Khamenei one of five copies of the original handwritten Koran, the Muslim holy text that dates back to the 7th century.

Credit to Breaking Israel News
Read more at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/54943/200-years-ago-war-between-turkey-russia-prophesied-sign-redemption-jewish-world/#XckvI3BtOPIoJlf2.99

This Is the Last Chance for the US to Avoid World War III

russian military

History is filled with turning points in which a seemingly insignificant event can turn the planet on its ear. We are living through such a time in which world peace is hanging by a thread. There is one solution that could avert war and never require an American soldier to die in the Middle East, ever again. This article will explore this possiblity as it is the last chance for the United States and the world to avoid World War III.

Predicting World War III In Syria

Recently, certain people claim that they had information that said that World War III would begin in Syria almost six months ago. Their six month prediction is impressive. However, nearly 21 months ago, and through The Common Sense ShowI predicted that Syria and Iran would be the “flashpoint” for World War III.
Again, on March 28, 2014, I was so concerned about the folly of pursuing a course of war against Syria, I issued a separate warning that on our present path, the United States would trigger war through its involvement in Syria. I called Obama’s foreign policy on Syria reckless and amateurish.
We are at the doorstep of World War III and the path to war has been a long time coming.

Just Why Is This War Going to Happen?

If you have come to this party late, you might have missed a few critical elements as to why World War III, over Syria, seems inevitable. Before moving forward with the notion that World War III is inevitable, let’s review why we are fighting. Take a few moments and listen to these two short and very lucid accounts of why we plunging in to war over Syria.
This conflict is all about preserving the Petrodollar and Russia and China’s insistence on ending American domination as the reserve currency of the planet.

Even the American Military Wants Nothing to do with Attacking Syria

Even General Dempsey has reservations about attacking Syria.
Even General Dempsey has reservations about attacking Syria.
On September 2, 2013, I reported, again, through The Common Sense Show that leaders in the American military had great apprehension about attacking Syria. In that article I cited General Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as he stated the following:
General Martin Dempsey, has issued a warning to this administration about the folly of a military attack upon Syria. Dempsey wrote that, “As we weigh our options, we should be able to conclude with some confidence that use of force will move us toward the intended outcome. Once we take action, we should be prepared for what comes next. Deeper involvement is hard to avoid.” And what would Dempsey be referring to with regard to deeper involvement and the problems that would follow? Dempsey is clearly worried about what comes after an attack upon Syria. He is warning about the possibility of World War III. This is precisely what Dempsey warned Congress about in a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee. Ian interview with ABC NewsDempsey also stated that the lessons of Iraq heavily influenced his beliefs regarding Syria.”

A Military Coup?

seven days in may
During the early days of the escalating Syrian conflict, I reported that I had serendipitously watched the 1964 classic movie, Seven Days in May, starring Kirk Douglas and I thought I was watching a news story about today’s strained relationships between senior military command leadership and their President. In the movie, the Joint Chiefs launched an unsuccessful coup against the President. Today, I think a coup could and would succeed if war seemed imminent.
I have previously stated that I thought a coup was out of the question unless an opportunity presented itself like it did in Benghazi. However, as world marches toward war, the rank and file of this country will be frightened and may support any action that would remove the present and very reckless President.
On July 20, 1944, an attempt was made to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The plot was perpetrated by Claus von Stauffenberg and even included General Rommel. Hitler was lucky to survive. If the plot against Hitler had been successful, the German plan was to sue for peace before Germany was predictably demolished. Will the same happen in America because of the United States moving towards a war with Syria that it cannot win and the military knows it? I believe that it is entirely possible that Syria will be this President’s Waterloo if he prosecutes this war any further. My sources are adamant that the military leadership in this country have had enough of Obama.

There Is Another Way

palin and mccain
When Sarah Palin ran for Vice-President in 2008, she actually believed that she was supposed to win. She mistakenly believed that the elite were interested in her ideas which would have helped America achieve energy independence. Sarah Palin and John McCain were simply place holders for a rigged election which would bring in the Manchurian Candidate, Barack Obama, as he would set about “transforming” America.
The United States could walk away from the Petrodollar by developing the massive oil supplies on the North Shore of Alaska. However, the Federal Reserve members oil companies would have to pay tax, environmental impact fees and significantly lower proice of oil would cut into their huge profit margin. Obama exemplified the resistance against developing our national oil supplies when he blocked the Keystone pipeline.
On Monday morning, Obama could issue an Executive Order which would decouple the American dollar from oil and begin, at breakneck speed, to develop the oil reserve in Alaska. Then what is happening in Syria would soon be of no significance. However, if Obama ever dared to do such a thing, I believe that the Federal Reserve would see that he slipped on a bananna peel, similar to what happened to John Kennedy.
Last chance America!


My sources tell me that the millitary is at the breaking point. They feel that they are being set up to fight a war that they cannot win and General Dempsey’s comments echo this sentiment quite clearly.
In Monday’s article, I will present stunning new evidence which demonstrates how close Russia is to completely controlling Syria. I will also be covering how the elite have been going into hiding since March of 2015. The world is perilously close to World War III.
 Credit to Common Sense

14,000 Refugees Due For Deportation From Sweden Have Vanished: "We Simply Do Not Know Where They Are"

Image result for sweden
As part of the just concluded "cash for refugees" deal between the EU Turkey, the FT adds that not only will migrants whose asylum applications are rejected be sent back to Turkey but that this "crackdown on irregular migration would be complemented by a parallel programme offering a legal route to Europe, resettling up to 500,000 Syrian refugees directly from Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan."
The FT adds that, as expected, "if such an EU-wide scheme were made mandatory it would be flatly opposed by many eastern European countries. To avoid the proposals being blocked, Brussels and Berlin are exploring a “voluntary” scheme with 10 countries willing to take refugees. It is unclear whether other Schengen members would be asked to contribute to the costs of resettlement."
But before crossing that particular bridge, which will sow even further anger, mistrust and antagonism spread among the member countries of the European "Union", a bigger question is just how will Europe track down and sequester those refugees that pose the biggest threat in the eyes of authorities, those who are already slated for deportation. 
As the following case study from Sweden proves, having once entered Europe, Europe may have problems trying to track down the hundreds of thousands of refugees having already found their way to the continent.
As Sweden's Afton Bladet reports, over half of all the illegal migrants slated for deportation in Sweden have mysteriously disappeared.  
The National Border Police Section reports that of the 21,748 individuals due to be sent home after their asylum applications were turned down, a whopping 14,140 have simply vanished off the police radar. Around a third, or the remaining 7,608, still live and are accounted for in the Swedish Migration Board's premises or have indicated an address for their own homes. It is not clear if anyone has actually tried following up on said home address to see how many have simply made one up. 
Based on a translation of the Swedish report by Breitbart, some are expected to have left the country secretly, "but the majority are thought to still be in Sweden, having fallen through the cracks of the comprehensive welfare state."
The local cops is brutally honest: "We simply do not know where they are”, said Patrik Engstrom, a spokesman for the local police. 
This is not the first time refugees have vanished from official supervision: one month ago we reported that roughly 4,000 asylum-seekers who had initially been accomodated by the German state of Lower Saxony had "mysteriously disappeared." To our knowledge they have still not been found.
Ever the egalitarian paradise, Sweden was as concerned about labor abuse as the current whereabouts of the refugees, and Afton Bladet noted that a number of unscrupulous employers in the country have taken advantage of the invisible migrants, using them as cheap labour off the books, with no wages tax to pay or minimum wage to heed. 
The reported goes on to note that while at the start of 2015 the migration bureau was responsible for deporting migrants who failed to gain a visa, the rising tide of migration created new challenges and the job was transferred to the Police in October. The task of deportations was handed over to police because the migration board considered that as the situation deteriorated, “coercion would be necessary” to get migrants to leave. Yet through a severe lack of manpower, resources, and political mandate to take proper action the police have proven unable to handle the job. 
Now, even the police is proving helpless at managing the process: "a police spokesman said they simply did not have enough officers, having been ordered this month to become border police as well, enacting government policy to check passports and papers." 
"We have failed because too much of our resources go to reintroduce border controls at internal borders" Patrik Engstrom adds.
Hamstrung by government policy, the border checks have also been a failure, making no significant reduction in the number of migrants crossing into the country daily. Officers were only permitted to make spot checks at the border, and were forbidden to profile individuals on the basis of their ethnicity, language spoken, or skin colour, making effective control impossible.
Finally, even in cases where the police manage to find illegals and send them home, nations such as Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco and Libya don’t accept their own people back in many cases. 
In other words, Europe has unleashed the refugee genie without much thought for the consequences. And now that the "consequences" have arrived and Europe is scrambling to put the genie back into the bottle, to its amazement it has realized that the genie has mostly vanished.
Credit to Zero Hedge

Czech President: Current migrant wave an organized invasion, threatens security

Image result for Czech President: Current migrant wave an organized invasion, threatens security

The rest of the world is waking up, speaking up and ready to defend themselves. Source: Zeman in press: PM’s stance on migration threatens Czech security | Prague Monitor

Prague, Nov 26 (CTK) – Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka’s stance on the migrant crisis threatens the security of the Czech Republic, President Milos Zeman told yesterday’s issue of daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD), calling the current migrant wave an organised invasion.

Zeman also reacted to Sobotka’s criticism of his speech during the celebrations in Prague-Albertov on November 17, a national holiday marking the student demonstrations against the Nazi occupation in 1939 and against the Communist regime in 1989, when he appeared side by side with the Bloc against Islam chairman Martin Konvicka on the stage.

The organisers of the event decided who would stand next to the president on the stage, Zeman argued, adding that he is “no censor.”

Zeman said at the Czech military command’s meeting on Tuesday a danger had approached the Czech border. It is naive to believe that there is no link between the current migrant wave and terrorism, he added.

In reaction to it, Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) said the danger was posed by terrorists, not refugees who must be helped.

Such a stance is dangerous for the Czech Republic “by its hesitation, indecisiveness and a number of other conciliatory and seemingly humanitarian gestures, which in my opinion underestimate the real danger because I unlike him [Sobotka] consider the migrant crisis an invasion,” Zeman told MfD.

Islamist State is undoubtedly sending jihadists to the migrants’ flow, which the recent terrorist attacks in Paris have confirmed, Zeman said.

Sobotka told Radio Impuls that he and the whole coalition government were dealing with the migrant crisis and the security situation in the Czech Republic very intensively.
“The government has had the situation in control all the time during the migrant wave. The prime minister and the interior minister along with the BIS counter-intelligence service’s chief are assessing current information every day,” Sobotka said.

He has convoked a special government meeting for Saturday to discuss the security situation in the Czech Republic.

via Gates of Vienna:

On November 17 Czech President Miloš Zeman spoke at a rally in the Czech Republic organized by the group “Block Against Islam”.

Previous Creeping Sharia posts on the Muslim problem in the Czech Republic here.

Credit to creepingsharia.wordpress.com


Paying to be invaded: Over 90 percent of Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps

Image result for Paying to be invaded: Over 90 percent of Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps

Tens of millions of Americans are getting to the point where they feel like strangers in their own country, thanks to the Obama administration's incessant importation of as many third-world migrants as the president can possibly stuff into the country.

That is principally why many of them are backing billionaire businessman Donald Trump, and why he has remained the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, and why he continues to out-poll the Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton (and nearly a half-dozen other current GOP contenders).

So it is no secret why consistent majorities of Americans are opposed to mass immigration, as well as President Obama's plan to resettle as many as 10,000 Syrian "refugees" in the U.S. Indeed, many Americans are beginning to feel as though their country is under invasion, from refugees to those streaming over the Southwest border.

What is even more galling to many is that they are essentially paying to be invaded.

Credit to Natural News
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052131_Middle_Eastern_immigrants_Syrian_refugees_entitlement_handouts.html#ixzz3spwyQLU3


Functional human liver cells grown in the lab

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In new research appearing in the journal Nature Biotechnology, an international research team led by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem describes a new technique for growing human hepatocytes in the laboratory. This groundbreaking development could help advance a variety of liver-related research and applications, from studying drug toxicity to creating bio-artificial liver support for patients awaiting transplantations.

The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body, serving as the main site of metabolism. Human hepatocytes -- cells that comprise 85% of the liver -- are routinely used by the pharmaceutical industry for study of hepatotoxicity, drug clearance and drug-drug interactions. They also have clinical applications in cell therapy to correct genetic defects, reverse cirrhosis, or support patients with a liver-assist device.

Regrettably, while the human liver can rapidly regenerate in vivo, recognized by the ancient Greeks in the myth of Prometheus, this capability to proliferate is rapidly lost when human cells are removed from the body. Thus far, attempts to expand human hepatocytes in the laboratory resulted in immortalized cancer cells with little metabolic function. The scarce supply of human hepatocytes and this inability to expand them without losing function is a major bottleneck for scientific, clinical and pharmaceutical development.

To address this problem, Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, director of the Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, partnered with leading German scientists at upcyte technologies GmbH (formerly Medicyte) to develop a new approach to rapidly expand the number of human liver cells in the laboratory without losing their unique metabolic function.

Based on early work emerging from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) on the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the research team demonstrated that weak expression of HPV E6 and E7 proteins released hepatocytes from cell-cycle arrest and allowed them to proliferate in response to Oncostatin M (OSM), a member of the interleukin 6 (IL-6) superfamily that is involved in liver regeneration. Whereas previous studies caused hepatocytes to proliferate without control, turning hepatocytes into tumor cells with little metabolic function, the researchers carefully selected colonies of human hepatocytes that only proliferate in response to OSM. Stimulation with OSM caused cell proliferation, with doubling time of 33 to 49 hours. Removal of OSM caused growth arrest and hepatic differentiation within 4 days, generating highly functional cells. The method, described as the upcyte© process (upcyte technologies GmbH), allows expanding human hepatocytes for 35 population doubling, resulting in 1015 cells (quadrillion) from each liver isolation. By comparison, only 109 cells (billion) can be isolated from a healthy organ.

"The approach is revolutionary," said Dr. Joris Braspenning, who led the German group. "Its strength lies in our ability to generate liver cells from multiple donors, enabling the study of patient-to-patient variability and idiosyncratic toxicity." The team generated hepatocyte lines from ethnically diverse backgrounds that could be serially passaged, while maintaining CYP450 activity, epithelial polarization, and protein expression at the same level as primary human hepatocytes. Importantly, the proliferating hepatocytes showed identical toxicology response to primary human hepatocytes across 23 different drugs.

"This is the holy grail of liver research," said Prof. Nahmias, the study's lead author. "Our technology will enable thousands of laboratories to study fatty liver disease, viral hepatitis, drug toxicity and liver cancer at a fraction of the current cost." Nahmias noted that genetic modifications preclude using the cells for transplantation, "but we may have found the perfect cell source for the bio-artificial liver project."

Credit to sciencedaily.com


Sunday, November 29, 2015


“The president is mobilized, fully mobilized, mobilized to the extent that circumstances demand,” Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on  Saturday.

“The circumstances are unprecedented. The gauntlet thrown down to Russia is unprecedented. So naturally the reaction is in line with this threat,” he told Russia’s “News on Saturday” TV program.

In addition to placing S-400 missiles in Syria on Thursday and deploying the Moskva missile cruiser, Russia is preparing to wage electronic warfare.

According to Lieutenant-General Evgeny Buzhinsky Russia will begin using land and air-based jamming systems to protect its aircraft.

“Regarding the possible impact of this incident on the further developments of the operation in Syria, I think that from now on, our pilots will be more attentive and if the Turks continue behaving in such a manner, Russia will have to resort to electronic jamming and other warfare equipment, including special aircraft with special equipment on board, in order to protect our pilots from being stricken with missiles,” Buzhinsky told Sputnik, the Russian news service.

Russia has reportedly struck more than 450 targets in Syria since its Su-24 warplane was shot down on the Syria-Turkey border. The strikes are concentrated primarily in the Latakia and Idlib provinces.

On Thursday Russia bombed the Bab al-Hawa border crossing used by the Turkish government to transfer weapons and money to the jihadists. According to the Israeli source DEBKAfile, targets on the Syrian side of the border post included trailers belonging to the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation, an organization accused of ties to al-Qaeda.

“DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that since Wednesday night, Nov. 25, Russian heavy bombers and warplanes have been hitting every Turkish vehicle moving or stationary inside Syria,” the website reported on Friday.

Turkey has suspended military flights over Syria and the United States halted airstrikes after Russia deployed its S-400 anti-aircraft system at the Khmeimim airbase.

On Friday a spokesperson for the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve said the halt “has nothing to do with the S400 deployment” in Syria.

“The fluctuation or absence of strikes in Syria reflects the ebb and flow of battle,” the spokesperson said.

Credit to Infowars

Large Shipment of 847 Shotguns Seized In Italy


Saturday, November 28, 2015


Putin Orders Complete Destruction Of Turkish President, Family And Government

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin has authorized an unprecedented “asymmetric warfare” action, to include “war by proxy”, to destroy the family and government of Turkish President Recep Erdogan in retaliation for the deliberate downing of an Aerospace Forces Sukhoi Su-24M bomber aircraft on 24 November over Syria in a bid to prevent a larger war with the nation of Turkey as a whole.
According to this MoD report, and as we had previously reported on, the deliberate ambushing and shoot down of this Su-24M was “directed/organized” by rogue elements operating within the Turkish government and United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who were “partners/collaborators” in an oil-for-weapons scheme involving Islamic State terrorists operating in Syria run by Turkey’s President Erdogan’s son Bilal Erdogan.
Bilal Erdogan, this report continues, is the silent mastermind who has been responsible for converting millions of barrels of Syrian oil controlled by Islamic State terrorists into hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue in a scheme so vast that President Putin described it as a “living oil pipeline” comprised of “vehicles, carrying oil, lined up in a chain going beyond the horizon”.
With the money earned from this sale of the Islamic States oil, this report notes, American weapons and ammunition were then bought from the CIA and transported back into Syria by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) to Islamic State terrorists—which was documented and verified by the editor-in-chief of the Turkish Cumhuriyet newspaper who upon the release of this information was ordered arrested yesterday by President Erdogan on treason and espionage charges.
With Aerospace Forces having destroyed over 1,000 fuel tankers in the week prior to 24 November carrying illegal Islamic State oil into Turkey, MoD analysts in this report state, Bilal Erdogan, along with his MIT and CIA “accomplices” then ordered the “shootdown by ambush” of Russia’s Su24-M bomber aircraft with Turkish Prime Minister, and Erdogan family ally, Ahmet Davutoglu admitting that he personally gave the order to fire on the aircraft—and which was filmed by Islamic State terrorists who knew where and when to “get that exclusive footage”, as reported by Federation Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev.
To the Western propaganda effort to “disguise/distort” this war crime against the Federation by Turkey, this report says, it has fallen into to many absurdities to count—including the impossibility of this Su24-M being able to fly over Turkish territory at a speed at which if true it had would have fallen from the sky, and which Wikileaks stated about: “Journalists: Learn to do basic maths. Look at Turkey’s statement to UN: 1.15 miles / 17 seconds x 60 x 60 = 243 miles/hour = 391 km/hour”.
Even worse about the Western propaganda, this report notes, is an obvious Erdogan-MIT-CIA fabricated recording of the alleged warning given to the Su24-M bomber aircraft—but which Turkish authorities have informed the Russian military attache that they did not provide the media with any audio recordings of alleged radio contacts between their F-16 fighter and the downed Russian Su-24M bomber aircraft because they don’t exist.
To President Putin’s war order against the Erdogan family and regime, this report continues, it has included the obliteration of the Islamic State forces in the area where this plane was downed and now allows Aerospace Forces to shoot down all enemy planes and objects which pose, or can pose, a threat to the serviceman of Russia in Syria.
And as stated by President Putin to the media this morning, these measures let everyone know clearly that the next time any foreign plane tries to carry out aggression against the Russian Air Force, air base, or the military personnel of Russia in Syria—they will be, without any doubts, immediately destroyed—and the Triumph S-400 air defense missile complex wasn’t just deployed to Syria for appearances.
With Turkey now massing tanks on their border with Syria, this report continues, President Putin’s war plan against the Erdogan regime also includes the destruction of the Turkish economy and the 1 January 2016 planned suspension of visa-free travel between Russia and Turkey—and, perhaps most dangerously, the immediate deployment to the Kurdish Syrian independent region of Rojava a contingent of Spetsnaz (Special Forces) troops to aid these people in their fight against the Islamic State.
With Turkey having bombed Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria 300 times and Islamic State targets only three, this report notes, the Erdogan regimes greatest fears have been revealed as being against these mainly women and girl Kurdish fighters in Rojavadecimating Islamic State terrorists—and who by their success has invigorated the freedom thoughts of Turkey’s own Kurdish minority President Erdogan has vowed to destroy.
To if the United States would go to war against Russia to protect the Islamic State on the side of Turkey, this report concludes, it appears unlikely after the Obama regime removed all of their military forces Patriot Missiles from Turkish territory leaving that nation defenseless against Federation retaliation if needed.
And even though not contained in this MoD report, it is worth noting that should the Obama regime engage in war with Russia over the Islamic State, the American fighters entering the battlefield have now become so weak that this past week, the elite US military academy for training officers, West Point, was forced to ban pillow fights and the students at the University of Massachusetts were provided emergency grief counseling after they inadvertently saw a Confederate Battle Flag sticker on someone’s computer.
Credit to eutimes.ne

Former CIA Operative Reveals That ET Walks Among Us

The current pope is no stranger to the topic of ET's.
The current pope is no stranger to the topic of ET’s.
Recently, I wrote an article in which I exposed a TV show, TNT’s Legends, which depicted a radical Muslim terrorist attack upon Paris. The show was representative of what we call “predictive programming. Predictive programming occurs when Hollywood reveals a major event (e.g. the Simpsons predicting 9/11), or a major shift in an attitude or philsophy (e.g. Man of Steel and the subject of transhumanism).
I have long admitted the existence of predictive programming. However, there was one area in which I have always maintained a blind spot, in this arena, and that would be in the area of extraterrestrial life and its relationship with the present inhabitants on the earth. My skepticism was no doubt fueled by my fathers position on the topic as he worked with former Nazi scientists in reverse engineering drawing board technology to the laboratory. He said that the Nazis to a person claimed their advanced technology and ideas came from extraterrestrial beings. My father felt it was likely that the Germans were parroting a cover story that was created for them by their handlers. However, my father did not likely have access to the same quality sources that I had following his death in 1985.

Vance Davis and Bill Pawelec

Art Bell, the all-time King of night time radio sitting in the Captain's chair.
Art Bell, the all-time King of night time radio sitting in the Captain’s chair.
One night in 1993, as fate would have it, I was listening, for the very first time, to Coast to Coast with Art Bell, and Art was interviewing Vance Davis. During the interview, Vance, a former NSA operative attached to NATO, revealed he that he became aware that both NATO and the NSA were fully aware of the presence, on the Earth, of representatives of several  extraterrestrial civilizations who had their own individual designs upon the planet. During the interview, Vance’s description of advanced technology was eerily familiar and completely matched what my father had revealed to me eight years prior when he was dying from a rare lung disease.
Following the interview, I attempted to reach out to Vance and instead Bill Pawelec, who had done much contract work for the CIA reached out to me. Bill’s reason for contacting me  was to ascertain my credibility which was easy to do because Bill had contact with my father while both of them were working at Sunstrand Electronics in Westminster, Colorado. It was at Sunstrand that my father and Bill were working on earth-penetrating tomography in which activity of one to two miles deep beneath the earth could be observed by satellite. In the process of our early communications, I became good friends with Bill. Eventually, I was introduced to Vance Davis and he and I also became very close and I was exposed to a portion of Earth history that few have ever heard about (e.g. past civilizations and advanced weapons systems, etc).

New Energy Source

Ken Lay CEO of ENRON
Ken Lay CEO of ENRON
Vance Davis
Vance Davis
By 1997, Vance and Bill had developed a protoype energy source which would have revolutionized energy usuage and distribution on the planet. Along with former Apollo astronaut, Ken Arnold, whose home I had visited in 1997 with Bill Pawelec and Vance Davis, they set out to revolutionize the energy paradigm on this planet. Subsequently, I learned that this technology was eventually brought to the attention of ENRON and were covertly working on integration of what Vance had learned while in the NSA and what Bill learned as a contract agent for the CIA. You remember ENRON don’t you? It was one of the premiere energy companies in the world that was known for their stunning innovations.
Eventually, Ken Lay, the embattled CEO of ENRON was framed for insider trading, embezzlement  and a host of other charges. ENRON was significantly dismantled, brick by brick. Lay (2006) allegedly took the path of suicide, err… a heart attack, as an escape from facing his legal consequences. However, even CNNMoney.com sarcastically speculated that Lay never died. Speculation abounded that his suicide was faked and he was allowed to enter Federal Witness Protection. Now why would the Feds allow Lay to escape justice, or was he just framed? In short, and according to both Pawelec and Davis, Lay’s intentions to unleash power sources upon the world without the approval of the global elite, was met with a swift response. Lay was framed and with these events, the hopes of a new energy source that would supplant oil as the primary energy source on the planet was gone. But apparently Lay had leverage and was allowed to go into hiding.
During the time that Davis and Pawelec were working in conjunction with ENRON, they never fully confided in me the extent and full nature of what they were jointly working on. It was only following the collapse of ENRON was I told any of the details.
Vance Davis eventually faded into the background and I have only had very limited contact with him. I do not know if he was threatened into silence and then he went conspicuously dark. He appeared on my show several years ago and spoke of some of these events in a superficial manner. Two years ago, I received an email from Vance where he told how he was doing as he had moved his family to Kansas. Otherwise, he simply dropped out of site. I have long thought he was protected because at one point he had escaped execution, by Presidential pardon (George H. W. Bush). Davis and five other deserted their posts in Germany, in the Gulf Breeze Six incident, when they learned of the ET and related theats to the planet. I believe that Vance had a measure of protection because the secret reasons behind his Presidential pardon.
Bill Pawelec, had no such protection as he tried to keep his ideas alive and wanted to form a “protected community” of sorts in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, based upon this unique technology. To explore this possibility, Bill moved to Pagosa Springs, CO. with the new love of his life, Annie DeRiso. Annie and I became close friends following Bill’s
Annie DeRiso, the retired News Director of The Common Sense Show
Annie DeRiso, the retired News Director of The Common Sense Show
death from a form of quick acting cancer. And eventually, Annie became the News Director for The Common Sense Show, a position she held for six years. It was there that Bill contracted quick acting cancer and died in 2007.
Pawelec knew what he was working on had inherent risks to his safety. In 2001, I advised him to record and distribute for safekeeping some kind of leverage of what he knew, so he would not become a victim. My own father employed a similar strategy when left covert projects in the late 197o’s as too many of his colleagues were meeting an untimely end.
In 2001, Bill Pawelec allowed himself to be interviewed by Dr. Steven Greer, who was heading an ET disclosure project led by Generals, Colonel’s and government scientists. Bill was interviewed by Dr. Greer just prior to the unveling of the Disclosure Project. Greer agreed to keep the interview off the books until after Bill’s death. Immediately following Bill’s death, in 2007, Greer aired the interview about Bill’s knowledge on the ET technology question. At the very end of the interview, Bill made it clear he was holding back additional information. The information that he held back was the ET had infiltrated many government bureaucracies and was walking among us guiding the direction of the planet. These were Bill’s words, not mine.
As I look back upon this time, I believe that Bill’s interview with Dr. Greer kept him from becoming an immediate violent death statistic. However, his eventual death from quick acting cancer would not be as suspicious. Both Annie and I felt that Bill was taken out for what he knew.

Annie and Bill Pawelec
Annie and Bill Pawelec

Disclosures From Bill Pawelec

Several years ago, I was interviewing Jim Marrs about the existence and nature of secret societies. Out of the blue, Jim said that “You really cannot understand the nature of secret societies without looking at the ET issue”. I have come to understand what Jim meant by that comment.
Bill Pawelec’s revelations regarding disclosure of the alien issue to Dr. Greer was revealing, but very incomplete.
What Bill did not tell Dr. Greer that he clearly told me was that ET’s are not only interacting with the elite, many have operatives who are living and walking among us.


I was publicly quiet about this issue for many years, for many reasons, most of which centered around the topic of credibility.
I have decided it is time to talk and to reveal what I have been told.
Imminent disclosure is at hand. Hollywood is deeply involved in predictive programming in a PSYOPS to prepare the people about what is really going on with regard to the earth and its “guided” future.
In Part Two, I will be revealing how a compelling case for predictive programming in relation to the ET issue can be made. The pattern is undeniable and it will be covered in tomorrow’s article. The end result implications are the most profound news event on the planet.
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