Today Lord Christopher Monckton warned King World News that we are now only months away from a totalitarian one world government. He also discussed when and where the implementation of the one world government is to take place as well as the timeline for humanity to put a stop to this.

Eric King: “Are central planners going to be able to implement this great (climate change) tax on humanity?”

Lord Monckton: “It’s a race now. This is still being driven by what I call ‘The Climate Communists’ — the extremists who hate the West and want to shut us down. That’s what this climate thing is really about. It’s got nothing to do with the climate at all. And so it’s a race now….

So I think what we are now facing is the nightmare that every lover of freedom has dreaded — that the worldwide governing class would find an excuse to gang up together against the people’s interest, against liberty, against democracy, against prosperity, against capitalism, against every form of the freedoms which we have for too long and too dangerously taken for granted.

KWN Monckton II 1:9:2015