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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Gift of the Holy Spirit - Ron Matsen

Putin Controls the Chessboard, Obama’s In Deep Trouble

Ed Snowden told us that we were being spied upon. Everyone, outside the sheep in this country already knew that. Therefore, it is child’s play to conclude that Snowden has damning information which could threaten the survival of the Obama administration. And the fact that Putin controls Snowden’s information release, is a threat to this President. In the years I have been investigating the antics of this criminal government, this is the easiest dot connecting exercise that I have ever seen.
A Measure of Obama’s Desperation


In order to capture Snowden and silence him, Obama’s minions used raw force in order to make the jet of the sitting President of Bolivia to land and then proceed to search the plane for Snowden. This was an unmitigated act of war and speaks to Obama’s desperation. As I have previously stated, I believe that it is likely that Michael Hastings had the same information and had to be eliminated. What information, that if made public, could change the world and topple Obama? In order to answer that question, it is important to look at what has been the obvious goals of the Obama administration who serves the Federal Reserve with undying allegiance as well as look at recent events which are related.

1. The Petrodollar ponzi scheme is under extreme pressure as Iran has sold its oil for gold to China, Russian and India. This move is threatening to spread to other Arab nations. Therefore, the Arab Spring was needed to enforce Petrodollar compliance.

2. Obama was moving to attack Iran last fall, when the Chinese and Russians threatened to nuke the United States if we did so.

3. Then the US followed a backdoor plan to weaken Iran by taking down its closest ally, Syria. Our al-Qaeda forces in Syria are proving less formidable than Obama had hoped.

4. The US people are war weary and would not likely support another war. Only a clever and horrific false flag attack which could fool the sheep, would turn the tide of public opinion in favor of going to war.

5. Snowden defects and eventually ends of up in Russia. The importance of this event cannot be overstated.

6. Obama stops beating the war drums as loud against Syria and Iran because Putin is obviously blackmailing Obama with the release of Snowden’s information.

7. Michael Hastings is murdered. He obviously had some of Snowden’s evidence as he was in close contact with WikiLeaks as was Snowden. It becomes easy to believe that Hastings was going to be the conduit to release at least some of Snowden’s revelations. This was another desperate act by a desperate and determined President.

8. The only thing that would cause such desperation among the Obama people to attack the Bolivian President and murder Hastings would be to cover up the fact that a false flag attack was discovered by Snowden and Hastings and Obama is trying to cover his tracks through a strategy of “dead men tell no tales.”

Putin has undoubtedly paralyzed this administration’s foreign policy because he controls the chessboard by controlling the release of Snowden’s information.

There are several events that I can point to which strongly suggests that Chicago could be the first option target of a false flag attack.
The First Dot
For individuals who think a false flag upon Chicago sounds crazy, ask yourself why Rahm Emanuel, most likely a Mossad agent, would leave a high level cabinet post in the Obama Administration and step down to the relative lowly position of being a mayor of a city? The simple and obvious answer is that this foreign asset was put in place to carry out the task over overseeing a false flag event, so big, so devastating, that the Obama Administration will have their pretext to execute martial law in order to stem the wave of massive protests which will surely accompany the globalist plans to have the United States commence a war in the Middle East. One dot is in place and will soon be connected to the second dot.
The Second Dot

RIP Jeff Joe Black
The mysterious death of Chicago activist, Jeff Joe Black, who claimed that Emanuel was put into place in Chicago to oversee a coming false flag event. Black, along with We Are Change Chicago who had organized a “block Emanuel election” based upon the fact that he was not a resident of the jurisdiction in which he was running.

Black wanted to come on my talk show and expose Emanuel’s agenda. Black, at the last minute, cancelled an appearance on my show and subsequently went into hiding and last fall he was murdered while in hiding.

In my mind, Black’s murder strongly validates the aforementioned assertions. Black had told me that we were going to witness Chicago becoming the site of a massive false flag operation which would be the catalyst for martial law. Black asserted that Chicago would experience a massive wave of house to house gun confiscations which would be conducted by foreign troops. It was Black’s contention that this was a lead up to the implementation of full-scale martial law and possible war.

Black’s assertions were not without merit. Black stressed to me that Emanuel would have control over law enforcement response to any emergency. His actions could exacerbate the effects of any attack. Certainly, in his role as the city’s chief executive, he would be in a position to thwart a meaningful investigation into a coming massive false flag attack in the critical early hours following the event. Emanuel has the power to turn off security cameras, control the placement of personnel and provide a context of plausible deniability for the Obama administration if such an attack were to occur. I only know that if I lived in Chicago and I knew that Emanuel was going to be out of the city for a few days, I would be very nervous. The first and second dot have been connected.
The Third Dot
If a false flag operation was in the works for Chicago resulting in the roll out of martial law, wouldn’t the globalists beta test the plan? I believe that is what happened in May of 2012 at the NATO summit as South Chicago.

To accurately add fuel to this false flag fire, there were plans in place for a mass evacuation of downtown Chicago in reaction to possible riots which might have taken place from May 20-21, 2012 at the NATO Summit. South Chicago was under martial law during these two days. Local officials were asked to make plans in order to assist Chicago residents in the event of a mass exit from Chicago. This Chicago NATO Summit was merely a Beta test for the real event. The third dot has been connected to the first and the second dot.
The Fourth Dot
Judge a man by what he does, not what he says.


It is apparent that a similar warning has already been issued to key people from Chicago so that they can stay out of harm’s way. Unless you are a coincidence theorist, does anyone else find it interesting and care to speculate on why President Obama is not planning to return to his former hometown of Chicago in 2016? In case you have not heard, Obama is in the middle of securing a residence in Hawaii while disposing of his Hyde Park properties in Chicago. Why? What does he know that the rest of us do not? The fourth dot has been connected to the first three dots.
The Fifth Dot
About the time that Snowden defected, do any of the coincidence theorists find it interesting that the IRS scandal, the AP spy scandal, the return of new facts Benghazi occurred and then there was media hype of Snowden’s revelations that we were being spied upon (yawn). What are the odds that there were five “Watergates” released in one short period of time? I will tell why this was orchestrated, Obama is under pressure to resolve the Petrodollar crisis and save the Federal Reserve.

It is quite obvious that these scandals were put into play by impatient banksters who are demanding results from this President. I think it is possible that if Obama does not resolve the oil crisis in the Middle East, the banksters will facilitate a Watergate demise directed against this President. The first dot connects the other four dots together and explains the erratic and reckless behavior by committing an act of war against Bolivia and murdering Michael Stevens. Obama is fighting for his life. The fifth dot has been connected to the other four.

It is quite obvious that these scandals were put into play by impatient banksters who are demanding results from this President. I think it is possible that if Obama does not resolve the oil crisis in the Middle East, the banksters will facilitate a Watergate demise directed against this President. The first dot connects the other four dots together and explains the erratic and reckless behavior by committing an act of war against Bolivia and murdering Michael Stevens. Obama is fighting for his life. The fifth dot has been connected to the other four.

The Sixth Dot
As long as Putin controls Snowden, he can paralyze the most powerful military in the world. Time is running out for Obama. He can no longer silence Snowden the way he did Hastings. Therefore, what option does Obama have? If he goes to war with Russia, he would be betting that Snowden’s revelations, coming out of Russia, would not be listened to by the sheep in our country if we were at war with Russia.

Obama needs a war, not just to appease the Federal Reserve. He needs a war for his presidency to survive until 2016. But with war weary Americans, the only action that jolt the US out of its fluoride and psychotropic drug induced stupors, would be a horrific false flag attack. The sixth dot has been connected.
The Seventh Dot
Have you bought your present? An important birthday is coming up. On December 23, 2013, the Federal Reserve turns 100 years of age and their charter is up for renewal, or not.

To catch a criminal, you have to think like a criminal. If I were as evil and as desperate as this President and I needed a war to save my backside, I would have to launch a false flag attack and blame my intended victim. This would allow me to suppress any resistance to the coming war and once and for all get rid of the Constitution that gets in my way. And this renders Snowden’s revelations to be irrelevant.

There is still another compelling reason to launch a false flag attack. How many people know that the Federal Reserve is not truly federal? Maybe that number would be around 20% of the country. How many people know just how evil this organization is? May about 10% have this understanding. Do you believe that the banksters would want a catalyst event, such as the intense talk show debates that would ensue related to rechartering the FED? This is exposure the FED cannot risk. When this happens, 50-60% of the country would wake up and rally against the abolition of the Fed? By going under martial law, the people cannot lobby to get rid of the Fed on its birthday.

It is clear that we are going to be under full blown martial law after a false flag attack. The country will be ushered into war and the Federal Reserve will reign for another 100 years.The dots are connected. Long live the Queen.

The Common Sense

Re-Default: Up To 46% Of Bailed Out Homeowners Can’t Pay Their Mortgage (Again)

The Treasury Department and managers of the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) are scrambling to figure out why homeowners who used the government’s bailout mechanism to save their homes are re-defaulting on their payments.

The program, originally designed to assist homeowners who were facing foreclosure following the 2007 sub-prime crisis, has reportedly saved 1.2 million people from losing their homes, but a report from the Special Inspector General who oversees the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) says that the loan modifications that were supposed to get American families back on their feet aren’t working as well as expected.

“We launched this program in response to the worst housing crisis since the great depression,” Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability Tim Massad said in a press call.

“There will always be an inherent risk of homeowner default in programs like this,” Massad added.

Approximately 10% of homeowners with an active HAMP permanent modification — a total of 88,000 out of 865,100— have missed one or two monthly mortgage payments and are at risk of redefaulting out of the program.

Redefault rates of the oldest 2009 HAMP permanent mortgage modifications have continued to increase as they age and have reached a 46% redefault rate. The 2010 HAMP permanent mortgage modifications are redefaulting at a rate of 38%.

The Treasury department is going to launch an investigation into why the program isn’t working.

Not only has the program fallen far short of that goal but with each year of the program, a growing number of homeowners have re-defaulted, the inspector general found.

“Treasury needs to research why so many borrowers are dropping out of the program,” said Christy Romero, the head of SIGTARP.

In 2009, as President Obama assured the nation that his multi-billion dollar economic bailouts would restore the economy and the housing market to stability and growth, we noted that you can modify these mortgages all you want, but that one important factor would be essential to their success.

Unemployment is a ticking time bomb, and no mortgage modification is going to help if the home owner lost his or her income stream. Real estate will continue to collapse because of continued job destruction despite what we are being told about recovery. Couple this with rising costs for essential goods, a collapse in retail consumer lending and increased taxes, and I’d say hopes of recovery are just that… hopes.

For those who live in reality, it’s obvious that the American people are living in the Greatest Depression.

Via SHTFplan (October 21, 2009)

It didn’t take a Nobel Prize winning Keynesian economist like Paul Krugmann to see this one coming. It only takes a working knowledge of basic arithmetic.

If your mortgage payment is $1500 monthly, and you just lost your job and are collecting $800 in unemployment insurance monthly, then it is impossible for you to make good on your loan. Even if the government helps to reduce your mortgage payment to $850 monthly and provides you with emergency funds to cover all of your other expenses like food, health insurance and utilities, you still can’t service your debt.

It’s that simple.

The situation for America is dire.

According to the June 2013 jobs report, less than half of able-bodied Americans have a full time job.

The following report further illustrates the problem(s) we face.

Two food stamp recipients have been added for every job ‘created’ under President Obama’s watch:

Since February of 2009, the first full month of Obama’s presidency, 9.5 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force. Nearly 90 million Americans are not working today!

That means that 1.3 Americans have dropped out of the labor force for every one job the administration claims to have created.

There are 15 million more Americans on food stamps today than when Obama assumed office.

At the end of January 2009, 32,204,859 Americans received aid from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. As of April 2013, there were 47,548,694 Americans on food stamps.

That means that more than two Americans have been added to the food stamp rolls for every one job the administration says it has created.

CNS News via The Daily Sheeple

There is no recovery.

There will be no recovery any time soon.

Despite the rhetoric out of Washington, the Fed and mainline financial pundits, this economy is on the brink of complete disaster.

The Shft Plan

Emergency Exit: Greeks flee country as government resorts to mass layoffs

Tipping Point

Joseph Herrin

Occasionally, airline crews realize they have a problem while in flight and they instruct the passengers to prepare for an emergency landing. The problem can be mechanical, such as a failure of landing gear to deploy correctly. Such an occurrence happened in September of 2005 when a JetBlue Airways flight encountered problems right after take-off. The landing gear failed to retract properly. The pilot flew near the airport tower for the employees inside to take a close look at the problem. They observed that the front landing gear wheels were rotated 90 degrees. They were locked in this sideways position, and could not be retracted.

The pilot in charge changed his flight plan, choosing to make an emergency landing at the Los Angeles airport because it had long and wide runways available. He flew in a figure 8 pattern over the Pacific Ocean for 2 hours to burn fuel, allowing him to attempt a landing with much less weight and a decreased risk of fire. The lowered weight also permitted the pilot to land at a slower speed.

When the pilot landed, he did not use reverse thrusters on the engines, as this would cause the nose of the plane to point downward. Instead, he kept the nose gear off of the runway during most of the landing, relying upon the brakes on the rear landing gear to slow the plane. Only when the plane had slowed significantly did he bring the nose down, putting weight on the damaged front wheels that were now facing sideways.

The tires and rims of the front landing gear shredded, but did not collapse. By all reports, the landing was relatively smooth. No one among the crew or passengers was injured. The stewardesses had given all the passengers instructions on how to brace for landing, and what to do in case they had to evacuate down the emergency slides. Using the slides proved unnecessary, as passengers were able to disembark using airstairs.

JetBlue Flight 292 Nose Gear

It is prudent for airline crew to tell passengers to prepare when they know they will have to make an emergency landing. Many lives are saved, and much injury avoided, by preparing ahead of time. This particular flight was unusual in that the crew of the airplane recognized they had a problem immediately after taking off. They had plenty of time to consider what they had to do and how best to prepare for it.

One of the first things the pilots did was to immediately cease treating the flight as normal. They recognized there was a problem and began making emergency preparations. What folly it would have been for them to simply disregard the problem and to continue on as if all was normal. Yet, this is precisely what the majority of Christians are doing in this hour. Yahweh has been indicating that a crash is coming. He has given numerous signs in the heavens and on the earth indicating that troublous days are at hand. He has spoken through visions, dreams, and prophecies. Even those who are not Christians, but who observe what is occurring in the nations, are sounding an alarm.

Over the course of my Internet ministry, I have written much about the dark days that are ahead. Yahweh has not been stinting in sounding forth a message that His prudent children might prepare themselves spiritually and physically, for what is approaching.

Amos 3:6-8
If a trumpet is blown in a city will not the people tremble? If a calamity occurs in a city has not Yahweh done it? Surely Yahweh God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear? Yahweh God has spoken! Who can but prophesy?

A trumpet is being blown, yet few people are trembling. In September of 2008 I posted a writing titled Preparing for Days of Trouble. In that blog post I cited a recent article by David Wilkerson. Following is an excerpt.

I ask you, please, hear my heart as I say this: The time is not far away before we all will be deeply affected by the economic flood coming to the whole world. Great trials are ahead for all of us who deeply love the Lord.

Here is what I am led to do by the Holy Spirit. I ask it of my family, all of whom work with the church body. I urge you to pray to see if the Lord is leading you to do the same:

1. No more buying of luxuries. Cut all spending except absolute necessities.

2. Sell every unneeded item. Turn it to cash and give it to ministries to the poor and needy.

3. Downsize as much as possible. Be willing to let it all come to this: “Having food and raiment [covering], let us be therewith content” (1 Timothy 6:8).

4. Build up your faith by reminding the Lord daily of his promises:

“The Lord sitteth upon the flood; yea, the Lord sitteth King for ever” (Psalm 29:10).

In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness” (Psalm 31:1).


DW:bbm 9.15.08

David Wilkerson was acting just like the captain of the JetBlue airliner, recognizing that the nation had a serious problem. He had concern for the safety of those under his care. He provided them counsel as to what they should do to prepare for that which is coming. This advice was shared five years ago. If the saints had heeded this counsel, and had been practicing it during the ensuing period of time, they would be in much better shape for that which is even now at the door.

David Wilkerson’s counsel was not fleshly. It was not the result of soulish reasoning. He stated, “Here is what I am led to do by the Holy Spirit.” The actions he set forth are similar in some ways to that which the pilot of the JetBlue flight took. He immediately assessed the situation and knew he needed to lighten the load. This has been counsel that the Father has had me declare to His people for some years now.

In 2010 I posted the series titled Wilderness Survival for Christians.


In that series I spoke of the necessity of traveling light in this world. I compared the experiences ahead for the saints to the pioneers of the American West. They loaded everything they would need for life in a new land into a Conestoga Wagon, sometimes called a Prairie Schooner.

Only the bare necessities could be carried on the journey across the Great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains, and through thousands of miles of wilderness. Those who made the trek were counseled to choose wisely that which they would take with them. They may have had houses full of goods, furnishings, and many luxury items, but the pioneers had to dispose of the amassed material possessions of a lifetime in order to make the arduous journey ahead of them.

In truth, Christians should not need to face dire days in order to choose to live a simpler, less materially focused lifestyle. A focus on material acquisition has always been anathema to those who would walk as disciples of Christ. Christ admonished those who would follow after Him to yield all their possessions to Him.

Luke 14:33
“So therefore, no one of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions.”

Mark 10:21
“Go and sell all you possess, and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”

Matthew 6:19-24
“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; 21 for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also... No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

John, the beloved disciple, wrote:

I John 2:15
Do not love the world, nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

David Wilkerson quoted the apostle Paul’s words to Timothy. “Having food and covering, with these we will be content.” In coming days, Christians will find that the amassed accumulation of a lifetime will be forfeit. There will be no way to hold onto their homes and possessions apart from embracing the beast system. Those who would follow Yahshua in the days of tribulation ahead must travel lightly. Is it not preferable to sell what you have now, and give to the poor, receiving treasure in heaven as compensation? If your goods are lost through bank failures, government bankruptcies, the crash of the dollar, economic collapse and the ensuing civil strife, what will you be benefitted?

The handwriting is on the wall. We are seeing policies implemented that are stripping away the wealth of the populace. The international bankers control the governments of nations. By executive orders, acts of congress, and judicial legislation, they are making the citizens of the nations responsible for the unsound lending practices of the banks. In Cyprus we recently observed as tens of thousands of citizens from that nation were robbed of their life savings as the global elite determined that they should bear the cost of the bank failures in their homeland. Since then the European Union, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other nations have been passing laws which will result in the same thing occurring elsewhere. As banks fail, it will be the bank customers who stand to lose the most.

In this past week we have observed the start of a new trend in America that will accelerate in coming days. The city of Detroit declared bankruptcy. As a result, they are reneging on their promise to tens of thousands of pensioners. Men and women who have given decades of their life in public service employment, with a promise of a fixed retirement income, face losing all, or most, of what had been promised to them. The media is calling this “sharing the responsibility” for the excesses of the past.

It is not difficult to postulate that when the most massive bankruptcy of all occurs, that of the Federal Government of America, the same principle will be applied. The citizens of the nation will be held culpable for the trillions of dollars of debt that the government has amassed. The people’s pensions will be forfeit. Their bank accounts seized. Their homes and other assets will be subject to heavy taxation, and with no money to pay the levies placed against them, the people will be impoverished, forfeiting whatever property they have acquired.

A post yesterday on The Economic Collapse Blog contained the following information.

Guest Post: The Tip Of The Iceberg Of The Coming Retirement Crisis That Will Shake America To The Core
July 22, 2013

The pension nightmare that is at the heart of the horrific financial crisis in Detroit is just the tip of the iceberg of the coming retirement crisis that will shake America to the core. Right now, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers are hitting the age of 65 every single day, and this will continue to happen every single day until the year 2030. As a society, we have made trillions of dollars of financial promises to these Baby Boomers, and there is no way that we are going to be able to keep those promises. The money simply is not there. Yes, I suppose that we could eventually see a "super devaluation" of the U.S. dollar and keep our promises to the Baby Boomers using currency that is not worth much more than Monopoly money, but as it stands right now we simply do not have the resources to do what we said that we were going to do... There is going to be a lot of heartache and a lot of broken promises.

What is going on in Detroit right now is a perfect example of what will soon be happening all over the nation. Many city workers stuck with their jobs for decades because of the promise of a nice pension at the end of the rainbow. But now those promises are going up in smoke. There has even been talk that retirees will only end up getting about 10 cents for every dollar that they were promised.

Needless to say, many pensioners are extremely angry that the promises that were made to them are not going to be kept. The following is from a recent article in the New York Times...

Many retirees see the plan to cut their pensions as a betrayal, saying that they kept their end of a deal but that the city is now reneging. Retired city workers, police officers and 911 operators said in interviews that the promise of reliable retirement income had helped draw them to work for the City of Detroit in the first place, even if they sometimes had to accept smaller salaries or work nights or weekends.

“Does Detroit have a problem?” asked William Shine, 76, a retired police sergeant. “Absolutely. Did I create it? I don’t think so. They made me some promises, and I made them some promises. I kept my promises. They’re not going to keep theirs.”

But Detroit is far from an isolated case. As Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said the other day, many other cities are heading down the exact same path...

"We may be one of the first. We are the largest. But we absolutely will not be the last."

Yes, Detroit's financial problems are immense. But other major U.S. cities are facing unfunded pension liabilities that are even worse.

For example, here are the unfunded pension liabilities for four financially-troubled large U.S. cities...

Detroit: $3.5 billion

Baltimore: $680 million

Los Angeles: $9.4 billion

Chicago: $19 billion...

And many state governments are in similar shape. Right now, the state of Illinois has unfunded pension liabilities that total approximately $100 billion...

On top of everything else, the federal government has been recklessly irresponsible as far as planning for the retirement of the Baby Boomers is concerned.

As I noted yesterday, the U.S. government is facing a total of 222 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. Social Security and Medicare make up the bulk of that...

Sadly, most Americans are not aware of these things.

The mainstream media keeps most of the population entertained with distractions. This week it is the birth of the royal baby, and next week it will be something else.

Meanwhile, our problems just continue to get worse and worse.

There is no way in the world that we are going to be able to keep all of the financial promises that we have made to the Baby Boomers. A lot of them are going to end up bitterly disappointed.

All of this could have been avoided if we would have planned ahead as a society.

But that did not happen, and now we are all going to pay the price for it.
[Source: http://blacklistednews.com/?news_id=27550&print=1]

Ignorance, or avoidance, of the truth does not make the consequences go away. The pilot of the JetBlue plane could have simply ignored the fact that his landing gear had a problem, but the consequences of doing so would have proven calamitous. Even so, as a Christian, you can ignore the warnings that Yahweh has been sending forth to His people. You can look about at so many others who are doing nothing. They are going on about life as if all is normal, that there is no calamity looming on the horizon. When you are homeless and destitute in the land of your forefathers, will you take comfort in the fact that you were not alone in experiencing a completely avoidable loss?

The powers that be have planned what is coming, and they are confident that only a few will be motivated to make life changes that will mitigate the calamity to come. What would you do if you had been a public sector employee in Detroit and had foreseen the bankruptcy crisis that is now upon the city? Would you have devoted decades of your life in some blind hope that someone would fix the problem before it occurred? Many did foresee what was coming and they left Detroit while they could. The population of Detroit once exceeded 2 million. Today the population is less than half.

What would you do if you lived in Scranton? This city in Pennsylvania is in such dire straits that they will need to raise taxes 117% next year in order to pay their bills. They are facing an 18 million dollar shortfall and they only collect 17 million a year in tax revenue. Property taxes and sales taxes could skyrocket. Perhaps you would do what some are surely considering, and move out of the city, leaving others to deal with the chaos. This is what many former citizens of Detroit did.

Some, however, are even more forward looking. They see the economic quagmire that the entire nation is in. They are choosing to leave America and move to another country. America is one of the only nations in the world that charges income tax on its citizens wages and earnings made while living abroad. The only way to avoid this taxation is to renounce U.S. citizenship. The President and Congress, foreseeing this trend, are proposing legislation to strip Americans who renounce their citizenship of their wealth before they leave the country.

The walls of the American prison are being constructed. Soon, people will find it impossible to escape the chaos by relocating. The government will confiscate their savings in the banks, their pensions, and their property if they stay. They will also confiscate their property if they choose to leave. This, however, leaves one tremendous opportunity, and it is in accordance with the counsel of Christ. Give what you have away before the government can take it from you. You will have treasure in heaven, and Yahweh has promised to supply all the needs of those who seek first His kingdom and who place their trust in Him.

Luke 12:29-34
“And do not seek what you shall eat, and what you shall drink, and do not keep worrying. For all these things the nations of the world eagerly seek; but your Father knows that you need these things. But seek for His kingdom, and these things shall be added to you. Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give to charity; make yourselves purses which do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near, nor moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Yahweh has repeatedly used the symbolism of a plane crash as a parable of that which is coming to America. I have written of this parable on a number of occasions as events in the news spoke clearly of things to come.

U.S. Airways that Crashed in the Hudson River

Back when the U.S. Airways plane crashed in the Hudson in 2009, I wrote much on the symbolism of this event. The plane, of course, represents America. It was a U.S. Airways plane. Significantly, it was flying from New York City, the top banking center of the nation, to Charlotte, North Carolina, which is another major banking center. Aboard were numerous financial sector executives and employees.

The passengers all survived, but they lost all of their possessions. They did not carry as much as a purse with them when they hastily exited the plane. The fall of this plane was very sudden. Both engines failed simultaneously due to striking a flock of birds. After making an emergency landing on the river, the plane floated down to Battery Park, signifying that America will take a battering following a rapid economic descent. After a few days the plane was lifted from the water to be transported over land. To accomplish this, the plane’s wings had to be removed.

Wings Removed

The removal of the wings, and transport over the ground, indicates that America, which was once a high flying nation of great wealth and prosperity, will be humbled. Neither will she rise again to attain the prominent place once held as an economic power among the nations.

Knowing that Yahweh has been testifying that these things are coming, is it not prudent to prepare? Should the people of God continue on as if life is normal? Should they not seek the mind of Christ to know what He would have them to do?

Yesterday, several people sent me a link to a news story in the Washington Post. It reported on a rare South American plant that blooms very rarely. When it does bloom, it gives off an odor like that of a decaying body. Consequently, the plant has been named The Corpse Flower.


The U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. is the home for this foul smelling plant. Its flowering was very brief, reaching its peak yesterday, July 22nd. This struck me as symbolic, for the date is written as 7-22-13. The number 13 is symbolic of the nation of America which began with 13 states, and which has 13 stripes on its flag. 7 is a number denoting finality and completion, especially in relation to fulness of time (as in 7 days in a week). The number 22 signifies flesh cutting, and the work of the cross.

Corpse Flower in Washington, D.C.

Perhaps it is not coincidental that arising from the center of the flower is a prominence that looks very much like the Washington Monument, that great obelisk that towers over the city. The city of Washington truly exudes the smell of death. It was here that the Supreme Court of America legalized the murder of the unborn forty years ago. Since then more than the blood of more than fifty million babies has been spilled on American soil. One result of this rampant murder is that the nation now has far fewer working age citizens to support the growing number of retirees. America has brought her economic destruction on her own head.

It is also in Washington that the Pentagon is located. This is the headquarters of the world’s military superpower. From here, wars have been planned and carried out all over the globe, resulting in the death of many more millions, vast numbers of whom were civilians who merely got in the way. It is this city that has spread homosexuality and moral perversion across the globe. It is truly a Satanic city that exudes the smell of death. Satan comes only to KILL, steal and destroy. Many of his chief servants are found in America’s capital city.

The hour is late. It is time to commit oneself for readiness for that which is to come. America is nearing a tipping point where she will plunge the entire world into darkness. Yahweh has been sending forth His warning. The trumpet has sounded. The lion has roared. Will you respond and avoid unnecessary harm?

Joseph Herring

Monsanto Wins Again: Cancer Causing Glyphosate Now Doubled in Food Crops

Defying US warnings of civil war, Egyptian military to crack down on armed protest and mounting terrorism

Braving Washington’s warning of civil strife, Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is not backing away from his resolve to quickly crack down, even by military force, on armed protesters using live bullets on city streets and generating chaos, on Salafist terror in Sinai coupled with a Muslim Brotherhood uprising, and on their Palestinian Hamas collaborators in the Gaza Strip. This is reported by DEBKAfile's sources in Cairo.

When the Obama administration warned Gen. El-Sisi that his actions could generate bloodshed leading to an outbreak of civil war, the Egyptian leader replied that military inaction was the more dangerous course, because terrorism and live fire in protest demonstrations must be controlled forthwith before they too degenerated into civil warfare.

After failing to win the Egyptian defense minister around to its view, Washington announced it was suspending the delivery to the Egyptian air force of four American F-16 fighter planes, as a mark of the administration’s displeasure with the military leader’s approach. He showed no signs of being put off his plans.

Wednesday, July 24, after a week of surging opposition violence and attacks on Egyptian military positions in Sinai, Gen. El-Sisi’s turned to the Egyptian people in a television speech: "I urge the people to take to the streets this coming Friday to prove their will and give me, the army and police a mandate to confront possible violence and terrorism."

In the past week, DEBKAfile's military sources report, tens of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood protesters continued to fill the streets of Egypt’s main cities, demonstrating against the interim government and the military and demanding the reinstatement of ousted president Mohammed Morsi. Some groups have begun closing off entire city blocks, declaring them independently-ruled entities. These enclaves have been fortified with sandbag barriers and sentries posted to check the documents of people going in and out. Entry is barred to those suspected of collaborating with the army and security forces.
Large photos of Morsi are draped over buildings along with banners of injunctions to obey no authority other than that of the elected president.
The generals fear that these “independent closed enclaves” could become the nuclei of a full-scale revolt which if not curbed in time could run out of control.
They are increasingly concerned by the spreading use of firearms by Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators against their opponents in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Port Said and Ismailia.

An outright terrorist incident seen as an ill omen of Iraq-style tactics to come occurred in the Nile Delta town of Mansoura, 45 kilometers north of Cairo, Wednesday, when a bomb tossed from a passing car killed one person and injured seventeen. The Egyptian general staff believes that terrorist tactics may be filtering into the cities from Sinai.

DEBKAfile's sources say that El-Sisi's call for a mass demonstration of government supporters on Friday portends their first large-scale clash with Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators who will no doubt turn out in force. The army and police would intervene only after the confrontation begins. This tactic carries a high risk of becoming the match which ignite civil war in Egypt.
In Sinai, the Muslim Brotherhood is activating the machinery for an armed uprising in collusion with Salafits linked to al Qaeda and the Palestinian Hamas by means of escalating attacks on Egyptian military and security targets.

In a meeting on Thursday July 25 at the Egyptian General Staff headquarters, Gen. Ahmed Wasfi, commander of the Second Army, and Gen. Osama Askar, commander of the Third Army, who are leading counter-terror operations in Sinai and against the Gaza Strip, reported that they expect to report the success of their campaign by the middle of next week.
DEBKAfile's military sources cannot confirm that the Egyptian military campaign has made any advances in the field.


The North Pole Has Melted. Again.

In what has now become an annual occurrence, the North Pole's ice has melted, turning the Earth's most northern point into a lake. Call it Lake North Pole. To be clear, the water surrounding the pole is not seawater seeping up from the ocean but melted icewater resting on top of a thinning layer of ice below the surface. "It’s a shallow lake. It’s a cold lake. But it is, actually, a lake,"

Yahoo News

US House votes to continue NSA's phone surveillance


The US House of Representatives has narrowly voted to continue collecting data on US phone calls, in the first legislative move on the programme.

In a 205-217 vote, lawmakers rejected an effort to restrict the National Security Agency's (NSA) ability to collect electronic information.

The NSA's chief had lobbied strongly against the proposed measure.

The vote saw an unusual coalition of conservatives and liberal Democrats join forces against the programme.

The details of the NSA dragnet were made public by Edward Snowden, a former contractor for America's electronic spying agency. He is now a fugitive, seeking asylum in Moscow.'Fear'

The rejected amendment would have blocked funding for the NSA programme which gathers details of every call made by or to a US phone, unless the records were part of a specific investigation.

"They'll tell you that the government must violate the rights of the American people to protect us against those who hate our freedom."

Despite the White House's lobbying against the amendment, a majority of House Democrats - 111 - voted for it. Eighty-three Democrats voted against.

Among Republicans, 94 voted for the Amash amendment and 134 against.'We've gone overboard'

Before Wednesday's vote there were fierce exchanges on the House floor during what was the first sustained legislative debate on the NSA's reach since Mr Snowden's revelations.

"We've really gone overboard on the security side," said Democratic Representative Peter Welch of the surveillance, which is part of a classified $30bn (£19.5bn) intelligence budget.

But others said the practice was essential in America's efforts against terrorism.

"Have 12 years gone by and our memories faded so badly that we forgot what happened on September 11?" said Mike Rogers, the Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee.

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, not usually noted for her support of President Obama, also backed the administration's stance.

"Let us not deal in false narratives," she said. "Let's deal in facts that will keep Americans safe."

But Republican Jim Sensenbrenner, one of the original authors of the Bush-era Patriot Act, said "the time has come" to stop harvesting phone records.

On the eve of the vote, in a rare statement against a legislative amendment, the White House called the Amash proposal a "blunt approach" that would hamper US anti-terrorism efforts.

NSA director Gen Keith Alexander held separate, closed-door sessions with Republicans and Democrats on Tuesday to lobby them against the bill.

Another NSA surveillance programme, Prism, allows the agency to sweep up global internet usage data through nine major US-based providers.

The programmes' supporters say such surveillance has helped thwart at least 50 terror plots in 20 countries, including up to a dozen directed at the US.